The story of my arrogant attitude is an old as every stupid girl in Britain seeking to cash into my fame – it is not one that keeps me awake all the time but with respect to it being brought to my attention especially as I am constantly the target of artists and media fools, I simply dont know why people bother anyway: I mean I know there is nothing holy about having my livelihood savaged because it is for a good cause and a greater good but people say it is a good thing, I know there is nothing holy about those who do it turning out to provide for me as well but people say it is a good thing and then the ultimate comes along and they are making me rich so I might go out and enjoy life and have sex and see the world while my parents move into my personal life and the Church in order to have peace and then it turns out that not enough have died yet but I bet people still say it is a good thing which is why the crises persist. I mean they turn out to do filthy things to me every second until I fart and only then do they feel especially the blacks that they can be comfortable in their own skins but people say it is a good thing, so we are beyond it and I dont know why it matters anyway, all I know is that they are afraid of the truth and need to be somewhere else so I dont move them on like I took up and confiscated that stupid civil rights in order to curb their fame and fortune nonsense which is where we are at present. It was a function of those threats being about a need they have to grab my royal estate and deploy it for their own ends, hence I since grabbed the civil rights and took care of it and wrote books they will have to buy if they need civil rights problems solved and so they get out of my face and spend time on your problems part has only just begun. I do not think it a novelty; I have undercut you and had a hand shake with the Royal family or with the MP or with the Media, stupid little women all over the Country feel like cashing into it all the time and hence their need for friends in the form of artists has created this whole prognosis of my cocky attitude being raised – it’s the same old case of snapping out of it as a Country without which they will not let us recover at the economy.


We hear of course the case of how my activities compromise the Armed Forces; utter rubbish of course since it is entirely expected that since it is either a case of the fact that with respect to Russia and the US, soldiers are people who are comfortable with manual Labour and it does not mean that those who are always make good soldiers, the problem being that Americans have invented this process where spending British Intellectual acumen is the answer to everything and without it there would be no problems with the Russians and we simply have to live with the fact that anything that happens does within the confines of very sound reasons and stop thinking we are supposed to shrink. With respect to terrorism the American stance is still the same but these days it is about African and black fools provoking Muslims with perverted popular culture all the time and trying to use the British to beat them, which is how playing my video games compromises me thereof and their reasons obviously is that Obama might have become God’s gift to the world. I personally have made myself clear about one more damage with that stupid competition resulting in competition over that stupid culture I had taken charge of a long time ago as it were: - it is not that much of an issue either in any case, the reality is that the black fools we see here are mostly friends and relatives of tyrants in countries where there isn’t a thriving Government and as I mentioned nobody knows who this adjudicator that is to have come around to ensure they win an injustice is supposed to be, hence this need they have to lay hands on my possessions and tell lies each time they are seen in public places. They are very unhappy about me because I will never let that stupid culture thrive and I was about to get away with it before Labour came along to ensure I never did until there was a fight and since then Labour had lost its own culture too and are talking nonsense about what they cannot do all over the place; so I understand where they are coming from about my activities harming the Armed forces, it does not; one more damage I say and there will be even more complains about the extent of the special relationship with the US again and I am not talking silly men who think the government of the Country does not apply to them while it seems they have no plans to move to the US currently. I do not believe that it is a serious problem and that the British are lazy as it is claimed; we are not lazy we are simply trying to be other people and I really hate it because of course if we look back, the reason for the tiredness and the endless things I have to do as a leader to give people a sense of themselves which again is actually not recognised as legitimate government office work is that there was a point that the British worked for it as British and it was pillaged either by trouble making Germans or trouble making French or trouble making Americans or trouble making Japanese with a craving for power and I wonder what people suppose that is anyway, perhaps not the work bit, until we become other people all together? So as far as I am concerned first of all they say somebody is all over the place and that is not hurting badly enough yet as it were and they can keep attacking all we do because we have no enemies for self improvement if they wanted – I deal with it the way I have because I have put a hook down their noses and dragged them into a corner so the basic idea is that each and every nonsense that comes from them only results in a process where I drag them deeper in there; they will all come round at some stage and until then we British are doing nothing in particular and I can understand it is naturally said I put the Country behind itself and its influence in the world by ignoring the Political needs which I haven’t, since if you are unable to tell what your body is doing because you are no longer in control of how hard you are working it on account Germans and French and Americans and Japanese have a craving for power which works only on the basis that you have no enemies, apparently the least that you can do is deny that the problem actually exists. It makes no sense why people have conversations about leaving the EU when that is where we actually can beat them.

I mean typical example is when people have their small juju rooms and they can never accept it is a problem for other people as well, what they think is that the insults of their juju which beats the imagination all the time is power over such persons especially when helped to a process where they explain it away with the persons work to look like they are clever and some of that nonsense is actually a career; so the problem was that a stage emerged in which nothing I do will prevent them from working it on me and when I start to tell them it’s all very well and since they believe in this stuff need to watch whom they give their juju to on account there are journalistic idiots here who think they have their eyes on my possessions because it would be theirs if there was a revolution in this Country at the very moment – their response was especially from the South Africans and some other West African scum that they will do my stuff and if they have already they will again – so where we are today is a function of laziness as it were and they will squirm again as far as I can see. I understand the story of being tied down by a society in the UK to deal with juju but I am not being tied down by anything and there isn’t a thing about my life that is wrong with it which I have not inflicted on it and most of that is largely a factor of going the wrong way of thought when women are fans of mine and the Labour party they worship like a God pillages this weakness every single time and they know that is how it is one of the biggest I have got – apart from that it is a case of the fact whatever is wrong with society is their fucking problem and when they get tied down to anything it is because those who tie them down to it can do so, they spend too much of their time being seen handling peoples possessions and telling lies in public places, so that when people let them slip in too deep and then tie them down to something for it they think it is my problem and at the moment have not yet got a clue how much of a problem of theirs it really is. It is always said that I release them whenever they are tied down and that is not true; what I do is make them do something useful with their lives because their Politicians like to point them in my direction and they have no plans to let me be – most people do not understand what the purpose is but it is as simple as a process of walking down the road and an idiot will train their eyes on me for 10 minutes and my tummy will rumble and then I will be nervous and feel like getting to the toilet and then I will be cracked and it will be sign that all I am actually costs me everything and I am not being myself whereas I actually enjoy staying off food due to a process of feeling like there is something you can do about that sort of behaviour when you eat properly; so when I know they are as ugly at shit I make them famous and so crack them up too: I have three main blocks for that and one is concerned with running that silly culture, the other making them famous and the third is the big Church thing, only one of which is enough to crack them up all the time but due to the level of provocation down that direction I always use all of them. Hence I do not deny that the fact they want to teach me a lesson and are always bothering people to that effect is a legitimate one, however it should be noted the ball is always in their Court.


I hear of the stories of whether or not I have been sexually violated of course and I have not been at least not physically but in my mind I have in a sense i.e. something about what I mentioned of paedophilia in parliament where you cannot just know out of random imagination that what would crack me is a process where black people threaten me all the time with a condition where I cannot get a job unless they owned my right hand side and ended a process where I am an introvert so that they might become one, quickly followed by a process of annoying me and getting stupid women with mental problems to keep my emotions that way by watching me all the time and making sure I do not get over it and then finished off with a condition where I am made to feel naked all the time and my anus and penis and head and tummy and chest is a play thing as a result of threats of violence that have no reason except my countenance as a result of my Christian activities; it happens that way and this combination that is right for me was devised by people who have extensive experience about it too – so there are undoubtedly paedophiles in parliament. It does not mean they have gotten me in a wider sense as it were either, it’s just that this has led me to create a bubble of my own where I get involved with them at will as a result of which they have access to me too – an access they would never have had if people did not have a habit of turning up to please them by being scared of the truth around my finances as they tend to have nothing else to do with their time about which I too have created a process where they have felt me too and had to do so much media salvation to get out of it and we are now at the point where that media salvation had become a weapon and used on me and now must be avenged too: I can always end their access by taking a holiday or simply refusing to talk to anybody over a period of time but they should never have had access to me at all if people were not trying to be rich and famous and it is the reason they will buy books that do that civil rights here or there will be trouble. As for the reasons for their behaviour, it is the old story of catching a black guy who will be used to look into the problem of Africans that want to violent stupid young white girls, while the stupid young white girls spend their pocket money taking care of Africans for such an African and making themselves important to talk nonsense all the time with thereof – resulting in that process where if I am bad mom and dad will travel overseas and get involved with those Africans and come home with something to whack me with and so I ought to undercut them by taking it up all together – so we can easily understand in that sense the absurdity of that popular culture and why I have become so prejudiced about it because they are always targeting me and always targeting my office and are always talking so much nonsense about how I am the one they can make use of. I am not all down and out either, it’s the same old case about insults from MPs and an attack on my academics because I have controlled what culture can and cannot do with me meaning there is something they want to find out – these things are not a product of some stupidities by people, they are real evils of society and that is what I mean, something they want to learn as it were. as for the feminists, we all know they are just as evil but have realised that their men do not waste any time on violence towards them because they are wanton and completely indiscriminate as well, so they always get after other peoples men and that is why I too have set out a clear lesson on the fact they would get into a relationship with me and think they are in charge of it because they are looking for trouble and with these two facts along with the one about men in their world I do not get into my bubble where I get involved with the evils of society without doing so on a platform of rape so that their own atmosphere can be built up as well. It is never true I am stuck somewhere and have no choice and cannot even give up if beaten - this company does not belong to other people and I do not want the company of the Political big boys or Business and Industry big boys or the Media ones or indeed their grown up and aged versions as well and it is the process of putting them away at the Literary Empire and Company Emporium that actually spells out my genius.

There is no hurry and no crisis, it’s all part of the get out of my face plan; I mean we never see them in a relationship with others, always between them and them alone – the big boys and the big girls and a problem with other people’s lives and so they create this barrier which means all the disgusting behaviour they exhibit ends up as something others tolerate, while their homes are havens full of good stuff and so it does not matter most of the time unless the fact I can always be handled because the worst I can do is become like them because they have always wanted all that I am to end up as something they own in their stupid homes, if I carry out any action as if that is how any of it will play out as it were and when I tell them one more sighting will result in bodies being seen, it is a bluff and not the extreme occasion for such stupid women – so it becomes a problem when this is coupled with a disgusting behaviour following it which is largely concerned with attacking my Christianity that is more about putting the good stuff out there for everybody because it prevents them from enjoying their wicked feelings of seeing the effect of their nonsense on others and that attack has actually damaged things and become trophy victory for them as well, so I do want to teach them a lesson. Yes I know they say there is nothing I can do; but I do wonder what they suppose it means when I say I will wring my business success out of the blacks and become a problem for the whites at the global markets, perhaps teaching them a lesson? So it can come back to the whole issue of making me into a pitiful fellow and I am not one; they have trouble working out how hard they work their bodies because they have jobs to do, I have that problem because I spend too much time with women far older than I am and there are way too many of them – so if that is pitiful I suppose they can blow their top but this matter comes up all the time and the reason they want to make a pitiful fellow out of me so much remains that they want to get famous, so that when I want to teach them a lesson for the abuses and the fact they have actually damaged work and career I am a pitiful fellow as well. Do I not find them attractive then? Of course not, I am not that keen on relationships with people who know what they want all the time, I mean they are not all always that way but when the general question of whether or not I find them attractive is asked that is another story – I mean I stay off food because it is helpful and allows me to suppose I can seldom do anything when people attack and or provoke me, so I know which company is not good for me in that condition and it has no right to stalk me as well. I am never an impossible person to secure and protect either – it’s as simple as what I do to leave service for the lower classes and to get on with the middle classes because it is where I am likely to find meaningful friends and the rest is family but it becomes so complicated on account these games abound so I play as well. We do hear them talk nonsense about how much better off they would be and would have been able to do it in a republic of course and it is only when you do it for them and get all liberal about it thereof.


The part about Scottish people being given financial incentives to stay in the Union which jeopardises the position of other members beats me, I mean I wouldn’t know whose idea that was anyway, all I know is that a lot of Scottish National Party members think Independence is a platform they use to ensure Scotland determines when and where it improves itself and betters itself and not a platform for breaking up the UK – this Salmon and top goons who believe otherwise is the reason they decide Scotland will break away from the UK but not from The Monarchy. So giving them financial incentives is more of paying them to break up the UK and is not the best idea in the world. As for me being the reason for these activities mostly expressed by English Politicians that want the same things as they do, I wouldn’t know either, it’s just the reality that if they want my job they need to leave that parliament alone and turn up here to get it or end their stupid insults; the consequence of course is that of making it such an intensely personal choice in that it applies therefore that I would think any who votes for Scottish independence as people that would be happy to break up a good Political Union or be a reason for it in just 14 years of living in a place and of course it is not my fault the idiots do not accept me and it would have been better if I shed myself and died so they can become me and it will become really personal indeed as well. I am therefore not too sure the fucking idiots know what they are talking about it yet but let’s keep an eye and see how it plays out. I am hated by a lot of people I hear they say, but it does not matter at all, I was always hated by a lot of people and it is the reasons I like to put myself in condition where there are no rules – now they have to deal with something they cannot see, now they have to wait and anticipate something, now they have to get cracked up as well. It’s the same old story about idiots and the idea of somebody with something they dont have whom they can beat up if they wish to, doing their best at what they do best and I really do love to give them somebody they can bully as well. I mean how do you spend tax payer funds to link a person with the idiots in their society because you are choosing his friends for him on account you want to live his life – I mean they can do it as the world’s worst envy freak of course but how do they spend tax payer funds doing it anyway? They speak of how I will one day get killed at the rate I live my life but yes that is precisely the reason I recognise they want some of mine and have extricated a condition where they are now in a place where they must fill in the gaps until that day. When it does come to the modern slavery story however, there really isn’t, we hear them speak of it all the time and hear them latch onto the part where people raise the issue of a condition they have created of two cultures at each other’s throats and of course they want to run with that too, of which there isn’t any: I am just as guilty of making the process of living in the UK unbearable for black people as they are guilty of making it unbearable for me; they have their communities and everything I work for is savaged and the one that was savaged so they can get to that point has not yet been avenged or restored – they say they are keeping their kids within access and making sure all their resources are within reach, their stupid children say they do it because daddy sent them, the daddy that is also my daddy as well etc – I on the other hand have my Christian faith and with it know how to extricate that process of respecting people in an African way to stir their stupid vanities and if they dont like it they can go home which is precisely the point. Modern slavery as a political colloquialism is just these idiots doing what they do best as it were and nothing more – thinking I worry about what racist would do with what I do to deal with it on one hand, as if the existence of racists means that I must deny a problem exists and on the other thinking white people will be allowed by me to continue to think I am responsible for their actions and that they do not know what they are doing forever which of course has no foundation on truth or the reality of my actions and I would never know why a white person would think a child in school Uniform does not know what they are doing is hurtful to those they are doing it but for myself I always say they like to think their children were born snakes from day one and I suppose they will only send the ones that are old enough to understand the consequences of their actions to turn up here to wind me up all the time. Of course it is also said all I say and do falls into the hands of bad and discriminatory people, what they do falls into the hands of those who kill others over what they do not have as well and I am sure they can see that too but I do not expect anybody to fight my battles for me – we are getting to the part where the damage to my finances which I am supposed to keep for them as an original provocation to dominate me with while I get into a fight with people is all very well but it is not how anything is going to play out since soon enough at the very heart of things will be the question of who the fuck Labour MPs are and followed by that of whose life runs that stupid party and therefore actually owns it, at the end of which they can take my job like that big mouth and as far as I am concerned there will not be a second warning: I know it is regularly said I run away from a fight of course and that is not actually true as the reality is rather that taking up their issue of bullying those they think they can and offering them a person they can bully starting with yourself means eventually a story of the women about whom when you want their own or want it the way they are offering you will ask and men whose personal life issues you really want to know so they had better fucking tabled it and children who want to be respectful of absolutely anything and will be given their wishes as it were – it is not something you leave for every tom dick and harry to copy as it were and I do not see myself as a victim of wealth distribution they make noise about how I am of which nobody knows what sort of wealth distribution involves spending tax payer funds to help idiots associate with others because you are choosing their friends for them. I have only dealt with it in terms of basic stuff and we have seen all we need to see about it the part where they claim they are controlling their kids to ensure their resources are where they should be, the part where they claim I have stolen from my fathers the ability to make people do violent things to please me and hence not a privilege that suits my size and so on and on and on and I believe it is not important for them to take a hint from me either, we will soon find out how they will take my job on one hand and who owns that Labour party on the other aside from my academic work and my job – it is the one matter that will answer the question of who they suppose they bloody are as it were. These things are not unusual; in a student union setting it would have been a case of the leadership picking on me all the time claiming it was a case of needing my help but asking would make them inferior and so I needed to be led in that way so I do not create them a problem, in a Country setting its more about how I was born into the Country and that particular way I existed is something they want to own because it will help them feel good about themselves when they do their jobs and this is the part where we will end up having serious problems thereof since the result is that they have continued to need me to carry it in my mind that they are the boss, playing a game of being more important to me than God is before they get into a public office and do a job for which they were elected and since then they have been carrying it in their minds that I am the boss but are still turning up here all the time. they even claim my activities lead to a condition where they cannot fulfil parliamentary tasks and roles and that it will lead to a rebellion of which it is never clear what it will be called anyway but I am sure it will have a fine name so that somebody can sit down somewhere and write a book about it and go on and on and on about the details. Their people do say it is a matter of my behaviour towards social issues with jeopardises them but what they are talking about as such is my mention of pornography and anal sex and stuff but if we think about it carefully we are still in the 14th year of a daily occasion of seeing them on media making money from a process of taking my possessions away from me and making it their own and after all these years and days, people are still going along with it because they are that violent and that persistent and abusive – so that idea they have that they live in a society where people will not pester them for anal sex is only an imagination; it is the old question rather of who the hell they are which I do not want worn down either.  It is usually the point where they say I call people none grata but I am actually the none grata bothering others, about which there is a perfectly sound explanation i.e. I work on my books and company and one day took a walk around five office blocs in the City centre and people noticed and soon enough became impatient, so while I am still working on my project the Politicians and their constituents move in and make me a victim of wealth distribution and have since continued to think media salvation means I have no right to an income as well and it is becoming an answer to everything ripping up public place equities of mine that has been deployed by firms to create products and the deliberate process by which they do it without knowing or even having to know what it is about seems to be what the idiots are complaining about too.