Of course we all hear of the story I have been beaten and battered and everything about my person and reputation pillaged and plundered and damaged and I therefore can no longer hold down a Royal Estate – the reality of which is that the big problem I must resolve in royal circles is the idea all I own and anything I do is for sharing – having said so of which what I need to do to manage every property in the estate has been put in place and the equity property on the websites are worth nothing less than 20 million pounds if invested and yes they always like to say my equities are only worth so if people invest them but so am I sure they understand getting off to ensure people don’t so they can mess with me is looking for trouble as equally as those who invest it without buying the books or making a clear statement about which equities they invest more so are doing the same. It’s simply come to that point where they can no longer pillage it how they like and I intend to build community around their celebrity nonsense that will engage in constant conversation about what justifies it so I can break their lawyers and I intend to break them next after too – I mean it’s never really been a problem, only a simple case of the fact all they do like these noise making about what is broken only gives me a license because I would never have gotten support if I did it all on the basis of what the Christian thinks should be the way things work: it’s been 13 years of their stupid children having the best GCSE grades by sticking a hard one into me and I have no idea where it was broken thereof more so – but it is not an emotive issue around being attacked by civil rights idiots, it’s always the case that before then when they shoot off their insults it means something else but when you want to handle them then there is a threat to their civil rights but we are not mates and they need to leave me alone, it does appear this is the difficult part and we all know their stupid media debuts were designed to help them recover their freedom from me especially the blacks who have lost that stupid western nonsense they like to think is invincible and while they claim something is broken never to be recovered here they have not recovered their western nonsense about freedom which is never really what they say it is from me but above all they say I frustrate all they planned to do with Barrack Obama and I think the next time they elect a black president they can do so cleaning filth off me and developing new derogatory nonsense to abuse me with for their progress because they think they are dominating something – so as it stands something is broken because they are constantly after my penis and my anus and my breast and all that nonsense and I for my part have not responded to it, it does not mean they have acquired freedoms based on things they would never have had under other circumstances which they have experienced which is another measure of that provocative nonsense where they think I should be a mound and they a hard dick that their Politicians and media idiots and celebrities like to play around with while thinking they will deploy my work to do something about terrorism as well or that I may not develop my own versions of these things to control and manipulate them with, the warning is a matter of how much of those stupid western freedom insults they have recovered from me so far yet and I personally do not believe they should end up in somebody else’s life either, until that day with that golliwog mouth. For the women it has always been a case of pillaging my earnings on account of what they can get away with and none of these idiots male and female alike have yet taken on board the message of staying away from me as we are not mates as it were – so I have so far beaten women down to a point where it has become a social issue as nobody does know if they do these things because they are expecting to find here those guys that do sexual inequality with them so they can blab about it but we all know media has changed from a means of securing their stupid freedom to a means of dominating me with a big mouth as well. There is nothing about anything that happens here which is any of their business and I will hurt them seriously before it stops from what we can see too. The goons that operate at Royal circles especially female are done with diamond jubilee opportunities and its all turned to unnecessary abuse and violence as well and what I have done to protect my office and estate has been entirely necessary in the events of the unthinkable of these idiots having Royal and Political support as well – nothing broken whatsoever. The goons that operate at Royal circles especially female are done with diamond jubilee opportunities and its all turned to unnecessary abuse and violence as well and what I have done to protect my office and estate has been entirely necessary in the events of the unthinkable of these idiots having Royal and Political support as well – nothing broken whatsoever; a fight with stupid women is always embarrassing especially with when they are Royal with insulting ambitions and media to express themselves with.

So the story started off today about how HM said something about the Scottish independence referendum which of course we all know never actually happened, what we know HM said was about a person question and something about hoping people think carefully about the future when they go to vote. What we have had on media instead has been HM saying something about it to influence it, which has nothing whatsoever to do with reality and it is in the prognosis of such realities they like to think I have these huge daily problems to get past endlessly, which is utter rubbish; reality being that people spend most of their time making a thing out of when others hurt them on account that there are some element of flattery involved and I don’t, so those who take advantage of me suffer intensely while those who hurt and flatter me it seems were once victims of sex abuse and I am blown away. I mean it is a measure of the reasons behind some things I do which is about the destruction of freedom and capitalism especially practiced by Africans i.e. if people really want to know what I am like, then the reality is that as sin goes sin and wickedness go wickedness and evil goes evil – the question is whether they think these things that these people do are actually something done by human beings? It’s not a matter of their humanity but a matter of whether or not what they have channelled in your direction is actually human should you ignore the violent nature of it? So there is no point people enjoying their flattery and then taking it out on me because they have got media salvation to talk nonsense about problems I have  and HM never said a thing about Scottish independence referendum nor will that have been the first occasion that took advantage of One’s engagements to boost their chances of winning it – the first was an occasion where they claimed about a week ago that campaigning was temporarily suspended but took advantage of it never the less because the SNP is currently in government, a follow on with that old case of the unthinkable happening when all I am is about my faith and dedication to it but they had decided it is about a beauty that everybody can share in order to feel good and have things which is then without reason confirmed by an idiot in government who claims it is a contribution I am making on account they had their culture but decided to move it and themselves into my personal life and live in my right hand side which led me to confiscate it as well and has created the result of their need to interfere with absolutely every move that I make, while their Politicians think I need to be stuck in war with others while they steal my possessions and have only just found themselves in a place where they will fight the enemies they have by themselves and with their own stuff as it were and can therefore arm my royal order for me whenever they want to fight their own battles while their banker friends are never used in that way as well, all the while of which I am being attacked at home and not overseas. I hear it is a matter of me being stuck at the forefront of living in one of the most hated countries on earth, which makes no sense to me either; all I know is that this statement gets bandied by Muslims endlessly when the reality is very different i.e. Muslims are lazy and evil and selfish and greedy and always, always never fail to seek out people they can take their problems out on, so of course if they want to, can always shoot one off at me so I can do them again: at this point of which any normal person would see there is a connection between when they are found in company of their mates and not me and a condition where they come through at the other end as corpses, to talk nonsense at me all the time so I might feel like making a statement of it endlessly too. I mean it is difficult to work out how they could not have descended at this point that most of the time I hurt people this is the reason i.e. I have a Court they become obsessed with interfering with all I do to get between me and my Court, find out why I might, only to be confronted with the fact that they want to know where our anus and our penis is so that they can mess about it with whenever and make us give things to them that we should be giving up – apparently of which the problem in my view seems to be that the Politicians do not know where their mates are nor the fashion Idiots and media scum and popular culture fools, so that it does seem whenever they end up near their mates they always are seen again as corpses – which of course are the only two issues going on here i.e. when I am provoked it is always a matter of the fact they have messed with my solitude and when I attack them it’s always a matter of reminding them where their mates are. As for such things as the BBC, they say I am in trouble with them but I maintain like I do for all the others, it’s a matter of my faith and my dedication to it, not some beauty they can make use of and they continue of course; the BBC that cannot tell the difference between a sole proprietorship and a broadcasting corporation and talks nonsense all the time about how I am doing their stuff – the BBC  that has only one thing in common with me which is concerned with information but is full of journalists that want to stifle my writing career and take it up when they are finished broadcasting work – the BBC full of people that earn more money than their local GPs but think about grabbing other peoples career then complain about it – so we end up with a process where he who relates information as it happens is inferior to he who writes it and therefore needs to resettle that balance where he is superior and the result is them looking like little Kings and Queens asking others to furnish their lives with stories they can get rich with because of course it can easily make sense as a writer to put out facts about when I left home in my car to work, before I put up the camera in front of government building to televise government operatives but would never have made sense if I was a reporter – so it is the same old story about these self harming block heads and they can take it up and do it too, I don’t have a problem like they claim, I am not the one that seeks more than one career at any given point in time. As for the story of how I am not interested in the enemies of the UK and what must be done about them; first of all which is a matter of when they do it with their own for a change as it were i.e. I am involved with the Military not because I am expected to take up arms but because it is something handed to me as a means of keeping me committed to stimulating and inspiring people but they regularly feel they want to find enemies and arm my Royal Order for me to talk nonsense about where their industry friends expect to be which they are not because a certain thing needed from me has not come through and there eventually will be trouble the more desperate they get, which is the sort of thoughts I would have kept out of government office should I have nursed them at all for example – the other reality is a matter of one man’s terrorist being another man’s freedom fighter of which they are the ones adding to the adage all together: we all know ISIS has taken time to develop and it took from the stage of suicide bombers who can easily attack a venue that was used by revellers the night before only to kill a wedding couple and that is in itself a stage at which the provocation pushed the problem to – before then it was a matter involving large market places mostly and cars loaded with bombs being blown up after hours of very loud extreme Islamic songs being played, so from that to the IEDs to the carving out of a state dedicated to them, this matter too stages and what has emerged as ISIS now in my view is simply people telling them to let be or kill them all but before they die everybody will know a place called Islamic state did exist – they however are more interested in dams they have taken back of which how they did that was concerned with ISIS and the idea of what is God’s work and what is not, but any normal person except them would have imagined ISIS has enough numbers to ensure they do not lose the dam no matter what happens, raising questions of what exactly has convinced them the air strikes were successful and ISIS did not withdraw, thus that if they did, and are made to think taking back the dam is important to them, they will return. It is an example of how they took 9/11 which was done by a band of brothers bent on supporting each other over matters of violence and made it into a war on the middle east, so when they say I flatter the enemy it makes me wonder if it is not ISIS that is calling for the cease fire these days and of course the big old question of what the exact provocation was that led to the new spates of hostage killing? For me it is as simple as make use of the faith and go along with its rules, if not, expect me to enforce the rules because otherwise is blasphemy and you need to mind your own business – they say however that I stifle peoples freedom just like the BBC says I interfere with their perspective and so it is hard to work out which one of either two statements they suppose I think comes from them as human beings as far as sin is sin and wickedness is wickedness and evil is evil is concerned? The part about their freedom being that they now know who I am and what I am like and will not want to move into my right hand and live there as it were again – so of course we have a freedom issue here and letting them go has never really been my strong point – the culture however they will never see again and those cheap easy far reaching insults with which every block head feels like sticking a hard one at me to clear their stupid heads and make progress in life can lead to a condition where they are faced with something hard and unforgiving as well and then they will have people they feel like beating up without reason from there – especially the African ones. I hear they say it is an example of how Politics is peaceful because it thinks about solving problems as a community and not the way I go about it but we all know as well that they think people are responsible for other peoples actions and that it puts them in position of leadership over everything and are still having a problem working out where their mates are too – they are never seen with them and never ever deal with their own problems: this story of how to go about saving something vicious and evil and wicked at a person you target every single second until thinking of it forms 90% or more of what goes on in their heads has proven what it can create in Ukraine, where they even poisoned a Presidential candidate that went on to win the elections become President and has since passed away a few years ago in no small part due to the industries of the attack – we have forgotten at this stage how the civil war there was created because the Russians and Americans have made it into something else entirely – it is as though I am not sticking my neck out for my books well enough when they can clearly see the Books are patented and we are not talking about their respect problem yet as it were, that in itself is an asset. Like they go out to protect women that have decided to marry people who have made themselves social outcasts on account of their faith in the middle east and pretend their wars involve everybody else or they make out I like to burden people with what divides them more than I do with what unites them when it is all about their bullying and insults and that stupid media along with it – I mean in Scotland, some people have brought a case up of Scotland for the Scots and others have raised a counter of it is not worth the Union and as ever anything that goes wrong is a process of them being nice in that they lap up the flattery while when they are not then when they bully and attack me it has to do with Scottish independence as well. They do speak of a losing battle whereas when I returned to this country in 2001 they did nothing but hang around the street smoking nonsense drinking nonsense and generally messing up entire neighbourhoods, after that they decided that they could not solve their problems if they saw it on themselves so they had to see it on me in order to fee a detachment and that it was my contribution to society and now it has developed to a point where bullying me has something to do with Scottish Independence and I suppose it probably does as well; the blacks are an example of what I will do for my part too, those like it when one of their own is being used by everybody, they are offering it as it were and will get their wish for it too and need to stop pretending this is the end of it when this is just the beginning (I am in the UK now, we are not talking some lame third world currency, we are talking about pounds, I will do anything, I will give anything, I will offer him up – they clearly think I get offered up and if not that I don’t they have no plans to find out why those who offer him up offer him up and that is what they are about to find out as well). There is no case here about thinking the engagements of other Royal Family members do not matter; the reality around that is simply a case of answering those insults such as how I look clever but might actually be an idiot – it has to be settled first before anything else matter or nothing else will.

I hear it said that other members of the UK Union have seen that Scotland gets a better deal from the rest of the UK by threatening independence and of course it is utter rubbish because this talk of the safest way to guarantee power is one of the safest expressions of the fact it’s all about some individuals and their deluded view of how important they are to the UK Union; so now we have ended up in those places where I am said to have enemies that are wrecking everything whereas all there is, are a collection of some incredibly silly goons who like to feel that they have a greed and a gluttony that must always be rewarded – having taken that away from them the normal is what is happening i.e. lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of insults and abuses on media and elsewhere of all kinds, so the usual stuff is what is happening i.e. one moment they are friends of bankers and Industry and the next they are friends with Royals and so on but it always has something to do with what you do not know about a valuable thing that will be their own. They are not the only ones- there are several others like the ones that have entire communities dedicated to the fame industry for example and those feel that because women and girls exist you must be made to exist on your plan B all the time because they keep an eye on what you do and ensure celebrities are gaining from it and do nothing else with their stupid lives; so that if I started running a campaign on this they will not be on their plan B as well anymore, they will go down to plan C and plan D and then reach a stage where they have no plans at all. Of course they do say they already know all these things and it does not make any sense that I am mentioning them, reality of which is that it never actually matters what they know or do not know – facts here are that of such things as what they know about my warnings concerning their media stretching right across the west to Asia and doing nothing but abusing me and talking nonsense about respect for my Mother – now they have even settled up on a case of how Princess Diana used to visit India and Africa a lot and their insults are designed to ensure that I do not mess with the legacy their sons are meant to inherit: so it goes without saying they play around all the time making noise about some war on peace I am fighting, looking for trouble hence assume there are those who think it is really important what they know, all I am saying of which is that when I get hold of them they will have no plans at all soon after dropping from plan B to C and D and so on.


I hear they say that when Scotland is independent and or the rest of the UK becomes a republic people like me will lose relevance which is good riddance; I wouldn’t know but the realities have always been clear i.e. that if they think that way they are not in any position to provide this so called future they are promising young people and are just the bunch of really selfish goons we all know i.e. that morality has always been responsible for making people interested in you or making people help you or making people give you a job or making people buy shares in your company and morality is generally largely responsible for the success of the economy – what we know they do most of the time is create a sense that I should get stuck somewhere while they go off to tap into the morality like I am item and avoid having some of their own in order to push their way through and get rich quick, thus it is the same group of people deciding that everybody must end up on a plan B all the time and none of their plans will ever pay off because the UK has had monarchy long enough to be a republic by now, so that if the rest of the UK is not interested the big idea is that Scotland will go it alone. So how this costs me relevance I will never know; all I know is their other talk of how much I less about with world powers, whereas all we have been diplomatically trying to prevent Moscow from doing have over time due to greed become the very thing Moscow does most of the time and as for the US it is the land of the free and home of the brave full of idiots that will take an intellectual property administration business and turn out in public to get rich quick based on stifling the book sales and gobbling up the entire business with publicity – all these fools have been able to do in the UK therefore is create one of the biggest deficits in the developed world and while we are settling that are off to other things as well like having a new Country but the Americans will not tell you ever that the home of democracy behaves in this way for more than 95% of the time they are seen doing anything with themselves but of course it is difficult to work out why it is so tough to understand the importance of raising standards for all people in the world as it were; they think I am losing relevance and as for the threats - apparently they are not dealing with racism yet since every mode of their behaviour is concerned with a  faith you have been made to lose so that the morals can be deployed by homosexuals and such communities to serve the wider community and wider world, thus the prognosis of their behaviour towards morality is generally that of those who take up all of it and their own and then do it so that when they are done getting rich with wickedness they can never do it later, who are therefore the biggest problem that the world faces and responsible for all the wars in it, never mind the Muslims ones talking nonsense about the radicalisation of their foolish Children when they do not get what they want while I myself am not a Muslim in the first place and find it impossible to understand why they want anything from me anyway - as for the story of what I prevent Moscow from doing, it’s the same old case of stories picking up their feet and going places and Moscow attacking some smaller country for it at the end, hence steps were taken to prevent that but every benefit of those steps in terms of what Moscow is prevented from doing has over time given way to exactly the very things they want to do which is therefore always referred to as a threat to the UK when it isn't. 


Year date 19/9/14 – Scotland votes to remain in the UK at the referendum and the question raised of where we proceed to from here as it were – where I stand of which it’s a matter of the neglect our global responsibilities have suffered during the period of the crisis in question i.e. support for larger Countries when they need to have their problems taken care of which we can do and they will come through for us as well when we have our problems more so as international co-operation is largely a matter of other countries solving problems for others countries and not countries solving their own problems – so far we have done damage limitation for the larger countries that would change matters in the world easily i.e. Russia, China, the US – what I am referring to can be measured by the nature and prognosis of tyranny e.g. what they do in the Middle East; when Turkey in Europe solves its problems it can easily be because they have a circular society and the nature of their society allows it and makes it happen but when Iran solves its own problems it is because they want to oppress people and set up an economy where you can go and be taken care of like something that depends entirely on tourism for example and we have even begun to hear them say it has much to do with how much they can hit the UK economy with it as well: it is a function of how Law and order based security can be settled between Government and The People as a matter of an item of contract but for me personally I have always been rather good at feeding on the hospitality of world leaders, which means I can show them how good their thing is before somebody takes it up and does it for them so to speak and within that there are issues like when I speak of what we have been trying to prevent the Russians from doing which they are now doing as a major preoccupation and of course the Americans always being seen deploying peoples cultures and societies and countries and showing nothing is beyond them are after my Intellectual property administration company as well to deploy and get rich quick, telling nobody it is how they behave every time in the land of the free and home of the brave as it were: here in Europe Germany really enjoys taking advantage of an economy that is tactile enough to exist on a manufacturing sector that manufactures according to need, with a process of making money and deploying it as leverage to do what the Americans do i.e. manufacture by customer service which implies that they can deploy everybody and anybody possessions and property to make any products as long as it serves the customer, pit fall being when they court social problems that they have not got the resources America does have to deal with and then they start to pretend all of Europe is supposed to solve it while they supervise: the reasons I have made these facts obvious being of course that so little is known about my office and the manufacturing economy has a disposition here in Europe between Eastern European Countries and Russia on one hand while there is social societies and Germans on the other – ever so often of which people mix the two up and careers become really difficult, I personally notice it for my part when iv cannot get to work and work as a normal person, over thinking everything and suspecting everybody which eventually takes a toll on the academic aspect of a job. I understand the talk of a need I have to punish people but the all around face of my desire to punish as always been allowing and creating conditions that foster a process where black people and especially black women take up my reputation and person and or property and use it all all sorts of nonsense like they are really good at doing - if people do not do that I will not have to punish anything: so Concerning HM Speech regarding Scotland in the aftermath of the crisis, the reality is that we have never been in a conversation about division and there has never been any divisions - people need to stay off my Office and Public work and Temperament and stop messing about to stay out of trouble - the UK is a Nation of two mistresses and this Royal Estate and Royal Office is not an exception to the rule, one of these mistresses should not be found where they are and it is ever a topic for conversation when it is time to start being lazy i.e. talking about which one is a free Country and which one is not etc, etc and as for the racist ones, apparently the sense I make of their point is that they want to damage the Country and these are the kinds of things human beings are supposed to think about suppose in their opinion - having said that of which I do not wish them to end up in another persons personal life necessarily so we are ll provided for and there are no divisions.