They say I familiarise myself with them; I have no idea what it means with that stupid media anyway. All I know is that on their part there is a certain kind of wicked person people have to be to duke out such familiarities as those which ensure when others put their business assets on a website it becomes a plaything and their books are things that other have read before and therefore can give to anybody who needs hence no need for people to buy when they can use it to get something else. Such wickedness that every woman out there with the use of their media wants to play the part of my wife on a daily basis to get inspiration and earn my income instead of work for theirs while they peddle my property for a living with a big mouth.

For me it is a simple case for the women of making sure that no body gets to put their problems anywhere near my Christian personal life ever again, not even a speck or for a single time and for the men, peoples company assets are a plaything and we will soon find out exactly why that seems to be the case. Familiarise  with them and their stupid media, they are even more stupid than I first thought that they were in the first place.

What I am trying to clear up here is a process where they suppose they control me and so when I familiarise myself with women who do not tell them they are my wives either, they will do such things as they do and it will become the will of every insolent girl that thinks of herself as a money mad bully to get into my personal life and get involved with me as well. I do put myself in their shoes and so nothing here is over by any means; you really do need to be evil in a particular kind of way to spread those kinds of lies around.  It is not a matter of particular concern to me because I do not think it is how they are, simply something they do because they work backstage on media and feel like using the power to influence what people think when people cannot see their faces on somebody and so to me, not only is it not their usual discrimination, it is also really expensive as well. The other reason it is not such a big problem for me is that they have fake democracy I can cut to pieces as well; this is actually the biggest question of all-do things people say and do actually get to change who you really are?

Here of course we will have the normal results where the issues turn to the matter of the Christian who speaks of people not being changed by what others say and do but I suppose they are also drawing inference from black girls that hate a Christian boy because their lives are screwed and they are stuck with gangs or married to them and as such do nothing with their time but get on that their stupid television to do things to me that will make me commit crimes to serve their stupid men; people not being changed by what other say and do along this line they mean. It is a fight they will win obviously because they do not control me and I can get along and get around with any women I want. All very well to complain about the sexual things I have done to women that are not my wives but it was completely predictable I would when my finances were being dragged into a place where they can be stifled as though we are equals so that when they are stifled as it were bearing in mind this is their own lives, they make sure the reason is that they want democracy but do things to me that are democratically inconvenient to get it – any normal person would deduce that the outcome will be sexual things I will do with their wives and the end product of the homosexual community hating my guts. Now it’s the gangs as it were and I am the one dying from that too.

Bearing in mind ten years ago when it started it was a case of how I stole the beauties of female reporters because I spoke my English well and since then it has become something else because I know that such things would only work when I am a victim that does not know that people get qualified to be journalists. Since then it has developed into something else entirely and people are now telling me not to give up all my anger on it lest I fail to do something about it. There is however a lot of be angry at still; I mean moving into my personal life through public place abuses insults and perceptions they have created on media and used publicity to bend my life into and then using that to create problems of violence for me because they are not the ones with royal estate around here, which further proceeds to the point where they ensure that problem is always being publicised and that they ensure it affects them as well so I can never make it go away and then they are keep their families in a privileged place and turn out on media to control me for the purpose of making me do gangs and violence because they have secrete societies where they plan to use people for such things in order to get treated like they were women and of course facts about how it is meant to work against somebody whose office exist where church and state meets and therefore has little tolerance for it, shows that these things are designed like they always are, to cause people the most suffering and this is the fight they will win. At the moment they complain of the history of their lives but the messing up of my personal royal liberalism is still an event of daily occurrence depending on whether or not they want to get to the heart of the matter when reporting the news.


It is the same with the Politicians, none of these things would be happening if I ignored them but if I did that the Politicians could never throw around the importance of their public service and the need for me to share so everybody can see I have got it, in order to ensure they can understand it is being taken care of otherwise they will become bad people who take revenge on me for the things I do to defend myself from their stupidities around my academic work. Then there is my favourite part too where I look dangerous but like to avoid things I could be doing to keep people safe; everything they can do to ensure there are things you do not know about yourself while being taken advantage of with respect to very hard and difficult work forced on you but again the question comes into play as to whether what people do or say will ever get to change who you really are.

This is where it all leads to the old issue of Politicians and questions about what my problem is with girls from tourism economies and of course I believe I must have hinted it but I do suppose it is an opportunity to set the second straight; one of the most infamous abuses they throw in my direction has to do with how I look like the night watchmen that look after the properties of these girls back in their home countries where they are rich and get paid peanuts for it and this is just one of many derogatory abuses that can get violent and go on forever, the rest I will ignore for my purposes. I have no idea what these girls are meant to solve anyway; all I know is that their parents spoil them and set out to spoil them with my earnings as well using that stupid media and so they like to think of themselves as people that can bully anybody and of course when they show off their academic idiocy any shop keeper will like idiots that make them feel good about themselves but what does it really accomplish in actual fact, what about me and who says I want to put up with such rubbish?

I mean I could ignore it of course but how can I when somebody else is offering services to the country while I have such a privileged personal life; I mean if they wanted to know, I just walked down the streets and one day fell on the personal life and that is how I got it. With respect to the things they damage here which they have created out of their own goodness and of course these stupid girls and the problem with my faith and of course the fact I don’t want to take any rubbish from them, it applies what they mean is that there are things that those girls have which I have destroyed as well and that this is what has led to the problems. The reason we are talking about it by itself being of course that of the fact they destroy things here that they have created out of their own extensive goodness as it were, bearing in mind it is already going on that they love to provoke me by setting out stupidities which involve wrecking my finances living to brag about it and then going off somewhere to build something they can show off on media as meaning they are superior to me, started when I was about 21 and had little time for it and has been going on for the best part of a decade and so when I ask them if they really are superior to me, they tell me things like yes and of course they really are because they have got tourism economies as it were and do not know me as well in anyway whatsoever, only like to talk lots of rubbish for their purpose. So I think I have actually taken steps to make it clear then and it would never matter to me whether or not they think some people have any right to exist.

So there is really no such thing as the idea that the good parts of my life I would have wanted to change because there is a lot of pressure on me to do so but cannot is the biggest source of problem for me; it is rather the fact that they exist. It is not to say I will not met out punishments for this but the talk about how I talk but can do nothing will lead to a process where the means by which those stupid plans around things I should be using myself to do politically for their benefit becomes completely extinct and completely forgotten. So let’s keep our eyes on the issues at hand; conflicts, an end to insolent cultural elitisms and environmental consciousness established so we can all go home has its day.


So do I want to destroy every little tourism economy out there? Of course I do, after all it is a question of the rubbish I talk about when I know there is nothing I can do. So when I check my closet and write a thing or two about my holdings and equities and securities on a website and try to sell books I write the issue is whether it is fact or fiction and I don’t know people like to appear on TV over these things, people own little insolent shops at my expense to tell me to come and damage it if I have got the guts over these things and people like to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes with my work and property without paying for a copy of their own over these things, then set off to find connections in the fashion industry as well. It is the same old story with them about things that do not concern them in anyway whatsoever; they want to do things to others which hurt them all the time and want to do it all the time as well and will soon be covering their tracks which has to do with hurting the same persons more and are always talking rubbish about strong women when they know nothing but how to hand power to men when people trust them to provide leadership. I am only making it clear it will lead to a condition where I one day loose it and take them completely unawares so they have no chance to build those stupid fights they will loose anyway. it is never a strong women anything, just idiots with a sense of right and wrong that is completely flawed and of course the real problem here is that they see me and my work as the target from which they will create a lot of things that will result in religious tensions, which again religious tensions has got nothing to do with the stupid media and tourism economies either; I just thought I ought to make myself very clear because it does not actually apply that because Politicians like to feel good about themselves by these things and there are business idiots that like it and media scum that enjoy it I have decided to put up with it, hence any questions about my talking lots of rubbish but there being nothing I can do answered. It is not the first time, the first time I said something about it, I was in the University and the result was that I fell ill and dropped out owning lots of money in loans as a result.

As for racism, I suppose the only thing I have not yet said about that is the simple fact that every decadent idiot ought to take his conversations about it and have them where he and not I will likely get hurt, as they tend to indicate all the time. It is not like we are equals anyway and they should not be having conversations about their racism as though it has anything to do with me or I will extend those conversations and it will end badly like it always does. I don’t get why Politicians allow gangs into the houses of government anyway I mean for those of them that are bigger than I am especially in the black gangs I can be scared, it is the smaller ones on the other hand; what do they want, fame? Next they claim I am the guy that looks dangerous whereas it is all a load of rubbish they build around me because I am a Christian with plans to ensure when they commit crimes and or take drugs I look the part which is why they are created around me because they like to inform me with those filthy things they do, whenever they have taken drugs. I am not dangerous, I am a Christian. In the end the fact remains that when you have been set out because you returned to the UK at 21 and no body was obliged to provide for you until you stand on your own, as the guy that a group of Politicians will pick on to change their public image at government, you do become that vicious and savage. I mean why do they like to have conversations about racism as something which has to do with or connect with me as though they are not aware of what the consequences will be?

On the contrary, I am not in any difficult condition as such like they love to make out to feel superior and show off those their stupidities; the truth behind it is that I was meant to finish my academic work about 5 years ago and get to work thereafter but was bullied out of that by them and so now the job has caught up with me and so it is like having three jobs i.e. doing the academic work to do the job, looking after and getting set up for the job and of course the fact I am cash strapped being taken care of as well. I in any case am done anyway; I am set up with respect to the business and am doing the academic work and when both are finished I will be able to realign myself with mainstream work environment; no more wearing jeans when I look better in suits so they can notice and get violent because they are pretending they don’t notice etc. For now it is hard work and so I get to look like I am their night watch man somewhere in Africa, until it ends sadly as well.

As for those their idiots having sex with my Court it is an old story; its as though I don’t know who I am and that the way affection is shown by women in my direction is an easy task to carry out; so men like to tell women to get around me and find out how to make love to me then return and make love to them as well and so they like to ask my Court for sex too. I have no idea because first of all if those women have sex with them it will only result in a condition where they get them to stay away from me, so when they want to have sex with them they must be thinking they are tough enough too or something and then there are the other parts about what kind of sex it will be and so on to go by. The other side of it is that it shows they have no respect for them asking them for sex and so it will likely lead to a condition where I one day get my hands on their stupid business that makes them such a pain and then make sure they never see it again. They say I have mentioned such threats and that it is the reason they have been acting the way they have; I wouldn’t know, I mean somebody is an IP administrator and offers the service for a living and has a working court where he goes to work daily and people want to have sex with the women in it; are they really expecting that sex to be pleasant or something in the first place? Then there is the other part where they have no respect for these women of course and that is the bit I mentioned; something I about grabbing their business breaking it up and giving the equities to the women to blast off on Television so people can fear them, which will mean they will be able to look after their families and kids i.e. mummy works on television thing and so on. I never said anything about them and those stupid businesses of theirs getting into real trouble yet. As for the men on the other hand, I cannot make out what the complaint is when my court is free for all and every fool wants to do things to me that other women they claim are doing as well, while they get off asking my court for sex which gets to mean both I and the women are jeopardized. I mean when they do it, nobody knows why they complain.