So I hear that I am in trouble with the Police as it stands, which is utter nonsense as there are only two main reasons people get into trouble with the Police and one of those concerns messing around with Police Job because it will boost their profile while the other is Police hierarchy politics. These idiots just like they develop a global campaign that says my Books must not be sold because they want to be naive and free and that it has created nostalgia with those incredibly stupid reasons they invent for why things happen and thereby end up creating things like school shootings in the US and then blaming me for it, so I might take responsibility as well in the hope it will happen again when I do, are always found messing around with both every time. Even now, the main issue here was that they are fighting me over their right to feel that they are more superior persons than I am after their Politicians line up the best talents to facilitate their vandalism by which they count pennies on people lives until they make millions out of it, leaving others with incredible distress and pain but we have seen that the threats I warn them about to no avail is the reason I have reacted in this way but we have also seen they cannot keep their insults where it may be appreciated too, considering this was the kind of nonsense they could have achieved in this life or the next as such. In the end they have always behaved like these and the product is supposed to have been stealing other peoples important lives and positions that will become their own thereafter with freedom and civil rights and a big mouth alongside I suppose too and it actually still does not surprise me that they have made my Intellectual property administration business into something that cures the minds of those that have had bad experiences in the past facilitating a means by which they might now chase their fame and fortune on peoples public existence without being kept down as before but it is not what my intellectual property administration business actually does; it is the threats which have caused me to react in such a manner as shown above and a behaviour from them which does not seem to improve, considering this is their own property and their own stupid lives too. yesterday the main story for them was that I had mentioned the fact some people are always screwing around at the Monarchy, which lets the Politicians and Celebrities get the better of them and I expected people would change as a result of that statement as well, so because I also mentioned something about women who are left by the way side getting involved with Men in my world so I might pick up what is left after, they have been getting involved and then getting pushed away, so they can attack me for lying to people on account they think they have the power and means to do so and it is like a favourite toy – whereas we all know that no matter how hard you try, these celebrities are usually so twisted that it will always go back down the same route where their involvement with you shows you how important they are and reminds them of what they really were and will never ever, ever, make use of your products and services by paying for them no matter what they have. Hence if people do not wish to control the goons at fame and fortune, I am hard pressed to understand exactly why they get involved with Men Loyal to me at the Monarchy and Military and Police force anyway. I for my part do not have a case with them, it seems their problem with me goes beyond the question of which part of what I handle as a person is actually their property or not being that they are far more superior persons than I am, and goes right into other issues about the part where they rip up my life and especially public life to make fame and fortune being just the bit where they were themselves in expectation of a near future in which they became business tycoons with a lifestyle that facilitated such opportunity for others as well  and I will beat them down until all can see that people cannot be famous even though it is their civil rights unless I am happy with it and the end product of doing that will be that I was just being myself, after which I will become a tycoon with a lifestyle that facilitates the same for others too, so we were made for it other practically. It is not an uphill struggle in anyway, I have no regrets for putting my Books up because I thought it might save lives, which is did until they got determined enough to murder people and got taken hence now are unable to get famous because they have no public lives, what the problem is now is that they seem to have assumed a right to punish me for it financially issuing those stupid threats all the time and for every time they make use of my products without paying for them is an every time I will turn them inside and out to a cost that is associated with those stupid joys of naivety and freedom and in the past I used to do it to make them understand, now it is becoming official behaviour. There is nothing here which actually belongs to them. These are not tasks I am unable to handle; I can decide what violent people do with jobs and careers, I feel like such a failure if I cannot decide what celebrity does as well.

They say that the real me is showing up now and I have no idea which one was the fake me anyway all this while; the reality has always been that when people get money idiots make by ruining the lives of the best talents to secure the development of Politics that funds and promotes ignorance it is assumed will not result in violence later on, pretending the world belongs to evil doers, they will immediately after come to the assumption that there is no way of communicating the fact that if it seeks to rip up your academic work and finances in order to create a situation where you were meant to be somewhere that you cannot be so somebody else can take your place, it is fundamentally very wicked and twisted and very evil and when those who get that my money they have made from them cannot keep the insults to themselves I will take up that contraption and run it for them as well, which is what happened, not the real me starting to show up because a large proportion of the female sex are really stupid people. The Politicians do not bother me at all; the whole story of fostering ignorance and funding it at peoples expense is meant to extricate a condition where your are factorised right up to a stage where all you have and do is decided on the profitability of violence, which you are bound to tolerate for as long as they can discipline you once they can done putting their stupid useless children straight; so it just gives me ideas on ways I can ensure they are always ending up with one thing after another and another and another to do, to such an extent that turning up on the door step to campaign for their real jobs becomes a very flustering experience. I always consider it the right thing to do provided I had warned them about turning up at Government buildings to pretend that I am a piece of meat and they are mad dogs, then make up explanations as they continue, which has to do with how I took from them the means to satisfy these twisted evil desires they are now expressing on me with the use of my great and insolent Christian faith – that big mouth all of the time thereof. The Liberal and Socialist ones are always blabbing about the need to see their anus again as it were and it does get to a point, where the community croons turn up to maintain the history and when they had failed set out to maintain the history in my mind, which is what all those stupid threats especially from Celebrity scum are really about. They do claim that the dwelling on lifestyle thing is really stupid and that they have the right to express their shame by treating me with such contempt and sense of filthy bullying but so was I of the impression after all these years that they were such a handful of block heads that they would never have noticed – finding the vandalism they have done here to praise themselves on media and seek sensations of convenience from doing so will not improve the situation either all together; no matter how hard you try, all it wants to do is rip up your income and get money from politicians for a mortgage and a car which will mean that if you do not have it they can never be wrong because they are more successful, then face you up with equality nonsense and international aid all of the time, talking nonsense about how you plan to consummate Royal position by getting money from them and their families and communities and then their stupid race ultimately because they want to steal your Books and get rich on account they are fundamentally attached to Money and their needs are greater than all things. I did warn yesterday about seeing them turn up anywhere near my Book sales one more time and that has happened again today; so what will start now is a case where we shall find out what it is exactly they can do when dealing with their case becomes a public life for me all together. Equality has always meant that I am such an inferior person to them that they are more worthy to have my talents and provide any kind of leadership with it and it is apparently a strongly held view with that big mouth. I do not have an issue with these idiots, what they want to do with their time is rip up my income and show up with a routine on Media that means they make money on my Public image and set off to become more important than I am which is then consummated by a condition whereby I am bullied into accepting it as reality and as I said I did warn them about seeing them around my Book sales any one more time and they have done it again, so I have begun a campaign that will lead to an outcome whereby we find out what it is exactly they will do when dealing with their case becomes a Public life for me as well – all together however, when I wind people up to a point where they spend time on this instead of being celebrities and it continues until they are off the age where they can try all together, it is such an expedient way to get rid of scumbags as it were.

Then we hear that I need the Media for everything but treat them with such contempt as incorrigibly as they possibly can make it; the truth being that I am ending up with Publicity I neither wanted nor paid for because they wreck my finances and run my life and so when the problems show up I make them fix it while I supervise. They do say it is the way I treat the Media that Industry goons handle me too, which is utter nonsense – what happens with Industry fools is that they become so good at simulating other peoples personality that they actually get to a point where they are prepared to defend it violently from the owners like it was their own and that means when they make money, which is usually done peddling my Public image because they do not want to harm their own, what they do is buy large expanses of land and use it to show their disrespect as far as they possibly can with every fool they want to take pictures on it with and display on the internet as the starting point at which greater things that go right up to becoming Royal Princes that control whole countries in future can be attained and once done it starts to pay dividends around the fact there are scumbags like them who want to steal secretes from others to get some money off them to add to the fact on the other hand of them, that they are married to very stupid wives and then the part where they approach and handle me like they were Royalty themselves as insolently as possible starts to ensue and people start to complain about what I get up to as well. So these are idiots who do not know their degree and place in society anymore because it does not get discussed as much and so I feel that current behaviour is an example of the reasons it should be and we are not talking about the idea I am a busy body either; we know they are the ones that always select what they want to work on which is usually other people and in this case me, just like the Media ones have no plans to pay attention to the job that actually pays their salaries if my Book sales income exists and so if allowed to continue for another 14 years, employers will continue to pay for jobs that are not getting done a another severe recession faces the entire world. In the end, the exact job of fashion people for instance is that they make and sell garments, so that this is a truth reality on which my equities being seen as an income asset that it really is, is based – if it is not this way I will rip up their own as well. It’s the old story of delicious sex with 17 year olds when the main issue was mobility and where their parents fit into the picture, so it has to be as cheap and easy as their intrusive and insulting self seeking stupidities makes it out to be all together, for instance. There is that talk of course of relations with Communism being the problem but it has never been as much as people ripping up my income in order to make me chose a side first before I can earn a living; the Liberals and Socialists need so much freedom they start it off for the whole world because they want to see their anus again, while their fans see me on the streets and work up gestures that suggest they wipe excrement on a regular basis with my personality; so it is up to them, let them do it. They do claim they get the better of me of course which is utter nonsense; I mean their Popularity culture that says I must make my life available to them to get where they want to be has attacked me and earned its recompense as well, on one hand when I refuse racists will get me and if racists don’t, then international aid will – on the other hand, that international aid nonsense of their now lies in pieces right up to US congress and International Community bits. In the end I warned them before this day not to handle the Books any further as it were but they had failed to comply; it does not have to be a do or die affair – if we observe we will find that big businesses operate in the long term while smaller ones like mine do in the short term; so a large company expects to get back from you what you gained by handling its products in January, when September comes along, I would expect a sale from those who cannot keep off my Public life and Public image 7 days after, so it has come to a point where I must act decisively and especially over that nonsense about a perspective I owe them on the left as it is clear I am unable to control my own accounts because 90% of my trading equities are about celebrities and Media and how I intend to get rich taking money from their pockets and that of their fans and that of their families and eventually that of their entire race.

If the story of my fight with women is to be resolved, it has always been a simple condition in which Women continually label me an individual that they as a people own and generally use for all kinds of things they wouldn’t do, to get by in their lives; it started with one about the Christian being a non violent person that was likely to be a threat to them like other Men, which means that the stupid reasons things happen that they know all about decided I was their property as a subliminal social message that kept showing up at College and University and Job centre etc and then it progressed to the violence bit where I was supposed to be gay even though I am a Christian because I am weak and Women need to be powerful. So it’s not a spontaneous process of provoking them as such, it’s a step by step continual process of being attacked leading to results such as community croons that want to be able to dominate entire neighbourhoods and decide when the kids have their sister dominating nothing and leading nothing because of course although they have not had their case resolved with their own insane Children, they want to make an example of and punish me until their children change a behaviour, so in wondering what they preach about their stupid selves, how much politicians love them, I end up wondering why I am being threatened and why I am always in pain and so this is the reason. The German ones for instance are another bit; they cannot do anything unless you have tolerated them right up to the stage where you look like you have lived your life out twice over on the left while your anus can never be covered on the right and they are stuck in the middle getting built up to a point of boundless strength and then when it goes to the US as well, it wants to do things with me such as make sure it gets information off my Books from the Horses lips, which is me, while everybody else that is lesser gets it by going to the market to pick up a copy of my Book, so that when I turn them over as well, they want to get into industry and issue threats like their British friends. And the British ones are the ones I first handled when it came to that old tale of taking control of my Christian faith using Media, so that they can practice it and decide where it is and how to end it; the football ones hate my guts now for it but the Celebrity ones want to complain and so I mentioned there will be trouble if they handled my Book sales one more time yesterday and they did again today as if they have never complained about me and gone off to secure privileges of injustice from Politicians in the past. They always like to speak of racism but this is racism; it is a matter of that evil that usually cannot hurt me when I spend time praying and reading the Bible and being my real self but does when I have to worry about paying my Bills because Politicians enjoy ripping up my finances in order to push me in a direction I was never heading in terms of jobs and their need for sensations of convenience – this means that when they then spend money on them so they can add it to their ignorance, get off on National parliament and preach messages of how religion is the source of the evil of the world and stick me in the same box to find out what will happen and blow off a big mouth about how my moral democracy like their evil one is now required by the authorities but cannot make me either way, I become vulnerable to that evil brewing that other question of the fact I listen to their stupidities but they have never answered the one about what the problem with my personality seems to be as well, hence I always tend to have that need to measure which ones I grew out of before I turned 17 that has now returned to my life at a point where I should be concerned about career and finances so that I never will in any near or far future besides which I am not a child anymore and set out to ensure that Politicians are spending their time on lots of work as well. They do say that religion generally provokes them but people like me have refused to listen and it will never make sense as the religion was practiced in a personal life that was their own generally all together as far as we could see but never the less if they develop it again from competition about which one is aesthetically the best Man, which then develops to a need to be in my position in life because when people attack me bad things happen to them on account they attack the normal courses of the way things should be, then finish off by getting off on Media and football to take over my faith and practice it, so that they can stop it when the time is right, I will kick them again. There is no fight with Women; first of all the fact people are this stupid is not the same as the right to hit them but when others have to live with it every day, the law makers must make laws in ways which resolve the root problems too; as for me , I have always been the person people pick on, whose finances they squander and run off to get protection from bigger Men – so that what happens is that when I do I wait and then the insults will start alongside complains about me on Media due to what I get up to as well, while the big Men I will hit because whatever  Media idiot who wants to live in easy street with my personality and public life whispered in their ears is not that which controls what they decide and they need to stop whispering nonsense in the ears of very stupid women and pretend that will not cause problems for others as well, so I know when I hit them, they will go off to complain right up to the highest level of government – while the youths are the ones that will get up and want my Book sales income that is a function of a livelihood that belongs to somebody that criticises his own parents if they behave in unusual ways, unlike their liberal nonsense of supporting it even if it leads to racists murders because it is convenient for Money. So speaking of what needs to be resolved however; on my part, it is about my anger and why I need to get off it i.e. when I am angry, I am resisting people – the real anger in my world comes from Celebrities and Fashion people and Journalists at Court, hence there is never really a point to losing my temper as these are the ones that provide all the anger to be had; for them however it is simply reality that they need to clear my space and not get involved and realise the Book sale income is where it will blow up in their faces and cease to be so much fun all together. We are not talking about fascinating nonsense about how I am not losing any money in all these; that was always as simple as people not working on their companies for years, so that when they want to use mine to please customers in order to make money here and there, all I need to do to ensure they lose money is to pull out all the stops and ensure they never use mine and that those who press on and use some anyway find out which one we are thought to think about and do at Church and which one is taking up over 70% of my time instead and where the one that should not be ending up in my life is going to end up when I start hunting them for their bit as well. I have no idea what is to be done to them to make them understand the second world war was a case where people stocked up steel and made it into weapons with which to get around killing people until they were stopped and not a sign of their claimed superiority all round – I mean every time we see them it’s the one same behaviour to deal with i.e. most people allow others do what they like and try to decide where the line is drawn, they are hacking the same thing with morality and religion.


So when it comes to putting to rest permanently all that nonsense whereby I am always being punished by fame idiots and TV Personalities and celebrities on account I have done something to offend them which they cannot move on from; it is an old story about the fact that being a respectful Christian does not make me any less a 36 year old Man and not a child that people can punish all the time on account he is respectful to feed something about their twisted nature and it is not a job or indeed my duty to get around announcing this for them most of the time as such either, even though it is important they bear in mind that things can blow up really quickly if I want it to, contrary to what they think will be a likely outcome of their stupidities. They do love to make it a matter of the things I have done to offend them of course which I am starting to view as a threat as well because the only part of their stupid civil rights which is tolerable is the part that decides on how to trap younger persons and use their lives to recover the various points at which their mates got ahead of them in life with freedom campaigns and Media – this other story of somebody they can attack to take out on what has been done to them as well is the part of that stupid civil rights which will not be tolerated; I want them outside of my space and to keep off my Book sales – we all know their insults are ever so profitable for them and wreaks havoc here, which facilitates a means through which they can claim to be more important than they really are and it is the same story I have to deal with all the time whereby celebrities want to get involved with me endlessly and no matter how hard I try the results always twist back round to the same prognosis and premise of where they find out facts about what they didn’t know they had and how important they didn’t realise they were. As for the story of black people I get to fear however, we all know these are individuals that come up with a behaviour which causes other people’s children to jump out of the window and get off having sex with people to come home with children whose Fathers they don’t know – through which they can stalk me and get to the University to rip up my academic work and pass their exams only to return to that stupid popular culture and keep my Public life open for the using through it as well, while these other stupid ones really enjoy punishing me and realising they were wrong but doing it again some five minutes later all of the time, which they get used to very easily too and we are not talking following me around to ensure I have no financial well being unless it is built on the premise that the white Man is the problem of the black race, which has resulted in me having a business empire that has a financial equities which are located outside of it, so Industry idiots can turn up here to screw around with me all the time; it’s usually the point where they get to claim I make myself out to be innocent when I am not concerning the fact I refuse to let go off the grip I have on their cultural and social lives, whereas the structures are built such that they need to keep off my Book sale income as there is no accommodation in my existence for them first of all and of course if they want to keep the society and culture they will definitely stop the part where all I know and do and my very personality is stolen from an aspect of it that they had been saving up for the future. I know that the position they find themselves which impresses upon them to do these things are created by Media idiots but I will go after those in my own time – they however need to make their own decisions by themselves and blame nothing on the Media idiots as far as I am concerned and will never be free of me first of all less I get accused of cowardice as well. It’s not the first time either; the first one was the one that led to an outcome whereby I had to set out which was fat bearded black guy surrounded by stupid girls doing clubbing and partying and accusing me of stealing personality from real Men that can do violence for everybody, the results of which they keep denying and yet stories about which personality I have stolen will cause them yet even more suffering anyway. It crosses my mind on a regular basis but each time I get to bed and wake, I tend to forget that I was supposed to have had my academics sorted, so all I would be worried about at this stage will have been my career and my Christian activities but now all three are running at the same time and I have so little space left to get tired everyday because I have to clear up something concerning a convenient punishment that put a celebrity scum in a favourable position, full of accusations of what I have done to prick his stupid ego; so this is the very last time I will have a conversation about their insults and the threats which accompany it; I want them out of my space, out of my life and off my Books as soon as they can, not that if matters if they do anymore as it stands. We will have heard that I am happy to speak of this but not the poverty and deprivation and so we see them live out those stupid lives where I had the effrontery to criticise my birth mother and should be taught a lesson for it, once done of which we see them attack other peoples parents to preserve their own that are trying to kill them and turn out looking like personalities people want to kill in gang fights seeking somebody to offload on and a scapegoat they can ensure their civil rights gets interpreted as a person they can take problems out on with and lo-behold what the bloody idiots will then do once they have gotten such a human shield, which is what they think I am at the moment as it were. I am happy to allow violent people have jobs and careers provided I can decide what they do with it but it does not mean I want absolutely everybody to have jobs and careers either – they need to stay out of my life. And we are not talking about being handled by Women either – that part is usually a matter of how they can deploy my possessions to make themselves comfortable in a condition whereby I afraid of them and therefore unable to do anything about it and in the US specifically making it happen in a condition where the government helps them take guns off people is such an important thing for them. What happens therefore is that I will have to deal with racism and black people in the whole grand case of deciding what violent people do with jobs and career and then the communities of women that support their activities, while these particular idiots will run loutish vandalism that will then take up my time in the sense that I will then have to make it such a problem for all socially on account of the number of times it turns up on Media to do its damage, that the Government will have to make laws on it, then based on such a law being a law of discrimination, I will have to find a short cut to resolve the problem thereof: what I am suggesting therefore is that they carry on with whatever career and lifestyle they have without me and without it – period. There is no way in which I will ever likely get struck in any secondary stupid campaign about becoming the very kinds of Men I hate in order to get out of it; this is better expressed by the suggestion I enjoy letting things fester, then turn up to be a hero, whereas the truth is that I have a schedule split between Politics and Celebrity while the celebrity think the world revolves around them and present behaviour means there is War is store between me and them in the very near future. They say I like to think a fight with celebrities is not counted among a contention that I might lose to the opponent but I was never aware of any possibility of loss, since it is about making sure they know without doubt that they will never prevail around my Books and my Office and therefore need to move to live out their stupid existence somewhere else, which will be a winning situation for all, otherwise nobody gets famous and yes their insults they should be aware are not taught at Church either and having been there are so many memories of it here, I do not think it will amount to a fight that they have any chance in hell whatsoever of winning too. its every so impossible to work out how the idiots are provoked by Books they have never read even if the Books were written about them but then again it’s just reality that this is what people do when they have a pathological fear of working for an income – they become celebrities and bullies and other peoples incomes have their stupid names on it in their foolish minds but it is what they do with that Money that causes the most concern i.e. after ripping up my public life and personal life and academic work and finances to facilitate this nonsense, they have made celebrity money and need to keep up the bullying alongside threats about fights I will lose on account they get discounts from those who sell them cocaine and narcotics etc – such that if these discounts amount to thousands of pounds we can see them cover their tracks further through humanitarian work but we mostly see them go on Holiday as well once done with their narcotics; its only 48 Hours into their last warning about being seen anywhere near my Book sales which they did yet again because they consider themselves my personal Gods, so it’s going very well too all together. Then we hear that I use the celebrities when it suits me, which is utter nonsense; what happens is that somebody turns up to make films and celebrities turn up to get employed but once the films are made start to pretend the personalities in those films are actually their own as well all together even when they know what the score is and this leads to grooming fans into ripping up careers of Royal Princes in order to have a Prince that fears them whom they can do as they please with. The reality is that they have a fear of employment but when they turn out to get celebrity work and make all that money, you are left wondering why it is not enough because they tell lies all the time and have plans for doing so all the time; so the usual plan is that of becoming a business tycoon and taking over the world once celebrity stuff is done and then you will have a temper you cannot control whenever you consider they have already profited greatly from the fact they are lazy and very evil people. They like to say I am actually afraid of showing up to run a Book fair for my Books which is the only way to bankroll a writing career because somebody will certainly show up and shoot me dead the way Police kill their society idiots; we can all see that it is not how it will turn out at all; since Police Officer are always angry because the one that steals and ruins people’s lives to put themselves right was one story with some positive outcome, except that the one that will do it with their own lives and property and resources and gets to share with others as well must be crushed and then killed after. The reality about the behaviour of these famous goons is that they are happy to rip up another person’s empire and the blacks have no shame either, whilst they have none of their own and are currently doing civil rights to blame those who have any – all I need to do is ensure any further plans they have to secure comforts for themselves is never done at my expense over hell and high water basically and they do like to say that it is an expression of hate for British Monarchy which was a condition that was all to play for until they forgot where to put their stupid freedoms and turned up here 12 years ago as it were. Now they say my behaviour will cause them to raise their own small army and deal with the British ex colonialists and ex slave traders themselves, which is utter nonsense: these idiots will not make music CDs these days with anything else save my Public life and the way I react to being provoked by their idiots which the security guards that look after their famous stupidities can copy and glorify themselves with and I am left at a loss as per exactly how they suppose my war on them will begin in the first place. Hence the part about me which attracts them is the sense I always have something doing which benefits others and of course I have some projects at hand and the part where it is always to the benefit of other people was fabricated by them and their Media – no matter how normalised a way all you do benefits them, it still always finds a way to go down that twisted path of getting involved with you to find what they never knew they had and their an importance which was hidden from them. This is only just manifesto phase – the aim is to ensure that the whole premise by which people have no access to jobs and careers includes these individuals as well and we all know that most of the time they are not the ones that turn to crime to end up with relationships they have with the Police on account they are regular and repeat offenders – they are the ones that become celebrities and start their life of crime when they have enough money through it to afford excesses and narcotics: - so that if it does not involve some other twisted person like them financing their celebrity career along the lines of what is best for whole societies as a whole, then it is not celebrity and if it has anything to do with my Public life where I work with my Court, it is looking for even more trouble and needs to stay away from my Book sales. So they say I have now got everything which does not make any sense; I will decide on what I have for my part when the processes of releasing much needed cash from what I have already got is not longer being interfered with by Politicians and Media and Celebrities; so that I might get told I get nice with Politicians one moment and attack them the next when it is a schedule split between Politics and Celebrity culture and not a process of sucking up to people – I mean the Politicians enjoy funding and fostering and promoting riches for ignorance assuming it will not lead to violence at a later date and when they spend those funds ripping up your income to find out what will happen if you end up in the same box as the trouble makers you become obsessed with finding out the exact kind of leadership they intend to provide as well. The rest are the ones who say that handling their culture and society always leads to eventual or immediate death but it does nothing except get involved with you when you are at work, when you are studying, when you are doing anything important to have fun laying weights on you, hence you see that your Royal privileges are so attractive an opportunity for their stupidities to make their ignorance and laziness profitable and use it as bait; once in like they are now, I can decide what they do with jobs and careers by handling it as I like and nothing whatsoever will happen to me as a result. They say it’s the point where the great British film adventure came to an end which is utter nonsense; what happens is that my income gets killed off due to celebrity personality competition that usurps it on account others get involved and claim it’s a matter of inclusiveness and equality and then when finished start to below threats concerning how much they hated the British Empire forgetting where they should be putting their freedom all that time. these things are not to be trifled with; they come as freedom and sharing and equality and involvement but are actually mostly Boys and Girls gangs that thrive in the US and in Africa and in South America most of the time and are out seeking a condition where the Boys ones come through for the Girls ones who set about claiming others steal places that Women should be occupying on the Planet; I for my part will always remind them they have forgotten where that their stupid freedom is supposed to be yet again, every time they screw with my income and the Book sales is where it will blow up in their faces all together. They say I will never be free from security guard job of course which is utter nonsense; I was never aware of being trapped in it, save the part where it seems I have to resign if I have a problem and go off to yap at the Job centre for it – on the other hand of which I stay on in the job that they employed me at until somebody else takes up their fame and fortune the way mine is being taken up all that yapping for my part too and the result will be the conventional exit from it that we are all aware of i.e. the Books which brings us all to a point where we are communicating from the same plain all together as it were. I mean every nonsense we see celebrities and journalistic bastards and Industry scum do with people’s property in this country are a function of the nonsense that security guards whisper in their ears all the time and I suffer Hay fever so badly as such and cannot get off to tell an employer they are free to employ me any other time except the Months between May and September if I wanted. The main issues have always been the same i.e. my work is patented and selling the products should be second nature at the job role as a result and every time that their need to set out new ways in which human beings can be treated badly leads to that being altered I will set my own on them by perverting them as well – otherwise I generally get to stabilise that their stupid insulting society for them before I get to work, so I might spend time on what is actually important every day.

We hear that I do not look the part of a security guard of course but then again it’s been 8 years if unemployment, not feeding properly as I have only been in work for 10 Months, spent all I earned in the last 9 Months getting organised for work and I will be cracked every single day I turned up because it is the job I did until others stole my fame and fortune like they have suffered. So I will stabilise it for them every day before work and go there to return safely without trouble otherwise I blow it up for them all together, like we hear them talk nonsense about a behaviour from me that escalates problems for security guards; which does nothing to refer naturally to the old tale of their social scum having a hate figure before attending school, while they ensure the Boys bully the Girls at school and the girls become feminists with access to my income and the Politicians offer them privileges of injustice forcing things on me and ripping up my finances for them – what these idiots do with it of course is follow me around and when I shop where they do not shop normally, turn up there as well which causes anxieties for the owner and managers etc on my account and yet when I buy from them I end up with even more problems; now after 13 years we have seen I am not just more valuable to them as unemployed, they have also started to turn it towards repression based on abusing me, going overseas to find idiots that will man the shops and throw around blame culture and making me smell in order to determine who can come into the high street shops or not and later on whom they decide can come in there to spend a lot of money but since this is not enough, they are seen at my work place making me deals alongside their social and community scum all day long. It’s not that much of a crisis; all I want to manage really as a problem these goons create concerns the bit where their violent gossiping and lasciviousness is taken up by their media idiots and various local communities around where I work turn up there to make trouble for me every day, the threats go a bit too far and I have warned them as well about a process of turning up at my work place to make me deals like these everyday giving rise to a ruination of my finances and a celebrity routine to keep it damaged for good, as it will lead to an outcome where I find out what makes them tick too. I mean why would anybody that has their brains screwed on properly set about making alliances with Women who have had their prospects taken from them by other Men for the purpose of Industrial repression – have they seen anybody approach such persons for marriage recently anyway and do they ask about what the reasons are? Except when the idiots take the opportunities of Men that are unlikely to harm them as well it creates justice, but only if these kinds of men refuse to let them and then it becomes a fundamentalism that is not worth having a conversation about with others and yet it is an alliance they have made for business purposes and still have not yet worked out that they are very useless people, if they have cars and mortgages; it’s not an issue as such, these kinds of individuals that make business alliances with these kinds of women are not the sort of thing you spend time with otherwise you will never ever make any progress with yourself as such all together, they are just asking Today if there is ample evidence to suggest that they are useless people and I have no idea what they expect me to say about it anyway. They say my activities are divisive but of course it is, divisive is what I do because their behaviour is racist even if it is the case that blacks and none whites start it first since they are the greediest of the whole lot, it is still racist that I am a  statesman that can be attacked until I end up with financial problems on account a certain degree of violence is still expected from the other 50% of me that was not spent on the burdens of State – they have set a new standard and I need to set one of their own for them as well. Ultimately the question is whether I think that other Nations and interests are watching me save British security operatives; the answer of which is that I have now gathered enough facts to suggest the latter is but otherwise, the rest need to know I cannot do any differently than I do because it’s all tied to my person and Royal order all together and those who use it will end up finding me out to be a real problem.

They say fashion especially shows I have not got a clue what I am doing which does not bother me at all since they do nothing except set up somewhere beside me and ensure from the day they arrived it is Hell for me for eternity all of the time. I mean Fashion is serious at the Royal Estate, it’s likely to be a matter of relatives and relatives and diplomatic work and somebody making cloths to indicate her responsibility to ensure Royal Princes are getting along with each other, which she sells to very high end clients at Diplomatic circles mainly, then there is another which emerges as a function of social relations I have with Countries which is a different thing from National interest although interlinked and then people will make fashion to celebrate that environment but as soon as this high end top designer scumbags had arrived it will be hell and high water without reason or provocation every day for years, until I get past series and series of very violent subliminal nonsense at society occurring in a global scene to get through to them and try to bring it under control never mind the fact most of them are larger than me and therefore pecking does not work and I have to hit hard otherwise I never will bring anything under control. Then we hear them ask that stupid blame culture question of why it happens, when we all know it happens because they are grooming me for those insults they will find lucrative and I will take over their entire Cities to stop it for my part as well soon enough. So they do say it is difficult to tell what I am up to these days even for the Royals which is not true, I am just really busy and not a person whose whereabouts are difficult to ascertain. The reality is that having a Court running wild while I run after it does not work and I need everybody to have a clearly set out role and will be done with this in a Couple of Months, although the Part where Company Court is clearly a matter of those who stand up for me and or help me sell my Books and or just sit about doing nothing is what I want, while the Office one are the ones that are to keep their problems and not intrude with it unless they want some hierarchy stick to get involved which has a tendency to become sexual as well i.e. journalist is likely to have trouble concerning intrusion by feminists and if they become very more disobedient and destructive to laden me with it I will pick one up with society and then the issues will become sexual, has been made very clearly obvious. Besides which if poorer people would offer better sex, it beats the imagination what I am doing with them anyway – except its a matter of Mobility and Governance and enjoying the process of taking advantage of people and relationships existing only when both parties are not degrading each other etc.