The really annoying part where they claim if I were a Politician I would be making one ludicrous statement about people after another is not actually programmed to work the way they supposed it would around here. The fact of it is that they have recently located people who do not think with their heads and therefore do those favours of letting out one ludicrous statement after another, so they can yap off their civil rights rubbish. I have already got government office and its duties are divided between church and state so I have no idea what makes them confident they know what I would be as a Politician when I have already made it clear most things politicians do are not because of a lack of ingenuity or imagination but a very rigid stand on the matter of fundamental immorality. I would naturally have waited to get into office and they would feel me from there as well and find somebody to explain to proficiently that they have found somebody from whom they get good stuff every time they abuse and intimidate and as such build up arguments to last a life time for it as well and then will they have gathered up to do it as well with a big mouth if they have got it, in order to yap off civil rights rubbish at the end as well. It’s the same old story with the sense their stupid lives are a secrete place and no amount of money they have without working for it or by pillaging another person’s property can ever be found out of questioned; so the ones on the left turn up to seek fame and self confidence for their stupid children by making you ugly and the ones on the right move in on the privacy part where your privacy is the point where everything is located and theirs is the point where it is supposed to be; they don’t know anything about me but already know what I would be like if I were a Politician. It is not to say I am innocent in the matter either, they just raised matter of great knowledge they have of what fool I would make of myself with conservative views that do not suit me because I am not white if I were a Politician. I mean how many times and on how many occasions where you have taken the right turn in your own life must the idiots turn up to ruin it to fulfil their two demands on the left and over your privacy in order to make money from their filthy culture lucrative art form jobs and the industries they get it from before you get to think that you must do something about it due to being tired of looking ridiculous or making ludicrous statements? For now we stick to the way I work i.e. they deploy those stupid filthy culture to make money and pay taxes; it is the best policy from any point you may want to view it and if people especially the unemployed that have to put up with them do these things, take action to secure government taxes which has become the serious matter between me and them, then when people become militia in the process considering a worse case eventuality, it would have been their fault as well.


Here of course they will claim there are many things they have discovered about me as it were but I cannot actually remember hiding the fact that I need to get hold of them and put songs into them and money in their hands to make the music and pay taxes which I monitor and ensure are paid, then they can spend their pocket money on drugs if they want because last we checked those music were things they did to deal with violent and evil people, so that when they make the songs people buy them for reason that it offers an escape from a dangerous situation, leaving them with money that they can run away with; today they are as complicit in and with the evils as anybody’s imagination dares to fly over it. So I can understand when they say record companies will get me as well because I have no right, the idea I have no right of which is another collection of stories by itself but I wonder if they are also so blind they cannot see I perform government duty from a royal estate that belongs to me and believe the people will trust me enough to buy the books once the job is finished, so I can have money to run away as well which is really extravagant. Technically therefore we should be out of the recession at this point it has been a joy to follow up the choices that politicians have made about public finances on the matter by handling that stupid popular culture and its industries, it has been an honour to serve basically. At this point of which I do suppose with this site I have done enough to broker equities and thereof show everybody where they can find what they need to find. The things to beware being the usual things; liberal idiots and their current president Obama and the idea that if I can extract money from my property anybody else can and the dirt insulting cultural lies they tell with that. I mean some will claim my approach on the matter solves nothing but it is an old story where these liberal fools not only believe nothing will happen to them if they send out stupid girls to address you and extract money from your work, earnings and property doing politics with media but also think that women can fight for you and should do and get stuck at home, so if you leave your property for them as security and get off to find your way in the world you must be persecuted for it; as I always ask the question remains or else what? I am not running away from the fact I am a better leader either, they all have their nuclear weapons and large armies to threaten people with and I have my Empire trust to get people to work with me if they wish with, so I had to be very skilled to do that to a point where I am counted among the five most powerful men in the world at this stage. However if I am famous and put out a product thereof there are two positions to emerge and one of them is that people will want to buy the products while the other is that people will want to meet me and so if they do not tell me how to live my life I would be very grateful for an absence of the insults. Being on the side of the greater power however which is best expressed by a process where they send out their stupid girls to extract money from my property and media idiots to abuse me to make fame for themselves, first I wonder what the idiots are doing anyway but they have said they are doing Politics for their part and it is ridiculous; it will become the biggest problem ever because when those kind of people who cannot get by one second without telling other what to do as it is normally claimed, end up as Christians and in Church, they will follow them there and bullying them to obtain a reaction that they claim offers experimentation with respect to the kind of power they want to have and it is one of the reasons I am not giving back that stupid left wing.