The story of women pulverising my work does not actually exist; they are not pulverising anything – it’s a simple case of the fact that people cannot just talk nonsense about being tough to be successful by which they open a sale on me and keep it open thereof so the customer cannot decide what they want – they will always close the bloody sale so the customer can move on and I can as well or it will become a more serious matter. The ones that really want some of mine are those greedy narcissistic backstage celebrity culture ones and when you flick the next pornography website you are sure to find something that has to do with it all there and when it involves you, it becomes something you want to put aside and wait for an opportune time as well. I mean I do give some people an express permission to open up a sale on me but of course that means I do pick up their social networking site and they understand the need to give me something to work with as well, so it does not just operate as per giving people permission to open one on me – even then not everybody that behaves properly gets a chance either because if it does not do anything for me or my company then hatred for Royalty who think I should not be playing with idiots or it limits their ability to show them the importance of money the way they want to know it, hence the incessant revenge based attacks on me that come from nowhere will never have been enough like it currently stands at present. It is not a major crisis only the most annoying part of the whole business of selling my books; women who are Wiley, wreck my work and run off to media to stand there and get a man to give it to them like their civil rights idiots have the mark of those they bully into giving them what they want about which it is never enough and anything I do because I am a Christian or have been looked after well will only improve their stupid lives about which my consequences for I dish out are unjust and will lead to violence and so on. Hence it is something they do every day and takes the breath the way and their Politicians are doing very well too for the support they give it so are they complaining about their exit routes being blocked off by me. The wrecking work and finances part for Wiley women on a game is never the funny bit; it is the original provocation which when unanswered offers them an impetus for all sorts of things. Consolation is that the Politicians are now doing very well thereof this sort of corruption after all; never scared of them like presumed, I already know they understand facts about rebellion and militant activity and that it is the reason Politicians enlist their services to make them watch young people and run the civil service and put forward systems they can get corrupt with – I have simply reached a stage where I need to dish that violence they measure for me for them as well until I make money while they spend theirs on security. Nobody is scared of them the politicians that let them run wild are doing very well thereof currently and this is what matters; the rest are habits I must acquire. I have made it clear in any case I have a lot of attention to spend on their stupid children and it is the one where they will grab my fame.

I don’t believe it to be a crisis; they always say I don’t recognise their left right and right left and up and down thing they do considering I have messed with that stupid culture which purpose is to detach me from my environment so they can bargain with it to acquire my earnings and other things they will never have but support what the Monarchy does to them like anybody asked them to be rebels first of all and anybody told them they were okay thinking because they hate the Monarchy I am obliged to take rubbish from them as well endlessly daily for 13 years and counting. I will shut down their exit route as well – the way out is when they move and get out. They do say if I block off their exist routes and ensure they live like I want there will be a war with a big mouth of course like they claim they have seen how I deal with problems that overwhelm me and will exploit it when they are the problem i.e. we touch your penis with our filthy evil culture and then your anus as well and these things we do endlessly like we have no other use for our energy and it gives us a sense of something we have never had and amounts to power and therefore cannot shut up – I know I should not react to such things but they have got media and it is full of idiots messing up my work to be better off at my expense and those want to ensure that I do. So I have messed with the culture not ripped it up yet. Nobody really cares if low life’s like these want to be able to feel special on grounds people cannot survive if they go up against them and boy am I not one of those yet as it were – if they stay away from me and away from my possessions and stay away from anything I am selling for a living they should be alright otherwise we are set to carry on like this and there will be no such war as their big mouth suggests. They love to do things with my valuables like it is something they can backup in the real world to make leaders chose and as a Christian hate such immorality and wickedness with a passion while they think it is something they do because they rule over me; all I have done so far is give them a little preview of what they rule over and they are all over the place already. I mean Scottish Nationalists will claim that building International relations that will one day detach Scotland from the UK Monarchy while they are currently running a referendum to detach it from the UK is something that will not provoke me and that if it does there is nothing I can do – hence nothing I have done should have been unexpected then as it were. I mean I have female journalists support me by building them all the bad sex they could ever want and they know those claims I am like useless women men have derogatory things to say about because they are found in brothels is provocation they will pay for and make noise about doing so at a later date as well.


I do come across a process where they blab off how an idiot cannot keep his problems to himself and mentions it in public all the time which serves an impediment for those who want to be modern and famous – I mean one thing means the other in that it applies in the same question of the claim I really don’t like the Monarchy and happen to exist on either side of issues, when we all know that those who have been ‘cued’ by colleagues at the office because they are laid back do not hate Monarchy, those who have had it thrown up into the air for them to catch as a social disposition that they are to chase a cause and die for the glory of black people do not hate Monarchy and those who happen to be at the receiving end of the activities of stupid girls like these who get jobs at shops and decide to sell the man they can bully instead of sell themselves to sell a product of which nobody knows why anybody would get around provoking others like that, do not hate Monarchy. All I can say is that my warnings on the matter have been clear and time and again they have continued to come up with the part where they say games aside assess the reality and we will kick his arse seriously which means we can only get worse to find out what he will do – knowing those their stupid young people insults are just as well as they know I have attention to shower on them and they as well as I know what kind of attention it is and what it is about, hence understand it is never wise to keep exasperating me in such ways. Their Politicians do claim I speak like I do but in terms of everything else I get beaten but of course that is never true since I am only largely involved with a condition where I am quite happy to find myself a job in my own life as it were but others can take it up and do it and pay the bloody taxes so their parents can continue to spoil them in violence while they pretend I know nothing about being pampered hence – such outcomes thereof as the idea that they would have been comfortable with the idea of me doing a job if and only if I changed and became somebody else and ceased to exist, among the many insults that usually mean I leave jobs for them and find my own thing somewhere else; most of the time of which I never do unless I clear up my position with those who gave me the jobs to prove myself with as per how the job should be done as it were. The problem here being that these idiots are helped to tax payer funds to give them a footing for endless states of happiness no matter how much their offending you leads to a process where you punish them which then means that since they are making money with their wrong activities it can never be wrong if they are making money – as it stands where I have been beaten in their view has a lot to do with how much of that tax payers money they spent on themselves they have left to them as a community since I was never given the authority to prevent them from spending it which if I were they would not be here making noise as well either as it were – hence the one that is my authority thus applicable. It is not a major crisis; I mean the Bible says homosexuality is evil and you can either decide you wish to explore the reasons that it is and make a public case of that but do not complain about what you find or you can take it as it is written and have a nice life; it depends on what you want to do. I have mentioned the things that homosexuals do as a basic form of their existence that leads to me bumping into the equity property of my own company being used by shops and businesses in areas of the country I have never set foot in by idiots to sell things and do high powered marketing to get rich and how much of a barrier to employment it constitutes for me when I turn up in those places to find a job, I have mentioned the number of defiling abuses they are really used to that constitutes a mood based habit for people and for me which creates a barrier to employment for me but instead of stop it, their girls sell me instead of themselves to get jobs and do business and talk nonsense about men that will beat me up and how I need to keep my problems to myself because they are trying to be modern and rich of which one more of such provocation will see them play it out to the fullest and it will end like it normally does in a situation where one of either me or they will pass away and they continue to maintain a state of affairs that means there are certain things that are in the interest of society such as a choice between circular society and the men in it that have women to protect and society idiots playing men and their stupid children, who offer us nothing but defiling abuses that create extremism of society and religion, financial crisis, organised crime and socialised disillusionment, so they can have a disposition to chase their greed and stinginess and get rich with – these are the sort of choices that cannot be made because homosexuals exist hence the fact I am not a fan of theirs and they are perfectly aware I don’t chase issues the way I get them in order to ensure we live in a society where things are toned to a moderation but continue with insults like somebody that does not keep his problems to himself while they are trying to get famous and modern and one more of it will result in one of those occasions where one of either me or them is in a race to a grave that they will win as it were and then there will be police helicopters and it will be theatrical and Hollywood will make movies as well. We hear them pillage my work these days to speak on the other hand about the need to nip extremism bubbles in the bud before they develop on account they believe they have used their insolent media to create a common enemy with me and own me like an item they need to feed their stupid desires with but despite that on the other hand I am the idiot a big fool that cannot keep his problems to himself and mentions them to create an impediment to the fact people are trying to be famous and modern.


They do say the Islamic sectarian extremism bubbles themselves are all together an issue I have no choice but to place my life on the line for, just like the story of how I don’t like the Monarchy or the Politicians means the Price I have to pay for those really angry Royal girls that want to teach them a lesson about money all the time doing what they want is being gagged so I can be used as human shield etc. I do wonder if it is the one where every goon in the Middle East has now realised that the route to carrying out their Islamic plans is the control of crude oil and is therefore out to do so, hence the handful of leaders left in the Country have to rely on the US for protection and security in return of which the US get cheap crude oil as well or maybe they are talking about their own. This whole trouble with the media thing is really no trouble at all in anyway whatsoever; the fact remains that they are a group of men that are fond of making strange aboriginal abhorition out of other people’s children from which they will extricate some spiritual power that they can protect themselves and ward off evils with and they can turn up on that media and abuse me every day because they are making one out of me for various excuses that make no sense but apply to some Political nonsense that will buy them time until it done, for no reason whatsoever. I don’t think they are a problem for me either, they simply never listen and we will never cease to hear the complains as well; I mean the way they create these means of warding off evils with would involve such things as the need to see some millionaire lose all his millions and end up in a place where nobody will give him a job and then they will want his personality until they get to deploy all his skill that led his to success in a perverted way that will create it and the question now is whether when they damage my book sales and my Literary empire and deplete billions held in property equity in the hands of the consumers worldwide, they are known to have one such which they give to or share with the frugal.


They do say my biggest problem is that I have no respect for women; the truth about that aspect of life is that they think they are bullies and so if they are single it is a matter of how media and fame will help them to my income and the use of my work and personality and public life to get rich and if they are couples it is a matter of wrecking my finances and turning out to ensure I cannot get a job and a date so they can exploit my feelings and fuck the wife I never married and seek money at the end of it being that two heads are better than one. So the premise by which it works which I can still remember 15 years ago is a matter of the Christian who wants to live the way the Bible says he should and the result being that people want to see me use his life which they would use for him like a rag and a dump to clean up their lives and societies and go off somewhere on a cause in which he dies and makes it all go away and then they can build up more and wait for the next person. They have made a mess of everything here; my book sales, my company, the Royal Estate is still good but the finances are on hold because of their activities on media every day etc to make it so,  I am suffering because I am a good person so I imagine there are a lot of people that will want to know how bad they are as well which is why we have to set out the next time I have to deal with insults from their stupid children about how I cannot keep my problems to myself while others are trying to be famous and modern, it will set the stage for a race to the grave that they will certainly win – so far of which not enough have died yet already as it were. The way that part came about was the one where I move away from parents who set me up in such ways as the guy that carries curses and goes off to die to make it all go away and they get in touch with parents and get on media and parliament to enforce it wherever I go, if I move away from bad people who have seen me and want to use the personality which finances they have spent tax payer funds to destroy what they do is get in touch with those and get on media and parliament to enforce their will on me and now they are saying they don’t want to die anymore and try to make noise about how I will when I have been already for the last 15 years at least and will only likely get worse. I mean in terms of whether I think I should manipulate people like that, first of all I in my Christian mind have given enough warnings and they never listen to anything anybody is saying to them – first it was the one where getting in touch with people I move away from to get on media and politics to exasperate me by enforcing their will on me over something I refused to give because I cannot give it is insulting was not the one that was important, until retribution came for it, then just a few days go the story had changed to the part where they don’t get to sell me but nothing has changed about their desire to do that one either and now we are talking about respect for women and the part where they don’t want to die anymore and we have not even finished yet with the part where they don’t get to sell me. I have lived comfortably with nonsense about the good Christian they will beat up unless they see me have sex outside marriage and the good Christian they will anal fuck and the fact the only friendship they can offer people around here is a homosexual relationship which then means that they are spoilt in violence by their parents and anything I do good or bad simply improves their lives or mine can only get worse until they get that improvement on grounds of social inequality if they are nice but much more violent prejudices if they are not. So these are my reasons for my actions, I have not got a clue what their reasons for abusing me all the time is, except they have expressly made it clear it is a matter of the fact I have got something that they have not got and it is end as badly as it looks for it too. The state of affairs stays as it were; they don’t sell me unless they are looking for trouble – I am suffering because I am a good person I am sure there are a lot of people out there that will want to know about their wickedness too, so none of it is anything new. The issue about respect for women was rather as simple as the fact women always build the cocoon of environment around people so they can exert some distant violence against people to defend themselves but not women like these, these are threats to the freedoms of Church people and priests and moral men because when they attack those who have not done them any offence it evens the odds against evil people and makes them powerful; so I don’t think I have done anything wrong by the actions I have taken either; thus on realisation that if homosexuality is allowed to do what it likes a process of creating that cocoon of environment that allows distant violence by men as well will never work, I have asked the homosexuals what they have to offer as well being I am an evil person thereof and they have offered nothing but abuses that enable people to forge a barrier to employment for me, they have offered nothing but examples of what people can do with a Christians anus in public places and they have offered nothing but threats of what will happen to me if their homosexual sex hurts because I have done something to change the disposition of my feelings which they are supposed to exploit in order to have their fill of their perversions. So it is much the same story all around that the reason is that I have something they don’t and it will end as ugly as it looks too and they can sell me if they want to look for even more trouble. Of course it is said nothing I do has any effect but it does as the only thing that causes any trouble around here happens to be peoples culture; peoples culture that means there is something about enjoying a process of offending you and building it up on media to affect social interests until you react which then means they can touch your penis and touch your anus to have the last laugh – they built their own atmosphere of fantasies for that purpose and now they have a problem with my own atmospheres as well since last the only thing I could do would be to get so offended I build a big Church to progress The work of God that they can come in to corrupt and become even more powerful.

We live in this country like that and it makes no sense whatsoever; you were born somewhere and grew up somewhere and have a mind that allows you to head somewhere but because the worst of them is seen in public and they think nobody knows they keep the best at home which is why they like to attack other people’s feelings of comfort they have worked hard to create for themselves – this leads to a process where these things are split from people and others can move in there which has no meanings whatsoever provided it is pleasurable violence and can therefore happen at will. I mean you may even take a look at the lower classes and you will find people there who because they have something they can do must be pushed and crushed against those who are so stupid and love these activities so much that when people spend time in their company they become just as stupid in a very short period of time as well – so as I have mentioned before the fact somebody creates or likes super hero comics is not to say his comic do not enrich people’s lives children and adults alike and that his comic do not give people meaning and that he does not have the right to have a quality to it free of all that nonsense they come up with all the time and yet their answer remains that I have something they don’t and hence an issue we will definitely wait and watch and see an end to as well.  For me the case is still the simple one about the fact it appears they don’t want to die anymore and I am not interested in anything they do for security purposes either as well; typical example is Bus drivers, they lead the way when it comes to the matter of bad people who feel like somebody else should be in a position where they are being punished all the time and if a good person even better still because it means they can be powerful while doing it and no matter how much it comes to a point where you have lost your temper over being told how quickly to walk past traffic lights for example and warn of an issue that will exist soon between you and them that will become something Westminster has to deal with they keep getting worse and the rest are just like that showing aspirations of doing even more. These are all things I am aware the Armed forces are not necessarily comfortable with and so I actually do have a duty to provide an environment for them to help them do their jobs, this is guaranteed – like the issue of how stupid I am when I manage my war and peace issues in service of the Queen but because I am so good at it do am also able to stimulate the economy and stabilise the population in my own small way in my own small office and it does work a treat as it were but the personal issue here is that when we are in that race to the grave they tend to win all the time and share with their parents things tend to calm down a bit, so that does work a treat too. The part where they need a certain kind of behaviour from the population and need to guarantee they can get behaviour from the population any time they want is understood but will never make sense to me; all I know with respect to that is that they can apply whatever they want to get any behaviour they want from their idiots that are ugly to a fault with ugly behaviour and ugly attitude and ugly words and ugly culture to intimidate people with all of the time about which we hear and see it all the time and are very familiar with where it ends up but it is not in the interest of this Christian that they should be able to defile people like that; hence what must be taken into account when the whole condition of how they thought they were better than me and had something I do is being broken down and understood – of course they are better than me and have something I don’t, the bloody clowns, it is where the prognosis comes from that if it is as they say that they can have anything they see then it is okay to turn up here and have it not get around to seek aid from Politicians and have tax payer funds to keep their minds defended from exasperation which of course is also a worthy collection of activities for Politicians to engage in and tell others it was done because what I have said today was not said at the time which shows what is wrong with Monarchy. It is utter nonsense of course for the record; they always say these things I do have consumed me which has no basis on reality since it is all their stupidities which I also want to commercialise so they can feel the way they make me feel and I will be copying their excuses for bullying me as well soon enough and then it will have no end, about which I don’t feel bullied but applying the violence was all they wanted which does give me the confidence they deserve everything they get as well because I put up with it every single day. The fact of the matter is still the same old issue of how it is never wrong if they are making money from it and the central matter stands in that they don’t sell me, they sell themselves as they know nothing about me and selling me does not do them any favours either. The part where the UK has a problem with Countries that are bigger and richer and more prosperous is utter rubbish; I mean they speak of China for example but what is happening there is a Country with a centralised Macroeconomic system which means when they decide to spend money on it they can get rich very quickly indeed but it is UK diplomatic National interest that allowed them the means to spend that money in a secure environment in the first place anyway and we were never stupid for doing that either; it is a clear and simple case of respecting other Countries have the right to be successful when they have their advantage in their own economy as well – we all know that there are downsides to the Chinese economy and so do we know managing it is more important that squeezing the British. The four main offenders are the Americans full of idiots who think their specialty is leveraging people’s lives to pile things high and sell them cheap and it therefore means people want to get around being bullied, the Chinese who do not seem to realise that the negative equities of cheques being altered from British to Chinese in terms of economic equity is something which if done to them as well will spread like wild wire in their communist economy, the Russians who speak of power economy and Oligarchy all the time as though the British establishment must have been full of Royals who are wealthy but do not understand the importance of not leveraging the lives of poorer people to make their money and the Japanese who still feel they are the biggest economy Pimps in the whole world. What happened in Ukraine was complicated by the way; the Americans took action there that they thought was correct with its own effect gained, the Russians I particularly commend because they have been able to without hindsight avoid the same problems that the Americans created through intervention in the Middle East, Crimea is mainly ethnic Russians so even if a certain level of street violence tainted what is dubbed an illegal referendum it is still a fool’s errand to assume they do not want to be a part of Russia, so it comes down eventually at this point to being concerned about the matter of humiliating Ukrainian soldiers since we know such things never really go away and hence to avoid it in future the EU must have a bit more teeth than it does at present and Nato must be able to go beyond talk to protect its allies; I am all for the preventative measures and to that effect I play my part in these matters, which in retrospect I played those parts entirely for economic security reasons and they have become important at this stage because there is no other source of hope left around expressing exactly how close things came to going wrong due to Russian Incursion into Ukraine and so this is I suppose the next hot topic on the diplomatic floor for the next couple of decades.  So am I also guessing in an assessment of circumstances I should also be confident that relations can get better really quickly in the near future but that is not to say I will by any means relinquish my power and leadership – so when it comes to that the Primary trouble makers are really insolent American idiots on my television about whom I intend to start off a case over the fact I don’t have anything I own by leveraging the lives of poorer people and have nothing to lose if I attacked capitalism and for this I intend to make them understand and learn their place in the most decisive way yet. I simply have no plans to go to an office to work while American idiots abuse me to extricate some spiritual sensibility that can be used to ward off bad spirits and evil luck – what I have done so far is not hurting badly enough yet they think they like to laugh but that was my line in the first place. I mean the American ones think they are a hard nut and claim my books provoked them but we all know they do those abuses and cultural nonsense to a point where the paedophiles will go off to Asia to abuse some girl and then turn up to rob it all over British Interests with their stupid media and stand at the other end pretending they will superior extricate from me the best of what the west should be and have it for America with a big mouth. So imagine equity brokered with Claridges somewhere in the Middle of London and before they give me anything to work with some idiot who has been indulging paedophilia has his sensibilities shoot off all over the place or indeed imagine if it was the financial sector and in this case it was the filth of their cultural girls or the stupidities of their cheer leaders – nobody knows thereof who asks them to get involved with any of those things anyway and it might be just as well that they know everybody as it were but on my equities I believe we have reached a stage where they can guarantee themselves some real trouble. It gets even better when before I am given anything to work with it turns out they have been pillaging my income by handling my temperamental colours to create products like black idiots in the UK or their African counterparts of every fool from tourist economies who think nobody in the UK is aware of deviance in tourist economies and their criminals travelling all over the place to that effect but most of all are convinced the insolence of their girls will always pay off and they can use the war and peace sensibilities of the royal estate of anybody they please if they know where books he has written are located. They never ever do business with proper equities built up because they know it will make them vulnerable and the reasons are their money based insults that always seem to pay off which is something I intend to break as well because I have had enough of them and was never published on television. There is nothing here that was not said due to fears of the liabilities of saying them; we have only reached a point where Americans and insults on economic black mail has reached a head and they need to know what reality is like.