There is nothing wrong with the British Economy, I have done enough for it; the usual plan is to work as slowly as possible, so politicians can travel around the world securing all the interests but they have chosen the trappings of power; telling people lies that people are happy to believe so they do not believe what makes them uncomfortable, on account somebody will be suffering if they do believe those things-which thrills them, while the Politicians one after the other get into office to relate to the state of my finances as per what the media makes of my books, which of course is whether or not it should be what they want before it gets sold and then the perversion of my customers into needing what they said it should be in order to create some kind of status quo that must then be enforced.

So for now I don’t care and they talk too much about the powers of their secrete societies and secrete shrines for wealth and glory, after which they make other noises about how I should be avoiding people like them but get involved with them instead, as if there is anything they can do.

So what is my problem with their secrete societies and secrete shrines for wealth and glory; nothing, except that its sole purpose and function in the last 9 years has been ownership of my privacy and spying on me for the purpose of beating me up with their strange insolence based powers that have been created from the perversion of my faith and academic work.

The argument I bring it on myself by associating with the industries I do is absolute nonsense; clearly they are the ones who think friendship can be done for everybody because they have civil rights and do not care whether or not such nonsense is financially sustainable-if we imagine we had let go of the waste, besides which is the insolence of choosing my friends for me and creating me Opportunity Costs via access they have to my personal life and work like a habit.

UK economic recovery is the problem-the problem is that it is slow: fuck all of them. 


How would they like it is people did what they do with my job and income with their's, they have got media Politics and Celebrity culture, I know this and I am bowled over.

I do not get involved with them and there is no such thing; what they have is lots of well to do money with which they spoil themselves attack my moral books that would have done them some good and have problems later in life-what I have is a good life and some wealth and power and privilege, we cannot tag along its just impossible: hence what I mean by they are better off finding some Pornography to do or something and piss off, rather than attack me or my property or indeed income like they do-because the likely prognosis is that those goons they visit to get spiritual power to be rich with have tied them down somewhere, to usurp their income and all they own so they are broke homeless and frustrated and now I have come along to bother them with my Morals.

 They always tell me I will not and cannot do anything about them which I bet I cannot if I make sure I have only the friends that insolent children whose parents have businesses have and ensure their parents business that is a yardstick for their habit of destroying my business and attacking my securities does not pass to their generation, Keep the homes of those stupid women who vandalise my work for them with the entertainment industry and more often than not set them up somewhere to take pictures of them on my equities without my permission to make lots of money open for me and my boys, which will also express how much influence they have on the financial industry that it should be doing their will, keep their society, culture and community relations sold along with my books.

All they need to do to find out is make sure no body else has a business around here and they are the ones that are the only people who have to employ, then I will not have revenge lest I hurt somebody. Like decline of west and complains about it while the west wants to live in my life and remove me from it with a big mouth. So they can control and use me by controlling my income through my book sales, which they always tell me about because they have never been scared of anything in their stupid lives. 

Media idiots against the Liberal enemy; how convenient?