Now the issue of how I try to get around with people and they do not know who the hell I am does not apply to these matters; the reality about that is that they barge into my affairs and sit around to mess it up and I simply have reached a stage where I cannot stop punishing them for one thing or another – they like these punishments you see, especially the one concerning insubordination and it is much the same with the men that support them too. I am not like this and do not like insubordination punishments, so I cannot understand why human being behave the way that they do and therefore cannot stop punishing them for various other things as well including vandalism and so on, while they will not keep themselves out of my work and out of my life to stop these punishments from continuing and that is perfectly okay by me too. The other part about getting into trouble with them regularly of course is utter nonsense too; I mean at present it is the case that just because I have not put a process where men lose control of everything around them into overdrive, it therefore gets to mean that the fact they want to control me will prevail just because as it stands, the result of their desire to control me means I cannot sell my books and I cannot get a job. The reality of it of course is always that old case of you must lose control of absolutely everything around you and if you come round here I will give you the beating of your life as well, while I have some war on media going on which I win too. This I am not doing while they cannot stop talking nonsense about how they will be the ones doing all the beating and that will never be the case as it were. I do not think it a difficult issue for my part, the reality of it is the old question of why I hate these popular culture idiots so much and the truth of it is that they are always at it; once there is something out there that is evil but permissible by society they are certain to be out there being a part of it and making sure it affects everybody and I have been clear for my part that I don’t like bumping into things because of this; I mean it has led to surveillance on my part over them on grounds I need to control who dies so that I can decide everybody has the right to live and kill anybody who gets in the way of that as well but it does not deter them because they have got media insults to play around and throw around and have their hand on anything I own which I refuse to share with them in some strange and insolent peerage forced on me which will leave them the advantage – I don’t like bumping into things I am supposed to do to make women feel secure and comfortable and I don’t like bumping into things concerning a process where they did things alongside me and were actually the boss and so on but they have never really learned to listen and this will never go away either. In the end the reality is that the evils they love to much complete with a habit of pitching camps here and there is permissible by society and so they are free to do their own and leave me to do my own but we all know it does not work that way, so I have to establish the reality forcefully that if being horrible meant that you got rich criminals would be the richest and then they would have no problems and then they would not be miserable but nobody is using my morals for anything and if I reach them anywhere near the Church it will alter everything all together. Hardly a hard line stance of course when for their part, they seek out every good aspect of my life and provoke me with it and align themselves with criminals for power and want to regularly get on media to see me fight over my life; so it’s the same old story with them and with the Politicians i.e. men losing control of all things around them while there is a media war which I win, so it is never fair to make so much noise when I have not put this into practice yet and it is important they leave me alone as we are not mates too. However they will continue to have very little control of anything around them so I can watch them control me like they desire with their big mouth as well. I do not think it is a major issue; the reality of it is that these fools always want to be able to split society into fighting groups so that they can at each point they wish, just like they want to sing the Intellectual property of my company for a living for example chose the side that is the strongest on every occasion and align themselves to it which will give them access to wealth and property of all the other side and they will keep this whole process of being able to sell themselves to the highest bidder therefore with the society of vices and that is how I got to set out the protection of my morals which I extended to involve the Church as well. Hence when their desire to control me means I cannot sell my books and I cannot get a job and I am being made to look like something far right groups hate, it is an opinion of theirs that I do not know what it is. They always say the real problem of society is that not everybody is rich but I am an example of course that if hypothetically I were to have everything but were available to them, then what I would become would be an important person that was available for all kinds of abuse and then I will look like something each and every one of them wants to perform a violent act on as well, so I wonder if those who bring up such stories are still making such a case in this day and age. As I said, I don’t like bumping into things and will not stop keeping them until surveillance so they can kill me or take anything I do not wish to give them – it is an evil that is a matter of choice and they can do their own and leave me alone to do my own, not try I control me which only people who are intensely as mad as they would think about or try to implement and I am not complaining for my part either. It’s not the first occasion either anyway, we are aware that it has almost become a substitute norm these days that the insults women throw at others is what economy means – so that when they are finished with their ideas about law making which breaks down society because it starts with that I don’t believe in God nonsense, we reach the part where government property exists to enforce this kind of economy with and I am not ready or willing to tolerate any of it either; they can do their own and leave me to do my own and stop making it worse by talking nonsense of killing me and taking my stuff because when they see what they want they must not be denied with a big mouth. Of course they tell tales all the time of how I speak of one side and leave the other to fester and it is not surprising since it is a society of vices anyway, however to indulge it then the reality is that it is the one they are supposed to do. The truth reality of it for the most part when they say I need to make the point about why people want to control me, is that I had long decided to do something about Politicians and the greedy desire to be famous and by the way of which the fame is not being followed on from the direction by which it will be made possible, hence they know they handle me for it to provoke me as well and should have expected some reaction anyway. Thus I deal with them and leave some for the future regularly because it is gone completely out of control; the reality of course being that there lies at the Civil service and public service sector opportunities for people to get rich carpeted for as far as the eye can see but it is never enough and never was enough until I become unemployed for five years just because I registered myself to look for work and they saw it and wanted it, which caused me to decide it is not being run properly as well. So the one that would have really kicked it off was the bit where I went there to sign on one day and was told I needed to provide passport of Bank card as prove of ID, something really personal that they can use – so I give it time to find out and it turns out the system was open and clear and it was one tick for the Tory Party for running a transparent system there and I pulled out and called it off. Of course they like to make noise of what I could never have done but they know I have set out the threat before over that civil service it will one day be a case of me and them and those insults and the need to spend that their stupid money to get gangs while I do this violence they measure out for me like it was my daily portion every day, until I do the money as well, especially for the women. So yes I am aware as it were that it is the female side of controlling me thing; it’s always a case of them and their boys who would beat up anybody that chases them to recover what they have stolen as it were and no idea who on earth invented for them the notion it is how to earn a living and those boys are a work of art for their part of course because if they are not evil in their own right then they are being nice by attending school only when they have a hate figure; the rather bigger ones in size I really hate because their category and stereotype was the reason my parents broke up since my mom always tended to live from outside to inside and hence anything that happened in the family did only after they got their low down on it and so on etc, while my dad later chased it to his death and I will not tolerate them at the International community either – happy therefore to mention anything can kick it off, including how well I sleep at night when they are the ones who carry out more responsibilities and so on; it is never over unless I say so and I do not wish them to push it either – we are not mates and they need to stay well away from me.


The part about my position on the financial benefits of leaving the EU is just a misunderstanding of what I am saying; the reality and the truth is that there might be financial benefits for leaving the EU which are massive, however we will be building a future outside of the security we get from our circle of friends for life and that means that somebody is not calculating a certain vital aspect of such a policy very well; I mean what about certainty? Yet they will say that I mention such things because of what happens to me at Royal circles but that is not really true; the truth is the old stuff of hypothetically breaking up the issues into three parts and hence suggesting in the UK for example that one part means that the CBI becomes the public standard bearer for information that Banks need in order to settle up which business is safe to lend money to, the other part means that the economy is doing well because big businesses are struggling, the reason being that they can afford to wait for the crisis to blow over and the third part is to ask if small businesses should wait as well, which will show that they are not planning to wait for anything and that the reason for that is that they do not have to; it is the way it always works, small businesses get hit first and small businesses always recover first. The part about how there are those who work for money and pay their taxes while others like me sponge off the state, the idea comes through for the business and Political idiots because they are convinced a Literary Empire built alongside a royal estate is worth £70 a week which is all I get for the vandalism and the extracting of money from my earnings everyday from them and that foolish parliament, so I always guess it happens because they want to see a spectacular outcome from what I can do as well. I mean I have set out facts which show that Popular culture and fame and fortune idiots do nothing else with their time but lend their time and popularity to business idiots that want to play candy from a baby which is such fun like politicians and men want to control me but people continue to buy those music CDs anyway and are convinced they can be party to that sort of vandalism and criminal activity and destruction without consequences as well. I mean what do Politicians know about work; have politicians especially the Tories and their ideas about what other people’s property should be used for over claims of a culture stolen from them like people steal society from Labour and Liberalism from Liberal democrats know about work, have they ever worked for anything in their lives? It is still on anyway; the Politicians and the men will lose control of everything around them while there is a media war out of it that I win and the Businesses are inching closer along with Popular culture idiots to an ultimatum and then I will kick off as well and find out what their case is with candy from a baby all over the world and then they will lose control of things as well, since what I have done is not hurting badly enough. I mean it is not as if these things are not yet settled; the men and Politicians have no control whatsoever of anything on account of me, the media have a real problem with being a media and the Popular culture idiots have the evil side of their cultures being made famous by me since we know that kids do it all the time where they consider their bullies should really be out there running some fame and fortune industry to help them use their beauties and stuff to make money with – I know they offer some sense of responsibility by attacking those who make their music CDs and manage them as such with each public appearance they make but it is not enough, not enough for me; they can never be famous when they wreck finances – never. I am not that fond of clinging to things anyway but when you have your finances wrecked over and over and over again so that people can create a fundamentalist idiot out of you because you have got the aesthetics for it even when you have a government office to fulfil while they come up with new stories that aid plans to take it over endlessly to see you fight over your life, you have serious problems attached to it at all times, especially because you tend to work out of it and recover – so since I do not particularly like the idea of bumping into things draw their attention to it and hit them each time they are in regularly, hence when I had made an enemy out of them all I will have to worry about is these serious violent greedy problems becoming a matter of hearsay while I can therefore think about making the business work for it, they on the other hand have resorted to physical and criminal handling of my products to ensure they are able to stifle the finances and so it escalates. I just thought with this stories of the government having made laws which were made as they were so made as it were, over this matter of those who work hard and pay taxes and those who sponge off the state, that I ought to test the water so to speak and so I tried out a plan to ensure those who have jobs because of which I cannot walk down the streets and must have the worst day imaginable every single day because they have these jobs and pay taxes, get to do real jobs as it were as given by me and the taxes paid therefore since they have made it clear they want jobs and want to have their fill and bad days of it too as it were. So I thought they ought to be at it while I claim the benefits and stop making noise for a start and it seems employers do not like it very much and all I can say is that they can cross those lines the next time and get after me like they love to all the time, after they wreck my finances using mine to do those stupid jobs which of course is clear indication they have not changed even when they have the jobs and cannot work for money even when the work is put before them alongside the pay on a platter. That my Literary empire is not worth £70 a week has nothing to do with HM The Queen’s pay, I didn’t listen to that part of the Queen’s Speech ceremony anyway, it’s the reality of idiots that have never done a day’s work in their lives turning up to tell me they have jobs and pay taxes and I am sponging off the state even as they are using my property to do jobs that they have already got which stifles the income and now that they do I am definitely going to register unemployed and then get a job as well, thus they are not in any way seeking the trouble I intend to give to them as well as much of it as they can take therefore. I mean they always say I might talk that way and get into a brush with really big people but the reality of course is not just how the issue of really big people is a question of don’t even think about peddling it and a response from them of are you the kind of person that kills people for it because I have got news for you I am? Of course the fact is always that it is one thing to fantasise killing people and another to actually do it, for of course once they have done it, like many things are usually unclear the fact they have on the contrary will be without doubt. Which is the basis for all those their attention grabbing opinions about people which do get concern because they are intensely violent but the result is that they never listen, my personality will be used to make fame and fortune because I am not using it while that it what it was meant for and so in my opinion the reality is that when they suck as it were I will breathe the free air; I mean he is bigger than I am and I will not want to put myself between him and his fist on one hand and on the other I have to get around explaining to people why I look the way I do and that the reason is that I am a devout Christian and this is already the case because he is a very selfish and evil control freak who seeks society as something he as a person can handle for his own fame and fortune ends but it gets worse because he has no respect for the fact a devout Christian has a problem with people using his personality to make fame and fortune and therefore cannot simply just desist from doing so because he is bigger than I am as it were – so I have come to imagine they know these things but do not yet feel like they should not do it. The part where I claim I have a literary empire when I have no such thing is very well understood as well, it is the other thing they say about my royal alliances but all I can say about it is the old fact they need to stay off the public work and stay off the royal estate and stay off the books; I know there are millions of people who make use of services from my company and a fraction of that will never pay for it but the fraction that does is not a property of theirs, I want them to do their extracting an income from my purse insolence somewhere else; I have always been important enough for that to happen so every other excuse of being financially better off than I am is not just irrelevant, it is looking for its own trouble as well and will definitely get it too. Same old story with those of them that own businesses; that when I build it, what happens through the peddling of my personality and getting serious with it endlessly is a process where another uses the blue print and hence they have reached a stage where they can tell me if my company is an empire or not because they do strange things to their thought pattern and have a flawed sense of how to handle other people and therefore believe I am of the opinion that when they had said such things I never worked for my business and it does not exist, so I guess it is reckoning time anyway and those really intrusive insults will have to find their level too as it were; hence I do have a literary empire but they have continued to mention the destruction of their International relations but of course that has not yet reached a stage where I get to tell them as well they have not even got a Political party yet but are acting as though they do, so it is still work in progress and as for the International community ones, we are aware of rising developing economy upper classes that want some strange revenge as it were, the reality about it and the issue of immigration they claim I rip up all the time is as simple as it always was – ether they will listen to those who have real power in the real world and can do things with facts and figures that detach matters from violence or they will continue to push it and the result will be a story of large economies and economic powers getting up to strange things, since they cannot let others be and will not think it is serious either when it has come to the point where I will not tolerate them at the International community as well. It is the way it always works; small businesses get hit by recessions first and small businesses recover first – this whole thing about idiots extracting millions from my earnings for they have never before worked for anything in their lives would be useful information if I were a video game developer as it were but I am not, so maybe I will just become part of the story all together. I do have a literary empire and I will peel their fingers of my income one way or another as well. it is never true that what I say is largely fantasy, it is not fantasy; the reality of setting out a platform of operation that suggests those who do jobs and pay taxes and their plans to oppress those who claim benefits indicates they want jobs and want to pay taxes for a living and for the rest of their lives as well is not a bluff or a fantasy, it will work very well with those of them that have outdoor jobs like security jobs and so on and it is when I had started one off that they will feel the other side of what they have made the neighbourhoods into of course and then they will really get to those jobs and do strange things like buy music CDs from idiots that sell my personally and the Intellectual property of my company for a living to maintain a reputation where they have never worked for money in their foolish lives as well, keeping up the riches and fame banter with it as it were and becoming convinced they can bully anybody they chose with it too. Employers do not like these kind of neighbourhood of course and this applies therefore both to the so called big men I am meant to be scared of and the women and their boys who are convinced everybody wants to tolerate their insults which they like to claim means economy with media fools – hence the International Community issue. The money thing is something I use to communicate my subordination to my boss as it were, so it usually scarier to think about what it would be replaced with hence I am never really that keen. However that does not change the fact that people continue to make their fame and fortune by abusing me and people continue to buy the items they produce from it and turn out to drive around and show off the spoils of their fame and fortune culture and society bullying me all over the place – hence it gets put in context when they speak of government setting out laws on those that work hard and pay taxes and those that sponge off the state. Why can’t they just stop buying the music CDs and let them sing their first before they buy it instead rather than pretend I will do nothing about it and more so because they feel they are not a part of the abuse as well. So the media I will chase around the world and ensure they take nothing from me because I know they don’t understand what the word no means, while fame and fortune idiots will continue to have a famous evil culture because criticising their bullies that run their shows and studios where they produce music abusing me is not enough and they can never be famous while they have a track record of wrecking finances.


I am aware of that concern from them of course that what I say makes things worse but it does not, the reality is that what I say is largely designed to express what I am capable of; they on the other hand are a collection of trouble seeking fools, especially for the Americans and will get some of mine too, not yet enough to far and not nearly enough either anyway – I mean has anybody ever seen them run businesses with equities in it anyway? They never do, what they do is find people whose business equities they want to use to make the public feel good and sell it quick from a distance at which the owner can do nothing or anything the owner does will come too late and make enough money to be confident enough to threaten them with in order to keep it going and once they do blow off their big mouth all the time which creates a lot of problems for the owner of the equities and securities, so for me it comes down to the issue of when I tell them not to handle the books on seeing I have not given them any permission to do so and they handle it and threaten me and dare me as well, so we are not having any conversation about anything as it were. Their idiots and stories told of how the government has set out legislation concerning those who work and pay taxes and those who sponge off the state has secured this warning from me; they have never worked for anything in their lives and need to stay the hell away from me and any effects of me thereof. What I say is designed to declare equities for my business that I have got, not secure conversations with them, especially the Americans; concerning whom it applies that the popular confidence is always of that old story of when it is too late because of what the market wants in the sense that my stories will make no sense when a distributor has a product and needs to work with them at hand, so of course I have been clear about where I stand on the matter as well anyway, for now it is a happy go lucky victimless crime with a lot of dividend to its which brings about self improvement stories for those who warned me and brings about wealth and power for those they warned me against until party time runs out as well.