This great idea of a team I work with that shares my empire is utter rubbish; they say I speak of Law Liberty and Morality and that is what it means and there is sharing and there is movement of power and so on; the fact of it is rather that film makers are film makers and most of them work with me in a professional way while those of them that do in a personal way seem to be very good at preventing people from laying things on people – everything else is villainy and like I always say I do think about whether I should have allowed them buy my books out of ignorance before they set about such things because people bring it up, it does not necessarily mean I think it is what I should have done either.

There is no such thing as preventing me from selling my books; that entirely hinges on the end product of a process where the Christian is a Christian because there are areas of his life that he has given up and the result is of course fucking the wife I never married and the one I have not even dated yet and while it is happening they complain the reason is that I mess with their wives who appear on my television when it was their idea to set their stupid bully girls after me on grounds I have stolen their beauty which i.e. their style at reporting the news and how they speak etc and that was to ensure I lose everything to claims I sleep with them as well and that I sleep with them to get inspiration for all I do and own too. So it will now all hinge on the books because I am not giving back that stupid left, I do not want to see any of that stupid culture and I am very well aware they appear on TV like respectable people but are full of rubbish, such that each time they do these things and I say or act in a way which stops them, it does not last five minutes because they hear me alright but they need to pay a third mortgage and so it continues to the point where I am now being told they are preventing me from making a living as well and yet last we checked that media was a place to make up facts and change opinions in a blink and their bullying happens there for that reason, not to mention an open invitation they give out to any who wants to be my enemy on account I have allowed them to get out of hand and then set out pretending the media was never the problem especially when I mention the need to make the suck in order to solve whatever is bugging them. It is all villainy and there is no such thing as preventing me from making a living unless that is I will ignore the crimes and go after the results so they can continue to make money from their actions.

I mean why is it really so difficult for people to understand it is what I hate the most i.e. people screwing my women for me; everything seems to hinge on it, from the women they make up and those that are actually mine, all the way to claims of a boy who writes things about himself that he should tell no body and then tries to sell and make a living from it and how people must prevent him from doing so. I have mentioned a problem with my temper and the fact I am deeply jealous but none makes a difference to them as it were so far, especially when they are black and think people make up other arguments while they have a good time hurting people until they respond which is then funny and I intend it will end badly too because I want every community and family that exists as a result of their endeavours and will have it and the result of that will be that they suck because they are scared and get around solving problems that exists in a social context because people insult them.

There are four items in the matter; the above facts to make things clear and the issue of the Monarchy and things we do there to manage villainy, the entertainment industry that benefits from that and then the Industries and employees where people employ people but cannot see those people are vulnerable to them for example which creates the need for them to understand why my colours are being used for national and public services and the fact about it being that the process of taking it out of people to create products and sell it back to them is not on (they would say it is a valid argument that they set out to make money with their almighty strength which they then make available to business to invest while they themselves know nothing about business concerning which something has got to give and like that old stuff about an inability to tolerate the mafia boss and racism and gang boss routine but have to put up with the moderate ones from media because journalists and fame freaks cannot leave those who are not hurting them seriously alone as it were, but it is not on either and I do not care, just like they need to find a way to keep the part where some women are mine separate from a process where they might have sex with them either way), then of course the matter of the state of the Union where I think I have done well enough to provide administration for the process whereby all the friends and allies and partners of Politicians  working and personal alike in the Four realms of the UK were never going to be British, otherwise the economy is technically still in recession, concerning which I am aware I have no business with Politicians as such and it is not something the Monarchy wants me to put all of myself into either but I have to detach the Crown from it since we already have a Crowned Monarch. As for those stupid campaigns of a kid who writes things about himself he should never share with others and a process where I am to ignore the crimes and get after the results so they can continue to make more money and fantasies of more media power which they express through insolent news reports and adverts and stupid girls mocking me for sex especially when black and cannot leave people alone as it were; I suggest people shut it down so I do not have to shut it down for them my way. I am still on it anyway i.e. wanting ownership of every family and community that exists from their endeavours in order to make them suck.


The part where I get into trouble with the Queen makes no sense whatsoever since everything I do hinges and works around the protection I get from the Royal family, hence I do not do things to remove the protection because I will have no means of working, of course there are other ways of doing it but this was the way that was set out for me and it is much too late to change any of it at this stage too, not that I would want to anyway. The point is that these people are much too used to insulting those that are better than them as a way of getting a piece of people; now they are certain they can simply turn out and say things to me that they pressed out of me years ago and pretend it is their own, not to mention robbing shoulders while doing things and saying things I used to do and say at 13 years of age or so. The other part where they love their insults and tell me about their up- coming children is just the pinnacle of their stupidities and not something I should respond to, however when they have become physically destructive over it then that becomes another matter all together since I could always do myself a disservice and marry one such fools into my life or I could get born into a family with one like I am at the moment. So there is no such thing as things I should not say about myself which I do say and think I can write up and sell to people; hence they speak of parent power and all that stuff and it is not clear why they suppose I care about my mother that much, I mean she betrayed me to an evil world because I was a Christian and used her motherly advantage to hold me down until they can round me up and play up unemployment and cash flow crisis on me because I do not play her game which involves such rubbish as exists only in her head. It is however not a serious issue to me, it’s like when they say women wear their makeup to carry their families with them in public, I shall give her one to carry around as well and if she does not want to carry it around I do not give a toss either and that is an end to it. For them on the other hand it is the old issue of how to ensure the Christian goes to church aimlessly with no spirit in it and no truth so that they might be able to tolerate Christianity which has become violent. They cannot leave people alone and like to make out I have problems expressing myself which of course brings to light the reasons behind most of the things I have done to them to ensure there is an argument out there to secure me a means of getting involved with any fame scum that likes to plague me in order to tell him to piss somewhere else, so I can return to my academic work and my job as such, in terms of expressing myself and seeking civil rights with which to it rather applies that if while I do not know them I feel an overwhelming need to get around explaining why I look the way I do and that it is nothing they can peddle to get rich and famous since it is simply somebody in service to his God as though it will make a difference to them, there will be a constant reorganisation of society and community to make me comfortable which is what is happening at the moment, for they cannot leave people alone and their women cannot put their foul tongues behind their teeth on grounds they want things and there are those who will die for having ideologies that come between them and those things they want from the world or just come between them and those things all together. So for the labour party I did take up that stupid socialists invention that splits UK society and talk rubbish about a link with communism and did it since it would have been a very turbulent problem for me to look into when I handle matters of the UK Union at the office and I understand their reasons for hating me; as for the part where parent power is concerned, the media and fame idiots say I will do it for everybody in which case for them this is not the first time as it were since the first was that I am a Christian and my parents are evil is something they want to bring out of me but then make sure I keep it to myself so I can hold them down and make sure they hear it too, for the society idiots and their big government it’s a matter of how they cannot leave people alone as well and I like bets too so they can enforce parent power around here with a big mouth since what I have done is not hurting badly enough yet, which of course is all there is to the parent thing and their insults are never the correct way to respond to other people product at the market place or indeed other people’s business. In the end of which if it were up to me I would have by this stage seen to it that every idiots in this country understands that such a condition as when I do not know them but have to explain myself to them and justify things such as the fact there is nothing here to peddle to get rich and famous on account it is simply somebody serving his God, has got no chances of existing and I have in any event made myself clear about the fact I do not want to see that stupid culture and society since it is very wild and intolerant specifically towards me. No such thing as an inability to express myself, just a process where they start and cannot live with the consequences.

 So do I know that setting out an argument that ensures I can always get in touch with any celebrity or politicians and tell them to piss somewhere else if they bug me affects their confidence and ability to do a job? Absolutely, for it is their parents apparently who think children should be raised the way they were, that need jobs where people stand over them and watch them and tell them what to do, hence the reasons they handle my aptitude when it is linked to my family life and my skills when linked to my qualifications and profession and use it to make themselves fame and fortune. It settles of course at the two issues first about my Court and the fact that what people complain about has to do with their egos and a process where they have top jobs and want me as a slave with a big mouth because they want slaves without the responsibility as it were: so that the one thing they never understand when they are older than you is that the one thing you have no need of is sex, for the women of which they will pass their insults at their husbands and see them all the time too, especially when black and like to do it at me because when they look at me they feel like it, which is why I supply them the alternative explanations as well for of course their problems are only ever settled when they suck; it would not have been the first occasion since that was the one where they force sex on me and the female journalists got me out of it with the result today that they have become the ones supplying the sex, which is not sexual abuse apparently since sexual abuse applies only to women who do nothing about the criminals that rape and torture and kill and stab and slash them because they have a Christian to bully with a big mouth which I why I will never give back that stupid left and since I am not a misogynist I have no idea what they will call my case anyway. Then the other issue of questions about my work when I say people need to stay off my public work and the scope of it etc which is rather simple i.e. I have a problem with their societies they move into the right hand to create and should never move into mine and if they think about the pinnacle then that would be when I am looking into matters of the UK Union, to set out securities and adjudications whereby people meet their allies and friends and etc overseas which is why the Labour party is the most twisted rubbish I have ever come across as well and cannot stay outside of peoples personal lives either; hence it is well settled for Northern Ireland and Wales and Scotland and England and we can confidently say that these countries in the eyes of the world are full countries that work together in a Union, not just in the complicated things like having each other over a barrel and seeking trust like it used to be when there was less devolution than there is today but also at the International arena, hence I have mentioned these rudimentary matters on which Politics operates.  

It is obvious they have access to and play around with my personal life as such but I have no idea how any of that will change my schedule anyway; some days I deal with matters of employer employee adjudications and other days I deal with state of the Union matters. When people play around with it I have no got a clue how that prevents me from dealing with those issues on those set out dates either anyway; all I know is that some days I have something called the process of demanding more and more and more ownership of their business families and communities to achieve a complete loss of confidence over absolutely everything and the eventual result where they suck so they can keep their insults where their belong and their women their foul tongues where it is meant to have been. There is really no such thing as a mind in trouble; the simple fact is that those I rent homes with so they can supply them information and have somebody to do things with as insolently as possible in which they were the boss, are having a Prince and Legal executive in their apartments and so I do not naturally think about their wickedness and evils bearing in mind what consequences there will be for my quality of life, unless I want to make something of it and then make such a thing famous; hence no such thing as being cleansed of my beauties and all that rubbish they do when they want to express the pinnacle of their deviance with which they love to think they want to be other peoples leaders. Of course I am aware it is suggested I put effects of cultural wickedness on me into writing and try to sell it, what I said I do is creative equity and Intellectual Property Administration and so if I cannot do it in any country in the world I have no idea why I would anyway. Point is they are always tempting me to see how far I will go to protect the market derivatives of my books, customer loyalty, copyright and profit margins and I intend to show them too.  As equally as I am aware it is said the way I give away my liquid property (which is a legitimate way to react to peoples product - not to mention the fact this site and everything in it is patented, speak less of the books), leaves people with no choice but to take it – I have no issues with it since they will have to be poor first to get away with it i.e. they are rich and many people know them and will always know what they have stolen but since they want to be self harming idiots, what I have will be in their heads and their insolent women will want a clear space on the left where they take my property anyway which they will have in hell; like I said, she will soon spend her insults on them and then it will be over and she will see them all the time too. As I mentioned earlier, it appears that provided people are older than me and have girls at their disposal, then they do not need to give any attention to the fact that I have no need for sex; there is no such thing as getting into trouble with The Royal Family or The Queen at any rate, I have got them precisely where I want them to be.