What I have done is not unusual, anybody can do them. All they have to do is do something about racism and violent discrimination so well it actually solves the real problems. Then when Politicians spend money on criminals they run out of lies and cannot get out of the racism because racists are evil people. It is that simple. I only like to spin it as much as I like to create facts I can write books which I use to rip to pieces celebrity culture with since my office is not a plaything and they are not deaf (fuck those). The idea I am being bullied is yet to be tested with their big mouth.

It’s like the old issue about how we in the UK use our years of development and advancement to create better tyranny, when they are the ones that started it bearing in mind since the second world war people have become so confident they have exposed part of their lives in Public that they can no longer be protected which they need to use to get rich. Now they will have to win bearing in mind it is always assumed I don’t know the purpose of their insults is “where is my paradise pretty boy” thing and I am not aware they are the kind of women that do such things. Let them win the fight and become leaders too so I can start them off like that and when it does not work create the perceptions and live on it which means I am in anyway.

I am not begging media not to harass me, Politicians are harassing me for the media and so I need to beat up the media so badly the Politicians get harassed by it; these things of people taking what I say and do out of context because I am a Christian and it is not a new thing it always happens but there was never a demand for an evil Political scum to turn out and hold me down until they had enough money to follow up every penny I have as I earn it and then tell me they are standing in line to spend all I own on themselves for trying to be what I am not as well, just like those their stupid women say where is my paradise boy thing. So I am beating up the media so badly that Politicians get harassed by it. they think nobody knows they are really evil people who visit witchdoctors before they contest for elections and the reasons they hurt people is not blown out of  thin air into people’s lives because they are Politicians. So now I am certain they do want to stay away from the right because there are evil things there, I personally wouldn’t know, all I know is that sharing skin colour with them will kill me so they can shed my blood to have power and or get rich, while the white ones fight for my civil rights before I was born, knowing very well that they visit their secret societies regularly and I go to Church every Sunday, they will go off and say things like that anyway. I am simply here ironing out as much as possible the fact there is no such thing here as begging the media not to harass me that is a dream some people have.

There is no such thing as the great amounts of civil rights I should be fighting for and so on, the fact of the matter is that those who are responsible for keeping copies of my books but divulge them to idiots can clearly see the damage they are doing. None of it happens to be any of my problem either.


I am perfectly aware it is all about men who claim I sleep with their wives and I have been asking already why they never fuck their own. They were supposed to marry those their girls but got off to marry others and now when people have friends they own such friendships which is not a problem too because when I get disillusioned and begin to think of people as sex objects and not human beings so evil people can take advantage of me they will be held responsible too. I mean I am putting an end to that thing of trying hard not to look down on people and would like to finish it off by saying that I am so way out of their league it will cost me each time I go out with them or am seen with them and they should therefore not set out always to see that I am settling for less than I really am or deserve, obviously I need company and friendship like everybody else and I have to spend time with women.

Some people just like to hate other peoples stuff. They cannot stand the fact I own an empire and that I have a court which works the side of it that involves a process of making statements which protect me and or assist me using their career and that this in some cases develops into a business for them as well and I will blow to bit anybody who messes with it including whoever claims to be their husbands. It is mine all of it mine if I must sound absolute.

It’s like that game people play which has to do with claiming compensation from the local council and the Police when there are riots. They now have mayors questions that must be answered as to why there are bureaucracies designed to ensure that people do not get such compensation; I couldn’t get my head round what the purpose of such laws are anyway. I have no idea why they are not repealed with immediate effect, since what they suggest is that people run businesses without insurance. Bearing in mind what a business is, is a process of borrowing money to invest on a market, making profit, paying back the money and then borrowing it again so when it goes bad or you spot signs you simply shut down. Nobody runs a business on their earnings otherwise it will have ceased to be a business and everybody will be businesses men. I for my part will never stop sending the governments that pay these idiots tax payer funds when I send them off on fools errands, so they can get enough of it through quangos to run a business without insurance etc and it is time things took a turn for the better. This is the business side.

With respect to the Council, if in the case of a Police officer losing their lives on duty the Council is not liable for compensation which will be added to the council tax of the residents of the area where the Police office got hurt. Then why would the council and what exactly has meant that the council is liable when there are riots. So yes, such things in my view can be allowed and more so to the point where some lose their cases and get their parents and grandparents into debt and another have no way of getting the money from the council if they win bearing in mind the economic conditions, otherwise when the council puts in bureaucracies to ensure people cannot make sure claims we regard it as a favour.


With respect to the Police: These guys are trained and skilled at what they do for a living and respond at a good time to what they need to. So what if all those calls for the Police to act quickly the police did and an officer got hurt? Who would have been liable? Of course, I seem to have missed it myself; it is the businesses that want to claim compensation that would have been because it is what they asked the officer to get off procedure to do for them. So let’s imagine the Police were responsible for care and medication of Mr Kevin who is mentally ill and so he has been treated for some time and was improving when he was released, then Mr Kevin went into a shop and broke somebody’s £250,000 vase which was not insured, then question is how then on earth is the Police liable for it? these riot perpetration that were said to have been in the care of the Police which then means the Police force is liable for the damages they suffered have no records whatsoever of being in such conditions or being in anybody’s care. So what we have is two people who had a misunderstanding got into a fight and in the process broke a vase that was not insured so the Police can pay out compensation for not acting early enough; what sort of Law is that and who made it? We should have had a Police state so that they can always get compensation from the Police in the first place.

With respect to me, nobody is paying our compensation or worried about the kind of person I have become since last they checked whether I am dead yet because there was a riot in Croydon and somebody got stabbed. They are still making more noise because they are already even more stupid than that.

As I mentioned, I will never stop selling up that stupid multiculturalism and that stupid civil rights, so their MPs can pay them tax payer’s money to make life easier, so I can send the MPs as well. bearing in mind they have stupid girl women who always want to know about the lives of men that they never fuck when they want to fuck somebody over that their stupid celebrity culture and it is not a problem for me either considering they are children that belong to tyrants and thieves from underdeveloped economies and can live here if they want but home will never be as they left it as long as I am around. So they can see witch doctors when they want political power and turn up to attack me in my country for being a Christian and conduct their frauds thereafter and thereof all the way to winning Nobel peace prizes. I am mentioning it because I have had enough of their insults and that of their kind; they should never interrupt me or tell me what I cannot say on account they have media and the civil service at their disposal having found stupid jobs there because they made plans on me. Typical; of which we are back again where we started over what the purpose of being able to claim compensation from the Police whenever there is a riot really is.

I know this matter of girl women is the concern of HRH Beatrice of York but these fools never learn not and never to approach me to say a thing to or at me and I intend to see how it will turn out for them too by the time I am done. Obviously they do have access to my publishers and my books and the world knows them for vandalizing my earnings and so when they appear on media I do not take that into consideration at all. None of these things are causes; they report of a hardly fitting for a prince conditions I live in and make scandals of those to get rich and famous but if you have Politicians all over the world and their celebrity culture and their community idiots target and squander all you own daily and you are still able to put a roof over your head and good food on the table and dress properly as well, obviously first of all that is poor and then of course it is in no way a good start. I cannot do both rich privileged businesses with a big mouth and local communities and I am hoping these goons will not get me to squander everything they own too just to set myself up for work. One has to die while I deal with the other to look after my market place, I cannot do both.

What I have done for them is securitize every possible cost out of completely private and personal expense for their economies save market inflation and what they have done for me is not only make sure they never buy my books and then send out their idiots to keep up with my earnings, while they use me for self improvements and continually think they have reached a point where telling me I think I can get off and do other peoples things for them becomes powerful or profitable, on account they have evolved to the point where they are me before I earn a penny from my work and have money to throw around for it, especially when it belongs to tax payers. From the US what they add to that for those of them that have access, are dispatching my books to idiots to do damage all over the place with, and then pretend it really hurts me.

Update 18/12/2014 – Fall out of violent and wrong families


The men and Politicians stuff is really not half the problem here that they believe and want everybody else to think they are; the facts about it are that when you have become unemployed in traumatic circumstances what you want to do is take your time and during that time it will be financially difficult and pull yourself out but what they then do with government assistance is set out series and series and series of activities that are designed to ensure that there is this career they find out you have got which you now have to give up and that does nothing but prolong the number of days you spend on government support and in my case it has now run into 6 years and counting; the reality therefore being that if I face up to it the bottom line is that the existence of men regardless of Politicians tends t mean there is a part of the civil service which ceases to be functional and that is a lot to demand for a group of people. In my case to be exact it started 12 years ago and has since continued in that way – when I get a job they want to be able to arrange music tracks in a studio that usurps everything about my person, followed with a process where they spend the income on charities overseas which does nothing to dispute their claims that those who get killed by ISIL in Iraq when caught by the group are actually are as innocent as they claim are, never mind the feverish need to see that others get killed as collateral damage as well. So the part about how it did not warrant all the destruction I have wrought is very well understood but of course people should always give up 12 years of their time to become the guy that is responsible for falling sales in a company due to what their music tracks get up to when once redundant become their plaything forever, so they might give up a certain career that they should be giving up to others, hence it’s a matter of settling how important the idiots really are at the end of the day, never mind those stupid media goons that turn up on TV to pretend I buy media equipment so they can invade my Court and talk through to me with it as well, then there are also the civil rights idiots who are out as minions to enforce the will of another group of idiots sitting down somewhere to pretend power and play secret societies, which is why I do the things I do to them considering I have learned from being the guy on whom they force anything that happens to them so that I might get up and do something about it because I know how with the result that they find somebody who always brings good things to others depending on how much he is made to suffer for their idiots of secret societies who help them out with stories about poverty and deprivation as an excuse when we know their nature fundamentally destroys wealth or makes it stunted for those they do not notice that much – so this is pretty much the story of men and Politicians in a large sense of the word. Other facts will be a matter of what I cannot back up which has never really been a problem because they are really stupid and that is why they do these things, will like to tell me they are not of course but if we put that to the test people will lose their lives and so I always say not enough have died yet when they want a test of whether or not they are stupid as I have said thereof. I mean in the end I write books that are largely in the interest of the Church most of the time and do not expect to have a conversation with popular culture goons and or media freaks to sell them but what do we know if it is not men on media building up publicity for it that I had never sanctioned or even paid for because they want to set that up and supplant the product with something of their own in order to get rich, so this is usually a very testing activity of course and they have not got a clue what they are doing either – hence the media and Politicians lying all the time right up to suggestions I abuse children and women and every time Parliament is having a conversation about it that becomes what they want to talk about as if such nonsense are actually a worthy career path to follow as it were – of course I might say I don’t believe all I see or hear on media but the Politicians will be out on a game to exasperate me over such things which is why I always feel like bending them over as well unnaturally and so we end up where we are today and they have become a massive waste of space and tax payer funds; the part where I cannot back anything up being the part where I am supposed to be flustered so they can orchestrate some discrimination like the bloody cowards they are and so when their foolishness and twisted minds are matched with their inability to work out what exactly they are doing, it is always apt to leave it there and say it’s a respect thing and I am quite fed up. Bottom line being this is supposed to have been some of the most insolent scum on the planet; they have no respect for me because they are older and so things like 12 years of a career I need to give up and change for example, while their children and even football people conduct those aesthetical competition and especially the one about who the most spiritually beautiful man is, then complain later when you handle them as well and they never really feel they are up to it when they need to play their football to make the money they can blow off their big mouth with and then they start to become racist but until then it is something else entirely all together every blessed day. I mean if I am Royalty, anybody would have been able to develop an understanding that the books I write have to be the most difficult things I get to do but a career is better than none, except men and Politicians of course turning up here  all the time to show they exist in lala land and for those who are presenters for good measure their insults do create the question of which one they are presenting anyway all together, it is the only way they get to understand and climb down from on top of me with that stupid media and crowd vandalism.

 It is not a complicated matter as a whole – it’s just that in their view I am a toddler walking beside my mum and if I were Prime Minister elected today they would still have felt that 90% of their minds will be perfectly comfortable with a case where they turned up at my Office to enforce the will of my parents who will make me behave the way they want; so when they say all that destruction isn’t worth it, this does actually bring it into perspective considering as I mentioned before it’s been 12 years since it last started. So there is no respect there whatsoever in anyway whatsoever and their complains will never make any sense to me, I want them to climb off from my top with their crowd vandalism and keep their foolishness far and far away from my book sales and then all will be well. We do hear that talk that the UK is being de-Christianised of course so to speak which is utter nonsense – it’s the other face of the lack of respect issue that defines my relationship with men and they like to say they get to Church because they want to cut me off and ensure the books I have written which provokes them are never sold and that I will never be able to get another job as well but that is what they say, how they started is something else all together and was mostly about stupid black idiots with a need for money setting me up for their whit friends to do what they liked with considering something they could handle in the first place of which we know what that is all about too and the white idiots turning up as fat white scum in filthy cloths with fat Children asking Politicians and media for help to ensure they can dominate me first before I can do my academic work and then my job when I am finished can be discussed later; I like to put the matter the other way i.e. if people are not here to buy books they should not turn up. Otherwise it’s a matter of going through hell to secure and work on the outcomes of facts you have placed in a book to make it worthy to sell to others as a product instead of a free blog on a website for example and people will think the best way to get the information is to exasperate you until you talk, so that it becomes a matter of what writers do for a living and whether or not politicians and media can respect them one such being me for it and for my part every occasion will lead to an outcome where it becomes really violent and when the violence is done it becomes all confusing all well for these are the sort of behaviour that can make an animal out of a perfectly normal person as if they can give to the frugal.


Of course I am aware of the nagging complain that people actually cannot make out what the purpose of my books are and that purpose is then made up as we go along but I don’t know which part their questions are channelled to either; are they referring to Private Equity Intellectual Property Administration, are they referring to what I do to serve my boss the Queen that can easily result in people having a history they have had with me completely destroyed because I am not allowed a moments peace when HM is displeased with it, are they referring to the part where I serve the Church which is where some of the most diverse activities I engage in are located – the public face of it these days being largely that of every victim of child abuse and sex abuse seeking somebody they can attack to have things they have never had now that they are grown up, about which if everything else I do is ignored we should be alright as long as the twisted goons are having the publicity instead? The part where the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer is all very well but never actually true – yes it is true as a progressive statement because of what people are trying to accomplish but it will never work – they can stand at one end of the part of society where small businesses serve big ones and then stand at the other end where big businesses are served by small ones, to use these their sex abuse idiots as tools that can help them enforce violently something about those that are given to them to do what they like with to recover energy which is the point where they employ some beautiful boys and girls to do celebrity nonsense and get famous, giving money to each other to pretend it has happened when it gets recorded in National statistics and so on but if they make any profit at my expense or make any humiliating me there will be trouble yet again as it were. Money does not just vanish from the stock markets, they stole it for a reason and in my view it was so they can give it back or so they can spend it and need to do either as soon as possible but the part where they delay my book sales will not continue until my retirement age either, that is not how to handle and look after a job – there is no such thing as rich getting richer and poor getting poorer, people are to stay off my concerns if they are not here to buy books and it is only one planet unless they have a bank account on Mars for example and there is another specie living there. So naturally the media always never fails to push forward that need for them to steal and push a hard knock on others who have things that tease them by existing because they are goons that want lots of money that they did not work for and over me and their inability to stay away they will get the gangs but the day I will rough them up the gangs will be asleep and of course they always say there is nothing I can do but make one move on them and they will get the worlds media and the international community and the entire parliament but will not stop stealing or destroying your property so you might not have it when you need it at the same time and I am only saying one of these days having fun from exasperating me will give way to an outcome where I stop at nothing and they had better taken note of that as well – people do like to control the lives of those who threaten and attack them all the time. They however say it’s a matter of me using their lives but not wanting to give something back which is not true; what is true is that they have been oozing threats up until now over their need to share my income, they said in that gang badge money mad bullying nonsense that if it is available to all except them I am looking for trouble which is what I have put to the test, now I have simply had enough of their opinions around my work which damaging effects they think is amusing and yes they work on Television, work on my Television and I am privileged but this is the last occasion I only end up doing nothing but talk about a damage to my public life, public work and book sales, I am going to start working out ways of handling them like the scumbags they really are as well and we all know the reasons for these things started off with Mr Blair who was at the pinnacle of their desire to handle other peoples career while their minds and dedication is spent on their own, until you get hold of them and bend them up painfully so they can do it the way it should have been done every time they handle it; so the next time will be the beginning of a condition where we express ourselves  by our actions because I simply cannot make out where it tended to have been amusing anyway. The case story of me being abused is absolute nonsense, largely a matter of making a decision not to feel what I don’t want to feel; but this is the last time we end up talking about while they think it is amusing – I mean none of us sees ourselves as people that get out of bed to stand up on media to think others are really big and need to open up their business and hand over leverage because we think everybody will share our sense of humour over it too, so we get to state where they insist everyday followed with a need to destroy anything that does not give it to them – in the US they have already begun to sit in front of select committees to challenge the entire government over its plans to take away the one thing the people of the Country had which is leverage and you couldn’t make it up if you had the imagination to – so this is the last time we will talk about it while they think it is amusing getting financially exasperated by the Media. By the way of which I am still the master of making people feel things they don’t want to feel anyway and we all know that too: it is never true I have all the time in the world to let me do these things, what is true is that we have always had an immoral side of society that spends most of its time on the left hand side but since they last decided they will start me off with them at 20 and savage my finances to make music CDs, then return after they became rich to bully me and seek power because they view themselves as my personal gods, it all changed and I don’t think the system of freedom where market decides what happens to what we sell works for me as well, when we are children we think like children and when we are grownups we are supposed to think like grownups – I am the boss, I know best and I like to control them – there are only two reasons these things are happening, the same two reasons their activities affect my finances in any way at all in the first place and those two reasons are Politicians and the Media and those two groups never ever, ever listen to anything anybody is saying to them – now they have to chose as well and control them as well – we hear they do it because it’s a cry for help all the time but even when they are not finished we have already seen them send out their minions on several occasions to run really violent campaigns as well about how the UK is being de-Christianised and is generally no longer a religious society, now they have to chose as well and control them as well anyhow they are going to do it.

The story of the economy had never really been an emotive one either – it’s a simple case of the fact the rest of us in the UK are really not as stupid as The Labour party likes to make out that we are; if a government has a habit of pillaging your business because they want to be the ones that are creating jobs for you with that big mouth, then it is the ones that want to make the state smaller and allow you to create the job for yourself that understands how taxes are made and deficits are brought down. They do love their tales about how I have made use of the government support to my satisfaction to a point of being famous for it before now but we all know that 12 years before I needed none of it and as it stands now they need to pay up and shut up and I need to get the books sold. The Ed Miliband speech importance does not apply here – he has said nothing whatsoever; we all know that in Cyprus for example they will want to make and advertisement in which a badly behaved girl shows in order to start a conversation about how Cyprus is a place where you can go to spoil yourself and that there are opportunities as well and so on but in the UK it’s the old story about the fact we do not like the sex bit and of course they need my Equities for that purpose and many Companies have in effect relocated or created a connection with the UK to take advantage of the conditions – the idiots has said nothing to the businesses that will pay him the bloody taxes that will justify his position and speech, he has only spent my time and made his slight comments about my sales yet again concerning what he thinks about his next fucking job. Nobody knows what these fools thought was the problem in the first place anyway, all those stupid speeches about those who keep money at home and deploy it to do popular culture that wrecks the lives of those who are much as stare in their direction in order to be wealthy and famous, can turn up here and raise hell basically if they wanted on account a government needs their taxes which we cannot guarantee will be paid due to their connections with the underworld in the first place anyway but every single successive top Labour Party idiots cannot keep their civil and criminal disobedience away from my sales talking nonsense about connections with my parents and race and people that means they can do with me how they like with a big mouth. So we know that we British like to keep our Money in the Banks and the Industries know how to keep a history with us in order to sell us what we need and so do we how to get around the jobs we want to have and that the problem has always been that of these fools barricading us on one hand while these same socialist idiots all over the city centre they spend tax payer funds on themselves to give them mobility for means that Bankers become less and less trust worthy and that this is the problem the economy has while true to form everything is moving to China and insults know no bounds – I am only saying Miliband needs to check it up because his idea is a prognosis that is going to blow up but they are more interested in talking about damage I have done and making that noise about how I must be punished for it of which their need to make statements or say something or issue a slight comment about my sales is getting more and more and more physically annoying as well. The damage I have done to anything does not matter here as what we are talking about is Miliband’s speech but if I must address it, they can cling to my sales if they want and we will hear of it.  Of course they always have their excuses and it always make sense in every way but they all of them right across the spectrum and not just the socialist ones are after one thing and one thing alone, to spend my lifestyle and possessions and are asking others to help them bastardise it to that end and nothing will ever change about the methods used to achieve the processes of racism, easy living and war on other peoples finances with the use of secret societies and civil rights. For my part however the government has also suffered as a result of my actions because I can imagine what my career should be and stifle peoples earnings to ensure they are exasperated to extricate the conditions if I were a Politician, so when it is so difficult it will change my lifestyle other suffer so I might maintain it even though I know as a Christian it makes no sense whatsoever but if it is not done they and their Party idiots especially those involved with security services will never understand what it feels like and then I can be decadent as well. However these idiots still have a tendency to sleep with anything in order to gain leverage over government an demand things and the government has killed for them and killed on their behalf and killed because of them but it is not enough and in my view it is either the government will give in or they will; the British ones are good at watching you through CCTV Camera insults that is garnished with a sense of Industry connections and hatred for religion and accusations against Royals who grab culture all for themselves who then have possessions that should be free for all – the American ones are rather good at forcing Police officers to use weapons or mortal tactics so they can claim it is racism happening but we all know it is the same and never enough.


I have no idea why it appears that I need to give approval for Policies that the White House comes up with; these are things some human beings do to us that we suppose we will handle over a certain period and then let go but before we know it time has run by and we are pensioners as it were – so the reason for it is that they are Liberal and Democratic and have poor people who need my earnings hence use government to hold me down so those poor people can have it at the market place with media and so I have no idea why they like to think the story of making me approve their Policies is ever such a good idea anyway. It’s a simple case of fighting their corner not talking nonsense at me endlessly and keeping their idiots with problems off my book sales and then there will be no issues. Entire governments cannot become the smoke screen for Politicians to achieve these sort of nonsense with and yes they do say they want to see me get into a fight and get bruised for them as well which makes no sense coming from God knows which shit hole to climb up media and government and handle my income to tell me to get bruised for them which then later becomes an issue of approving things they do in public. The British ones are in a place now that is very different from where we found then a decade ago where people were comfortable with putting tampons up their anus to ensure they don’t smell when they need to get to work but that has now changed since last it seemed they wanted to target the Christian with lots of property and a faith that tells him not to dwell on the things of the world – it’s as they say: it does not matter in a larger sense but then again it is everything for people have to listen to me when I preach the gospel not get attacked and carried away by a past in which I set a new precedent by working for things that I then hand over to others. I am clearing up this matter now because the whole issue is going to develop in another direction soon enough as well, after all which we hear of the things people do to them concerning which they are not yet aware the reasons those people do it too as it were – they will never see that culture again and will get the neighbourhoods back from me somewhere in hell too. These things can happen if you are good looking and people make you feel otherwise because they want to make use of what the world sees around you which is the sort of evil we are talking about here and I need my Christianity to function in the first place while they hate commitment so much that they hate the fact the ones they see is happening in other people’s lives with a big mouth; it does show up at the matter of English votes for English affairs of course and yes that comes up too when we all know that right up until Politicians adopted the new attitude of making sure everything important to people it stifled until the contraption they are planning to get rich with is approved by the general population, funded and then respected, which has created the results such as Scottish independence referendum and so on, the UK has always been an entity that sorts itself out by its cultural diversity and not by its Politics, so we all know these Scottish independence people along with the Politicians are here to give us what we already have and they will never understand unless we had made them work many times as hard for what they already have in the hand as well, just like the black people who know every single insult in the dictionary with a conventional definition and regularly practice those insults whereby shut up boys gives way to Government is my smoke screen as I need your life and privacy to do what I need to do with and that golliwog mouth that never finds its level therefore working ever so hard to ensure people think all black people are like them but then again isn’t making them work harder and harder for anything that they have already got supposed to have been the same things that we should be doing if we want them to set up some Scottish National party and so on? So I am aware it is said I need to break away from this condition where my work is a massive theme tune and nothing more but that isn’t actually the case e.g. I needed to settle up on whether or not telling politicians to leave alone my book sales as I do need the money and it is getting desperate was going to be done by talking or by realising their desire to ensure I cannot earn a living unless they are rich is a lot more serious than talking and that is what we are deciding at present, it’s like when they say that by mentioning the case of the UK being a Country that sorts itself out by its cultural diversity and not by its Politics I had taken it up and done it all when in actual fact we know these idiots will not be caught dead even when they claim Ireland for example has a better economy next door and so would it be for Scotland if only it became independent of the rest of the UK, so we have to accept we will be catching them dead in Syria and Iraq where they think they will get maximum respect and here at home the questions they are asking would rather be a matter of how much people like me are willing to pay them if they did showing off those stupidities they think they can define others with - all insults and abuses concerning which they need to fight their corner and stop smoke screen country and government talking nonsense about how I must approve their Policies: I mean Obama gives word that people should ensure my books are not sold in any of the markets in the world that have been set out for it because the next homeless tout who thinks the democratic party is the most important thing in the world or American perversion of freedom and law and religion is the best thing that ever happened and that he will wear his rags and do anything for his President can find a way with media and some help from his fellow idiots to help themselves to the perks of my job - I am only saying there is insult and abuses only and government should not used as smoke screen to talk nonsense at me in the worlds public all the time about approving his stupid insane policies - they can get off my book sales and I am referring to the Global market of it and the Literary Empire thus or they can hang around and I will do them again so he can have an ever greater job thereof to get busy with.