They rebellion and instability people apparently like that story of me playing with the dangers etc; it is utter nonsense as nothing which is said or done, no activity that involves government or systems of social control and their involvement with it or indeed any changes made will change the fact that they hate the Country because everybody else is usually likely more successful and the reason has always been that what people have worked for is out of plain sight while the fact they spend their time being useless while building up a crowd to chase those they want to target is usually out of sight too; hence it’s not in my interest to feel sorry of them and I have said that before but I would fancy especially their Politicians putting an end to lifting my Books without getting a copy of their own. They do like to pick up on instability in the Middle East of course, which is a very different case of the assumption it is okay to attack people because the criminal elements they have to wrangle past in their day to day concerns is not the prioritised one but in the end such leaders should avoid bombing people to make criminals that have found a legitimate reason to pick up arms and steal what they like submit and get out of Terrorism. They say it has taken all I had of course, which is utter nonsense apparently it seems that what happens when they take naked pictures of themselves and give it as selfie to Boyfriend who slashes it all over the internet later on is what they are scared of which constitutes what they love to do to me as well – so blabbing about taken all I have will cause it to go from a case of showing up on my public image to exhibit themselves and make fame and fortune any further if they like to a personal and personal life case all together. They do say most of what I say and do at Public engagement is still stuck in the shadows but it’s a simple example, where they say what happened in Syria was misunderstood whereas the reality is a shop owner that has gone off to do some underground stuff to prevent local celebrities hitting on him all the time to get some endorsement and fame and finding something bigger as a result, then show up to protest and get shot at while the government that sanctions this continues to pretend that it has not allowed the local celebrities to become abusive to a stage where they see the shop keeper as an easy target with colloquialism of what his size and level was, so as to facilitate a means by which they can make money and avoid work; these are some of the facts that history will actually record not what I think.

Now they say all I do is developed from Brexit and it will never make sense when the day Brexit was announced was the same day I made quite obvious that if they had acted one more time in future in such ways as denies me my contracts and financial arrangements, I will chase up their own as well, right down to White Van Man. They do say it’s an example of how detached the Monarchy is from the people whereas the reality is that they have become really used to insulting other peoples intelligence all day long. I am happy with seeing them get on Media to roll off stories about how detached Monarchy is from the people, for the rest of their lives if they so desire but it will never please me in any way to see them show up around my Books. It’s usually at such a stage that we hear talk of how I am predisposed to a temper I can neither manage nor back up but that will only lead right down to the original problem concerning their stupid girls and popular culture idiots showing up to threaten me and extricate money from my financial affairs all day long on grounds that this story of Monarchy being detached from people will be played off to American idiots in the CIA and FBI. So this is me assessing how much of a threat they really can be when they are done with their successes of insolence that sees government operatives end up with a financial problem as though that is how they are used when they assume government office themselves. We see these successes of insolence all the time, which leads to outcomes in which they expect to make themselves comfortable on people’s property and public image and when denied build a crowd and start a fight against he that has denied them freedom, which is why they hate my guts so much as it stands. The American ones are a story in their own right, the Africans are a self harming idiots but the German led ones have never really settled up on the fact that one Country being responsible for the first and second world war in quick succession within a time period of 30 years is not a magical occurrence; getting on my nerves as though there is anything on the planet that they really can do as it were. This is what I said i.e. I am happy with seeing them show up on Media to run off stories about Monarchy being detached from the people but seeing them around my Books will never be tolerated, especially around the question of what happens after that stupid success of insolence had reached its pinnacle as well. Otherwise I have warned them about the threats as they really do get on my nerves as it were and there is only one reason thereof that somebody bigger who likes to bully me, would feel that if cornered and I picked up a stick to beat him seriously enough to make him spend time with his wife getting nursed would only lead to an outcome in which he gets up on Media to decide what people think really happened would be because a condition whereby he has not lost anything from the whole process. This matter has never really been a crisis for me; it’s the world of gangs – some gangs are greed gangs and some are beggar gangs who are violent obviously, some are power gangs etc and the way in which they bring their stupidities into mainstream living and give us the experiences we have is through wealth inequality stories and civil rights and I have no idea how many times I will take it up and do it for those who love to peddle it with as much disrespect as they can around here before they get to move themselves somewhere else just yet – what we know so far is that they hate my guts and those stupid threats fundamentally create this need to fish them out one by one so they can never get to fight me as a community. The only time we see them become nice people is when they speak of what they can do when somebody turns up to help everybody else and deny them. They do say that Politicians really hate me as such but that is actually good because Politicians are evil and when they start talking about racism and nepotism and other forms of really insulting discrimination as opposed to just using it as means of deploying other people’s lives to get things done by making sure the reasons that the dogs smell the cooking was not a natural cause, we can start to fancy each other.

I have now been stuck in a cycle of job seeking they say; utter rubbish – the reality is that I do not have the time to chase up idiots who would rather spend their time inserting their products into my market place on Media and spreading wrong publicity about my Books so they can keep an eye on me when I am job seeking and it is the sort of blabbing that will cause me to make time for it since what they do not have time for is actually affecting their finances like their stupidities plays out here. I do not think that the matter is a crisis; ideal situation is to track stock market goons and Media trouble makers enough to ensure I have created a structure that will allow me resolve any problems that they have created for me on my feet and that is something I will have to do sooner or later but do not have the time for at present. So what they have become fond of is to pick up from the other old case of when I say I am not homosexual and it becomes a preoccupation to approach me on the basis of homosexual sex – what they are approaching however being a condition whereby I am a Christian and fast and pray a lot of course, the trouble being that there are people who believe that they want to see God do miracles to provide my bills and always show up to pervert my personality with sex and through this they develop some open secret they share with themselves at their local communities that sets me out as homosexual but then again, so have I already told them I am not homosexual and therefore actually do not need to explain this, which is why it gets serious. They do say I have no respect for Women naturally but I am still at a loss as to whether their wise fools show up here to get comfortable on my work and public image because I owe them debts or actually happen to be their Parents, which is all something that will hurt anybody who has to put up with it as well. The part where it turns out I hate Women as much as they do is the one that makes sense of the fact I am actually encouraging them to continue until I find time for them all together i.e. for example the link between the Model who Models a suit he has been paid to and the fashion designers Broker who might put it up on a social networking site aka they need to model the suit and mind their business? It is nothing out of the ordinary, it happens all the time – not least the assumption that when I do not wish to build myself a reputation for not wanting the Nation to be successful by attacking those who make their proximity to the treasury a means for bullying, I actually do not have an alternative way of handling them; what tells the most is when owners of companies at random wish to find out what has been happening and see Mr CEO is a Yatch with several girls showing people the kind of lifestyle that comes with being CEO of the Company, the owners are never necessarily happy but if the accounts Books are fine, then they will not bother, the problem is that these fools want to develop this sort of stuff into the kind of lifestyle that gets their jobs done for them at my expense and I am encouraging them, until I end up finding time for their case as well and then the story of its mine over my property everyday while complaining about heart disease will cease to be the only thing their age group has to deal with around here all together – they do these things like some form of statement about how easy the owners of Companies find an existence while they have to work so hard for their part but I am at a loss as to what it actually had to do with me all together. As for the part where I am always wasting everything I have however; it’s an old game – when I did actually tell them that I was going to write the Books to harm them and end up making them sell it for me while I watch them comply, they thought it was a big bluff and made a game of fun on the global stage out of it, now my bottom hurts all the time, what I don’t have time for affects a process of sitting down to count my finances and do my expense at the bottom line all together, while they show up to sort out where I am stuck so they can monitor me to see if I am looking for employment while on benefits. It’s as though there is something seriously wrong with them and sometimes you pity businesses that have to employ them and think about your own situation as well but then again, sometimes, some companies do get really good ones too. it’s always been a simple problem, what complicates it is that the profitability of violence opens its mouth all the time and you might want to ignore it, except the Politicians have other ideas so you can make them sit out and watch what you are going to do about it too; every time that there is a what if question attached to other peoples personality, they are definitely certain to exploit it and the question of what is ethical and what is right does not even smell the picture in anyway whatsoever, creating this sense that if Apple growers ate all their apples, which they actually could and had the right to, we would have none at the super markets and hence what I do not have time for affecting my finances is something I should not allow go lightly, until they blow off that big mouth again monitoring me at job search etc, while the sense that the only way normalcy can exist would be a condition in which they knew there were things that they could never have no matter how hard they tried. They do say I cannot actually backup any of these things with action but we can see they are apparently the ones that do not know how to earn their own money, who actually did well for themselves financially on the whole as it were, so I am encouraging them as well – I mean nobody knows they abuse others to provide for their children who are just as silly.

They say I invent these things that are supposed to be required of CEOs and think I will come off it light as such but it’s always been an old story where the platform by which people get around making such a serious mess of my daily concerns was the one they considered to be a dream job. In the case of the CEOs is largely a matter of the fact if somebody works with Coca-Cola in their North America HQ and the Company must deliver five Trucks of their latest drink to their outlets in the South, the problem the CEO has is that the people in the South are rubbish and so my Book sale business and Royal Estate and what is a public image gets sacrificed for all he needs to do to ensure people in the South are presentable to him; this then adds to the fact all those stupid girls from the Caribbean and so on who turn up here to know me and have the same skin colour and go on and on and on about insults that will lead to Political instability and how I am no Royalty, do it because they are the beneficiaries of what he spends from his Tax evasion funds – those of which are an old story anyway, we are talking about Syria at the moment and it seems they want some as well. Then there are those who claim to have succeeded in trapping me somewhere and making me get involved in fighting to get back at Women, which is utter nonsense – since I always want to see them fix their problems or I will open them a whole new kettle of fish for my part and never really get into any kind of fighting whatsoever in anyway, if I can stick them into a complicated situation instead. They say the big story is that I never supply the reasons I take these actions but the reasons have always been obvious i.e. it began when I had a regular effect of walking into City Centres to end up with a hide and seek treatment, especially from the Women who worked there and then I had something to build on as a result and then that led to every boo boy in the land wanting to do my academic work in a condition whereby I didn’t do it anymore and it kept going right up to employers blaming me for allowing people show up to get pay rises they have actually not worked for, down to the part where they dig up my public life and private life to make their markets work and eventually started getting a response when they succeeded in pushing me out of my academic work at the start to the recession, to claim they have found somebody that will endure abuses which will go on to facilitate the kind of lifestyle people should have. I mean it’s a matter of what fires you up i.e. you get into the City and experience a massive amount of interest and you have something to build on from there, so moral and ethical people like you start to lose jobs to those whose Warehouses you have become really interested in 13 years later, so they might tell you that you have refused to speak of regional issues the way they really are on account that you are keeping facts to yourself and is an example of why the people should be in control. So it’s a matter of putting these things together, so that at 59 if I have not sorted my pensions properly, I will have revenge and profit from that instead and it’s all very well blabbing; when that becomes the case, we will find out if left hand side gestures and right hand side gestures and lots of insults and threats from a bunch of feeders on media will resolve the kind of problem that they will end up with. I cannot believe that the Celebrity and Fashion ones are having a go as well all together presumably their own story about their dream jobs was actually based on their own public image as well all together that is. We have to deal with this nonsense all the time and this time is one where I cannot walk into any Civil service department without it being written everywhere that there are Afro Caribbean in the secret services with Warehouses in strategic places and will kill enemies on my behalf, so their families are exerting some power over me and know where my private parts are all of the time.


It’s never true I am always in a hurry and speak like I am racked with guilt for living on government support; the reality is that they show up to pretend it is difficult to track stock market operatives and media goons and Politicians and fashion twerps in order to determine what I need in order to control my work and ensure the bit about securing contracts to sell it to the people I meet on the streets and Public transport etc in an organised contract that I have gotten by meeting somebody that can put one together for me, does not end up getting sacrificed by Popular culture idiots and foolish CEOs that are making those who own small businesses that work for the Companies they operate in, presentable to them.

They do say that I look like I am running from my past and its utter rubbish too – all we have here are experiences that is meant to make me think all of the time, about the reasons Women do anal sex and when it gets worse I go to bed thinking something violent nearly happened on the day – if they are done we hear them blab about how people were so irritated by me when I was younger, that it has left them unable to carry on with their stupid future whenever they want to be important and famous. It’s never been a crisis for me, reality is that we never see them look happy – it’s not because they do have problems as such, it’s just their nature; it sucks the life out of everything, especially when they suddenly wish to be famous. It’s never been a crisis for me; if I see their culture and society I will cut it up again and if I see anything concerning the reasons for female twerp need to show up on my well being and financial concerns and that Public image to make herself comfortable, it will be the last time that they see it too – I don’t owe them a debt and I am not their parent. I mean when it does get to such a stage that Actors that were chosen as a result of Royal curators getting involved on my account to play roles in films that were made around my property equity and other Public life activities are losing jobs these days to the ones that wish to ensure there is less discrimination and reality based films which cause them to lose jobs; which is how they would want their own property to be handled as well especially when the Actors were Court Members when female and chosen for their careers as a result and  because I did accept their friendship as the case is with the Men after the first show that they had taken part in. They do say it’s a matter of the fact I don’t understand what they are capable of and keep acting in ways which provoke them; I wouldn’t know anyway  and this is the problem; I actually do know who they are and they are the Men and Women that are always bragging over their image to friends and family when they are at home and when they go out of home to anywhere and the bragging also involves what they don’t like and how they are likely to react when faced with a situation in which they have to confront it – their problem now is that they don’t like people who do religion in their own personal lives on account they know a little and are not like the complete idiots who are  not as financially well off as they are and I want to shadow I have the right to conduct the experiment that I am currently carrying out as well i.e. write the Books, ensure they know about a significant aspect and then ensure those who make use without paying a fair share are punished every single time, to make them more civilised as it is none of their business which religion is happening in my personal life or the point at which I chose to begin my career; so let it not be said that they go to Bed every day without complaining about me too. It’s like when they do it and then pull themselves together to teach me lessons, I am left wondering if they know what it takes to be my Mum and so on – where it’s not the fact I am half what she is as it is the fact she is the Parent etc. I do not think I am perfect as such; it’s just a reality that people assume I am unaware they enjoy leaning  on me because it feels good but forget and or do not care that I am a writer which add to being fed in my head the reasons women have anal sex all day and just before I go into bed and when it’s a really bad day dealing with the fact something very violent nearly occurred to me and means I fall behind on my academics and finances – so they really need to watch their manners and not turn my tummy all over the place to run off and get famous; it’s a really stupid idea. They do say they do it because they like me, which is utter rubbish; they do it because they are trying to sell something and those who speak about liking, need to assess their hurting bottoms again – they are trying to sell something that will make them rich and if you want to give it to them to sell then that is okay but if not, all that bad experience makes no sense. I mean see a sales man and you would not want to leave him and experience that has his job difficult but when they see an Arch Prince they want to create one, especially over are cultures they can peddle a product with to make fame and fortune and how to control those who have an existence that can provide it – until I have to talk about stupid market square behaviour that can go from teasing to racial violence and it starts to improve from there as well and then they will say I apparently wanted to see what the markets were, which means I win again.

So the talk of being wasteful continues of which the usual story is one about the fact that people simply will not stop a behaviour of getting on media to feed through all sorts of nonsense over my Books and ensure the fact they have media and can make stupid comments should actually affect my account Books and so they want to do it every day more so because of how I react according to them. They also know however that Royalty is capable of creating links with rich people so as to harm them too but will do it, hence I like to say I am encouraging them since it will likely lead to an outcome in which every involvement with me will result in cultures and societies ending up in the hands of the rich so they can find out what I am capable of too, otherwise I want to sell my Books and get on like everybody else. The complaint is always that my Books affect people in adverse ways whereas reality is that since I know they cannot actually damage the Books but are always showing up to discourage others and talk so much nonsense about competition as well, I have come to let them spend their time on the job itself – it swell living that way but I am not that kind of person so it makes me uncomfortable and that is why we are having conversations each time they hurt themselves and tell me there is nothing I can do about them; such that it becomes routine that the old case of Politicians needing to trap a Christian in Politics, so as to see him progress very quickly to a certain point where he stalls so others can grab his so called future and of course discriminative people especially the whites hunting me to ensure that my life is something everybody wants to have which was initially started by the ever complaining and innocent Journalists in the first place – so it is going to become a problem because of the violent insults and threats and we will soon see what it is exactly they can do, hence I am encouraging them for my part as it were; it seems a daily occurrence and each time they are done, I am furnished with all sorts of incredibly stupid facts about how they are better human beings than I am and becomes a problem that really needs to be stopped i.e. she is Middle Class, out of my league and would be controlling if we got into a relationship never mind the fact we are not compatible but wants to build a life around me and my leadership, so I build her a Court but we also have male colleagues in Media studios, so those can get involved with my Court at will and ensure they build up publicity that allows any fool of their choice to take part – this is what I am talking about, the bit where they are always trying to reiterate that they were better human beings when it turns out they are only here to push away clients and will not pick up the Books themselves all together. I personally need to get to a stage where if I do not wish to tolerate their popular culture goons helping themselves to my work, it gets serious whenever I mention it too, so I am encouraging them. Of course they do say I cannot take them on while all they do to keep themselves safe from me is sourced from what they know of what I am capable of, so it beats in imagination all the time, just like that story of how all I say is already wasted, meaning I am not allowed to have a life because they have Media and so the old story whereby I don’t want to do National service if I can do their warehouses instead. It’s pretty much the same as the case of how all things are now centralised on Aleppo whereas there are other Areas of Syria that have the same problem; rubbish of course, Aleppo is an instance where the Russians find out they are wrong and that all they have there is a Tyrant that buys weapons from them – so the only way that the results they have created will stitch the Country together and get it on its feet is when those who work for Assad presently decide to kill him on behalf of the Rebels since there will be no way to get rid of him when the Russians have armed him so well. Like they say I am a Bunny who likes to think I am a Lion which all Royalty are anyway – you have to be able to fluff your way through the business of Politicians and Diplomats as such and I have informed them the threats really wind me up, to ensure it does not become a case where they give me one so I can give back.

We ever hear recently on the news that British City Statues are discriminating and I cannot understand anyway but there is that sense as well that I had done something to bring about recent state of affairs – I mean what they mean at face value is that an old man with a stick sitting beside a Lion which may depict the way British Armed forces are traditionally handled for centuries is discriminating but what they are really talking about is the status of Henry VIII in the front of a station for instance, which will not sit well with that girl that love to pick on peoples public image to make herself comfortable, what this means is that there are also people who will show up on media as a result of her abusive behaviour to protest the statue all together and that there are people who would on the other hand get off and have some incredibly silly conversation about swearing an oath of allegiance to the UK. So the way it usually starts is when I walk down the streets and remember I have a bottom because a civil rights idiot walked past me, who does not fancy the statue that currently stands in front of the Station for his part as well and then it makes me remind the entire community that statues have their uses as it were, it will lead to a process of attacking Muslims who are going to be most unlikely to have a problem with the Country and show up on Media to discuss the discrimination of statues; besides which these statues were likely made by Masons and we all know people who go into that line of work are usually those Guys who have celebrity features but have been hunted and attacked so often that staying silent and finding a meagre job to build up financial base steadily is the best way forward considering these fools are always chasing them so as to make them homeless. I am an example; they say I shouldn’t preach the gospel because it is discriminating, now everybody knows they want to do nothing else save live in my personal space because it feels good – then they say I shouldn’t criticise those who hurt me because it brings the wrong kind of behaviour in the community, now we all know the purpose of their existence has turned to the need to follow up everything I do as a livelihood and express themselves my making sure I am doing it well enough to earn money otherwise nobody is buying products as far as they are concerned.  When I say Politicians listen to this nonsense way too much me thinks, then we hear that blabbing that it is the Politicians I cannot handle when it is easy to ensure any Political involvement with me ends in career loss very comfortably as it were and I don’t suppose all those CCTV and street insults will rescue such a situation either anyway – in the end the wealthiest of them are usually the Talent show goons and none of them is wealthy enough so as to ensure they can say they do not understand what their victims are complaining about considering it is not an existence that they routinely experience; this is why I never chase up any nonsense about not being able to handle Politicians, we are now united as a Nation, otherwise they can move their perspective to the left again and keep off my Royal Estate all together.

They love the story of other Royalty I have disrespected getting after my prize so much and it is utter nonsense – the reality is one of hating other Royals because doing so along with hating the Lower Classes is the only way to actually concentrate on important things. So I am only thinking they might want to let the food stay where I have placed it when eaten and need to stop being so stupid but it’s the factors of the composition of society i.e. successful people and lucky people and fools at market squares being abusive – the Royal ones however can never let other people breathe and it’s an uncertainty as to whether they can and will provide diplomacy equity around serious and organised crime and look after the local frontiers here at home as well but then again their very disposition is an uncertainty in its own right all together. It’s the Media ones I am more concerned with at the moment and those have to get involved with all my private affairs to enhance their ambition and profile and I am encouraging them as well so it might become a real problem pretty soon too. In the end they speak of senior Members of the Royal Family that I have disrespected but in the end I happen to be one of the most abused individuals whenever they want to celebrate an upcoming marriage of a Royal Family Member, so its common sense to assume I will want to be left out when the marriage is over after they had built their enterprise. I do not think the matter is a crisis – it’s impossible to reason with them about concentrating on anything that matters as such, so it has to come down to hatred of them and their lower class goons as well and if this continues to lead to outcomes where these their fools get on Media to tell me where I am supposed to be as though this fact is lost in translation, whereby what I do not have time for continues to affect my financial well being, there is going to be trouble coming to them from here too.


So they have recently come through with a range of issues, from questions about what their latest problem is on Media in the morning, to stories about how I have no Royal Commission because they are now taking it away, to how we British people feel we can hate others and get away with it, to how I need to be accountable to the Political system for my involvement with celebrities and wealthy people and other miscellaneous.

None of these actually make any sense whatsoever, the reality about their problem is that it is the same old problem i.e. Black people creating the idea that a skin colour I share with them is a curse on one hand, while White people show up here to steal lifestyle products so they might never buy it – this means they hang around and make a problem out of the jobs that were done to facilitate the Books being a product and it makes them sick, then they take it out on me and make me sick too, usually an indication I am dealing with extremely awful people beyond my imagination. The part where they boast about having me in a difficult situation does not have any link with a reality which actually suggest that I have been saying Popularity culture and Celebrity culture is an evil thing but now I am actually going to get my opportunity to prove it too – hence the reason I write my Books and others are comfortable from its contents without payment, show up on my Public image to make fame and fortune in my view is that one of us is a slave that works for things that others get to own and the other is a lazy fool who needs slaves because he does not wish to work for his money and is about to be given a job. The story however of losing a Royal Estate is simply a product of showing up to play stupid games with me when they see me on the street then derive from that a means of playing around with Members of the Royal Family too, so the Royal Alliances are still goo never the less, except for all these things they have appointed themselves to which says I have lost the commission because they took it over all together; it does not bother me any half as much as the amount of time we see them spend on it but is incredibly annoying – everybody knows if I reacted by setting out they always want to try and show they are interested in young people getting an education, attending University and getting jobs, which is what most of us normal people who need them to have fun and support us in the work place think about most of the time but what they are really interested in is being famous – it is the reason your bottom hurts when you walk into the Train station on account that a trouble maker turned up there the day before you did and they have now ended up in an environment in my case for instance whereby they have a limited time to supply me with reasons or I will give them one. They always say I don’t have the range or resources like other Members of the Royal family with their Charitable activity connections but its utter nonsense – everybody knows I have the capacity to get involved with rich people and deploy the position to hurt and oppress the poor people to assault me all day long but never actually make use of it but then again as I said, my bottom hurts and I have ended up with a reputation which says all I do is about sucking up to people and that it is the rife position at which they can fulfil their dreams at Celebrity culture and popular culture and fashion which completely destroys my business image and causes some amount of distress at the Royal village and in my view happens because one of us two is a slave and the other is a lazy twerp that is about to get a real job too. The story of how we British people feel we can hate others and get away with it is nothing out of the ordinary; it’s the same case of the part where people threaten me if their business has not been making profit and that stupid insulting profitability of violence that to gain some form of Political credence and advantage and I decide I have been having anal sex with Women and they can discuss with me how bad Women are if they wanted too; apparently the outcome is that each time somebody is a thief, the likelihood would be that his wife or Mother made him become one, so my support for Women does not sit well with them the same way that clinging to my Books and finances and living in my personal life to hurt me without getting into trouble with the Law does not sit well with me – so I always open to peoples conversations about bad little Women thereof; the bigger question since I have pushed as hard and as far as they have pushed me, which they must answer is what must be done with Women and this is where the hate thing they claim we British exercise and get away with comes into its own, apparently the reason is that when you make organised crime Business unprofitable so people keep their money from the Police and stay out of crime, what they do with it is get involved with Police and security service business and keep their fingers millimetres from your anus as a community, so that when you do what they want it goes in and when you don’t it goes in and when they want anything it goes in and when you give them anything it goes in and then it goes in for any reason whatsoever; so we end up with complains about freedom and support for Women in South America and Africa without actually being there. So they can show up to claim I need to be accountable to Politicians for my business with Celebrities; the Celebrity thing of which is that she may go through a hard time and become famous and build a school in her impoverished Town and a British consulate might be in the Area promoting business interests, so she gets involved with them and the ones that get sent to me are usually the ones that have been liked well enough to get involved with Royalty that have curetted my concerns at some point, hence they end up in a Court system I build for them in that way and I put forward my property by which British security and interests are protected – what these idiots want me to be accountable for are such things as when she had a relationship with an undercover Police Officer which lasted for some time and then ended and she made a song about it and then made it on my Public life for that matter as well and the main reason they want me to be accountable is because they want to put their stupid children in my Court to have what they want as well and I do not remember having a conversation even with the Parliament itself which actually involved a process of talking to them and or their stupidities for that matter as well. It’s never really a complicated matter, it starts like these and then progresses to an action taken to determine where the Politicians and stupid diplomats keep the warehouses that is such a source of violence of me and means they are the only ones fighting terrorism around here thereof and that will in turn lead to an outcome in which I want to enforce the natural monopoly attached to my Books and we all know there will be complaining about wealth inequality on that too, not that I am actually sharing any – just trying to be ethical around the fact they do support Women too but its only the ones that exist in a world of bad boys that can sexually assault them at any time but will protect their exclusive right to be famous too and then it will involve ripping your life and property to do it all the time after which they mock me for it endlessly too, claiming I am a hypocrite and if I respond means I hate Women too and even worse thereof; so they always want to talk to somebody who control trading in other Countries as well and hardly find any here hence want to ensure such Country does not get to trade with them which is not their right to determine all together – hence somebody here who has a Royal Estate from which to release funds and pay his way in the world does not in view of all these concocted nonsense fancy them as well.

So they say I hate Liberals and Socialists with a passion but it’s not just their need to cling to your basic instincts and have conversations with people from whom they deserve a behaviour where they are listened to and you are ignored while they are at it, which causes the main issue, it’s the other stuff associated with the fact even when it’s a Church environment their main preoccupation will still be to do that thing you find spiritually offensive and the parents like the kids will be at it and likewise the kids and it will concern a market place where the teasing and insults can easily develop into racial violence all day long. I am referring to the one about the things they have to do to ensure they are stupid people that are always right and which has to do with ripping up peoples finances and then the child that comes home without first being rich or famous will have proven they are right but the one that steal money and returns to them will have proven they were wrong, until the Police investigation comes through to prove they were right and the child ends up in prison that is – I am just the one who is blessed with enough resources to take them on a very, very, very wild ride, now we live in a world where the case, please tells me it’s not the case but it is oh gosh damn it situation does not apply only to their victims or those that have found a way around the problem. It is an old story that it was always entirely predictable that civil rights idiots will show up here to know what they would use my Office and power for if they had it and when I tell these fools I am not homosexual, I always like to think it is good enough; the details are that their community croons spend time trying to punish me for taking away their wickedness just by existing and that means fasting and praying each time done must be made to serve the devil as well when I am hungry or cashless i.e. spreading stories I am homosexual and keeping it up all day long and it goes into the same par as Media idiots letting themselves into my Court and making my personal life into a social group that people can join; the same case applies i.e. black idiots creating problems and white idiots stealing lifestyle products and we will soon have to settle the bit where one of us has to be a slave while the other is a lazy twerp that needs a job of his own really soon it seems. The reality is that these idiots in secret have conversations and will say and do anything to make fame and fortune money and chief of their blabbing involves their racists and gangs hurting me, especially for those stupid grandmothers on television characters and I am quite happy seeing them show up on Media to blab about Monarchy detached from the people, will never be pleased to see them around my Books, there will always be consequences for it – the Politician ones are the profitable disobedience bits and the best place to work it, complete with features like making sure their age mates pay attention to them to preserve their money while they rip up my young person’s good image works best in Parliament like I have not got an alternative other than to get stuck. The part where I know what they are doing because I am the same as they are being utter rubbish of course since they are always punishing me for what has become of their evil all the time – always trying to do the devils work for him with their own hands, resulting in an outcome where I am blessed enough to know everything about their world without actually being there, as though an Angel from Heaven had a special place in the Hades and hence it was a permanent position and meant the end for them being experienced here on Earth, about which they are free to conduct their own money evil as well, wherefore they have not actually got any.

They do say I need to change something about my attitude which is utter nonsense, no attitude here is getting changed; people do not just walk up to a 21 year old and go on about cutting him off at his instincts until an attitude is changed 16 years later on a daily basis, I need to save the energy for the war since they are able to say the same to their idiots at home and actually mean it as it were; when it does come to it, no moral people are succeeding them at the Work place when they retire as it stands, so I can guarantee this insult about changing attitude will never get a result and this is an example of the reasons I never respond to it, it was originally developed from the fact I am a Christian who appears to have had the ego aspect of my character removed, meaning they can do whatever they liked here. It’s like that tale of how I kill people, when all they do is measure others like these and set out a beginning and an end to show up on media and feel they have power over another person and can prove it, except they do not like the part where the death has been set out and they are the ones that have to bite the bullet, so their need to stay alive like the other scum that ensure people are chasing the Queens bottom as well takes up my time and ruins everything important which is just as well since they are in a fight for their lives already like dream job fighting as it were.

The story of me being a killer is utter nonsense of course, the measurements I speak of is usually something their MPs who want to show they hate me do, whenever they have built their Political careers on my personal life and I shouldn’t turn in any direction thereof and hence gone off to get charms from their culture idiots and shown up in parliament to express how being gay but chasing a Christian at open spaces such as the Train station for any attention he is getting, in supposed to translate into fame and fortune and being important – the point these fools are making being that they should have been able to put up my Public image on Media and build themselves one that is more superior of which there is no place on this planet in which such a thing can actually happen while I am around anyway. As for these their charm givers; the reasons these Political idiots always have a mode of self expression, they are the reasons these other fools in government buildings like to think ever so often that when they hate something the fact they have actually matters and when I speak to them about the fact those stupid beaches where every scum we know wants to sleep with wealthy people on my public image and stretch their legs has not yet been recovered from my concerns and temperaments, it seems I am being helpful with the situation all together but they have actually not recovered anything from me at all; their own is a familiar tale of a profitable disobedience and even when it is Church environment it never stops, the one where they are controlling all their kids on whom their future depends on account I share a skin colour with them as it were – to show up and complain on Media and Parliament because it is where they are certain to get the most attention so and whenever those who give it challenge me they get into trouble all together as well, which gives them the distraction that they need to pretend they are unstoppable. The insult of controlling their kids on whom their future depends on which has at this stage run off on popular culture scum and gotten me stuck in a cycle of job seeking and job losing and then back to job seeking as it were, while the entire financial context of my Business Empire and all its affairs end up somewhere else and I am having to grapple with racists that are financially better off over who is superior and which claims are false – so I am quite happy that these scum have something to hate at this stage as it were if I have to be frank. In the end it does play out in the real world and when I broker with Fashion designers for example, there will be beautiful Women modelling and not so beautiful Women creating the dresses, these days the not so beautiful women I should be concerned about are the ones that make film and documentary and entertainment and kids shows around the Royal Estate Business all together; while their idiots from a world of rich get richer and poor get poorer have become obsessed with targeting the person they think cannot harm them to bully him into doing something about ongoing discrimination because they cannot live in a world without. So when we see those insulting seniority nonsense about hitting me, it is possible I speak of it and all that nonsense about attacking me in order to fight me as a whole community in order to save it for a day we will meet as it were or it is possible that I am terrified of them as they claim but we shall see. As it stands this matter will be measured by what happens when I consolidate my emporium and see them one more time around the Fashion and Manufacturing and Auto Industries in Europe and then we will find out what becomes of it as well. They do say they have rolling fields and palm trees in Afro Caribbean Countries and African ones too and I can fight them there if I wanted but they are not the people – they are the scum that should be stuck somewhere on the left so that when their popular culture idiots and Politicians who both love to discipline me will not stop getting involved with me, I can collect some culture and society for them to play with and it will end very well too; for now, a business Empire in which the finances have ended up somewhere else, evil powers that can make people rich and make them poor or help MP idiots win elections or not, it seems they are insane half of it and I want to make them fully mad, so they can clear my space.

So they say I show no respect when others get rich and important but it’s a two part story – the MPs are finding out being a millionaire concerns being a chief salesman in a world of many sales Men on a product that you are the one to have created most of the time, so they have gotten themselves into a state whereby they are always out of their rhythm and we cannot be free from hearing all sorts of nonsense about MPs being paid a £60,000 per head poor Man’s salary. The so called rich ones however are the goons that were supposed to spend their time working out which was wealthy and which was poor criminal bearing in mind that the Law enforcement officers work for them all together, blowing a big mouth at me about bringing world order by their fucking wealth – which does not change anything about the fact I have made my own wealth in the cleanest way known to man, hence the reasons my Equities are so popular. It’s the old story about not having control of it when if I become just as obsessed about where extra sources of income for Politicians are located and where Diplomats Warehouses are located and where CEOs and City centre scumbags along with their Media fools first started to get involved with my work and then set about tracking it, I will find that I have an uncanny ability to terrify these scumbags out of those insolent saloon cars, to show up here and prove their point that they love to make on that stupid Media all of the time – I just don’t have the time for it at the moment and have warned them enough about a reality they live in at present where what they do not have time for is not affecting their finances and that big mouth they have got, cracked up out of my league as it were. It’s become endemic and it seems the ones I share a skin colour with are the story behind this case of me the killer all together.

I mean it’s a tale of how people go from being very stupid persons who are also financially better off than you are to having conversations about being superior and better human beings than you are when they have been making sure you can never feel good because they are busy copying how you live and the way you run your affairs in order to do their own as well? Then again it seems that they do after all anyway, they do if Politicians get out of entourage and chase you around the streets for your personality – I am crude about the facts of course because I am not interested in Politics but it seems that this is how they claim that they eliminate competition all together anyway; so its Blair and his spin doctors are not, definitely not going to chase your faith and get after your financial well being, no, no, no but they have done it, damn – Brown will not do the same this time but..no, no, he has yet again – alright Cameron and Clegg are in a coalition but gush they have and then after Cameron said Clegg was the one making the most trouble and damn he has yet again still and it was not the one where he wants to live like Millionaires but couldn’t sell the one that paid his salary, so he set up a referendum and others won it; thus I am not the only one doing the ‘gush he has’ routine all together anymore and it was the only stage at which it was likely to get serious.

They do say I want to live in a Utopia and its utter nonsense; the reality is that they have not solved the problems of their generation, it has not yet been said all the criminals of their age range have been rehabilitated and introduced into the Community and are no longer criminals, what they have gotten into government buildings to do is to claim they have worked so hard all their lives to ensure our generation have no problems and that since it has not been appreciated they have now created laws to develop new problems for the younger generation – these new problems have now found the problems that were indigenous to our generation and they have made love; so the problem is that I pull myself together and decide I am determine to handle it except this disposition becomes the exact point at which their vanity and quest for conveniences wants to build a new Politics, which is how the problem has began: it’s like some fundamental corruption in which I know what it is and what it does but I will find myself bend backwards to do what they want while they watch anyway and there will be no payment involved – so since then I have tamed my temper but have not stopped accepting the challenge as well; so see what with. They do say they are old Men with bad hearts and I want them to keep their money and show respect for my Public image. They do say I am unpredictable but everybody else sees evidently that those things that used to cause irritation in school have actually not changed in the slightest i.e. he operates on 20% of his frequency, otherwise if he is not, he gets involved with marijuana guy and ensures the fall out ends up on my personal space so he can bully you over sex and if you ask him if he actually does know anything else except science, what will happen will be a massive peacock like display of his big brother feelings. What we are seeing now as such is what happens when he has brought it into the real world; it becomes the sort of stuff the Parents used to mention, probably siblings too and then the Teacher and in some cases employer and wife before the Judge does and when the Judge does is usually when there is a Police Officer waiting to take down as it were. it never gets resolved, they pass it onto each other in turns and was the same in school and this is where the girls come in; when they are unable to concentrate and somebody gets them out by putting them on my public image and giving them some popularity stuff, they wait, when the girls are famous, they gather together and tackle me to get their own and some for their girls too. Hence I do my bit keeping the culture and society under control while I study, until they show up to ruin it for me all together and I will not be that vulnerable the next time I attend a higher institution, especially to the Media and Celebrities and popular culture and television personality ones; their whole lives these days have become a story of making me give to every idiot that has shed the morality their parents raised them with, labelled me a big one abusively and showed up to live on my personal space, what he wants lest he kills himself or kills me for that matter over his manic depression and are ripping up my finances and Books to improve opportunities thereof. The Politicians and Industry ones always generally have the same outcome i.e. the need to sacrifice my Business Empire which has been exposed to such things as a result of such intense and wide spread quest for successes of insolence, to make the small businesses that work for them and for Companies in which they are CEOs look presentable. As for the others around Royal circles, it’s an old story with those – a case of the fact there was a time I was practically hunted by the Monarchy as well because I didn’t actually think that the fact the Monarchy had need to gather up the best the Country has and put it in a special place and plan a leadership for the future was really so important – so apparently that is done and the stupid ones are out on their insults spree at the end of it. The stupid ones who obviously know their own is done for them by means of chasing people private parts and it will have a cut off point for its efforts beyond which it will do nothing to help anyone in a crisis. They will say this tale about stupid ones does bring about instability which it really doesn’t except it’s my disposition of always being in a state of heightened tension which I am because when Americans put together a warehouse and surround it with secret service and plan to get rich on the other hand, these secret service must work via my empire and have no respect for my finances and all they get up to in order to get rich must have something to do with me when it really doesn’t; same with Europeans and same with other goons around the world whose own is linked with Russian Oligarchs who are connected with Mr Putin – so they do get to tell me I need to do National service and then get surprised I end up telling them I want to do their warehouses instead. In the end I know that if I should run into trouble, like for instance the Duchess of Cambridge threatening my Royal career all the time, I can rely on support from the House of York, so I am not as unsafe as may be assumed. It’s the story of the idea my security operatives are free to use by all which it really isn’t; the security is tailored to my age and that means a 60 year old who needs the security of a 36 year old diplomat can have it if he wants but must with a certain attitude – hence they always say my people are insulting but others cannot actually either live with or without them, so it’s usually a matter of what other people do.