An example of this will easily begin from a process where I have to state that I am not in any way kicked off course by the idea that the London Olympic Games took place in East London and people there who believe the route to getting rich is to gain access to and manipulate me over my income whenever I work for it, otherwise there is no other way they can make money as I have all the secretes and will tell no body when they were actually superior, more deserving and needed to be told in a condition where they will be better off than I am which is then worthy to fight over with violence in order to get rich if they must. Their idea of the purpose of an Olympic park is one shop here and another there and then another and then another which media idiots can get rich with and later use as a means of wielding their powers of money that they think they can wield over everybody including those whose property they made the money from and therefore know everything about the stupid money, bearing in mind he is also a government official too. I have no idea what it has got to do with the reality of what is an Olympic park and what makes it different from the other Olympic parks around the world; Beijing, Barcelona, Sidney, USA, about which this question being settled the owners can make money from it if they so wish.

So they claim there is no reason that the Park should not be regarded by East Londoners in the same way that Wembley was regarded by west Londoners but of course that has got nothing to do with anything, only the fact they are stupid socialist criminals that like to think they should punish those that get them off crimes by getting money from Politicians to set up legitimate businesses, then go after those that got them off their criminal activities to have revenge and then return to it thereafter never the less. So it is all very well to believe the route to riches is when I have no money and anticipate it and work for it so that when I do, others get to own it; I am not the one blowing off hate statements at the moment, they are and should carry on like that of course, it is one way by which it will all end so very well indeed. Obviously the government has spent a lot of money to make that their east end thing the place where the money is and I have the right to trade there anyway, so if I must, I will force it out of them too.

Hence I am naturally not referring to any stupid higher witchcraft that involves intense and insolently violent process of getting my attention with the purpose of familiarising so intently that they get to observe their stupid peoples stupid problems play out in my life, then progress further to take away something dear or important to me or something I really need to create a disposition where I got another one which means that they can send me on any stupid errands they wish by manipulating my needs, for that I always win when they have to go to any church there is they can lay their hands on, in order to make it work in the first  place, then get off talking rubbish all over the civil service about those that need to inspire people to do things while their media fools lap it up. Then of course get around doing popular music and popular culture all over the place and all over me to effect what deviance does to peoples savings and finances in a condition that I cannot control and get off making noise all over the place as well especially about equality and violent discrimination that others needs to look into, which is what all those insolent claims of people sleeping with their wives they insist on is really all about.

Of course nothing done by these people with respect to anything they channel in my direction has ever got anything to do with being nice; the real problem is that keeping them away from me and staying away from them has been impossible to achieve because of a range of activities, from how a process of appearing on the streets to go out to buy food affects people when they see me bearing in mind I am blessed by God in an extreme way, so it is actually something special, to handling my work and doing everything in their power to ensure that they always do so, so that when they want my attention they will always get it no matter how much I don’t want it or want to give it but not anymore, this marks a boundary.


The American ones with their friends, say my literary empire is named an exceptional political empire by them and that it should actually belong to them, I don’t mind myself I will find out how much of theirs it will become at the inventories. As for small businesses in the UK setting up and me being chosen as the one that will bear the funny pain by which they make money, it is not a new story; they are bullies and I make up my stories about their wickedness because I am leading them on, it is politicians that make up their own stories about their wickedness because they think it is fact when they do. I am not to be confused with their Politicians who think that when people keep a person unemployed and cash strapped because they think the civil service is their plaything for a period of four years it is something that the law seems to have permitted them to do as well or the person seem to have given them consent for.

Those their stupid girls are another story of course, when those can no longer breathe they will stop talking and when they stop talking I will not get insulted and abused and will therefore have some peace; which especially the blacks always tell me I cannot enforce but everybody knows a three year old can. As for the almighty stock market brokers who think I am now available in their turf to be used when I say such things like they always do; I believe everybody now knows I think of stock market brokers as classified sales reps and I am not giving them my stuff for my part, bearing in mind more so I have a history with them where I gave me and dropped out of University and got kept unemployed so they can feel as though it has been given up, thereafter, while they created an economic crisis and their Politicians told me it will be made to hit me hardest because they are not yet glorious enough. At some point their case will become something a lot more serious as well all together; I mean I can understand even though I wonder what monumental idiot does such things, that they have already decided the purposes of my holdings and equities is to ensure that they have information they need to trade up peoples companies and are even working hard with their media idiots to create the idea I am ignorant of such a fact and they plan to get rich, complete with punishments set out for any that informs me so they can get whatever they want even if they must by violence and or black mail. Need it be said that they need to wait for the companies to come by, wait for the businesses to exist before they have something to change at the market with all that yapping about an economic crisis being the best time to get rich with a big mouth, when they start? The status for me remains the same of course; I am not giving them my stuff and that is an end to it and their attitude issues. They even speak of how a process where a business is expecting stock at the warehouse on a Friday while they expect to exchange the company at the market at a Wednesday, is not a problem of theirs and even make out it is up to me but it isn’t – I mean, I am not even the one with the media scum, they are and had better found out the information when they need to, bearing in mind nobody on earth has the power to slow down anything when they want money.

They play these games and take money away from the economy but will not follow their needs and instincts because they realise it would mean that have power if they do not do something to circulate the money, as if others cannot take steps to ensure market exists artificially as well. On which basis they like to tell me that I cannot do any of the things I threaten when they can see the money sitting pretty in their bank account while I speak of things the law has not given me any right to do, about which what they have done to my property is what the law has given them the right to do as well, such that when I mention it they yap off even more to wind me up. 

Hence we have a complete set of information on those stupid insults as it were and the next time I speak of it and the almighty stock market traders me it will have become a fully blown out fight as well. It is what it is and I am fed up with politicians on ideas otherwise, whoever asked them anyway - nothing but deviance and what it does to peoples businesses, income, earnings and savings; except that in this case they think there is nothing the owners can do about it and there is no doubt either that Politicians are responsible for this.