There is that talk of course that things such as my opinion on the Iraq war and what should be done is what indicates what people are most irritated about i.e. I am only speaking of things they already know and because I stifle what must be done and make mention of it at a later date, they must now take steps to ensure I pay for it all the time. All of it is completely beside the important issues which are that having been they stifled my finances to run off being famous and rich in my stead, which has further degenerated into cleansing me of my Christianity, with the eventual result that they are using everything in their arsenal including the civil service and treasury that was their personal and private property as it were to cleanse me of my Christian faith through financial deprivation with their insults that know no limits, I had decided I needed to give them what they want since it turns up on media and gets demanded in public all the time i.e. leave the Christian thing and start living like them. so of course the problem with this is that they have to wait and unfortunately they are not more powerful than I am which is why their insults are so destructive in the first place and might as well mean they are more important given half the chance bearing in mind financial damage already gained and lots of talk of being more important than those from whose property you have extracted for your personal gain more money than they have, looking for trouble. I am not talking about the community goons either; for those ones it is an old story of their stupid violence and whether based on their insults and arrogance, if they were me and I were them, they would entertain any thought of having sex with me – so this kind of sex based abuse and gob all over my personal peace and happiness and even health continues. So the status remains as it were i.e. how do you beat up and silence for good that evil scum that likes to climb on public places and gob over you because he is finding his own interpretation for your personality to make himself trappings of power, which politicians gave him by making you available to his level of society by damaging your finances and noting more so the fact it continues to get intensely and violently abusive with financial rewards attached as time goes by every day and more so with an abusively deeply personal life intrusion based abuse and insult to make the power operable? So I did run out of ideas and start off the community fools with sleep deprivation some time ago and they are not moving into the right hand side of anybody, it just wasn’t their own I was talking about where when I mentioned people waiting for me to catch on and be like them and live like them so they might be at peace concerning which based on facts we have at present my return to my Christianity when and if it does not work better not become a difficult thing either: the bloody clowns it seems, need a real fight and will get one too. I am a lot more curious you see, the idea of the seeds of an alternative state; they think they manage my income and will use the power to gain by flirting with torture over me a process where they create their own self sustaining two tier society and you feel like physically beating somebody up seriously for it as well, so I suppose the path I am following at the moment is a good one too.


I mean if I were to expound on these things the fact would have been simpler about those stories of how I am a traumatised person who believes when he writes stories about his trauma to people, it will make him money. I am not a traumatised person, we simple have an entire parliament and people here who are crazy about preventing me from being a royal prince that I already am hence feel that they need to do so with my income. So they push it out on me and I wait for the result to come in and push it out on their political systems and societies as well and it goes on like that, handle the books ultimately and I go all out too for good measure. I have assumed we have been past this matter anyway i.e. the fact that there is now another story out there about UK economy and businesses and outlook on International charity and so on; I was under the impression when they started discussing these issues in public it expressed the fact I needed to ignore everything else and concentrate on the issue of making sure I share nothing of myself and property anymore which tends to create the idea and sense that my fans need to be somewhere else and then I can sit down and market my books etc but here we are again, starting from how I am a traumatised person. They do it all the time i.e. they feel the civil service and treasury is their property, where they can get money each time they find it difficult to dominate you and use that money to do riches and fame and turn up to seek privileges from being an upstanding citizen at your expense and now what it seems they want as well is to own my work and own all I have and when they do I have an idea too about what to do I suppose – it will involve giving up my name and the royal property and the royal alliances and the royal office, for when I had done that it will become theirs with a big mouth. It’s as though we need an education on the fact they are vices of this society and do need to understand people clearly when people have had enough of them and the deployment of government property to help them handle people’s property and income without due legal permission. There is nothing new about the fact there is a royal village in Europe and nobody likes the idea of me getting around causing trouble which I am not of course but when you think about it matter happen, such as when Military personnel do their service it becomes an achievement politicians wish to deploy and guess who was the point where they start? Me of course with that big mouth all the time and it goes on like that endlessly to this point where their media idiots have friends all over the world, which I could care less about, just want them off my book sales and that is an end to it. Those books they like to attack all the time leaves nothing to the imagination by the way about what they should try to avoid if they want to keep their cultures and yet here we are with a conversation about it i.e. we call it retreat in Missionary work aka they round you up and mess up your perspective of gospel preaching and you take some time, recover your strength and go again but because they have culture and a process of letting the culture fly would be blasphemy, we can see that a process where they complain about those who destroy their culture is in the circumstances inevitable but it does rather tend to appear I buy my TV set so the idiots can talk through to me by it etc.


The thing about being unable to get around with their culture does not apply; the women are evil deviant women who want other people’s money and property every second of their existence and think the media is an asset for it too, while the rest are simply goons regarding whom what they name their culture at present is not their normal culture and I am not interested and do not want any of it, besides which the humanitarian aspect of standing up to it is that they have those culture and model them like they do to find ways of violent and hurtful things against which there is no law to threaten people and take their things and property with, down to personality confiscation as well and we all know it is no way to make a living and have no idea who told them it is how to make a living anyway. What I want to prevent is a process where their celebrities share my stuff because I will never get the books sold and the job done as long as that continues; they say it hurts so badly that they have to and need it more because I can get more as though I need an education on them and more so want it all the time as such too – in actual fact of which they cannot stay away from the evils of society and besides all the above mentioned attacks have already gained from it by being rich and famous at my expense and that will not do so far either, so any person can imagine where it is going too, no thanks to the Politicians that give them the start up riches and fame money, when we all know they do things with you and what you own when you tell them not to with that popular culture as stubbornly as ever imaginable. Then we hear them speak of justice and society and culture and politics and so on when the reality is politicians giving money to criminals who will find no other way of using it except multiplying it which can only be done with market and intellectual property that belongs to others, using media and telling tall tales about social favours they are doing such persons which does not do them any good either since it is not the first time they have continued to make out I should die over racism for everybody. It’s the way we live that is not right for me you see; I mean you close your eyes and they will turn up on your mind and then its distant violence – how long have they been watching and gloating all over me anyway and why does it need to be that way; cannot say I am innocent in the matter either. There is just that real problem of having my finances damaged and then being exposed to danger by stupid politicians who think services that go from my office for government and Law enforcement are their plaything because they got elected, I mean I cannot blame them since they think the things they do with my evil mother will change the fact that they never really have the support of their parents for anything hence the whole process of managing crime does not work for them anyway and that is why they always attack those who do it as well. I suppose now I have mentioned it, the general idea is that they have seen somebody on whose expense they want to be better people with, an end then I will assume before hand to a process of thinking everybody has alternative explanations for their wickedness.


I am not of the opinion corrupt people do not think I have something to say for myself either; I mean when I say I have had enough of them and the cheap electronics from Japan for the purpose of shouting the Intellectual property of my company over my head and wrecking my earnings to do riches and fame and of course the other group of idiots in the US especially females and blacks who make noise all the time for the purpose of their threats and violence concerning whom I have made it clear anybody that wants to give them money to mess around with me is free to and can bring those businesses here as well so I can rip it up for them. These are government ones I suppose and what I have done in communist countries is ensure proper and educated people catch up with their government so I have to deal with less and less their insults and the noise about how they do not want to hear my complains for it. Typical stereotype is that they have their head shaven, a wife that is bigger than me and feels like sex in my direction all the time, work on backstage media and expect Politicians to dole them some treasury money to do riches and fame with and the others that irritate me like hell are the ones that buy shares in peoples companies of course. I am not talking about being bigger than me either; for that part there are two major issues one being that of the fact they think they are tough and I am on course to soften them up, the other being that even if I knew nothing of how to beat up those that are bigger than me their stupid children would have taught me all about it by now – question being that of why he needs a political state of affairs of injustice against me when he is already bigger than I am and therefore thinks the entire country will be sacrificed for it with a big mouth. There is a landmark issue of course so far of a Government in Cyprus making laws that place levy on peoples savings; I have tried to understand this law from all angles without success, either as law and the nature that a law takes and the kind of problems it solves, I have tried to understand it as a consultation process by which law is drafted and of course the kind of matters that it has to take into consideration when it is being laid down in order to give authority to an issue that can be settled at the Police station etc, I have tried to understand it as a function of what Politicians do i.e. if I sit down with my friends and suppose the economy is so bad the only way out would have been if a levy was placed on peoples savings, should I then go ahead and do it? I have tried to understand it as per something I might do to save society; should I make laws to collect a levy on people’s savings even if the fact they are saving money is destroying the economy? I have tried to understand it from a National economy point of view where the fact people are saving and not spending is damaging the economy but that does not make sense either since it is my own failure that the fact people are saving more during an economic crisis of a financial nature is damaging the economy. So there is really no point at which such a law or suggestion of it could ever make sense; the government would have been a better thief if it decided to hard sell dodgy financial products to people so that those who bought it would have done so entirely as a factor of their own choices. However I have got some things on my CV anyway and they would include an end to having to put up with insults from their popular culture idiots concerning which they tell me they do not want to hear my complains like they are some sort of prefects, that expect tax payers money; but a levy on savings, that is a new one. This is just me speaking from a detached point of view, the Politicians do not however, they regularly meet with Unions and so on, hence it can be assumed it is a big joke, which people do not think is funny anyway, hence they are taking their money out. I usually do not know how to react, anger or jubilation, each time they say I am as stupid as bricks; I mean I know it’s their stuff anyway but I want to take it at face value as well since we are not mates and I want to ensure they understand I do not feel a process where they can address me has become a norm and more so because American Politicians are so insolent and believe forcing people below them will enable American idiots to be important from government office and it continues to remain an issue that does not get any better with time. I have always known that cashing into those their behaviour they claim is the best anybody can get from them will change the world and I do not care if it did either, I am happy with the cost and it was completely worth it too. It is impossible to understand how people could turn up to insultingly abuse others into a financial problem under the sun while this creates a problem for one industry after another as the issue continues to cascade, their lives get better because Politicians find the way they get rich to be respectful of the fathers who do not feel they know everything, then it gets worse because I soon got scared of extremism and got around fixing it for them as well and now they feel they have along with their Asian friends reached the pinnacle of the vandalism of their stupidities and absolute lack of respect for others which will be settled as well for my part one way or another. Yes I know the question is that of finding out how their decadent societies are created but I have no idea who doesn’t know that if they do not turn up to play a game of its already been done on National and International media and documentary and programmes with other peoples livelihood, they can never exist and others can never breathe – International charity work they say is the bees knees for them and they can blow me with it too. The part about being goaded by Politicians is one I am very well aware of; it just appears to me to be something you either do nothing about or do something about because the end product will always be a bad one – I mean I have had enough of those insults that are meant to reduce me to the level of their media and popular culture idiots by wrecking my earnings so they can be important and the part where I might set up my family and feel like taking a retirement but killing some pain in the arse becomes the way to go would have meant that I am a pain in the arse of others as well, however the fact is that we live in a world where evil women want people’s property all the time, I mean when you mention the fact somebody is bigger than you and nobody knows what he wants to do with a social status quo that works injustice against you before he gets into a fight anyway thing. I have been clear for some time now I have had enough of them and they need to speak the way they do to their stupid children and not me so it does not degenerate into something serious. I mean I understand the part where looking at me has a certain effect on people but that was reserved for women and others that I got involved with until their corruptions of involvement meant they can get involved with anybody they wanted – I have made myself clear, they need to talk to and address their stupid kids like that and not me so it does not degenerate. Of course they say my books do not make any sense; This Title is one of such books and according to the Title (where people read books without reading the title and turn up on media to talk much rubbish) and according to the subtitle (where people read book and although they have read the title have not the sub title and turn up on media to talk rubbish without buying a copy of their own), the reader benefits from equities designed to ensure another is the idiot and works very well for an academic environment.


The old issue of Iraq is rather a simple one; Nation Building and democracy in Iraq ranked about 5th of the priorities of those who took our countries into the war, what ranked about 4th was terrorism, third was what the threats that will emerge from the fact Iraq could be invaded would expose of the lives of those they wanted to mess around with for corporate power, 2nd was saving face since Saddam has made a fool of them, 1st was revenge for 9/11. The issue now I suppose is the question of what my problem seems to be with US Politicians but it is an old issue i.e. here is me and there is them and they have no respect for me as a person and for my office and for what I do, which goes up to a point where what it is, is what they say it is due to wrecking the finances via a means where they say I am stupid and do not know what I am doing and barge into my own circles to blast off the same message as well which completely eclipses everything I say about myself and do, hence the reason my books are having such a hard time at present. It has gotten out of hand of course and so for my part, when there is a clear info out there in the world about fame buffoons like them and those stupid girls, what my books are about will be clearer and that will move them off me a bit further, so I don’t have to put up with that really annoying rubbish of repeating to me things they learnt from me and then expecting me to take it in like I have heard it for the first time from them or there will be trouble with a big mouth – then they can go fuck their whors or something and leave me alone. The British ones are not very far behind of course; the raster man and his violent integration and the need to get somebody killed over racism, the theatre and the stupid Minister of Parliament stuck between them and how I will give up my personal life so somebody might peddle it and be rich and famous concerning which I have made myself clear they need to talk like they do to their stupid children so it does not become something else. The part about the cultures is a rather very familiar story, we are supposed to hear it after all the actions I have taken because they always tend to pretend that they handle property on which they have seen patents in the name of the owner like they want because the claim he damaged their culture would stand up in court like that thing about getting a status quo of unfairness before getting into a fight with somebody they have marked out, so every crime might top it up – so it’s the same old stuff that they need to have somebody big and strong managing my personal life and sharing it with everybody, they like to call it the one that is really big or big enough for everybody and having been I have told them I don’t want to see that stupid culture but it continues to turn up on my affairs as it were, so what I am going to do is establish my own corporate power since this personal life that is big enough for everybody is usually created from successful people whose live they have ruined and then stalked and controlled as it were and any corporate power that crosses me for it I will blow to bits; this is what I mean when I say I see their civil rights and social equality as a process of earning my income alongside me and earning the perks of my job like they clearly do with that of their stupid Politicians which I find incredibly insulting as well and will continue to reverse and destroy it until there isn’t much of it to bother me anymore. As for the media, the story is the things I do with journalists when in actual fact the reality is that somebody expects me to befriend journalists so they can fuck them and we are not even talking about teenagers I saw of television years ago expecting me to see them and fall flat and masturbate on account I may have done it before on matters of women in my court; so it seems that the main issue is that when a journalists appears on TV and community goons want to abuse it sexually and masturbate all over it and it gets protection from me, our lives become something that is determined by the stupidities of her boss including how I need to stay out of relationships to desire her so he can fuck her and so on; so they do need to leave the journalists and leave the Intellectual property of my company and stay away from my books and sales and stop talking rubbish. I mean some will like to know why I hate them so much but imagine that apart from democratic corruptions of involvement by which they hate your faith but have a problem with your livelihood and then share it with everybody to create the right place people want to be on for the domination of their secret religions that people bump into all the time, there is the part about the claim I sleep with peoples wives as well knowing that a journalist is exposed to sex based abuse and abuse of sexual context and that they will want to be on the side of somebody who is a Christian and turns up in people’s consciousness as well, there is a lot to hate, especially considering a process where every stupid little girl I saw grow up turning up on Television to expect me to fall on my face and masturbate over her as well. Not to mention the part about women that are out of my league; they are not out of my league – I am the government operative, while they are the journalists. Every other person I do not want anything to do with is of course well out of my league on the other hand, I prefer it that way anyway.


I am aware of the idea I never take responsibility for the wars my actions create of course, especially with respect to Iraq but of course the truth is a bit more complicated than that because media should find ways of offering up people’s property as prerogatives for their white idiots in International Communities so when he does not let them have it he can be blamed for a war on another country. Everything you own is more or less mine with that filthy gob and more so because they are the race that has built the world or it might be for the blacks because they are better than I am or that I will get into trouble with whites if I do not cooperate or it might even be because I am deep in trouble with whites and need their help or of course everything I own might be more or less their own on grounds of all the developing economies none if African and that those that are doing me a favour. I do not think these matters I have mentioned at the only parameters of course bearing in mind their entire lives these days must be built on a prognosis that I am scared of them. I mean why do I think women can never be homosexuals for example? She wants me to make my people available for her to have sex with, with a big mouth and so not only do I have to put up with her insults, I have to treat her like somebody else’s husband or boyfriends; the fucking bitch. It’s nice when it hurts so much that they start campaigns to prevent violence against women which sends me a clear message they are after me and intend to ensure violence from those men happens to me as well. The claim it is what I say that causes the biggest problem is very well known too; I mean what I say is a product of an eventuality that is less known i.e. the fact they catalogue my life and set out to peddle it and get rich aka I am everything I am because somebody invented the Bible and so they don’t know what the bible is but it means they can take anything they want from me like I got from the Bible and so if somebody else did for me I should do for others too to make the world go round and so I will go to great lengths to ensure it does not happen and they will go to great lengths to ensure they catalogue my life and release them in bits to make money, hence I have been hurting people and forgetting that I did so when they attack me as well it takes me unawares – since it all began from a process of how walking around their streets because God is with me must be explained and altered on grounds it changes the operation of their wickedness and yet nobody knows why they cannot live in their own lives. Of course they are not prepared and need to stop talking rubbish or bugging me unecessarily, we are very well aware they will decide whom I get into relationships with as well because there are women they want to round up and move into their right hand side at my expense to get things off me to get rich with - I will continue to maintain it is clearly not hurting badly enough yet, the things I do about it; I don’t see myself in a relationship with a black woman because they never understand you do not need sex and those who think otherwise had better turn up to say so as well. Otherwise we remain as we are and they can bring those companies here and see me cut it to bits for them too. Republicans in the US are much the same thing; they want something that belongs to everybody to use as leverage behind which they can hide to attack me all the time but because they are seriously twisted, they will make noise about that thing they want to hide behind being what belongs to me, which makes me want to give thought to how to curtail the problem of being killed because I lead from the front in order to win wars like they normally do, so we can find out very soon indeed. It is the same bottom line all around; they all stay out of here, stay out of this and get lost or it will get worse and by the way do need to shut their mouth as well concerning a fight they are not prepared for otherwise they can spend more of their lazy times preparing for it instead. The part about those who have no money trying to rule others is understood of course for how you are supposed to live on a planet that is a white mans village because he invented travel to the moon and most of the world like media idiots have been dispatched by them to portray beats the imagination - I do not see it as a problem everybody faces, just them; they know I have more money than they do and that such a fact is not just a plan I have and need to get off my company and my equities and book sales or stop complaining when I stifle their own as well, so we can find out what they want the world to be like that way instead of some stupid war on normalcy at my expense (and take their politics with them of course as the stifling of my sales in order to be the ones who control me and use me to fight their stupid battles is incredibly unnerving).