The question of whether the special relationship is more special for the US or for the UK is a familiar one – it is obviously more special to the UK than it is to the US as the US is the bigger Ally. They do say it’s a surprising suggestion to have come from me but we all know the reality is that such confusions are only brought about when people run business at the underbelly of US Cities and perpetually feel like running popular culture around the world right across my Royal Estate. Then it feeds into that case where they want to sell prerogatives of power and wealth that develops along the lines of hitting me when I have opinions if people handle my work and possessions and then when I am hurt enough to understand what will happen should I misbehave, I will then have allowed things to look up for those who want it to – usually leading to a result where I want to show I am not necessarily tolerant of the idea that every single 17.00pm of everyday is the point at which the Sun goes down and the Headlamps are on, the prevalent atmosphere is that the Men are returning from work and that the evils of the day have been done and dusted. They however like to say I am all talk and no action and know what I will get if I mess around but everybody knows that sort of talk can get me very interested in where the Diplomats keep those stupid Warehouses, especially the ones that are to be protected by Russian Oligarchs and so on and then become obsessed with burning them enough to secure outcomes where they drive around those insolent saloon cars in the Centre of UK Cities, showing some respect where it is actually due and or required – if they wind me up further or which I am likely to export it to the US as well. Hence feeds into that other talk of a lack of opportunity to act during the Obama Administration, which was not nearly half the problem as it was largely run by screw heads i.e. Obama’s main duty it seems was to stifle my Book sales and finances, while they were all interested in making sure all done to control organised crime was followed by a routine of pretending the Oval Office is student Union Presidents desk where funny things are decided and so although there is no evidence they want a situation where they can make deal with criminals who will get to work in the security services – lots of circumstantial facts are pointing in that direction. The whole confusion about where power lies in the special relationship however is an old story; I have already put up with enough of Politicians ripping my finances to make me show respect for them along the lines of the fact when bad things happen, they are the ones with power to assign somebody to deal with the bad people that are causing it; so whenever people wish to wind me up in a big way, it seems they enjoy appointing themselves to play up their own chosen version of it too, hence when they become confused about where power lies in the special relationship between the UK and the US, we have turned a corner, such that whenever they are doing it, theirs will be measured as a function of what they are really thinking about too. The big complain is that we British always play both sides and although Americans sacrifice much, we take advantage all the time – its utterly untrue, the realities of the world is what Americans refuse to live by i.e. Russian Economic interests for instance is something that you pick and choose not go in there and see how it turns out like the free market ones, so there are certain businesses that will always go there, such as Jewellery for instance – of course the biggest Market is likely to be in the US and most of the traders will head there but when you say somebody’s Career is in Jewellery, they are definitely heading to Russia and nowhere else; so here is that talk of how I could change this to suit the Americans, which is well understood but we all know that in the real world where normal people trade, it’s not what Media says when they take advantage of you and you work in ways that is violent for them to put up with every time,. no matter how insulting and forceful they might get because of the suffering you inflict on them too – it’s more a fact that business invest when they think its attractive to and when they feel their profits will fall, they shut down or close up and this is the bottom line that Politicians have to provide public leadership by; I can do intellectual property Administration, I can build people creative equity structures, I can tell a Jeweller I will build them equity structures to make products that will allow clients to make the correct statements that they want and they might find my proposition attractive but I cannot tell them not to go to Russia if that if the best place to build a jewellery business career.

So they say we have no respect for the Russians, which is utter nonsense; the reality is the goons that will be protected by Russia, especially from South America and Africa – they show up and then I have no right to feel good and then they regularly use their disobedience to communicate through to me that they often feel sensations of violence that is channelled in my direction with that big mouth we see talking nonsense about being off my league all the time while clinging to my Business Empire and Book sales not to mention public image everyday; hence I had to, my bottom hurts and every part of my body too and if they are not giving a reason for it I will going to supply them a reason. In the end its Politicians performing such nonsense as using the White House to show that ripping the finances of an Arch Prince is much the same as controlling the incomes and Assets of Dictatorial regimes – they have not yet done anything about those lowlifes that think themselves Royalty and show up to trade in the US while getting famous on easy street at Hollywood – the part that has not been done being that of allowing them access to CIA and NSA and surveillance equipment, all garnished with civil rights idiots showing up on Media to tell me what to do while being part of the system, hence this has become the main complain, while the government Office bits is that they wish to be informed about the way Russian economic interests work.

Naturally, of all the places for a controversial stirrup to begin about how I sponge off the white race, it has to be Parliament, but it’s never really a difficult matter; I am not sponging off the White race, what happens is that they run around the world passing about these insults of what I am supposed to do with others who are not like them in order to make them comfortable, which is a result of how importantly they view themselves – this has led to two results and one of them being one where Mr Trump in the US has provided a certain leadership which requires them to be tolerant of other people and I have been forced to prepare for a plan where the effect of Brexit will be beaker than intend if I get about Europe and making sure British White people are blamed for the actions of every strange goon in Europe whose activities affect me in ways I don’t want and then most of their insanity around here will make sense. It allows me to take stock of how much damage I must recover from them if I wanted to return to Africa to run my intellectual property administration there without a condition in which they can profited from any process of coming across the business here in the UK lest the products are damaged when I live in Africa and not the UK. It’s never really been an issue, we all know that unless its somewhere around the ropes of Politics, where they can decide what becomes of your property, the likely way out is supposed to be that of pushing you into the Monarchy and then becoming surprised after that you have lasted for decades and will even continue for the rest of your life too; I just need them to understand that each time they damage the Book sales I am cash strapped and likely to react and so it is thus something they will want to avoid and as such which the next time another game of let’s say something controversial in public places to exasperate him comes forth from them – the fact that each involvement with my life and Public image causes me financial problems because they never do anything properly since it predisposes them to back stabbing and throat cutting of their Political careers as well, the result will be a campaign I start to stir up their own and exasperate them as well. It comes down to the question of how MPs should be treated and the most outstanding is childish treatment too, especially because there is a lot of unnecessary experience from their insults to draw from, never mind the fact their society idiots are always at it for self improvement and it causes people to think there is a possibility of working with them without having to contend with the evils of their society. As for the story of never using my life and work to get anything done; all I know is that I am myself and people want to be me, I have an arrangement with the Duke of Cambridge which has always existed for a long time so far, I am allied to the House of York and the Queen has created a circle that involves me and Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice and the Countess of Wessex recently. So they say Monarchy should stay out of sight and public light which I am, it’s just when I do anything about the gangs and organised crime, just as I am about to sell it to the celebrities who gain from it the most, the Politicians will show up and rip up everything that has to do with me being financially comfortable too and it happens every time – do it and watch the relationship with celebrities and then suddenly the part where it is obvious if you threw your life away at the hands of one or two gangs, such a thing will never have been accomplished, becomes other peoples preoccupation and it becomes such fun for them as well endlessly; so it goes without saying that if those insults and detaching me from my personality to build it up somewhere like a muse they can deploy to make riches and fame is so important to them that they are issuing threats, they need to deploy their own lives to get it done, and need to know it is getting on my nerves to a stage where I will do it for them when they don’t want it as well. So they say I would never make progress when I am even talking as a matter of the white lives that are involved with me, which is never really an issue – the reality of this statement I have tolerated for so long it has become a big thing is that 20 persons will own shops in an area and another 200 will work there and because of my Intellectual Property Administration activities view me as the lifestyle guy they live to play with – this is obviously a fucking Politicians perspective of it with that big mouth – cant keep off my Books it’s never really a complicated a matter as a whole – if we think about shop owners and shop workers and me as the lifestyle guy and how no website I set up is actually mine or anything I do is actually permanent according to the blacks while the Whites simply never allow exist a condition where I get on my social media to complete a task with the people who have actually followed it. then think about what I have done to protect a career for it, it would have been obvious I have not actually done enough to show that I value my career – the next time they piss me off, all that nonsense they have played out with Africans I have never met and am not related to will be played out with their European Counterparts too and the fact I am being attacked as well as the insults because their bottom hurts will be the least of their worries as well. I have never had a problem with it; just to ensure it is not lost in translation I should make it quite clear the whole matter is about the simple fact that each time a political idiot exasperates me and spends time talking to his mates for energy, the result is their society idiots chasing my bum for eating and sleeping and everything they do and each time a media scum talks at me or talks into me, the result is usually the gangs and local bad neighbourhood goods forming a perception I have no right to feel good; so if it happens one more time I will act in a way that shows I value my career as it were; apparently in their case it is happening on National Media and Government buildings because I suppose they can multitask too. I do not think the whole thing is a problem either; it’s a simple case of the fact that providing leadership for this matter where people blame Women for their issues and have problems with Women will never ever end since the nature of society and culture cannot actually be changed: so what I know is that Ladies First does not bother me no matter how much they do it and that is all that matters, in the end it does seem that it makes them better leaders with that big mouth they have as well anyway and of course we all know it’s cracked up out of my league and cannot stop mentioning it to any who does not actually care to listen as it were.

So they turn to that case where they claim I hate the Obama Administration which I actually don’t; the reality is as I have said i.e. they were a bunch of screw heads who rather than do what government does in terms of teaching lessons to those who make the lives of the general public unnecessarily difficult, they became more interested in persecuting others who were doing at private expense if they had some business that well off dumb students that do well in school want to confiscate for their stupid future. The good reality about the Trump Administration that that it acknowledges the way the economy really works and that means simple security issues will not be as complicated as it was with the Obama one. They do speak of the fact the Obama Administration did care about what makes life difficult for black people, which is precisely the reasons that government Office should be used as tool for revenge as a result of the actions of some majority ethnic group; besides which we are talking about their civil rights being firmly embedded in the reality that will emerge when somebody is made to suffer what they have suffered and they have also been able to pick others more at random and make them suffer in order to create a statement concerning the idea they have a business and that people are always damaging it to prevent it making profit rather than their money madness and other stupidities being the reason. It does not worry me when young people become more successful, it tends to make them better people when they consider the Price I have to pay if they are at my expense and when they consider the consequences I can dish out if they are playing up some profitable madness when they know that it is at my expense that they are; the question is that of how much those who actually have the government Office do to ensure people who make life unnecessarily difficult for the Public are paying a price for it and we can see that if it is up to the Liberals and Socialists, the current Political situation in the US should it have been an African Country would definitely have resulted in Military Coup – I don’t hate the Obama Administration, they were simply a bunch of screw heads. Like they say people such as myself never understand the US is a Man’s world whereas we tend to more than they appreciate that it is i.e. see a Man with Children and Grand Children and call it a Cunt, they don’t mention it openly these days anymore, that part has been replaced with a hatred for me but they suggest it endlessly anyway – so it eventually gives way to the part where they point to people that look like the British over the matter and it gets a bit serious and people become confused as per which side the special relationship is more special to etc. They always love to blab of people like me having a tendency to ruin wholes homes and families if my buttons are pushed in that direction – and what I am saying is that they have a tendency to commit crimes if their buttons are pushed in that direction too; apparently the reasons they are not committing crimes is that they have got jobs. The point is that these are the funny bits gone for good – those bits where people like me stand up to being bullied because we think we are really tough but wife and daughters get to beat up; so now that they have no idea how I am going to approach the matter if they do it again, it seems to have gone away.

Hence they love to talk about the bit where I have no respect for those who give their lives for my protection and its utter nonsense too; that bit started out as being told they needed my public image to be their muse by which they get rich and famous and then it grew into picking up jobs at the security services and spending everyday on Media making sure I am praising leaders unnecessarily while I am actually not i.e. what I am doing is setting out the points and facts by which I facilitate the means that allows them to do the security jobs where they give their all endlessly as it were; it does come to the part where people think I am bluffing when I say it would be a poor choice to put their girls up to that routine of showing up at resorts and tourism economies to put a feet up at pool side after ripping my health and academic work to get ahead etc – I mean those who have a problem with it can always point me to another group of people that are nay half as destructive and then I will listen. So they do love to say their destruction works for me without being appreciated but the part I will tolerate is people grandmothers who seek television careers making sure the relationship with backstage operatives are all about abuses in my direction to show there isn’t proper racism to take people like me out of the picture anymore – the one I will not is getting off to work at security services in order to let their girls rip my finances and put the feet up at holiday resorts which then shows up all over the pornographic Industry as well; as I mentioned, those who have a problem can point me to another group that could possibly have been any half as destructive and then I may listen – they speak of power issues and I am a loss as per what they are worried about all together, and it’s probably power they are worried about too anyway. It’s been done before; at the time it was a case of complains and complains and complains about me, about how people see me when they go on Holiday and cannot enjoy it etc; since they got out of that, they had gotten back into it again and this time are actually working in security services for good measure. They do say that the world is heading towards war which isn’t true, just like they say these matters are not under control; the reality being that the Politicians are out of control i.e. if they wanted placebo rich, in order to satisfy a heart’s desire, they could steal government money and make it happen but what they chose instead is to pillage what others have spent thousands to train themselves into and its expensive stuff; tolerate a decade and you will realise that you are at a point where it could blow up should it continue any further and we are talking about being chased around and placed in a condition where your achievements are demanded of you and you end up bringing them forth until you reach the pinnacle of your abilities and somebody else can copy it; hence when you do with their human rights and not yours which has ceased to be the worry at that stage all together.

Hence for them it’s always a lottery; a lottery where leaders are elected and it’s an opportunity to pillage somebody and get rich; at the moment they are saying they will be in and out quickly and I don’t want them to in and out quickly and get what they want anywhere around here. So it draws from that story that I pillage the Political work that racist do for their careers, which I can understand but it should be seen that somebody is saying that when they win elections I will be dead, hence an election they must never win; so when I am aware they are likely to do their racism in other subtle ways I have to do the administration bits on a daily basis too; the main problem are still the other idiots i.e. picture the scene and they drive cars that cost between £60,000 and £20,000 and are all out on the afternoon collecting their children they raise to be as insulting as possible from the schools and then look again and you will see that they have saved up some money somewhere to pillage your Royal life and lifestyle with Popular culture claiming a justice based on respect, look again and it starts to get violent already i.e. when I do get to ask them what they will do with that violent lasciviousness that their stupid confused children are supposed to latch onto and beat me up with and they end up starting to tell the generic stories we normally hear them tell about it; as for the case where I should spend time on the trouble that my own race causes – that is usually an old story of a black idiot with family and extended family showing up on my case with magical powers that will help ensure there are insults I will tolerate so that she can seek an exit for the effects of the ways she has lived out her stupid life on my Public image, claiming it brings about equality which is the bit that the whole community gets in on and I have not been getting around stirring the European ones to chase their Politicians and Business idiots around so far, hence the general inability to respect Bills they are not paying and accept we all face the same challenges as adults. Usually the end product should be when they have their corner and it is a place where socialist escorts spend their days and make people pay for the rest of their lives, if they have sex with a little girl. It’s really all that is happening here i.e. I am the character they get to use to get things done is funny and people want to walk around being decent human beings after that; it gets serious when I set them up and use their own and make a statement as well and there is nothing they can do, save bringing some stupid culture and society to talk nonsense about respect by, so I can cut it up for them too all together. I mean there is nothing wrong with the respect bit and I have no idea what their problem is with the fact I am an important person anyway; it feeds into the idea that I handle it like it existed to make me comfortable, which the fans are all over the place for. I am not saying these things because I have a problem with fans opinions, I have rather become a bit paranoid about people attacking us because each time they do we are worse off security wise and their stupidities will make them worse off deliberately after spending everything else, then they place demands on us and start bullying like we do not have the right to exist – so it’s important to ensure people do not mess with the fans and they always say I am a weakling making noise but everybody knows it can continue until it makes a bad smell and then we will find out what they are going to do when they are finished. So they say people want to see who I am and see what I am really like in the real world and it’s an old story about how I can influence the Parliament and the Government without showing myself which makes it completely pointless; the real matter behind it being that they are not Royalty and need to stop meddling as there is not much more anyone could possibly do for them beyond this and they always say they want to know how the world works on a more regular basis, like Political problems created for Royalty etc and I want to ensure they are solving their problems without having a piece of the Country first, which is why they hate my guts so much – that old case where somebody stands on a hill and looks down on a City and tell you he is certain we are on a march to War but the truth really is that people hate my guts because I make them solve their problems without having some of the Country first; I mean it’s not where the Jobs and expensive cars are located, to speak of a few, hence nobody really knows why they go there. They do say nobody really knows why I think it is okay for me to and not for others but it never really is a matter of which one is okay for me and not for others anyway – it’s an old story where their phobia of work translates into a need to split up my personality and suckle my energy and so on and then it starts to get violent when I am at my weakest and their disobedience starts to become profitable, about which they need to get jobs and are here making trouble because whatever they have are not real jobs as far as I am concerned. As for the threats, everybody knows I can escalate this with intent on causing pain and they know it too: it’s never true I started the problem and then set about solving it, the truth is that whilst industry idiots have two lives and one is about the money and the wife and kids and everything that makes them so insolent, the other is about showing up around other people’s concerns to make a mess they tend to find provides them sensations of convenience – these goons on the other hand do it with the idea that they have a Country and that you are never really a part of it and when your bottom hurts you want to give them a reason for it if the reasons they have provided does not make sense. So they say it’s a problem that is too much for me which it isn’t; it’s my muse and it’s my excitement and it’s my power and it’s my privilege and it’s my position, not their own – these happen when they show up to seek prove like that every day. So we see it all the time, where they pick up on something I have done and gotten about making a celebrity look good in Public and each time it will turn out the Celebrity does not actually hate me and then they have to start again; same problem when I get upstaged by Celebrities and it has to build a business Empire in Europe, which is not a problem, except ripping my Books and other things creates friction. Hence eventually they say I can only talk and not make any progress because I have no possession and no self respect which is utter rubbish; the problem has always been that I am a person that has had every aspect of my responsibility as a social creature covered and hence unlikely to make friends with the Male population or indeed with Children – they have rather always decided to chose my friends and it’s the same problem playing up all over my right to release money from the Estate when I need it i.e. whenever they do not wish to negotiate with the ladies to get them relenting on the power, they pick on me instead, which is precisely the point. So they say there is more threat to the freedom of the press these days because of me and its utter nonsense too: the reality about the Press and Popular culture has always been the people they give some of their money to and how that emboldens them to show up and tell me what to do all day long; so it is no longer a viable point for winding me up and hence matters have moved onto other areas as such mostly but then again, you can always tell when its mind is never set on what it is doing, that it has so much time on its hands and that the reason is the fact it has manipulated others into propping up its finances. It becomes more noticeable when there is Public or Economic crisis; where I have no idea what convinced them I am a Liberal Royal whereas it is a matter of what people do with their homes and The Queen certainly is the most Liberal: and you are telling people it is understood they are all tired as such but we need to press and then making sure external influences understand it’s when they are using their own to do it, so people might feel safe and able, you notice yap yapping has not been a part of it and likes to assume he can pillage everything too. We now hear I fancy intersex people, which is not really a fact – the reality is that the arrangement I have with most of my admirers especially because of Administrating my renaissance is usually a quiet one and it’s impossible to find young and Middle aged Women that are quiet, so the quiet ones really stand out and the stupid Men feel like wrecking everything around here with their disposition. So it eventually comes to that stage where it seems whenever I face some difficulties I am homosexual and whenever I face some really impossible difficulties I have had anal sex and it had gone public and it’s not as if they are not all blaming me for their pain and problems if hey don’t show up to cling to my Books and talk nonsense about how it’s the same I did to them, looking to make away with an exit that involves my Public life, it’s usually the reason I ensure its the last time they see the stupid culture and society each time they stick it in my face.


There is now great talk about the prospects of either myself or any who associates themselves with me having to deal with accusations of being an evil thing in person and then prevented from making any progress with their existence and I don’t mind anyway, this is usually when the process of spending all their time on building up all sorts of rubbish on Public Media which allows them to decide with their fellow stupid friends when people are rude on account of the stupidities they discuss with themselves in their cliques about what they like and what they don’t and are always showing up in public places to live up to it at another person’s expense while working hard to protect those that are human beings who are actually evil things in their own right all together, to allow them talk nonsense about demagogues of power. I personally wish to know why I have not gotten a bloody nose from them and their stupid cliques in 15 years so far all together anyway and why I am still seeing them around my Books and Public image talking nonsense that does not help my already construed notion that allowing popularity idiots to be successful or famous is an evil thing, following from their Mothers telling them they were supposed to have been celebrities before they then decided to do society a favour by attending school. So I still am unable to understand a lack of respect for what people do to earn a living leading to outcomes of such frequent insults that such individuals reach a point where they have to deal with a cash flow crisis – we all see what their stupidities do with the success that the victims have allowed them, so it’s a no brainer. So same I am almost unreal but we all know that he will rip up mass population livelihoods and when done will explain that it is because somebody had to pay for the fact he got into a fight with some guy on the right hand side and got beaten up – then it will progress to more destruction which plays out at a National scale eventually and all he will do with it when we start to wonder where we are and where we have been as a country or community is show up in a bar or club with a microphone in his hand pointing fingers towards the right hand side and then you want to know what it is all about and then it comes clean that it is all about power; so everybody has seen what they do with the financial well being I don’t cut to pieces and I think it is simple enough when I say I do not wish to tolerate any more of their involvement with or any process whereby they are found around my concerns, Books or Public image – it cannot be that difficult, they have got their own lives. For instance nobody knows if I have actually supported Mr Trumps Presidency to a point of pushing around an opponent to make him successful for example, nobody has seen me offer a Political support either but we see everything they say about it having to do with me and then we find ourselves uncovering one cover up after another and another and another and it’s an abject lack of respect for other peoples time endlessly – I don’t wish to tolerate any more of their madness being seen around my concerns and especially my Books and Public image – it’s not unreal. The warning here is very clear; all that fame and fortune popular culture money they have made which I have not cut down, amounting to a problem that does not go away is currently being reviewed in this Office and I am waiting for their Politicians to blow off a big mouth scapegoat insults at me for their problems associated with it and then I will have it fixed for the insults as it were. They say I was supposed to have sorted it out and so any insult they deal with at Parliament from these goons will lead to a process where they make me suffer as well and this is what I mean waiting for that big mouth again one more time and then I will fix it for them i.e. nobody knows why they wreck my finances to let these goons show up around my concerns to build up that stupid confidence if I were supposed to sort it out.

There are the Industry ones as well and they are the ones that make you express the fact that Popular culture success is an evil thing all the time since we all know and see that they have no talents whatsoever to begin with and then of course those goons who support them blabbing at me about how I play around with peoples high flying jobs as well, whereas what has been happening is a lots of complaining about the fact they are supposed to be successful to a point and then pay the price for what they do to others at a stage as well but because they have access to my work, have access to something that keeps giving, thereby preventing that –I mean these goons have gone into the high end Industries now and made the money as such but it still does not require a change of behaviour from them as well all together and this is an example of the barriers that show up around my Public image and Book sales every day, it does mainly because it cannot actually explain itself and has a bully’s trophy insults to show every time. in the end they say that in a democratic environment being this is one of their favourite involvement insults, I would lose everything by working the way I do, which is never an issue; what we have here is not a case of disagreement with what I do, it’s a case of a lack of respect for it but a lack of respect that sees them show up to cut down everything associated with where the Books might be relevant to human beings on Media, to blab about inequality issues and other nonsense that helps them stir up crowds – and it seems that it is going to have to be stopped physically too, resolving their stupid job description and etc especially the Journalists; I mean they complain of respect when it’s really a matter of the fact I want nothing to do with them all together – same case where I have lost 14 years of my time just so they can show up and have fun finding out if issues that cause poverty and homelessness and the cycle of it can hit me and bounce off all day long – it is an awesome amount of respect as it were. they love that tale about my Books ending up in people’s heads all the time of course; what really happens is that they interfere to a point where they mess with when I am doing the numbers of the 1000 interested parties and 500 that will walk away and 200 that will defer their payment and 100 that will get it free and 200 that will pay immediately and then they start to play up power and leverage on each with incredible profitable disobedience and violence with that stupid media and so it becomes a question i.e. done it again alright but have you got your copy of Books? And if not they will feel me again. Its apparently a very disobedient way of seeking secretes to selling things which allows them develop arguments to help stop my business if I stop them and does nothing to dissuade that popular culture success is an evil thing. So in the end, it seems that the matter has become too big for me, which it has not in any way whatsoever: what happens is that when I do popular culture evils decadent fashion scum rip up everything and vice versa, so it seems when you round up the fashion ones they become mentally ill and kill themselves but whilst you are not, they rip up your finances and abusively claim you are a filthy culture goon with magic powers and interfere with your livelihood backed by stupid Men along those lines too – it began from the days when they were escorts you see and during that time they were socialists and I was in trouble because I was some item they needed and it has not stopped getting worse with every passing day since i.e. if the Politicians wind me up about it after ripping my finances to let them show up here and build that stupid confidence I will fix it for them. They always say my Books are rubbish and I can understand too but they are not rubbish when people settle in environments I have built for them so they can listen to what I have to say and read it from thereof – these fools do not settle on anything and I do not wish to tolerate any traces of them showing up in the environment much further than I already have.

The ordinary ones are all about how I am at school and then thinking about being as successful as the really successful people around and how they have created an environment right here, where they will be getting that kind of respect from me as well backed up by Politicians, whose own involves seeing me attend church and rounding me up to get the kind of worship I give to God who really does not exist but it’s the business ones and the Medium size Daytime television advertisement ones that are the worst; you see an advert run really fast, sell, sell, sell and it’s not that when your Books are all over it they have trouble affording a copy, it’s just that your Books are all over it because they want to destroy the Books and its likely to continue until I act so as to ensure it is clear that the Books belong to somebody as well. They always blab about interference in their thought processes but everybody knows they specialise only in stealing peoples big break because it is what they live for i.e. the bits about the people who need your products, the people you don’t want to associate with and therefore criticise and of course the people you belong with as a Community – they are very good as sapping every morsel of the one that comes together to ensure you sit in an Office and work on a business like a legitimate job you created for yourself and it’s the Americans that blow off that big mouth about violence when done the most; where it gets shown that popular culture success is an evil thing being where that stupid homosexuality starts to come to the surface all together as well. I don’t mind the story where this is what was expected of me all along either – it’s an old tale where the outcome will be hurting bottoms again and we all know I do not intend to drop out of University on their account a second time all together as well; The Queen knows all about it and they do blab about how people need to know more about the world and understand the news between but before then it’s not just a case of showing up to help me and make fame and riches, it’s also returning to tell me what to do as well – it’s like that story of whether I need a big break myself which I don’t in actual fact, I have created packaged equity Book and when it’s all over somebody’s daytime television advertisement, selling things really quick it is because they want to destroy it and not because they cannot afford a copy; usually medium size trouble makers who do stupid things.

So they say my activities cause fall out between successful people and their parents, which tends to make everybody as sad as I am but I really don’t care if a bunch of idiots fall out with their parents for my part, I simply don’t want to see them around my concerns and my Books and Public image anymore and that is not what is being discussed here either. I mean it’s the perverted stupidities performed by somebody that will likely be appointed to stand on a pulpit and host and award show, such as stifling my Book sales while giving it Publicity and being seen making statements and checking villain beauties on my public image in a bid to improve himself everyday – so if I did do the same to him, how on earth would he expect to laugh at the effect of churning my tummy all the time, host an award show? I mean the bad smell does create outcomes where those that can beat me up never stop lapping it and those that cannot, never stop hurting themselves, I am just being helpful on the matter as a whole. The disrespect is what causes obscurity of what I am saying around here – where in their case I cannot take them on and yet we know that apart from Mummy told me I was meant to be a celebrity before I did society a favour by attending school or I drive around and insolent saloon car and expect special respect from everybody while others from the upper class have to clean it up and have no limits whatsoever, there is the part about abusing Women being something they do because if told to fix the problems they think they can fix all of it with that big mouth that pretends I am not listening for instance and yaps off some taking them on story all the time. It has always been simple that disrespecting Women is disrespecting Women and no middle ground is wanted but they have always done it as a sign of their privileges and then when some female rapist sympathiser shows up on my concerns and I mention wishing she got fucked as well, it becomes one of those nonsense they run away with on Media whereby their homosexual and freedom idiots can show up here to find out if I am liberal enough to earn a living or more so making myself a work in progress looking for their own trouble too – whereas everybody knows when somebody is sexually assaulted you can never fix them and that this whole idea of novelty about it does not exist since it is a matter of punishment i.e. somebody thinks beating up another person’s Vagina will solve a problem and what if it got much worse and we imagine he didn’t know what he was doing and beat up the Womb as well and the person can never have children after, why would anything sympathise with his position as well? I mean I have rather loved putting it up here so people can have their debates. It’s pretty much the same with this story of me making out I am Royalty until I became one etc; whereas my academic work and business with the Royals and my Books really have nothing to do with them, nobody says they cannot run away with ideas they invent about it either, but those insults and threats do have to get to a point where they think there are people they wish to handle or touch etc with a big mouth.

So there is that talk of how my problems cannot be resolved, while the Politicians speak of solving a problem that is me. In terms of the former, it actually can i.e. I have written my Books and have many offers in waiting by people who are impressed with what I do all over the world but first I have to sell the Books and make myself mobile but that becomes impossible because others prefer to stand on my public image to measure their villainous beauties and chose self improvements all day long, then yap off at me as well as per how I think I can take them on when I cannot and it was the same story about the Court which was Female only except if I asked their wives I would find out they always get what they want. When it comes to the problem of me being solved by Politicians however; I have no idea how they intend to but it’s been a simple case of the fact they avoid the part of their jobs which have to do with structures that allow people to be successful like a disease first of all and then it progresses to the part where they will not let those who can provide it for themselves do so but when those who do not have much time to waste provide it for themselves anyway, the Politicians will rip it up – it’s not clear as such how they intend to prevent me from doing what I am doing by some spin doctor or even Militia setup to do it etc. It feed into that tale that I think I am at affinity with republicans when I am not – same old case of people damaging my Books and not buying them while closeness to government Office will help them get rich – what a Man must do to prevent his Royal Office Books from becoming peoples talisman for wealth and success; they have not stopped this particular form of abuse in 13 years either and I do not think I will be fatigued about dealing the consequences too.

Most recent question of one of where I stand on the immigration issue as compared to the present US Policy and its also said people like me are happy to support discrimination when things get tough which has no link with reality i.e. from my point of view, it’s a matter of whom leaders want to work with in the Civil Communities after they have been elected, being continuously and sustainable attacked by those who bully and oppress them because their said very existence interferes with Liberal and Socialist Policies, which does not make any sense whatsoever and then when we place it in the real world we find that removing a person’s immigration status does not prevent them from behaving in ways that prevent wealth from circulating and or spending most of their time attacking bottom line entrepreneurs; it does sound like mediocrity if mentioned but the options available when people feel that their enterprises and well being is handled in this way in a Capitalism is stark. I cannot vouch for the security issues, as I am not directly involved with that. Changing somebody from an immigrant to a Citizen is what is required to extricate a respect for the other business environments where they do not want it all for themselves all the time – in the end, some Women are bad news, this much is understood when it comes to the decisions you must make and the friends and people due to be alienated from you, Which you must identify but the Men that are bring war with them, it is usually a behaviour that is so evil it asks you to solve a problem via murder and gets worse from there to fight for other people’s rights and continue still. So they always say I am stupid and that its never clear how goons like me get to handle Public Office; I wouldn’t know anyway – first the only stupid thing around here is anus and penis insults that distracts from just sitting in an Office and looking out to the brick wall that is the House next door for God knows what, measuring how clever I am all together but from their point of view, the reality is still one about doing business by finance numbers and shutting down when there is a little dwindle, which means Politicians have to make decisions that ensure business longevity if they want to create and keep jobs – others however do business by the basic football they see and share everything and we are still unable to understand what their problem with this model if they are not the ones that had long taken it over really is. I am not saying this is a difficult matter, I have already explained that in a Capitalism, wealth always gets around and this is its nature and promise i.e. a Company is worth 30 billion pounds is a dilapidated neighbourhood, one day it will need a conference room and then the people who provide that se4rvice will understand such an opportunity comes once in a blue moon and give them a bill that will settle financial issues for four decades; this is the way Capitalism works, otherwise we simply have to assume it is fact that there are Children that do not have the right to see what a Classroom looks like etc – as for the bit where they say my theories are full of holes, that would be an old tale I have already mentioned i.e. be it the part where the only way people can stop them abusing others and talking trash that amounts to making profit by madness is by killing them and becoming a high end criminal, which is how their power and importance and Liberalism and socialism works, we all want to see what they are going to do about their problem with the idea that elected leaders have the right to select which part of civil society they wish to work with, this is the only hole there is here. So they say I have not talked about myself in this issue but that will be the part  where people show up to cling to my case at Local and International levels, right up to a point where it is creating a civil crisis for everybody, talking nonsense about how it will stop only if they have been killed by me and it implies that Mr Trump cannot chose which part of civil society he wants to work with and I am so stupid it’s impossible to understand how I have anything to do with Government Office and they were incredibly clever, such cleverness as Immigration is about the fact people like me are citizens where there is wealth and we have a problem with others becoming citizens of such places too because we want it for ourselves. So they say every time I do any fighting its always something amazing but we all know as I mentioned, the only fight here is that we are mates and it gets to a point where I cannot sit in my Office and complete my academics or write my Books, cannot even look out of my window onto the House next door, so its progressing very well indeed, they can always get involved as it were. Of course they do speak of my abusive relationship with Media leading to more serious matters, which abusive relationship I am not aware of; we are talking about 7 Police Officers in a County and one was out on Patrol and the remaining 6 got word he has been hurt and they must now scramble quickly and find out how bad it has been, if they can save him, whether they will have to support a child and a wife for the rest of their lives after a funeral is done and this is just the level of commotion where the friends are involved, where the Family is involved becomes something else entirely: the Media do need to keep it firmly shot, glorifying all sorts of rubbish and talking nonsense about where the problems should end up or blow up whenever they are worried about the results of the way they have lived their stupid existences. They say people like me don’t care if they die but it’s an old story where since 2002 when it began with the idea I am supposed to be their own customer Jesus Christ who dies so they can be Gay and Politicians couldn’t breathe because they couldn’t understand why the stupidities of my religion had to be proven took a turn for the worst – now what we know is that the religion I practice in their personal lives is stopping me selling my Books all the way to the White House and it has actually gotten many times worse in terms of abuses and physical threats since then; it does not mean that I free them either, I am providing details of the conditions at which I want them to keep it firmly shut concerning where the problems should end up or blow up they blab about all the time to get what it wants.


So they now say I support MR Trump because there is something I am bitter about; reality being that deep inside, I know it is wrong for me and it is that other right side of me they are trying to appeal to – it is indeed very annoying since its only off the other story about lessons I would have been taught if Hilary won the elections and everybody knows I never left the UK to travel to the US, to tell people whom to vote for, so that I might be safe and more so here in the UK all together. As for the case of why I support Mr Trump, it’s an old story where they cannot do that Media to save a life if their own lives depended on it and same with that stupid fashion and same with that stupid Popular culture and yet all these things are set up as a means by which they can make money with my Public image which will allow them show up on my case to practice some form of nepotism that says I love to pretend I had any wealth and am therefore on some sort of campaign to try and clear up some controversy people have cooked up about how I live, when I really had nothing in the first place and have nothing now. It’s never been an issue; it’s the same story that we hear the Terrorists tell and it’s the same we hear the extremists tell and we all know each time they say they are superior to others, it’s about their greed and finding lots and lots of money through it, for this sort of nonsense and now that we know they cannot do any of these things that gets on their heads to save a life if their own lives depended on it, telling me what I should support or why I support Mr Trump is going to make me very angry too – it’s an old story where if they have a business and you check under their desks there will be children trapped in there, telling their fortunes. As for the confusion about people and the way they think I view others etc; it’s a tale of the fact if I was told to love somebody else the way they show affection towards me, I would have found it difficult, hence the fact that I do not want it messed up is not the same as the suggestion I want to see popular culture scumbags expressing their insanity all over it – if I see that culture and society, it will be the last time that they see it, every single time; showing up around my Books and therefore my income is definitely where it will blow up in their faces. They do say the point they are making is that I am a coward that thinks I can do anything but the reality has been fear of me without reason or purpose and need to deploy whole parliaments and governments to rip up my finances and build that stupid confidence in order to cure it – now they are issuing threats of course because they believe they are at such a place and I need to move on with my own life. Point is, what I really want from them is a condition where none of the stupidities that facilitate the way their insane neighbourhoods and school yard activities and popular culture and Media and fashion must continue to show up around my Public image any more than it already has – this is entirely logical as nothing about it and not even the Books actually belong to them. As for the standing up for myself bit, that is more a case of confidence built, mothers and grandmothers in neighbourhoods chasing my anus and penis, media insults looking profitable and the idea I can get beaten up looking like a prospective attraction and its yap yapping until I get my hands on it and rip it up, through to the ones that did not get high flying jobs and therefore set about making society and the ones that got high flying jobs and are always seen around the concerns of their fucking mates and the homosexuals in the middle blabbing about some person who is the sacrifice that will ensure the world is comfortable with their stupid lifestyle etc and every other idiot that has a flavour for damaging my work and public life with their powers of disobedience. The one that concerns them the most being the reasons the need to get into a fight with me has become such an incentive i.e. the society ones and the fact they never stop naming me the character people deploy to get things done in their lives and it then gets to a stage where I name them as well and use their own to get things done too and now they say they want respect and they can always tell me too considering they have a problem with the fact I am an important person. It’s nothing but the same old yap yapping – we want to get into the Country and teach him lessons and certain leaders are making immigrants look like criminals to help him feel safe.

So the question is as per what makes me so confident that I can actually take them on but we all know they do spend most of their time taking over other people’s concerns to make violence that they will practice profitable but when you do take money away from them and they cannot put it somewhere as leverage that allows them feel superior for that fight, they will not get into one if their lives depended on it; so I can only imagine these things will continue until I get my hands on what tickles them so much and then their fun will end, usually the point where we find out what it is exactly they can do as well. I mean, if showing up around the concerns of this royal estate makes their jobs feel exhilarating, I am at a loss as per what their obsession with the success of insults is really about – then again I want to see all such involvement and interference end permanently, keep their insults away and let me be. I do feel the way we see them feel too i.e. like somebody else would move so I can feel comfortable but it’s usually a matter of another person making me uncomfortable enough for it and if I don’t want to do anything about such a person, why would it concern this other person I feel needs to move anyway? I do not normally react to these nonsense and we are not mates as it were. It’s always been about evil and the revenge taken on those who have stopped it permeating mainstream living, but eventually when co-operation from Politicians and Media bullying which involves Popular culture and celebrity had failed, all else amounts to rights they do not actually have. I am perfectly away that each time their community croons get from a fear of me as a result of what they cannot predict I will do when they feel I need to be groomed into neighbourhood criminal that they all are in the first place with those stupid civil rights movements via abuses that will turn me into their dog, to chasing my anus and penis and getting pleasure from making me look stupid and ashamed in Public places, they are the ones giving the signals, especially on Media, so all of it needs to be shut down if they are uncomfortable too. It’s like what is happening in Northern Ireland; where the people who hate those who provoke people and run off to take matters out of the hands of Politicians and start an IRA Party are your Fathers, while the other ones are your Fathers anyway and like to move into your life and there are homosexuals in the middle attacking religion and scrounging for the leftovers on Media – no part interested in the fact you want nothing to do with any of them unless you become a reason for them to complain about something all together too.

So they say I provoke people by pretending I rank among some of the good looking people in the world when I actually do not even count; the reality of course is that they are finding out that apart from showing up at University to push me out of my studies with popularity onslaught and then turn out on media to ensure that every day I do not get back into an academic institution will cost me everything, they are only just finding out people are obsessed with me for a wholly different reason from the one their stupidities have invented, which makes sense of their cracked up out of my league position thing. I simply need them to come up with the respect that means my social media is mine and so are my websites and every Publication that comes from this Office, otherwise I will ensure it ceases to be that much fun too. It’s not that I am losing sales because I am being bullied and that people are using my products without payment, it’s just that the Media is doing something they think amusing and every time I want to act on it I fall through and cannot bring myself to, so I really believe these financial matters will constitute a reason I am hardened enough to.