Now it is suggested mostly that I feel that the armed forces need to be taken care of by me etc. I do not, the truth about it is that a soldier has two lives, with one being his civilian existence and the other his active duty one, these fools on the other hand like they do me when I go to Church and read parts of the Bible that says I need to stay off the things of the world, which then means that taking anything I own and or work for becomes a good thing to do, like to do the same to soldiers as well i.e. why not if it is there? So that is why they always make a public affair of peoples personal lives and personal business, so that it might be possible to ask, demand and get from people even if it has to be as made up perception things that make no sense in life to give or share and it is always that way before they complain but when they are not, it will be the basis of all the fun they have.

I mean they know that I may kneel down to pray for example in a condition where I usually wake up every day to my mind reciting the last passage of the Bible I read the previous night or indeed the one that was read at church but it would be impossible therefore to wake everyday to the sound of Pop music recited in my mind while I need to pray which will have no connections with God whatsoever and will make a struggle for me, if they do not use my work to make pop music in a way that causes me pain and so that is a typical example of why people think most of what I say cannot be understood when the reason for that actually is that they listen to the idiots explain their actions away with my work. The truth about all I say about it is that they have worked out every possible scenario or occasion when I have an opinion about whether or not I want to get hurt by them and formulated a counter argument that will ensure no body can stop them for it and so hurting and abusing me has become the only thing that they do with all of their time. Hence for the older versions it is all about spending me on stupid insolent errands they want to impress on my mind such that I cannot rest until I carry them out with a big mouth and there is no way of telling them off because they want to be Christians as well and of course he who does not use the door is a thief besides which it is impossible to claim you have not muddied the water when you deliberately dip your hands into mud and washed it off the water, there is no way of having the same Christianity I have as such without actually living by the same rules.

So it is a rather serious thing and at the moment I am not regularly attending church on Sundays and taking a detour to a gay bar before I go home as it were so we can find out what they want to do about it, what we get instead is a process where they want to restore their society by doing some harm to me and with that big mouth as well and I have been around too, so they can come and get since I am never giving it back i.e. nobody told them to use my work and my finances to do their twisted alternative lifestyle societies which they know if they don’t will cause failure of wickedness in that my mind will not be dirty while my body is clean as I try to pray to God, so they can make out they own me as well. They can come and get it so we can make statements about it as well and we are not yet talking about their community idiots and the fact their entire existence is now based on making sure I have to deal with a traumatic experience every single day because without that there is no way of making their evils stick to my mind while I try to pray to God and cannot make any connections thereof and you will never hear them complain about it, in fact the Politicians and media idiots and elders claim it is funny and what I fail to get is why they never said so years ago before I ended up being cash strapped and unemployed for a decade over the matter, or why they didn’t even say so five years into the saga anyway before it all took the course that it did. It is always funny like that and while I know it never stops and happens because they are stupid and ignorant they follow me around to do it which really annoys me too and is just as well because it makes evil and sin stick to the mind so I might never pray to God etc, so it goes on like that on and on and on and when it is time to fight they feel it is time to complain as well.

So some do say it is important to gather it up and get the Police involved but the Police are already involved i.e. the part where to keep my mind in sin in a condition I cannot control so that they can do their wickedness in a way which somebody they really oppress with it acknowledged is powerful, there is that need to ensure I am always experiencing one traumatic treatment or experience on a daily basis and so off from this they never stop whispering it – we need to fuck him, we want to fuck him, all the time and so the Police do get to tell them to shut up and it has come to a point where the sound of sirens means I am to get into more trouble and so I get to make them shut it as well.


Hence they have all the facts they need about armed forces and civilian existence and how I want to take personal care of soldiers and so on and there is never an end to stories about the meanings of things I do since last I decided to handle them for it as well. It is never true that I don’t want them to exist, just that this is not their own lives whereby they are supposed to use me as a means of getting attention for themselves as well. They simply live and exist in the school of leave people alone and then people will better leave you alone as well but they never practice it, it is impossible for them to leave people alone and I always have to assume and imagine that it is some kind of tyranny in practice with a big mouth. When all that purpose of the wickedness of their society which means that once they had set out somebody whom they have decided must acknowledge it as something powerful to cause a lot of pain and suffering to make the person, no matter who the person is, they must have it anyway no matter what and so they spend your academic work and they spend your days and they spend your finances and they spend your business to cause you suffering helped from apparatus of state by their Political scum just so that they can make you suffer to the point where their witchcraft is seen by all to be undeniably powerful and then when it is time to fight they want to use you to fight as well and the Political ones have trouble understanding what you are saying. I am not suggesting the UK is where I have seen them for the first time in my life, not at all but in the UK there are so much media twists and turns that they always are able to have something to say or do which enables some idiots to get involved with them and ensure that I have to deal with the problems associated with doing so, which forms some kind of punishment for being better than he is at what I own or do. So it is all together the same old story with whether or not I feel they cannot exist when in actual fact they are idiots that are bullies and listen to no body and when they wreck their lives as it were they decide they want to spend what is left of it reaching for things that belong to others and are completely beyond them and then the inferiority complex will kick in and the main problem will be a matter of equality and why they cannot have what I have, knowing perfectly that if they do, what I have will no longer be financially viable, which is then good for their self esteem as well; when they say they are democratic people it is always the last straw for me and where the tolerance ends and so they like to make out that with their witchcraft they have knives and Guns and that these things will be used to enforce their will and the will of their wickedness on me over some strange Political rubbish that only they know and have completely worked out as well and of course it will most certainly be the point where that their witchcraft will come to an end too and I swear this – they will watch and see what I will do to them as well. It is not that I don’t like the way UK society operates where there is a class system and they can do their evil deeds and then maybe benefit from other good deeds they do as well, it’s just that the way I would handle it will have more to do with the fact they are a liability for society and the country and it is never ethically or morally viable to be seen with them and we would have none of these stories or the things the welfare state helps me to fix about my business when they damage it so that it does not get to wind me up as well. It’s all about secrete societies of evil that they join you see which purpose is to make them rich and how I stand between them and those riches because the secret societies want my property and my earnings because I will not give it up in order to ensure such deceits and robbery continues to operates with the wickedness and violence that it does. All I am most concerned about these days is that every items concerned with every matter must be complete at some stage, before or after people get rich it must be done one way or another; if people need to be nice to people to sell things and get rich and they get rich without being nice and have all those evil secrete society wickedness energy to throw around as well, I will be waiting for them at their retirement, where they will be nice to make up for the last time and deficits; so they believe they hate my guts at the moment but really do not, so I continue to advice them never to go away yet, this is their own lives and property too as it were. So the talk I speak of these matters as black and white does not apply; the facts are that they think they ought to keep their secret societies on one side and make wealth on the other regardless of what belongs to other people or not and I know justice very well and would not fancy the idea where the fight happens and people regularly get confused and end up joining them so it can happen again and again and again – it will have to be short and victory will have to be absolute because everybody deserves a bit of justice in their lives. It does not mean I am talking democracy either, it is the old matter of their wickedness and the personal life of a royal personage which they think they should set out some ideology of evil to shut it down with especially when people go to it for safety and then after they had shut it down set up a new state of affairs for their purposes and I think they have had their say, they have made their point, these days they have media to travel around and make those points globally too, that is enough.

So if their MPs want facts then it is obvious that this country for example provides people with all the need and even has a welfare state where it does for those who don’t have jobs, hence it is not a matter of money and or women that people practice Satanism in the UK, it is for the fact that sooner or later those who have refused to be part of a violent world will soon be victims, soon be wiped out and for those who come from overseas as well, they bring their own systems here and tell us it is a multicultural society and walking past them on the road is a good reason to be attacked with it, it is just as well too. They never tell their MPs these are the real issues because they think multiculturalism and social equality offers explanations for everything and the end product is a process where people have no more connection with God. The way it works is still the way it works i.e. that Christian prayed in his room last night and it pissed me off because I hate to hear the name of God mentioned and something must happen to satisfy me or an alternative of humiliating and abusing him must happen to make me forgive him, which is what the MPs who claim they want facts enforce before they complain. The fact is as it has always been, looking me in the eyes and telling me as insolently the Christianity will be stripped off me because it gets in the eyes on the men and the women want to fuck but I don’t think they are beautiful enough to get any attention whatsoever but at the heart of it is still the secret society and the fact the wickedness is aimed at money and government office and walking down the streets past them is a good enough reason to be attacked with it, if I have left out anything this fact is what I left out and so I don’t like the idea they are free and able to use my faith to show they can do and undo for self improvements or indeed use it to inspire themselves, not to mention crushing it because it is a multicultural society and that is a power they have and so if they have the power there is no reason not to use it; it does not work that way at all.


Over all I would finish with the other matter of how I waste my own acumen which I really don’t but gets made up because of media goons and the campaign of potential customers that turn out to help me run my business instead which of course will not do either. It is as though they are selling my personal life to pornographers, selling my professional work and academic work to politicians and my faith to popular culture and popular music goons all because of some women that are News Anchors and a person friend. I am not saying I am innocent either, I do get hold of them and twist them seriously, along with that Popular music industry and fame and fortune thing, then inform them when the things they make out about me loses its matter of opinion status it will have meant that the issue has moved away from that which just concerns money and the whole thing will escalate, so I do find it all very funny for my part as well. Of course the women I make mention of do sell my personal life to pornographers as well etc I am aware of it if they suppose I am not, they do it because of work they do with me to help determine how much of any of that stuff people get to have because they are mad and there needs to be enough administration with Church on one hand and those things on the other while they are supposed to be limited in how much of it they have so it does not affect other people like they intend it to.

I mean if work does not involve a process where Mr Boss has any woman he wants then it will never be work and then there is the other part as well where even if the woman does give herself to him, he must have a certain kind of satisfaction from his own sex otherwise work will never be work and he will get it anyway etc, so it has to be that way. The idea that I live on welfare state because I have no respect for anybody is understood but what is happening here is that I have got a company set up, I am still at college and need to finish it and return to HE thereafter with an ability to work for my fees and then think about a family, so technically I am not doing as bad as popular idea suggests while they on the other hand want more setbacks such as when I decide I want to save all I have and run a campaign for myself or for my books or both, they create a money sucking problem at the precise time to ensure that it takes more years to save enough, so that the abuse of me and my work in order to gather facts to get on media and make money with facts gathered from it can continue for them to get rich with and how there is connection between this and financial problems that come to me from having an inability to show any respect for people is completely beyond me. However I am known for kicking the arses intensely when they handle my property without permission or more so handle me as well – the men can never have enough of other peoples earnings and the girls never enough of things men do for women, so that when they take it, they take it all and cannot get off the advertisements on my Television screen while some are just so daring and so insolent they can try and handle me thereafter as well – Advertisements are always the most popular, there are others as well of course. So I suppose that until I spend those same amounts of years they give me without being asked, rather than being idle, gather facts about their operations and businesses, so that I can do the same things with it as well, nothing I about any of this will improve as it were.

On the economy however the Politicians are simply doing what they do best; Liberal democrats nobody knows, except that they speak of delivering economic recovery alongside social justice which is what Liberals normally talk about but no real substance that can be pointed to, the Labour party the usual barely criminal goons doing business thing and the Conservatives the need to get closer to the city. The problem is why they had to take up so much of our time and resources to do it, I for my part had been propping up the problem since 2003, the problem of how to handle the economy when over 90% of businesses in a capitalist arrangement are PLCs and they have done nothing for fame and fortune based vandalism with my earnings. So I have taken over considerably and intend media will run the show as well and we will settle up and have our own connection with the Banks, what we get in return of course is that nobody turns up to tell us they will use rumours to determine who we are or indeed what we are or become and of course if they wind me up I will collect the Civil service for the media as well. So far they have thrown the economy out of the window at conference because they want it to be for the big shots in the party like they always do their insolent respect thing, so naturally it all depends on power grab over claims they have a problem with governance, however it still means the economy is out the window anyway. I have mentioned it of course because they have really said nothing about the economy, the Labour Party especially has simply decided that there is a problem with governance and that they need to power grab the life and work and property of somebody that is only trying to run his own business, so I say so because I am saying let them come.

The fact most of acts of vandalism and pillaging of my work are done by young ambitious people is not what I am unaware of, what they are confused about is the notion they have created for themselves that I am always angry and distrusting of my friends and allies on account they were once on the side of my enemies, whereas I am rather more interested in providing them with the security they should have under my leadership. It is therefore of course incredible levels of irresponsibility to allow people to use me for such purposes and I have not, it is all just being made up, like the issue of how we arm future enemies in the Middle East for example: I mean we do not know at this stage that they are future enemies, what we know is that some people cannot let their civil rights games rest, so that we may have people living in Syria with Assad for years but suddenly they decide they want to get rid of him today, which is so because somebody has in to mess things up and create a condition whereby you have money to buy your gas and water supplies but it will not be sold to you because everybody who sells it is connected with Assad, they weren’t usually connected with Assad in the past, they have just been of recent because somebody has been messing up peoples localism and the result being therefore that a tyrant government feels that if you do not go to see the government in its house, the government the government will come to your house. Then they complain we are helping to arm future enemies when their you must be forced to be more modern nose twisting continues in earnest, even at this stage where there is civil war in a country. Now they speak of war crimes but such things of course has always been expected on account that a government shoots protesters with sniper rifles; I mean they make mention of how it applies that since the Egyptian leader was ousted and the Libyan leader was executed any protest in the middle east is designed to kill the resident leader which is utter rubbish because the first stage of the protest mainly had to do with civil rights goons who want to use civil rights to deceive people and get them occupied with something else while they steal money and property to get rich. So it is the kind of thing that alienates leaders from their more successful colleagues at the international scene and this was what they were supposed to do something about to get themselves are aligned with their successful colleagues and the way it turned out was as a result of the fact they either did not know what to do or that they knew it but were incompetent. I mean when you shoot a protest with sniper rifles for example it really begs the question of who exactly you were aiming to kill – I mean as in the person that is the centre point of the conspiracy to bring about revolution that designed to get you killed that is and we have not begun to mention a state of affairs you operated which had to do with people having an active ambition to become government militia and the things they did to others to bring about their wicked evil career and the things they did to keep the career as well. It was in fact the same occasion with the Russians, we develop our diplomatic relations with them but people decide they want to change the politics and society there and bring about new civil rights, overhaul other peoples local lifestyle and therefore their economy, end up with higher gas prices and the complain begins about soviet oppression. It’s the same old story as it were with people being important peasants, I mean if it is to be put in context as it were; when somebody is an important peasant in the US, he probably has his own flat at the empire state building but if somebody is an important peasant in Syria, what happens is that he is required to be more modern; all we know therefore is that they have been winding them up and nothing else, nothing like arming future enemies. And of course they say they have their own localisms I don’t recognise and will get into trouble for, fact is that as far as I know they have got no localisms, only things they do whenever others have grown up with stupid evil civil rights in order to ensure younger adults suffer intensely while they get to extricate things that their age mates had decided they should not have and I have warned before they are not to move into my right hand, especially the black ones – those stupid insults, before somebody ends up being something worse for them than the racists are anyway. It’s like the thing about the environment too, where they claim it is a concept and an idea whereas in actual fact like they have tall buildings and communities that emerge below, the environment they are referring to is people planting tall trees and having communities below where creatures and people live, so this is not the problem because the problem is always that one side wants to completely wipe out the other i.e. they have tall buildings and celebrities and cuddly dogs but others cannot have tall trees and Tigers and Pandas, so they slaughter the creates that live in the environment side in order to later on make it a preserve, whereas what is more important is that they need to support the great minds that wish to work out cleaner and more sustainable fuels and the companies that wish to create them, instead of yapping off the rubbish they do about the things they do and want. I mean how many times has anybody recently killed cuddly dogs for medicine and for trophy and for good luck charms etc? They want to wear fur and parts of animals that dwell in the so called environment side while nobody wants to wear the skins of their pets and so on, so it is a huge big problem – it seems they want to wipe out the other community completely.

In the end there are contrastingly no confusions about the way I operate in a real sense; some people just expect me to find another way of earning a living alongside work I do for the British Government and its allies and it is just too incompetent to do so.