The Politicians say Brexit has become the answer for everything but we all know that the real issue is that the Politicians have become incredibly lazy and that Brexit has become something people say to them as well; the main case is usually one where somebody else has decided that he must plan his way to fame and riches on the basis of deciding what happens with my income and what does not happen to his own and when I become a little hysterical because he continues to insist like it was some sort of Legal right he has the Politicians will get off their laziness and set me out as the person that can actually do something about the problem, whereas the reality is that I am only trying to sell my Books – then tell me that I interfere with their business whereas if they do stay off my case there would be no interferences at all. Their people, especially the Media ones do love those private part insults but it is an example of how Brexit is the end of the world and the rise of extremism while they can spend decades of young people’s lives making sure people who believe in God are homeless , in order to ensure that there will be no occasion in which they had an opinion and were actually wrong about the facts and truths but the main problem these days has been that they are twisted and evil too and when it comes to my case it is as though they are kids with toys. I don’t mind the insults for my part either, there are only two main juxtapositions around it and one concerns Politicians giving them money whenever they see I am hysterical about the idea that the route to riches is saving theirs and spending mine, along with the need to create Public unrest as a diversion, while the other are anus and penis insults I will never stop punishing since I am not parent to the Women and really wish to find out how long the Men need when they set me out as somebody on whose life they can show up to fantasise about a gang that beats people up to make them feel special and talk rubbish about how my Royal Office depends on what becomes of it too. I am aware of the story about how I intend to get involved with Celebrities and then ditch them when I see fit but of course the reality is largely for instance that I work on Law enforcement issues as applies to my Office and somebody wants to make a song on the result, thus pop stars come about if I let them and I have no wish to tolerate their own pop stars showing up on my public image as well too, those that are already there by the way currently are not complaining enough to my satisfaction. I mean these guys really need to keep off my case anyway; it’s all very well going on and on but I am becoming more intolerant of those 1980s sensibilities where people wear clothes that slant to the side of their shoulders and reveals one while covering up the other to boogie all night and so on, I feel as though it would be find in the 1980s but it would piss me off seriously today and its nothing new anyway; I share a skin colour with them and that is all there is – hence when I say so they work out the position of their own lower Middle Class and its insanity too and tell me when I say such things about my Public image I only end up inviting more people to but I believe I have been clear about the fact these is a systematic process of detaching anything that amounts to an involvement with me from a process where it is my Books that are getting sold – it is provocative enough naturally for people to get involved with me and eliminate my Books from the picture to talk rubbish about crimes I think I am going to get away with as well but there are those who also take themselves so seriously they have made something out of it and gotten on media to invite the general public to take part before they complain about what has become of their communities and culture and society where the Dad is chief evil and Mum is secondary evil and kids are little evils and I have stolen another person’s place in the world, none of which is unusual considering they are very stupid people except that they have become twisted and evil as well and for involvement with me that involves detaching my Books while people get involved, I want to know who they really are actually while in terms of their evil families, I need them to understand I have had enough of them as well. So they do say I think I am somebody when I am nobody but it’s an old story about neighbourhoods with money they cannot account for that simply exists to get together and grab other peoples jobs and careers and lives for itself on Media and I will decide what my relationship with it when it comes to my livelihood is going to be in the short notice too. otherwise it is ever as simple as no more references being made in my direction for any reason while they are showing themselves in any public places, none such being made about my work and no more processes of helping themselves as only I have the right to enjoy my work and to earn money from it too; I understand the story of difficult issues people face but I really don’t care anymore – this has to be complied with as I am not parent to the Women and the Men cannot justify clinging to my finances for a decade and a half to fantasise seeing me in a gang that beats people up to make them feel special. So there is talk of a problem I have with them but I am not parent to the Women ones who have turned up here to wreak havoc because they have seen my talents and planned to avoid working for their money and calling me names to groom me for their use instead and the Men need to start explaining why they have an insatiable need to trap me in gangs where I can get into a fight to make them feel special, the doing it to make them feel special bit suggesting they intend to share their stupid money of which they have not got enough, at a later date; otherwise it’s the same old tale of evil people starting to fear for their lives and if they took all I had to be safe will return to it and fish out another innocent victim and I want them off my Books. Apparently it seems that each time I put it this way, all gets normalised and they behave as though it is not an act that pays their salary for a while but it never really lasts.

It’s like that question of whether or not I am a paedophile which we see people suggest all the time; I personally have no idea why people abuse children anyway, maybe it is because the parents groom the children for it on account the children meet celebrities and parents are ambitious, perhaps the children are taught incredible insults with regards to where peoples anus and penis is because their parents have criminality going on as the main thing in their lives and paedophiles deal with it by reacting – I don’t know why people abuse Children, I only know that most misconceptions about paedophiles is that they are people who think in the manner of coming up with a plan to abuse Children and get away with it, whereas reality is that they are more a case of ‘I am the same as Children only that I am the more powerful one.’ My point is that I don’t know why people do it considering the dirty feelings if one were to compare kicking a ball which smashed somebody’s window to what would happen if a parent came round to my place with a child that had tears streaming down his face because of me, to the things people do when they abuse children and the secretes they have to keep etc. In the end I understand the reasons people come up with these kinds of suggestion but if they wind me up I will build another atmosphere of heterosexual couples at anal sex, which will exist solely to kill off any stupid new homosexual community they have built since I last ripped up the previous one because of such bullying – only the previous one was about the fact the more I make it clear I am not gay is the more people see reasons to develop violent lasciviousness about my personality so others can find solace in it all the time, which has nothing to do with worshipping God working out because foolish Men will make it that preoccupation then. So I can understand they have so many questions they are unable to answer and their suffering is immense but even then we see them spend most of their time trying to be me all together and it’s that classic case of stupid become evil and knows where my anus is every time I open my mouth to say anything or get into the Office to write anything, but it is actually not my problem and these insults are some of the things that will be resolved in a big way when I build a public life on this nonsense too. Nobody asked them to develop these ways of being successful through profitability of violence and lots and lots of insults for others anyway; the first test was to see how they were going to take it and when they had failed to we now see they get the most help from Media idiots to simulate it and satisfy a heart’s desire but are still doing the insults and the abuses and the one where they fancy themselves a bunch of bullies and so it will get serious when I build a public image on it as well all together. These were all calculable risks associated with what idiots who want to share what I have in a condition where they are superior and better off than I am entailed; it was entirely predictable right from the very beginning, so I suppose I may have looked like a paedophile over time thereof.


So they say I am pro establishment for my part and it makes no sense whatsoever; the reality is that although my work is worth money, only I have the right to sit back and enjoy the phenomenon of the effect of its existence and of course to earn money from it and do not care if these fools are cracked up but need to be somewhere important, especially when they want to take away my rights in order to preserve their own and think they are better Men in the process. The issue of my attitude does not come into play, it’s an example where my religion is the reason I have a royal Commission but it is a bad thing in their view, which I must give up considering I practice it in their personal lives and its provocation like these before they want to find out which is anti establishment and so it becomes a matter of defending yourself where the Law actually gives you the right to do so all together. This is a problem because these people really have no respect for my Patents and any means that are attached to it and my point is simply that another person who had the right to buy the products was interested before they robbed them and robbed me and it’s not a behaviour that is older youths heading in a direction that will end well either. They do say they want me to write a better book but cracked up out of my league making use of my Books without paying and telling me how to write it, does not mean it is the correct thing either and it’s the same whenever I market it, the story that want to run all the time becomes one about their mental illnesses and what my Books can do to better it and then what my person can when I am not a psychologist thereafter. It does not bother me in any way; first I don’t get to see Women blow kisses at me or tell me I am being over excited these days anymore because they have either shut down due to the number of male idiots they have to contend with or are living in fear – the internet vandalisms is what I am done with at this stage, the Media ones are the point where we will settle which one actually pays their salary and which one they have the right to enjoy and cripple the Business from whence it came because the owner does not have patents that can be respected all day long. They are obviously really good at stealing other peoples public life and public image and they do say it’s a problem about their culture and society where their Women mark me out as the talent through which they are exempt from employment concerning which I am not their parent and they have such a level of disrespect for others that they cling to my finances for a decade and a half to try and get me into a gang that beats people up to make them feel special and the problems associated with not complying with putting an end to gaining from either my work or my Public image or my engagements or my Books or any effects of me is going to lead to a problem that can only be avoided if I never see them messing about my Books ever again; it’s all part of the mix, making sure every comment and every attitude and every insult leads to something I put out there in Public to make them suffer immensely as well, statement made, this is not their lives or the thing that pays their salaries.

It’s not a mystery of any kind as such; an average super model would tell me to stay away from them as their lives are full of regrets and if they spent your life and family fortunes to get out, they will find another person’s fortunes and spend it to get back in again, which makes sense of the reasons their lives are full of regrets. I just want them off my Public image and my Public life and my public engagements and all my Literary work and any effect of it, since they prefer having too much fun messing up the patents and income margins and simply cannot understand why they argue with me and threaten me over this as well, so it goes without saying that I will move them to the one that pays the stupid salary that gets to their heads the only way I know as well. So we hear that other case where I am a lower class goon that skips the classes above me to get to the upper class but we all know their behaviour very well Mrs A is wife of diplomat and sell Jewellery, so when we go to her House all we do is look at Women’s breasts and bottoms and generally spend our time making Men feel overwhelmed; it then gets to the stage where my life has no meaning because there are no Women blowing any kisses my way or telling me I am overexcited and what I do is selling Books from a rented accommodation, making me wonder why these fuckers do it all of the time.

So we hear the tale on my never ending relationship with Celebrities, which really doesn’t exist; the reality is that it is exasperating when I am asked as I am rather determined nobody is going anywhere – at the lest people make entertainment from character contents and contexts of my engagements and the above mentioned group of idiots assign and appoint themselves to do the same as well but on the whole, talking about means I lose the intrigue of the fact that Palace curators were servants except peoples bottoms hurt all the time, especially those that have lost the ability to carry through their tasks in a professional manner. It’s not true I am paranoid, these goons can actually make people think the whole of the planet is made up of people like them; I am keeping my matters are pure as possible.

Now the most recent story about Brexit on my case is one about how I really do not know what I support about Brexit, while the reality that has not faded from anything I have said is that it is really not clear what makes a person stupid enough to label another persons livelihood as something that exists on an emotion which should be used for something else and therefore really shouldn’t. This same behaviour propels them to rip up peoples finances and groom people for such a position in order to run off to Brussels and make reforms that will then have decided that these people who have businesses where emotions that should be used for something else become workers while those who do not become wealth owners and then get about telling me I have no idea what I support about Brexit. I really have no idea why we must listen to the Brexit story everyday and put with this nonsense anyway – they do say it’s a matter of me keeping off the Women and being a real Man, which is one of those kinds of situations that will see me get off fighting them for whole communities to fighting them solely for myself, whereby I will really want to prove something if I ask them to show up on my Public life and public image one more time and they didn’t as it were – passing around insults as though I am at odds with my Manhood or something but then again showing myself like that does not work for writing and selling Books, which is what I do, so the reality of this matter is still that these idiots really have no respect whatsoever for the patents which appear on my work and when I say I am the only one that has the right to enjoy my work or to earn money from it, this is not something they will likely respect unless there is an outcome in which they are bleeding for some reason. So they do say nobody really knows what I want but what I want is simple, simple so they can rip up peoples finances and groom them into characters that will be targeted for abuse in order to provide people with the kind of lifestyle people should be having when the economy has recovered, leading to University drop out that they cannot stop having fun with, it made me appoint myself on their case as well  and what happens thereof in the real world is that when Commodity investors are scared they scale back, when they feel there is threat to business viability they shut down and pay off their workers – these stock market idiots and sales Men should not be any different, I want them to shut down business and take a retirement when it is no longer viable for them to trade, keep off my trading emotions and stay off my Books. Otherwise they can follow on their insults and create an exception environment for themselves again, to tell me they can find a million other people that are far better than me, who can fill my role, which is all very well unless those exception conditions that allow them make money through partying and organised criminal activity gets on my nerves again as it were, thus the general assumption was that the Books I have written was a good deal for all and not an environment of exception where they can talk rubbish about Brussels, what I do not know and how others are not just trading with emotions that should be used for something else but how they are a greater priority all the time; it does come through all dressed in suits but is in actual fact a fucking idiot as it were. We hear they cannot understand how I would say they come through all dressed in suits but are fucking idiots when they have been told all their time, that they are the best there ever was but the reality has always been that of selected yet one more victim here of their need to make money and be successful on grounds that other people are scared of them and therefore let them thus and I really do not know if Politicians spend tax payer funds of them so their stupidities can get to such a far reaching state because they think it is a worthy engagement for me to spend my time on as well.

It’s like when they say I am worried about whether or not Politicians are providing leadership and that I have not really paid attention to the fact they really enjoy bullying me as well. The reality in terms of the second one is that when they began years ago, they said it was a matter of settling a case with those who look like they are a threat to others in order to ensure such people understand what they are capable of and that others understand it too, so as to ensure they are not a threat to a human life – Today it has reached a stage where they want to get into Offices and make decisions as per whether I can get a job or not if they made a phone call and that the setbacks have built it up to that stage for them and so they have a supporting crowd for it too. in terms of being worried about whether or not they are providing leadership however, the reality is rather that I am only interested in what they say i.e. what the Public wants to hear is that a criminal is somebody who commits a crime and not somebody who is said to have committed a crime by some boffins who know less, somewhere at a Law Court – otherwise they are able to see that I am capable of quasi crimes as well, the one where they will need the entire Parliament and Treasury and civil service in order to stop me like they are at the moment. Hence be it a matter of people that are picked on because they have an overtly political character in order to make a scapegoat by which the Politicians are dominated by the Monarchy or where I am selected by Politicians as a matter of a new Country that exists only in their heads, a criminal is somebody that has committed a crime, otherwise I can create quasi crimes too.

I do not think it is an issue when they say I interfere with their leadership, I do not consider the matter a problem at all; the truth is that if Five persons from five different ethnic minority show up and all tell you that they were supposed to be super stars and that not only do they know where your anus and penis is, their outlook in all of the rest of their existence will be based on this at your expense, you really need people from their own part of the Country and society who are as stupid as they are and likely to want to control your finances by telling tales about how much of a threat to others you are without knowing it etc to provide leadership for them in Government buildings, not end up acting in ways that leave it to the Police who are likely to shoot them all the time. I do not think it is a crisis as such, it’s as I have mentioned before i.e. the Men have fantasies of seeing me in a gang that has a duty to protect them all the time while the Women assess my talents and exempt themselves from work and end up with a crowd that will enforce their will on my property; so they will do anything to get rich quick without working for their money and will do it at any cost, we hear them speak of me getting worried about them or their Politicians whereas what I am really worried about is the fact there are actually people who are poor because it was somebody else’s fault that they are. Where I stand for my part is that of a simple question i.e. nothing I say matters when I have provoked them by ripping up their culture and society they say and I agree but what we can all see is that they are the ones who have a culture and society and I am the only one the culture and society is being horrible to, so the question the Politicians really need to provide an answer for is that of whom they believe is actually being bullied of the two – I for my part will cut it to pieces again if it shows up here again as the schedule here is full and there is no time for any scum to insert anything into my mind and settle for a reaction at the very least because they have nothing better to do with themselves and have always been rewarded for these kinds of stupidities all of their lives. So I have cut it to bits as it were and there is no more honour in the land because everybody is cracked yet the question is still unanswered i.e. who is actually being bullied, of the two sides? They do say in their defence that I want to be rich as well but would rather live in the delusion that being a celebrity is a bad thing; reality of course is that I need to assess what my work is worth and how much I can release from it and decide if every goon that wants to share as well is asking to be battered; since we all know what happens is that once you are done sorting out the issue of Women who assess your talents and decide they are exempt from work and appoint themselves a crowd that will enforce their will on your property, the next thing you are automatically stuck with is foolish Men who should have been super stars when they were younger as well and these are such a group of idiots they can never ever listen, have a pathological fear of work and lie compulsively every single moment of their stupid lives, with a need to get involved with my personal life i.e. the Politicians are to decide who of the two side is getting bullied now that I have ripped up that stupid culture and society and there is no more honour in the land; it isn’t true they know what I am worried about or indeed that I am actually worried about their leadership styles.

I mean the reality is that when you assess the biggest issues you have to deal with; it turns out that your main problem is Politicians attacking you, Parent orientated enmity developed by a violently political world and that other nonsense where they chase up and rip up  peoples finances using the stupidities of their involvement, in order to ensure that whenever there is an argument they are never wrong and then you are left wondering why you think about them as all in the first place bearing in mind you have had the other bit where they bring on neighbourhoods and treasury money and civil service to bully you into a state of mind that does nothing but think about them etc at government buildings and then it turns out the reason is that there are boo boys who are enforcing their will and that your own Parents are their most important assets for it too – hence that old story where if you hurt it, you get told it’s the one that was fighting the battles you were to cowardly to fight for yourself if your life depended on it as well. So I want them off my Public image and my Public life and my Books and all else that interests them about me which is obviously not their own and I need them to try and keep the insults and threats at a limit considering it’s very, very distracting. I do not seem myself becoming a person that sets about getting involved with other people’s concerns, to set out violent lasciviousness that will serve as an open secret that can be manipulated by those who can decide what the world around them is thinking with the use of that stupid Media, so as to ensure that I make money from my victims existence and set about dominating them to feel important and powerful when done – but people have to see what these ageist fools who complain about me all the time because they have refused to respect the fact I have great difficulty tolerating their stupidities especially when it comes to matters of financial security, spend money on i.e. the Pubs and the Bars and the Clubs and everything associated with recovering their youth or finding out what the meaning of life is; they hate my guts and we know they confess it to any who cares enough to pay attention but are still doing it whenever they see my Public engagements or my Public image or my work and indeed above all my Books. So they say I am some do good Man who cares about poor people but it’s a commercial decision i.e. if they have lose change I can hand my Books in, in return for it and we form a relationship and set about solving problems that way; they do say I am not meant to live like a beggar but so were they not meant to get around cheapening people’s lives as well, it makes me do the things I need to do to make success really cheap indeed. I mean I can understand the reasons they do the financial bullying and what it means to them when a Monarchy exists and the reasons it really enjoys clawing things back, like I behave the way I do to make my State provided security cost effective, right up to a point where I am assisting the Police out of private expense on a daily basis but Ireland is right next door and that is actually a republic too and not the only one in the world. It’s the things they are mad about you see – the one where you could have defended yourself and saved your life and property 12 years ago but didn’t, now you believe when provoked you can actually act whereas they have got footing at Government and a large crowd at their disposal and they understand these things they want you to do are things you don’t want to do but that you are going to be doing them anyway. It’s the same as the question of what my position really is on the matter of big business and tax avoidance but it’s the whole way economy works i.e. there is circulation of wealth and then imagine somebody came up with a brilliant plan to position himself and perforate all the systems and lines whereby he can ensure cash was flowing out of it into his pocket and that he was partying to get rich and pillaging an Arch Prince’s Public image to create a good feeling environment full of kids and pop stars to make money all day long and everyday as well and when done is putting the money in off shore accounts; so you have to think about it and why economic rejuvenation programmes are really not working and then it will get on the nerves and I will appoint myself and pick up some tools too and want to see them at that marketplace again one more time, it’s usually impossible to locate why they will not release the Money except when such things are explained by the fact they are really stupid people i.e. taken the money out of the system and put it in of shore accounts and in order to ensure they draw minimal attention to themselves start to live like everybody else.

They do claim the media is an impossible task for me although I like to think I am the Man and it sits side by side with that stupid need they have to show up in public places and discuss my feelings about racism all the time. In terms of racism which problem is that they are not the leaders and do not wish to comply with what I want them to do either, so it is an old story where they are really big and if they know somebody that is racist everybody should listen while I am small and if I do it does not matter, so they have turned to abating the racism and making money from it all together these days as a whole and think I owe them a debt each time they pass off an insult on media for it too. As for handling the Media however, the reality is still that if I gather up everything about those comments and insults and abuses on a daily basis and decide what to do with them for each day that passes, we will control the Media in less than a Week –at the moment I do not think it matters that much, so I am giving them two weeks which is the last two weeks period we have from the four weeks we started out with, before I make their own manageable like society people as well, so I can run with my affairs any time I wish to without problems. They do say I spend time getting close to the Media so I can find out how to hurt them but the reality is that they spend time getting close to me and we have now reached a point at this stage where my covenants with Gods are not covering me from their violent lasciviousness and its effects when it comes to what they want to use my personal space for but I am not as down as they assume I am in anyway whatsoever and when I say that when nobody is buying my Books off me, only I have the right to gain from it and they know where my anus and penis are instead it spells trouble all together as it were; this is not something about which people should challenge me but we all know that the issue with the ageists are usually is that they calculated how much they will exempt themselves from work on your talents and showed up to chose what they want to work on instead of theirs by hurting you as much as they can, which is also the reasons they love these Media jobs and media appearances that much and the main point of call is always that I have only my reputation while they have got lots of money and so the reputation is something they want to damage like boys with toys all of the time; so it has come to a stage where it needs to be calculated – all that nonsense about foolish Women who feel bullied and do these things therefore and stupid bullies on Media who turn up around my concerns to fantasise seeing me in a gang that makes them feel as though they are special all the time and in my view it is going very well too and those insults and threats will ensure we put to the test what it is exactly they can do, right up to the stage where glossy magazines can be punished with celebrated idiots exhibiting themselves on my public image much further as it were; hence its simple – no more gaining from my work no matter how much it saves people the blushes that end up costing them the opportunity to get a big break – I have people in the Court system that I write the Books for not them and these indults are starting to run out of tolerance time; I mean I get along with it because I largely regard it as a source of stress only i.e. when a connection is made between making sure they do not get anything they want and a sanity in a local community where they want to provide their perverted leadership the stress tends to dissipate but nobody gets to cling to my finances for the last 15 years and challenge me when I tell them I want all to do with gaining from my Literary work and public engagements to cease completely; I mean I understand they have come to depend but nobody here cares about that anymore, they were informed and it beats my imagination as well; my Books save people from the anus and penis insults that can cost a big break, so people use it without paying and share the opportunity with others and threaten me consistently every day after 6 years of doing so like it was the air they breathed every day. I mean I was a fully grown up adult when these idiots targeted me so as to shed the old new life of fame and media which they had developed from bullying others in the first place, far back in 2003 when it began in earnest because the US Government has recently gotten together a coalition for war in Iraq; so it beats my imagination when they challenge me if I ask them to cease all processes of gaining from any work or public image and engagements of mine as only I have the legal right to do that all together, then again at the end of our two week period where they can stop being seen around any effects of mine, I will decide what I must do about it and my first choice is to make them manageable like the society ones.


Of course it isn’t true that I push people away as such; the reality is the same as the idea what I say helps when it doesn’t whereas I know what I say is about their behaviour and intend to ensure it affects them the most – so the reality is that it cracks them up and this will mean they cannot continue to get famous but when my Books help they use it on media without paying and encourage crowds to take part too, and fancy themselves bullies and celebrities all at the same time – the business ones need to bow out and take a retirement and let those who are actually in a position to trade to do so, not send out Media idiots to tell me I spend time pleasing Women who are stuck at home and cannot go anywhere, which has nothing to do with deciding how much of the Country ends up in anything that pays their salary as such; I mean I can do some security bits where I ensure they are not finished with the left and moved into the right if they have some suggestion made out there that Women have some spare money, whereby we will hear of the sexual abuse later as it were but all together the idiots are getting on my nerves.

The other great story I do not respond to in their view obviously being the one about ignoring the fact I am facing threats of War and Racism which is I do understand comes as a result of the number of times I pass up the need to handle these fools and spend so much of my effort showing them in the many ways I can, how stupid they really are. It’s a calculable and predictable risk that if I do not respond to a process where people are always interrupting my conversations to exasperate me and pass around insults and do talk to the hand routine, it will eventually culminate in such threats but it does not make them any less of the stupid people they are and it’s an old story where each time they wish to exempt themselves from the processes of earning a living by legitimate means, they claim there is something wrong with the Country when there actually isn’t anything wrong with it – so here I am being chased around like some Farm Animal, hunted and trapped in society for no reason, of which the damage to my finances is something I must forgive them for all together as it were so that they might see that there is support for such behaviour from even the victims with that big mouth they have got as well – the problem being that I must now write Books in society and sell them to make a living and we are at a loss as to which part of doing so amounts to a crime against them as well, while I am determined to make them squirm too, not least because of the insults.

They do say in their defence that the Books are about them, which is what the problem is but it’s a simple calculable risk they can make as well regarding a process of moving into my right hand again or showing up here to mock me and threaten me because I have defended myself from them, if they have the guts for it; so I get trapped in society and write Books for a living as such and the Books are about them because I cannot think about anything else and we must now find out what it is exactly they can do as well. It’s like the old story of seeing them perpetually in a state of claiming other peoples public image for themselves, complete with features that work in terms of the network which wealthy barely criminal scum have with their poor counterparts and that assumption that others are unable to do anything about it and it has become something they can keep as property and defend from the owners as well – leading to this process where they want to live in my personal space all the time and the result whereby they need to attend to their jobs on a daily basis while the problem with me is that I regularly stay up till late; hence they have worked out such a problem can be solved if they bang House Doors and Car doors on my head and figure out where my Anus and Penis is as well and I am at a loss as to how doing such things to somebody who regularly stays up all night is supposed to solve their fucking problems if they are losing sleep, so I can only encourage continuation so I can make them suffer immeasurably too.

It’s never been a crisis, always the same case of Politicians helping them to Money as ever and then turning out to decide whose side they want to fight on at a later date because they have a problem with peoples leadership but all together it is the same way somebody gets out to raise funds and get young people off the streets if he or she feels there is too much homelessness, that amounts to the same way another person sets up popular culture to ensure wealth ends up in the hands of his friends so he can rub shoulders with those. They do ask why that was the case too as it were whereas we all know it is the old story having culture and society and a profitable disobedience to work it with but while it is being horrible to me for days without number to a point where other members of the public are systematically and fundamentally affected, I am the one Politicians claim gets around bullying people, until I cut up the culture and society and there is no more honour in the land and those who do not wish to speak of it stay silent and get a job they can pay attention to, no matter how lowly, while I am the one that gets out of a  problem by staying away from feminists – these are as we know the two main types of people these scum like to tackle with the use of financial problems and joblessness and homelessness all the time, don’t ask why.

They day say we interfere with their lives but the reality is first that black people must have somebody that will stand up and fight for them while they make money and get comfortable and their problem is that I am the Boss and they are not, right up to the stage where somebody has to fulfil a role to ensure the Monarchy is in control of how much access people have to what has become an increasingly popular British culture on the world stage and then also that I get about running a business with emotions that should end up at home, which makes it clear where the money and the jobs should both end up because I am Royalty with a renaissance at my disposal and they want to make money with it; I only want them to take out a retirement with the money they have already got, when it is impossible for them to keep trading, let be those who are not facing unnatural difficulty.

So their story have now recently turned to the new quality of existence that will be possible from making mine very difficult and I could never make sense of how it makes my existence difficult when a journalist is neither a criminal nor law enforcement nor government who are the three that are most involved with what I do but obsesses over me for the wrong reasons, just to see all these things fall back on me because it would have been amusing and nobody would have gotten hurt as well in his view. So as it stands like the rest of them who follow suit, what has come from it is that I have set a stage where they have gone about living out those stupidities as much as they can but cannot cleanse it off me and get a new existence with those media wickedness and Satanism they are really good at. So we await the point where they will split my person from my personal space and take it anyway supposing they have got the guts for it as well, as equally as I await the point where there will be a reckoning over the fact that they have now hit a point of clinical depression that is simply unmanageable and intend to have it resolved by violent means and I suppose a big mouth too alongside thereof. These things do not make my existence difficult – everybody knows I get out of bed every day to feed them new information about what I am doing, so they can ensure whenever somebody has money, my life will get flushed down the toilet as they seek themselves. It’s never really been an issue, I have rather always handled it as a source of stress i.e. the community croon abusing me all day long wants something and if I get my hands on it she will never have it and the stress is managed – the fools who pick up on Media obviously need to justify stalking me to rip up my finances and fantasise seeing me in a gang and so the stress gets managed but they handle my Books as well and cross the line and it seems they cannot be reasoned with too and love to tell me I need to be nice to them; so here is what nice looks like i.e. when I gather facts and write my Books I expect the residue to remain in public places to stimulate my readers not an idiot exhibiting himself on it so industry scum that show up to make him rich and famous, on account especially, that I am one of those people who thinks that not everybody wants to be famous, when fame is like winning a lottery and they have got a culture and a society; besides which it goes without saying that there were patents on the Books making very clear that the Books do not belong to them in the first place. I am at a loss as to why they are confused when I have made it clear many times about controlling media staff for media outlets – it is aimed at making them understand what my Publishers are feeling and I want them off the Books as a matter of urgency, no jokes about it as it were.

They do say my views and actions are not ones which share and I am quite certain my words were not chosen about it either i.e. I am not parent to the Women and the Men need to start justifying stalking me to fantasise about me being in a gang in order to feel special. I hear about the other side where people are worried I might never stop, which is utter nonsense – I will stop when my finances have returned to the way they found it or they can stop before they change my quality of living all together; it’s not a new story ageist idiots always have a problem with the good reputation younger people have because it is an affront to the power of their money, so this stopping before quality of life is changed is not me being fastidious, it real. At the moment the problem is obviously that I now look the part of culture owner while they look the part of dispossessed and people are even more confused than ever about who is bullying who because there is violence and culture and society to attack others and steal property and wealth with all the time; in their case they apparently can never stop oppressing others. About which they say my actions encumber means by which justice may be executed but nothing I have ever said or done has taken from them any means by which to take from murderers something that cannot be replaced as well, all I have said have been said around the case of law makers upping the ante on this matter – we all know they are nowhere near solving the problems of their generation as equally as we know of the destruction and vandalism they wrought in our lives to create new problems by which their jobs can gain posterity and then it’s when they start to brag about being hell raisers and an ability to create riots and some are as mad as I am, we find that there are people who have had enough of them too – so this is eventually where the stopping thing is meant to lead all together. I mean there will always be A grade students and there will always be average students and there will always be dunces and this is where government is making policies that will actually make it popular. It’s like when they say my work affects them but does nothing for them as well after all that eavesdropping and connections with the rich using my reputation etc and we continue to get round my circles while the single most important fact does not change i.e. that nobody else’s leadership is ever good enough for them until people get killed so they can get around making sacrifices as well. In the end they do say I must be punished for the way I have handled their culture which will never happen – what will happen is continued processes of showing them what I am going to do when that nonsense about ripping up my finances to build my Public image on Media so that somebody else can claim it as well actually becomes successful – such as the fact they are famous, so those cultures and societies must be ideal too and therefore wouldn’t hurt them when made famous either way, the result will be that they are out there getting jobs because they want to improve their selfishness and then they will be able to live in this world alongside others as well without being made through any drastic measures and stay off my case that way. As for the part where this is all a matter of the US Government, it’s the US Pimp White House more like; the one that makes me wonder why people establish Media channels to control me from the US on account I have assets brokered in China, so that it becomes clearer that they are fans of Japan and have been building popular culture empire pipelines across my Royal Estate which I have been cutting to bits as well – hence now they are friends of Mr Obama, I have to re-educate myself on how to relax. It’s a matter of the point at which it becomes something serious, like when they say it is attitude like these which cause them to behave the way they do but we all know when an idiot who shares a skin colour wants Top GM job, what he wants to rip up and throw to the Dogs is a business empire I had already opened up and brokered equities from to recover my revenue by means of selling my Books and the more destruction he wrought is the more successful he will make out that he is becoming; overall message being that I need to lose my business empire which makes me think it is nothing but a suggestion as well. I am well aware of the story that my Books hurt people but the reality is that administration of my company can involve  making sure an idiot does not move left to get what he can and when he thinks it’s not enough, move right because Women have spare money to lose – so when people make use of my work, they had better paid for it; I am not parent to the Women and the Men are not going to keep having this process of showing up around my property to fantasise seeing me in a gang for much longer, it is not something that actually pays their salary or mine.