The risks of deflation in the global economy is a load of nonsense, there are no such things except people do not want to pay so much for the services of people who promise them to grab other peoples wealth for them especially with the use of the media, when they will not have use of such things as it will not make them any richer in a recession. The evidences of whatever the future will be were long there before the question of deflation associated with actions taken at the 2009 G20 came up.

The Financial crisis in the financial market is a result of bad trade days all round, perhaps with some very significant bad dealings in the financial market which has led to fall in the value of stocks; a credit crunch; this has had its day in the Labour market too resulting in the loss of jobs and now the companies and businesses have given the governments the all clear; so what is it exactly claims of the risk of deflation will be talking about at the moment? What I am saying is that beyond this point this date these very events the recession would have been manipulated as a means of power by human beings and those who can quantify these human caused losses and make the perpetrator pay need to do so.  I had personally long decided to since the behaviour had continued right across the good economy days.

If those who excuse these things wish to protect me from very violent and very stupid people who want to be given the right to manage other people’s property and ruin them with their stupidities by those who have power in order to claim they have even more power with which they do even more derogatory things, it has always been obvious I can take care of myself. The catch is that if I wanted a job now that they have ensured that mine does not pay me all together, they will never give me one because there must always be something I need to give up to them.

Where for what the wider picture of the problems in the economy is worth, is it supposed money will come from if not printed into the market at this stage? The markets goods and financial alike are stale and even if I give up my entire empire for the recovery of the global economy the money will still not come from thin air. Where is it supposed currencies recovering from the fall they will sustain as a result of money being printed will come from except the financial system where there is and should be cash flow and lending and borrowing and business as usual?

Yet if these actions are not taken these currencies will fall still never the less and nobody knows to what level therefore I proposed and suggested a calculable risk.


These are neither decisions for which people should spend weeks at the G20 pondering nor are they decisions that should be settled at the G20 necessarily, it is a very straight forward one. Except what we are dealing with here has something to do with what politicians have been agreeing to behind the scenes of the world that they want to dominate in which it case it has nothing to do with my property and my work my empire and my money. It has nothing to do with the economy.

I will therefore never refrain from ruining financially those who suppose and feel they are protected by deviances whose strength it is to spend other people's property and integrate into my work as a people. I know their claims are that I too do get things from God completely free of charge and have no right to stop them from taking things which God has blessed me with because he did for a reason that will suit their needs. whereas if I am remembering correctly this is supposed to be an iron clad none negotiable revenge for the evils I tackled in my youth-hence simply an expression of peoples extreme selfishness and any who has successfully helped promoted and used it to gain from me will pay for what they have taken one way or another hence one of the reasons I am so hated anyway-I on the other hand hope when they have hated enough doing so will deter them. Otherwise I will happily settle for revenge if I lose everything because it is the devil. As I am aware they claim to be protected from any means by which I may defend my wealth from them so I have no idea what they are afraid of.

I still own over 96% of this Planets economic Intellect which I had declared I will spend on the global economy to ensure that while goods and financial markets are currently stale when the governments of the world print money into the market although they have to agree how much of it they will and no leaders will jeopardise the future economic well being of their people as well, there is no cascade of currency devaluation all over the world and the reason for this was because I wanted to sell my books with this opportunity and expected them to take this opportunity but since I am writing this blog at this date then the indication is that there are signs their egos which they attribute to their age are ruling the day and I am a plaything for the media which they can use to get popular.

I know that the fact I own over 90% of this planets economic intellect is a threat to many a superior people of all kinds, shapes, sizes and colour, I do not care either and will never give it up, I will never share it either as long as I am not getting the kind of life I deserve which if I have such persuasions will be completely useless and make no sense, since I last bought myself a global intellectual space with it which they cannot have enough of trying to rip to pieces every day.

The persuasions are still useless and make no sense to me personally anyway.

Update 15/10/2014 - Corruptions of US Markets


I hear my opinion about why people really should be subject to abuse as a result of exposing themselves naked on the Internet; I cannot make out why they should feel I need to become a responsible person on the occasion for my part either – we all know it is insanity that will without reason propel people to rent an old garage where they expose themselves naked and take pictures of it and put it all over to attract involvement of other people but clearly the easy cheap option is the internet and social networking except that the downfall for that is that when they are attacked those who do so have complete anonymity. They do say there are reasons attached to new pressures put on them which are responsible for a condition where they behave in such ways, which only reason I am aware of is that I am involved with Government because I have a talent for it and am dragged in while I am still a student, Politicians have successfully wrecked my academic work to grab whatever they can three times on the record and they are the most important and powerful instrument for that – so that even the Politicians have always been aware they are incredibly stupid people but the assumption has always been rather that if they have somebody to take their stupidities out on and thereby sit down to academic work which they make good at and hence get good jobs they will be okay, what we have found instead of which is that the more money they make is the worse they get with their behaviour and so it gets to a point where they have to put naked pictures of themselves on social networking sites for example and the rest is history while their expectation changes further more to a prognosis of others being more responsible.

They do regard themselves as a powerful obstacle for me and we hear all the time from the Americans that the reasons I am hated so much is that I am not qualified for involvement with government work but even while they do that to a point where it becomes financially beneficial for them, they still think they right, I am wrong, they clever, I am an illiterate – so that it is obvious that normal people expose themselves naked in public as it were the last time we checked. It’s the same old pattern practiced right down to their community croons of abusing me and vandalising my work and my public life to talk nonsense about my fear of them in order to encourage crowd involvement with it – the need to secure media attention and media connections by which to make something of it on public media each and every time they do – and of course the need to be able to explain away their foolishness with anything I have done in public, all three processes of which their media goons and politicians pick up to seek self advancement with and they say it is a problem because they talk nonsense of me being afraid of them all the time when in actual fact it can get to a point and present conditions suggests that it already has; so that when next their stupidities propel them to do it and talk of my fear the result will be that I will pass a blunt instrument that is as blunt as they are through their stupid lives too, the more famous they are the better; as we are all aware the entire purpose of their fame is to extricate the powers of women violence by latching onto the public face of my work to seek out certain things that must be done about western problems and immigration because it will gain support from violent areas of society that will be able to distract me until they are rich and important and famous at my expense and then can use me for a plaything after they seek and get a handshake from the Queen but I have no idea what it changes when it only means they sold a few music CDs and they made and sold them abusing me and talking nonsense about the kinds of persons and systems they hate and can work to get rid of when they want to and I fail to see why they are not getting lost already. 


Now there used to be a time when I was simply able to carry on a day to day without noticing them even though their activities were all around me and the reason this is at a distance is because of actions by Politicians targeting me and it is for that reason they are the ones that feel all I can do to ensure I get that back as well. It’s like the story of extremism itself where we speak of segregation as something that happens as a function of what people have been unable to do because they are out of capability but that isn’t actually true and especially not so for Muslims: the reality is that segregation happens in Muslim communities because of a criminal prognosis since the sexes are mostly fundamentally separated in a social way – the result is that the outcome should have been that if there are any people deciding women cannot have an education or deciding which education women should have, it should be women but what we find is what segregation does i.e. it is men who know nothing about women because of the way their society has separated the sexes that are busy deciding what women can study for example in terms of education and so on and it is usually the first indication they have nothing better to do with their time and we need to watch out for the next wide spread criminal activity they will invent but at the most basic level the reality remains that we have them like that on the right and money mad idiots talking nonsense on media on the left, both assume none of us have come across Muslims or have any experience of Muslims except what they have put on offer just like black idiots do here in the UK to damage my work over flimsy excuses laced with their envy, earn my wrath and deploy the media where they are supposed to explain their stupidities away with my work to issue threats instead. So that the ones on the right are supposed to be people around whom the environment is dark and dank and full of women and children wailing for freedom – while the ones on the left are perverts and defile absolutely everything that is pure as it were, claiming it is for money and the benefits of it, of which their claims of being able to control me is a matter of what their Politicians have helped them to around here to make me react on account of a need they had to chose self improvements from my faith without having to believe in God, which is suffering is recompense as well. I mean they do say these days that the UK has become uncomfortable a place for them to live in because of me – I have no idea why it is news either since we can all see that Tyrants and women and Politicians hate my guts in this part of the world.

Hence in the end I do get told that I seem to be completely unaware that most of what I say and how I feel matters should be handled is of an extreme nature; which isn’t true because sometimes I noticed I have an inability to tolerate people that are larger than me on account they never have anything else to communicate except whether I have been predisposed to violence, or would like to be or want to run from it; so that when I expose them to thoughts of the fact they are so big that guy that hit them with an iron bar did not break their bones until he did it five times and they have to howl as well, we live in a state where they have some regard for me as somebody that was born somewhere and grew up somewhere and is heading somewhere just like I assume they are or are supposed to. The reality is that I have already been groomed by violence by everything that is corrupt about idiots that want to be the bullies and thugs that live right next to other peoples possessions and purses so that it might be irrelevant what the owners want or do not want them to do with it especially after they have backed their civil rights theft up with stories of oppression and media and so whenever people table any potential for violence in front of me it’s a matter of first of all forgetting people like to control the lives of those that threaten them and of course losing sight thereafter of the fact that what it means to show off that potential for violence I might suffer is that I will not be feeling good in a couple of minutes and we know that their Industry friends need this so they can assert their will on me and share money with those who do it, while the Politicians wreck my finances and try to force me to deploy my empire to work for them to ensure their money grows but even when I don’t mention it they will try and tease me with matters about how success of my book sales depends on where I publish it and or how there are things I would never mention which is a sign they are winning the fight they invented over my earnings which is how they continue to assert and enforce that need to share money with pop culture idiots vandalising my work to make music that helps tyrants and organised criminals recover from my wake and target me to make what their desires seek operable (i.e. the entire purpose of their pop culture fame and fortune these days seem to be all about the violent men on the left and how girls are supposed to be powerful and then take me out later because they hate Monarchy, while I have begun to sniff up my intolerance for lazy CEOs who have started taking their bullying to another level too all together having been that did take off in the first place as well). So it is not something that will run until I am 40 either since I need to make time and build my pension as well: for them however we hear noise making about confiscating my Royal Estate and they will not stop doing things to my possessions that I don’t want them to do and I will kill them for it as well the bad company in my life I never invited with their big mouth. I have always been under the impression that staying away from the men on the left and the men on the right and thinking about such problems as the fact the ladies will never let me into my own world if they see any man stuff or capabilities around me or on me would answer these questions but of course we can see that it does not and has not; these guys know how to look for trouble and what I would not dare mention is that they and their Politicians are spending time and media forcing themselves on me to force me to spend all I own on them by squandering it, asserting and enforcing this every single day, holding the economy to ransom and finding new ways of getting their hands on it each time somebody more responsible takes it away from them through government Policy, their Politicians who talk nonsense all the time about somebody they are going to use and abuse. It’s a matter of when people ask the questions such as whether I am aware most of what I say is of an extreme nature but here we are and the question is still that of how extreme i.e. it’s been 6 years into economic recovery and the biggest problem is the blackmail of lazy CEOs that have already been paid a large proportion of their incomes upfront talking nonsense on media about how what people do is what they do because their plans was always to set it off for others such as them and there will be no other mode of operation for them to do their jobs with and if government does not crack down on it, it will have no right to be successful as well but in my case personally it’s a matter of the civil rights idiots who want to assert equality by having my Royal Estate as well and making sure I don’t have it in order to feel the way they felt when they did not have it and doing those things I tell them not to do with my possessions will see me kill them soon enough not that noise making about removing me and taking my place in the world paying off in anyway whatsoever; it is over the book sales that this matter will blow up as I have always warned because we have reached a point where they will wind me up and I will hand my books to them to sell or sell it for me for them if they refuse to – otherwise the books being where they should not be technically was meant to decide for me if people want to sign a contract with me to sell my books for me or buy a copy of their own, not decide if my books need to be placed somewhere else if they must be successful.


Now this matter will range from claims of what I boast about but cannot back up as issued by those who like to show their potential for the fact I will not be feeling good in a couple of minutes or will be treated for serious injuries in a couple of minutes for crimes I did not commit against them or offences I did not give and so on, forgetting that I will judge them as well and weigh them on scales and finish them off with weapons too should it progress to the part where they decide other people must become corpses because they are not fit to be living breathing human beings anymore, so that people can tell me I am still an extremist of sorts for having that prognosis available to the Police whereas their threats and the self improvement it offers them will not take a turn of behaviour for the better.

I hear it is said that the behaviour of the media is sometimes sanctioned by the Monarchy but of course I know that is the case because there is a certain degree of waywardness to my activities – waywardness associated with people having the ability to conduct media connections that allow them vandalism and a means of explaining themselves away with what I have done right in order to be important after wrecking academic work but I have taken it into a corner of my life because those who continue to assert their will on me with it need to get into the fight they seek so much. Yes I understand their claim it is a matter of a lack of respect for women and so on but I have no idea if the fact I am hated by tyrants and women and Politicians in the west because of their insults and need to address me and decide who is supposed to lead based on who has the most money whereas I was there when their need to destroy my finances became the obsession that it is today – however which we know that they especially for the socialists in our midst are crazy about their cauldron of degradation from which they can always stir some and spurt out even more twisted evils, having been that they have hammered through their message of hatred for religion and why it should be separated from Government in the last Couple years, it is only one of those things that means you will never ever see the lower classes deploy a certain prognosis of evil for more than a single occasion and will never see them tire of it either no matter how much you explore it to find out if they can run out. There are no serious issues to these matters, it’s just that when Politicians speak of my refusing to co-operate they are talking about their refusing to put an end to deploying government property to give these idiots whatever they want when we all know the outcome will always be that they are civil rights fraudsters and it is important for them to ensure young people are talking about civil rights so they can do things for company CEOs without being paid for it or knowing that they are doing such jobs – so that we would expect these CEOs to work for their money except that fools like them with small business are gods of servitude and hence really need the essential item of financial destruction on a grand scale to ensure that they are able to carry out these activities, all of which is then finished off with media support and at that stage they are talking to me about how my entire empire will be spent for their needs before they give me a break with a big mouth and I believe I have been clear about not seeing them around the Royal Estate and Company leverage for my part as well lest it results in a condition of handling and breaking up those companies of theirs so I can deploy the equities as trophy on my websites. Personally however it is an old case of the fact that it is more important to me that the Church has its range for its missionary work than it is that fools like these have an economy, so when I say so it becomes clear what the issue with President Obama is and how his problems be they things or persons do not concern me as much as he assumes that they do, reality around that of which is a simple case of the fact he has continued to deem me the problem and I have continued to distract him from the problem to a point where he now wants to deal with me that is not the problem and have not got any time left to deal with the problem.


The other story about me being taught the consequences of British empire is very well understood but I suppose that when they do have the Royal Estate then people will not be born gay in this world anymore and they will have everything bearing in mind it primarily exists to serve the Church as it were but other than that the reality remains a case of how in their view British empire did not affect where my parents come from as well so their point makes sense to me and they can continue to assume the right to teach me lessons and it will end very well too especially when they come from India and so on. There is nothing new about these matters; it’s the old case of opening the Bible to read the part about how wicked people behave to find that they do not miss a beat except the added part that is involved largely with things they do to secure media and ensure what people think about them is nice so they can be famous and they are teaching me lessons because they assume I have not had enough of them yet as it were, currently as it stands of which the reality is that chasing my anus and penis was supposed to help them recover that stupid culture if I am weak and they have not yet recovered it which then means I am weak still at the same time. It’s like the old case of how black people manipulate me when there is no such thing; the reality of which has always been rather than the insults of black people in much the same context is developed around the same prognosis all together i.e. they are the big boys who handle the finances of kids that cannot oppose what they do and hence never listen to what others think about what they shouldn’t do with what does not belong to them as a result; with the outcome that they have civil rights and their Politicians and media speak of how these things happen on account I interfere with their business and conversations, whereas we all know the Politicians are evil and it’s all in a day’s work for them to find murderers for example beside whom they can build up a sense of being good in that they are not murderers no matter what they get up to because they must always be popular and on the other side being Church freaks like myself in their view being subjected to the one where they find out how much evil they can build beside me in order to be strong people, which as I have mentioned before is perfectly okay until I start to hear nonsense from them about being people of a certain persuasion and the privileges of injustice and all that nonsense. I have never thought it a difficult issue all round, I am a Christian and they do say what I say and do is a function of pure fear but of course what it is about is a function of recovering from a condition of being toughened up by people who expect me to tolerate their cultures that will enable them to have slum village of plebs in the neighbourhoods which in my view will facilitate more excuses I can make for what they do to harm me like this was the 90s or something i.e. the difference between now and the 90s being that they pushed the lines and their ministers of parliament removed the social buffers between their loutish and violent nonsense and my right to my Christian faith and I pushed the lines of human Choice and wrecked their lives with their master the devil and they are now in a condition where they have gold and diamonds but nobody will be interested unless they are nice while I am not willing to avail my faith to it but above all each time I see those village of plebs emerge I will never cease to cut it up and if it threatens their grandmothers and parents who are living here in them in the UK they need to keep their insults where those are supposed to be and put their money where their mouth is not talk nonsense about me coming outside which if I did would mean they will get the stupid culture back and more things as such after that too, when we all know those conditions of village of plebs whose actions and abuses and attacks I am supposed to excuse as something done by people in this neighbourhood and that neighbourhood is largely a function of their need to secure a process of using my personality to make fame and fortune by keeping me out of work through making the lives of employers hell around me to that effect i.e. vandalism, media attention and means to explain themselves away with what I have done right with myself just because my personality is different of which it isn’t, only a matter of people they do not see often in the sense that those people can be in an office today and the next moment travel off in a car to an air port and are in another country in a Couple of Hours and will return in two weeks and the whole cycle begins again after that – so that it comes to a point and the question becomes that of what I will do to them yet to change that behaviour towards me. And as for the media I have no idea who interferes with their work anyway – I mean for the politicians, the facts above aside, the reality is that if I take a bus ride, the Politicians will cash into it for their career on account they cannot resist and I never gave the consent, so that this is somebody office and if they mess it up and I handle them as well they can see I will be running the Country, in their stupid media case I am at a loss as to how getting around the worst neighbourhoods to build up publicity and spend another person’s existence constitutes a process where they interfere with your work if they force you to do it instead. All of which is a fine example of the results that can come off a process of their need to teach me lessons with that big mouth, of which it is clearly not hurting badly enough yet as it were. It is never true I think human beings should be handled in this way but whilst they want to be able to live in villages of plebs where their activities no matter how bad can be excused by such things as neighbourhoods syndrome, the reality is I cannot walk around the streets without being toughened up when it is not in my interest as a Christian to get into a fight or indeed envy those that can and so it is always perfectly sensible to me that I cut it to pieces whenever I see it as well; I mean as I mentioned they do say it’s a matter of fear but it isn’t, it’s a matter of recovery from social and communal bullying that gets right up to National media which can easily start from competitions about who is the best man for the ladies over the aesthetics of my profession and then develop into the toughening up bit and messages being deployed to an end after my bits and bobs are everywhere and I am always doing something wrong and deserving of violence that I need to find a cause I can follow and die for because when they hurt me in such ways to extricate new freedoms from my personality I get off to prevent them from making use of it so that the only way they can is if I leave a legacy that is all about it and that is always before they teach lessons on the consequences of British empire with a big mouth, bearing in mind it never ever goes away and must work their celebrity nonsense developed around big Countries they come from bullying me from small Country thing on the basis of something I fear on one hand while they are doing these things on the other. So the story of me being caught up in some violence has no basis on reality either – the fact here is that when people say they are teaching me the consequences of British empire it becomes obvious they are violent louts who are looking for a lesson they will learn one way or the other  of which there is always a way their stuff looks before we are allowed a normal existence that is concerned with their problem over conversations people have with business friends, so that he that has his own damaged by them will damage their own until the world is split between rich Countries and poor ones. As for the violence itself, I am supposed to stay away from men on the left and their popular and celebrity culture idiots I kick regularly over vandalisms at Royal Property so they can make pop music and abuse me to call me outside for violence and the men on the right who assume ownership of things all the time but of course we all know their girls that are clearly not my type cannot keep themselves and their media out of my Court either and so in any case of which it is obvious that I simply want to get on with my own life while they have decided I want to make money with their fans and everybody on the planet is their fan and I have no choice but ask them to turn up and recover the culture if chasing my anus and penis has indeed made me that weak – they have always been men with secret rooms in their homes where their wives are not to set foot where they worship the devil and so on and whenever they covet another person’s possessions those have slept with their wives already on media but there must be something really special about me that they like to target all the time and these are the sorts of things we will find out when I come outside as they wish as well and we are not talking about how Monarchy helps me out anyway when we all know that aside the Monarchy they would be terrified out of those stupid saloon cars they drive around this country showing insulting body language and talking nonsense all over the place, however which since the involvement of the Monarchy I had been elevated beyond that effect and they will not accept it as sufficient. It has always been a power thing following which it is interesting to see what people do with large armies and large economies like the US for example - their media idiots now speak of not finding chemical weapons in Iraq but Soldiers were hurt by it and some were subsequently found, whereas we all know Saddam had them but not on the scale that was shown in the UN, however considering 9/11 something had to be done about it urgently - their method of handling the issues therefore put everybody's life at risk, meaning when you have diplomatic problems that you solve then Americans assert themselves on your finances and when you have them but do not solve them, you get American bombs and it is naturally to be expected from people with the largest economy and largest Military but it does not mean I have not had enough of them anyway and now Mr Obama understands what I think of his insulting world power plucking of the ripe British thing and the actions of his tourism idiots and corrupt market scum we are making progress - ultimately the question of if people solve their diplomatic issues for Americans (it does go against the entire nature of the convention of government, that war, disease and instability is bad for Polity and Governance and Economy, so I have no clue why they think the emergence of ISIS is either not a function of their stupidities, their own diplomatic problems unsolved as well as their problem and not other peoples own, I mean if they can become more concerned with other peoples trade finances instead as it were); I am not the same thing as the existence of the British Establishment and so do the Ladies at Court have people back stage who curate their concerns - it would be nice if they cleared that space and stayed off my business.