Now they say that they will boycott the Trump Presidency inauguration and that people like me should be worried about it as well and I do not see any reason I should, I mean the Politicians always love to provide them that leadership where I allow idiots and goons to get anywhere they want but the reality is still that it’s an intellectual property administration business and I do it in such a way as means I inform society of my work, so I don’t have to deal with people giving me excuses of having not been aware of it – this then means that if my Books show up at the highest levels of government only for the sales to get stifled while I get feedback that it is being kept away from the public and saved up as somebody’s talisman on which his future career and career progress in government depends, I am likely to turn up the heat and make them do some acrobatics in order to win elections too. I mean in the end when it does show up on National and International Media only for the sales to be completely destroyed, I robbed of income and customers robbed of product and service as well , it becomes a question of the fact it is unprecedented civility that borders on extremism and I am not necessarily interested in whether people change such behaviour for my part either, I am only asking , considering it is understandable that when poor people damage your property to exasperate you and make you dig deep to come up with inspiration that solves their problem, which they can get rich quick with on grounds you are trying to be free from them, it is poverty that causes people to become such inconsiderate bastards – I really want to know whether it is poverty that causes them to exhibit such incredible rudeness. It is completely irrelevant what I write thereof, just like that story of how I need to be made to curb my enthusiasm which is utter nonsense too, as I know exactly what I am doing and it involves a process where I talk faster than them and their racists, which becomes a necessary means for Politicians that actually have a real career to run the government of the Country and I am happy to export this to the US as well – I am not of the opinion saying these things will make them change; if they have established a connection they want to latch onto in order to deal with the phobia of working for their money, which they seem to be ill with all together as it were, if they have established that connection that allowed them to show that attacking and bullying moral and religious and hard working people is financially rewarding whether or not it has been mathematically substantiated, they will never stop doing it; I am only responding to the reality that they can actually boycott anything they wish, it does not mean this Office will be affected in anyway. We see it around the Film Industry as well, where it’s my life and I have celebrities at Court but there are whole global villages of get rich quick idiots gathered up to make money on my public image, which means they are living up to their reputation of being a grotesque and ugly venture like they always do. My question besides clearing up the fact it is important to talk faster than extremists like them, so that things can get done, is whether it is poverty that causes them to exhibit this sort of abusive rudeness. As soon as I have sorted out this part about Arch Prince moving around the world, which causes such a stir that it churns peoples tummy, I will export the talking faster than extremists like them bits, so we can find out what the answer to the problem really is, whether it is poverty that actually causes them to be such extremely inconsiderate bastards on a daily basis at Public places and civil venues; Obama thing is finished, it was the one where it was done for them at the Oval Office while everything else goes to hell, now they need to do it for themselves and can be queer famous all they want this time as well – when they do tell me they are famous it makes me so angry,  since it is something others should say and jump into their mess to muck with them generally but then again, it usually means they are informing me that they can do anything they wish and this is usually the main ingredient that causes me to lose it, it adds to the fact nothing they do seems to not belong to somebody else, the fact it has to be done in the most abusive way that robs people of academic and financially success, the fact when they are done getting rich that way they pervasively make contact with the victims to seek trappings of power using what the Money can do with it thereof. I mean the question is not lost in translation – they love to make out people like me are simply setting off a storm we cannot control whereas what happens is that somebody’s entire career value is completely destroyed, not such that he can move onto something else but destroyed at the market on ground others want to exert control of neighbourhoods where rich people reside, so they might sell themselves to the money for all sorts of purposes and for this people have their tummy churned upside down all day long and it is generally a behaviour that moves around like a plague infecting every neighbourhood in which there is new development, ripping up whatever it can all day long and then telling me when they boycott Trumps inauguration I will be affected for it is poverty that causes them to be such inconsiderate scumbags. What people think about doing in an area where three colleges and five hotels and four trading parks have popped up in the last five years, is to get involved with an activity which provides paid employment, get involved with some form of career advancing part time study and take it from there – what they think is ripping up peoples tummy in order to make themselves invulnerable to competition when it comes to sharing the money of the rich and nobody can work out the stage at which the two lifestyles actually met, so as to facilitate their stupid insatiable desire for destruction playing out on my financial well being like it does everyday – they can always boycott what they wish, the notion I will be affected is wholly wrong. They always like to make out I think I can take them on when I cannot; reality is that the Men are learning what I can do when I don’t want it done while they make up their excuses to continue at popularity, while the Women are just one of those things that causes an idiot to get up on the left and claim somebody is being abusive towards Women so his stupid life can be deployed to fix problems and I will like to see an end to their stupidities showing up here to get comfortable with my royal property and public image so such men do not end up having their stupid lives used to fix violent problems indeed all together anyway; hence I will be affected when they boycott Trump Presidential inauguration. The need they have to get financially comfortable with my work is to the tune of such realities as I cannot concentrate on my studies or look out of my window to the brick wall that is the house next door because of their need to get comfortable with my property on account they are Women and have idiots that may do violent things on their behalf following their case around and I want to see an end to this illness as well, want to see them vanish permanently from my concerns, otherwise we will find out, the take them on as it were.

So they say there is nothing I can do but I don’t see that it is lost in translation when I say it does not make any sense for me not to be able to concentrate on my academics on account somebody else is sucking up to the rich; I mean its somewhere between 9 and 12 years of complaining about the guy that has no respect for Women at this stage but every chance they get, they are back in there again and I am sick all over, like there is no other lifestyle. So the one where have not been doing is the bit where those foolish Men that will have me beaten up to make them happy will get to do it because that was their part of society all together as it were whereby I have only just stopped short of extracting that stupid self confidence that lets it approach me to make disobedience profitable and then have it beaten down seriously as well. If I do want them to clear the air and clear the space it will be the outcome of this whole mess – for the time being its talk time as it were. I mean somebody who works in the Vatican would understand my Books and some Royalty selling Jewellery or flowers in Hollywood would understand my Books but I don’t have access to them because these fools have access to me and think that if I want them to clear the air and clear my space it will not be the result I will get. The great idea apparently is that it probably would have been old fashioned to act on a case where you are being threatened to give up your income to the kids of the neighbourhood, especially those that appear on Media because their girls want it, it would easily push these gimmicks into something serious as it were all together and then they would boycott Trump inauguration to affect me. They complain a well of enemy I have to deal with all the time, make statements endlessly about how I simply irritate them by existing and so on but a typical example of how it happens will be when they show up to raise black Kid and be proud of themselves, if the result is that they cannot sleep in the night thereafter – following from being seen around my concerns and how sucking up to the rich means I cannot spend time on my academics, ending up with financial problems that place me at their position in society to begin with – yap yapping if I want them to clear my space it will not be the result that I will get, as though what I said is lost in translation all together. They do say my tummy gets churned all the time because I never stop having an idea or opinion or an action taken in the direction of people who constitute their connections by which they do business and make money and get a life etc but I wouldn’t know, since their connections are built from the claim nobody knows who the hell I am at Industry, that I do not have a Royal Estate or a Business Empire, all of which are things that concern them and mean I cannot do anything without bumping into their stupidities all of the time, so they can tell me they are able to churn my tummy and that should decide where I find myself on a daily basis with a big mouth. The reality is that I don’t make a mess of peoples connections at all; there is something I have done somewhere which is being associated with another Royalty that is about my age somewhere and vice versa, all curetted by another Royalty that is older than us both somewhere and so people have roles, it is as such a very distinctive eventuality for a designer to show up and make clothes on something I said which had diplomatic importance and people have always known that blowing off insults concerning how it does not actually belong to me is deeply damaging. I am at a loss as per which one is their connection.

Now and again, it’s the Politicians checking my attitude all together; they say I always find somebody or something to blame for attitudes I might have easily changed but we all know the idiots have always done this and it makes people mad enough to be blind when they should be thinking about their studies and that it is how they show up here to express the fact the only success they know is when yours is messed up and you are playing around with careers they are more qualified for. It then starts to make sense, those kinds of people your parents will go absolutely mad each time they see you play with in the neighbourhoods, when young of which you think it does not make sense, until when you start to think about leaving home and find out that you must now plan and existence that does not mean the religion you practice in their personal lives will put you at risk and jeopardise the safety and security of your parents because of you etc, this is usually when it starts to get serious and they know nothing save wasting peoples years, dragging out of Church to have sex because it is modern and they hate morality, dragging out of University to react to stupid problems because when they hear it they feel good and so on. I do not think the matter a problem but just basically checking my attitude is an example of the sort of rubbish I have to put up with everyday on account they have a phobia for work but are not content with a living wage as well – while normal people know what happens with money is that it is printed by the Central Bank and distributed on the instruction of the Government and you come across one and take it to a shop where the shop owner pays you the value of what is written on it and that there is no way of gaining access to it save work and employment – so that for 12 years my Books have been stifled by these fucking idiots in government Office because it is a talisman they want to keep from the rest of the world and own so as to guarantee them opportunity to win elections and leads to that outcome where there are things about my activities they think will be reversed on account they clearly have not got their own fucking lives as it were, since there are consequences for such perversions as when those who criticise them have their work reach high levels of government to increase their pay, while those who don’t have their work do so, to bottom it out. I do not think that the matter is a crisis as a whole, if their stupid Offices will not stop cutting to pieces my finances a stupid well off enemy with neighbourhoods of insults that are not being distracted from driving around insolent saloon cars all day passing about abuses, there will be an inter Office space war between me and Politicians in this Country very soon, which will run through to MI5 and beyond, so that the files and papers in this Office can bleed them enough to make them understand. It will not suffice pointing out regularly that I get on benefits and give civil servants the means to get out of control – apparently writing Books does not hurt the bottom and neither does getting a job and nobody should have their personality defined by the bottoms of theirs which is hurting either; so clearly they think I cannot challenge MPs in this way and I bloody can as it were – there is another activity that pays that stupid salary, which they need to pay attention to and stop passing their fucking insults at me. They do like to think I do not mean it and that I cannot but that is largely because of their stupid made up reality they think rules the day every time; I mean the reasons I would be speaking to somebody in Police Uniform, who gets involved with things I do to survive when I have to deal with very difficult circumstances is not that he sees me and that my existence in a Community does affect him and support him to carry on his Job everyday in some way or another, it will be because the Police force needs to be more diverse for good cop bad cop nonsense that Media bastards can play around with as well, hence I could not possibly have meant it because their insanity is the way anything actually gets done as it were. It’s just new forms of Conservatism and Liberalism of a very abusive and insulting and destructive kind, showing up at esteemed government Office to blab about what others should do to work with a second source of income they have in mind, nothing worthy of respect as such; they always expect you to find out about their pathological fear of work much later, after they had done their worst because then it will make you feel like killing yourself; so here is a new one for now and it’s a lack of respect for other people’s property full of demagogues and original provocation they can make perverted laws that avoid morality and religion at the Houses of Government by.

So they say I think I am important but I am nothing but scandals incarnate so to speak and it has no basis on reality, which is that I am seen as the point where Men get what they want and that generally means that they have to get about doing all that stuff where they do me favours and ensure Women can screw around with me as well at the same time and then that would mean I will not be able to challenge them etc but when they are done complaining about something I did to deserve it, they will set about doing exactly the same things that led to the actions I took i.e. when a goon is done smoking his Marijuana, he will be made to follow me around through to the University and there make me drop out, so I might get stuck at home reacting to problems going by because people are feeling good about their existence when I do. The Politicians are however the main point on this matter and their own is about a success of insolence and a perspective I owe them, talk of how I get about making sure every US President is not successful is what they want to do but they know their idiots want to hit my Book sales even further by getting rich for jumping on the Trump band wagon and hence the actions I have taken are not in any way random too; the point that really takes the price is that they have sought all ways of bringing me under their random idiots in government buildings with no authority to show for their activities control to no avail, hence me thinking I am important when my whole life is scandals and scandals upon scandals is just meant to have been the violent bits with that big mouth; hence it always gives way to that nonsense about some Political and Media racism whereby I am slowing being groomed to be susceptible and so on, which is utter nonsense because I will certainly get around the world sacking every racist ideology and any opportunities for Political success that they have as well, for two main reasons, one being I have not asked any of them about it and the other being I am not white and do not need to know. The story about a life of suffering is utter rubbish, there is no life of suffering I have not inflicted on myself i.e. if I didn’t spend time listening to all that nonsense about a dangerous personality that needs to resolve itself so it does not do what it does not actually want to do and thereby cause immense pain and suffering to whole families and so on, we would not now be in a position whereby idiots are getting into government Office to find out if they can pick up their phones and prevent me from getting a job; it’s still the one story all round i.e. they need keep off my Book sales as the Books do not belong to them and when they want a perspective, get it out of their lives and take the piss somewhere else. As for the civil rights people however, that was an old story of whether there is another old fool out there whose success record I am beating recently and they can tell me if they want, after all I can always do this for money and then it will be a lot better than it is at the moment all together as it were; in their case its always been a simple one about the fact when I don’t want it done it becomes their main preoccupation and I am fed up with seeing them all over my public image and Book sale business. The world is a big place and these guys can live as though I do not exist of course but it is not what they want to do and we are not talking about that in terms of damaging the Books yet either all together as it were; it’s the old story where Dad will go completely mad if he sees you play with certain individuals in the neighbourhood which never used to make sense until I was 16 and then it kicked off since and has never really looked back, right up to the real world – so the only way to make these civil rights idiots understand is when they have to seek their sources of pride and joy from the kids that want to be successful on Media so they can challenge parents that used to beat them up for doing bad things and challenge religious people alongside – as for me, as I said before, I could do this for the money and then it will be a lot better than it is presently but I am fed up tolerating their involvement with either my Books or academics and career. It’s nothing unusual; they love to claim I am detached from government business whereas what really happens is that each time an issue arises, ¾ will magically vanish before it has been handled and then we will find it pop up in Europe or China or the US where a Politician might have been Pillaging my Empire to get rich quick and so we find that I am trying to get my Books sold to raise my income considering their own is guaranteed and they show up with frustration of a business that serves me and not them because I own it to blab a case where I cannot be controlled and therefore my life is a tissue of scandals even though I think I am important, indicating the violent bits with a big mouth; it does nothing but set off a perpetual state of enquiry over what I am doing with myself so somebody else can steal it, everyday and happens over that stupid second sources of income problem they have created for themselves – I mean they are in on it as well as though when I mention not building some stupid popular culture empire pipeline and stretching it from the US to Asia across this Royal Estate, it is possible I am referring to useless twisted Royalty scum from Africa and Middle East for instance. Its baffling that what they wish to cling to my Business finances and talk about, especially the Media and Business idiots, is largely that I have enough fortitude to make them feel safe from all problems and violence which then applies in terms of things that need to change when the First US Black President is subject to racism and so on; they say the reason nothing is good enough except a process where I am fighting enemies for them is that people touch them from a distance and get away with it and their anger is other peoples personal gods as well, so having been they have had the answers to their problems worked out, I want the answers to mine too and do not wish to tolerate their involvement with my Books and Public image any further, it does make the fucking idiots the better leaders at success of insolence all together as it were; I am by the way getting touched too and it is happening because of their fucking disobedience.

So I do not actually think that it is an issue that should go on and on and on; it’s the old case concerning the Boys wanting to be rich and famous with my Books and Public image and what they are saying is that telling them off will be impossible and this was the theory that is being put to the test as it were. it happens all the time especially at higher institutions; first year will be the year when the guy at final year grabs your business empire and career because he is more qualified, second year will be the time when another that was in Final year during that time will do it and then when you are at Final year the kids that are coming in will do it because they are with bigger powers while you will have nothing left but in some occasions whereby they are being resisted like my case, it builds up on Media until people drop out and then they will know no other form of success save the one about those who are playing around with the sensibilities of careers that others are more qualified for – it makes people angry enough to wait for them at the Industries and the Jobs market as well, hence blabbing at present with that big mouth all over the place, which is what is winding them up currently. It’s nothing new, their need to lean on me for everything they want to do and to extricate conveniences that come from corruptions of involvement usually always leads to the same problem i.e. I want to decide if I must buy a pen or sandwich but it turns out that decision is up to somebody else alongside their Community bullying and stupid Media – it means my irritations, there will be a new one to complain about globally. It’s not really a matter they do not understand, it’s an old wild west story where most of those who died defending themselves in duels and most who got killed by others who were stronger got into such things because somebody is putting his business in their own etc – it’s really an old story, if you don’t keep your business out of mine we will see whether you can shoot just as fast lifestyle we see as an intricate part of American Culture; so it is not actually true that they do not understand it is provocative and nasty and very destructive behaviour they like to wind people up with, claiming it is their stupid right to make use of peoples time and life and health and resources to feel comfortable in that way, sometimes even pointing to absence of equality in the community etc and talking a lot about gun control, just in case they start to become criminals outright; apparently there is something wrong with the respect bit and they are on the side of the greater power, with a big mouth too I suppose. Whenever I say I have had to endure a difficult existence because they show up looking like civilised people but are bloody idiots that want to avoid work and get financially comfortable at my expense, alongside a problem they have with Women, they either start to behave like burglars that have been caught out or make out it was a fun game all together and so their needs and madness drives it on still, the laziness and abusive insults they spend on their time on giving way to a phobia of work, which they understand generally means that their financial well being is doomed too. The insults and abuses that were channelled at the Parents has now given rise to a sense that the only way to deal with financial problems is to target specific persons, the insults and abuses that target these specific persons has now led to a phobia of work and they think I am not referring to the processes of addressing me so community croons can chase my anus and penis and make them feel clean enough to go places when I ask them to shut down the insults and stop addressing me. I have no idea why they have always continued to suggest that it is such a complicated issue – everybody can now see the only complicated aspect goes beyond thinking you are involved with the most clever organisms around when you are actually entangled with bloody idiots, each time an insult ends up affecting the way the Banks work; it is mainly a case of Politicians helping them to an original provocation then running off to Government buildings to make laws around it, which will have nothing to do with morality and religion i.e. I have been there and done that and do not think there are complicated aspects left. They do say I might rather have helped people than attacked and criticised them of course, which is absolutely the main issue with them as a whole; the Books I write they say helps people cope with depression since they are Intellectual Property Administration bundles, what they do with it instead is lift pages and paragraphs they have plagiarised and take them off to various areas of the world to play up a game of kids that will be put down and others that will be made into fame vagabonds, the Books helping them with their phobia of work is the very reason my finances get attacked, it reaches a point where I pay people to sell it and they become more interested in whether or not other peoples depression ends up in my life, which I cannot run a Royal Office by and of course would not have been the way they would have done it, if there was any slightest bit of respect.


Then they say I cannot bear to look at Male Journalists, which is not what is really happening i.e. the fact that a Female Journalist that belongs in a Court and Travels around the world to keep an eye on a Book readers Community that reads my Books on the Internet being something that gets involved with them in ways that causes them to lose jobs because of its behaviour, which are the kinds of talk their friends would be proud of, is what the real problem is and sometimes it can even be the Journalists that sit with them on the sofa but some months ago met with a guy that works in a Book writers awards body and my Book got some attention from him, which then becomes something that the Men who work with them cannot stop ripping it pieces especially with respect to the Journalists that do the Morning shifts. Hence all a condition that will improve when they start to mind their own business in my view i.e. the need to pass subliminal messages concerning a friend that turned to racism or the bad neighbourhoods they used to live in is more important than the lady saying something about how her Husband might be watching or the Children might be etc. It’s a simple case of what a person would do if he had to protect interests involving a Court he shares with some Journalists that travel the world and keep an eye on a Book sale Community that gets involved with him on the Internet – they do say it’s an example of the kind of treatment they deserve, which I think is rather an example of the reasons they need keep their insults where people appreciate them. We see it all the time, like when their phobia of work is on the verge of creating a war with that evil Media and popularity culture they have but at the same time a Woman who repeatedly wears the same top on TV, reminds them of when Teachers at School tried their hands on Fashion – which is something I could never get my head around even when I missed the bit where the Teachers in their minds are the ones that did some punishment. Much like the Germans and Europeans never listen to anything anybody says to them and cannot hear people ask how it is justified to rip up other peoples livelihood on account they do not love customers the way Germans and their friends do – feeding into that process of allowing success of insolence goons to continue believing they can get away with anything and that the cheapest of all is to learn from people they love to bully, how to make money and be comfortable, answer difficult career and lifestyle questions, as well as be important and get recognised. They love to claim I insult people that can beat me up and have no respect for other peoples violent capabilities while pretending to be victim all the time and I don’t mind either – not seeing them near my Books and Public image is what I want, pervading them as well if I continue to tolerate it so they can clean themselves up and chose new self improvements etc is what I am going to likely do. It’s never going to be any half the problem they think it will be since there is only that lost fame nonsense to chase up, along with looking into and preventing them from bumping into me in order to draw succour and gather energy to chase jobs I have been stealing from them which damages my personality while I am trying to sell lifestyle products all together and encourages them to damage my finances because it would improve access to me; all can be avoided once my Books are selling so my CV does not need to show up at other peoples desks as it were – shut down this nonsense permanently otherwise tend to treat it as an ongoing process that determines what future diplomacy will look like. We do not live in the same existence while they have another which contains wife and kids and money and career, all covered up with that stupid Media and Politics based lies they love to tell, blabbing about Political instability and which ones I cause; all they have to do is explain why my Business empire has had its financial matters displaced by those who are more worthy to own it and the market perversions and homogenisation that has taken place since while we wait for their stupidities to give s all some jobs – for my part however will likely respond to that nonsense about what I think will happen when they don’t by giving them a fucking reason for damage to my Book sale business on ground I am not loving customers the way Germans and their Scandinavian friends do. Political instability question simply has to be something new they have discovered about the way things work and I am not going to tolerate those success of insults that make disobedience profitable on my income while they watch the whole Nation frontier like they want it for themselves all the time either; it’s the same story about how you are dealing with these things one moment and another set of stupid Britons are off with the Germans talking nonsense about which one hurts them up also helps them as well – the same case of how people want to talk about the fact they wish to get out of the problems but not the problems itself i.e. evil that is, the things I can recognise because I am an Arch Prince etc but half the time when there is a welfare state and a good government that keeps it outside of peoples mainstream living, these will be the same scum that start a campaign to push it in there because they love to see homeless people and poor people that have to give into sexual perversions because they were financially desperate and so on, among other nonsense that may even involve claims I stole my personality from aspects of that stupid culture they were saving for the future, expressed by the signs they are desperate for leadership and do not want to be served if they can beat up the successful and grab the money that way instead. Hence they are to deploy their own stupid lives to create an exit for it, I am still in charge and they are not – people are able to chase my private parts as well because of their involvement and its disobedience. It does not bother me if they have problems; they are to deploy their own lives to find an exist otherwise expect I will cut it too pieces sooner or later – they can avoid such outcomes by listening to what other people are saying to them as well and listening early enough to make the lifestyle costs affordable for those they use and improve the profitability of their stupidity by. I am not unaware that people are worried that I am failing; the reality is that I am not – there is just that big idea that because I will be worried about my filial sensibilities dragged around the problems of society, people can do whatever they like here and they are only just finding out the result is that will be rather have become more united than we have ever been as a Country i.e. Pop star likes to have a go at you until you drop out of University and you cannot approach him over the matter because he does not really live in a world where he understands where having problems that can push people out of their stupidities or dealing with bullying until you drop out really works or feels like – today, there is no such thing because they want to live in my life as it were, so people can always approach them whenever and wherever, just to tell them it is unacceptable at least to begin with as it were and to inform them of the person costs and why it is important that they stopped it. so the way it plays out is that I did not make plans for when people grab National interests and run overseas to get rich with because I had made provisions to allow people do whatever they wanted without harming the moral fabric of society and since they have decided to become more vicious than ever and reverse the effects of my work, what I say goes or I do their own and they cannot do mine – this is the way I work hence not at all failing. So the answer for the problem is that the Books need get sold so I can shut down the access and all this daily nonsense alongside and they speak of what they lose via the Books, which of course is the bit where they were aware of the blasphemous risk that after every sense of gospel that I am known to mention had been broadcasted and perverted, I would have eventually become the Christian who know what to do but didn’t do it, was never exposed to the likelihood of being blown out of the water all together. So they say I am not in any way getting the idea that the main issue is wealth inequality, which is utter nonsense; wealth inequality issues are usually used to punish Moral or religious people that have kicked them seriously for a change because it is a form of abuse and punishment that does not stop giving but then again it makes sense when the fact they cannot tell the truth unless there is money involved and want people to respect their money so they do not get to share it leading to a case of do as I say and not as I do on their part, causes me to take it up and do it for them, so they can seek retribution through insanity. It leads to outcomes whereby I write something in Public about how it really works and then they will hate it because it shows that when you have gone off to dazzle them with a product created on my Public image without permission in order to sell it quick and make people feel good, thereby taking money off them, next stop is usually your turn, your turn to spend as well and I am certain it usually always leads to outcome where we see certain kinds of plastic surgery that we have never seen before – thus they are always tackling me because this whole process of voiding the abuses they have stored up for their future can be rectified if they use me to set out a new enemy that will cover that track and offer up something else too as an exit on the other end and this is why they love to attack moral and religious and none violent people so much i.e. wealth inequality stories do not scare me in anyway.

The wealth distribution story is never a complicated one; it’s the one where it is said that guy who is friend of the Earl of Wessex’s Cousin has a Furniture building business and there is that Girl that works  for him and is very Loyal to me who will lose a job and find it tough getting another should be business go under – so I do what I can to ensure his Company is still standing or there are alternatives; usually where they take over my Concerns and punish me for the effects my religion has on them through wealth distribution of course and then start to below stupid threats after ripping up my Books. I do not think it is unimportant to them, it probably is important to me hence the reason I am explaining my position – hence fair to say that now they have started blabbing about an enemy that they can have, who will offer them and exit, so they can keep the money they have grabbed by Popular culture, I want my world back the way they found it right across the US and Europe. This will likely be termed an example of how I sabotage what people do to aid me by giving off too much information but then again I have to bring the whole issue under control and I am okay with people doing anything they wish to do about it but I want that understanding to exist, that these are very stupid people and that those who are handling it will need to operate with a good amount of common sense. So there is talk of what I have done to provoke European Leaders, which I have refused to resolve – I am not aware it is actually provocative all together anyway but I can understand they are provoked and it’s the one where I have limited resources and have to make decisions on what I forego and they have turned out to thin up that resource with problems and government office based vandalism, that they are now certain I am desperate and so are setting out to make me deploy that resources to help those who created the economic crisis, whenever their expertise and money needs to get richer and more comfortable – while they deploy their own resources which compared to me is somewhat limitless for power and domination and insults and abuses by which success is made; so eventually they cut me off from the Royal Village in Europe and nobody from the Political side of matters will buy my Books and I have not gotten any effects or feedback from persons that are Godfather to the Duke of Cambridge from Greece for close to a decade so far and decided to gather up equities at the Financial and Commodity markets, which I put together in a way that people cannot really break with Government Office and placed in Public places to fester until the day the Central Bank does bail us all out by printing some new money into the economy – this is what is annoying them but then again which I have mentioned before that the real victim of the European Crisis is not Greece or the UK but Turkey where people now live a Tyranny and Russia is really important.


So they say now that I am an enemy of economic progress and I wouldn’t mind that much anyway, only concerned about what it really means i.e. I need to explain that when I don’t want to have sex or become homosexual, it is not my fault I am stronger than those who get on Media and Government buildings to make me do so by financial bullying – what I am saying is that I cannot pick and chose if they are wicked people and homosexuals, they cannot pick and chose if the outstanding economic progress comes from those who have been taught that diligence and success is the way to avoid doing things that displease god on account of financial difficulties; I cannot pick and chose, they cannot pick and chose – stories about me being enemy of economic progress sounds like a threat and this is a foretaste of how it’s going to turn out too.

They always say it’s the things I have done to cause others suffering which I have quite naturally; it’s about being upstaged – get up staged by a Celebrity and do nothing about it and Hollywood money is bankrolling European Economic Tyranny and daily insults whereby the very process of driving a Car means another person cannot just walk by the street and feel good in his or her bum, while the idiots exhibit themselves for the press on my public image as well and will become more vicious if their investment isn’t paying off with a big mouth. Get upstaged by a popular culture idiot and he wants to build an empire that stretches from the US to Japan and blankets this Royal Estate, so he can get about threatening me every day. Get upstaged by a Media fool and he wants to get out of bed every day to have something doing that makes him rich when he earns my income instead of working for his own. Get upstaged by a Politician and you will find him look upon the entire National frontier as something he wants for himself.

So there is that brief period where its financial destruction for me from them while I work harder and harder to get past it, eventually there is destruction for me and for them – I am left without financial support and a history of pushing myself if made to, where it comes to making money, they are left with problems to share and a phobia of work that the very victims they have attacked for a period will do all the work to deal with their issues. So economy of economic progress is talk, reality is that when I have it sorted out so as to avoid doing bad things that Church prohibits, another person will show up and express their absurdities supported by the same idiots in government buildings, who suggest such things. The end product is that they have a phobia of work and after all they have already done expect me to work for their money out of fear, which is the kind of provocation that leads to murder and if their fame freaks do not like the way I handle them and handle the matter I think it is a wise if they keep the ditty mouths shut and I don’t have to deal with a process of getting out of bed to handle behaviour outcomes where peoples insults are always financially profitable at my expense while they have an inability to be seen anywhere else save where my Book sales are happening and my Royal Public image is located. It’s not a complicated issue; threats mean that this is going to be their next incredibly difficult challenge. It’s always been an old problem i.e. the Boys want money and they want lots of it, they want fame and sex too and the only way they wish to get it is from Women and other boys they can bully and idiots are always expecting them to do is with care or to move to a different victim if they have located a victim that really works, simply because that victim has suffered too much and so on – so these fools and their claims I do nothing about inequality all dressed in suits doing nothing about it while we all were made to believe they were in charge all along, need to understand yapping threats of me being enemy of economic progress is good fun apparently but what I have mentioned here will serve just the beginning of their next difficult challenge. I do not like being upstaged by anybody and that is out of the question now – let’s get seeing what they have.

It’s nothing unusual; the reality is that each time I want to plan a campaign I can run to rip up those stupid popularity neighbourhoods and ensure it is not saving money to rip up my lifestyle and career as well, what happens is that I find myself revert back to my financial issues which are created by their Politicians and then have to get out of bed every day to deal with big mouths insults that are supposed to be profitable on the basis of self improvements designed about how people think of them when they are faced with problematic challenges. They cannot pick and chose if economic success is from Church, I cannot pick and chose if they are gay, it works both ways – now clear so that I can breathe as well. It usually starts from case where I cannot live in neighbourhood because my very existence interferes with the wickedness they practice to protect themselves and get by and how it means therefore considering anus and penis insults, that they live in a world of consenting adults and liberalism I would never know – then progresses to people getting involved with me to lean on me each time they are done with their class A drugs and various vices being pushed forward by their Politicians who claim it is a form of civil right that they have, we are now at the point where every disobedient idiot who takes advantage of the fact each time I want to do anything about them I have to be forced to do them as whole communities because they do not stand a chance as individual persons, gets to provoke me and talk to Politicians about the consequent effects, meaning when people wind me up it reaches the highest possible levels of government. Enemy of economic progress just leaves me wondering where it came from all together and all I am saying is that when they want niceties with which to please customers, must stay off mine and maybe that of Church which they do not believe in as well and deploy their own, so they might be nice to people as well, moreover when they want to resolve their phobia of work because paying their bills is important to them, they need to see a psychologist and stay off my case – the foremost thing on the mind of a Christian is not, cannot be and should never be sex and violence – enough is enough; it’s sort of okay apparently like that old story about dealing with racism when you do not do what they want but if I said I will shoot them when they don’t do what I want it would have been serious, whereas we know racists and guns are the same thing. So they say people like me stir up the racism  that harms others naturally which is utter nonsense, like the Muslim issue where the Politicians want to interest us with the various kinds of Muslims there are instead of matters of justice whereby something happened to somebody and it was your fault, even your doing, hence it should become a matter of what you are saying and how you are saying – so this is the Jews one which appearance around my Books and Public image and do not wish to tolerate further; some people do ask if it will ever go away and let me be but I don’t think it ever will, I mean, just before I got my Royal Commission, what happened was largely developed around the fact they noticed something deeply religious about me, found out I am a Christian and got onto media and popular culture to make their own Jesus that they killed in order to reverse the effects that the forgiveness of sins has had on the world – it led to that process where my personal life being integrated into was a western absurdity that they always performed like a civil right and the outcome is this process where the only way to become wealthy enough to ensure when you hurt people they cannot approach you to tell you off is to pillage my Royal estate and Public image.

So they say that the problem is that I monitor people and it leads to bigger problems for them wherefore I don’t want to monitor any of them and have had enough tolerating their involvement with my Books and Public life and have informed them about that too and yes they do also say there is nothing wrong with sex and homosexuality on the mind as well but there is for a Christian family, since it is the sort of thing that leads to outcomes whereby your daughter comes home pregnant one day and does not know who the father is; So it’s as though when they issue them threats, they have gained from me enough whereby preventing such a thing from happening costs me my finances on the other hand and they have thus gained thereof to a point at which they have the will power to stop it but actually wish to make it worse. Its measured with respect to those times I miss a meal and take some time to fill myself and end up with a tummy pain they have been keeping an eye on and will not let go because it will cause me to do various alternative things outside of what the Bible teaches, in order to look after my well being and yes I do those various things alright but it is the one where I do their own and they cannot do mine all together, which is what brings us to this point – enough is enough. So  there are those who say that I am a coward but there are some who think I am not of the opinion popular culture really has the right to exist, since if I say it does I am left with the question of who will then get stuck in obscure villages while his lifestyle and quality of existence is stolen to make fame and fortune in the Cities all together; so there used to be a certain amount of discretion practiced that allowed politicians to support the theory that when they live in that way, they do get to show respect for peoples academics and finance well being, which of course isn’t there anymore, the excuse is that it is wealth equality that is happening and not the fact that whenever they do, they return to dominate those they have already taken advantage of because they seek trappings of power that their queer stupidities have not weighed the consequences for and it’s their freedom to keep blabbing the way they are seeing that it will end very well that way too. they do say I continue to play about with peoples Women which is utter nonsense, I mean it is difficult for me as well to deal with persons I can never get through to if I wish to warn them I have no stomach for rivals etc showing up at my Court and somebody else’s decision is more important, which adds to the great idea they are cheating on husbands with me and then the cheating on cheating bit on and on story as well – it’s a matter of aligning people with their needs all  over again and some of these Women whose children have to be taken into account so they might be raised properly facing challenges of the Modern age, having teenagers and adults that have grown up and left home etc.

So the ultimate complain is that I cause Media operators incredible anxiety as well and its much the same with popular culture too – the problem is that I have an injury on my leg that makes it difficult for me to build myself a manual labour career and they have destroyed the academic work and will do nothing else in public save keeping me off my recovery; so the Books have always been a plan since 19 years old as it were and now they do not wish to get off that as well and so its time and again losing a job because you are happy to start the day and do well only for 3 hours at a time and then it goes downhill and you are in utter desperation as to how long the day will last before you can go home and rest and the drip, drip injury stays in the head doing its strange things all the time, the outcome thus completely going beyond that nonsense where the radio prevents you from having and keeping factory or Warehouse jobs while the TV does the security jobs and other ones that may involve Office work etc – hence it’s never really a desperate bluff when I say I am tired of seeing them around the Books and Public image of which the popular culture ones are the stupid fathers I spoke of before i.e. you are getting around your concerns and they are building up your image into something you will become and if you don’t want it somebody can have that while they build another one etc and when you declare you want nothing to do with them it automatically means not being a part of the community they fought for through civil rights movements which makes it worse thereof with that big mouth – so their main problem now is that I cut them off from sales that cannot happen with me as insultingly as possible, steal their connections and make them turn on their Children but they are still making sure my feelings affect my Book sales by factorising me on the basis I have an anus and a penis. It’s always like I hurt myself when I get out of bed every day because of their stupid disobedience and how it lets them rip up the academics and get after the Books as well and still when they hurt peoples bottoms, money and sales and property and reputation changes hands, looking for trouble all day long. I mean it’s a matter of thinking about my progress where the Book sale business is doing well and my social media is okay but the academics since 2008 when it went downhill due to their disobedient fun has not been put together and it goes through the throat and drops down to the tummy while I cause them anxiety each time they try to get famous with that public image and will not keep off the Books as well; they complain of anxiety I cause them for it while their finances are made well by putting their stupid faces on TV to talk through to me no matter how many times they are told off and informed the Court is female only and the Popular culture idiots just want my Public image like item all together and cannot seem to do without it.

So they say nobody will tolerate any swearing from me in the US, which is something I plan to clean up once I am done swearing in the UK; I mean the UK swearing is the one that concerns consequences which have to do with me stealing young admirers and connections from Popularity bullies that cannot keep fingers off my bum and plans for financial well being off my Public image and Books and I am not actually thinking that the US one will be like that at all. it’s just very unusual and not a problem i.e. if you said somebody else should not lock their back door when they are at the front serving customers, it would be unusual – what I don’t want to do is throw money at the back door if I can keep it open to attract them and get famous for having a business with a backyard that is a place lots of very stupid people can go to feel uncomfortable; it’s a simple case of the fact if I funny they find it peel that stupid power freedom off my public image one more time, it will be the last time they see it too.  it’s a simple case of how I want to react to the fact that everything I do comes with hurting bottoms because they are always watching me and then years down the line they were doing it so sell music CDs and did it because they thought I might resist my brothers and its all amusing when they put that stupid girl up to sing the song and so on  - so yapping I should be worried they are on the side of the bigger power is not something I would have heard for the first time. it’s an old story where they want to get rich and the need to see what Royalty does as mystical things that can set off intrigue people can peddle to make money quick because of the history and civilisation and culture involved is not an insult they will tone down when it comes to my person – so I do peddle that culture and society for them, so they can move to the left and find out how those who have things they don’t live, while those who tell me what to do have not yet died enough so far as it were – the success of insults with them apparently, which causes their victims to seek out that city market underbellies and cut it to pieces too. I mean for the big ones, I like to say they can build the popular culture empire and stretch it from US to Japan across this Estate again and then chase my bum to ensure my feelings and my reaction damages my Book sales because they want to sell things and get rich after due to the consequences; it’s the way the bloody idiots chase their mates and follow whomever they suppose has time to muck around with them like front or back they can do and undo with you by handling you, while the Media ones cannot seem to understand their complain will never end until the day they stop clinging to your Book sales to make fun telling you what to do alongside their civil rights fools. I am not expecting it to go away, it will be quite impossible to shake off the image of being Royalty with history and culture that people want to deploy to get rich and we all know there seems to be no way of getting them off my Books, which they regularly get on Media to ensure others do not have access to because they are saving it up as talisman for getting rich, while expecting the problems associated with it to go away because attacking me can be escalated with a big mouth especially the Americans. So they say other Royals have had to deal with the same things but those are the Ones that tolerate their stupid freedom, I actually do not think anybody’s freedom looks like this all together; what we have then is a condition whereby they are becoming a far more responsible set of idiots than usual and I have to keep an eye on that stupid modernism that has no respect for anybody for my part in the matter as well. It’s as I have mentioned before i.e. we never see that stupid modernism talk about their own lives when they face problems and this is usually one of the most outstanding indications of how respectful it really is of others and other people’s feelings and property – so I do not actually believe I am acting in an unusual way. It’s as I have mentioned before; the US is like a wealthy version of Canada which is split in two half shared between twisted evil and predatory criminals on one side, while normal people that are always victims have the other and so it becomes noticeable when your principle ally is usually ashamed every time you gather in Public places that are global and the Media scum along with their civil rights idiots say I cannot shake off an image of writing Royal Books they want to keep from the Public because they need it as their talisman for fulfilling their dreams while I face financial problems on their account, getting up on that stupid media to tell me what to do every day. An example is when I say they can build the popular culture empire and stretch it from the US to Japan across this Royal estate if they want and they think it’s just a statement whereas its actually me paying more attention to activities of filthy stupid Royalty from Africa and their civil rights scum making their mark at Global markets and Hollywood, passing insults at me that have to do with skin colour I share with them as it were and every other American idiot telling their tales in order to steal some Royal property that will make money etc – so usual reality is that whenever I handle them they do tend to do anything about it, besides which they can always tell where I will likely start, all that blabbing being put in context.

So they do say it’s an issue I do not have under control on media but I do; I am actually not interested in their problem, it is obvious that what causes them to be such a handful of inconsiderate bastards is actually not poverty all together and I cannot put up with that nonsense of behaviour that clouds over what I do for a living, which they find amusing for that much longer. I do not think it’s a complicated matter, they are Middle Classes who are fundamentally of the opinion others are supposed to bow down to their possession, which then gets serious when people realise the fact they have been expecting it to a stage where it is not in their interest for people to pass exams and get good jobs because they need to keep having their fun, then there exists a real risks of the prisons which are full of lower classes to be full to a point where some of them end up there too. I for my part and not asking them to be considerate when I have not moved over to the left where I really belong as they claim, I am asking if it is poverty that makes them such inconsiderate bastards – in the end the Upper Class have continued to clean it up for them and I can see why anyway, when it comes to the lower classes taking them on sometimes but I am just fed up seeing it show up around my Business here all together – when I say they come up all dressed in suits but are bloody idiots who like to think Books I have written should be kept from the Public to be used by them as talisman for getting rich, I am referring to the bit where they never stop telling us all things about manners and ways we should behave so they do not become uncomfortable which if they are will allow them have those things that make them such manly men that they have respect for nothing, such as money, you know, those things their wives and kids know makes them uncomfortable and should not be done etc: The tale I am unable to do anything about it is delusion quite naturally. They do say I am insane of course which is utter nonsense, if they were more concerned with not making sure that the small businesses that distribute goods and services for the Company in which they are CEO’s are presentable otherwise the rest of us cannot breathe, there would be none of this but the one that really gets to me is their stupid boys and girls having parties of vandalism on my finances and academic work and latter popular culture by which they make fame and riches on my public image, where even the condition of ignoring me when I tell them off or being disobedient is financially lucrative, apparently they can tell how I will get about it all together too; it’s the popular culture partying by which riches and sales are possible whereby the more you tell people off is the more famous they get and I am sure that is clear to them too as it were, just as clear as it is insane thereof. So they say this sort of behaviour sets out which ones are my Enterprise and which ones are The Queens investment and Holdings in my Estate and which ones are other people’s business that I really have no respect for and feels must suffer some freedom and movement based restriction – what I am saying however is that I am not loony as they claim and that they organised their kids into narcissist partying that is based on what they have which I don’t for a feel good factor that brings about sales, rips up my Books and ends with a process where they get on my Public image to do popular culture fame and fortune and become successful with it. Like their TV personalities like to play up some bullying and make out I get involved with people beyond my league while clinging to my finances and Public work as well. So it’s the same story for both – the Media ones have to do with when I work my Intellectual Property Administration business and it means each time somebody invents an excuse to antagonise me, they can get on Media and steal my image, be it for some hours or days or even months, they will pillage my work and get rich in that time, while they will not stop the partying on the basis of things others have which I don’t have, by which sales are possible and regularly show signs that they are too narcissistic to stop – I for my part rather think that they need to look the part when they have big businesses as it is for their own good too but what really happens is that when I make crime unprofitable, they do this, so that crime idiots can have revenge when they lose organised crime business products by getting involved with it to pillage my finances and do talk to the hand routine once famous etc i.e. they need to try and keep those insults where people appreciate them. Of course they do say mine is the death of businesses but it isn’t; if it does not show any regard for the Queens investment in this Estate or Estate property, then it is the death it and then again which it could always listen to what other people are saying to it too and there would have been no problems at all. The Politicians said it was all wealth inequality issues and they have never since been able to point to another group of people whom in their opinion may compare to the destructive nature of these fools. The story of how I fail to co-operate when people try to help me is not a rare one; they are always full of themselves and expect their involvement to rip up Royal Finances so their stupid money can help me and massage their ego later – so what they really hate is that I am aware that somewhere along the line when they deploy my work and Public image to get their own matters fixed, I am unable to step outside of my door because the respect bit magically disappears and there is no compensation paid for the time wasted and destruction caused.