After years of accusations me of sleeping with women that are older and more important there is a new phrase these days on the lips of trouble makers who blame the economic woes we have today because of the advantages that the politicians they have elected to serve them for no good purposes have given them financially and it is all about making sure banks never get bail out money from the government ever again which is a load of rubbish.

For what happens is that the Bank of England is responsible for printing money and then handing it over to other Banks hence money does not just drop off from nowhere. These banks then lend out to businesses and investors who end up employing people to work for them, who then pay taxes on their wages to give rise to tax payer sourced funds. Now when these banks have gone burst the only way to handle the economy is to put money in them to sustain the economy; nobody said this money has become the property of the banks, it is simply there with no assets and liabilities attached to it to plug things and make sure everything runs as normal and the banks make their profits and pay back the money but because the government they had elected to do this on their behalf at the time it was done was corrupt so they left options open, thus never went into making any form of rules which made sure people were not paying themselves huge bonuses on that particular money, which is what any investor would do with their money in any business that was about to go burst before they stepped in. It gets me really fed up when they say such things as putting an end to ever bailing out banks ever again for as far as I know it is the same idiots that led us to the crisis we have today by messing about with people's personal lives then moving on from experience in that to messing about with the personal lives of Banks which destroyed people's acumen and when those people get scared and put what they have left, all of it into overdrive to make profit which will obviously go burst with a short period of time, they boast as well which is very wasteful that they are creating Economic growth and development, now they don't want the banks to be bailed out.

I am not too bothered about it by the way, after all nobody has enough wisdom or knowledge mention less convincing power to convince them to stop their stupidities. From my point of view, how I love to put it is that when they have had lifestyle they don't want to pay for it, hence Banks should not be bailed out etc. Of course they claim when I say such things they will bring up their own lies and shut me up as though there is somebody else out there that is more important making the decisions but it rather seems to me in every turn that we have a failure of communication on the matter because all that will do is create me a new book to write. I mean, from where I am I work with businesses and provide them equity and intellectual property-securities. So what they do is have a problem with a Black Prince working with people in such ways, so I now have to make sure they are not messing up my life to mess up people's business which means I work twice as hard for anything anybody would get for working for it which does not happen to anybody else but the white ones are still not racist enough and the black and other none white ones are even worse because they should have been me all together and the amount of hate they have for me is immeasurable but not matter how much it jeopardises the economy the Politicians are happy for them to do all they must to have me in conditions where they can see me regularly despite their hate and have access to me while naming me the secrete to wealth and glory, hence banks should never be bailed out and when they get the lifestyle they don't want to pay for it.


They can just sit down and decide it from nowhere, messing about with people's personal lives; but the question comes-what is the worst that could happen? And the answer arrived-a repeat of Nazism and World War 2, and then they will ask theirs: what is the next best thing? And the answers will arrive-Financial Meltdown and they will decide;-okay we will go for that instead. After which banks should never be bailed out, it winds me up when they say those things.

Those  of them who protect this system of intense disobedience and power through it always make up ideas about their powers and greatness but as far as I am aware, their lives have not changed from what it has always been which is; being divided into two-one has something to do with being famous on other people's fame, which I react to by allowing them to have some money and then snipping off their top so they can never get to be different from everybody else even so because of it and the other is gangs for which they wail regularly about the state of their society, culture and community relations because of me. At the end of the day, I am not the one that has power over and controls popular culture and then uses it to destroy my career as well to wind myself up.

So the question: what makes you think that being a sadist will not make rich? This is supposed to make the process of mockery for dealing in securities vandalism of my finances and bullying. While I personally think poor people have their money all marked out for something and because they are poor all of it has to do with end product and rich people have all their money marked out for investment except what they save up for luxuries for which they build those who want to take it away from them securities that they can break down.

I am a Royal Prince and to me what free market really means is; men create, guys and criminals get jobs, men sell guys and criminals buy; it is on this basis I have built security for businesses upon which depends the sale of my books (or intellectual property)-sex crazy fake religion gurus that force people to make a living with their personal lives and get support from politicians for it so they can use them for all sorts of gratification purposes are precisely one of the reasons for it. Those who don't upset the system will be very unlikely to get themselves into trouble especially on my products and therefore my money.

Their politicians were supposed to nip me before I got out of hand and earned money, they have failed in this respect and left us political paedophilia and various other privacy destroying evils but are still their greatest leaders of all times never the less so the process of providing a service that is not paying me is a matter to which the message is very clear; those who do need to beware.

As I remember it; it started with them warning me about being a Christian and has now led to them getting future out of me with the use of media.

Update 28/10/2014 Security and Counterfieting at the Literary Empire Emporium – Common Wealth Political Influence


Now we hear big companies and their spokes persons and representatives speak of my provoking actions but I at this point still do not own my own social media for example like I didn’t what I was thinking about my legal career and company until date and it hits my sales really hard because they are using it and a mere looking at them while they enjoy some opulent service they have been able to afford as a result means I am asking for even more hitting from the powers of capitalism and then freedom to take liberties with my income some more by their freedom goons who are known to talk nonsense about fighting those who give everybody except them as if they don’t form gangs and kill each other for it at some point by suggesting I will use their own as well which of course is what I am now going to do in order to gorge myself on the off loading of problems where people are inferior thing until my book sales are left alone and their society and Political idiots find something else sexy in a context of their answer to everything besides terminologies used by me at the Company and in my Books.

We hear these days they wish to discuss how their children distrust the Police but we all know the life they live to be that the Childs outlook is one of Dad regularly targets people with really stupid and destructive behaviour, damage their lives and work and use the irritations of Mum as well as mine at some point to ensure he can carry on and on and on doing it endlessly, at the end of which he has stories to tell concerning those people and how he did things with them in which he was the boss and means he can pull peoples intestines and off load problems where people are supposedly inferior whenever he likes, so that whenever the child sees the Police it is half the time at the back of his mind and so he feels he has done something wrong. The case we have at this stage being that I am done with assessing from time to time how many young women I have come across and acknowledging that in any given 20 hours 9 out of ten will be from their side of society, so that if I wish to move on with my life I have to marry one and maybe divorce it later with a big mouth like it is that cheap and then we will hear them talk nonsense about their societies and cultures which I don’t keep here each time I rip up so that I can have it at the back of my mind alongside the gospel of Christ as it were – the reality we are looking at here being that of men chasing my penis and anus and tummy and head and chest as violently as they possibly can because it is important to them to soften me up and ensure I cannot stand in front of a millionaire to tell him to get off my finances without being scared and because I am awake down the line of doing something about it the distraction of their stupid children distrusting the Police is all they want to report on media while I am actually expecting them to shut down the Music videos of every stupid celebrity that feels she is me and deserves the benefits of my office and all the allies and associates because it is as cheap as media coverage and three stanza popular culture nonsense in her view and yes I understand that the women will tell me I am bluffing but I sure Mr Obama wouldn’t mind especially for the Americans if they make music videos which claim that they are the ones that carry through all the benefits of being US President as a result of their responsibilities, so that he can arrange public speaking roles for himself where people pay $500 dollars per seat at least in order to rally them to that cause as it were; I for my part have no plans at this stage to begin sentences with ‘I tell you what’ but I don’t think I am talking semantics or talking to women here either. I don’t want to see anybody making any stupid music videos that lays claims of ownership to what happens at my Royal Estate and what I have done at my office anymore – the trigger here was a cocaine piping celebrated clown knows as Tulisa Constavalos with a new video of this nature just as I had everything around the Office and Estate cleared up and thought I could relax on something more important and of course beyond her as it were there will be trouble in store. These are the reasons their foolish children distrust the Police and it is not unusual – I don’t find it competitive, I find it destructive and they have long been warned there is a penis hanging in front of me as well, so that when I want to find out whose fathers they are exactly and which candy they take from which baby with their insults and abuses they want to talk about their children distrusting the Police like that is unusual; this is about getting out of bed to act in ways that secure my property and any other personal assets that help me get jobs and do my academic work and keep them jobs as well, putting an end to the intense abuses that causes others trauma of life in my direction because men are softening me up against Millionaires that have no wish to keep off my book sales and I can understand the relevance of the distrust their stupid children have for the Police but I don’t see how it matters.

Of course it is not true that I get myself all stuck up with doing things that offend women that feel a sense of obligation to society over men that chase women who are beyond their league and hunt them down and have them in the end. The reality is as ever that they get their celebrities to make money at my expense and now whether or not I will be a socially insane goon that sits somewhere to assume celebrities are getting famous with what belongs to me is something they will make happen because they are my personal Gods; so the part the Politicians have played for them is civil service corruption and damage to academic work and finances and the part the Politicians have lost is power and fate and the part I am playing for them is the one where they are corrupt with it somewhere where people are their league so they don’t have to get the Politicians for it next time and then they can understand where the need to assume I don’t think their perverted community croon nonsense chasing me around for sex is destructive and intimidating will lead as well. Then their stupid children can have explanations for personal problems expressed by their anger and need to offload problems where people are inferior which will steadily make me stupid like their croons chasing me around over sex does and is concerned with what other people have as it were. It’s the old story of Liberals always have the left hand side and Social people the right no matter how much I may tell them is not compatible with my faith will mean if they cannot move into my right hand and live there they will make it up on media and have it anyway – those are now taking up my career for which I have been published on TV and Women are generally really comfortable with it too and the celebrity ones who think they have built up some relation with me to issue their stupid transferred aggression and problems with understand my actions well enough as well; so snap judgements and accusations and their own version of treachery and off loading problems where they think people are inferior to them can wreck everything here – generally of which a simple issue can take years to resolve if we work together as well.


Now they say I have found out how difficult the lives of women are which has nothing to do with anything except that if you are a Christian the chances of being one today and being a criminal tomorrow is as good as not being able to find employment and being hungry as a result until you resort to stealing all because women exist and it’s been 13 years if that every day in my direction to make a point about their stupid lives when we always knew they were grooming me for it so people can do their stuff and they can make Political and Industrial connections. Now they know how that comes about when I round them up and tie down their celebrities so that we can resolve those stupid problems of theirs that are responsible for their transferred aggression and insulting snap judgements and a need to extract an income from my sales and wallet together over a period of years and of course when I am done they can round me up as well and become the side kick of Industry idiots so as to make money I wish them all the luck they need in that too. They do speak of women in my world as well which I don’t mind anyway but we are having this conversation because one of them will fail to understand they need to leave me alone and again make a stupid music CD that is based on how all that happens in my world belongs to those that can be physically seen and they will make it for the last time as well so I can find out what my own looks like too. I mean they do say my threats are as good as what people are not aware of but I have given them the part where they will not get to their academic work unless they have a hate figure along with their stupid men and so have I again the part where they learn the dictionary to find insulting things they can do to make them look modern and now they are enjoying the part where we are doing everything by violence when they should be sitting at some street corner smoking marijuana and not getting involved with me in anyway, while their stupid older fools enjoy the part where they act towards me in ways that hurt me which constitutes a condition of doing me a favour but that said, I am sure they heard me as well – like the lives of women and yet we all know when they are nice they feel like getting out there to tell men that are younger than them how to live in order not to make their stupid selves comfortable and need a certain financial leverage and criminal handling of my possessions for it to have an effect as well to begin with.

It has never been a problem in any greater sense, I mean it’s the same old reality about the case of their anger about life and those who have things they don’t which their Politicians then go off to deploy in order to facilitate a process where those who are talented creating conditions around them in which the law does not apply so others can turn out to count pennies at their expense until it becomes millions which the fathers will appreciate as opposed to success that knows everything according to them when their insolence knows no bounds and their Politicians say their involvement is their civil rights and it reaches a stage to bring this about as it were.  So that their older people are always finding ways of being oppressors in the context of being able to hurt you in ways that mean they are doing you a favour and looking straight into your eyes shows you can do nothing about it and need to make them feel at home but of course my point is that one of them is going to make those stupid music CDs the threats that work as well as what people are not aware of for the last time too of which nobody knows why they are so stupid anyway and yes we understand they are not necessarily people on the breadline but we can also see it is never enough and they need to keep off my books and off the property equity and buy the products. Its normally something I leave to the back of my mind except when the Politicians decide each of their insults will be resolved at parliament no matter where they were issued at me so they can chose self improvements either way which I will be made to pay for and when I want to know why that is the case talk nonsense of how I must get involved with the Politics if it bothers me, which is why they are now doing it while I supervise and the lives of women can mean they attack and pillage peoples finances, then get after their health and realise they have not worked out how to fund their way in the world after that while their victims know all about it which means they can piss me off for the rest of my life and there will be no consequences attached as well.

It’s nothing as serious as they want to make it out that I am always in the middle of the apocalypse, the reality is that it’s all the usual social deviance and we have Politicians at the heart of it talking nonsense about how Parliament dominates me which they cannot yap off on the streets so we can see their own as well and then making further noises about how I spend all I own on the lower classes and blame others for the problems as well. The parliament is not their property and I never ever think of it as a concern those insults about their hitting and bringing down and dominating me so I can cease to get in their face with that my thing they envy but it does actually show they can ensure their stupidities, best expressed by how they cannot beat you down and bring you down unless they have the treasury and the cabinet office and the civil service and the whole weight of the state doing it for them and all be it even so achieving that only temporarily, affect my finances and not their own and this is where the problem is. The rest are just men more vocal of them being the fat boys who are always in that position where I wrote something and it looked good for them until I added a verb and it changed and I got what was coming to me and so on because they are making Industry connections – so I am a man as well and all together the condition remains the same; they need to keep off my equities and my book sales and buy the products not make up their own version of what I really am and continue to talk so much nonsense about fake violence that is increasingly real with a big mouth only.

Now it’s always been a matter of corruption, I have lived in Nigeria for example and understand what financial corruption looks like – this ethics and career stuff is the UK corruption and MPs will do anything for it too but of course we all know if they speak of respect and I put up with nonsense from their Union goons and society idiots and civil service fools and clowns from the hierarchy of their parties I will think it insulting as well since I face the same challenges they do and need to have the bills paid for. They say they help me of course but everybody knows what they say to their goons is more about having him any which direction issues go which is why I have to deal with all these issues, meaning nothing of course but they get the most level of media coverage and parliament debate in order to provoke me so they can complain about my actions and move into my right hand and fiddle with my personal life and pretend they have access to my intimates that allows them power to control and use me for their own ends. So that by the time they speak of a clash between me and Policy issues we can all see that if I told them to keep outside of my personal life and that I will be offended if they moved into my right hand they would think it is a joke for the most part, until their names turn up on my books and it applies that even if I write books about the Prime Minister I should be able to sell them to those who would by them without a problem otherwise we do have a problem as well. I mean the books were never about them, they were about the Company Empire systems built up by the firms that brokered them to a point where it became a part of their public place statements – year one running and second and third and prepared ready for the next economic cycle and it is valued to that extent too; so when the names of MPs turn up somewhere around it I will sell the books anyway or we do have a problem period: its intellectual Property Administration you don’t ignore things because you can whether or not idiots exist at the backyard of firms.

They do say I broker these equities with firms in which MPs have shares and then have no respect for the MPs but of course there were MPs that had shares in Companies before they got into creating the Empire Trust systems, there are MPs that bought shares after they did and there are MPs that bought shares when we started working as Associates. The ones that had shares before like to do what they do to attack me not because women are evil and love to persecute Christians that will later teach the a lesson after warning they are happy when they are doing their Church thing but because of what they see as my weakness and how they want to stab away at it for the trappings of power – the ones that bought shares after mainly consist of society fools who wanted to be able to control me and like to talk nonsense about freedom and revolution and their names turn up in my books too at some point and then they will pretend I cannot sell it and we end up with a problem too – the ones that bought them when we started working in terms of Associates and then set about changing things do because they are putting me out of work and so I have no idea who told the clowns that they get put out of work like that anyway. We do not have to live in the same world – I have a Court of female journalists who cannot stand activities Liberal men carry out that involves their games with society men who get around with prostitutes and so when their lives are damaged with it decide on the basis of such realities as whether or not we have good skin that we are the spot at which they will be happy as violently as they can do they can be pricks in the process and real men thereby when done, so that the Celebrities are their second wife and if there is a chance I might withdraw my systems and equities from the celebrities then they will make their own celebrities that get around my equities to ensure they have what they want and these are just the Liberal ones, the others are doing my stuff, moving into my personal life, having access to my intimates in order to control me with abuses. So when their Politicians are done telling them how to get round it at the civil service and tell me after that I am on benefits because it’s a lifestyle it’s always a case of setting out a redoubling of efforts to check the media and the local communities and the parliament and the civil service to ensure nobody is messing with things I have built up for myself right up to the point to ensure I can find jobs and keep them and then we hear the complains soon enough – and the case remains the same i.e. the lives of women as if Christians don’t know women love to persecute them where we never hear them speak of my unemployment being a function of being chased around for sex by stupid women and the popular culture villains that chose self improvements with it while they the MPs ensure I end up at their level in society and they get elected for the human bribery with a big mouth – the lives of women and it is impossible for me to be who I am with women making strange noises, the lives of women and it is impossible to attend an interview and get by and get a job with women making strange noises, the lives of women and even when I get a job the employer cannot make a clear decision as to why he employs me or lets me go because it is complicated women making strange noises – not hurting badly enough yet as it were. The bottom line is that if I see their own I will never fail to cut it up for them. In the end we hear the claim the way I work detaches me from government business but of course we all know the detachment exists only in their heads and it is their celebrities making publicity for themselves on the diplomatic and International range of  my office to issue insults about people who are not physically present providing leadership as well at the end that has led to this conversation and I have had it because we are talking on this occasion about a cocaine piping goon that ended up in Court over some case of Libel talking nonsense about her claims of ownership of possessions and finances of those who are not physically present in the eyes of the public and it is the point at which this has its day.

I understand their glory in the powers of their inability to think what I say about my possessions matter and when people ask why that happens; it’s the same old case of idiots who travel to the UK from Africa for example and pretend the state of affairs there will be used to dominate me here in a condition where other checks do not apply and then they can have the benefits of living in British culture at the same time as well which will improve the chances of their stupidities being combined with some money making means. As for the reason it happens – personal basis is a matter of the fact they are lying thieving devious perverts and moving into my right hand will always provoke me and they might be stupid enough to let me into realities about some address where they and their stupid friends gather to do society stuff as well so we can find out who wants to touch who all the time too but on a greater basis it’s a matter of that old case it’s about a matter of black people hurting me while they help them to a sense of laws that do not exist to prevent it too claiming it determines whose possessions the people end up at and whose possessions the people look on as privileged and then claiming its about rebalancing wealth in the world which they say is the power they have over me; which is utter nonsense because their friends are more successful than they are because they are stupid and activities like this show that more than ever just like the fact they will lose everything if they told people it’s all about wealth distribution as well and I have no idea what part it is they suppose they are playing around the hurtful behaviour black people exhibit towards me anyway when black people know they behave in that way because it hurts me and I cannot make out which part of it is their business except I assume that they have decided the story of me hurting poor people is serious where the facts are that they cannot stop handling and fucking peoples valuables and feel nothing people say about their possessions actually matters too – so I can see these playfulness resulting in job losses and the whites playing their way to finishing the job for me as well hence their MPs cannot mind their own business at present. Their mates are not more successful because they stole the wealth they have, it is the same behaviour we see in their teenagers and young people; they can be out there drinking and gambling at 12pm and when the process of pushing yourself to such extremes to drink and gamble begins to affect them it is the fault of Christians who push themselves for their faith and the fault of those who push themselves for things they don’t have – so that we reach that stage all the time where they need to find out what I am writing before I write it and if they find out it’s not about them then what I am writing becomes their property and the purpose originally before the corruption was to ensure that Christian is not criticising them for a living without getting into trouble and not making any money from it, when the reality is that you can never find them in any other mode of existence except the one where even when they are homosexuals if what a Christian is doing gets attention they will become career pirates until it is their own so they can get that attention too and then the story of how I trap them in my world when women making noises was supposed to determine what my life is because I should not be ending up in Church but getting out there to have sex and enjoy life while they supervise and so we hear that noise making the reasons they don’t hurt me is down to pity and for now I am only getting rid of the pity part that matters i.e. the lives of women. Bringing us to the reasons black girls would walk up to you from a distance with insolence that is beyond your understanding and ends with self improvement when they walk past you in a society where they know there is discrimination of racism and you are not their social equal anyway hence an incentive for it i.e. the powers of evil they have that can make people rich or poor which modern society helps them keep secret and ensures nobody gets to discuss until their MPs help them to the kind of man they can do whatever they like with who will then decide he has no plans to put up with the process where every insult issued at him is made financially beneficial for those who do so they can brag about these powers that can make people rich or poor and have incentives to attack and abuse me during elections claiming they were paid to deploy that power to help MPs win elections as well. So it’s the same old case of trapping them in my world so that they do end up speaking of the need to watch me write those books that speak of their evils to a point where it creates fame for me so they can kill me – about which I have written one and they are speaking of pity and it’s a case of the world of women and they need to hate the faith and get after the faith, hate the income and get after the income, hate both and get after both so people can see their own as well. They will stay trapped so women can make noises and ensure I am out there having sex before I can get a job – not hurting badly enough and then it can be enforced at parliament as well by idiots seeking power and fate, so they can talk nonsense of taking a Royal Estate from me in their stupid heads.

Now I hear they say I am a witchdoctor as well working for the Monarchy which gives them the right to get their own and I cannot actually tell how angry it makes me because all those years of wrecking the academic work they said was a matter of difficulty in understanding what I got up to, now they say I have been put in the same class as witchdoctor and therefore the same thing which really does make me want to show them what witchdoctor is really like – but of course the reality is that if you handle them they will say you are unpredictable but this witchdoctor story is about crossing in to level abuses at you that is female in context and I am usually unpredictable as such when people think when I am talking with women they have decided what I am really like and nothing will happen to them over all those times hitting me to secure servitude for large companies that they can make connections and get top jobs with later on, until I do them as well and there is reality to it. The reality is a case of the fact there has been so much social exoneration offered to criminals and criminal activity in the UK in the last decade that we have reached a stage whereby the bag log of those who have done the crime and should be doing the time not climbing social ladders is unprecedented and hence somebody must make sure that they are and it’s not the only one, it’s just the one that is best understood over those stories they tell about companies I broker equities with in which they own shares while I have no respect for them; people cannot just do revolution and Scottish Independence today and end up friend of The Prince of Wales the day after, to talk nonsense about what women can do while HM is Monarchy and what he would be able to do with The Prince of Wales as well –  it’s the crime and the time – I mean it would be completely bizarre if I got off to claim I am Prime Minister in Birmingham until it got me popular support but those kinds of things are allowed by the madness of Politicians of course and so it needs to be set out a case of social and cultural and Political issues which ensure that it is when the people of Scotland get it from people like Alex Salmon the way they get HM one that he will be in a place where he is entitled to have the entire Country and change it thereof as he sees fit. As for the part where it makes me a plaything for women, apparently they couldn’t enjoy their fake victory before it was lost anyway – it has never had anything to do with change and we all know it. They do say it at the end shows whatever I do the power of mothers which is utter rubbish because all it shows is the power of attacking religious and moral people who can be beaten up for beating themselves up if they think they should have foreseen an occasion in which they could have acted differently and beaten up if they are nice and not horrible to others at the same time.

It’s the same old case of the fact if we look at the world today with don’t find a lot of people who are doing its already be done routine with people’s lives and careers making good with it, we do not see those of them that try making fame with it either and if I see their popular culture I will cut it up as well. They do say I do the female side and do nothing about the Male one but that is always because they know better all the time – when I know the reason I am a Christian it will never be that way because they cannot spend their days on some street corner smoking marijuana instead of getting involved with me for the fun of it and getting help from Politicians to take over my life and finances and public work as well for that matter, I know why it is important to earn money and set out a portion for those that are less fortunate and this is not their area of society where they do nothing about their celebrated idiots getting out of hand in order to damage society and gain power by making sure what is now acceptable is the gay idiots that will beat people up for them. The story of me being stuck when this matter is raised is utter rubbish, I have a problem for a reason with their need to get out of bed and tell younger men how to behave to suit them so they can wreck lives and run B and B later claiming they have achieved something which is what they will hear from young men that have committed some crimes in their time and are no longer predisposed to passing judgements, meaning they have achieved as it were but never from me anyway. I understand the story of how money does not solve everything while they cannot stop bugging me with their women and money nonsense but it has always been a matter of what you can buy and what you cannot and they need to leave me alone; I don’t want to see them around my concerns or around my books, doing everything abusively possible to ensure I am out there having sex while Industries get servitude and talking nonsense about the laziness of men  around my possessions – powers of women to exasperate me all the time.