Of course what I think about the UK Prime Minister speech on Europe is a major issue – it becomes tiresome too as it were because of course the rhetoric that we need to buy things from powerful countries and sell nothing to them is coming from within; I mean we have to worry about Americans and their Asia Pacific friends as it were who think they love us very much and want to have sex with us all of the time too (ha-ha very funny) -  but for them it is always largely a process of overworking the UK in order to settle in on comfortable privileges and interests that will task them over nothing which will be a good beginning for becoming an up and coming power in the world, the part the US plays in it is rather the bit that suggests that the US is full of modern and civilised people which is not the case at all. So technically Europe is our biggest trading partner as it were and if I wanted to tell them that there are things I would like to say about how bad they are but cannot because they are out biggest trading partner, I believe I can do so in seconds and do not necessarily have to give out a big speech. Such things are things politicians do when they want to tighten it on us by making our lives a living hell because we have a talent, reason being that we must share how to get rich or have it taken away from us for being selfish or they can make it up that we have it, are selfish and now they can take away from us things we do not have at all, make noise about wealth distribution and civil rights even when they are enjoying having more money than their victims and lots of silly excuses for continued destruction of people’s property and the use of government property and office as a shield for it which of course as I have mentioned before only works with those who are so opportunistic they believe in the idea they will have somebody to pick on and therefore it is perfectly okay to allow others assault you and attack your personal health and safety and well being for what seems to be to them a daily fun. What I am saying is that they make our lives a living hell in such ways because we have businesses and must now share how money is made, then we have to work our lives out to make enough money for a business and employ people which gives them a reputation for their Politics, pay for the damages they have caused as well and put up with the insults they throw around each time they are finished and then pay taxes that pay their stupid Politician salaries as well. It becomes very tiresome when they feel they must continue like they do in the UK to climb on the International frontiers of the country that we have built by working hard for money and investing it and making friends and allies and business partners all over the world and then push themselves on people violently and to excuse it with the complain of a lack of respect for their politician jobs which I always think is not hurting badly enough currently and can only get worse too. I have already set out the template clearly, where we know UK Manufacturing and Tourism have tended to grow at the same pace and therefore need administration – I have already made it secure the fact manufacturing is dirty work and tourism is not although they do meet when there are big festivals such as 'F 1' for example and others for the Tourism industry where they need equipment etc but over the last three years, the money we have lost is incredible, most lost to Politicians in the UK and not Asian Countries and far eastern countries where stupid little girls think they want to sleep with other peoples leaders and more so all the time, in order to make themselves victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse and then tell democratic countries to do something about it, which the US does as well, telling us that we cannot sell things to countries that are more powerful than we are but never setting out answers to the conundrum of jobs either; it becomes tiresome and I do not know what they suppose or expect my opinions about it would be anyway.


So it is largely suggested that the enjoyment and fun side of me is scarce but I have no idea why anyway, people are much too interested in grabbing my work and making out I am vulnerable to media in order to get rich and famous and I am not vulnerable to media that is made up of Mr Sun shades who must make money in this life talking rubbish about using people’s property to do his own as well or such persons expect a fight if they refuse to let that happen. It is easy to deal with the media since I can do it as well i.e. find a little nice things to do to blind people then set off to pretend only I need money and commit great evils to get it – the deceit does not work with everybody and they are always turning up here to demand things all the time as well; barging into my world to get on International media to decide which part should be their stupid left hand side and right hand side, will not get off my book sales or get out of my life and live in their own. It is the old story of whether those things they do get to mean it is too much to ask when you tell people not to handle you in ways you do not appreciate, you generally assume they will stop doing so. I mean I am expected by them to go out there and make a show of myself but when you write books on account you are a statesman and a Christian and need to maintain a little renaissance from which you work, the popular culture publicity of which I am always getting one and many on a daily basis so they can make their wickedness create riches and fame is the last thing I really need. So it is not difficult to handle media in anyway and of course they make out they are politicians and media and businesses and I am not yet an touchy evil thing bearing in mind this is the Queens realm and I can do whatever I like as well and am very likely to do it in service of the Church too. In the end they make mention of the two matters of how I demand things and they are being used by powerful people to punish me on one hand, which is really all about the fact they want to get involved with me and manage my entire life for me to make fortunes and wreck everything I do, with a big mouth and then on the other the problems I bring on myself by messing around their sexual activities of which there seems to at all times exist a link between it and the existence of serial killers and rapists and murderers and to ensure that they get power from it, there is always a connection made with me on their media and when they do that in order to extract fear from me and have a secret society there is a means by which racism must be worked on me permissively like their foolishness ever looked like that or it was their usual discrimination or something of that sort and therefore they have the right to be allowed to. They have seen the Tudors for example and have always been aware I am a black Prince and will likely get involved with these matters; first of course of which is the issue of their insults about which I do those things they complain about to make their own look that way as well. As I said before, it is much the same i.e. I need them off my book sales as quickly as possible. Then of course is the other matter to consider of how what I do makes me vulnerable to being manipulated by girls into doing one fight after another that creates pain for me endlessly and a breeze by which they sell lifestyle, stay off getting a job and do riches and fame; it does not make me vulnerable and I have no idea why they are always doing that when they can see everything I do with Politicians is basically designed to answer the question of what will happen if my entire existence was kept financially inept and then pushed into a place where people will not necessarily get along with what I say because the Queen gave an approval, when they are older than me and so on – to make them understand the price they will have to pay if such a world really did exist since it is clear that when I handle my property they are more interested in what becomes of it and what it has become instead of who I am which breeds that question of wonderment as to whether people really can be that insolent but at the bottom line of course the fact remains that whether you get authority to work from the general public or from a particular person, the fact of the matter is that you take the job and go into an office where you do it professionally; so that Political idiots can find ways of doing their own jobs without getting paid even though they work for a country. They say such positions of mine means there is now a need to control whom the Queen gets involved with but of course these are goons that have for a lack of words and a choosing of what is pornographic, been ‘coming really hard’ on extremism around the world – religious extremism and cultural extremism and social extremism and political extremism and when asked why they do these things continue to claim they have got it back at home in the UK, now they want to determine whom the Queen chooses to do things for her when she is not predisposed to do it herself, I mean they are not even interested in the procedure that she undertakes to choose people, they are simply interested in doing something about the fact she does, so that when I find it funny and people ask why I do, it is fair to make it clear that the way it feels to me is that their own is ruined and mine is still in tip top condition.


Now they say my position on the environment is completely useless and what I expect of others is basically an insolent hypocrisy; I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that when I create creative and creativity equities and make them available along the lines of securities which for example sets out that it is not okay for people to have crude oil pipelines running through natural environments without a containment system which will ensure the area they run through is preserved and that they recover all their oil when it is spilled, the reasons they take it on surprisingly to Politicians and their goons, is that it does not expose them to social and local things they are afraid of when I do so. At present only one more hurdle is left to overcome on such matters and that is that if current states of oil production which is stilts with perhaps a landing patch for peoples helicopters were to be reviewed and they were to create serious oil business systems that ensure they get their oil in an environmentally sustainable way and there is a good industry behind the creation and production of crude oil and not just pipelines and drills that release harmful chemicals from where they are safely put away under the earth and spreads it all around the natural environment to harm people and living things , the cost of doing so will go up incredibly and of course these are actually things that Politicians would have been able to help the world with if they did take the environment seriously. The main point is taking into account facts we have i.e. let’s assume global warming and the fact it is some catastrophic event that is waiting to happen, is not actually a viable proven theory, the facts we have is that the earth is saturated with population and we all know there are areas of the world today that were oceans in the past and so the question is what we have done to ensure Britons are able to live in other areas of the world for example if the UK becomes a dessert; so it is all in the package – doing away with nuclear arms when we can do so, planning towns and residential areas properly and seeking out new global co-operation arrangements. Naturally the US where the maddest group of political idiots in the world live in want to control this and of course I will look after it as well and they can get any that they want to get if and when they give me the correct policies i.e. even if we have Iceni tribe type homes in the middle of London it will not affect our economic competitiveness necessarily and so the idea of a high speed rail that is environmentally unfriendly and will then have hurt me is completely useless for such a purpose, things of that kind and excuses having much to do with some double standards I have over the environment does not help either; the fact are clear and simple – that industries are doing very well at the moment and they would have done even better without the involvement of the Politicians and their business idiots, the other fact being that I am aware of the impact of media and Popular culture on equities I put out with regards to the environment, the part I do not get is what is surprising about it anyway since if we look at the nature of people who nearly wiped out the Bison Population in the US and other individuals that have committed environmental atrocities around the world, we can see that these days when they speak of their involvement in Fashion and other things of that sort and talk about their ethics, they are not fooling anybody – besides which I have had to contend a long time with that process where the plight of the environment exists as something that stupid girls use to create power with which to force people in skyscrapers to give them money and most of the abuse I put up with from them are entirely manufactured in areas where they did not previously exist, specifically to target me, so maybe it is the Politicians that need to look again at their environment Policy, I do not think my position is that bad. It brings us to that matter about the taboo of recycling for example which is a total irony, since we know that rubber for example as a raw material and the way it is produced, destroys rubber trees, is very dirty and smelly but the only thing we have to worry about with regards to rubber that is recycled is whether it is entangled with Household waste; my point being that the Industrial revolution was completed as the complains about my do-gooder position on the environment will express and that we need to clean up after it but instead of doing so our wicked politicians are positively having no qualms whatsoever with destroying it personally and making excuses they think will gain more power if it were made to involve me, hence providing themselves with the powers of ignorance of what they do not already know and making noise all over the place. Clearly of which if it is about modernisation I have no idea why it needs to be done with the sense that it has something to do with or must harm me as such, it will never hide the fact that their High speed rail or indeed anything of that kind is not friendly to the environment anyway, while they want the endorsement of those who would have wanted it to be at the same time as well. The environment really is something that is a bit more complicated than they give it credit for; I mean why would somebody go off to the UN to campaign to save the environment? Except of course the fact that it exists with communities in it – I mean people have stupid carvings that we call museum artefacts today but those who have such stupid carvings that are responsible for those they claim not to be aware of for example are today being routed from their homes and living areas. I mean I for example am only involved with justice and security and this is why I am less confrontational, it does not mean that there aren’t people who are involved with other things such as sex – I don’t mean the pornography we have in our cities, I mean sex which is expressed by the carvings they own which gets up to things they are not aware of and such people are always very confrontational. It is never just goon enough to destroy things and make noise then anyway is it? So that leaves us then with the story of how I twist and turn and my position is completely inconsistent with that of a Christian which at this stage would have been completely unfounded too anyway.


Difficulties with matters of migration is entirely the fault of the Politicians because what they are supposed to do is end the story about how the UK must not look into all of its economic interests lest it offends greater powers in the world, especially in Washington when and if the UK economy does better than the US economy even though it is not run on the basis that get rich idiots who are always creating problems for people are allowed to do what they like in order to stimulate demand. I have no clue what link there is for my part with a process where a person is elected to fill an office in UK and the silly things goons in Washington get up to but these kind of things you have to worry about when politicians are more interested in working out peoples argument for them when they were elected into an office to do a specific job which leads to that stuff I hate the most where a thing is before them but another that is closely related becomes a heavily excuses major preoccupation. And of course they will tell me that saying such things will make it impossible to control what young people get up to and what people tend to vote for but of course we all know, such things as social conditions falling apart will never really happen since racism is not a British thing – the fact of it is that racism is a socialist thing and the British have never really gotten on with socialism except after the world war and so we have to live with it and monitor what they get up to, so what when the Public had decided they want to give them as much time as a three term in office like they have done to help them create the mess they have for everybody, they tend to live with it as well. The idea I believe there are good aspects of socialism is not founded on fact – I know the inventor of socialism mentioned something about genetic superiority and I know all socialists are racist and I am perfectly well informed about the fact Adolph Hitler was socialist. Even now when you say businesses always want a popular culture goon to appear on the adverts for them, it turns out those popular culture goons are socialist bullies: a product of years of staying out of work to save their energy and then use their strength and the so called weakness of those who have jobs that make them tired as a social condition in which to get rich people to choose a side they must be on in order to feel safe and then get those rich people to share money and with this create a social strata by which they rule over their so called weak people with a big mouth but on the occasion we have here doing that has become so difficult they spend public funds on it, name it wealth distribution (my arse) and continue to get public support for their theft and vandalism. I am simply saying that we have to show those who are desperate enough to cross over to the UK it is not necessarily safe or worth it, the only way to do that is to ensure the economy is operating at full capacity and when it does and people get the jobs that exist in it and immigrants understand there is less of a chance of getting jobs if they come, they will not risk it or any available resources they have; it is either we recognise that somebody who lives in a dessert with 3 meals a week is not going to worry about being killed by racists or we can as it is presently continue to delude ourselves and our stupidities with some strange diplomacy of migration. As I mentioned, racism is not a British thing, it is simply a fact that when those socialist idiots have gotten used to a process of going overseas to pick get rich idiots that come to this country to secure their share of kids who like business, there is bound to be response to it, especially when they are so keen on political power and a process of making you choose between them and their wives who think they are cruel as well as if you are their mate or something and turn out on the streets to show it off as well, talking rubbish about how people need to go with their wives because going up against them is what they will do when they are certain they want to lose with a big mouth. So for me they always say I talk like that but they are getting the better of me, which is utter nonsense as nobody is getting the better of me, fact of it being of course that I have been more interested in their homosexual cultures and messing up the idea I have a personal life in order to gain access to that personal life and make themselves rich and famous establishing a sense that my career has already been done by somebody else with their stupid wickedness and work place envy that insults anybody it likes and thinks it will work as the meaning of life itself and the route to wealth and glory and more so work thus with absolutely everybody as well, knowing fully the existence of idiots who speak of their records being broken or their victories being beaten on account they have no respect for the fact others need to be able to develop themselves in order to ensure they control how evil things around them come into their lives and thoughts and so leaves us with all that rubbish of lucrative ways of getting rich through their give me my stuff it’s my stuff process of insolently clinging to people’s property and so on especially when it is causing others financial difficulty when they do – with respect to which it seems I am not doing as badly as I should handling them as seriously as well so far, hence what I am issuing my warnings about is the media one that I am vulnerable to which involves Mr sun shades who must make money in this life and his antipoverty charities, my book sales and the claim I am vulnerable to media, the idiots that work these things play it out all the time, i.e. we know how to attack those that are responsible for you with rumours that have no basis on fact and lead to an end product of violence and with that get ahead in life, which then means they will not have a greater level of charity work to do on poverty when you do it as well as it were, which is what my warnings are about at this stage; it is them that are vulnerable to media and nobody knows what the claim I talk and talk but they get the better of me is supposed to mean anyway, like those street insults their stupid girls are never tired of, I mean I have spoken before about their ownership of their city and their stamping their authority on public infrastructure against me and the end products that will come of those as well anyway. The illusion here is that I like them because they have said so on their stupid media which is utter rubbish because the reality is that I just have a job that involves them and do not like them in anyway, so the general idea must be that I need to give up the job and get myself elected if I want public office and it is where they can come round and make me or more so get it if they want; they have continued to follow me around and call me things like the sacrifice they gave to the world so people do not get angry at them or indeed the powers that be, when they do what they do to get rich which is why I am so vulnerable to media as well with a big mouth, that wishy Tories that people never get to tell enough times are low lives think means more than it is worth as well and thereby create that sense that when I say what I say it exposes me to being manipulated by people who do decadent cultures and politicians, when I am the one that has laid down a pipeline for getting rich and famous using and abusing fame freaks and politicians which is enough to last a life time, as equally as I have always been aware that the message that come through to me from Politicians is largely hugely very respectful anyway and so when these things happen and their insults must become a culture even when specifically targeted at me, there are those who think it has the right to exist as well – there is nothing between me and them but a fight and what I say I do not say to them and that stupid work place envy and ownership claims of people’s property on that stupid media either.


So there is the story told about my lack of respect for those that are famous but of which in actual fact I know more than they do and have got more than they do and it all comes down to a damages they like to do to my work and the various reasons they make for that; you will never find a more insolent and abusive people in the world and it has now come to a point where most of their lives depend on me but they cannot stop abusing me as well and of course if I did say it does not happen in the US because there they claim to hate those who hold public office without elections, then it would have meant that I am wrong but also meant that their actions are justified which they are not because for them it is a matter of allowances I make to my business knowing there are evil people around and the imaginations they can have with respect to various issues around me including the implications of the colour of my skin but by far the biggest issue is that I am scared of them and so it is possible for them to take up anything I own and make it their own on media because they have arguments which suggest that a place where people keep things waiting for others is a place where the most stupid become leaders; so that when my Policy of making sure even the president of the world understands handling my career can only mean he must do nothing I would not do with it, he must allow no body do anything I would not do with it and if he deploys anything from it will do it as I want which I enforce all the time and will likely arm as well, is looked at, then there is prove of the reasons they hate those who have it kept waiting for them and how it causes a country to live in the past. I have no got a clue who told them they are famous anyway; I mean these are individuals who are aware others are aware of a person’s work and then pick it up and get on media to be famous with it, so since no body is interested, bully people until they are and get to pay money for a product – so that if I were to do something about it, I will then have to handle and manage those that might kill them or hurt them seriously over it, although I am not going to anyway because I am satisfied with the other one of the fact they are not famous and I do not recognise it. The main issue behind why they have become so bold is that they seem to have beaten me to it i.e. ensure their money pot ends up in the same coffers as that of normal people so they can play the part of the business world that is linked with the underworld and has access to violent crimes but of course one of the ways of making sure I spend a sleepless nights thinking about it is to yap off like they are on Television for it too. All I want at the moment is to be able to determine what goes about it absolutely because of course it is one thing to say they are the part of the business world that is linked with the underworld and I dare not mess with them which is characteristic of every tiny tyrant and their insolent children until you kill them that is and of course quite another to make out I am specifically to be scared of it like their Popular culture idiots bring up their insolent respect thing on account they think that the criteria for handling my earnings to do riches and fame is a process where I am scared of them; it is about what they are aware criminals do to Christians and the civil freedoms they forfeit when they think I have no time to get the help of the law when they have started me off and that is why I need to be able to determine want goes and does not go in it and will have it my way too for my part. They speak of their size of course and the fact I would not survive as it were and it does not matter anyway since it is an old story about how my side of society is made of people who have a disposition where they are superior to their parents and they therefore see me as a weak thing they can use to bring about equality for their parents and superiority for themselves but of course the bottom line is still that they do evil things and do not practice those evils on themselves either, so it is not a search for equality at all whatsoever, it is a process of trying to change who the heroes and villains are with media to cover their tracks like they turn up here to cover their tracks all the time over me when I am not interested in them, on account they have determined I am the Christian with the kind of Christianity they need to hate in order to gain a trophy victory of the trappings of power. So it brings us to the matter of developing economies and the trouble I find myself which is not exactly a major issue since it is clear that the biggest problem you face if you own a global Intellectual space and a renaissance in it from which you write your books and look after your friends and those who help you with your work are students; student who travel around the world and enjoy life, students who are the children of politicians whom you need to wait for at the employment market as well, whenever they decide that you were supposed to do riches and fame but having realised others are more good looking that you are decided to try and get an education and hence always do everything they can to wreck your academic work while their lecturers turn your assignments into a means f getting a gist of what your career is to be in order to hand it to somebody they feel is more worthy. What I have done about it so far is basically take into account the new arising economies and the fact the UK is too small to tag along and then of course do my localism for the UK economy and because they will not shut it take the left hand side as well; this settles the problem with the stupid children of stupid tyrants the ones that have suffered as a result of my actions the most being the African ones who come to the UK to target me and help politicians to tribalism while working racism and attributing it to me as much as they can, so that when that of politicians has been wrecked and mine is still okay want explanations all the time as to why popular culture is an evil thing and use media for those insults onto what appears to happen every second. Of course we are not going back to the past with drug ridden communities all over the place and so on; what we will have are a group of economies with no localism and no sense whatsoever of what the world thinks about them and what they stand for unless they work for it by themselves and build it out of their own extensive goodness. It’s much like that stuff people say about how I do and say what I do because I am being manipulated to do so which nobody would understand, except that they build it up on International media and gut my finances each time I set out a campaign for my business. It all works at a certain pattern i.e. I respond to every single one of their stupidities and over time it turns out I have run out of money for the really important stuff because of course it has never really been about that fame and fortune at my expense they claim is a wickedness they indulge on account there are people who have got it in town, which is something they do as a furtherance of their insults as well by the way. Never clear why the Politicians cannot leave the Americans out of it anyway, even though we have stupid women over there who deserve what they get in every way imaginable anyway – this fight was their idea, they think politics is eternal and I need to work very quickly on that too by the way and it is still as it has always been, that there are two careers here one of them is to be destroyed for the other to be better off and it was all their idea of which it is easy to handle two careers at the same time and even easier to destroy a career while doing so and then even easier than all the others to get away with it but such fabulous use of peoples time of course and you are to explain their societies of evil stupid violent community idiots and fame and fortune scum and pornographers at their Popular culture is very different from your side of society which ought to mean you have failed to find it funny that their own is now wrecked and yours is perfectly fine anyway and that you intend to wait for their insolent children at the jobs market as well to find out what it is exactly they are supposed to be able to do with you at their pleasure once they had secured a process where you are scared of them – hence there isn’t anything I have not done about get rich idiots around the world and their ideas of handling me and handling my office as well, especially those of them that come from overseas and cannot make out this is a country and not a club and their tiny tyranny will get them into trouble around its borders and interests as well – at present I am satisfied with being able to determine what goes and does not in it; of which the recession first meant the money the idiots lost was unimaginable and now the fight they want will rid the world of some of the money mad most twisted evil scum there are too. Here in the UK a process of funding their failed dominance through the Parliamentary expenses system has had its day and they need to fight and win too. There is therefore talk of how I sabotage security by talking about these matters because of a lack of understanding of how tangibly I handle what I say and do and contrary to popular claims of which there is no such thing as what I say and then what I do being a different thing; I mean some people are still so disrespectful they expect grownups to live in terror of them while they have things they have not worked for – so it is entirely understood but it has no meaning. The basic issue with Politicians is what it is; Satanists with evil cultures to worship saying there is no God and civil rights is all that and getting off to make laws that tell Christians what to do and so even their children, infants as such have evil wicked witchcraft cultures they are into at their age and soon enough are telling you that you are an inferior race and so knowing you know what it means begin their stupid cover ups so that they can do what they want to do with you anyway, which is where their parents the politicians come in with stories you are a Christian to grab attention and make people lash out and become criminals and then they rehabilitate Criminals and make them worse off but stop their re-offending by making them deals where they serve their Political masters and attack Christians – they never say their precious Mr Blair did this and expects me to get stuck somewhere and get killed while he taps into my personality to improve himself, they will never say each time they climb on public places to throw words into the air I am meant to respond to that this is what they have been doing, their homosexuals never mention it is the reason I am interested in their sex lives that are always linked with serial killers and rapists and murderers and their children never say it is the reason I do not tolerate them, what they want to talk about is the fact it is rebellion and that it has something to do with my earnings as well. So it is as it has always been that they think media equipment in my home are there for them to talk through to me and that I should never be able to find it funny that their own is ruined and mine is still okay as it were but in the end however it seems that public office is not their personal property anyway and handling and touching me all the time indicates they might want a brawl as well. So of course they claim to have brought in some Africans that will help figure out how I work as such which is utter rubbish because of course the reality is simply that when they are finished with their insolent vandalisms the insults will get better in the sense that everything in their country is their own but not the books they will buy around here as such, that is alien – so for me it is the same old story that they think government office is their personal property and a place where they can hurt me and run to in order to further their cause for so doing and they want to do that while holding together their education for those of them that are younger and their jobs and families for those of them that are grown ups and so any normal person would think that is a bit too much just like I have, of which I am not in any way worried about getting involved with Africans as they claim; the fact being that they like to get themselves involved with jobs they know nothing about especially when they claim to have found a certain he that does know what to do and I will chase them to the ends of the Universe for it and do not wish to be tempted by those rubbish about African friends they have which is an affront to a process where doing so is a successful campaign. Just like that old stuff about being on other side of political parties when in actual fact the Labour party is full of stupid insolent black men who need to keep their familiarity and familiar insults to themselves and the other side is simply full of wishy Tories that do not get reminded as often as they should be that they are low lives; it is not a new thing we have been at it for years now with idiots from economies of deviance that Politicians usher into people’s personal lives as though the academic work and the writing projects as is in mine are cheap, to turn up here and pretend to know things: your opinions are wrong because you don’t know what happened to me, share your physical appearance so somebody can use it to be famous or there will be a fight, you look like a woman and should be sharing your personal life so people can use it to make riches and fame and it is for these things I will recover in cash or kind what they have cost me in the process, especially because they cannot shut their mouths as well. Of which of course there is the personal one where they are always having a go at my chest like they want a fist fight and cannot stay by themselves – I mean they say it is a weakness I have whereas I cannot stop laughing at their predicament and the process of doing so has created a book I intend to make a living from like I intend to crush that stupid fame and fortune as well. These things are more like what used to happen when I was a teenager and used to get involved in Church activities as such; there are always those kinds of women who respond very quickly to the gospel and then take over everything in the church and in no time there is an altercation between them and the priests and they have located an alternative church next door and soon because of their lies and rumours and an endless process where they are seen with various men, co-operation between priests becomes more important than their mission and gospels and callings – especially on the fame and fortune idiots that continue to bring up their lucrative insults of being more important than I am, I hardly will find people so abusive and insolent anywhere else in the world and of course do feel it is time to get their teeth off my tits so to speak.