Of course I am aware it is massive endorsement when Politicians make use of my work because it helps to get the books out but I must be able to control what happens when they do because the real problem is that they think this is some sort of time for them to own the wealth of the world basically and so the problem is that they have made out that this is what I have laid foundations for when the truth could not be any more different. I mean I am single at this point and do not live with anybody but each time I work for anything, it is gone and I tend to see it from a distance being used by an idiot to get rich and create even more problems for me and for the world around them. They say their lives are so woven into the popular culture thing that if you happen to shut it down civil rights will be affected but nothing seems to be done about this one issue on the other hand. Instead what we get are all complains about how I hurt them and complain about being harmed whereas in actual fact they said they do pop culture over the matter criminals who run drugs and gangs and criminal cycles and trap them in it but had since located me as the one whose property they can do whatever they wish with so that they now collaborating with those criminals all together, hence as soon as I work for anything it is gone already. Hence considering claims I tell people how I do my stuff then complain later, it is a matter of making sure such a difficult job as a result of the kind of creatures they are must be handled with a sense of fun. It never gets to mean I am worse off either, they are now deploying those their silly cultures to make a job for themselves and of course I have set out structures to deal with crime, hence technically I am actually better off, except for left wing idiots and the idea that when they see a writer they attack his business and try to get information from him as a person claiming they are getting it from the horse’s mouth or something; now for those there is a fear of the rise of separatists as well and even more concerning are claims they make that I am scared of them, after all those insults that were going to force me to make the world more democratic that is i.e. people are normally more important than they are, then more powerful than they are, then greater than they are, then scared of them; hence I only thought that since this is the UK and not one of those their left wing havens I ought to show them how making sure others live in slums while you offer services to rich people who want power can be done. They say they are scared of separatists and I don’t think so yet as it were for my part. I ought to reiterate I do not need to be counted among those that support president Obama; candidate Obama is good, role model Obama is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever come across and they love to tell me I did not say that four years ago when he was this figure of huge cultural shift in his country, first black man at the job, in a country that was going through difficult economic times as well. Whereas in actual fact there as considerable signs that somebody would likely be naive enough to get into office saying I will murder this amount of people and get away with it but when he got there realise how things work and decide to save a certain amount of lives without seeking any fame for doing so. Now after four years we know what is what and they need to talk about their own – they never do.

The idea I have history with them is not one of the matters I view with the notion that it is of prime concern. I don’t have history with them it is just insulting when MP refers to me as kid in order to build up confidence for the future of his stupid children. So it’s a question of what their flavour is at the end of the way because the way it works is that he tries like he can to refer to me as kid in conversations he has with as many important people as he possibly can, then tell me I am now stuck where I will get into a fight to no end or leave what he wants and desires for him, most of which he desires like he does and it makes no sense whatsoever; at the end of which he achieves that thing he used to say when I was a teenager i.e. they blow off the roof now talking about God but they will soon grow into perverts – which they also think is really funny as well. They say I speak of fundamental immorality because I have been one of few to deal with the matter but do not now want to share, whereas they have done nothing with themselves since but push the evils of their society into my personal life and think they are playing roles of my father’s with it as it were, once they run out go overseas to get more as well, knowing at some point I will be too constrained to share; which is exactly I am not suggesting that it is a difficult issue, they always end up pretending that if they get around me and glorify racism in public places, insult me and call upon me as if I am their mate and indulge themselves a general process of dehumanising me and then one day I get hurt by a separatist turn racist it is not their fault, when they have really done nothing about me but the creating of dangerous conditions which is legally quantifiable and like to claim it is not their fault because they think I have no records of it. So what with that left wing rubbish, when I do the same to them and they get killed they begin to pretend there are a lot of things that they can do about it.

The usual prognosis of course is that when they act like they do towards me I suppose it is because they are planning some really intense and painful violence for me on account they are trying to enforce something that is impossible to enforce on me; so my first assumption is that they belong in gangs and so I take steps to restrict the movement of the gangs and get myself to a place where I will hit them so hard their gangs will be unable to do anything about it, at such point if I end up killing the person they will say I have dehumanised him as well.

I speak of it in a light manner but it is not to say it is not a big issue and a big fight to create for others and therefore something people have the right to attend to their jobs in the knowledge that they should never have to deal with. So these are early days and they continue to complain of what I do to them when they are the ones that see an author and want to own his personal life in order to get info that everybody is getting but from the horse’s mouth, as though they were the only ones that worse white socks in school and therefore are aware of little village idioms.


Here in the UK the labour party speaks of coalition government blunders which would otherwise have meant spending on housing and construction to boost economic recovery and I have no idea what it means either because the Politicians are in no way ready for housing and construction and the Labour party is the least prepared of them all. The two issues come in the forms of how ready they are and the other of how they would go about it. For the first it is a matter of creating living spaces, eco homes. Energy efficient and comfortable residences, town planning, recycling and waste disposal, I mean at this point special bus routes designated for school children is not even an idea on the table in anyway whatsoever, let alone the problem of transportation working like it should. What they wish to do is build us filthy, crime ridden, wasteful council estates and tell us that when people stab others to death in it, it happens because play grounds are disused. Then tell me that if I happen to have made reference to a company as large as Coca-Cola or indeed McDonalds sponsors an event as big as the London Olympics, the IP administration issues does suggest there will be shopping advantages, I did mention something about the Olympics as a watershed with respect to shoppers. The other part of course is the matter of how they would do it when the Labour party is also responsible for making sure that no government is able to use housing as a means of fulfilling a manifesto or setting out and implementing Policies and it is much the same with the NHS as well. So I bet their housing plans has a lot to do with somebody from YMCA living next door to a Banker, so that when somebody signs off peoples millions in a deal he did not read through properly, he can tell us that his neighbour whacked him over the head all night with strange powers. So they can tell me what would happen in the circumstances and what will not, like they have been able to control the mess they made at the civil service as it stands today; where people do anus fucking and find me to tell me that when I masturbate, like I can find ways of getting what I want without finding somebody to have sex with, they can find ways of doing what they like with my earnings whether I like it or not, which they show off all over the place appearing on insolent and abusive music CDs and advertisement, to sit around teaching me how to writer formal letters and CVs all over again all the time, which does nothing but change employers and make it even more difficult to find a job. Real people had long ago decided they will put away the good stuff and do the stupid ones as well and that is why we cannot tell the difference and I do not mind so much as well for my part. As for me, I will be selling my good stuff and doing the stupid stuff that also feels like chasing people around for anal sex and turning up to teach others how to write CVs and formal letters instead of help them get work, to help me with efficiency. It extends to everything else of course where they think my personal details and so called style is something they wish to keep to seek fame and fortune with and that is why they keep teaching me how to write CV and covering letter instead of leaving me alone t get a job, whereby they get to tell me I should do nothing about their stupid ministers squandering my earnings to do their ageist vandalism and squander because they are ministers as though I am so stupid that I have somehow conceived that they will one day spare a penny and give me a chance in life over their lucrative stupidities they like to think is a civil rights that everybody identifies with.

Of course they maintain when there is nothing left to say that all I talk about is a farce as reality is more about the fact people really like me and I rather like to lose my temper all the time; the truth however is that they like to make out my job is something I ought to leave for women while I become a pastor that takes care of them so they can take care of me too. This I do not consider to be of a serious problem too because if they feel that way they would not mind buying the books but of course they do not buy books, what they buy is Pop music, no matter how it is made and whom it abuses, they will buy it. This they say is a great victory but it is the usual victory; where they bully separatists until they become animals and make me sick with OCD, then turn out in public places to mix spirits to get rich every day, whereby they squander my earnings and more so with the previously mentioned means about which people need to be really full of themselves to tell you to leave your job for women and become a priest that women take care of according to how you take care of them, then turn out to enforce it with violence too and so I think they are better off being whors so I can get a break and intend to make them so as well.

I am not OCD ill as such but that is the general idea never the less and it is not that I am innocent either in the matter; all that OCD celebrities, OCD media, OCD Businesses and business owners, OCD Pop stars. When a piece of property is patented, it is patented but not for them; self respecting celebrities will turn up and use my work to make themselves millions leaving my book sales in a wreck and making out it is funny as well as insolent and abusive when they make advertisements from doing so, what I do to them to make them understand it’s all patented property put up to ensure the books find their way to the customers does nothing for them of course, what they do instead is hand it over to their agents and then what happens will become a matter that is handled by those that are invisible and we have not even come to the Legal action yet as it were.