It is normally thought that the biggest source of work which takes up all my time is my mistresses, this is because there is so much Media insolent antagonism when people have Cameras running during the Queens engagements and I personally for my part have no idea what their problem with those stupid cameras are anyway.

The part about my mistresses has only to do with when I am creating Politicians that cause trouble lots and lots of work, they on the other hand might want to make things clearer by getting themselves and their stupid wasteful contingencies off my booksales and then things would be clearer to them too as a result, for I am not a poor man and it is easy for everybody else except them to see that, at the moment. If they were not so busy laying waste my booksales then they would not have that problem at all in the first place.

For now I have made myself very clear when I mentioned that they like to tell me I stole this leadership that was atcually supposed to have been theirs because they are the government officals and of course I believe I have made it clear to them insults like that they don’t make them like that anymore. Like those their friends and their Germanic rubbish which I really hate to be informed has been happening among business and enterprise leadership and I have made myself clear on it too by the way about the fact my people are not their slaves much less sexual slaves, by which it is in turn an opportunity to lead them and more so through deserving and having something bigger than they are getting. They know I am still alive, just like everybody else does as well.

What takes up most of my time is of course the fact that this very act of laying to waste my booksales daily means that I am demanding more from my physical strengths than I need to and therefore the creation of a process where I find providing leadership for those that are bigger are more naturally endowed than I am something that is demanding, about which I tend to be catching my beath. This is the favour they will doing me when they get themselves and their stupidities off my market place and then they would not have to make up things I am not and get into government offices to try and enforce them to the extreme discomfort of other people who are trying to get their jobs done.

As of the claim what has really happened is a process where one of their own is being used to do the violence for them, I have no idea when exactly it will finally establish its much trumpeted connection with reality.

About how black Americans find it difficult to tolerate foreigners of which mine is a special case because I am royalty, I have no idea what got them involved with me in the first place but I do know I have warned them about sharing my stuff, using my stuff and then when I take it we have evolved thus far ans it is possible to talk to people about what the effect of their attitude on the economy if they have no respect for my job a thing from which I earn a living to stand on my own two feet, they become violent.


So the prognosis is always that of me at the top half of pen street for example and them at the lower part of pen street where they decide from those insults that come as a result of people being clever when they have money bearing in mind this is their own fame property and people for them to be extracting money from with those stupid entertainment industries I have warned them about as well, so when somebody gets off to confront a white guy and gets killed as a result is has something to do with me, which is why they now have a new problem too. It has come this far; started from proving they are clever with insults that will determine the outcome of my entire life, now they know how to cash into my fame and now they have other uses for the money which also involves a lack ot tolerance for people like me in places like the US, which is so in my view because the US tolerates those their black market contraptions and therefore giving them the supposition that I will tend to as well. It has come this far on the matter of how I sell equities and securities but it rather means because that is what somebody else wants to use the media for that I give people ideas on how to get rich, which shows I discriminate against him and they will ruin me as well because I have no right to exist, in order to have and use th equities as well the outcome of all those insults of course which are meant to ensure when they use my work I actually get no credit for it because as they put it, they don’t like people doing their stuff for them and it is the sort of rubbish that companies have to put up with as well and of course I it seems will never sell my books because they exist and have ideas about where their satanism and wickedness would fit into a multiracial society, therefore there is always the need to touch me or my property all the time with an insolent preconcieved hate. They like to think of themselves as fat cats, I just think they are creating that history they will be complaining about soon enough.

I have mentioned I want those things shut down and do not care who does not tolerate me and likes to live out the wickedness his parents have taught him, about which getting shut by a white guy is the last we will hear of it of course bearing mind people never get to hate children and they have always been good at pushing people so when people kill them it has to do with me.

Their Politicians do not bother me in anyway; first of all, I am not giving back that stupid left and of course the other is that their insults and the process of getting on parliament to send me on errands will not imporve until it gets worse than they could ever possibly imagine. I need them in history so that I can sell my books and before I act on it, I want them to do that by themselves.

What does anybody expect me to do, what do they expect when they do the things they do in my direction? There are no illusions here the society of home wreckers and all its contents have lots of money to play around with these days because a set of Political idiots like to play around with tax payers money to help them to be famous, it does not necessarily apply that I will ever sit with them to do or dicuss business or indeed anything else. Let us be very clear about that, besdies which they started this and there is no point telling me about my views, when I broke equities with others, I rob them of pcket money they could be getting from their top boss and it is where that insult of barging into my privacy to search me and then using my work to reach high places has crystalised, so the supposition I will be able to ignore them and carry out my work unless they continue to get more and more violent is not actually applicable, besides which they are also getting more and more violent as well.

I have warned them enough times about that their music industry and those their fame freaks and their games with my books and the stealing of my stuff and the using of my stuff and the extracting of money from my people using my fame and making of music in my name to get rich; I have warned them about all these things and set out clearly what the effect is on my livelihood but that would not improve even when I have shown them stage after stage what the physical evidencial effect of their attitude on the economy is.

Where we are going with this is the clear understanding that the economy will never stabilise unless these contraptions people put up to earn other peoples income because they will never work for theirs, threaten them and speak of equality and wealth distribution will never happen-it has to be killed dead before such things are possible unless those who suggests it should stay will expend from their own income the damages they do to others but I do not wish to outdo myself here, so let us start with their Pop music and how it is built on fighting me to use my equities which I give to everybody but exclude them to discriminate which is therefore something they hate and means my books are free for all to take; these are all things that exist when people have a criminal activity they are looking after, which if I were to say something would expose, so they want to make me understand on no uncertain terms what will happen if I talk with a big mouth, whereas I just love to destroy those sort of things as a whole for he fun of it because it is the only route by which I not only find my equities are being peeled off products and used to sell counterfits and of course when they are rich enough build a rival for my property but before then make sure I cannot earn by selling my books first of all.

Their Politicians must be aware of course that the Bible does not teach those things they do to show they are clever and I am stupid because they have money and I don’t when they extract those money from my people and from my fame like they can give to others and it is not staying here because my life is already full and there is nothing more to learn, there is no way they will get away with it. As for my attitude issue being the reason for my financial problems, it is only those racist and discriminatory idiots that like to ensure I have no academic work completed and no job and no money until they have gotten themselves into places where they can make me do things for them, who have the right to cause me financial problems, not idiots with stories about a millionaire that will never taste the money who are enjoying the privilege of having one sacrificed for them to feel important knowing things about. In the end once I have put all their swear languge to copyright within tmy books so when they use them in certain context especially with reference to me or in my direction and so have to with a sense of academic reference, my attitude issues will most certainly improve.


Unless the Politicians who advocate it show us what percentage of their earnings will be put to paying for the damages they do, then we must accept the economy will never recover unless those contraptions they put up and name businesses are broken up and taken down. Its like the story of how I get all over the world and appear in every country for example which has nothing to do with anything except doing my job but because they have been claiming all I do and say is their stuff then set off to enforce the idea it means that contstitutes a lot of trouble, so now we are in a place where each time I tell them when they continue to say I discirminate against people by showing others how to get rich without showing them in the place that they are so they do not have to get along with others and of course the reason is that they have something valuable to me they will use to get rich and that is why we must activiely watch how that will proceed and end too. When have there ever been a time in history were people get to tell them the effects of their attitude and lack of respect for other peoples earnings on people, people usually just act on such things not wait to talk to them about it, I think I have done enough for their health and safety and well being bearing in mind their purpose with respect to the transatlantic relationship here in the UK will never be served if they have money to play around with; I now need to be in a place where I am not doing that anymore.

I mean I never did it because it needed to be done, I did it for doing sake-to show a fact once and for all about why the Politics of recession needs to be handled the way it is handled but now they will not pack up those entertainment industries on my earnings and when I tell them to get violent and also get off on public places to talk so much rubbish about how people like me are not tolerated in the United States of America which as I said means they have something valuable to me they intend to get rich with (from day one I always knew the difference between me and everybody else was that people were respected for what they did and if they were famous it meant they had a considerable amount of money in their bank accounts, while I was dishonoured for how much is in my Bank account and how much others can earn too, especially when they are naturally better people than I am; so it was always going to lead to this anyway - when I say pack it up and they get violent, then get off to the US to stand somewhere to tell me I am not tolerated with a big mouth working very hard at domination they never achieved or acquired, getting to know people's families by using my fame to acquire jobs in their companies and of course talking so much rubbish about how they and their people will finish me and that my property before I come out side to get rich so they can move into my right to have things they do not have).

I mean when you tell people a certain Politically motivated newly acquired attitude in your direction affects your livelihood in a certain way, what do they do about it, go off to take out even more of your time to find ways of making sure your attitude affects their livelihood as well which will enable them to have violent friends that will harm you? I know this literary Empire is worth a lot of money and I need that money and every penny of it-it is not as if this is their own lives. Contrary to their complains I want nothing more from them and of course we have not even begun to discuss the matter of discriminating against me publicly then gaining access to something of financial value that is mine with insolent familiarity based especially on the self improvement violence in their lives of which the fact others do not know such things is not demanding of respect from them either, in order to sit up somewhere and do things to me they see other people doing with the excuse they are seeking equality. They cannot seem to leave others alone, it is their biggest problem.