The story about Scotland sleep walking into Nationalism does not work from where I am; it is the strangle hold that the Nationalists have over the communities that will likely create such a thing, it needs to be broken up and shattered and destroyed and put away and never seen again. I mean it has come to that because the fact that when some people see grownups with families or not, they feel like they want to tell them what to do and be certain guaranteed that they will do it and so when that has become impossible on grounds they have met some grownups whose entire existence and presence seems to suggest some of their games need to be toned down, then we have a new country because they think they are important enough to set one out as well. I always say it the other way; if this was a school setting and the rule was teacher says it and you take it in and pass an exam, they would be one of those students that are fables for an inability to take anything in but once they get out into the real world it seems such foolishness as the need for a new country therefore makes sense. Nobody knows what convinces that that nobody will come down to the new country to bend them up as well, since we all know it is a bunch of nonsense based on that old insolence of how they will live their lives at 110% while you need to tone yours down by 90% to accommodate them which if you do not they will beat you up – I am fed up with all that work I have to do to keep people going as well for my part because it is never enough and now they pull up a hat-trick of Scottish Nationalism and suggest that we are sleepwalking into Scottish independence as well. Talk about being more clever than I am rages on of course which really remains to be seen, since we all know their academic performance is entirely dependent on their strength to study for it not on their cleverness or intelligence and this is always the big question especially when we talk about breaking up their strangle hold on the local communities – who is it exactly that will fall back and become their object of hate so that they can channel their strength to academic work, pass exams and want a new country on a basis of what they cannot academically argue as a viable reason; hence where I stand on what I think the people of Scotland should do about it; I mean why do people like to give these fools names and platforms for their stupidities anyway, why does it seem to appear at all times that people cannot leave them to get the names for it by themselves – I mean, where I fit into the matter is that having found me and having been I get up to the things I do, the relevance of Scotland to the UK Union has now been made void and nobody will ever understand what this means actually, so they were supposed to come up with a name for it not a polling booth give them one. It draws still on matters of my so called corruptibility which really does not exist; I just do not pay a lot of attention to it when it is raised because it is always raised on grounds of the strangle hold I have on the homosexual communities, since it appears people never listen and cannot desist from spicing up their sex lives with my personality or my work and then my earnings as well for good measure. There will therefore always tend to be an aspect of my career that is publicly developed around facts I have sex with other peoples wives and have lots of anal sex too whenever I do, it is generally about getting up every day to make peoples homosexual sex more painful than it usually is because they never listen. So people ought to let the Nationalists come up with the name for their actions not make the name out for them; if it is between me and them it is between me and them and not me and them and an independent Scotland because they like to find ways of making the trouble they cause people bigger, I sleep with people wives and have lots of anal sex therefore bearing in mind I have warned them before about their problems and mine and realities that they are the world’s worst envy freaks and I too have problems as I have a serious issue at Jealousy, hence never clear why anybody would spice up their sex lives with me anyway especially considering I warn against it all the time, causing me financial problems and looking for further violent trouble to rob salt in it (hence people should not give them the names and fail to make the arguments that win the day as well and speak of sleepwalking into Nationalism, where I have therefore not set out what the Scottish people should do about it).  As for the thing about Politics and parliamentary power, reality has always been that it is the Politicians that govern the country and the only person in the Monarchy that has Parliamentary duties is the Queen who carries one out at the state opening of Parliament, apart from which the country entirely is governed by a cabinet system and everybody in that cabinet is elected. Nationalists have a polling booth and it has become these days the means for every idiot to fulfil their desires apparently. Most of which really are things people do to express to others who have not asked them a thing about it, that they can do and undo at the same time which no body is really interested in since it has done them so much good for all of their lives, except the Politicians that is.


It draws back to the issue of Thatcherism and how I do not give a thought to the sufferings of the poor who have had wealth transferred from them to the rich and how while I am at it, I am in the same position and it has become a global thing already; truth of course is that I am not at all in the same position as the reality is that they have never done a moral thing at any stage in their stupid lives, so that when it comes to a decision as to whether to privatise an industry they are unable to see that as long as they are not part of the governing body of the Nationalised system, then the people who have to raise funds to buy the industry are the ones whose side they should be on because they do what they do on the basis of self sacrifice and the fact they have something to lose if they do not do it in a certain way or do it correctly – it extends to the church as well and we put up with it there all the time i.e. I will be as horrible as I like to people and then remember later that I want to do business concerning which I need a customer service disposition. I am not in any position as they are and none of these things I make mention of have affected me in anyway, what does is their games around my books and book sales and that will lead to something else by itself too. This is not the only occasion of when they feel they should bully people for a living, the other is when they are actually losers all together and that extends from a wide range of operations to the one where Mr A the rich man has the right to hit them as much as he likes because he has money and the reasons is that Mr B who has some money can be forced by Mr A to hand it to them if they want it provided he is getting his pleasures and this is actually half of the story as the other half which is the bomb shell is usually that Mr A and Mr B are actually lovers and the deal to hit them is still on – they are never scared of course but we know they are. I don’t care if they believe I need to temper my word because they are angry people; they can angry all they like, in the end it was one historic moment when it turns out that the purpose of their communities needed to be tested and they failed miserably and paid the price for it too and we have not even begun discussing the case at hand which is that of building a life from hurling insults and curses at me and calling me strange cultural names that means I am an object of abuse and gets to apply that they will build a life for themselves doing precisely so like an argument for it that is above the law with a big mouth. When they tell me what is happening to me is what is happening to me and that I might as well get a job, it really does get to take the biscuit, however I have made myself quite clear that for every occasion they handle my work without permission, they ought to keep it where they have left it until I had claimed it – there is no world where a story comes through I make out I know people who are famous when they do not know me from it, if that comes through it will kick off what is festering here as well and they might want to keep their foul mouths where it belongs to it as it were. I mean the fact I have mentioned that they take their alternative lifestyles and homosexuality and cross the line to run publicities that stifle my book sales and that I am after it in their views means I cannot therefore tell the companies and industries that helping me with it was not their own as their own rather was the popular culture is my property thing and of course I have not mentioned this because I am drawing lines on the environment which when I am finished will get them to feel me as well. They are so completely unaware of how detached from reality and normalcy they are; I am comfortable in my own skin for my part I dare say – if companies broker equities with me the products leave me with publicity which if I cannot make a living from is not their business; the deal is clear, they see the equities and they deploy it and do the little publicity part for me and these fools want me to get what they call a proper job, I can get one too – since it is their view everybody wants to see their popular culture girls prance about extracting millions from their income and making noise all over the place. I did mention the recession was over anyway for my part too on this occasion i.e. popular culture is my property says company boss, I was the one who wanted to use it to get rich and famous says company employee, I was the one who invented the idea of using it to make power to abuse people so I can get rich says the unemployed who are not envious of those who have jobs and we are out of the problems. They get away with it all the time; an ambition to be famous where somebody else has to therefore work 200% to cover them while they actually get to make it work that way – fame and riches by vandalism.


I have only considered that I need to take the Scottish Nationalism issue in its own merits, otherwise I am really meant to assume that I said all there is to say about it over the Falklands. I shouldn’t have to go to extremes when relations with communists have been so successfully brokered at Government office and even for the company here as well but I bet their big mouth will not allow it work that way. I personally have no idea why came up with the notion government operatives are supposed to earn a lot of money anyway; profile for profile it is clear that a base salary start and finish is always going to be lower than productivity based pay – it’s just a rewarding thing to serve your country on the other hand which people will say is flattering first of all and largely should not come from a black person; same old story of course for it is largely assumed that when people carry out a corrupt act it is the government office that makes them do it, as for the flattering side of things on the other hand, the reality remains that the only source of knowledge for a buffoon that wants to end up in government to bother us with Nationalism among other issues is clearly what poor people know or the lives of intelligent poor people, so you are forced to operate on the basis of I do not have the millions and what I do not know does not hurt me and the vested interests can crash and burn; simple matters that can be settled just by allowing people to acquire a job from which to make a budget – especially when they had created it legally for themselves. Nationalists in any case are in themselves a huge conundrum; nobody knows where they come from. I really do not know why people believe that when they disagree with Conservatives or Thatcher Policies I am supposed to agree with them; the simplest way of putting it is that you do not have to know everything in order to be a statesman or woman and that you have the right to have it that way which of course is only half the story because the other half would involve the fact those who think you should know everything know absolutely nothing whatsoever and so it is for the things you know and know very well that you kick their arse until you divide communities. I am not in any trouble like it is suggested in terms of my talking but cannot do anything; the reality is that they have been spending all their time making out elaborate master plans that involve a process of abusing me to get rich, all the way to political statements that like stories about my views on women sets out how society is to get behind them and take away my income and hand it to them whenever they want it – I mean everybody knows that turning up to be judged by society is not a good thing but they want to see that you are everyday and believe that you are so ignorant of the reasons people talk about your views on women that it will be an easy ride; hence they have no thought to the fact that I might want to become lovers with Industry and Businesses just to get by as well, which of course will get increasingly worse once the career kicks off financially in earnest; they plan it down to the last detail I usually observe, where they put in place all the arguments that for the men drowns my complains when they cannot exist without my income and for the women ensures any consequences I might apply to those who pillage my work does not get to operate and then when they had failed to grab the income itself turn out on media to see that they never run any advertisement unless it is run on such parameters and as for those popular culture and media ones with the tabloids and stupid glossy magazines that encourage people to become part of communities that put their feet up and sun bathe to make lots of money with other peoples personal security and income, nobody knows why they like cursing me and of course when I mention it we hear all that noise about how I have been beaten: the truth however is that I have completely killed off girl power due to the need to have an economy that is well aligned with communist economies which is a job I have completed very well and of course I have beaten them all the way to the Pornography industry which I want to restore to what it normally is i.e. you may see a naked person in a photo they took of themselves but does that mean they want to have sex with you etc? Reality being that pornography happens to have been a hidden world where somebody might have had sex with another when they were younger only for the person to get around telling others what her Vagina looks like, which has wrecked her life etc, it was never meant for all that rubbish I see on the Internet, which they talk nonsense about and throw lots of public insults at me from to get pocket money from Politicians and business men and talk even more nonsense about how they will use it to get rid of the Monarchy with a big mouth, when all it really shows is murderers and rapists and pop stars (which is a generic term to include drug dealers and gangsters etc) which I intend to crush completely as well to shut them up, which will also do so much good for our British German relations as well; beaten they say – nice try. The idea they have me in a bag is utter nonsense too because I have mentioned before that people do not go to Universities to pass exams and get good jobs these days as much as they go there to make sure others fail theirs and they had passed and become part of that community that puts their feet up by the pool side and sunbathes all day while other people’s lives are wrecked to give them security that enables them to live like that – they soon turn out on media where they have always spread tales of the fear Royalty should have of those that can manipulate publicity; they said I would never last, they said I would pillage and burn but today they have to resort to Intellectual property crimes and since I have not yet ended it up at the Law Court as it were, the license it gives me for things it allows me to do to them is unprecedented. What I have said is not a tribute to Baroness Thatcher - I had set out my tribute to her before and did make it clear its all very well people complaining about my actions against their way of life today but in the same way the vicious process of trying to exterminate ideologically or phasing out the existence of Christian politicians continues without reason or provocation in earnest and she was the best we had.