The idea that I am fighting for a life that I should have had, about which it is too late at this point has no connections with reality; there is no such thing. What there is however that is what I have at the work place is company property but the idiots think they should be deploying that instead of buying the books. So we end up in a place where I need to handle the nasty habit of theirs as well. However at face value, taking the matter of fighting for a life I should have had while it is too late is something that is brought up by those whom I have noticed have a habit of making their lives easier than it really was, so that when such statements are seen in context, is an example of the insult and abuses responsible for the problems that black people have and why it is always so convenient to blame the white man for it.

For the part where I handle peoples business when they do not want me to do so, what happens in the fantasies they build up is that they deploy my equities and then the media takes it up and then I get to mention it as part of my history and then the bit emerges where they bid for specific areas of equities, which is why I then bid for security for the system to ensure they can have it, this was actually the idea of the business community and so these idiots like to re-enact it for whatever purposes including having revenge on the world when they do not have what they want but the crunch time comes when I finish the security issues and then get told by them that nobody knows who I am which of course they claim is rejection but is really vandalism. The one they really tried their hands on was the one about women in their secrete gatherings who never reach positions of leadership because it is the life they do not belong to and how I am one of the sons of such women because there is a likeness of nature. Hence there was a moral imperative with respect to my friends and as soon as I provided one they figured they could own me with media if they did it right and so as soon as I do the security issue there, they get on it and tell me nobody knows who the hell I am, so I can do them as well.

In the end it tends to seem to them that my position and privileges are for their deployment, hence the statement of handling their businesses without permission being made. So they do it like the usual new labour new problem for the business community, like they want to do it as it were, which I mention so just in case they want to discuss what I think about being unemployed for more than four years because new Labour are the ones who run the jobs I need at this stage.

As for the racism issue and claims I know nothing about it, what it really is, is the same kind of problem that black people create in Africa and in the US as well where they think the fact we have become adults and nobody gets to tell another what they ought to do with themselves constitutes license for abuse. The only difference between them is that in the UK and Europe it is racism and in Africa it is entirely about money while in the US it is a bit of both. So for the African ones I always say they do those things they do with respect to coming to the UK to chase me around claiming I was one of the sold off slaves hence the white man owes them favours, because they want something to do something to hurt them seriously over a matter about which the subject content was money. At this point I would have thought that planning a pension on that stupid wickedness and fame would have deterred them but it does not, they are now telling me what the skin colour of women I should fall in love with ought to be and telling women whether or not they are permitted to take a fancy to me as well with a golliwog mouth.

It is the bane of the old story of why pop stars hate Christians so much which answer is that when you make them pay for any damages done, what results from that is normalcy, which when combined with deploying everything community idiots do in the quest for easy life over my work and public reputation is a process of ending up with much claims of hatred for me and so alongside the process of seeing that the reason they always want to live in ghettos is that they wish to make it a base from where they will be invincible when they want to do whatever they like with your income, hence handle them seriously with it and drag them out into the open; yes their husbands will not like the financial damages they can do to the family income with respect to it but maybe next time they will boast about people they can beat up a lot less.

They say I say some things I say in order to make racism more powerful but I believe I had made it clear that I attended a Missionary school at the early part of my secondary education and my Primary one was not detached from white people either, I started off in a school that was established by a white woman. So there were boys that attended school and it does not make sense to me when I see white boys in the UK behave in the same way to be branded racist, I am just trying to find out how racist exactly they were supposed to have been for my part, nothing I said was to be interpreted in a way which meant I am taking responsibility for any idiots white trash insults.

As for the part where I had said something which meant I was taking responsibility for racist activity, I had never said any such thing; what I said in effect is basically concerned with the fact when people elect a far right party into government for example the truth remains now they are in charge, it is clear if they do not get involved with things, criminals will take from one side while politicians will take from the other. In which case if they are already criminals I have no idea why we are having the conversation anyway and if Politicians say I tag them the same as criminals I don’t know whether it is the tag or the fact their claims are technically untrue that winds them up.

Now there is no truth to be found in claims that all I do is a process of knowing more about culture than those that are my parents and that all they do has more to do with restoring power to my parents. It is utter rubbish; the truth is that women are insolent, really insolent and those abuses which are sexual as well do nothing but the result of Politicians wrecking my finances because they love to see me at the employment services being told by anus fucking fools how to write letters and CVs which changes employers and what employers are all the time. So for their children I know I have made it clear that their involvement with me brings failure but still cannot control whether or not that involvement happens, so it is still a serious problem. For these women there is now a state of affairs in this country with respect to me that women must do many things all the time before I am in any way pleased and the insults will continue to ensure that evil men who will handle them seriously gain access to it as well and by the way which I am that anus fucker these days anyway and it is a state of affairs all together, so I can find out which boy friend’s of theirs will ensure the left is open and available by threatening me.


 It has come to public knowledge even now that quantitative easing by the bank of England only made the rich richer, I have no idea why it is surprising when the government allowed the BOE to go it alone i.e. this is happening and in the text books when that happens we do this – they gave the BOE no Administrative support which they should have tested and measured along the lines of the fact if they cannot trust employers to employ, then quantitative easing should have been done before those employees were laid off in the first place. What they want to do instead is get around making personal friends with big business owners at the fairs and stuff and more so when they have not done the ground work of making sure they are in control of when people know they will get their stock for their businesses and shops and so on, so that when they smile at some big business guy at the business fair he knows he wants to be their friend and does not want them to make a phone call regarding employment they promised when their profits increased. They say to me that I mess about with big business and get away with it which is utter rubbish because first for their part they do not seem to realise big businesses know where their businesses are no matter how big it is, they even know what the colour of the shirt they wear to work is, when Politicians get beaten by them they get beaten in areas that have got nothing to do with business and when they bluff knowing that any deal they make in any other country will be a give and take affair politicians don’t cave in, they lie flat instead of hold their ground. For me on the other hand they mess with my space instead each time I write my books and they figure out how to turn out to make profits on the potential markets it could occupy, this big half the problem the real problem soon follows with stock market vandals and economic problems, so I have to get to a point where I make it clear to them that there are those for whom the fact I write the names of their business somewhere is a process of handling their business but for the trouble makers it is nothing but an illustration and there is nothing they can do about it, so they can tell me they will pillage it and I can tell them they are bluffing which is where we are at present.

For the Politicians, if there is a whor that wants access to somebody’s safe the whor is sure of support, if there is a dishonest stall counter man, he does and if there is to be a dishonest accountant he does too, then they wonder why businesses are not employing when such things were supposed to have been targeted at me as though they do not know it is an industry and those things they do spread too. What they think they want me to do is pack up my business and go home, while what I think such rubbish mean is that they have a job waiting for me at home otherwise they are looking for trouble,. So generally it is not hurting badly enough yet and I am just putting out facts on how they can settle a problem they created for themselves which they cannot handle.

For the media on the other hand the simple case with them is that they savage my work in order to make friends with developing economy friends who pay for media services, they now claim it is the way business works and I have made it clear too that the drugs they buy with that media money and the deviance they fund with it to show that is what people should earn money for and everything that tickles them will disappear and then along with the stupid jobs as well later on. At the moment what is really happening is that when they do those things with my earnings not to mention businesses I broker equities with in order to create circumstances where people want products but get feelings from me and keep the money to create a similar product of their own for their home market, they pick up from the old stuff about those their insults and the desire to change everybody else’s life and make them hard working cosmopolitan noughts, so that when they do get involved with those countries the tyrants get involved with the affairs of local people, revolutions happen, they have news and I have to do damage limitation.

We hear them complain about the EU here as well when they will have no respect for the fact my market place and my office is a property of a human being.

We hear them speak of UK economic insecurities as well, they say that is being created through my books, whereas in actual fact it seems that when we do our third party relations with Communism, they want to take it over, so that when they say something about UK economic insecurity it will also get to mean that the UK is being governed by American media and then followed on from there is the end of what seems to be a process where as people get richer they move away from communist countries because the countries are communist and will return to being communists at some point.

I am not particularly worried about it as such; they are stupid people and it is not a bother to see them make their lives easier, I myself want to travel to places where people make their lives easier than it was before anyway from time to time but I mean the issue here is obvious.

An example is the Breivik trial where because the verdict was decided on the basis he was not mentally unstable which is not what I said about him although I did suggest it was possible that he was and therefore offered it as a prognosis, they ask me what I am now going to say on the verdict of the judges as well and like to pretend over it to show all they need to express to offer up the idea I was in a tight corner. I am not in any difficult situation for my part with respect to such questions in anyway, the facts about it first of all is that it is the way we live in Europe; that we can simply see people and even when we do not know that and they have not gotten involved with us, we want to be the bad company telling the spoilt kid that gets everything to steal his parents money for us until he gets into trouble and we become rich. So every day they appear on TV they ask me where I have kept their stuff and their entire lives are based on finding some girl to put in TV in order to do advertisement grabbing my work and doing things to me that will hurt me and thereby ensure I am too scared to try and recover it. Breivik was like them but did not do his own to the public full time, he just decided at some point that he was going to kill people and when that point came took up his 1500 page manifesto and other things to do so with. The fact remains still that it tends to seem when people meet people they should be having intimate conversations with them around here on account they have no respect for media idiots and their powerful scandals that wreck the finances of great people with the use of familiarities that constitute access and why not questions. So right now I do not know what they hope to accomplish by asking me anything about it anyway.

They say I dodge the matter here of course and that the real matter is that they are more important than I am on account their familiarities have wrecked my finances as I am not going anywhere looking like that for each time I am seen with them. I do not think for my part that they are either, they are just a collection of idiots who do not have a working life and a personal life like everybody else and if at all they do, it is untouched and undisturbed while they make use of other peoples working life and personal life to get rich, so since I can trace all of it back to my property and they love to think they have won a great victory, importance is out of the question. However like I said, I would like to travel off to see areas of the country or the world where people set out to make their lives simpler than it really was in the first place but this is not the real problem; so they feel as though they are more important than I am while I am trying to lead with their wickedness and strange cultural needs which are based on plans to do evil things that can only work out as courage if they are using somebody else’s own to do it because they love to bring out the worst in people. As far as they are concerned rape is the only form of abuse and they are famous, so all their attacks which are of a sexual context are not some form of sexual abuse and even if they were because I experience them the law does not say they are, so they are above the rules.

Staying on the subject of which as I mentioned before hitting two birds with a stone if the matter of their obsession with the powers while others simply want to make their jobs at government as simple as possible and there are those in whose interest it is that they can looking into the issues; clearly the UK has an advantage in that when people get richer in communist countries they want to move overseas, we do not have such advantage in the UK so we set out to find people with whom we can do business, so by and large I cannot make out if they have not seen their mates where they are meant to find them recently, instead of pretending that US media runs the UK. So they say it is an inability to compete for me but in actual fact what they mean compete is bend my life into something that exists on their terms and the terms of their competition which if I get hold of them for will bend theirs the other way for violence as well; otherwise they should be able to see that it is painful and a hurtful thing to do to others. As for the celebrity thing, anybody who has been involved with a process of wrecking my work to get up somewhere with some money and compete with me for being a better person that I am will always have that little village thing going on between me and them, where each time they wind me up I will get in touch.

So it is not as though I have trouble with my position as a role model as such, they are just vocationally abusive for the purpose of acquiring privileges of injustice and Political discrimination as these are clear indications they will go to any lengths to have it and are not more important than I am in anyway. There is no such thing as being vulnerable to saying things to make people feel good when I say such things; I have simply mentioned privileges of injustice and Political discrimination that they will wreck peoples finances and stand up in public to claim they feel like they are more important than they are and go to any lengths to acquire, so that when somebody kills somebody else make out it has something to do with me as well as though it is a good thing to be associated with conflicts that have murderous results. As for the claim I am being used and abused by the Monarchy, they are the ones doing that; they are the ones that love to turn out to play anus fucking scumbags with me when they know it will always result in sanctions from the establishment that I am not going anywhere looking like that, so they can find money somewhere and get around pretending they are more important than I am.

Like they love to make out each time mass shootings happen that it will one day happen to me on account I condone it. I have no idea what they expect me to say when people are shot and the shooter is perhaps dead already anyway or indeed what will change if I said anything anyway. Fact remains of course that they never ever want to talk about the matter of people offending others so intensely that the victims genuinely fear for their own lives; in fact they do not even want people to hint that they make out it’s a lot of power especially when the victims are so desperate they do not know what they are saying anymore. As for the idea that each time I say such things it is black culture, I had before mentioned those who do such things always do them because they want a process where somebody hurts them seriously over a matter in which the subject content was money.

There still are of course essentially three kinds of pop stars, ones that fight those who like to bug them and the others that basically live for the greatness of leaders and it is the newly develop third who are socialists and like to think my entire life should be about work while they get famous with my work and abuse me in a sexual context that are the real problem and I want to move it to a point where they play stupid videos in public and see me in their offices the day after. For the Politicians it is a case of ‘racism...hooray, come to daddy’ so I have to tell them we live together and die together due to how I have all these facts about the facts they created the problems and then ask them if it means they are then willing to die for me.

This process I see where they get on public media to claim they are in charge of my life and have found something about my history and therefore know everything about me is not that much of a major issue as such. What they are referring to is my father’s stuff, the one where he thought he would find peace if he lived deep into a country side with lots of thatched homes and kids running around naked and so on but they followed him there and murdered him. In my case the anus fucking idiots have got media as well and seem to be telling me I will be murdered too in the same way with a big mouth, until I get to count them among the dead as well, which of course is the only way that the anus fucking rubbish gets to leave alone those that do not want to be associated with it.

As for the smoke weed and be silent slogan associated with me and stuff, I don’t think it is a major problem, nothing is going to happen besides a process where they smoke their brains off. The main question is that of the fact you cannot do a job or any academic work if you are forever and 24/7 associated with weed smokers and anus fuckers but what if the Labour party says that it is your lot and they have decided it will be permanently too with a big mouth? This is the main issue. I am going to round them up like chicken into a community that I can hurt seriously each time they piss me off and they claim of course that they will acquire gangs and arms for it but I wonder if they will with benefit of hindsight and a big mouth.


I don’t think the matter with Labour is a difficult issue, I mean I have been unemployed for a long time and so it remains that if they hold jobs I need I will never get them so I never hope that I will either. They say I have done things to harm them at this point which of course is not true in anyway; what I have done is plod on with my career never the less, for of course if I wanted to harm them, then what I would have done is grab that their stupid party heart and stand on it to sell books with plans to get really rich and then when they wind me up wheel round and teach every community scum everything there is to know about it and write books about that as well if there is money in the process of doing so and then they will escalate it and so will I, so we can find out how it really ends as well.

For the career one they have mentioned I like to defeat people because I think I am better than them but it does not apply that way, the way it does is that they boast all the time about how my books are a process where I try to recover a life I should have had and of course that they are just stories and so that their stupid socialist heart is not hurting badly enough yet too. So that when I write books, even when it is not about them, they will find ways to be associated with the books in order to tell me to shut down the project and because of that I have to adopt the other key of telling them to stand aside and if I want to be nice tell them to move on as well.

For what happens in order to create what exists on this office as property, which they will have to ask the British establishment. However with respect to my inability to handle fans, nothing I say affects fans as such, the truth about it mostly is that of a collection of people who have a society that is completely with length width and height as well as beginning middle and end and the whole working of this completely society that is separate from that of everybody is, is laziness and violence, all the way to the foolish women that have reasons to ensure that they live in ghettos and that they can get to me and wreck my finances or cause damage to my property with nonsense such as skin colour shared with me and so on. This however is not the problem even so because if the worst comes to it, I am very good at taking the ghettos away from them so they can have an active provocation by which they want violent and money all the time, the problem is that every problem they have seems to be a function of somebody else’s fault and this is where you notice they exist, where your own side of society exists to them.


As for the casino Banking and casino business anyway, it seems largely that what stupid Americans want to talk about is a matter of the effect that developing economies have on the American economy. It is because they are used to the idea of harming me and then realising after doing so for some time that they can make money from it earning my income instead of working for their own. So we end up with this condition where they love to get involved with me and wind me up to find out how I will react and then get some of that beauty into their lives; absolute carnage for my livelihood is what it means of course but they will claim there is nothing I can do about it, first of all because the desire they have to do it is something I created and then because there is nothing I can do about it even if I wanted to because they have got powerful control of my business. This does not include the purpose of claims I sleep with their wives being that they know girls my age except the ones they groom can only have that much dreams of power and wealth and so even if I might have played games of allowing people steal things from me, they can only do so much damage, of which I have not by the way. So it seems it is now a fight between me and really evil women that would not dare play games with the finances they have at home because they fear what they husbands will do due to the fact they have a joint account and so this is the purpose of worldwide media claims I sleep with peoples wives; Americans and their friends are getting rich with my earnings. So I have no idea where they get the nerve from to bandy about conversations with regards to emerging markets and how those affect Americans anyway; I mean I years ago mentioned something about the need for people to realise the colour of the shirts they wear like they always do when they want to check their account books and do something to make their businesses profitable not make money with my earnings doing all the above and issuing insolent claims I steal their culture not to mention how it is about power and the fact they want to find out what I cannot do about my property when they have it and then they will use it because they do and try to keep it endlessly until they get to do so because it makes no difference whether it is mine or not since they make so much money from it and I have mentioned it more so many times between that time frame and today but they continue to belief that because I have to say such things on account the problems of their stupid business have become a political issue means I need to do them a favour. There is really no government structure on this planet to tell me how far I can go with respect to deploying an office to state to protect book sales at the market; I have given them enough time and enough warning on this matter. I mean it is an old story about what happens when Americans talk and the answer to that being that you tremble with a big mouth, the last time we checked we were having a lot to say over the matter of the results of what happens when I react to new democracies with my income and property and every American idiot getting around the electronics industry ripping my empire trust to pieces and making noise about how nobody knows who the hell I am about which I therefore need to stop struggling against his insolent and stupid will and thereby what he wants. Today the same old issue looms at a more destructive point of the National economy that if these things were to continue to the point where I have to take action we are looking at the entire American government in trouble with me because they use my property to make money without permission and that it therefore means that all the money they have made belongs to me and that therefore applies that I must get it back along with compensations and consequences which mean their savings and homes and women should be just about enough. Even if I took these steps when their economy were to have been doing well, they will be in grave trouble but they are provoking me while their economy is doing badly with high levels of unemployment and so on.

They do love their stories much about how I am completely incapable of controlling anything that happens around me but as we speak every since they located somebody to lust after for wickedness and violence and hurt for a good feeling of sadism that brings about good health and strength and powers of political discrimination, over 50% of what goes on in their heads from day to day has been a property of mine, which advantage I have refused to press because I expect there to exist a condition where each time I tell them to stand aside and move on, on the basis I can write whatever I like and have any opinions I want even if it has something to do with them, now that they are involved, it will always be something that they will do exactly as I say it. If they want me to press this I can too as it were. I mean it is a simple case of the fact that when people do not want a large proportion of what they think to be a property of mine, they do not listen in on my conversations and bully me to get reactions with which my entire job becomes good feelings they want in their lives as well which wreaks havoc with my earnings while they think it is some kind of a stupid norm tailored to me and their women think a step out of my house means payment for their whor status because they know they will never take risks of playing games with family finances for their pleasures on account of what their husbands will do, hence I am supposed to have been easy meat with a big mouth. If they do not want me to tell them how to live their lives over matters of extra vandalism that are meant to finish me off after casino banking and casino business does the necessary damage, then why read my books without a copy of their own?

So this is what I am aware they are: I say I want their hands off my property, they say I am the greatest enemy of freedom who want people to pay homage to me for stifling my income in order to get rich with my property and earnings. So now I am the one that is in position to treat them with such accolade they think, it is amazing and it seems I will get no respect from them on matter and I am not referring to their money either, I want them off my property, I want them off my income and that is all I want; for the books to sell at the market and that is an end to it. 

Obviously it is not that I do not wear the suits, it’s just that mentioning it is the only way to remind them of where their business and products and accounts books are and the fact that it is not here. Think about it as a paradox of being loved and adored until it hurts, which is so taken up by a group of idiots as a means of hurting you all together because they want to get rich and you will never do something about it but think of it as the fact an idiot needs to lose the cars and the cloths lines and the perfumes and the fashion designer rubbish he sits down somewhere to glorify his or herself with their wickedness and perhaps money gained from doing damage to your livelihood and it is a matter of the fact the point in time when you will become less busy enough to take it up is such that will be completely unexpected for them. Of course it is said what I say are just words but it is a matter of the fact these idiots do not play with family finances; the women know the husbands will do what men normally do in such circumstances and the men know their wives will ruin everything so I am sort of their target, however the Pop stars and cultural celebrity ones and fashion idiots and high street low life’s are the kind that have the taste for the high life and how to go after big money, so it is fair to conclude that when I will be free enough over work, to do something about it, it will be a point where they least expect that somebody is after them.

I do not think that it is a complicated matter either: I mean the purpose of their access and insults with plans to ensure you show respect for millions they made with your property because they have become invincible, is that if you have a bottle of coke and a bottle of Pepsi and so drink one of the two based on which has the value you wish to deploy immediately, they get to deploy the other for their pleasures claiming that it is some kind of social equality. The same applies at the market place that you choose between buying a shirt and a shoe and so when you buy one of the two they get off and buy the alternative thinking about you and making fame from it, hence they can never stay by themselves. I do wonder how people start off in order to end up in such ways too myself but the more I settle the basic matters is the more they get off to become more violent and more insidious - talking rubbish all over international community’s every time they travel around after they take up people’s property and work and use it to show others what they need can be done.

Socially it is not a difficult matter either; it’s like they always say homosexuality is their civil right and the rest of us think that those things just happen when they don’t. So naturally, you can let them plan it to the last detail and plan everything they will tell politicians about it and get around being a victim or you can handle them and kick them seriously then patch them up and make them feel like they have won a fight and any politician that gets on their side gets the same treatment. It does not mean that you have lied since you are a Christian it simply means that nobody will ever know.

All I have mentioned is a simple way of looking at the issue, there is the rather blunt instrument of waking everyday to run your campaign of physical hate against them, after breaking them down into bite size communities and then of course once it reaches that state, what they will claim the problem is, is your faith and religion and then that will serve them as an access point etc. Simple case of hating them and making sure when they do anything you screw it up and there is never an official record which would make no difference of course, it’s just that you don’t want there to be one and when you had done enough of it the bullying will keep its distance and when you put out your products they would not even come close. They know it and that is why they want to control the media as well; gather what they do from claims I sleep with people’s wives and use it for Pornography and Pop music from there and then they are off, tracks covered, evil done, me finished, with a big mouth. Of course it is never as easy as they think that it is; I mean such things might apply to teenagers for example but for grownups, because they have been working on a career for sometime everything tends to have a monetary value, by the way of which they will never do it to teenagers either because they fear that the teenager might grow up in the understanding that they are a problem.

Socially it is not a difficult matter either; it’s like they always say homosexuality is their civil right and the rest of us think that those things just happen when they don’t. So naturally, you can let them plan it to the last detail and plan everything they will tell politicians about it and get around being a victim or you can handle them and kick them seriously then patch them up and make them feel like they have won a fight and any politician that gets on their side gets the same treatment. It does not mean that you have lied since you are a Christian it simply means that nobody will ever know.

All I have mentioned is a simple way of looking at the issue, there is the rather blunt instrument of waking everyday to run your campaign of physical hate against them, after breaking them down into bite size communities and then of course once it reaches that state, what they will claim the problem is, is your faith and religion and then that will serve them as an access point etc. Simple case of hating them and making sure when they do anything you screw it up and there is never an official record which would make no difference of course, it’s just that you don’t want there to be one and when you had done enough of it the bullying will keep its distance and when you put out your products they would not even come close. They know it and that is why they want to control the media as well; gather what they do from claims I sleep with people’s wives and use it for Pornography and Pop music from there and then they are off, tracks covered, evil done, me finished, with a big mouth. It is quite one thing to see them get off on International community’s usurping my work for their personal glory like they always do and quite another to see that threats continue to grow and grow and grow; they need to step off it, come down basically – famous my backside.