I hear it is said that nobody really knows what is going on about me and that I understand and wish to clear up to i.e. the fact that people always feel like doing the deviant thing around me while keeping their own possessions safe and for that reason I feel like seeing them do it 24/7 none stop as well. I mean the ones that turn up at Church are good to go in their view but not every part of the Bible is their cup of tea and because I have a deeper understanding of my relationship with God it has become a war of abuse and these are actually the good ones, for the bad ones its a case of 12PM binge time and once it is daylight, then it is time to be seen in league with a journalist that will help them to make a mess of my personal life and so we can see they are violent louts when it comes to doing it 24/7 none stop as well – it has come to a point where having no friends is good for me and for them it has come to a point where whether or not I have friends can be used to attack me and stay out of trouble because few people will understand how they hurt me – kids violence big mouth stuff all the time 24/7 none stop as well and then there are the girls, who speak of corruption all the time; life is all about how I need to end up in a place where I will be really bad but will be unable to do anything about it in order to become a woman but once we get there we progress to abuses and violent attacks because they have become tougher and can take me out 24/7 none stop as well so we can hear the complains: in the end it does turn out to be a matter of setting the stage to punish Industry people that mess with me who clearly enjoy doing so all the time i.e. I have written my books and they have felt like issuing a demagogue concerning their personal problems and what I can do next about what bothers me to help them get even richer as violently as possible, so this is a good beginning and it does seem like a real issue of course as there is me and then my book sales while they are in the middle. Hence they now all know what is going on with me – the good days were the days when my possessions has become part of their culture for everybody’s access and I am an impediment to peoples freedoms when I make sure it does not happen on seeing it may take their lifetime and they will never have what I have while a little work will make me more money than they have, those were the days, these days I have to fill them in on what is going on with me all together as well and by the way of which they talk nonsense about terrorists all the time as I am the one provoking terrorists as it were and are not selling anything, not if I have a say in it.

So they do ask why I have waited so long to get down to this matter, which is utterly not true the wait story; I have not waited, I have been more concerned with an economy where neither producer nor consumer is going anywhere when their government spends tax payer funds on the mob to allow Industry goons to tell us all that they are the more meaningful customers due to their money; nobody is going anywhere as it were since we do get to see economy look like that thereof. I mean it is an example of the good days when people know what is up with me as it were i.e. in this case the Politicians did it because of the old case of an idiot provoking me and training cameras on them to ask them a demagogue which means if they do the correct thing some nobody who has ideas about the good people should be doing would have told them what to do, on that great notion that when they are angry it matters and when I am it does not – so that the system does not work for them i.e. popular culture picks on me over a series of years and makes millions and goes its own way while I chase my academic work and finish it and go mine. So I need to punish these guys and get to a point where I start to take their insults to heart personally and act on each and every one of them – we are only making progress on dealing with stubbornness around my possessions.

I hear the story of how I will never be able to do anything about these stubbornness over my possessions and of course very few people actually know it is developed around being abused by community idiots that read my work and attack me because I am lying and need to be put in my own level in society in order to make rich friends and how they handle my possessions because these community idiots will ensure I can never reach them to recover it which is where government comes in as broker between them and these idiots especially the blacks to share money and attack me even further. The truth and reality of whether I can is an old story of telling somebody one more occasion will result in the disappearance of a part of his business and they continue to play games and we can see I will get to that state as well – they love to provoke me in my direction and then set up violently social ways especially on media to prevent it from happening so I will have to get myself there by myself so we can find out if they really are as good as that their big mouth on that media does suggest. I mean they say they have no idea how I got to look at Television to make people who appear on it nervous but it is something we are all used to here in the west, the men that can manipulate those who can get things done and fight for others with powerful corruptions of involvement – where they have their girls and whenever women who are kindred to me appear on media they are there so people can look at their breasts and look under their skirts and so on and of course I was fine in my home until they decided I sleep with peoples wives which is how it started – the result was that it was done and dusted and they decided my personal life was a social group everybody can join and then wreck on their way out and now they are a part of it; it does make them nervous we hear but it does not that big mouth so there is nothing to worry about. It is an old case of the picture getting bigger and bigger over the same one old issue; where the boys are always attacking you with deviance and the girls speak of corruption where you end up in a place where you are bad but cannot act and they become stronger than you and the Industry idiots want you as a plaything as well so they can make you do something about those who made them that way using their money and a lot of violence – Politics idiots who want your work and ideas as something they wish to consume in its entirety and when you lose it the result is supposed to be deploying your genius to the eventual outcome of wailings of wealth inequality because of course if people do not want you to handle their businesses it would not turn up around your public work while their community idiots think you cannot even handle stubbornness over your personal life and our own body skin and what people do with you. This is another of those occasions where they have reached a point where they think it is normalcy, while you have ended up in the throes of what you cannot get used to and they have started their own explanations on global media about what is really going on with you. I need to get myself to that point where a warnings is a warning and there is enough history confirming consequences.


They do say it is a matter of the deadlock we find ourselves today but there isn’t any; they can concentrate on their own concerns or the women can have more than just the need to be angry all the time and take revenge by creating me a war with somebody bigger than me to worry about, while the men talk nonsense about freedom and democracy system not working for them and how much I react to them not determining whether or not their behaviour affects me and we will move on from the point where the Christian wants to rule them so they can realise they are playing with him each time they think they will finish their activities and go home, right onto other more serious matters. I mean the community idiots do speak of wealth inequality and their media fools do claim I am really doing it for them as well, which leads right back to the same old case of people telling me I have no justification for my actions which is not true; the rich ones say my books provoke them and that is because it was not written for them and the book sales will determine if or not they stay out of my life especially the blacks while I chase my academic work and they chase their useless pursuits and then they can make popular culture millions and go their way so I can go mine, the freedom and capitalism but as for the poor ones it is the same old case of the fact if I spend my Christian attention on them they can get rich and be important with it – knowing they have no plans to go along with the rules in order to avoid harming me, knowing they have no plans to get my attention respectfully, knowing they have no plans to get my attention in ways that do not harm me they have decided that if they attack me viciously I cannot keep my attention which they deserve and have come across it having been it belongs to them to that effect from them and so they are out there doing it 24/7 as well while the Christian who regularly terrifies idiots out of their insolent saloon cars and thinks the whole stuff is developing into something else entirely thinks they are playing with him each time they think they will finish with him and go home. It’s always been the way the UK has always been of course and so is the story I am trying to change things entirely wrong; it’s just that they think they want to target and bully me with it all the time.

I hear the blacks say they are finally extricating dignity that they deserve from me, it will never make sense either since it’s a case matter of what if your dads five brothers lived in the same street and each one wanted involvement with you every day, when they are so lazy they think their relationship with their parents was sorted the day they were born and it was there just like that and they know nothing about it; I mean this is the part of the lives of people who are so lazy they fail at relationship with their parents to an extent where it is a problem for the Police and even the Police is asked to be trusted by the communities in order to do their jobs which is an aspect of British society I cannot get my head around at this age i.e. if people said the Monarchy is no excuse for your crimes, it will exalt the idiots so it is an area that is never discussed. I am not of an age where I am a dead horse so to speak and will never move no matter how flogged but I am at the age where I am one of the quickest and they might want to watch how they flog it when they are stunted and cannot keep up to avoid getting out of breath so people can flog their own as well – so as usual they are out there doing it 24/7 with no respite in sight. I mean these kinds of things really tells you things and facts about what you really are like and I know I wouldn’t thrive without my pressures, so that when they want to be subjects of it and bring their own around and I want it all the time and we later hear all kinds of rubbish about why I am always attacked because they have done my stuff and I have turned up to bother and use them for my own ends, whereas the last time we checked they had it all worked out as it were; are they comfortable with a writer renting a room in their neighbourhood and going up to it to put the lights on at night and sit down to write or are they going to keep doing that? I personally dont care, after all nobody would have convinced me years ago that renting a room in a neighbourhood where you go up to and sit down to write books in London can be a nightmare that is the talk of the entire world because I have prepared mine dish as well and it’s a case of telling people all about the books which they can only escape from if they burst their stupid ear drums before I write and publish them and because I need to earn a living it is compulsory if not desperate that they do get sold and my heart is pumping properly as a result – no air pockets sort of thing.

I hear of this case of the enemies I make at Royal circles of course and it is perfectly okay after all you just do not say something about the Garter and not expect it to turn up on Media and Parliament but of course there is always an activity happening before then i.e. especially the nice little women my followers will have no jobs and some will be born into a life where they are not expected to and then there will be a destruction of all you own blah, blah, blah and when I ask about what brought it on a story comes through of when they are powerful and regularly got government contract and squandered the money without completing the job and so even if things are simply older a nice new one can be arranged. So I decided some people had too much pocket money and we find them at parliament and media because they are working for some as it were. Naturally the big case is more to do with decisions that were taken to make them spend their own to fix parts of my possessions they have damaged especially the financial parts and they are so keen, so much work put into the process of showing me not to be the angel I am said to be rather than just get on with the task that was consigned them and it spills over to how I have supported the film Industry and Popular culture where they had savaged my finances and thus continue to do so to this day; whereas what we are looking at is a case of guys that come from one of those American suburbs being seen by a film boffin who decides a hay good looking how about a role in a film, there is a lot of money involved if you want and so what you end up with are wealthy people some of whom are fathers and grand fathers, who have no clue what modern life is and as such really hate environmental destruction which is one of the issues at the very heart of the things these goons do each time they want to create an industrial order with them as the overlords and so it’s a matter of when I ask why it is so important to them that these guys are completely wiped out. Of course we hear its a story about how men whom the Queen favours fall out of favour but that is simply one way to look at it, the other is that I am a writer who simply honours HM with my work who has since been prevented from making a living on account of that fact just because of what these individuals want the world to know about their ambitions – so the case story of what happened and what I think happened being two different things exists only in their imagination, in my mind it really has not much to do with me unless HM expressly indicates that. There are many other deluded sense of what I think of myself and what my activities represent; thinks like business people for example who are required to abide by the same rules as everybody else but want to think they are special and above rules which isn’t really applicable and this is a matter about which people should get their priorities right always – they are simply business men and women and yes you may respect them because they are successful but it does not mean there is a separate laws and rules for them as compared to you and they do make trouble around me of course but it will never matter as Royal Princes and Business men and women are not the same thing or exist in the same league nor have the same things required of them, I do feel that I perhaps need to say this more often and then it might encourage them to go into their office and make their companies profitable from there not get around causing trouble – I myself was not published on TV and their media goons have no wish to understand that and I have no plans to hand my Royal office papers to some marketing company to sell for me especially when I would get into trouble for getting help from others which means they share the Royal power and cannot really be accountable to HM if required, so the unexpected like me turning up on the streets to distribute leaflets is how the books will be sold and yes without business people involvement things would have been sorted out a very long time ago too, however which I have no regrets and they say they wonder what I will get up to next when they are in their offices trying to make their businesses profitable but it is always the same case of making use of my public work and determining I can communicate with my fans and followers when they wish it as well and it is never clear how people make use of the public work of government workers anyway and more so get to a state where they do in that way but of course we all know they have friends that have ambition – so I do wonder if the things I get up to makes sense as well.


Now I hear they say some things I have said about the Holocaust not being right but that I have been able to get away with it because I am clever enough to devise a way of doing so; the reality of course is that there is no such nonsense, what is true is that I said every time Isrealis see holocaust they will want to be there – and there is nothing whatsoever that is complicated about that but the reasons I said it needs to be made clear as well i.e. one racist and four others with him and they regularly hold a meeting and have a small Political movement, so the one group of people that should time and again show them their career can advance should be Jews and the reason being that they hate the aesthetical appearance and proficiency of somebody else and none of them have answered other questions I have asked on this matter either i.e. why were the Nazis happy to kill 6 million jews in the concentration camps when 1 million Jews would have gone round to take care of their needs just as well? Why did they have to go as far as 6 million? More grease therefore to their elbows and absolutely nothing I said was complicated. It’s not a new story; they always say racism was a European only thing but Jews were complicit with the system, Muslims raised Armies for the Nazis and they had friends all over the world – it was a world war if we remember correctly. The implications of where I am going with what I say about the Middle East should have been clear by now; there was always something wrong with the American plan to smash religion on a global stage by splitting Isreal into Isreal and Palestine and starting off a two state solution but it has steadily gotten worse and worse and worse – so we can see that instead of each side dealing with the devil in our midst sort of situation where bombings are leaving consequences for women and children, Palestine should be a Muslim Minority in Isreal and not another State: I mean what sort of a homeland of the Jews can be possibly have without Jerusalem anyway – it can be a world heritage site taken care of by American and the International Community if they wanted of course but at what cost and have they ever before throughout history successfully carried out protection of territories put under their control in those sort of circumstances? Hence friends like this for the Jews and it is brilliant as far as they are concerned never mind the fact that the two state solution was devised when Iraq was being invaded anyway. Eventually the reality is that when Muslims cannot stop killing people who do not believe the same things that they do, then there isn’t a two state solution that will ever pay off where Palestine is Muslim land and there is no Jerusalem in Isreal – its all history and its all war and a functioning parliament with Muslim representatives will always do better than a two state Israeli Palestine solution. Muslims living in Muslim only lands and Isreal having the right to defend both muslims and Jews within Isreal and Palestine is the future and yes it does show that the need to destroy what the British did in that region has paid off a great deal too.

I understand it is said I spend a lot of time on other peoples problems and ignore mine but there is nothing being ignored about a sense black people have that their alliance with their evils of their culture and a sense it gives them that they are free of it once it is applicable to other people only will ever be tolerated by me – they bring it here and they lose it and we all know what that means and them I will hurt physically as well as this issue continues to get worse and worse as we are not mates and any rumours and tales that have led to theri interest in me was devised by their foolish women who want to fuck a gentleman claiming it gives them back their dignity and they all want a piece of me and will get it as well. For the whites its all very well to stand up on media and play irregular heart beat media reports with me over what black people do each time they set them up on media to bother me with and wreck my personal life on account they are not taking part in what happens in it but it makes me wonder if it is racism they are scared of it considering that they think limits is a concept that does not apply to them. The Politicians even speak of this need to deploy my work to build reputation for the Country that they control and the devil we all know was only thrown out of heaven when he wanted a share of the Throne as it were. The story of my interest in other peoples concerns is never a valid one, its all wickedness and evil and it really shows over money matters full of nothing but Politicians providing leadership for sales and advertisement idiots whose foundation for enjoyment is when people are suffering and they are not hence compared to them they are doing so much better than others – it is a matter of the number of times that they turn up here and I am not suggesting that they have no reasons, they do – there is something I do to them to establish normalcy and it is about detaching them from the devil and making sure they do not use my Christian faith to develop human relations they can better their career or sell things with, so they can get it from the devil and do his work for him with their own hands and lose that excess energy that convinces them I can be beaten up by them all the time making them take risks to pick a fight with me and pillage my finances because it will cost them nothing, so the devil should be rich enough to give them human relations as it were, since they must take their humanity and offer it in service to him and turn out to talk nonsense about power at me desiring my earnings. So they are always angry about this but it is at the heart of the fundamental nature of justice that you are primarily innocent until proven guilty, which means that those who continue to believe human beings are things that just exist in this world to remain somewhere so they can do them harm are a threat to us all that needs to be legitimised legally so they can shut their filthy mouths for once for a change. We all know they have tried to write the constitution in the UK but it is not because the legal system is not functioning, it is because serving the devil is not rewarding if they cannot deploy a Christians morals to decide what people think of them on media by which they improve their careers and sell things to get rich and like the Americans have been able to stop me they have also thereof seen that a written constitution will not change anything too as it were. In the end they suggest people should be judged only when they have committed a crime and freedom means a world where there is no law but if were applied that notion then the outcome of a murder trial would be a matter of provocation that pushed them to do it and a crime they have committed not against a person but against the state and against the society, hence leading back to the fact that it was the conditions that were there before their crimes which they have committed that they have committed a crime against and could lead to more serious problems thereof; I do not think it a serious matter either, its a reality that the legal system has always been as good as it is supposed to have been and these guys are just talking rubbish, I am only making it clear that there are reasons which are even better explained from the point of view of my ignominy of the evils that my own race plague me with because I am more interested in other peoples own and it leads to the same story as the issue on Industries i.e. it is not my fault that I am good enough to catch all of them as I should not have if they were as good as their big mouths would suggest all the time but where the attrition lies is that if I picked on a young person like that for first year to make my career and then second and then third I would start to worry if extremists are copying because he is available to them but these parliamentary fools have no compunction whatsoever and entirely deserve every single thing I do to them like their society idiots are also out there doing the powerful abuses so they never have to work for anything or be nice to those who can offer them help in order to get it and they are out there doing it 24/7 without respite on account of me.

It brings us to this whole case of Muslims feeling like leaving the UK on account of my activities and yes I am happy with that too because a dank and dark and evil existence full of women trying to survive while I cannot get any rest as it were and they bang everything at me especially their cars is something they want to think about – are they comfortable with a writer that rents a room in their neighbourhood and goes in doors to write his books or will simply keep doing that anyway? It is a very far away world from Muslims doing their academic work and passing their exams and holding top jobs even in Muslim lands as it were and I am tired of their crap most especially because they know stories about me being a weak man and not a Christian was created by their women but have become to conscious of the dominating nature of their very own feelings that they regularly forget that to be a fact and it means talking such nonsense as men who open their hearts to the world and think it makes them leaders – which you can only respond to by asking them why they are nervous if they do not feel led and this is the kind of trouble they are good at, so moving out of the Country to another place they will feel good calling home is the kind I am good at as well. I mean their black and African counterparts are doing it currently so I do not see why not anyway: it’s the price people pay when you make them stop these things, the price they pay for their violent and evil and narcissistic fun.

Hence all together, so two state solution in the Middle East, a Muslim population with a means of representing themselves in parliament and Muslims returning to Muslim lands will generally ensure heaven is not full of idiots that were killed by Muslims because of their sins and the need to return them to god converted claiming to be doing God’s work because of course the eventual result can only be that if heaven must be filled with clever ones, then every good person will be slaughtered by Muslims and then the bad ones will remain and persecute everybody else into giving up any faith that they have left and then the final battle will last longer than necessary and we are all fed up with the Muslim nonsense as a planet: this as far as I am concerned is the future.