No body really knows exactly why it is still a main preoccupation of the Media to prove I am a coward anyway; what happens with these fools is that the issues of tribalism are just a tool for gimmicks as they go from people who say they cannot make a fortune by working and therefore need to have popular culture, to people who love to persecute women and religious people in order to get rich quick and for some reason have established a connection between the two things. What then happens when they have children is a process of setting out those who have what they do not as some human shield and we can see how easy it is for them to destroy lives as they have gone off to bring in friends from overseas who help them work tribalism they do not have the money to support on Media and at the jobs and at the business world and job markets which of course is the reason they cling to my Books to demand my public image and if big enough yap yap about having my Royal Estate as well – so its not a case of what we see some parents do that involve making you understand how it would feel if you handled their family, its a case of their children's future depending on the hurting of those that will not defend themselves and I suppose the result will be that when I have children too, I will become like they are and we will end up with a situation whereby each time they invent these stupid ideas I would have done it all and then they would tell the difference that way, progressing to finding out whether it is theory that can become reality that they will confiscate our way of living and our entertainment careers and film careers and music careers and make claims of ownership to everything they make out makes people rich without the need for work in order to be liberal. For the moment its that big mouth all over the place regularly about the guy who nearly lost a Royal Estate while they fight for their stupid lives in that foolish society and cannot watch their filthy mouths on that stupid media as well; why they always have to come up with something saying that suggest I am a coward. They say they want to destroy all I have with new madness at jobs and business market along with friends from overseas but it is so stupid and encouraging of extremism and violence that if I say I am fine as long as I do not get distracted by it, there is no meaning whatsoever and so most of these stupidities make sense because they are being expressed to help them deal with what besets them on my reputation and public image which is exactly what should not be happening if ignorance and conflict is to be controlled. They do say I am planning to wreck peoples lives and get away with it and I would not understand anyway, I was under the impression I am really planning to wreck peoples lives safely and get away with it, the Media is the most salient example of them all, no job gives anybody the license to pass at me the kinds of insults and abuses I have to tolerate all the time and so they must be made to understand they might be men but so is my penis just as heavy. We hear so often they say they are waiting for me to make their lives easier by passing away and I have no idea what it is the appealing option compared to just letting me be; I broker Equities with Large Companies in Trust that helps me run a Public Office that is Royal, if they do not feel good about getting involved with me while seeking to buy the products nobody knows why they do it – I have no privacy to sell Books with, I have no privacy for people to buy products with, I have no privacy for people to enjoy the products by as long as they continue and the rest of the time they just wind me up. What really happens is that when I broker equities with Companies, the Politicians will start a twisted filthy and evil abusive campaign along with goons that work it for them backstage, that is set to move me off it and into entertainment while they took over, once I am doing well at entertainment as well, then they want it too and the process begins all over again; it is meant to be very insulting and very abusive stuff being done at Government Office, so those who have jobs on Media need to pay attention to that and keep their insults off me. They do say my view on Europe as per where I stand and where others can be to oppose me if they wanted to is still pending and its utter rubbish too; the mandate for Brexit was one that asked them government to repatriate sovereign power and not to rewrite history and diplomatic relations; so what the government does to co-operate with Europe on security is not the sort of thing that needs show up on Media all the time – as an announcement it is alright, like one of those decisions that involve government increasing pay for civil service staff and having to announce it so the money is not embezzled, whereby doing so alerts the shops to the fact customers have more money etc. much the same as that but unless they say what I am doing is significant, what the government does to co-operate with Europe on security is should not make a frequent headline on National Media. It is an example of the situation where their insults move onto one about me being slippery which is incredibly annoying as what we have here is scum going off to the civil service to cling to peoples finances and academics then get about all sorts in order to make everybody else co-operate with it , it is so stupid it does not understand being warned about wasting my time and property further after more than a decade of nauseating financial complications that are dedicated to tolerating its stupidities, it speaks of the powers of South Africa all the time and if it puts that culture and society in my face it will be the last time it gets to see it as well; they are played out now, we all know I rip up the society and make queer culture for them because I want a system to exist in the world where people can move around in a civilised manner with proper immigration systems to police it, they know they always find a way of building a condition where people who show up at Church are the points at which they must pass to get to their culture and the means has something to do with having sex, never mind the sexual and sexual context abuses designed to bring about equality that they want politicians to give them over good looking people all the time, which is then worth dropping out of University for; it is played out now, has no more one ambition in life is to travel to a first world country to live there for decadence and the later racism to throw at me and need to watch its mouth. We do hear I have lost everything all the time but that would have been the case only if I worked for the Media which I do not; apparently there is no other form of media save making references to my Estate when they have their savings and mortgages that they actually worked for to seek equity from, then pretend that passing those insults at me are thrilling for me too and start to ask me if there are television programmes I fancy – generally of which Programmes such as Silent Witness has now been taken up by fools who are done with other forms of insults including selecting their girlfriends like they are preserving their Genes at other peoples expense and then made a mess of, such that my equities forming a backbone for the Television programmes does not allow it provide the public any service in the form of equitable security that comes from the half priest estate among other things, when done they set their case up and start laughing at me, to pretend that I am laughing with them too and so time and again when they need some extra buzz we hear I had lost everything. There is the nagging problem of why it never goes away of course but it does not because I never really handle it like it is i.e. a collection of fools with media salaries in the head think they can do whatever they like with others; so in my case specifically I have written Books that help people save the mind after they save the body for the jobs and that means I am prime target for somebody they can bully into fixing any problems they have boasts they can put up in public over it and then make friends and connections on – very irritating stuff which actually explains why the Monarchy is much less tolerant of it than I am all together and when I get my hands on it the purpose of my actions will be to ensure that they are unable to wind me up to a point where I am unable to concentrate on important matters whenever I want to. As for the Politics that supports them and the powers of Russia, it does not matter if it is the power of the US anyway, the reality is that I will be easy to catch when they move my equities from Industry to entertainment as insultingly as possible and then when I do well at entertainment they want that too and move me into Politics all together, which is where most of these abusive insults and its audacity to chase my private parts is coming from, I will be easy to catch when I take over their jobs too. They say its the enemies the Monarchy makes all over the world and the fact I am at the very centre of it; utter nonsense of course – what happens is that they deploy the British National diplomacy frontiers and when people do that, they do want to show they have no wish to create the host Nation conflicts at the local stage, these guys have shown none of these curtsey for two main reasons; one of them is that they have bigger Countries and the other is that we have just put ourselves in a position where we have something to lose; so it applies they can move my equities around with Politics if they wanted, when I take over their jobs according to history they catch me every time it happens. I have no idea why they do that routine where they talk about the right academic courses for people to study on this Estate anyway; if I said people need think carefully before they go into a University which is where people go to homogenise their skills and major in one, it is obviously a big decision as it were and not something people should engage in because that low life they loved to insults had enrolled, then I would be the enemy of the state. What happens of course being that people take aptitude tests while studying at school and then when they had taken their GCSE decide based on which subjects they are good at, what courses they want to study in order to secure themselves a comfortable income, so the other part of the story of what I say usually being that I want to sort out other peoples existence when I have not got mine sorted out and yet we know Obama will stifle my Book sales for 8 years at the White House because I have had enough privilege for a lifetime, others need to have a go as well, only to find he is afraid of losing his own dreams and we see these kinds of tribalism based stupidities all the time giving way only when others had gotten murdered by the bad elements that take note of them; my life is sorted and I have no idea where their case became an important item in the matter anyway, I am now only at the stage where I need to sack some celebrity backyard to ensure I have some security around here and that people do not continue to seek equity from this Estate while making a show of their stupidities on media to issue those foolish threats as well when they have the savings and mortgages they worked for to seek equity from. Its not a complicated matter in anyway, its a case of those times when you saw parents treat a person unfairly in your interest and you thought they were wrong – mine has now ended up with being a University drop out while those whose involvement caused me to have not yet understood they are very stupid individuals 10 years on, so I am certain they understand what I am saying when I warn them about where the decade of financial complications dedicated to tolerating their stupidities is heading. I do not think the matter is a difficult one at all; first of all is the case of making it difficult for people to get famous so that when it had become a lottery and those who are had to wade very difficult conditions, others will be able to simply get out of bed, have a wash and attend a school run among other things but for me personally its a matter of the fact if all my energy was dedicated to the scum in the neighbourhoods where I lived, I would not be sore all over or smelling like my toilet as I attend to the affairs of the day but if I did that the Politicians will make good their practical jokes, so what I am going to do is clear out everything that allows them security from the involvement of these idiots, everything including the blockade effect that paparazzi has when they are having their pictures taken during the show business run – take it all out. The question that actually concerns them is that of the kinds of insults needed to achieve a process of handling another persons private equities in a way that stalls their livelihood all together, we see them at it all the time and what I have done to support others on gender inequality has now been factorised as the things I do to protect people from Carson City sex of which they did more and deserve to earn more from, especially Liberal America, soon followed by freedom based competition. Some case of disrespect on my part becomes the big case soon after while the fact they are determined to destroy all I have rather than get a copy of my Books if they need it that much is completely sidelined as they spend everybody's time talking of ways in which I must conform to how they live. They always say that I bring it on myself by provoking security guards I have never met and we see all the time the assumption I care while reality is more a case of the fact such nonsense as usually a product of the point at which I look like I have much to lose if I am dead, just before I am attacked and the fight starts. I mean the first time it became a problem the big idea was that their stupid girls can just get around screwing with people because they were promised back up, stupid as what have you but its biggest problem is that when it gets involved with people there is possibility she might be wrong in terms of what she is doing or her opinion but after promising them the back up for this which is testing enough it cannot stop blabbing at me and issuing accusations endlessly as well, now I am out of school and cannot sell my Books for reason of stupid women chasing my bottom and they feel provoked.

Now we hear my case with celebrities is never exactly clear and its utter nonsense; what happens is that for some reason I have been labelled a mentally disturbed person and then every insult and abuse has something to do with how such nonsense has placed me in a situation where I have no rights and is always about that career that was taken from me and how I look like I am asking for trouble by doing things that suggest I want to recover it. The question that bothers me the most is that of why people do it; I mean what it does most of the time it has this incredibly vile reputation and at the same time wants to be a famous person, so it has also concluded that a good use of my time is to show up and take it up building a history of bad behaviour that is specifically channelled at me and then it soon finds that after a couple of years persecuting me like that, its stupidities can be famous by two ways i.e. one of them being I get beaten up by gangs that serve celebrities who then make me understand another attempt may lead to worse results and the other is that it expects me to keep the secrets about its bad behaviour in order to play a part in maintaining the stupid fame. They speak of reasons it happens all the time but the reasons I am aware of is only the bits about how I magically end up with a reputation for a good personality that is a product of sleeping with peoples wives and then that will lead to some bullying that will secure riches and convenience because it was a standby service just in any a scum with money wants to buy into it, just like we have Obama show up to provide another type that varies a little bit from this by running off 8 years of abusive insulting campaigns concerning how I have had too much of what I have and need to make way for others to be something as well and the whole business of writing Books which help people save the mind after they saved the body to secure the jobs that then labelled me the head on which to dump the problems that are causing them to loose their dreams and fame and fortunes which is usually done with incredible abuse and violence takes a turn for the worst, then he becomes another civil rights campaigner concerning his plans to seek a career at the US Supreme Court being blocked by others bearing in mind he had never stopped running off these stories that allow community croons who want government money in their House Hold or else their children will be free to get involved with criminal activities, to express their stupidities on other peoples public image. These fucking famous goons have had 13 years of my time before they got the response they are complaining about and it does not still appear to them that keeping off my case was the easier way to solve their problems. We also hear I should be getting into a fight with gangs in order to make women feel comfortable and it becomes a question of whether I will be doing it for the money mad civil rights mongers who started the whole anus and penis abuse thing or I will be doing it for the violent goons who always want to move into peoples right hand but much is clear about the fact doing those disobedience that cause the blood to rush into my head and leave me with a headache, followed on by threats from goons in the neighbourhoods will mean that they have more to complain about and when they had put the culture and society in my face it will not be the last time they get to see it too apparently. They do say I like to pretend I do not know what it is about which is not the issue that was raised, I was responding to the claim my case with Celebrities has no meaning while it is the time I should be getting to a job and the time I should be studying that is being taken from me by means of their insults but what it is about crowns it all i.e. it will rather need the civil service and the National Media and the National Parliament than end up with a case where I am right and it is wrong when it is messing with my life or work – so the stupidities that come off it is that its Liberalism is based on getting involved to play the role of my Mum who decides where my possessions should be shared and every other abusive insults emanates from this, meaning that I have to respond to the insanity by making it clear in a big way, that not only are those who always come up with plans to force people into a fight with racists just as bad as the racists and need to be dealt with equally, especially so that parents can control what their children do before the violent gangs emerge but also that a Christian has his way of handling these matters and they are wrong, wrong and incredible stupid, the whole civil rights movements that never look into the criminals that show up around their causes but want to create some American led nonsense that continues to talk about getting rid of the British Monarchy being Judge, Jury and executioner with no justification for its insane position, they are wrong, wrong and incredibly stupid people who do not know anything and can get the civil service and parliament and national media again if it tickles them. The Politicians will be the goons that spend not a trust fund or their private money on these scum but spend Public money on them right up to the point where they develop a habit of showing up around where I was studying just like we saw Obama could never deal with the issues of his Office without making references to the lives of those whose finances he thinks is a toy all together stifling my Books for practical jokes, carry on to a point where I dropped out; now it seems what they are playing at is that when they complain I respond with a big mouth, they say if I do not what is coming to me will come on account they know where my private parts are – same question of why they are so insulting and why they are so disobedient. I have nothing to say or do about it, just to make very clear its all very well continuing the abusive shit followed by incredible insults at the work place too, likelihood of not having any more racism to throw at me even when they are not white is that they are going to end up with an enemy that they do not Liberal American led nonsense fancy; so they know what the problem with the Celebrities is and it was never confusing – we all know the guys from the hood that will sort me out for them are basically characters that are likely to end up in some movement of terrorism, after which it just looks like school boy fun to keep blabbing about doing something to get rid of the British Monarchy and promote democracy in the world with a big mouth. It is still the same case as it has always been; all that trouble so a bunch of perverted feeders might amass those things they need to ensure they are rich without doing a days job and I do not believe so far I am put out enough warnings about their freedom stupidities issuing threats my way ever so often so far either. They love to make out that because I am trying to sell Books I need to be nice and it is so difficult to see what it has to do with them all the while anyway considering it is said that the Books I write hurts them on account they want to hurt themselves with it obviously. There is as such talk of how I know not where to stop and how its not clear the stage at which this would mean a win win situation for me and it was never a mystery; the win win will come for the sickening blackmail and incredible abusive insults which are usually complemented with vandalism while the processes of finding a way to make money from it comes later depending on how long they have been able to do it, which apart from beating out what besets them on my public image is another thing that should not be happening if ignorance and conflict is to be prevented: I will have a win win when I have wrecked their lives as well and because of the blackmail considered I will need to do it safely , do it such that other people are not implicated.
So the case about rampant mechanisation by Industry comes into the picture, no idea I suppose as to why it should but then again, it was always the issue with University; when you attend, the result of graduation is usually that when you know how to build Automotive wheels, it is either the Company employing you has a system that builds it and wants you to operate that system for them or you buy the system itself at the open market and become self employed – so we can see that in an attempt to create poverty which facilitates public protests and develops the Political careers of Liberalists, the Younger generation have been completely destroyed just, the annoying aspect being of course that they never needed to create these problems as every generation comes with one and so Politicians were never really out of work. In my case it goes beyond the processes that mean the government is unable to understand the challenges that the Universities face in the sense that they are Institutions with International reputation and that means they take international students which also means that people turn up to learn British culture, learning British culture of which was never the problem but we can now see that when Industries had mechanised every little opportunity for innovation that there was, it is apparently where they were born and where they grew up, where they had childhood friends and where they attended school and the Politicians can always if they wanted spend money on making sure people are no longer able to protect their property with their pocket money, we shall now see if it will make them wealthier or more powerful at the end; it becomes a case of being myself and the fact that every single wicked activity around here of which I am always aware due to the Office of an Arch Prince, has its financial benefits to those who practice them, therefore the idea that it is some kind of doubtful hope that I am right in what I am doing is very insulting considering we already know what the stupid women who need the civil service to show I am cursed by my parents, need National Parliament to show people who provoke their civil rights always get punished in the end and need National Media to own me with a big mouth, just to ensure that there is no argument out there which proves them wrong when they do anything, spend most of their stupid time sleeping with gangs and criminals that were bullies at school and had long resolved the nature of their behaviour with the rest of the world as a favour that they do me, which as we can now see is directly linked to Celebrities who have in turn developed a stupid habit of showing up all over my concerns to tell me I provoke them by trying to take back that career that was taken from me to give people what they need – while the fashion ones do not seem to acknowledge that each time they complain about me it was likely because of insults linked to a process of taking their stupid pictures on my public image while passing around abusive nonsense that says they are the ones that matter not some idiot who thinks he is a prince when he is not provoking them by doing so, possible their goons are complaining about queer society that I can sell as well because of this and their notion that superior versus inferior neighbourhoods nonsense was everybody's Cup of Tea because of their insults. They do say I have a perpetual state of provoking people going for me and its the same with the security guards that will handle me, who claim I mess with peoples career i.e. when women see somebody who has much more of the same things they have but need security guards to protect and are fascinated by the fact I do not need one , this threatens security guard jobs and its the same stupidities that are a worthy activity all the time because others are being affected. What is now happening of which is that I am taking the famous and wealthy clients from them too, to find out if it was their job to wreck everything around here while reality at the very most was that if these women became me it would amount to identity theft, to find out how much trouble I will get into when they had lost it all. The perpetual state of provoking people which is that I am always stuck with their stupid lives; stuck with whether they chased deviance until they could not get out of it and decision had to be made as per whether they were homosexual or not, stuck with the fact their teenage years were spent on drinking parties and these are the memories they fall back on when they are enjoying some personal time in their backyards, stuck with one stupidity after another while my life actually involved a process of always being able to decide the exact financial benefit attached to every wicked activity people spend their time on, which is what I need to return to bearing in mind they are complaining about the bed smells as well and they need to tribalism that they do not have wealth and power and position to support, keep off my Public image. By the way of which they speak of the support that Prince Harry gives to these activities and I am told I never respond to it because I am driving The Queens benevolence to the absolute limit, which makes no sense whatsoever – HRH is now friend of the Obama Family but the problems I resolved with Books he thinks are insulting to his Father remain unsolved. We see these things everywhere but the question is still that of why they cannot just let other people be, I dropped out of University over it in 2008, this is the year 2018 and it continues still – we see it with idiots standing on a football pitch to talk nonsense about how those who resist them when they have need have not learned a think about their character, we see the same with Celebrities and Media idiots and fashion fools too and they speak of threats I face when they refuse to keep off my case and feel like harming themselves listening to the things I say to ensure they know what I am thinking about and set a limit for their stupidities therefore, otherwise take out their ear drums if that was a preferable option; so how quickly on this matter of money concerning which I am feared and loathed in equal measured can I turn around the process of having my public image set up so that when I get stabbed or shot I might lose it, in order for these idiot to get into a beneficial habit of threatening me, bearing in mind that the reason of money is the source of all these trash in the first place? It is an example of the kind of situation where their threats would make sense the last time that we checked apparently. They do speak of keeping me out of their concerns and I suppose it got serious thereof all together; my question is why they go from making me smell like my toilet to set out a statement about how they did not chose poverty and need to build popular culture on my public image and attack me violently if it does not make them rich, as I said I dropped out of University but they have gone from this to building up my public image so that if I got killed I would not be able to decide who deployed it, the tricks and evil stupidities designed to ensure others are worse off for a gimmick all the time? I hear my problem to be that I build a life around fans instead of the other way around and also do not respond well to Royal business, both of which are not true – the latter is a case of whether something else is more important than the Country when there are Royal business, which those who pop the question must answer, the former is more a matter of relationships I have ended up having with Celebrities when I thought the Celebrity side of my concerns will never come to a point where I had to make arrangements, hence I am always disorganised and have to find a way to show them what I think about it too. The part of these matters that says I think all is well when its all about me and therefore deluded is utter nonsense; that would be the one where people praise themselves all over my Public life and then suddenly I have to deal with very violent and unnecessary nonsense later because they had to go off and run off all kinds of stupidities that concern how I have assumed what I have seen on Media is what they are really like; so they are all now having to deal with what I am really like as well and it adds up to a necessary activity designed to get rid of any celebrity relationships that I do not fancy; so the point of it has always been some form of standard ruthless Show business behaviour that they simply had to perform to look as though they were running a business and you need to hear them speak of people who do not regard interaction with Celebrities as a process of dealing with other peoples lives and how it can be unbearable. So they say I am coping out of relations with the US which is utter nonsense; has nothing to do with the fact that apart from friends in the US, the US is like a friendly version of Syria – so it has always been that way, if I wasn't the main target it would have been some Linda Lovelace Pornographic Actress who moved to the US where she would not be making deals with the Lower Class to sell sex, only to be raped on Video multiple times in Vegas. So I do get told what I said about US being friendly Syria is a bit harsh and I would not know anyway, what I really mean is that its a matter of people thinking US/UK relations is a matter of two similar Countries while in actual fact its a Constitutional Monarchy and a bigger and wealthier version of what we see of Political entities in the Middle East and Africa; so like we hear that if its a matter of friends and then those who always make you understand what US Power is, I have a big problem while it is really about such items as their cars not being more important than God such that its the reason they make me feel them fingering my bum as they drive by on the streets and when I push back gang up on me as Motorists because I do not have a job as good as their own thus picking a fight is like picking a fight with a woman which is a point they will prove eventually if I became provoked about my bum being fingered enough to act, thus time and again it means I smell like my toilet on the way to work and cannot keep the job while peoples then start to whisper at me over my financial complications, such that their insults are not being performed from the only cars they have and they do not need some of the cars that much, leaving a sense of what I would have done if I had one of the cars i.e. their cars are not more important than God and money can be made at their expense like that as well if I made them a queer society which effects I can sell on by writing blogs or Books; in the end when it says things like me picking up jobs the daddies should be doing and need to stop complaining when I have work to do while its abusiveness means I feel sore all over, its not because it has something to say or what I have as relationship with others while this happens adds up to an acceptance of culpability or liability, it is just a habit, so as far as the problem they speak of goes, its not their lives, needs keep the insulting media and celebrity comments off my public image as I have Books to sell here, and need see the good thing about habits is the suffering that ensues when it needs to be kicked. My point is that there is this confusion that creates the sense that UK/Canadian relations or UK/Australian relations refer to the US when it does not and although it is the duty of the Host Nation to provide necessary Hospitality which clears this up, when it comes to what people see of UK/US relations, it is very different from what it actually is. The best depiction is what we see the Celebrities do; they cannot make films if it is not the film I should be making, cannot write Books if it is not the Books I should be writing, when they earn money it should have been my income otherwise it is not good enough, when they are famous it should have been my public image to eliminate risks otherwise it is not good enough – so we see Canadian Film Makers are unhappy about this and so are Australian Film makers but they have decided I cannot get rid of them because their Country has the biggest Military in the world and it has become a challenge they are losing – the Liberal America side that promotes all that insults by real Men nonsense obviously know where my Books are to blackmail me with and need to keep their fucking comments off it too. Like it is with the entertainment Industry there; usually largely a matter of the number of Politicians engaged in the enterprise of evil.

So like we hear I am a part of a cowardly group that continues to support Guns in the US which does not really bode well with the fact that a large number of Americans own guns and the number is so huge that its impossible to just get off and unilaterally decide that law enforcers will then get Guns off people and that the way to deal with gun based murderers is to control those who abuse Gun ownership. Like we hear that the main problem I have with media is that people are no longer able to carry through Publicity based careers on account of me while reality has been the career they had built since the time of Blair on my public image and have not yet understood 12 years of financial complications dedicated to tolerating the fact they were famous with such ugly reputations to show for it all together and I intend to make them too. The fun part was building up my public image on media to ascribe to others, the serious part where we got to be real human beings now is how they are ever going to do that; I mean mine is not a mainstream process of putting a name to my face and addressing people as such but I still have to behave and keep an eye on the behaviour thing, just like we can see when I write blogs about profanity their enterprise of evil does not rest on media until it is said that is what I am really like, making a mess of peoples tummy and everything else around here – it can never remain the way I write it and feeds into this idea I am wasting myself while everything I do gets through to society, so that they can make proper sense of me having to grapple alongside my sick tummy with a label that sets me out as the guy whose career they nearly took up, they have explained their stupidities as something to do with power where the weaker people move left and of course it still stands the reasons they talk nonsense about being provoked, that they can move into my right hand assuming they are mad enough. Much the same as when I am told that talking about these things makes it worse just as we know that any ideology racists or not with a need to show up and make itself relevant on other peoples public image is dangerous in equal measure and one should not be focused on while the other does what it likes – we know racists understand they were bullies at school and never made time for the development of skills and talents but we are happy to blame something else while the Media is full of idiots that spend all day comparing other peoples possessions to what they have, claiming it is work that brings about social equality; which is why they can come and get me if they have the guts for it, each time I take up parts of that society over my bum being fingered and cannot rest until I rip it up and make a public case out of doing so as well, as it does help to deal with the temper a lot. So I am said to be this person that assumes Celebrities and Journalists have tummy issues like I do which is not true; reality is that they think it is a means of taking advantage of me, a tool for making me solve their problems and bleed for them, so it is all getting serious enough to be listened to when I say I do not wish tolerate their involvement with my Books and Public image any further but when everything I do about society goons makes a mess here because they have got those media jobs it takes their stupidities and the needed consequences for it to a whole new level. The tummy hurting stuff is due to the actions of Politicians by the way; very keen they have become in a need to spend tax payer funds on Celebrities and then show up to attack me for things I need give up so that they might be famous enough to secure the public appearance of statesmen and women – so I feel as though doing something about the goons that bother me in the neighbourhoods lets them make good their practical jokes specially considering how good and addictive the ones I have done in the past have become to their Political habits, so the probability is that it hurts my bottom but then it hurts their own as well and they do like to blow off those threats about which there is nothing they can tribalism that they do not have money to support do about any of it. So eventually I get told I do not support people enough as much as they support me which is not true; I am being told in other areas that my support amounts to a war which war I am not chasing in anyway whatsoever; it started with these goons and their Labour Party thinking that Public Policy would have involved a process where I become like the ageist while the ageist entitled themselves to all I owned, then when I needed it too, I will be able to take advantage of younger people, which according to history is never kept as a promise but apart from that of which it does not sit slap bang in the middle of all that happens between me and the Church, whereby I am forced to learn such nonsense as it is not written in the Bible – we can see they have turned it into a tool whereby any teen idiot can get famous on my Public image by abusing me, so for my part it has also become a question for them as per the reasons what I do adds up to conflict when that next door neighbour that has to grapple with their big bad bully characters is not younger than they are like I am; its not war in anyway whatsoever, I am trying to sell some Books and they are messing with my Business like an addiction but do not fancy the consequences which is fine by me. Talk of Economic separatism is nothing new; much like when they pass abuses at me that will ensure I fail my exams in school, while going off to buy shares in companies that will help them deploy my Public image for their ends whenever they wanted; for those who say that I do not respond well to Royal duties of which the question is still whether something else is usually more important than the State when people have those sort of things to pay their attention to. Guns are not always responsible for killing people, what does that is the irresponsible leadership that these goons provide – especially the bit where they have recently worked out risks associated with picking on people at work, so when depression sets in, homes are wrecked, their victims thought it could not get worse but the tag of bum was placed on them which took the license they had to keep at it to a whole new level, so they can decided to gang up with those and just pick on people outside of work especially the young, continue their habits that way, no matter how dangerous it gets, blabbing so often about how custom for my Books alongside the foolishness of the women will destroy me as revenge for being hurt by my State provided security. I am aware it is said I will never get past the Politicians issue which is not true; its all a bunch of losers who prefer to deploy public policy, not to tackle those who are making a living or running a family in a way that is a threat to the Public but deploy it against moral and upstanding members of the public to secure sources of fame for public Office, so most of it does not bother me as much as they are not paying me to keep the secrets of how I have been treated. We hear its the way I dare people to do things but that was because I can back myself up most of it i.e. it keeps itself away from mainstream living and is not a part of the society we live in, so it has spotted me and I have become subject for an abuse that simply will not go away on account there is the incentive of Political reward being given and offered; so whenever it yaps at me I know I can wind it up a little more with the phrase question 'or else what?' for instance – its the old case of stories said that I am slim built when I am not, that I am a small Man when I am six foot – so they show up here talking nonsense about power all the time and how the weak need move to the left and some tale of my career nearly being taken from me as a sign of it along with a sense of what is wrong and right which is seriously perverted – the wrong bits can be right sometimes but not when you want them to practice it on their families instead. They say nobody really knows where I stand on anything which is not really so important as long as they know I am a writer and stepping outside of my door or meeting people I do not know comes with the risk of people locating something else about me to make use of which helps to kill my Book sales all together – so it is important stupid women I share a skin colour with stopped showing up to play the role of my parents and various other abusive insults meant to ensure they need National institutions to show I am cursed by my parents or I will continue to set them out as an example that expresses the fact to their whole societies that I want to be made use of at a limit. The Royal aspect of the matter is clearly that people were free to continue t pretend a Royal wedding diminishes an Arch Prince's position but my main concern will always be that idea that since I enlist Journalists and socialites to support me I had delegated Royal task, they will never come into the list of my worries. Its the old case where they build up all that homosexuality which in my view is just something they do facilitate homelessness because their communities want to ensure other peoples bedrooms are a main preoccupation and then pretend I am unaware the Media insults and celebrity stuff had done nothing to change the fact that whenever people just shot and killed Elephants in Northern Africa they looked like Media goons and Celebrity trouble makers, we all know its the reason they are attacking Trump who keeps making this statement that trophy hunting is a sport and so is need based hunting for food but that they are the main backbone manpower that is being supplied the poaching black markets and its products, then set out some Climate agreement that was determined to cost me my Estate and its Industrial canopy as one of those things they need to collect to maintain their financial well being and gain access to male world benefits that let them make money they have never worked for – my part in the matter is simply that I have a Royal Office and I just want to sit by the culture and pass my exams in school without being bothered them or they will end up with an enemy they do not fancy too. I do get told that people really want my Books but do not know what it does: My Books are Equities – every paragraph can be developed by an investor into a product that will convey the kinds of message which will go down well with the Public, what is happening is that people are free to deploy it without paying for their copy, lets see what they have got as well for my part. These guys can take any form they wish as far as they concerned – one moment they are the Industry goons with popular culture canopies full of kids with narcissism to exhibit and a need to insult others thereby making a way in the world and being happy enough to make money and spend it on products, the next when you are protected from that is war in the Industry boardrooms for revenge due to a loss of control over what does not belong to them, after that its media and advertisement wars and wealth inequality vandalism and we have not even started talking about the huge expense of showing that you are not running a business on the way that the companies they own or work for have affected the public and the world at large all together, just yet; that they say was collateral bloody damage and so when I wrote my Books it was fine about 7 years after and people have lost track right in front of me as I communicate with them. If the government made an announcement that all economic activities are to come to a stop, that the next four days will see no economic activities take place, after that, the Government will spend the first two days with a crack team and come up with a sustainable fiscal and monetary Policy, the last two will be spent with another crack team to decide public Policy, is it to be said then, that the economic crisis would not have been completely resolved? So the problem here is when they are trusted to do it; needs democracy but not the important bits, needs big business but not to look the part and ultimately it becomes a case of given the right tools and proper measures sales men can be made to let others get on with what needs to be done as well. For my part it becomes this question of how we ended up in this position where I stand between them and their access to culture which is attached to the land and the way to do that is to have anal sex with me – so the effect is that of a personal thing peoples do in the form of Courtship with me, where if it concerns the country there is the sensation of anal sex to deal with which we do not have and this behaviour of theirs amounts to a threat which I have met in kind as well. Its all celebrities, always been celebrities and its getting far more serious than their stupid gimmicks made out it will ever become. It is said I am disruptive of course, which I am not; so many ways there are by which people can get involved with mine and make it less complicated by their involvement by the way of which I am sure they did not get a dogma entreated to them about being inconsiderate towards me; obviously they say its open government they seek, the bottom hurts all the time and I am very open.

It feeds into the privacy issues especially concerning my personal diet and dinning with nightmare Landlords, Celebrities and Community croons at the heart of it – nobody knows why the Politicians love to get on my platform to make stupid international economics comments all the time anyway of which the one that gets to me the most is suggestion the UK will become a tax haven in order to antagonise Europe which is utter nonsense as we all know they are not finished with Brexit but think that unwritten Constitution will soon make them a tax haven if they had their position in the UN Security Council and NATO to show for it too. If I said Tax havens worked for small territories where majority of residence there hardly spent time in the homes they had there and were wealthy people, which means that it is pointless to make them pay taxes when a single person has enough money to build half the roads and if he had to do it to facilitate getting to work he will in a short period of time, the poorer people of which always therefore have opportunities at the finger tips for jobs and therefore are usually well off because of it anyway, they will say I talk about things I know nothing of but we can see an example of the reasons I provoke them play out clearly in the matter, getting on my platform to talk rubbish about making the UK a tax haven which allows their insane sales idiots to hail them and make war at the Boardrooms of Companies I broker my Asset Equity with, making it impossible for me to sell my books due to the public place practical jokes that the scum want to play in order to split up my empire and ensure detachment from mainstream population living becomes as rewarding as ever over that stupid tribalism they have not got money to support; so on face value their insulting political big idea will be that it was done in good faith but we can see they never make these stupid comments any way save making them on my platform, regardless of the fact its an Arch Prince's Office and the worst combination ever bearing in mind the insulting abuses that come forth when they have hurting bottoms for it too i.e. when I do not get things done around here what happens is sex which then combines will with mad sales idiots especially those they pick up from the Middle East and East of Europe to help the theory that insulting people means what they are saying is correct. They speak of how I think I am in good terms with the Monarchy when I am not and I could never understand if it is the Politicians that control my terms with the Monarchy anyway, besides which it seems their big games involves a process where each time people Marry into the Royal Family it diminishes my position and the provocation will not stop so when people marry into the Family they can spend my time exhibiting all kinds of nonsense they used to talk about before they did making it impossible for clarity to exist around here when I keep to the rules and try to sell the Books I write doing so – the question is whether marrying into the Royal family and then regularly shooting off spurts of incredible vanity that your family can carry around and make trouble all over the place changes simply because you have decided to put up a different face during public engagements. Its like the society ones claim they have taught me a lesson at this stage and I know better than to mess with women but everybody else can see that it will only get better if I decided to dedicate time to finding something for their insolent tribalism goons from overseas to do with their time, essentially amounting to a job that allows me to spend their time on something I consider to be important to me especially that of the idiots we have on media that will likely pick up on the insults of Royal in-laws who have no wish to tone it down: its never been a problem, as long as they cease to go about sleeping with gangs on my behalf while as stupid as what have you, becoming determined it is worth peoples whole careers and the civil service and national parliament and Media to ensure that they are never wrong – of course which if it does not, then I shall make an example of them again to create an expression that applies to their society about how I wish to be used by them at a limit. We are here because they are so good at insults that can run on media to tell others how they were meant to exist; the whites are all about how people need control their parents and take steps to ensure their ethnic group was not provoking racists who then get off following important people that are trying to be famous all over the place – the blacks are all about a skin colour I share with them and how their insulting and abusive civil rights that pulls me back into position when I am doing something that will stop them bullying me to feel like they were important. Its not a problem for me that I cannot handle and cannot get out of, these guys are not part of mainstream living and this is why their tribalism is so destructive and so profitable at the same time i.e. it is a raid and time and again they like to tell me I talk but they will decide how things happen, especially the Muslims who have a problem with British Islam but want to practice their Islam in the UK and the Asians who come from a world where paedophilia is perfectly alright save that the rest of the world frowns on it etc. I am sure they understand 10 years of financial complications that have been dedicated to tolerating them all, otherwise saying what I have said here only adds up to a process where operating without their tribalism means they spend time on their jobs, that is before I become inventive as well and find an extra job to add to the jobs they have already got and that tribalism they spend most of their time on because I am of the opinion I am making use of their time usefully as well. I do get told I disregard the risks of these things developing into conflict but as I said, its an old story about not being able to decide where people are practising occultic activity because others have a religious organisation they are not controlling properly and it would be fair if they did not underestimate me as well. We see this time and again and again and again - it will start to wear suits as well and then every bit of those insults will come with a process of building a crowd while the need to ensure the executive arm of government runs on a clear temperament is weighed down constantly by stupid boo boys doing Politics and passing around insults, threats, demagogues alongside abuses that have to do with a foolish plan for the future. But I have no idea why they continue to press on with this idea they have made me think these activities add up to normalcy on account some stupid Americans who always have to lead their mates have been giving democratic and popularity support for it, which normalcy I think it is because they had bent my mind into such a position all together, when they know that they have not. What will happen when that stupid tribalism that makes me feel I am always being ambushed at my career and personal life becomes profitable is that they will buy shares in big companies and continue with their sense of insulting superiority over their mates and then my problem will get worse; I have no idea if they can understand what it means when property does not belong to them and when somebody fails exams in school and cannot sell his books due to their practical jokes and have been spending a nauseating decade to tolerate their stupidities the whole time while their supportive media scum blow off their big mouth over that stupid media salvation as well; there is no part of this nonsense that one can make a compromise with I am sure they understand, they appear to be a group of people that can only be related with via means of punishment and incredible destruction. So I get told I have just created a solution for social problems meaning the same as the Nazis did but all I am saying is that spending some time to support somebody on gender inequality should never take up the rest of my life, building an empire and breaking it up to broker the equities and sell Books for a living is my business and not their own to decide on any aspect of it, I would fancy they do not show up here with insulting minority report tribalism to talk rubbish at me while they ambush me over financial issues to ensure they get rich quick which is why they are never a part of what how we live as a society, so they can perform their stupid raid whenever they need to, talking rubbish about being a problem for me that I cannot deal with and cannot get out of. We see them all the time, they get on well with the gangs and racists and it becomes a case where they know how not to mess with each other but for some strange reason their problem with me is that I am on neither side and do not mess with any side as well, which does not make any sense and creates a wonder who the fuck they think they are besides observing the fact Tony Blair and Obama with their stupid forms of leadership are both fucking geniuses.;Tribalism or not, they need spend time on their jobs and stay off my case, clear my Public image space and keep their stupidities away from my Books; sounds like I am enacting normalcy in saying so already; they have no more market separatism blackmail and the whole business of getting their stupidities to understand what it means to deal with financial difficulties because they are enjoying their practical jokes and telling lies about being victims will be garnished with a sense of making them understand what it means when property does not belong to them and their stupid media legally. The first time I had to tolerate their stupidities it concerned letting them get the better of what I do because they were nearer their pensions on account I would be allowed to pick on younger people as well, well after they saw me walk into a Church regularly. Apparently it is not a form of discrimination to sit around the street corners and get involved with people at random, it is their civil rights, much the same with selling drugs which I intend to ensure becomes incredible difficult so whenever somebody goes off to make themselves the foot soldiers of the gangs that operate in hiding they will understand it is a risk they have taken about which my bottom will hurt without consequences too, so as an adult the case their stupidities makes for society is to get involved with me intimately to enact their importance of which it is obvious that talking about career and big picture will never solve the problem as a form of damage and sickening blackmail. They say I have a need to see people get punished by the State which has no basis on reality, its like when we hear them say the Armed Forces are full of racists while reality is rather that racists only get in when it is safe and then make it safe for them thereafter but is usually for me the main example that shows they live in a parallel world. We see many examples including the idiots who do drugs and fight my battles because it is the leadership that their Politicians provide them; so the outcome is the bit where I have to tell them to get off it and let alone the Police work all together i.e. half the time they will have to get shot, the other half of the time somebody will be saying the Police needs to shoot them and we all know what that means, besides which their position is that I am meant to say that the job of a Police Officer is a bad thing. They like to say I started first besides which they are more productive and it becomes those questions where they need get off what I have written anywhere I have written it and answer the question of what they have been doing with my time between the ages of 22 and 33 along with the botched University studies etc. as for where I started it all together; that will be the one where the bloody idiots are still making use of my personal space and enacting some violence that makes me behave in a way that shares it because they were important with a big mouth and since I have Books to write and they need to find a bitch their size that stays at home while they go off to become important, it develops into the neighbours tackling the landlord over my behaviour and telling lies, me getting bullied in my bedroom by the Landlord and how they get to understand they need to be famous instantly just the way they are and remember they are not paying me to keep their stupid secrets – get out of my personal space and keep it down as I am trying to get some Books written and traded – so the Media ones fit in well with their story whereby I have written Books and have Books to sell but am not a writer so that the idiots just like they are the same in suits might get all over the place. One moment I am aware of industry, where everybody is, where the intellectual property people who create this processes that causes the public to wonder if wealthy people are bad or good are and the employees and everything I need to be aware of, the next I am dealing with a raid from scum that were preserving themselves at tribalism and they will insist either their civil rights looks like that or my normalcy does with a big mouth. It is a behaviour that can only be related to by means of punishment and destruction and we can see it feed directly into celebrity career piracy right down to the theft of my character traits. We see the same with Fashion people as well; it will pick up my work and pester a designer into making something of it and once that is done I will have no right to feel good and everything I have will be destroyed, soon we find the girls cannot take pictures of themselves without doing it on my public image with statements about how stupid I am thinking I am Royalty when I am not and then the outcome will be a case where it was clear they could not do the Fashion to save a life if their own lives depended on it and it becomes the throe of cowards everyday, complete with features like their insanity being so skilled at it nothing I do performs its task because they have decided how it will work for the public through them as expensively as will match their beauty and stupidities I guess too. Time and again I will interact with people on social media at the same time of which they will be running a campaign of assumptions I make when nobody knows who I am and at some stage at a certain interval I will be trapped and have to restructure all I am doing with what is obviously very famous brands, while everything I am doing to recover earns me reprisals, most of which are being run off at the leadership of liberal America. They speak of some tough talking on my part which of course is that big mouth wagging again; we all know all brokers get involved with me because they know they are involved with a half priests office, what has happened is another repeat of the kinds of insults and abuses I suffered when George Bush invaded Iraq and my Estate is now full of issues to do with killing people complete with features such as celebrity idiots stealing all I have right through to my character traits, such that it has become a question to me of where exactly their stupidities stops, I would not mind starting with taking everything from the Fashion idiots first.. Just like they say I have a problem with Liberals and where I think my problems are located is misplaced, the reality of which is rather that the liberals really do not need me to create the wars that will kill racists as well and that nonsense happens because I have resolved public matters and the Politicians like to go into Government buildings to decide what happens with religion when they have never set foot in Church their whole lives, they have no idea how evil works, have no idea the fact that the relationship between light and darkness for instance a metaphor is non negotiable and that nonsense about walking into Church one moment and living with liberals without trouble in the neighbourhoods the next will never really catch on; I mean you simply have to pay attention to the kinds of ideas people have such as the fact that resolving public matters around racism means they need to rely on me to create the wars that will kill people but will kill racists too, when they never needed me for that in the first place. So I do get told its all about me being a coward while reality rather says that it is all about those who were not racists or criminals before the Liberals came along, says something about those who chose to go off and become foot soldiers for racists and criminals who operate in secret knowing that doing so came with a certain degree of risk. So the question now is whether I think anything should be done about racism at all, which I do not – I do not think anything should be done about racism technically as we all know the pint of doing anything about it was that it affected your job and there is no point is doing something about it for another persons convenience or any other reason as such; the Liberals speak of their threats of course which does not bother me in anyway – all that dressing well and passing around insults that will facilitate tribalism they never had money to support is boo boys politics, where the elected officials are doing something important and they are popping out from dark corners to boo everybody then issue stupid threats with media salvation soon after, everybody knows it is possible to get the hand on that money they put aside somewhere to do my life and career blabbing nonsense about how I have done their stuff and that it could mean teaching their stupidities a lesson they will never forget in the process too. I do not think anything should be done about racism; when racism had affected the jobs of majority of Parliament Ministers, they will decide what must be done about it and yes saying so does mean the liberals and their media have some work to do on Politicians which leads back to where we started i.e. the Politicians have continued to underestimate or failed to understand the nature of wickedness and evil, even though they have become obsessed with getting into government buildings to decide what happens to religion. So we hear the claim that these problems were being resolved by the EU comfortably before Brexit happened, while reality is that they had continued to pillage peoples personal lives and make promises at government buildings, so eventually they offered a referendum they were going to control and win and people had other ideas, thus they could not believe their eyes when the results showed up – for me however its a matter of how various European Countries respond to what I do; for instance, the Germans respond to my Intellectual Property administration business in a way that suggests it helps them to avoid a process of grappling with Nazi history on one hand, while looking after a diverse society on the other, so I am aware this is what they like most about what I do but the Politicians are different i.e. I will see them show up with five fat cats on my concerns and a week later they could have had three more and would have started to ridicule me on grounds I really did start to look as though I had gotten it all figured out, then claim the fat cat thing was part of problem solving too which beats the imagination with respect to the outcome whereby elected public officials prefer to solve fat cat problems than to set out public policy in a way which suggests that they are aware the world is a complicated place and are doing their best to make it less complicated for people thus a certain way of prioritising the needs of women, so the fat cat aspects were preferred because the assumption is that when they did end up speaking in the future about decisions that were out of their hands, it would suffice an explanation for what they got up to at Government buildings. The point is that these are small minded people who do need to stop telling other peoples in positions of leadership what to do about other small minded people as insultingly as only they can – my problem therefore with Liberals and their insanity goes beyond talk of power that allows them move into my right hand while assuming I come up with ideas about making queer that stupid society in case I want to sell it as well because I am just very clever and not because they are doing my stuff, it goes beyond their insults and a need to issue threats and get a family involved, leaving me with a sense of pity for the Children who have to deal with an individual that would get involved with such stupidities to ensure their time was spent on what he wanted them to spend it on, it falls right onto the matter of how lucrative their insults have become, how others must deal with violent public matters and how much of a pest they are becoming in terms of public policy. They do speak of how I have been dominated and they had earned the right to oppress me of course which has no basis on reality that is more a case of setting themselves up on media by abusing me and ripping up my public image while Obama speaks of their problems over my Royal Privileges and makes speeches that amount to incitement that helps them change me from somebody who has written Books to help others manage the mind when they had saved the Body to get the jobs, to somebody whose personality the ethnic minorities dump their problems on to build a future and get famous – so as much as they can do this to create narcissistic popular culture canopies that bring them sales, I can conduct my own narcissism that brings me sales on what they are already complaining about but I prefer to do the warnings first and its still the same case where they need to stay away from my Books and clear my Public image space. The whites are pretty much the old case of distracting me from work and academics because of what I know and then when I write Books to share it, the big globalised problem is that they have no wish to buy – we have now reached a stage where it has gone beyond the bank balance telling me I am lying when I excuse it as that kid that did not want to share his Lunch Box in school taking his attitude into the Adult world and grows into one about how it does not stop because it is splitting up my Business empire markets to make money by insulting and abusing me and damaging my finances too, it reaches a stage where I need to regard it not as public place gimmicks but as overt damage of my property. Hence the mind of the individual they are dealing with here is one that says if they do not wish to complain about somebody thinking they need to stop blabbing rubbish concerning their parents owning shares in companies as he owns shares in those companies as well, then it needs to stop; outlook of course is that when their parents say I take jobs they should be taking and need to stop complaining about it, they do not because they think it is true, they do because it is a habit and I am sure they can understand a decade of nauseating financial complications tolerating those habits as well, they however apparently know nothing of those Industrial communities they are seen showing up at to abuse and insult people all the time and their violent Media friends never got integrated into the work force properly to get the Media jobs in the first place. Its the funny parts of Industry when they say I am not solving any problems with my methods i.e. what somebody is talking about is the power of their racism and what you are talking about is what the product you spent a million pounds to develop does and nobody knows why it is that whilst they understand fighting people like that will make them poorer they keep doing it: then they say I am a prime target which is utter nonsense – what happened is that I dropped out of University in 2008 and since then, we all know a website that can facilitate my Books and give me a marketing platform for instance will go for about £200 a Month and if I spent some money on social media I would not spend more than £100 a Month but I was since I dropped out, unable to get a means that will fund my £300 a month Capital, in ten years I have not been able to complete a program of study which runs at 4 years, spent 2 years locating a £30,000 career and another 4 years building enough Capital to go global with my Books – so has it become very clear to me as well that if I did anything about it the Politicians and Celebrities will make good their practical jokes. So they say my problem is that I never accept state provided security service which has no basis on reality – the truth is that they regularly tell me they got hurt by state provided security and need to hurt me as well, so I try to ensure every time they complain about me as little as it being linked to the actions of the British Government as possible was found to be the reason behind it; I mean there seems to be a link between possession of certain items by Celebrities and Media fools for example, which means outcomes such as me dropping out of University since it was clear that if they had problems they could get on my public image to make Moving pictures or Music while if I dropped out of University I would go from somebody who is telling people off for building popular culture on his public image to somebody who gets out of bed everyday to react to the stupidities of society, hence it had to be done and we saw the same behaviour happen before they complained about the damage I did to their culture and society as well; for some reason it needs to ensure people cannot enjoy the local culture and then I will be unable to do anything because it is busy communicating to me that the last time somebody had an idea about just getting on people got killed and so it does not spend time any more with its mates if it can spend its time telling me what to do having need of leadership all the time on seeing how destructive its educated stupidities can become, its not that people will not supply the leadership, its just that they need it every time; so there is this outcome whereby there are areas of my work that the Head of State needs from time to time and so this is where they complain as those responsible for handling Royal business will not tolerate their involvement with it. However I think the story of the insulting blame that facilitates their disobedience being that of what I did to their culture and society is now past its sell by date; I want to move from looking like I have made an announcement that I fancy financially well of psychopaths hence their need to get involved with my concern and talk rubbish about the extent of my power, to announcing that the complain of what I have done to their culture and society was my master piece. There is no reasonable way to make them understand what it means when property does not legally belong to them and has not got their name on it, I am aware its no point making a case out of it as they have always claimed that their freedom and civil rights looks like that anyway but its the threats and the creep creeping of political instability revolution gimmicks over their greed specifically targeted at my public image and Royal Estate when that is the Monarchy has been destroyed by their allies in government buildings and so the problems are starting to chase them on both sides – one being the fact not everybody at the Monarchy has a straight mind, the other being that our great freedom and oppression Judge Jury and Executioner goons with their movements and protests and need to tell others how to exist, have not had their own figured out concerning the criminals that attend their rallies. It is not as they like to assume that it is i.e. that I am sitting down somewhere trying to get used to the fact they are happy to pillage my academics and sit about playing up justice delayed is justice denied nonsense linked to their civil rights which those who are inferior to them never understand until bad things happen to make them understand but do not fancy me getting them stuck with me as well, until they are past it – so it does need to watch how it yaps its big mouthed insults at me. In the end the fact it was a problem controlling their behaviour towards other peoples property was one part of the story big as it may look but even that is nothing compared to leadership provided by Liberal America that involves ripping up peoples lives to hunt down equities and use it to ensure they can get rich and famous without doing a days work – I am not sitting down somewhere getting myself are institutionalised with a process of living with it like those stupid insults that show up on media tend to suggest. The bit where the main case behind it is the difficulties women are dealing with will be the one where they need give me 24 Hours and it will be their turn; first time it started is still in my memories fresh and ever i.e. I have a Court of female journalists and we get persecuted for years because they had male colleagues who are now bullying and attacking us and building up a crowd against on over accusations of career damage by means of deviance that we cause over the same hurting bottoms and hurting tummy issues associated with the way female society get around and there has never been an explanation as to why they had decided to punish us in that way or why they think that if they complain the most it just should become our problem with that big mouth – this time I am only just building my system of women that will get about the sales industry as well with tags of being stupid people considering the Politicians are really good at getting on my personal life and public image to make stupid speeches that please the male ones so they can finger my bum and wreck my finances for leverage and they say women are having a hard time and most of what I speak of is the fall out that reaches my door step as it is my responsibility, yap yap yapping. I have gone from telling them off building popular culture on my public image to dealing with a disposition which suggests it would have been better if I did not exist, so bearing in mind it means that the more people need my Books is the more difficult it becomes for them to buy it, I need to get the gender inequality thing sorted as soon as possible or I will not have a pension to play an old age on as they will never give me a breathing space because they are money insane and very thick - so all can see it is urgent to get this done and blabbing women having problems is only going to turn that urgency into an outcome they will not fancy. They love to make some statements about me being caught up with the position of the world powers I have no respect for which is the same as we hear I am stuck with the problems of the US as well – it does not actually bother me in anyway whatsoever; the world powers question only comes through to me as that which asks whether I am a statesman or a celebrity and since most of the pressures I face are a function of Royal duties HM wants done, I like to think of myself as a statesman, so such blabbing does not mean that I am dead serious when I say I will rip up the popularity and celebrity culture for them. As for the problems of the US, that would be the worlds riches economy spending the last 7 years at least on doing nothing about its economy, then jump from there to a systematic processes of loving and endorsing insane sales men who do the selling and then when asked where the money is make it quite clear that was located in China but that they are still Loyal to the US; looks like a joke for the time being until the US goes to war with all of the Communists; it does seem they cannot conduct their stupidities without doing something that affects British interests in China and blabbing about Principle ally, blabbing about prices that we must pay, blabbing babblings they cannot actually back up. Half the time we see them blab about my position showing how well a woman can be served while that gives off another effect where another group start up a story of how top Members of the Royal Family always think they are entitled because they are privileged; reality of course is that if the Queen stopped making her wishes clear there would be problems, if I did everything The Queen wanted there would be inflexibility and what we are talking about is National Currency Equity; so those who say Members of the Royal Family think they are privileged and entitled are wrong, those who think I am showing how well a Woman can be served are wrong; it is quite a predicament as the whole purpose of their insulting civil rights is to love the things of this world and to ensure they are never wrong, so its not clear yet if such realities have sent enough of a signal. They say most of their activities are meant to ensure Royalty is afraid of them, I am not afraid of them; they did not integrate themselves into the workforce properly to get the media and celebrity jobs that gets to their heads and its the practical jokes that got them there which we have to deal with all the time but they simply cannot do some celebrity on media work and let people be; its getting more serious the matter of their understanding of property that does not belong to them and does not have their names on it and for me its getting closer to the stage where big picture will no longer be discussed as much as it will be replaced by damage limitation. In the end its the greed; how much time spent on family, spent on the job, spent on support that family gives towards the job, then how much spent on evading taxes, spent on evading it properly because the goons do not wish to go to prison; these are the reasons they need a distraction, somebody with work or job or property they can deploy to make a mess that will cause distraction, somebody that can be used as an excuse for how the job should be done when stealing becomes the thing they spend most of their time on and you may list the rest as it affects you. Its a gimmick on two fronts obviously; it trivialises its job and then other peoples job as well and then claims I started it by wanting to control people while what really started it is that their insults became very profitable but the story that kept it going was the bit that kept off the alternative arguments about the reasons they had to stop it, it said the victims were scared. The case of the barrage of insults I throw at them on Media is another story of course – we can all see it has wrecked everything saying it does what it does because the victims are scared, so I had to make gladiators out of them too but since Obama and a process of setting me up as the guy into whose personal life and personal space people can put in their problems, I have had to take up some extras as well especially considering that I am likely to end up in a condition where I attend the loo when they tell me and not when I need to and its the price of the Books that turns a normal person into an animal as well – hence they are done and its my turn. The first time I had to deal with them they were selecting their Girlfriends as though they were preserving their genes on my Estate with insults that suggested we were brothers and I had no choice about the matter for the blacks while the whites went down right away and got on with the see-saw – them on one hand and the community croons on the other; so if I lived in the US, as it grew into a community of liberals that specialised in hunting the equities in other peoples lives to get rich without work as an Industry, I would be wondering what the world has come to, while the British ones have fame I can stop and then start to deal with the fact BBC and SKY has fans in all the third world Countries on the planet as well. They say what I say has changed nothing and its pretty much the same issues about me having a dented confidence; in terms of the latter its just years of sucking up to Landlords who are receiving benefits on my behalf and the Civil service that is paying it for the former its avoidance, since more involvement with others will only make my case here worse, which has also been interpreted as fear, so it has come to that point where I need to stress the importance of a need to see them respond to a situation where something does not belong to them legally; a situation where it is my name on my Books and all publicity is therefore ascribed to me and it is my Books with my name on it therefore my property, why they need to get off the Books and stop showing up to please themselves on the Public image. They always say its the effects my Books have which the last time I checked has been garnished with about 8 years of getting the things they did to become inglorious points of fact in the Books resolved on media so as to get into a position to start a campaign on that too and even the younger ones are blabbing about the joys of seeing me get bullied, which I am really not; what happens is insane men doing sales and their kids and wives supporting them in a certain way, where I fit into the picture being that I will only ever sell my Books when they insult me to get paid for the processes that does not include paying attention to what it says and does and finding me proper clients thereof and I intend to sack sack their own as well. They do say I am deeply hated and its utter nonsense; it was an intellectual property administration business in one of the worlds biggest financial centres, the ethos of their insults is that it was my dream and will become their own with that big mouth, so they can have peace when they had stopped damaging and messing it up with that stupid media; by the way of which we are where we are because of what is entirely trivial reasons i.e. my Landlord wants me to get into a fight with neighbourhoods gangs and criminals that are bugging the area, they even have a future of stupid men built on it and I cannot read, write, study in my bedroom or indeed keep a job, its a tribalism that these idiots cannot afford, Obama is not done yet with the White House and are therefore free to hate whatever they please. I do not believe that it is as such a crisis, what we know is that they say I dare them and that this is what provokes them into action while the ones that do distant hitting that piles the stress and pressure just want to be important and of course what has happened is a process where they have gotten me sucking up to the civil service for benefits right up to the point where I am sucking up to landlords and then sucking up to them through landlords as well and now they think I am a coward; so I do get told that the way I handle it is wasteful which it is not at all – I need to ensure that every single thing that is being done as public policy which creates misunderstanding over these goons is explained and explainable, they are always making out that it cannot be and so we find completely innocent people end up victims of their bullying and I am now an Arch Prince that is said to be disrespectful of Journalists. The Celebrity and Popular culture say what I am doing should have been done by them but that was after and not before I dropped out of University – we see it even now, somebody will make a song because the Lower Classes love to keep my history and they will take over, some young gentlemen will chase me around over problems I have which women can solve and they will take over, I will broker my equity with the upper class and they will take over, so it has to pay their bills or their problems will never be over as well; even Hollywood directors are helping criminals get their revenge on the guy that facilitated popular culture which did not paint them in good light and hampered their mobility and are blabbing nonsense at me as well about how I cannot get rid of them, which simply becomes a big jokes to me. It started with the media ones; lots OS insults and abuses associated with risks associated with owning my personality as a human being due to a process where people went to television to do their jobs in a way that has nothing to do with it, so if this public service was performed in terms of media insults and abuses only, I would have had to make time for the Industry and Political ones as well on a later date, so I had to give it some time and deal with everything together – its still the same case where each time they want fame they need look to their own backyards, each time they want equity look to their own savings and mortgages as these are the equities that they worked for not this Estate; its never been done before of course but there is a logical explanation for every condition were hear them complain about – an example is the condition in which I dropped out of University whereby I thought of ignoring them but what they did was to ensure every final year student got away with my Literary Empire until I was a Final year student and then prevented from taking advantage of other peoples too and then I would feel as if I was worse off in every way; things did happen to spur me on to it, things such as employers in the City complaining that they have not been educated properly since they grabbed my Literary empire and got off to work for another persons business as such. I do get told that my whole life has been destroyed which is utter nonsense, my life is another one of those things I thought I could ignore like I did my academic work; so they claim they are homosexual to build up crowds that help them with abusive insults which facilitate community croons running off all kinds of abusive nonsense about my bedroom, then they move on to show they have a problem with when I have sex as equally as they do with when I do not and then it will progress to rationing the sex and then deciding how I have it and then they will become the male characters who give it to me, we see all the time that I could never be the Male character in the homosexual relationship, always the Female with that big mouth: nobody really knows why it is that people are born gay but the more I say I am not homosexual is the more they have made an excuse that it would have tended to mean I am trying to run away from their true identity, all looking like something that will end really well. The Media sits at the heart of it bragging of course so I guess I will get done with the media divorce that will sort out the Celebrity abuses and the Community croons too and after that it may likely become some sort of war between me and those who handle the intellectual property of the broadcasting corporations which employ them and it will become a case of whether or not their stupidities can be controlled; whether they understand nauseating financial complications due to tolerating them or what it means when a patented product does not have their stupid names on it. They say I am a trouble maker myself but I do not think so when people who have a need to be famous are big brother local neighbourhood good miles away in another Country and cannot understand I am facing difficulty due to their involvement with my concerns – mostly the image is that they are rude and brash and covered in Tattoos and have guns at home and there is therefore no reason for them to comply and I intend to ensure that there is. They say I am badly behaved and I am not; I wrote Books and blogs about bad behaviour and the fact when you are, you are never really up to anything but it is people who have jobs to do that involve putting a name to their faces in public places who make a mess of it, build me a public image that suggests its the real me, blame women and ensure the problem goes round and round and then make a mess for everybody and start a blame game. The Bible says they exchanged the glory of God for that of Mortal creatures and they commit all sorts of sins and not only live in such ways but actively approve of those who do, it says that God then gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do that which was unnatural, Men burning with desire for Men and likewise women and they paid the recompense for their sins in that way. So we hear the media never rests concerning what I should be doing to be less Royal and its an old story about why they always assume the right to discipline other peoples children a lot of the time of which those they want to discipline and ask to exist in a way that massages their convenience are not children at all. These are people who have no wish to be treated the same as their mates and I am lost as per what it is they suppose I can do about it anyway; in the end when it comes to things such as Gun Laws in the US we all know they are talking rubbish about knowing what goes on in the minds of young people all together as well anyway but refuse to accept their need to just wreck lives by disciplining them constantly leads to the mass school shootings they want to blame on somebody else or plays a major role – with respect to me they always say the insults make business profitable so there is trouble I seek by trying to stop them but so have I made it clear they need seek equity where they have worked for their savings and mortgage and not my Estate as continuing to do so will only ensure I kill off that stupid Celebrity culture as well. It is usually not clear why they do it if I eliminated the case of the need to tell me I am at war with the world which they love and all the things in it too and that any war with the world is always lost, if they are not telling me that the devil and their wickedness was powerful.