The great mystery to everything I do about Politicians is that we are currently in the world governed by a group of Politicians who are still obsessed with having some kind of power to control other people's lives that they will not be able to manage and their subjects will not be able to argue with. Here in the UK they are so insolent they would demand a new constitution which will if given in the conditions they have demanded it will enable them to become heads of other people's families through community relations because these powers of a spiritual nature they have gathered from crannies around the world has had no effect and they now hope that they will get this effect in some way from mainland Europe. What they are doing at the moment is ram through endless series of legislation which will ensure that they have tied down so much of other people's civil freedoms until they choke them with political games they seem to get a lot of fun from and leave the campaign for civil rights that will result open and then civil freedoms to homosexuals, prostitutes and generally trouble makers which I of course will never allow have some meaning in the real world.

The problem is that I am according to them the Doxology by which this is easily and immediately possible; I have fought them for the last 12 years because of this.


Hence my stand remains the same: the idea of people making me feel with the use of public media that Africa is inferior to Europe because of the nature of economic problems in the two continents which after years of making demands for my privacy and personal life in public places and public media will now allow them to settle in on claiming it for themselves making up lies it is part of their history will never prevent me from doing my job or doing it properly.

Besides anyway they all know that the world has moved on and Africa was not exactly a continent where people we greedy to a fault and did not sell slaves rather than think about how to hurt people intensely and for a sustained period of years until a way has been devised for their assailant to get what they want out of them without hurting them which can then be named domestic and international human rights. If they wanted to do this today they world has advanced so far in technology and communication that it would have no effect no effect whatsoever thus with all their claims of European and American superiority they just got lucky. For the Africans I will never stop punishing them for trying, I am their leader and not their great servant even though I am no longer interested.

There will be no currency integration of any kind or global mixing of markets and economies to bring about equality no matter how much of this Planets economic intellect I own.

I am not and will never have been the first rich black man in the world and the other rich black men if they are a part of these things can go to hell.

Update 19/10/2014 - Spiritual and Temperament.


I don’t think the matter of my hate for women and the labour party needs be something people stir themselves for, it’s entirely normal and exists as a function of those kinds of women that bring those feelings out of you where you say if you see them near your office again, your guards will be sacked and she will create some bodies by her actions and the reasons for this is that these are really stupid women that have realised that with a bit of intimidation from other stupid men like them that stupidity can become and asset and that is why they need access. So it’s that popularity thing that seems to be untouchable which they built up since they were children and is the basis of their lifestyle hence meaning they can mess with your own as much as they like and the result being that you will only be employed for short periods of times at any given occasion doing baby heart burn and chasing your anus and penis which applies that with their history of being popular you can never take them on and I am fed up with it as well for my part: the time wasting and financial damage has got to stop and they will now see how I will go about that too since of course I had stated it in easier ways before by letting them know it is really disrespectful for the fact I know nothing of their neighbourhoods and the way they live and the way their families are to have become a weapon that it seems I cannot be freedom and I had mentioned before that I had before lost jobs on account they have a real problem with letting me be by myself too, nothing about their behaviour has changed either. I know the story is that when I mention it like that I tend to complain later on seeing that they have switched Political parties but nobody cares and we are supposed to assume then that the Politicians do not know that they have as such therefore those stories we hear about political discrimination is something people invent but of course we all know they will locate somebody else that must be targeted with that too once that part is done, as I said for my part I am done with them and they need to get off the Office and the Estate.

They do say I try to sit in the UK and build a market in say Communist territory or Asia without actually being there and that this is the problem but first of all that must mean the market can be stolen by others in their view and nothing will happen about that but on the practical side, this is a matter of realising my books turned up in Asia and its biggest problem was the local Politicians mistress on account she is the celebrity there and not me, so it is one of those stupidities which you realise at some point makes you hysterical so their stupid men can make you share things by chasing your anus and penis and causing conditions where you only have a job for short periods of time, hence there are none else to blame for it but their Politicians. In terms of my Books however of which it’s a matter of that stupid Publicity they built up for themselves when they were kids and their block heads to go with it which I don’t want to see around my company business again or there will be no point to their complains really soon enough as well – we all know what the typical stereotype of people who do these kinds of things are i.e. mistresses and whores and they do not get to decide who gets a Royal Estate while their Politicians get to decide if other peoples Royal Estate is profitable for them so that they might without consequences, I am only just fed up with being employed for short periods of time because they are picking on a baby and it does not mean they are getting any stupid culture and society back either.

Now I understand there is this story of people saying what Heaven is like and the debates it is causing; I wouldn’t know about it mostly but I do know what my experience of heaven is like, so I think when people pitch other peoples temperament against themselves it is largely a matter of taking things out of context i.e. if somebody who works in Buckingham Palace said you are to meet them at the Gates and you did, would that have meant that all of Buckingham Palace is large Gate? Of course not and it is the same with Heaven, no point having memorabilia and having small kiosks where you can sell souvenirs on your experience of Heaven that was like Gardens and Trees and Rivers and Lakes and so on, these are a part of Heaven and meeting God where he designated an appointment with you does not necessarily indicate a reason to begin a religion. My experience of Heaven has always been about the Throne Area and some other Eating Area that does come up regularly as well. So if I said that was all of Heaven and what Heaven was like, then what would have become of all the throngs and throngs and thongs of Heavenly Bodies I see standing all about it, filed far beyond what the eyes can see, singing some kind of Heavenly song that concerning which I only see their mouths move if I want to see it as if they deliberately did it for me to see because I was looking and looking to perhaps see etc, which I feel but cannot sing as well – I mean they are not there all the time then are they and if so where is their living quarters? And so to the question of how many times I tend to have an experience of Heaven but of course I still have them all the time and almost every day, only distracted by peoples stupid evil neighbourhoods and whether or not Politicians want to make that happen alongside their media goons, apart from which I still have them. I mean my deal with God is quite good, I have these throngs of Heavenly bodies protecting me and I have a change of them when I get out of bed and then another change for every occasion where I step out of the door and then another change at exactly 12 noon and then another change in the evening and then the final change during bedtime and those do perform their duties just before I drift away into sleep and yes of course this is what community croons are after all the time and those who want to speak for them never want to take into account whenever they feel like that. So it is said when I mention such things I expose myself which has no basis on reality, much like the other case of heavenly experiences others do not get to have which makes no sense whatsoever – all I know is that I had a covenant which part God who made one with me is keeping his. So that it comes down to the other question about which is the most important of my heavenly experiences, which is largely a matter of one that tends to show up in everything and that was that either I was really close to the Christ or I was on the left hand side of both God and the Christ and so it eventually culminated in there being three rings, one was mine and the other belonged to the Christ and the other to God and then there were three sceptres and one belonged to God and the other to the Christ and the other to me and then there were three staffs and one belongs to the Christ and the other to God and the other to me, so I suppose I really don’t know what it means in a whole sense but that is the most important because it should be bearing in mind it shows up in absolutely everything. These things come with responsibilities as well anyway; I mean it’s the he that must be the greatest must be he that serves story thing.

I understand they have worked out what I am thinking and are off to it and what my relationship with the devil is like as well but do I have one then? Of course I do but it is largely about the fact it is in my interest to see people live a longer physical existence on earth because it increases the chances they might one day hear the gospel and be saved while his workers want to harvest souls quickly and so we have this case of me exposing myself playing out in terms of community and society goons that want to move into my right hand but cannot stand the gospel that need to get the hell out of here and we have the ones with the cultures that speak of me exposing myself who need to get the Politicians when they start and get into a race against time as a result to work out if I will not get hold of it and cut it to bits as well, I understand the threats and the media thereof for we have always known they are people that are capable of making the choice to shed human blood on account of material needs and wants and such things among others that may not necessarily be material, however which if they want to keep the stupid culture and society, they keep it away from me. It’s a matter of when they say I think their master does not know how I am doing that my stuff which is utter nonsense because I know what I am doing when I have a work court on media that helps me stifle homosexual activity and culture and society sex and so on, so that it becomes impossible for them to get any satisfaction by doing these things – I know their master the devil knows how I am doing that my stuff and have no idea who told them I am unaware anyway; however it’s a case of when I tell them about not killing people and it’s a case of hurting people because of the confidence that I will do nothing due to a process of preaching none violence, hurting people at my expense of which nobody knows what is wrong with them anyway, not as if I am using mine to serve God or using mine to do it for God anyway, the way they cannot let the devil do his work with his own hands. There are usually two main provocateurs and one of them is a condition where they have a problem with the faith of others and get after their jobs and finances to talk so much nonsense about how they needed to attack their money because it helps to deal with the faith they don’t like, then at the same time complain about choice that I have robbed them of. The other provocateur is the one about hurting people at my expense and creating precedents that are concerned with when people work for things and it is taken away from it due to the preaching of a gospel of none violence. So we end up with one of those occasions when I enjoy the devils prerogatives than they do when I ask them if they have killed one recently and they answer affirmative, I will have to follow it on with questions about what the point is when I am the one that enjoys devils prerogatives more than they do and then we will see them on media all the time talking nonsense and making trouble and claiming its about the power they want to have for the result that they want more of me in that respect too. I mean this is what my relationship with the devil is like.


So it seems that my inability to tolerate the stupid cultures and communities of plebs are not misplaced as we now know there is connection between voodoo chicken killing and some abuses carried out by celebrated idiots and their socialist fools designed to usurp other peoples empires with media and of course being that I am published online they have access to my books before the customers and now hysteria they say is what is my driving force and that they control it too – assumption being that claims of being provoked by others on their part is supposed to have been recognised as a cover up by now people should have noticed. It is so important to them that their popular boys are beside them, they cannot do anything especially to get rich and famous without leaning on my possessions and that they are making enough money to make third world connection and exert powers of women on me but the level of obsession with it beats what is normal according to our various human imagination and drives towards the direction of attrition and I do not believe that is what celebrities are supposed to be and have no plans to regard them as any, besides which they are only as famous as the attention I give to their tantrums or how much of that is made up on media. It is impossible to imagine rather contrary to what they think, that they are viewed as social problem solvers but this clearly is the basis for vandalism of my Estate and personal life because of what they can do with my faith and has nothing to do with either being famous or those civil rights we hear them make claims about all the time, these are people looking for trouble which is as normal as should be expected of them. I understand there is this story of how much I put up subtle abuses on social networking against people but of course it is just one of those things that have got to stop as the outcome will only be that I have to do things that are really difficult to clear the fact that my work is not abusive to anybody, so it seems that idiots picking on Christian because of none violence and the fact it is not in his interest to body build or envy those that can handle themselves but have lost everything doing so keep getting more provocative and violent like there is the slightest chance they can at their own expense only whether with their friends in alliance or not deal with the monster they will create when what I can back up or not with those their stupid toy soldier children is put to the test too. In the end of which I don’t need any abuses to say women are women and need to shut it around my Royal business and shut it indeed as those insults have not become or formed any kind of normalcy around here in anyway whatsoever. But I suppose that is what I say when I need to address how stupid they are and how the credibility of what I cannot back up or how nervous they will not be if I sense the slightest whiff of imminent danger from their stupidities – I mean I am a Christian and I don’t know who they are and where they live or how they live but that fact is the weapon already against me and that was the part where the jobs I applied for were the ones they most deserved if they had to have superiority and equality which has now developed into something else entirely all together along the lines of how I am a Christian because it presses me to pick up some of my personal finances to get off and help those that are less fortunate than they are which is being attacked by them because the only Christianity they will have is popular culture Christianity and homosexuality and gayness and lots of media which of course I never asked them about and nobody did around here anyway but came along because they have civil rights and women have need for power, thus this assumption that it is their insults on media and always being seen saying something about my work or my office or my Royal Estate every single time they are seen having a conversation with people or on media or whatever that is the point about them that annoys me the most as it were. The time wasting and financial damage needs to stop and the next stage of this matter will be the part where I set them off on a course about the one more time of their opinions being found out by me on my Royal Estate or my person or my work or books which will kick off whatever it is that their big mouth needs to prove as well and by the way of which the story of how I need social media abuses because of them will not be settled by difficult things I need to do to clear my reputation but a process where I kick it out of them for my part as well. I hear they say people are not saying they are not afraid of me they are saying they stand a chance but I am not interested; this is not their possessions and I am fed up with the time wasting and financial damage of their opinions being asserted and enforced on media and with lies and rumours and hear say on it – they need to move on and move out, I don’t care what their reasons are or stories they have to tell might be – move on and move out is the word. I mean I know they are violent beggars and the reasons they are always after my anus and penis and chest and lots of abuses is to assert the fact it is the devil that had made them bad and I need to comply with their needs or they will never stop begging, grouching, abusing, attacking, buffeting and so on and of course this is where that big mouth will prove its worth as well; I don’t want to put up with any more stupid female opinions or ideas around my Royal Estate – move on and move out is the way it works or else. The black ones especially live in this world where it’s never enough to take up the problems they create for others and write a story about it to earn a living, it was important for me to ensure they cannot change their behaviour until any occasion in which I chose to had yielded financial results and that is how they ended up where they are today while the rest were simply due lessons about marking people with talent that shows on them out to abuse for self advancement which means when they write books others use them like meat instead of buy books and get off to pretend they simply need make demands and have them met, civil rights my foot – it gets to a point - they have always have it if they keep it away from me.


In the end there is really no reason it all should be happening as these idiots are mostly as famous as the level of attention I pay to them anyway. It is never true that I spend a lot of time on the one thing I am good at being the absolute battering of 21st century realities; that is what they say because they refuse to accept the realities we are dealing with here i.e. they hate being vulnerable to a process where they need to dig deep to save their lives, the one where it is not what they don’t know and the crimes they have not committed that saves them from trouble, it is what they know about those crimes they have not committed which gets them into it, so that by the time they had saved themselves have no more strength to fight with if faced with danger because it was them all along that was being damaged and not the issues that were being argued or debated and so because of that and the fact that they are vulnerable to it, they are always picking on others to make them vulnerable so and as for me, I am just immune to the effects, so that makes me a perpetual target for many reasons they make up as they go along to start again and again and again seeking to kill me and set me up as what people can look to when they are being targeted so they can escape with a big mouth and in the last 14 years of persecuting me, the last 14 years of showing me what they can do when the effects of their laziness on them is taken out on those who are not behaving modern enough and hence deemed by them uncivilised which is usually very insulting, I have not once done that to them and we are getting to that point as well; there is no such thing as any idiots 21st century reality taking up my time because I am battering it.  The other issue they raise is their hatred of me which stems from the fact they just hate Royalty about which the other issue around the corner is that I am always scared somebody has taken up my work at the Monarchy and pleased themselves with it, when in actual fact HM has on many occasions set out she does not understand why I chose to spend my inheritance on her government in the first place anyway and that is just something I do when I take responsibility for what they damage before running off to Politics seeking childish Privileges that help them with cheap far reaching insults that are easy such as problems that cannot deal with which I can and therefore makes me more eligible to be Royalty than I am and so on; of which the real reasons for their hatred of me is simply that I have this position I must never share and have it for life so they can never compete or take part – so they will be pacified if those two facts were to have changed so they can cause trouble to get rich and have somewhere in which somebody sacrifices friends and family and self to protect them from their enemies while they make money and more trouble and they are not taking part as I have had enough of them, nor are they competing as it would be better for all sides if they disappeared. The part about my paranoia is not actually founded on fact – the reality is that I have got a life and am not tied to the British Establishment where serious matters of state are happening and is it when they spread all those rumours and tales and lies and scandals that will mean I am a Christian today and two years down the line a homosexual because they can build it up and assert it on me until I become what they want me to be in search for power with a big mouth, which then creates the sense I am being boxed in and lots of time wasting and financial damage going on with that,  that we end up in a place where they will complain like they are at present and so their sense I am under constant paranoia as a result. So eventually the hatred of me is supposed to have been founded on the basis of their democratic activities but of course we all know the reality behind that is rather that there are people that can stand between them and their perpetual wants and needs and desires that must operate and be worked and satisfied at other peoples expense all the time and continue to grow until it swallows up communities and aims to the entire country or any country where they come from and they feel that the fact those people make them nervous means that they have to make up reasons to attack me all the time and take it out on me but the result is that it makes me nervous as well and the problem they have is that they cannot stand in my way – it is the reason that has always been responsible for their hatred of Royalty right across the histories; the provocation of which comes when their stupid children start to behave as though it is a right and they will not give up corruptions of involvement with me and anything that is exclusive in my life, especially any that concerns women or the interests of women I am involved with and these silliness’s are not new to the west, so I have no idea why they always tend to want a conversation from it all as well; apparently it seems I am winning and they can only beat me with what belongs to me, so I can understand where their point of view of me being paranoid people have stolen Royal Estate comes from for their part thereof.

Now they claim they are shocked that I am still operating which makes no sense whatsoever since the reality is that they are idiots who play at other peoples expense every single second that they are seen and like to make out the damages they cause is a function of their civil rights and their attacks on their victims after that is a function of favours they do them because they thrive on hysteria, while the females have a history of sexual abuse to latch onto as an excuse that will help them get away with it which is why some people like to say they liked it when it happened when that is not actually the way crimes of sexual abuse really work. I mean it’s a matter of there being a big Church in the centre of Istanbul for example and until a 50 minute documentary is made about it pillaging my Royal Estate their playfulness cannot be satisfactory because it is all about intense laziness and how to do such things and make a lot of money from it too. I mean I am a Christian and I am aware that there are communities of people in this world and in this Country whose civil liberties are about the right to play 24/7 and be homosexual etc because it is the way they are made and cannot function without it and should not be subject to violence by others as a result, so they are not the only ones that play all the time. I mean the part about my books showing I want to clear out peoples history and filth and give them a fresh start on demand in their lives which works really well when they do it with media and their celebrity status is an example – an example of their corruptions of involvement and in this case can be because I have a Court and women do what women do to ensure there is available pressure for me to get up to what I need to do from time to time but the reality are such things as the President of Venezuela has a secretary that came across my books and read it and it helped with certain social issues her Boss is dealing with which if she shared would mean that she also gets an elevation as well and so there is pressure involved there at the Company, how it has something to do with their celebrity status of which I will never know unless I explain it away with the fact they are extracting an income from my purse and therefore find it impossible to locate exactly what they think is amusing about that since we have never seen them do it with that stupid media in the absence of a smile on their stupid faces as well. I have never thought it a problem since it works in a world where celebrities are enigmatic and they are not to me, this can only result in a condition where I set them out by name and warn them about it until it becomes a fight and that will be an ugly way for them to keep their hands off my income and resources. It is never true I am begging black people for a chance to exist or live, what is true is that the first time they got into trouble with me was concerned with that behaviour of attacking me because their greed and need was such that I had it but had kept them waiting all their lives and so it is my fault they behave towards me in that way on account they are taking it from the heart to stop that feeling of settling for less for so long, that led to a bit of an issue and ended when they started new stories about how it would be better if I died because they still feel they are obliged to hold back – with that golliwog mouth; now nobody knows what they want to hate me for this time but we will find out anyway. The other side is when it is said I am always in my mind perpetually in a state where I am in need of women that are beyond me and what I think about it will be better displayed through what I will do next over the none stoppage of the financial damage and time wasting - learned they attack my faith in my Royal Personal life all the time not just to damage me as a Royal Personage but also to ensure that I am the one persecuting them while they are the ones attending to Church and Church like behaviour and of course presently their violent and filthy playfulness and the anus and penis thing and heart burn thing that comes immediately after having a meal means that they have yet again cost me a job as a result of health and safety issues (a cold that kept going on and on due to the fact that even when it is was long over I ate before I got into operation and they play games) and then an inability to control what my body does, which I believe has led to the point where especially for black women and the Labour Party, if I do not make them suffer for it and if I do not ensure they lose jobs over their violent, wicked and evil playfulness, it will not improve.