So tensions that my actions create with respect to the fact that people in the west do not feel free is a matter which I think has no bearing with reality. It is something about the fact those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others, when people have a public life they should never mess with the pubic lives of others. I do not handle their public lives because I want it; I do because I am using it to fix any damages that they do here. I am not interested in what class of Politicians in their country I should be compared to, never was, even though they fact I have not been has given them reasons to damage my finances and create me a different history from the one I really have to make up feelings that they want to regard as fact with a big mouth and it is this damage that must be settled and until it is they are not going anywhere especially in the US. The other part where I handle their culture has more to do with the fact their insults do not do reality any justice and so each time it happens I ought to make it clear to them that I am not their mate as it were and that it happens all the time and is abusive all the time and each time it happens idiots turn up to do damage to my property and earnings with consideration that the only way I can settle the matter is if I murder somebody. Hence I handle their culture and handle them as well for it in the process. They love to play these stupid games all the time and yet can enforce none of it; especially the one where I cannot escape the colour of my skin and therefore they will deploy black culture to exchange places in the world with me which will be of a greater good than if I had myself all to myself with a big mouth as though I know nothing of the black culture as well and it is for those insults that I will then clear the way for them to be famous and we can therefore live from then on happily ever after maybe. I need to understand that when my products are doing badly it is something I am doing or not that is responsible and not them and this fact will become their undoing before their behaviour does change, never the less until the finances they damaged it repaired, they are not going anywhere and simply need to turn that process of attacking me to have little strength left for their valuables which I tend to confiscate all the time as well into something more serious but that will be if they want to. So it is said still I do not hit the nail on the head but there is nothing there to be decisive about. The fact about their actions is that it is spent for most of the time on cultures of vandalism around me that they think will help them exchange places in the world with me to become dominant which will serve black causes better and so when they do things like use it to share my business with their stupid children to make them confident, I always think they need to be led and when they do not go along with me I will put a noose down their nose for it. It is not that I am getting angry or have been made unstable either; I have never really lost my temper anywhere, just gotten really indignant about a process where they get to waste my time and work making a fool of themselves at great expense to me and it is much the same with the Politicians that like to speak of being tough on crime but their prognosis is based on attacking the Christian because they settle in on how they will do that then reward criminals for playing with the authorities since last they found themselves in very difficult conditions because they refused to become criminals or indeed rebelled against authority by or maybe not being one, then they settle up and start to tell tales about being tough on crime, on a settlement they claim gives them such gloriousness as they are actually greater sons of greater silence while other people are lesser sons of greater silence - they describe it as emotional and psychological management the basis on which it is possible to look like you are from a good background but we all know is spent on deviance to get rich anyway and their hidden political idiots get around thereby thinking they have workable opinions about people who get jobs or property that they are too young to have on the basis of a culture. I have not a clue whatsoever about why that would in any way annoy me. I have sent out my warning and especially with respect to the matter of seeing themselves as more powerful than I am and hence the need to dominate me with a big mouth which involves things I will give up so that they can, that when my products are not doing well at the market I need to know it is a factor of something I am doing or something I am not doing not a function of the fact that they exist. In the end the biggest question of all is always that of whether I put myself in great risk by choosing to write books, which I don’t; I am certain that once I have OCD epidemic for Politicians and Celebrities and Media and businesses, if they see my products they will realise and respect the fact it is somebody else’s property, it is much the same as the matter of the recession where I say; “what if?” and they say “why not?” and my chest feels as though it would explode or something i.e. what if the richest person in the world was worth 50 million pounds and everybody else were worth between 30 and 45 million pounds; would you still pick up another person’s property, handle and vandalise it and get on media to get rich and famous with it and to it they say; why not? So I do feel like kicking them all of the time; I have dealt with this matter since the war in Iraq, given over 8 years of my time for it and have had their case up to my neck as well – no more. For now the nail on the head has a lot more to do with the fact that I may write my books but once the last sentence is finished and the pen dropped, the money disappears because they create their own meanings into it to secure temporary ownerships by which they strip it of any financial value to get rich and do so quickly and this therefore is the real problem; the desire to create those stupid effects.


So the question is that of what I have accomplished and my aim was not to accomplish anything but set out how the matter will actually work because for the media it is about being linked to a higher authority and for drugs and gangs people it’s about gang revenge and for the former we have enough facts about how it rolls with abuses that are end product lucrative for them like you were a piece me meat and modernity means they can now rob you of histories of oppression as well for the latter we can see that as soon as you look into it, you draw attention to and get attention from gangs and racists. So I think I have done it in an acceptable way; all that left wing rubbish and violent separatists it breeds all over the place where their wars will happen far from my privacy and from reality and institution of government; I mean it is even impossible to handle the process of making it so while attending church regularly and church is extracurricular by the way. I am not in any way crushed or finished by a handful of opportunistic lying fantasists that are more concerned about whether or not I become opportunistic as they are than they are about whether or not they find work to pay their way in this world with rather than look for crimes that are not quantified by law. They want me to notice everything they get up to and so will I down to the way the shut the doors of those stupid cars. I am also aware of people getting the Queen to approve my books before I sell any copy. I do not consider this to be a major matter either; the fact is that it is something middle class idiots do and they do so because they think of themselves as owners and controllers of all the publishing and book sale outlets. I for my part have not forgotten their permissive racism rubbish which has a lot to do with how they must live in the knowledge they can dominate me before I am allowed to exist and unless that happens I will become a damaged human being by not getting a job until it does with a big mouth. As it stands they hate my guts because they cannot get anywhere in the world to do their wickedness and fake freedom but they feel they ought to go after my work as well, bearing in mind they do get the Queen to approve little things they themselves do for money. My point is that if it is not shut down soon enough I will become the biggest problem that their sense of freedom has got and will take the matter Europe wide and they will come outside like they always think they will not but have done before on account of me and what I get up to. Never clear to me however therefore what kind of a monumental idiot would hate a person intensely and think there is fun to be had going after his work, or what idiot would keep somebody unemployed with lies and quest for political prerogatives to office idiots who get elected for ten years without working out a successful way of dominating him, only to send in his stupid children to feel like they are dominant as well when I can always get hold of those and do these same things to them as well but it is the measure of why they are so stupid and their stupidities are so destructive as well. The part about being named an abusive figure is considered from two directions; one of them is that of a Prince who has manipulated those their filthy permissive racist lives so badly that he can now choose to have something to aspire to as a writer with some academic work going on too and something to stay away from as a source of ruin – something that is an evil of society that I must avoid but if it wants me to notice all it gets up to I will down to the way they shut the doors of those stupid cars, all done by him by his own hands without employing any body and the other side has to do with the reasons for the abuse itself which is that I am entangled in a condition I will never get out of where I am always making their homes for them and in view of the previous one not exactly clear when I did actually end up making their homes for them, thereby settling as an abuse of a royal Prince because of his wisdom which has earned them my intolerance for their society spirituality rubbish and my intolerance due to my temper has spread across Europe and America over it as well by the way with serious outcomes and consequences. I should not have this kind of life, it should be cultures and realities but each time I write the books the same idiots will have other ideas about it which make sense to people in public and because my finances have been worn so thin by it on account they want to prove I am no royalty when nobody is asking them and or it makes no sense whatsoever, they started off just before I went into University and continue to brag as well which makes me want to cause them to pay for the damages that stupid mix of kids who have jobs that are too big for them and plans to prove I am no royalty against what is really fact has done here and of course none of their back room parliamentarians rubbish will aid them when I do that either. As it stands I have become very intolerant of society spirituality prognosis of wickedness rubbish in Europe and they will do well to practice it out of my sight as well. I should say they ought not to leave alone my books as well for it appears that they are deaf too. For those that support it, it appears to them that the protests will do the trick after they support a process where a set of happenings occur as events but through bullying and damage once enough people had believed something else they can build on that with media; the protests that carry out after they support it helps a lot as it were, it does the trick after all.

 I am not saying it is a problem, I am saying the way the idea I have been trapped by them really works is that I should not be interested in the mooings and cooing and mumblings of sexually insane women but I am because they want me to do as well, so apart from that aspect there is the one where I want to be an upstanding human being as well and then the Royal commission that sits out there for me as something I will have when I have acquired the funds to live in that way, so I have got absolutely everything there is to have
So they say I wait until everybody crawls on their knees before I do anything that I am meant to do, which has itself become a trend. However which it is clearly an economic crisis and so not a matter of whether or not you have answers to the questions but where you place the answers and therefore the kind of escalations that you engineer. It’s like that old stuff about violent insolent boasts, especially those that are bred from a condition of mixing with high society after having some disposable cash to spend, which cash they get from handling my work without permission and delaying my sales to create suspense to make wealth with on media, thereby handling my earnings instead of working for their own, in order to be more important than I am, which when placed alongside the fact their mothers know they are forty years older than I am at least but prefer to chase me around for violent and scandalous sex, knowing it is intimidating for me but do it for kicks for they themselves do not want to have sex with me either like they can give to the frugal, so their idiots can spend my work even so to make money with which to be better and more important than I am with a big mouth, which shows that they believe that they have hit a gold mine here. I do wonder if they do think about why they are so lazy and thereby after years of sucking on my strengths to become more supreme than others normally allow them to feel, how on earth they will make that permanent by beating me up (it is really so funny that they are so stupid) - I do not think that it is a complicated matter either, I have not lost a sense of myself; in my mind, every idiot around here and probably along with their friends abroad too, wants my job because I will not entertain explorations of power and vandalism on it.