I am not a victim of some crime and never said that I was one; the fact of the matter is that these people, especially the ones in the UK alongside their friends abroad think it is okay to hate or have a problem with people to the point where you want to be personally responsible for bringing down the means by which they sustain themselves and their families; here in the UK they are proud of their reputation about it because they have a welfare state which ensures people do not get as angry as they must be over such things but when they get on media to boast about it, that is always the last straw hence all they do is to ensure that they are able to get away with that and so at this point I know I have created the impression that they have but it does not detract from the fact that I think they boast about it on Television because they must be my gods or something. Of course the natural way to see a process where I say such things is that of something I say but of which it is all empty talk; it is not actually empty talk because we are getting to a point where I will spend all the time making sure black idiots and their insolent seniority by which they cannot exist for a second without pushing me around to get jobs in which they wear suits operates becomes a real problem and we are talking about all the way down to a process where they will pay debts every single day until I perhaps cease to exist. So it is all very well to say I yap like I am a victim of some crime and they on the other hand can keep yapping too like that and I will be one soon enough.

I mean I can understand the idea my very existence makes them feel a way they do not like in their tummy but why is it then so impossible for them to stay out of my life and stay away from me, go around causing trouble somewhere else basically and we are not talking about handing my income and working out they need to keep it by telling stories about how I have damaged a culture they cannot physically make an evidence of, so they can keep my income and my property whenever they take it before any alternative ways of seeing what they are getting up to happens. If people are that much of a group of popular culture bullies, they are supposed to be out there where the popular culture is, not in here where my office and my savings and all I own and all my valuables are, since we have mad Politicians in this country however they are and so when they boast about it on Television I always think they do because they are my gods.

On a personal note, since this is my first experience of a Tory government however, I have come to the conclusion that my orientation with it ought to have more to do with letting white people do as they please and black people have restricted freedoms to do what they like so that when they do not like it that way more of them can get elected as well and if they get too angry about it they can always elect their white socialists who give them access to my privacy so that we can continue to work towards a process where I am a victim of some crime about which nothing whatsoever will happen to them. If it does not work this way I can see that those stupid insults and intrusions for them that are so intense I cannot have friends will continue to be viewed as something that must remain that way for the rest of their lives and the rest of my life too, so they can keep it for good.

I have at this stage completely killed off any sense that black people have any kind of lifestyle in this country, I mean when we speak of the fact it is not the first state of affairs I have erected against people of my own kin which of course is true; no more stupid parties in which people drink so much they decide they have communities that can constitute a threat to me and I will continue to regulate how much life they enjoy in this country whenever they travel here too because it helps me to keep up with the drugs and gangs and the crimes that comes with those. It is the only group of activities that black fools who fail to live up to the standard of their so called age mates around the world, they need to move somewhere else to cause their trouble otherwise nobody will ever know there are black people living in the United Kingdom, so they can forget who they are and attack me like they always do as if they are the world’s greatest bullies; I mean I do try my best anyway and anybody in my shoes would do these things too i.e. they can keep yapping like that too and I will be a victim of crime soon enough as well.

It brings us back to the issue of robbery where the government makes laws which suggest that using grossly disproportionate force is unacceptable but using force is when they had a job to do at administration to ensure that such issues are ironed out, instead of make legislation for them when there is already law that makes it clear when you burgle people’s homes and they fear for their lives and kill you it is your stuff and so if you go into their homes, they normally would anticipate you do with plans to kill them and therefore try not to put themselves in unnecessary risks. It suggests that nice peoples steal and nice people bugle people’s homes, not the fact that people would think the welfare state is not enough for them to plan their emergencies around, that they must steal in order to be real people or real men or whatever they are when they do it, which are all a collection of things people do to ensure the Laziest most insolent community croons have people like them to send out to murder people so they can control the air in the town. Most of their supporters say I ruin people’s big moments on television and then hug the market for fame; from Christian to this was annoying enough but when they want a thing people will give and the bets therefore remains the only meaningful thing I seem to do around here anymore. It is either the royal property or the books mean something to those who climb up on it so they don’t have to climb up on it for climbing sake, otherwise there is no point complaining about the state of affairs I erect for my own affairs and business.

With respect to the matter of problems politicians face on the international aspects of the economy which means that most of the things I speak of are not actually wrongs or damages they are responsible for, I am perfectly aware of those; it just rather seemed that we needed to get hurt first before we realise that the US is not full of cosmopolitan civilised guys just because those are the friends we have over there. It is the biggest and richest economy in the world and when I take my stand on matters it should never have to be a matter of what I can or cannot do. Like the old issue of politicians and the issue of governance when nobody tells them to make out following an author and following a Politician are the same thing or European Union and British European interests are the same thing then fumble when asked what policy must be when they are.

I am not necessarily a victim of prognosis of sexual wickedness, just a popular target for it; it continues because other things have taken the place of hunting them and asking others who tell me they are a service to society over their bullying if they do get stopped on the public roads so pain can be inflicted on them by those who are exercising their seniority, so as to know they are a service to society and we are not talking about a lack of respect for peoples means and the deployment of the vanities of Politicians to ensure they can have any target they want whenever they do want it. I when faced with such questions do not bother myself that much about it anymore just a matter of waiting for the day I will perhaps be forced to physically get hold of them and inflict the pain as well because at the end of the day it boils down to that, the clear naked infliction of suffering and pain nothing else. When I say it of course, far from interfering with the work that other royals are doing for example, I am referring to looking upon the matter of society that makes excuses for these activities as something that you need to deal with to wake everyday to a business that is the way you left it the previous day to make a secure living with.

They say I like it when others have been sexually abused of course but what it really means when they say such things in my view is that there is an issue of what they are doing with their energy at this point in time if the process of abuse for them was a bad thing. It goes without saying they are very lazy people who always want some excuse to hand other peoples income and then get to keep it but if I say such a thing I would be talking semantics because the real issue is that they want to be able to beat people and when they cannot beat a certain chosen person do those sort of things as accuse me of things everyday on TV to get assistance for it with a big mouth and so it is on this juncture that they expect me to say that it was a bad thing when it happened that they got fucked as they would put it. The devil has many faces obviously but the trick is to see that it is the same devil anyway. What happens here with respect to me on the other hand is never a process of trying to beat those that are bigger than me, it’s a simple case of the fact that if I wrote books about media idiots the most they can do is wait for me to make money from it and sue me if they can but I am not writing books about them so they have found a way into my privacy and then gotten off to ensure my books are never sold because they do not like the idea that I am writing them and hence have since developed the backup lies for it, once done and it is time to fight, then they decide it is rather time to complain and nobody knows why they lie all the time on that stupid media as well when they actually do feel that other peoples livelihoods must be handled by their impudent selves in such ways, after which they get off on Television to shine their teeth think it is funny and lie all the time. I intend to get to make them understand what they do to my rights when it is difficult for them to understand why a certain work ends up with a process of earning money for a person, they think instead what they plan to do is get connected to somebody royal or important that they will ensure takes it all away with a big mouth and I like bets too for my part. The usual idea is that I speak like that because I have a higher power backing me up as well but that is something they are now in the position to do as it were for wrecking my finances over a period of a decade everyday; I mean I have savings to last me for four years and I finish the book in three, ready the market and they get on media to use it for something else with familiarity and seniority insults they claim they have gone to continents where people have the small skin colour as I do to learn, so they understand what they have done and why they yap off so much therefore at this point, I on the other hand however just need to remind them it is still dangerous to talk like that since I am not finished as it stands yet. When they have not damaged your finances for this sort of confidence then it’s all about civil rights con and the things you can do for people, which will never go away but once they have it even as a fantasy then they become confident enough to tell me they will take away the higher authority that backs me up and find out what I can do about them and so it goes on like that destruction of people savings and income; something they are very good at of course and I intend to save up all that knowledge of handling peoples human rights I don’t want to know about and they seem to be dead to my demands and intend to play everyone and every bit of it out on them and their lives as well. They are like the opposite of all those guys that do stuff for people i.e. armed forces and emergency services and so on – once they are bigger than people it is time to bully those in order to get rich whether or not they have established a link between doing so and getting rich.


I am not in any trouble as such, I always think the idea that they will keep it all going for the rest of my life is something they say because they are bluffing; I mean with what? I just think it is hard work and nothing else, I mean as per how I exist and operate is not how they do and want their stuff so the only thing that explains where they are here is that they are a problem, some hard work that expects me to do it half-half and leave some for somebody else, which is going to happen of course.

So finally they have come forth to claim I am an immoral person that needs to be straightened out which is brilliant of course because it seems media determines their morality and not God. I mean it is fine for people to get around saying those things they say about how I judge people without knowing the facts or why they are the way they are which constitutes the biggest problem I have alright when immorality and wickedness can never exist in a circumstantial condition and nobody asked them to interfere with my faith either but why on earth would they think a process where they are modern and I am not can become a weapon an advantage which makes them so powerful I become a victim of bullying, why would they think it is okay to turn up to spend my time to enforce their stupid will? They are the ones that want to live in my life not me in their own, they even think that it is a condition that has emerged to create a situation where their lives are secrete places where all I own will end up and they will be accountable to no body for what they want and so will I burn it as well, all the way to those stupid Popular culture celebrities they wreck my finances in order to worship as Idols; I do suppose when I say so they think I am bluffing when the violence of it and everything is just something that must be taken care of if I want to wake everyday to find my products and business the way I left them the night before – so it is not that I ask them to move on either as it were they can stay on and I am not giving back that stupid left hand side which they can come round here to get when they come round to get rid of me because they do not like me as well. I have warned about it before, we will end up with a religious instead of a capitalist regime in the west and it will be enforced too before this comes to an end of it own.

They say they will like a length and width of what goes on in my head of course but clearly they do not seem to understand I want to burn all of it or they can move out of my life to somewhere else and not tell me where I am supposed to be found while they are still in it with their big mouth, instead of talk demagogueries about how they take my stuff and do it for me. The other way of putting it is that part where they point to how I watch pornography which is as well because when people make those adult films, that is clearly the way they have sex or maybe it’s just a film, so instead of enjoying the film people should be having sex with it apparently. Not to mention the fact that those who made it are selling it as it were, hence they can see when they watch adult films they want sex when I watch it I see people making a film and they want my privacy when they wreck theirs and because they have my earnings and have not worked for their own to be rich I ought to go without to take the load off their insolent minds. In the end there are areas of society where adult activities are taking place and I am not saying angels live there because some of the films are made by very vile people, however they are all films as it were which children should never watch and that is why they are called adult films. So I would like it if somebody kept their popular culture and media corruptions outside where they are supposed to be otherwise I will get rid of it for them and that is the length and width of anything they wish to know. There is no hypocrisy of asking people to do as I say and not as I do; the adult movies are made in the adult movies community and it does not necessarily apply that when I do an adjudication involving which one is republican in nature and which one is just people making adult movies in the UK for example, every scumbag in the land generally has the same job about which they will force me to bear the risks like their insolent big mouth barks off on media all the time. They are a collection of idiots who need to be made to have less of that stuff and that are what I want; who the cap fits they say with that big mouth all the time. When people wonder if these are things I really can do, I suppose it is largely a matter of what the vanities of Politicians will create as it were, otherwise it is rather simple to see we live in a fantasy world where people can see a stash of cash on your table, hand it and run off to the stock market where you cannot tell them to give it back because it is the stock market and for the fame and fortune thing on the other hand however you just want to create a rival community for it and those stupid insults that marvel you as to how human being could live and exist in such ways, until it goes horribly wrong. It is suggested at their double dealing back stage media that there was a time I supported those things but there really was no such time; what happens is the same old stuff, once they are in town, girls don’t want to attend school anymore, what they want to do is get into a fight with boys on your head and tell you the only way to help them with any problems associated with it is giving up your place which they also claim is what you promised as well, it is such a desire for them that they can make it up and believe it as a fantasy if they want when they have never met you and then through no fault of yours you lose everything you have ever worked for because they take up all your time and resources, gather stupid men who want to beat you up to themselves and make up accusations of threats of safety and security that is created because you chase them and then when done they get to brag about it and keep up with all you do to continue extracting all you earn and boast about their powers to finish any who challenges them financially which is what this is really all about. I am not suggesting that it is a massive problem either, they are really lazy scum that live on the process of bullying others into doing things for them and like to tell me when I build my empire trust and they wreck it to get rich like they always do, at some point when I have nothing to rebuild with and they have all the jobs my people will ever seldom get jobs and it is where they display the fact they know nothing about me the most because of course my people would get jobs without a doubt, although at the moment those books of mine and the market place they like to attack and ravage sales for them daily is the main issue and it will be their undoing. They started it some years ago when they said that me and my kind will have no jobs until we give people sex and so I decided they were bluffing and they decided to fire the first shots of wrecking my finances and using cultural violent and society wickedness to create rumours that are the reasons they attack my academic work and jobs in order to ensure, every bit of my life is explained with sexual activity; now they lay hands on my book sales because they are using them to get connected to those who may have the jobs so that from time to time they get to make sure those people demand sex before we get jobs and I decided they had finished their share and it is my turn. Some of them these days claim my views of sexual abuse will get me into trouble but I do not suppose their insolent girls are beating me up yet in the first place so we are not talking about that yet. I suppose they now know what it feels like, how difficult it is to provide the property and the security one of the two of which they don’t even have, hence as it were since we were mates too; clearly they want democracy but to hell with the rules until you handle them as well, like a decade of hate campaigns to ensure we do not have money and they can have their revenge for the hard hand history has measured out for them – it has always been that simple for them as it were.