Now the idea I am being sucked into civil rights movement has no basis on reality, it is completely ridiculous. The general idea is always that of being concerned about people’s problems which I never am – they do not have problems, what they have is some money on them to make other people’s lives a misery with, have parties and litter everywhere doing so, which is how they like their neighbourhoods i.e. filthy and just for them. something seems to convince them especially the American ones that I feel it is perfectly okay for them to wreck my business and turn out to copy it as well – aside the world where I have not and they have everything thereafter, there are these variables of destruction here which is the history they have and love to have as well and it has always served them as such too. yes I understand they say I would have a very different set of choices if I lived in a time when people had to be part of the civil rights movement because they had no choice and it is utter rubbish because it would have been the same outcome as we have today; we all know when the fact others are overwhelmed by people who want to display the evils of their society all over such people, these civil rights movement idiots suddenly become complicit with that evil and it therefore becomes a means to an end, we all know that following that, they never do anything they are supposed to do when they are supposed to do it because there are others who look the part of sacrifices that need to be slaughtered either at the hands of their enemies or at theirs in order to bring about the kind of mixed and evil progress they want and so they gather all the time because they have no plans to work for money in their lives, do civil rights movement where they never deal with criminals in their midst and are confused about who thinks they are evil and who thinks they are nice, if it therefore so applies to that effect that they can steal everything a why not, from personal life to business connections by which the entire world would know a thing belongs to others but they will make it their own as well and alter the mentality of the entire world for frivolity and a big mouth talking nonsense of how the world is an evil place while I also think means it is what needs to be changed as well for my part. I do not believe I must let them apply any discrimination and insolence in my direction which I believe will be the death of them, to an extent where it forges some kind of new or updated discrimination thereof – they remain as they are and their men especially need to stay off my books not talk nonsense about how they can get kids of get involved with whatever they want them to get involved with and regularly turn out to tease and bully me with their idiots, especially the girls who are buffoons that believe I exist to be overwhelmed but the main problem is that of men around them being a drag as to how they want to live their stupid lives to make money without working for it – I don’t think therefore that my own version of p8illaging them as well will ever come to an end because this is what they do all the time i.e. go right past an appreciation for those that are successful, straight past those that are average and way past those that have hit rock bottom and are trying to pick themselves up again and make friends with criminals and idiots who do business with criminals at the bottom line because there are people they have marked out and hence plan to be rich and famous taking advantage of and I don’t mind the insults that will be the death of them here concerning which they have saved the respect for themselves and I am very far away from any stupid civil rights movement for my part unless they want some of mine too, it’s all very well to say I talk but there is nothing I can do; I know if I get hold of them they will sell that stupid culture so we can see their own as well since it is impossible for me to get to an office to work without having to deal with the evils of their society. The idea I get around solving problems from a Royal office is utter nonsense too by the way; what happened was that I had to set up securitisations for my company and the equity brokerages thereof and in that had to consider what to do with a condition where the UK was multicultural and each unscrupulous evil profit chasing business idiot here comes from a different part of the world and have since done a great job and will kick their arse again if they piss me off. The idea of idiots determining what I will do with myself to suit their civil rights movement and stories they tell about things people do to be nice to black people being a down payment for all injustices is all very well for their part and so is the process of their insults but I am not doing anything and making out they have succeeded and I have been dragged into a civil rights movement where I really belong as the British Royal family is not enough, is not just the insult that will be the death of them as it were but a matter of crossing a line where tempting me like that will not bring about good results. They need to tell their stupid daughters when I say they should never address me or speak to me or get themselves involved with my affairs – I mean every word of it absolutely and it is important they keep their stupid selves off my book sales so it does not blow up in their face; they can do it, I will hold down the bad guys – as I have always said, there is not a world where damages done to this business will not face revenge nor will this company tolerate an opportunity cost on its resources which they control – I don’t mind the stupid socialites and insolent TV personalities, I simply am sending out a clear warning in case we have to deal with the screams as well. Of course they like to say I am really facing an uphill struggle and my predicament will never come to an end and I am already mentally disturbed doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result from it but of course the reality is very different from that i.e. I do all I do by the book and so the only way they can make money or earn a living is to antagonise and attack me and make connections really quickly speaking of mad people and of course I am good looking too hence it is a galore in their view as it were and it is not that I do not think people ought not to give them the means if they are aware they will never work for it, it’s just that it is up to people to decide that and the consequences are never my business like they always think they can create curses for themselves and recycle it with racism or the civil service or modernisation all together which will never work here or they will never have their lives as they know it in an otherwise situation, until all the debts are paid as it were and that would not have been the first occasion either. It’s something they do with their stupid media where I write my books and their most important preoccupation becomes that of making out a Prince has written books and is trying to sell them as books written by a Prince and so when he is taken advantage of is entirely something he is responsible for because he knew the risk – whereas nothing about my work or business take a shape of that form whatsoever but it is something they do looking for trouble all the time and never ever listen. I do not believe it is a major crisis but I am not facing any stupid uphill struggle only a collection of idiots pillaging my business to make themselves customers on one hand and pillaging it to ensure I am subservient to them on the other but expecting the crime they have committed here not to be the matter for conversation when they feel like telling me I have a royal office and they have money and I want them off the books as it were so it does not blow up in their face like everything else. So the question is always whether I say and do what I say and do because I expect the Monarchy to take it up but I don’t; what I do for a living is Equity brokerage as such, the Monarchy is just responsible for me and there are those who know that they can turn the bureaucracies to my disadvantage and to theirs, such stupidities of which I do not wish to allow determine a large portion of the way I live too and I am not the one complaining; what they do take for example video games, is that somebody wants to create one which will benefit people with learning difficulties but the prime purpose of all they do is deploy my work to make it, prevent me from securitising their handling of my property and profit margins and then set out to sell the products and peddle me to share the feelings I get from all I am and gather up people as fans to fight me so they can keep it permanently; these are the kinds of things I have had enough of and the company will tend to help me control. Of course they claim I do the same to their culture as well but it leads right back to the foremost and basic issue i.e. they spend all their time doing nothing but an invention of attacking and hurting me and the fact I have not set out a way of hiding them from public view is not to say that this is not the case. I mean 14,15,16,18 year old children whose entire thoughts are about handling women for example and the end product are these women that get involved with me first to detach their families from them and secondly to build up feminism on one part in order to prevent feminists from doing so or indeed deploy what feminist do with me against my wishes at will and on the other part making sure the relations with me is such that if these boys and men should get into relationship with any of them, then they will have to share; now the bloody idiots do not want to share but they want the relationship anyway with that big insolent little heart and yap, yap, yap modern mouth all the time. The entire world will cease to be such an access and if they can on account of my existence which annoys them with a lack of co-operation by which I live as they see fit- you know when I put the big mouth yapping thing in context. It is never really fact that I shave off the gloss of the royal thing I was given and that causes problems for the Monarchy; the reality is that these are all about twisted evil people around here and the fact the media runs it as some kind of power they have, so I am dealing with a power as such – the need therefore to ensure they don’t turn up here to change the Country around me or my work, of which most people ask me if I don’t think such things are scary but I think they are it’s just that I cannot simply just let people prevent me from living where I live on account I did not give them what I own, they always have big names, from Politicians to Celebrities and even the racist ones as well and then there are those that are republicans outright and some own small businesses that are doing well and feel insults are due me all the time too, which is just as well because I need to ensure they leave the home for their embattled wives and stick their tongues where they belong, the rest will simply do with giving up success that respects the fathers so I can turn out on their lives to count pennies until they become millions; there is no such thing as facing an uphill struggle, no such thing as being stuck anywhere – as I said I do all I do by the book and because of that attacking me creates customer services, attacking me creates likeability, attacking me creates business connections and even job promotions and so on; I don’t take these things to heart because I have always known they are stupid and the fundamental outside appearance of the need to acquire themselves confidence at my expense is clearly one of those things that creates them jobs as it were but most of all do not take them to heart lest I lose what I already do well, I have acted on it because they talk too much and need to shove those insults where they really belong too and they can make that to mean miscellaneous as well, get another piece of me with that too. I hear the talk however with respect to other global matters, that my saying my position does not affect what others may chose to do about anything will cause slow down in action taken over security matters but of course there is nothing like that because of what facts have to offer i.e. in Syria for example, the fact that chemical weapons have been used there is a serious problem in its own right but I am at this stage more concerned about what we should have been given information about way before now i.e. why does Syria need chemical weapons? I mean it exists in this parts of the world because Nazis killed soldiers with it and gassed 6 Million Jews as well because they considered them to be inferior and so there was that need to find and create weapons that were more powerful to deter them and then after they were defeated, the need to clean up and control those weapons bearing in mind that not only things like nerve gas were discovered in the process – so the question stands of why Syria needs such weapons and whom they are trying to attack with it. It has always been an unwritten rule of warfare that you match your weapons systems to your identity, need and the problem you are trying to solve and so that creates clear distinction with rebels and insurgents who will fight with anything from stones to suicide bombing but Communist governments do not care, they build these weapons indiscriminately and just because the knowledge exists with which to do so and then sell them indiscriminately.


Now it is has never been a matter of fact that the British Parliamentary vote in 2013 August which disapproved of Military action over Syria is something that ended up beating me as it were; the truth and reality of that is rather that of peoples inability to figure out my priorities i.e. that there is no way that the fact every little twat in this country wants to work for the government deploying my property to help any other scum that has wrecked their lives because of their own choices and is determined not to suffer for it by himself; they have various reasons for this but the chief one is that I am found in the Company of women that are older than I am because they can predictably guess that I wish to fulfil some relationship with their wives and that it is always the end product outcome of such an affiliation. The other part should be where people do not understand what I am doing with other people’s business which is utter nonsense since I am not doing anything with anybody’s business – only when you see lean mean idiots get up on TV to pass insults at you and you cannot prevent them from doing that regularly you get to take action and so the illusion I am below their league which has given them means to deploy from my office or public work, property set out for London City development to get contracts overseas which would not be sustainably applied unless they took physical action to ensure that whatever they did had an effect on my Bank balance – so has the action I have taken about it resulted in a killing off of any illusion that suggests they are out of my league and therefore becomes the means and answer to everything, this is what they mean questions of what I am doing with other people’s property. The blacks especially and their developing economies think that when it is time to get away with not adhering to International law or the need to work for money attacking and taking advantage of me is an ace that has never before been seen or made available to them and hence historic, I think that the fame and reputations of their country will soon be handed and deployed by me to make up for the company losses they create while I have stories to tell which send them back to the cultural filth the came from so I can make them sell it and incur their hatred as well as make a point to the rest of the world, while the idiots aforementioned owe me their own points too on property from my office being deployed by them, which they must get away with because they are out of my league. These black idiots are the only forms and types of black people we have in the world of course and they will get fame from me for the purpose of making sure they cannot go home and that their own is always the one that is spent for the black race as well, it is what they want wanted from me up to this point – those stupid insults that will be the death of them as it were. Naturally they believe they have covered their tracks in the sense that I was never meant to get anywhere near the royal family and so because of that they are excused to do anything they like in my direction as it were, so this is their own point that they will most certainly prove too. The vote in the House of Commons on 29/8/2013 was not a vote on Syria, it was a vote to express the view the Labour Party has of the electoral system and that view is so perverse that if you let them get away with an insult or two insulting you will become the answer to everything for them; in my case I have not allowed that to happen so they have built it up on media because there is a desirable need to insult and abuse me and make it the answer to everything in life and it will end very badly too for my part in it. There is no bearing towards fact, those claims that I have everything I own taken away from me regularly – it’s like the Politicians claim they have created these issues for me because of what I have done to them to ensure they never get to feel important but it is the same as spending billions of tax payer funds to wreck my finances and keep me cash strapped in order for their stupid kids to grow up, get through University and have a future where they do not feel inferior to me, never mind the fact the commoner blood still runs in my veins – so that because I am not allowed to do anything that remotely looks like solving a problem, it is an end product of things I do to them on the parameters of “the one I am about to do.” There is no such thing as chances of random or blanket revenge – I will take my time to turn out in their lives to count pennies until they become millions as well, playing all sorts of games especially Politics and the fame kind – these are all things we do not learn at church and there is good reason they feel I ought to suffer so much to know them and we will explore that too.


It is never true by the way that I get involved with journalists who then set about savaging my finances which I then blame on everybody else; the truth and reality is that people set about making out because I am well spoken I stole it from TV and that I have therefore been stealing the professional style of female journalists and we all know they do that because of what people would likely do in their homes as a matter of obscenity when women get up to tell what happened on Public Television and more so to earn a living, of course I am aware as well that I used to masturbate and that this was one of the reasons for these things, however we know we are adults and that if it were, these women would have known about it exactly who I was if I were to show up in public and if I didn’t, it would have been a case of too far away to reach me or at the job and out of sight is out of mind but because these women have a right to their profession and to treat their audience as clients which is what idiots mean when they say people steal their style and tell their husbands people sleep with them, I tend to accept that getting into argument over whether this is true or not is unfair and so tend to overlook the stupidities of those who feel there is something they can do about it on account I prevent them from playing game games having sadistic and insolently masochistic sex with me in mind. Hence that is how I got to act to ensure women who do journalistic work do not have to endure abuse by those who watch them doing it to a point where there is a sub culture and society of it and it is the fact I did which has meant that female journalists and buffoons called feminists will kill me to make up for the fact men should not exist with that big mouth – hence why we have ended up where we have today. The outcome was a process where my Court was seen by Politicians as a sign of a kind of leader I am i.e. they said you can tell the nature of the leader by the appearance of the women affiliated with him, this then degenerated into the need to ensure more important leaders were the ones that had women that looked that way, developed into the need to have and own my privacy and pushed forward into a corruption of involvement which involved having sex with my Court that was born out of a process of having some other journalists who accepted what I did and offered grease to my elbows for it and so all I can about that is that they need not go away or do me any favours of that kind and it will end very well too, especially over the fame game and the fact they consider themselves to be fathers and mothers of good looking young people whom they feel they can manipulate to make famous or not at will and cannot therefore stay off my products as it were and seem to feel their stupid ears are reserved for some other purpose as well. It goes on like that endlessly and because a foolish woman has an ego, your property and earnings will be wrecked because your work ended up as a plaything for football people; is there then anybody who thinks female journalists believe that people do not know they are doing such things because they are pure evil and talk too much nonsense that gets in their heads about the nature of the world being that it is an evil place? I put it to you that they know what I am likely to feel about it but believe there is nothing I can do.


Now the other story of Hezbollah getting involved with the Syria Crisis is all very well; now their involvement has only but created two sides to the view of the middle east i.e. nobody for their part alone knows what they are angry at but it can be deduced that if they are angry at normal educated and successful people getting around their business in peace because a certain king that was elected who likes to kill anything that opposes him when he knows he did not get 100% of the votes when he got into office is attacked by Americans for using Chemical weapons on people i.e. if I worked in an office of four and my other three colleagues were Muslims and they like to pretend I should not exist and I liked America and so one day because of our little office space competition and struggles, they pick up arms and attack America, the outcome has been of course that dealing with the problem of the Middle East in its entire Nature being seen as Genocide in practice has just been obliterated as an argument. The other side of the story therefore is the reasons Israel is building settlements in the West Bank i.e. it has always been a long held tradition by fools like these that others do not have the right to succeed or to be seen building anything that displays that success; House, Home, temple, Church etc. Of course we hear that story that it is the way I treat people by letting them get away with things that is responsible for most of my problems but that is not a matter of proactive activity, it is a matter of insults from grownups and nothing else. They know that they would not dream of addressing their daughters in ways they do not address their Politicians or indeed their sons because the girls will simply feel like sleeping with criminals all the time and the boys will simply get into all kinds of trouble including drug addiction and life time prison crimes. They do it to me because they believe they have located an argument that cannot be surmounted and I too believe I have located how to handle them as well i.e. the civil rights is up for grabs and so is the homosexuality and the fame game and all that and when I am finish with them will leave it lying about for extremists as well, so they can understand the real consequences of their actions and yes they always say by that time they will have become so rich that the extremists will never catch on which of course is what we are changing as well and I will be waiting for them at their retirement to find out too. I don’t think it a major crisis; they are at least 30 years older than I am on average and have spent at least half that time in a job environment and saved up at least half the Money they earned in that period, so for the basic matters of food shelter and clothing they always believe they have got a one up that cannot be countered.  Naturally they say it is my stubbornness that has led me into a condition where this is happening – the reality is that this prognosis has no basis on reality or truth; the reality and or truth of which is rather that I was meant to get to University and finish a degree as soon as I got my Royal Commission and during that time conduct all academic pursuits as may be required but their government of socialist insolent fools simply saw it fit to make history wrecking that and they have billions of pounds in tax payer funds to spend doing so as well; I do not believe it to be a major issue too, just one of this defining occasions where the true nature of the socialist ideology is revealed to be a Political fraud, complete with women that get elected into government office and have men they can send out to grab boys and make them do the job. I will never stop handling and pillaging them too because they know these things to be a fact and so attack me like they do because they are determined nothing I may say will be allowed to make sense to anybody and these are the actions of a party that exists fundamentally as a conglomeration of bullies with ideas about respect and wealth distribution, with an intense need and desire for an access to your personal life not just because their Politicians do not earn the same as their peasants which makes their party void or indeed that their Union Bosses and Rail Bosses and Post Office Mangers earn a take home pay that is equivalent to winning a Major National Lottery Price money but also because of the things they are afraid of, such a list of which would comprise of things they do to others on account they feel those people have no right to exist unless they make fundamental changes to their very nature – hence I dare anybody to tell me what in this disproves servants of the devil in this world by which I am not referring to evil people and sinners and or the fact there exists a Satan.


Of course the Politicians are happy to speak with us about border agencies, when we all know that they can easily set out Policies for that and that the real problem is that border agencies want to set social Policy as well instead of do their jobs, hence we end up with questions about whether or not people are students for example becoming more important than whether or not they have their papers and various other issues of that kind. We speak of war in Syria but we all know that Ed Miliband may have successfully destroyed David Cameron’s plans for military action in Syria, so are we waiting to find out what method they will put forward at International Communities to deal with it bearing in mind it is a party notorious for destruction and was actually the party that took all we have worked for as a Nation and all our International Identity into their failed war in Iraq, I say for my part in any case that it is easy to predict where they are going with it and will get some of mine as well as much of it as they want. I do put my hand up where it may apply and accept that Politicians have a problem in terms of setting out what the International world should be like, the main pain here are the diplomats; who are more interested in girls and boys and Industries than they are in their jobs all together and the possibility and ability that some of the most high profile Politicians in the world have to access the Industries like that has proven to be the biggest problem here because even when we have a recession which forms a clearly set out excuse on what to do, they are more interested in something else other than drug cartels in South America, other than Yemen, other than Syria, other than Iran and at that pinnacle are American Politicians who are basically millionaires that can afford campaign money and therefore especially and practically buy public office all the time messing up the diplomacy that other countries work for to protect their need to make more money. Here the UK their friends have resorted to taxing the poor to pay for the economic woes and if you do mention it, they say you are an activist but in reality we all know the small businesses do the heavy lifting and the big ones simply set up offices that can be vacated in 30 minutes if they are determined to and of course there is that story they have started that the Middle Classes have been wiped out, which is the same as Labour did with alternative lifestyles and homosexual marriages but we all know that things like the crisis in Spain could easily have been avoided if the middle classes are not pulled out by the roots every time they try to deal with their own problems etc. My point is that I am entirely justified living a life along the lines of the Policy of making government smaller all the time i.e. not your own Mr Politicians, then I am sorry it is a snip for your scope of control and I will never stop and am only likely to get as worse as the attacks on my book sales and income get alongside that big mouth and bloody minded rubbish on the media all the time; the media that does not feel like getting around others to do their advertisement and sell things hence the ideologies that religious people believe in is the enemy of society and the enemy of their desire to get rich in equal measure, hence I like bets as well and I am happy everybody can understand that too; the main points remain the same i.e. I only feel as though all I need to do is brush up my work and get my appearance settled with some business cards and then I need to meet people, not sit down somewhere working my way out of nothing while idiots boast on media about how I have been trapped somewhere, how they put me there and all that rubbish and clearly will not find any alternative means of making money thereof, some even claim stories about the Military, relatives in it and my involvement with it when we all know that I am the one of the Royals that has more duties affiliated with the Church than anybody else save HM Herself, hence looking for a piece of my own thinking they have secured an arena for their wickedness.