They speak of this part of society I was meant to have been found which if I do not move soon and leave the one I thought belonged to me because I was made to think so for them because it belongs to them, I will get into trouble soon. I have no idea which part of society they are really talking about except that I know that in their witchcraft wickedness that never seems to give it a rest it is the provocative stuff they do of wreck my finances by being involved with it, knowing they are stupid and a process where they are does nothing but damage to it and I therefore have no idea how I am supposed to get to the side of society I am meant to be in when they have wrecked the finances. These idiots are just too lazy for their own good and of course for some people who are lazy they spend their time making money from their own decadence, they on the other hand expect people to live with the rest of their existence in a condition where they are making use of peoples decadence to get rich because they are busy spending all their time on their wickedness and its witchcraft which therefore makes them lazy; bottom line is they are lazy because all their energy is spent on wickedness but while some who are lazy get rich with their own decadence they get rich with other peoples own and then tell them to get used to it for the rest of their lives.

There is really no such thing as a fight with the working poor, I mean, if so what about the working rich anyway? The fact of the matter is the same old one i.e. it is such a simple thing for them to do for me which is not being seen with my work, property and or job because they know they are stupid and being seen with it does nothing but destruction to it. It’s no point complaining about the plight of the working poor while this continues and they feel the purpose of their jobs is to make money which is deployed to use mine to scratch anything that itches them, then tell me it is because I ignored them and refused to have sex with them when I know it is because I frustrate the powers of their witchcraft and their Politicians think they will contact my parents and abuse me to extract power from that with a big mouth. I believe I have said it before that they believe this is something that is in a way connected with how they are naturally and therefore something I am to put up with for the rest of my life without doing anything about it and it is not so at all – once I had started handling them it will be a case of measuring the effects those things they do has on me middle and lower classes alike and then making sure their lives end up in such ways in order to find out what will be left of it. For now I think the warning is clear I will soon get into a place where I handle them like the culture buffoons who have no respect for sources of income for others and talk rubbish therefore on complains about plights of the working poor.

All I wish to understand is what the good thing is supposed to be when people set about wrecking a person’s source of earnings while complaining about the plight of the working poor. Hence the question of what about the working rich, question of if those are not as evil as they are too? It’s always that stupid witchcraft and a process where some of them think they are violent people by it and for the threats when I mention landmark stupidities on their part which results in things like Apartheid in south Africa etc and then they tell me I will get into trouble and it is not like I have a big mansion with lots of body guards in it, my state provided security is standoff and loose and I can go anywhere I may want – all it will be able to do is protect government property holdings in my possession and nothing else, and the security I get has more to do first of all with the fact the nature of my royal commission is never really definite hence the need to work and then wait for approval from the queen which every idiot on the planet think they will get rich with and have been successful too doing so which is why they cannot get lost and then also because there is still the risk of somebody else handling work I have in my possession so I need to be aided in the process of looking after it. I seem to be threatened with being shot or stabbed or killed 24/7 just because they practice witchcraft and some of them suppose they will get violent with it as well and it never ever goes away, never stops.


The concern about my lax approach to the behaviour of the Prince of Wales is not actually the way it is by the way; the fact is that I am as tough as I need to be. I mean supposing somebody went around killing people every day on one hand and the Heir to the throne who is also leader of the church sees his mistress everyday, which one harms people the most? Most times you may look into these rules as things which worked better during ancient times of course but in actual fact what it makes clear by being so relevant today as well is that the world really has not change nor has the society and or the country. So it is not the end of the world as such but you do not make your ex-mistress whom you can see for as long as you may wish into the Queen of the Country. For me they did it as a factor of insults which have to do with filial sensibilities about what will happen to me if I understand things about the sexual activities of my parents but in other to really twist it up, they realised their marriage would be impossible unless they had a Christian they loved to persecute whose existence is a position they adopt in order to help them formulate confrontational responses that people might have if they do decide to get married and to do what they plan to do with the marriage as well. It is therefore assumed that she will simply assist the King in his all his activities until their day had come to an end which will show us whether or not she is good enough to give us the sense in public affairs that she promises to when she marries the Heir to the throne by divorcing her husband of several years. I mean I do have mistresses as well but I do not have sex with them; there is something that is meant to be fundamentally wrong about somebody that is a mistress, I do not speak of what is fundamentally disagreeable, I mean fundamentally wrong in nature and existence because the purpose of having a mistress is to have somebody with whom in a time when you have to take a personal decision that is really difficult, you can rely on for a second view of what can be seen, however which as I said is not the end of the world as people do make mistakes that cannot be reversed – so the idea that he married his mistress and makes her Queen is supposed to run along with the notion there are parts of his life in which there is access people have that he needs to shut down, thereby creating the idea the Heir to the British Throne is hard done by and plays out its own games where it does as well, however with reference to other places in the world, one is made with regards to the shutdown of access to his life of the sort of the kind of things Germans do as a matter of fundamental existence and principle but for the Germans however there are facts like that of which is the production of a large part of the world’s best engineers for example with respect to which something was always going to be fundamentally responsible, so there is a way their society works which makes this a good thing, for him however it is not clear exactly what his reasons are.  Now I am aware that my opinions about whom the Heir to the throne marries is that which Pop stars and Celebrities have opinions about, I don’t know that it is any business of Pop stars and Celebrities either, however I should guess they suppose we talk about internet gossips around here and therefore it is a piece of cake set out for them more so as well, which of course I am comfortable with for my part anyway. However with respect to the internet gossips and scandals of which they have ever won a fight around here as it were. If there is anybody that ought to have an opinion about who the Heir to the British Throne marries however I am very likely person to since I have a royal estate that is only definite at the British establishment and not in public. For HRH however, he cannot get around with the Americans because they will see him as somebody that should have insight into spiritual evils that he then deploys to protect everybody in order to look out for them spiritually and ensure they come to no harm, so the only reason he is able to is that he has got money – now for those he gets around with, there is the real question to answer and we are not talking about idiots that practice witchcraft with old fools hoping to gain from their activities thinking they have become violent with it and that I will come to harm.

I can understand that popular idea I am the nobody that has opinions about what royals do with themselves but it is the issue with the idiots in this country and their friends overseas as well, they like to think of themselves as those that are not afraid to rule; so in the case of the heir to the throne the first stage is that a Christian is competing with his attention and so he must marry his mistress, next is fighting the Christian over his marriage – for the rest of them a typical example is black men that always want to be the fathers of everybody and they court therefore all those unhealthy attention for themselves and once you grow up and decide it is time to face your own challenges, they pop in and take things over and you deal with all manner of rubbish as a result while they enjoy their game at being everybody’s leader, same with media idiots who think the purpose of their jobs is to get on Television and bully me and I am not so certain they are sure of it, they need to be sure it is the purpose of their stupid jobs first as well. It can be discussed in very simple terms here too, where they think I have no respect for those that are more respectable and more successful and more clever than I am and more so older than I am too but the real facts of course is that neither they or their stupid children have any respect for me whatsoever but I never turn up in their personal lives to want it like they turn up in mine to demand it, so that once I had mentioned it then the reason would be that they are bullies and so I have no idea what the complains are all about anyway as such and they do need to get off my book sales. It is understandable that I am said to be one of those really selfish people who does not want people to be as clever as I am; which I have nothing to say to because I really actually want that the money, so I can add it to my royal commission and be better than them and they can get lost if they don’t like it that way. I think it happens because they are ignorant and stupid however it is the following me around to do it everywhere I go which is bad for my health and very embarrassing so that it might be which has already led to their idiots thinking that I will be dead soon because they practice witchcraft and suppose they want to be violent with it as well.