That all I own is now at the mercy of HRH The Prince of Wales and his family is not something I consider to be relevant to fact or reality – I mean it is always possible for Clarence House to deal with the Problems of HRH and One’s Family without involving me and my work and besides which nobody says I am either serving the Monarchy with my possession or indeed need to all together. So if it is a matter of very angry business idiots that have sought the support of HRH in order to make use of me, we still have the same issues to look into and they are not emotive ones to me either. It’s all together the same old case of men seeking habits as it were and it includes Barrack Obama of the US as well – so that they can simply turn up to seek out some injustice that needs to be settled with the world on the basis of sacrificing my entire Literary empire for it and tell so many lies that it becomes part of culture and society so people can deploy it for their office at their discretion and that of their families but that is nothing new to me in anyway, I have a deep intolerance of their Popular culture empires that stretch from the backyards of the US right across south America and through to Japan and have a simple job here to do of making sure they are under control, settling some security for allies in the Middle East and looking after far east interests, I do not have to  be at the mercy of anybody’s office for any reason or indeed for that but it is available and can be shared – so I really have not got a clue why HRH likes to make his family One’s self something of a tool that they can make use of all the time – they apparently hate me for obvious reasons i.e. European ones I have exactly where I want them to be and African ones I want to teach a lesson, I mean now I understand why I become so curious and destructive when I hear anything about secret societies where men of wealth and power go to learn arts of controlling people and turn out in public to be some power behind society and so on – it’s a matter of those things that used to happen when your mind was closed to their realities and so I always felt like reading the bible and becoming really destructive around it when I was a teenager, how I am all grown up and aware of it all so it does have a purpose to do the things I do – they are neither mates of The Prince of Wales and Indeed Barrack Obama or Mine and need to keep their insults where it will serve those who might appreciate them better as it were. So far this has not been a  problem for me in anyway – I am always doing things that mean I provoke them and the powers of their secret societies all the time, such as building a state of affairs of the kind of sex they have there that we clearly do not learn about in Church and I do not need to have most of my time taken up by being distracted with it – if it makes them angry they should stay off my book sales and finances of course but for the black ones it is a sacrifice I must make with that big mouth and so I am going to crush it and their President Mr Obama will clean up after me so he can deal with ISIS as well but for the whites, it’s a matter of some of the things people say I do which means nobody know where I am and what I am up to i.e. the reality is such facts as for example HRH is so close to the former King of Greece that he is the Godfather of his first Son who is Heir to the British Throne and he has had his alliances for the best part of 50 years, so it does not take a genius to understand that Clarence House has a need to see all I own become part of culture and society so it might be deployed at His discretion and that of his family because it is an acquired taste, same old story of putting up with being attacked by the former King of Greece who may feel betrayed if you helped Greek People during an economic crisis for example especially when it has to do with cheating him out of a process where they could have learned about some realities of the injustices that have continued to support against him and his family but this is something else, a matter of men picking up habits around me that can only continue until I pick one of mine up as well which will I  bet have to do with stealing things that are really important to them and destroying it publicly as there is no teaching at Church that says that those things matter incredibly. The rest are just idiots who think I am vulnerable and are always the worst thing that happened to their stupid civil rights taking advantage and not enough have died yet, I always aim to ensure they suffer greatly and intensely for each occasion they take advantage of me but I am happy to announce they are so stupid they kill themselves, kill each other and get killed, so it will do anyway – their problem being that they cannot leave people alone and are convinced only they know how to make trouble.

Everybody knows reading my books before I had written or published them is developed around hurting me on the basis of an obsession with making sure each time I had finished one task I was stuck in another so they can make life into what they want it to be and the assumption they will not get into any trouble for it more so on the basis of their ability to create enough fear from me for them to ensure that is the case but we now also know that I build up whole states of affairs that ensure they are always angry so if they do want to enjoy life like they want so much will need to keep off my book sales as well in order to avoid being angry first of all and then the fear stuff we can talk about later. There will be no terrorist here, just somebody who will become really obsessed with stealing and handling their valuables so he can create a public destruction of them for good feeling and to ensure he has some sense of security and quality of basic living.

So I do hear getting me involved with the Royal Family has been bad news but of course that again has nothing to do with reality just like all I own now being at this disposal and at the Mercy of The Prince of Wales and His Family - its a matter of targeting me until all I am and own becomes part of culture and society and so on so that it might be deployed at the discretion of the Heir to the Throne and then appointing themselves to a position where they can take me out and claim it which will be approved by HRH, so that it is difficult to work out when Clarence House started doing it for them as well exactly and of course the fact they are not going to do anything whatsoever or I can acquire my own habits too as it were. 
I do not think these issues are a big difficult ones in any case but it is about targeting me all the time financially and in every way imaginable right down to the haemorrhaging of information so they can better their lives and teach me lessons about my stubbornness when it comes to destroying their social evils they claim they protect themselves and protect me with and that big mouth with which they talk such nonsense all the time and cannot keep their insolence somewhere else thereof but now they actually enlist the Heir to the Throne who is clearly at their service too - so the insults have reached a point; they are not his mate and they are mine and the same applies to the US President as well - it has never been a problem, only an old case of seeing them with these insults all the time and the case of setting it clear when they alter my quality of life I will alter their own as well does not seem to deter them, so they need to be made to understand that if insulting me and spending millions people pay them to make advertisement for their products, to abuse me and make popular culture fame and fortune at my expense and progress to controlling all the customers in the world while during that time keeping down my book sales in order to have more power and position than me so as to dominate me actually pays off, the story will change around here entirely as well: - we do hear they say it smacks of panic on my part but that is just only meant to fan the flames since I am the one that beats them down all the time so badly that I can now sit around and enjoy the skill of establishing normalcy on a daily basis which is clearly something they have seen before too as it were - hence blowing me a panic the bloody idiots. Bloody idiots the pretence I will not hit hard and hit well too when it comes to a test of who will hit hardest on the matter for them of me working for things and stepping away from it while on my part the establishment of normalcy - so their insults and advertisement and all that nonsense only needs to pay off yet.I understand it is supposed to have been seen that I was the better person but I still am; the reality is that this is the final push – I have rented homes with Europeans and I have with Muslims and I am now with blacks who think they own me, so you can understand my fury when they enlist Clarence House as well. It’s a matter of the things you might make these fools lose when you want to make them stop attacking you as it were; the truth they think they have hidden so well i.e. seeing them for the first time in your life can easily lead to such outcomes as the need to have a go at you with the most extreme violence imaginable and the reasons you might want to find out and get the shock of your life of course i.e. it is not that your personality was scary but apparently you are now a Church goer and a Christian preaching none violence and it can only carry on until that occasion comes round where they want to tell people they are good and I am evil and nobody will ever believe them and the devil does actually need to manage his servants a lot better too the way I am well managed by God as it were. The American ones get shot by Police officers and talk nonsense about it being my fault which I always accept as well because the one thing you want to tell an armed 25 year old Police officer is that his demeanour looks so weak it causes trouble for you and you want to toughen him up by roughing him seriously without reason – so when he shoots you and that is really tough and you say it’s my fault you assume I will not be party to it as well. For me however the reasons they hate me are complex i.e. they say its my stubbornness that undoes things they already had worked out in their difficult lives but before then it was their stubbornness ruling everything when they see me attend Church but I am being protected by their wickedness if not their gangs as well – especially for the women, since I had finished with the men in my late teens and then you hear them speak of female equality and what kind of a threat I am as well but we all know that men can get incentives from their actions to attack me over my stubbornness that has no regard for their evils that they protect me with as well even when they see me attend Church and then there are the sex based abuses that they make trophy from to a point where it becomes sexual abuse they expect to get away with too: so that these other fame idiots that want to take advantage can continue to think they will and there will be no problems and they will not get into trouble and enough of them will die to pacify me as well. The Politicians say they do these things because when they look at their children we are small and weak and other countries have big and scary ones but of course first of all this whole case of insults that are built into advertisement so they can stand up on my book sales which is not favourable when idiots who claim I am stubborn around the wickedness they protect me with want to consolidate their point by climbing up my finances as well, is something they do and their industry and media idiots do because they feel that when you take a look at them and think about a maverick that is likely to be the first person around any form of trouble making, they fit the bill 100% especially the American ones as well who are really busy bodies too: now it seems they are nervous with their big kids and have trouble holding it together for me as well. I mean the fear of weakness in the UK is well understood, we have seen what I have done to help with Economy and foreign Policy - it is impossible to set out a certain number of years of my time to see these idiots have what they want and leave me alone because if they want my soul they will have it like I control the hearts of their stupid community croons was not enough; so its a matter of what I make them lose if I turn up in their neighbourhood; as I said, I think the devil should manage his servants as well as God manages me to ensure there isn't a mess, lest I make one as well.

I understand the great old obsession with the claim that those who are responsible for injustices in the Country see such things as Scottish Independence and tremble – there is no shred of truth to this so called guilt that people feel about injustices and the so called beginnings of something as indicated by the Scottish National Party leaders: I mean it can be measured easily with such realities as the things people do to attack me being a function of what I get off to do at Buckingham Palace of which what I do there is largely a matter for my own service and not their own but any time I do see them feel they live in the same post code and can go there to do whatever they like with what I have been up to in public I will return and we all know they talk nonsense like these all the time and but the reality will be that I go there and do what I need to and go home again; it does get to a point – it is a monument of State and not their plaything, I mean why would I want to appreciate art there instead of the National Gallery for example so that they can turn up? They really do feel like they have a reputation they need to maintain that is concerned with looking for trouble. So this case of the start of something is just another provocative statement – the first was events being set in motion: this Country is still trying to recover in terms of wages for workers and the last thing it needs is separatist idiots making such noises – I mean when I was a teenager I thought about the same things they do because of what I was told by civil rights freaks all over the place but as I grew up and applied myself to what mattered I realised I was wrong and had the grace to accept them civil rights goons for their failures – these fools however for each time they apply themselves to what really matters which takes hell and high water, the result must be that I leave my home and get to the polls and this story of events in motion and start of something is just creating a condition where their behaviour will become something that people become fundamentally suspicious and wary of constantly as a result and yes I understand the other side of the story where it is said I speak of the  Country recovering in terms of wages for workers but frustrate those that try to make power from such conditions in order to control things, hence still the same old question around how some people have fraternity of Nation all over them and others culture and other society which these separatists are convinced a new Country which they found will offer them the opportunity to ensure these people can hand it over when the pressure or the price is right and hence the old game of who told them they are bigger than me anyway because they talk nonsense in public all the time: last time we checked it was a case of their need to get the authorities to let them pick on those they are bigger than as well and the case of frustrating them exists in the same light too i.e. who told them they were bigger than me in the first place – when they start. The part about the British fighting for their lives which is good to see being utter rubbish of course – I can only warn them especially the Americans that I do what I do because I want to do it: I mean they pay no attention whatsoever to the fact that what annoys me the most about their women is the story of the British that look like home and love and care and kids so they can enjoy their deviance and get involved with my personal life when they want to have babies and so when I am a Christian that makes it many times worse, then the threats and the abuses and the peddling of me will follow until I see them as all paper and office and art deco and shit and then get to peddling that as well. I have warned them in another way before i.e. they do say when I give away these facts about me people will take it up and do it for me and I will lose everything, I say when these absurd idiots have my Royal Estate then it will mean people are not born gay into this world anymore. The cheap quick easy far reaching insults are ever so easy for them and more so to wreck finances and create equality with which to choose self improvements from, it does tend to beat the imagination I have to confess.

I understand it is said Westminster tells the Scottish people lies about how Oil there is running out and I simply cannot understand why that is peddled all the time by Scottish Independence movements either – it is not the only lie Westminster tells to keep everybody happy and keep the Union intact; even Church Hill told his own as well, he set out the idea that patriotism was a bad thing and set off to enforce it and he was of the same social persuasion in fundamentalism as the Beat eaters at the Tower of London for example so, we ended up believing it and rode it to the very end and it nearly destroyed the Country so that Thatcher came through to save the day which is actually the Scots ended up hating the Tories. That said however I am in no way suggesting he was wrong technically but I am saying that patriotism can be good as long as you do not allow somebody steal your own – when that happens is the point where you have questions that you must answer and the serious and social ones are whether he or she feels it is better if they deploy yours and not their own or he or she feels that what they are about to do is so bad it is better that you take the fall for it and yet there is the question of whom exactly you expect should take care of the problem anyway. It comes right down to the nature of the dispute with Nationalist and separatists most of the time i.e. if you have 100% and are running a company with it, they will understand that if you have 60% of that money you will still be able to run that business and provide security for it, so they are never satisfied with a condition where their involvement and the endless stupidities from media to Politics that they use to buy themselves time on you while the damage they are doing takes effect leaves you with that much and they do these things as measured from whether or not they have a desire to do them as a result of which there is no discretion involved and when they clash with somebody that is far stronger than they are like I am then they have to pull so much of their resources to bring him down and when they are done begin to seek social and Political conditions that will ensure that jeopardy never ever happens again and hence we are off on a race against time to prevent Scotland from becoming independent. I don’t think these matters are unusual, I mean from my point of view is has always rather been as simple as for example their behaviour towards food i.e. sometimes human beings are hungry and there is no food to eat immediately but this is not something that exists in their vocabulary while their celebrities and fashion goons are just vile enough to think they will use this medically diagnosable form of gluttony as a weapon and make up the reasons they hate you for what you have got as they go along – suck the life out of all you own and excrete them is all they know of course and it’s all over the place because they have needs. They do complain about my activities having more to do with power than anything else which makes no sense too since it is rather a matter of how their stubbornness means something and mine does not i.e. when it comes to protecting me with their social and cultural wickedness especially when they see me attend church and consolidate it by getting after my finances they are top dog, when it is my turn to do what they don’t want so as to expose them to their enemies and ensure they have no break whatsoever then there must be social problems with a big mouth; it is apparently time for them to fight and fight they must as well. So when it comes to the Americans and the story of 9/11 I simply cannot understand why it is such a viable topic for conversation either – we can all see that they took up a matter that involved a band of brothers who made promises to come to each other’s aid in arms and violence and turned it into a self styled Islamic state: I mean the realities were that America wanted to put the middle east in line which of course is very ambitious but considering the plan to ensure there were no middle east tyrants that had a habit of defying them as a means of making sure the band of brothers that could seize their success on 11/9/2001 and start to attack the US more sporadically and frequently do not find allies from which to gather resources but in equal measure America could do it realistically however which they had the British on their side along with the Spanish and the Dutch and the Germans, still decided to send Bomb into Iraq before they did soldiers who would have secured the streets – reason partly was to ensure the middle easy reaps the whirlwind that America had suffered too, but there were other reasons as well such as the fact they had no clue what they were doing and of course the fact they did not as a result of their ignorance in what they were doing want to end up rewarding middle east Countries with democracy as a result of terrorism – this is what George Bush was talking about and not my work or the emergence of ISIS – in his time, the Iraqi Army under Saddam had not yet been disbanded and they had no real reason to send bombs into that Country before they subdued it with troops as well at the same time if they were interested in dealing with these band of brothers that loved to attack the US and its allies – so it does go beyond all these things and runs into such matters as the behaviour of republicans i.e. they never ever do those things their Mothers and Wives bang on about because they are almighty men and then the first people they will target with the problems they face completely randomly will be none whites – so it seems they had eaten up their own in America and thus sought me out in the UK because the British clearly do not eat up their own as well – hence not the sort of nonsense I want to spend my time tolerating either and we have now reached a stage where the idiots who are their staff and can address anybody they like get to spend their stupid money to ensure there is a sense all I have worked for is lost and of course it will never be – this is all they can do to ensure some really stupid women are financially well off and then become a problem for them at a later date so I can only help by judging the situation dispassionately.