Two main matters stand out here and one of them is the bit where I am wrong about Trump and immigrants whereas we all know that statistical and Legal and security info based facts have not actually disputed it and that the habit of getting on Media to tell me what to do is not the one that pays peoples salaries. The other naturally is that of how much black people hate me, which has always been an old challenge i.e. how does a person get left with his human rights when he is made to let others who are linked to rich people who do not wish to share their money because they got it in abnormal ways, besides the fact they are twisted and evil and do everything in queer ways, share the way he makes a living, in order to promote generosity, posterity or even civil stability and how it works in terms of the provision of Civil and International security as well; which means that the blacks and Liberals with a thing for my anus and penis are good at telling me I need to mind my business if I do not wish to get hurt by them after 14 years of vandalism around here that they are not sorry for with a big mouth, while my position borders on deploying the state Office for the purpose of making sure people are honest about their custom at the market place, whether or not it is their own money. So they love that story whereby I have said something about it not being mentioned often, that a large portion of female society are incredibly stupid people and they love to dish out consequences really quickly for it as well all of the time. I wouldn’t know anyway; I just know that if I sell my goods and just as I am about to take stock, somebody walks down to my till with a lighter and burns everything in it, I should imagine the worlds Liberals and Socialists will punish me severely for Publicly saying that the reason the person has behaved in such a way is that she is stupid. Thus meaning that according to the Politicians and the Media and the Feminists, female society really does not actually deserve others to speak honestly about their problems, which is the message we tend to get all of the time. They talk of this other story about me not paying attention to the main problems, which I am aware always refers to the issue of either being outwitted or being fatigued about the fact every prepubescent idiot wants to pick a knife and stab another person on account he wants to be rich and famous very quickly and I have no idea what makes them think I will ever be outwitted or fatigued about handling the matter, testing me like they do everyday anyway; there are no other main issues apart from it – this has become common knowledge to every normal person at this point. The other case being that the only way I can tell the difference between those who fancy me and those who don’t is by being discriminative on the basis of my feelings but we all know the truth is that if somebody owned a Bar on the same vicinity as their Liberal one and then made a Pop music song in order to gain support from my Public work for what he or she does, there is every indication I would have been able to tell the two apart and that this excuse for an incentive to appoint themselves and dish consequences for me with a big mouth very quickly is no plausible. In the end, the support my wife provides me is the same as the system that allows their Men to get rich quick and not be able to account for it, lest they come across facts that show how many problems in the world they are personally responsible for and the fact that I can rip up their own the way they rip up my own is that which everybody knows is credible reality but the point here being that the fact they want such a thing is clearly an indication they are not stupid, which has disputed what I said earlier.

So they say their problem is that I started out as a Liberal and now nobody knows if I am a tyrant that does not have the strength and power to run the show; I could never tell anyway – after all its about making me stick my neck out to talk about the fine line between Liberalism and Conservatism while their profitable disobedience steals some market profit for the day and continues its behaviour; the one where a person hosts a part for a week and decides the next week should be a break so other matters can be seen and heard, as compared to the Liberal that will think that continuing the Party solves the problems as they come along in the long run, provided it is continued. So the other side of their story is always the tale of socialism, which is supposed to be the National deviance, the fall out of all the things which have been done without thinking. So that madness of putting something up to rip lives apart on one side and trade prerogatives on the other and watch the bank account increase while getting the Politicians to take decisions that will apply as per whether they have to shut it down or not is good for them in the same way what my wife does to support me and my Business empire for instance is good for me; they can stop appointing their stupidities to dish consequences for me on stories they have brewed in Public places and do it properly, or they can continue to risk the day I will appoint myself on their case too.

There is that other case they are obsessed with, whereby they really want to this and really want to that me and yet I know if I take away some Money and some homes and some cars nobody will show up here to fight me and I will not be a drop out of University person, nor will I have trouble just sitting in my Office to study or write my Books and get them sold. The problem has always been that these lowlifes cannot stop exercising a need to teach me lessons and tell me how to live or be or exist. We listen to that story about liberals and the majority all the time, the reality is that old case whereby they claim they really want to get to me and teach me a lesson for not knowing my place in terms of successes I believe I can work for etc, while their older people make those stories for them whereby I am a weakling getting successful in a world of the fittest, so somebody else has to put themselves in the line to look after me all the time. It is something that is getting on my nerves far beyond that other game plan where they are superior to me with a big mouth all the time and I dare say it’s a big enough world and they do need to stop getting seen around my concerns all together. The bottom line majority or not, is that firstly, what really happens is that I am getting on as normal and all of a sudden get singled out by people and beaten until depressed, the problem they have now is that they have not given me a reason for it and are therefore depressed because of me as well, especially the Media ones – so this is the part that they are worried about. The one about fighting concerns not just their evil nature that says chasing peoples anus and penis brings wealth or contrives that there exists a world where I am detached from my Public image which then is made at a later date to become that of somebody else as chosen and is generally followed by turning anything that encumbers their perspectives on my head and making me keep it there to clear some space for them to get famous and I am an Arch Prince, I can recognise evil that is obsessed with other peoples life blood to make money when I see it. it’s more a practical matter of the fact the need to have those things that ensure they have no respect for anybody else and pass around incredible insults they use as open secretes that suggest jumping on peoples income margins is not a behaviour that can be academically explained or deterred, talking rubbish about where their bullying is meant to be profitable because they have a phobia of working for money, which then feeds into the fact when asked to do a  job, select peoples enemies to do it with, the same way they claim Women make trouble whenever they want to walk around being decent people like their main type of fun is doing Women bottoms and breasts etc and above all the delusion that they are famous and therefore need my public life everyday; the next time they wind me up, I am going to make them squirm and this is a promise – it’s a big enough world out there, the personal diaries here are full and their squander is not supposed to be my priority in life, like the majority. So it has always been about evil: somebody’s blood makes people rich and then the sperm too and then the spit too and then the shit too etc and if people collected these things they could do anything and I am an Arch Prince who can identify evil when he sees it, not at all to be trifled with – so they can take it as an advice, I don’t care if they see it as a threat. So they do often say that it is bad for me to get stuck in these matters as it generally only allows idiots to give themselves some form of improvement in public places and I cannot actually see anything that is getting me stuck here – apart from this meaning that those who despise me care about my welfare and are obsessed with the idea of getting involved with somebody whose interests they do not care about, the stories they usually tell is mainly one of how they are making me suffer the same things they have suffered not as a function of their traditional civil rights processes by which they become free people and we cannot tell which one they are referring to when they say somebody is made to suffer like them in order for them to be free, cannot tell if it refers to a Man or a Woman or a Child etc but right up to the part where they need to show that if I were placed in the same conditions I would have reacted the way they have, which is utter nonsense since we all know their fundamental sense of right and wrong has always been terribly flawed and that not everybody reacts to anything the way they do; what they do not wish to apologise for is the predatory behaviour of moving left to rip up lives and become a part of a structure where they make some statements and watch their bank account grow in some pyramid scam of market sales fun, which then dried up and got them moving right where they believe Women are scratching a living and have a little money spread out among many and will part with it is pressured in the right way – whereby we hear the sexual abuse later and somebody else might have behaved in the same way looking like fact. It’s the same tale of how I do these things but claim to hate it anyway, when they actually have no evidence and its none of those cases where they can save it until we meet story that accompanies their threats – the one where Police work and Army stuff is usually taken up by middle classes and not goons that cannot pass the exams – after which we see the goons want to be given the opportunity and the idiots want to be terrorists, showing up in public to create unrest every day. It’s much the same as this feeling people are hacking into my computer to spy on how I play video games, then go off to share it with Islamic state and turn out to blab about my people winding them up, especially the ones that have to do with state provided security and it’s an old story where I will handle their case and they will think I need the British Government, like that stuff they steal when I play video games being what a Prince does and which fights for an Army and not with it, hence which Army exactly the Islamic state has beats the imagination, which is why I do not bother too much but every time they issue their threats at me I need to ensure they understand they it is important to keep it firmly shut too.  It’s like the other story where we see them want to set out somebody that will do something about racism to a point where the fact I am coping well and they are getting around attacking and provoking people becomes their main source of anger, which again is construed for the idea I am stuck just as much. These matters are all amount to some plans they have for getting rich quite naturally; hence they say I talk the way I do because I am really not capable of doing anything but then again, if the facts about what I cannot take time of my schedule for does not do it. the one about being flash and modern and popular and thinking the way you dress and behave in the latest trend, alongside and obsession for telling me how to exist and mocking me when I think I might react if it gets to a point, leading to outcomes where when I don’t want them doing it, they make it their main preoccupation will always end with processes of complains about me as well and then they can exhibit themselves all over media and continue to nurse that delusion that they are famous – thus it did come to the threats.  I don’t think it is a problem and I am comfortable with it, contrary to the notion that I am never going to move on from it – the truth and reality has always been one where Politicians start out with the teasing of an introverted person and then came up with plans to help criminals rehabilitate on his personality as justice is a matter of provoking to a point of reaction those who provoked others into committing crimes etc – now I am feeling sensations that say I must react to the insanity on a daily basis, while they will move on when depressed without pushing any violence in my direction and it also plays up around that case of being seen around my Books which do not do them any favours to begin with, claiming it will show some girl or boy they had taken advantage of in the past, who didn’t know how to react, what to do, which is annoying beyond measure as we were mares in the first place all together; it’s the great case of teaching me lessons and the old matter of bills they are paying – a 36 year old Man and not a Child apparently which causes them to come off better of everyday. So it’s said I have done it wonderful which I have not, it’s a matter when Politicians obsesses  with choosing my friends for me and it leads to one where I am being made to resolve issues concerning peoples hurting bottoms etc: the case of that guy who always made poor grades at school getting involved until I drop out and the result is that he is all over my public image getting famous etc – so it has always been common knowledge that all he ever thinks about is the number of times he was punished for being a dunce – as for the media ones, it’s a tale of getting on Public places to build obfuscates of my personality that can be linked with all the bad neighbourhoods they have come across and not enough have gotten hurt or died yet; we all know it reaches a stage where radio goons cannot let people keep their factory jobs and TV goons cannot let people keep other forms of employment – here it gets to a stage where I cannot study or write at the Office and I may have been on a computer for 2 Hours but turning to stare at the window is being blocked as well, and then I have to make their day just as bad too i.e. it goes round in circles and the personal diaries are full – just like they hate my guts about the culture and society but before then enjoyed preparing to earn my income margins whereby they now provoke me by topping my Books when I stop them and showing their stupidities all over public places with civil rights movements – as I mentioned earlier, the goons always want to get into the Military and pass some exams while the idiots want to be Terrorists.  They do say I depend respect where I do not deserve it and really shouldn’t but it’s a matter of getting out of bed daily to administrate activity others find amusing to exhibit around your livelihood in the Course of their own jobs despite the distress it causes you and the fact it is not the part that actually pays their salary. I just don’t want this stuff turned down, I want it killed and cold which will be very difficult for their queer fame nature to accomplish because it has become a habit and will require medical help, we need to see the one they demand where they shouldn’t as well; the tale of cowardice from me is utter rubbish too.

The most important discussion from time to time apparently has become one about how I am being cut off from any help, help comprising of people I get nasty to all the time, on account they want to take me out and so on; it’s never really a problem, we are here because of the fact that there is no day which goes by and I don’t have to deal with insults of men concerning punishments that the daddies dish out to the kids and with specific reference to me, it’s the one where they had worked out the specific level and size of punishment that is just right to keep that my filthy mouth shut etc, the result of course being that it’s all cracked up out of my league now and does not move into my right hand and only I seem to have an exclusive right to remind older Men that we are all Gay in this Country no thanks to them and that it is not news, every time I have to deal with any insults from them. It’s the same old tale of a 36 year old Man they are dealing with whose bills they get to pay and is therefore one of their kids to dish out punishment for at a trivial stance. The problem for me in the matter is that of where it all began and how I became this character that every scumbag wants to dish punishments for as a means of coping with his sordid and stupid existence all together and I can still remember it started with football people passing around free insults and Media idiots talking about making me suffer because I didn’t let them get comfortable with my Public image and Politicians giving sanctions out to their Media fools to build up my Public image and link it with every poor kind of neighbourhood they find in the land so that they might be able to chose my friends – then they say my Books make them uncomfortable on account their bottoms are hurting as well and it is still not clear to them that it clearly means I want nothing to do with them, which I have to say is another reason I am usually complacent about the matter all together. Apparently they are issuing threats because they feel they are done with their gimmicks and I clearly have no use for my time in their view as it were and regularly talk nonsense about a lack of respect for them for my part and it comes to that part where it has to be considered that I was not raised in an environment where I learned to take the law into my hands and carry out these sorts of nonsense, so the adaptation can easily become one where I want to take away the three bedroom flats and saloon cars and every other thing which ensures they have no respect for anybody else, right down to a point where I am serious about finding out who will show up for a fight as well.

They speak of the secret war Women wage on them all the time and I cannot see that any of it is happening in anyway; the reality is something about feeling they can continue on the basis there are arguments that suggest these Women are people I do not trust; the reality being when the Women feel about something which exists in their world and should not be shared with everybody – so the likelihood of everything they do in my direction being imitated and mocked is high; I personally have no clue how it threatens them, save the bit where it makes them more useless than they previously were all together. For my part in that alone, they always say they don’t know when they are doing it and I always say they know they have two lives and one involves family and everything else that ensures they have no respect for anybody else, while the other is about showing up around my concerns to make a mess, when they understand it is not necessarily off the imagination what I can do if I have Publicity to play with all the time the way they have it as well all together. Then we hear that talk of how they might want to end this case between me and the business world, which is utter nonsense as there is no case; they made me  promises that the way it is done is to employ a CEO that is paid enough to buy Yachts and display lovely girls on it, so as to invite people to be part of the lifestyle, not establish relations with consumers and give them what they really need – I too want to be able to do that and my Books are the way I am going to; the last time I checked the patents said only I had the right to bask in the existence of my Literary work, use it for any purpose or sell it for money and this is obviously not a rule that those who need to have things that will make them incredibly disrespectful of other people will go along with. Just like the Politicians say that I get after the big stuff while I have done none of the small ones and so it becomes ever so obvious they are the ones damaging the small stuff and the prove of the pudding becomes one that has to do with when they can take the assets and property structures off me if they wanted to, the point at which their insanity along with the stupidities they have time for, can then be measured – while the Television personalities have to get on my Books and if I have an opinion then it means their show has been messed with, anybody who agrees with me gets into trouble, all day long.

In the end the bigger question is usually that of whether I take pride in excluding people, which is utter nonsense, like that old story where Germany has picked up responsibilities it cannot cope with and driven the world closer to war again, while the Russians add to it by having fantasies about some relationship with Germany when Germany is really not half what the Russians imagine it is like. I don’t enjoy excluding people; it’s about managing the interested communities here and what they get up to – the punishment of the Daddies idiots will be the ones that have had a sensation at some stage that suggests if they pillaged my property I would not have been able to stop them, until I get on a Public place to remind them they know what they are doing and even they can see that they have two lives and I am going to kill off the one that bothers me – the others will be the civil rights goons and corruptions of involvement going from complaining about the consequences of getting involved with me when they do not care about what my interests are and do not even want to hear it, to running endless civil rights movements that start with accusations and do not make sense all day long, looking for something to steal at the open market, which will foster a means of survival when somebody has a fear of working for an income and does not want to end up in prison over an act that is straight forward for everybody to see.

The market ones love to blab all the time as we all know but I am aware of the outcomes and consequences of what they are talking about and hence never really visit the stupidities they exhibit here on them as well; otherwise apart from reminding them they are insane and need to stop getting on my nerves showing up around my concerns while their media idiots work corruptions of involvement and talk nonsense of how their wives know they always get what they want, to complain and seek privileges of injustice due to the consequences – a good place to start will be to track the effects of their madness of this company and where it shows up at the markets global and rip up the ones that will ensure I cannot decide when I open or close this business while the ones that will ensure this business is making me happy by being successful will be the ones that drive them to campaign for civil rights and be superior to their fucking mates somewhere else; it’s not really a clever idea tempting me over it as I am not a happy person due to their constant involvement and marketing drives without brakes that is the clearest indication they are actually mad as it were. So they say developers are now focusing on students, which is making my position more obsolete: I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that when people have homes and I rent them, it corrupts my State Provided security all together and so the students making me obsolete is another example of the fact the reason there isn’t a better deal than the one where their fingers are always millimetres off my Bum every second goes beyond the proportion of income that comes from learning something off me and then bullying me at the same time as well, it goes right up to the part where they are trying to get linked with the rich people that are coming to live in and do business in the area. So it’s a story of rich people over there with their Offices and rich people over there at their homes and here is me, cannot walk down the streets and cannot look out of my window because whilst I am being used, I am also competition for those who are using me and it will be followed up with a lot of blabbing so that when I do them as well, it will be very surprising that I did. In the end, nobody else gives themselves a good wash and checks themselves in the mirror and goes out with real friends in a group and wants to have a mental state that can identify when another person is playing girl next door or serious about a relationship – only they chase the anus of men and fester around the bums and breasts of Women have the right to walk down the streets feeling decent or else with a big mouth. So it’s an old case whereby I know where fundamentalism that should never be explored and ideologies that should never be associated with are but for some reason find others are always showing up to play stupid games on my income over their needs in order to make me react to them and the reason I shouldn’t do their case as well is that they do have celebrity features and wouldn’t look so good if I did. The one where I am insane but my one is one where I can actually see the insanity and chose when to pick it or put it back and their own is the one that is all over them and if they do not live on my public image and personal space, there will be violence with a big mouth. They never listen and will carry on and on until it gets to a point where they are telling me how I must exist and live to make them comfortable and it will soon be followed by a statement that separates me from a community of people who have the same skin colour as me without reason and then every racist will show up to play silly games after that and when I don’t want them to do it, it usually becomes their main preoccupation because civil rights movements are all powerful and they do not have to listen to anything other people are saying to them – now however that they are having to deal with somebody that has the same skin colour I am at a loss as per what will become of the civil rights; for now it knows where my anus is and is cracked up out of my league because of it and people think this will ever come to end, while I am certain it has to be a daily issue on grounds he can be unpredictably angry at any time as it were and that is how we will understand each other and make a society work as it were; of course they do speak of battles they fight to ensure I live in a safe society and I guess it’s the one that makes them better leaders too, the one about which we are making a show case of how they do it around here all together alongside my public work.

So my problem is the kind of leadership they want to provide where everything has become a signal for local community idiots that will be happy to kill somebody else and grab fame obviously to push those violent and insulting lasciviousness into a need to chase my private parts all day long; meaning I cannot comfortably get into my Office and write Books or work or complete my academics because they give those signals and address me like that on TV all day long. So I am aware the way I live is not really ideal for a Prince but when this job is done it will be shut down too; their problem at present is the one about the Men rounding me up and so on to dish out punishment the daddies dish for the kids, except they were unable to ascertain my actual size and it made things many times worse. So they do say it’s all the racism aspects of making me work many times as hard for what everybody else gets but we all know that to be a porous argument about these things all together, it does not stick when it is obvious which part of or how much of their culture and society I will get after when I need an easy exit for my part too; so it comes down to their ability to kill people being the answer for all their problems and we all know the source of resolve and reasons I cannot breathe for the fact they exist is that the stupid culture and society exists alongside, everybody knows if I rip up enough of them two I will be a living breathing person and not a memory. It’s always been the case of knowing the difference between ones milk and ones water and people whose parents decisions are more important than mine, not ending up in my Court; otherwise risk all that intrigue and adventure and occurrences and the mischief. So they say people are worried I am a massive internet troll which I am not – it’s supposed to be a simple process of Public work equity broker and then going to the internet to complete the tasks but because of Journalists appointing themselves to something as usual, it takes all day to complete any tasks, I am unable to study or write my Books, then I end up with no money as well at the end and something has to give. I never said it was a crisis here either, I said I am not an internet troll as widely ascertained currently; all they are really doing is setting out a means by which everything that amounts to a process of quashing evil and making the Company inviting and enjoyable for everybody involved means that their silly civil rights will become the evil itself and then when I stop it they will stop my Books and win.

So they say I have no respect for the Prince of Wales, which is not true – the reality is that if the Prince of Wales is not King, I will have lost an entire empire and a Royal Office as well, just barely about 20 years of having gotten the commission, if we were to forecast the effects at Present date and the kinds of sequence of occurrences that can lead to such an outcome i.e. it will happen around 2023; so it’s not an amusing thing and I can understand every fool in the land is a King too and yes they are in their homes, beyond that is where we will soon have to find out what will become of that stupid violent lasciviousness too – those who want to take over mine can, so I can hang up somewhere and pillage their own too when they finished, otherwise it’s the certain characters from Africa which is one of the poorest and most corrupt places in the world with incredible insults that know where peoples anus and penis is thereof meaning the enjoyment of life and all that rubbish that has to be tolerated without meaning endlessly. They do say I tell Politicians what to do as well which I don’t; what happens is Politicians playing up the routine of support me at my other source of income – so I find myself telling them what happened when I last met fashion people and then manufacturing people and then markets people and then media people etc whichever one of these is prevalent for the day and they do say that while I am busy at it the bad people at economy are getting away which is perfectly find where I am concerned, only that they too might want to start thinking about doing it properly some day, so others do not run into financial problems as well, instead of assuming that global civil rights movements on other persons royal estates and public image that will save them from anything to do with actually working for their money which is something they fear, will suffice.

Hence they say I have failed the many tests associated with Royalty but am still Royalty anyway and if I let it run, the results will be a further fuss about how they are entitled to be Royalty too. Hence I am aware of some tests around here and one which has to do with the Armed Forces I can fight for if I wanted to but generally expect some curtsey from me to receive them back when they return from tours. The other side of the test being that of a collection of idiots that are impatient about everything including life itself, so Trump should not have won elections and I should not have written Books because they were impatient, even though it’s my property and products and not their own and cannot not be seen buying the products themselves in hell looking for trouble very publicly all the time; therefore showing obviously that there are tests I was supposed to have been unaware that I was undergoing and tests I should never have passed with that big mouth and the stupid insults that it works all the time. I do not think it’s a problem, they simply said I had failed tests and still hold to a Royal position, hence I provided an answer for that – it’s simply a case of looking after a Royal Estate business and we can see that there are people whose whole life is about making sure my Books are not sold because they are planning to write it for personal glory and the next stage of these kinds of talk will likely be ones about those foolish civil rights and privilege greed based insults giving way to the Police having to save the lives of criminals that are also victims of crime themselves, hence my personal advice is that they give it a rest – give it a rest with the Fashion vandalism and the Media abuses and the Political insults and the Civil rights dares and challenges and the media opportunity to tell me what to do rubbish they feel has become second nature at this stage, since that stupid freedom having been lost can easily be the least of their worries with respect to what I can do as well.


Now they say I have never actually cleared up my position on Brexit, which is not an issue anyway and I cannot understand which part of the fact they need to do whatever contraption is making that stupid second income properly so others do not run into financial difficulty that they do fail to understand at the shop floor of that Parliament anyway. Everybody knows what they are playing with and that there is no empirical evidence that their theories for getting rich actually works, what we do know however is that they are disobediently and destructively making money by pillaging my Business and business Premises and that everybody knows what will become of the Economy when I pillage their own as well and nobody can goad me into anything as a result of it too. As for the story of how exasperating me helps them make money and if I refuse to co-operate, what happened in Syria will happen here as well, I am only at a loss as to whether this is a threat all together, because if it is, people ought to know that an example of that sales nonsense whereby they are free and I will never sell my Books and they can stop my Books when I stop them is when their International Community leaders complain about how much of a mess I have made of everything while I am largely only interested in how much their incompetence winds me up – for instance the mess will be one about what I say in terms of failed States and Tyrannies in the Middle East, which concerned the fact that what was happening in Iran was that they were using Uranium to make power but the Russians were the ones helping them with enrichment, while these were the group of idiots in the White House telling the world Iran is making Nuclear Weapons as though they can protect themselves from Russia without bombing the rest of us and another example of how the problem is allowed to spread to terrorist scientists doing whatever they like in the wild, so that an idiot in sun protection glasses can show up around my concerns and train his eyes on me in order to know where my anus and penis is and sell things to get rich quick on my public image, by which he stops my Books if I stop him; I believe my warning here is very clear, they want to think about doing is properly not getting on my nerves.

So the question the Politicians ask mostly is whether I have a problem with Businesses, which I don’t; it’s their insults where they have multinational companies and a Royal Prince will do as they want because he wants jobs in his realm, meaning that if their Companies are a problem, it is going to be solved too. There is no real issue behind it save the parts that really wind me up being that these insults carry on to a stage where I keep seeing their problems show up on my concerns to be solved where I am bidding for clients in whatever I am doing to raise funds and pay my way in the world like everybody else – I still have no idea which part of the fact they need to do it properly, which is the only problem we have here, that they do fail to understand anyway and of course the problem is created by Politicians too; they were the ones that started a new wealth inequality solution that meant 'the have not' have everything and those who have, end up having nothing and so it is not amusing anymore – if they get on my nerves again over it I will do them again and the end product will be a lesson on the fact I had these scum figured out in my life and concerns way before I turned 17 before they showed up from spin doctor government to fuck it up playing the role of my parents to seek profitable disobedience, nepotism and violence with that big mouth. I mean they can put up another Test at the shop floor of Parliament if they wanted; I am waiting to see what becomes of it and their Political low life stupidities too. I mean everybody knows doing the Politicians is usually the answer for everything, I really don’t know why I cannot bring myself to it at present anyway. Of course they always say there isn’t a probability I could do anything about the Politicians but we all know they are complaining at the moment about hurting bottoms as a result of where I keep my information so that society goons and culture idiots can find them; we all know handling their case is their answer for everything – the profitable insults are really difficult to understand. After which we hear blabbing about my allies coming to harm which really sound like terrorists when even the Terrorists do understand at this point that the air to breathe is free.

They look a look at I Pad and the profits had not yet been stolen from my premises for the day, so they said I have not actually clarified my position on Brexit and I said they needed to do the second income properly – nothing serious, no need for their stupid threats but I am not regretting that they did either. They always say they want to teach me lessons I have not yet taught them and their media fools obviously which is understood, I want to sell my Books in other ways and only I have the right to make money from them – of course they always say the Books will burn in hell and I will make no such money which is understood, the problem with such a theory is that they show up here on the left and right as nasty idiots that make noise all the time about beautiful things they can have if they so desired and have had a reputation for hunting and rounding them up like sheep until that is the case, so that if I broker my equities with a celebrity and every idiot that wants fame can have access it ceases to be profitable for me and for my friends while it becomes an excused trapping of power for them – so the Books did something apparently and the story of how my life became such an open thing all together is still in the game and so will it stay open too, so we can find out what it is exactly they can do.

Everybody knows that as long as these fools and their Politicians who like to think their anger is the greatest thing in the world, thus when it comes over them they can touch others have a sensation which suggests that inspiration comes their way, they will become ever happier with the idea of hurting other people over their financial well being, especially when they have already got some going for them comfortable and hence have funding for an ambition – so I took care of the whole thing before 17 and now it is an integral part of my professional life and they have a problem with the Books; yap, yap it’s something I said and how it allows people goad them as if I cannot stop their idiots driving around those saloon cars to factorise me by my private parts and solve their fucking problems for them in the process, so they can tell me I think I am playing some game that I suppose will tend to save my life with a big mouth; everybody knows it always leads to a race against time to save other people’s lives result when they have some stupid money to build their insanity up by, which contributes to that stupid idea they are superior enough to think others low enough for a violence that may main or kill – so they had to have a bit and do some wealth inequality problem solving with my life for a decade and a half or they could not have existed, now they are mentally disturbed and there is a big mouth alongside it too, the job does not seem important anymore, people could be confused thinking thereby they were writers or Royalty all together. I do get told I cannot actually back it up but everybody else knows when it becomes real is when I am off to work for instance and have to clear a case with Public transport operatives on the way, the trouble being that the job does not last as a result most of the time – so the best solution is when I do it in order to ensure I am prepared for the career all together and of course it generally clears up that reality that I am not interested in their situation and would never have reacted to the issues that made them who they are, the way they did and this was never their own fucking lives. I do get told I cannot actually back it up but everybody else knows when it becomes real is when I am off to work for instance and have to clear a case with Public transport operatives on the way, the trouble being that the job does not last as a result most of the time – so the best solution is when I do it in order to ensure I am prepared for the career all together and of course it generally clears up that reality that I am not interested in their situation and would never have reacted to the issues that made them who they are, the way they did and this was never their own fucking lives. I mean it’s usually a very simple case of wanting to play a game of Man and his environment with Politicians every time they get to work as well and then it will not be lost in translation when you tell them to do the second job bit properly so you don’t run into financial difficulties as well since such behaviour is a main thing and yes they always say their version of such games is racism too and it will be the last time they see it if I set my eyes on it once as well.

Nothing I have said here is lost in translation; I mean the main issues is not just their disobedience and how it plays out with respect to making others comply with the way things should be done to make them feel comfortable and I am only saying there is really nothing they can do about me; typical occasion is seeing them, head shaven society idiot and he learns a thing or two from me and the way I carry myself and get about my concerns and goes off to boost his income with it, true to form, he will return with more insults and I will not have the right to feel good; if Politicians are that interested in a writer, nobody knows why they cannot buy and read his Books all together and its coming to a head. They do say I have not got it figured out, which is utter rubbish – old story about those who hate the religion that is practiced in their personal lives – a bloody idiot with a size to show for it and incredible insults he is convinced with deal with all the problems that he has got, training eyes on me to have fantasies about my anus and penis, so they can show up at the shop floor of Parliament to say I have not cleared up my position on Brexit and these fools need beat him beat him and when I tell them the problem is doing that second income properly so people do not run into financial difficulty, they began blowing off that big mouth. So they do blab like that saying Politicians are not what I make them out to be but that must mean the part concerning European Politicians who think you should never stand up to them and protect a business knowing you will be jobless and homeless if you don’t while they are just funding an ambition to play games with what really matters to you and are going to go home and come up with a plan to find out if you are really so important when you do or perhaps they are referring to the German ones that expect you to vacate and abdicate any disposition of creativity linked with you job, if they like it etc and cannot save the insults and need to move into people’s right hand, which then means that when the fear of financial failure takes over due to the need to handle entire parliaments and treasury before people can damage your finances and academic work, it becomes a prove of what they can do and why you need to live in fear – I don’t know what their problem with my Book is anyway, its apparently not their property the last time I checked anyway. They do speak of creativity sensibility I stole from the Germans, which is utter nonsense – I am an Arch Prince and my duties are split equally between Church and State; so I care about human rights and dignity, I care about job loss issues, I care about businesses going under, so I do it properly and broker create equities to sell Books in the process and stole from the Germans and its pretty much the same as the religion people practice in their personal lives until it actually becomes the case so we can find out what it is exactly they can do as well. Every time we see them in Public it’s about insults concerning people’s lives and Public image and the things they describe as aura which they must make use of to sell thing or damage when the owner does not let them, tell German lies all the time and try really hard to prevent others from solving their problems because their stupidities are desperate for leadership and this will prove why people ought to be afraid of them as well. It’s like when people warn I need to watch myself and that it’s about people in the UK being more predisposed to heart disease by genes than most other places in the world, which is well understood – the thing is that I know how it works and if it does what it does then it’s what it wants to do but the case is largely that of getting off Ones station to kick at Thorn all the time but the problem being that in my case I tend to break them stupid thorns and suffer minimal injury, so it’s a bit special; I mean we are in that situation because they are interested in my Books helping people with depression and heart disease and everything people suffer when they try to steal my property and the plan is that this is what I will sell it for and then people can punish me for protecting my property from them as well and it will only lead to an occasion where I will get out and see what will happen if I kick the thorns too.

So they love to say the problem has more to do with Americans expressing their power, which I understand all together anyway; it’s just that there is an academic name for their insanity and it is plagiarism and if all Americans commit crimes of plagiarism, it’s not really a good PR, besides which when finished they can poke me to see how far I will go digging it too. I have no idea how much I have to do is subtle little ways to send these messages before people take them seriously anyway: I mean we have been through the one about their all powerful position and how it rips up people’s lives and watches when the victims try to recover in order to steal big break, which has to do with people that the victims criticise because their behaviour is unacceptable and communities the victims really need to belong – we all see the result will be that I will cut to pieces their Day time television as well for instance and then become racked with guilt and get off to free pornography Industry to find out what went down which adds to the fact their community croons do nothing else all day save claiming the presence of God around me is the result of sleeping with peoples wives and a secret to wealth everybody should be able to access but they are still doing it and it’s just a matter of Books as it were which is actually not their property all together. I like to say mostly that it’s all very well playing games, in the end, perhaps it’s when the Americans steal my Royal Estate, there will be prove that Homosexuality is abnormal for instance and then if they quash such reality, there will be truth in the world for a change all together; hence it is not really in the end, the kind of Individual that they want to be seen getting involved with incessantly considering their current interest but they are far more interested in ripping people’s lives to enforce their insane tolerance which does not make any sense whatsoever and I am not actually the kind that lets it go either as they expect to feel special with – I will not be punished by workers of evil for my own choices over their stupid civil rights, they should make a choice as well and stop doing the devils work for him lest I do Gods one as well. It’s a choice between those who think I should have been an immoral person so I can make me immoral decisions that help me become financially comfortable, not go to Church and blame others when I think the rest of the world hates me – they need to make their own choice not issue threats and talk nonsense about their insanity that they describe as tolerance all the time, lest I issue my threats too. I do not think it is a complicated matter anyway; it’s an old story and the decisions I make as a result i.e. I may have had a 6 Hour fast everyday for 4 years and whilst I have to put up with their media stupidities making sure that each time I feel tired is something that is developed into an impression people have on me with their stupid community relations, which then affects what happens when I sit down with somebody to talk about a job role in my well cut three piece suit too – while the Liberalism and integration and tolerance idiots are more concerned with the bit where I could see this happening and had to take steps to ensure they do not damage my livelihood when they are off chasing a certain tolerance that will give them the self improvement their stupid ambitions seek the most but it is these very precautions that encourages them to get on Media and Politics to attack my financial well being claiming it is defiant with that big mouth. So it’s simple when I say they need make their own choices as this is not their own lives all together as it were – have to see that being homeless after you have done a 6 hour fast for three months will probably kill you in the harsh British weather and I will burn their world before that happens. They like to say the UK does not accept that the US is a far more diverse place which does not make any sense; we all know that if a British Community provided a service in Hollywood and a Spanish one provided it as well by copying, where the British one couldn’t reach, they do not have to go as far as to tell the British that it’s been done and more so to a stage where it becomes some sort of profit making rhetoric, as it is clearly abusive; in the end I do not think it’s a problem, usually we just resign and let them have it because we are British and what we see now is that they cannot handle that and there are as a result whole global civil rights movements that will save people from working to earn money on the property of the British all together – an old story of how the Spanish ones will become criminals and the Italian ones will set up some Mafia etc while the British will simply resign and let them have it and they say it’s a story that is unbelievable but can be as simple as in my case for instance, where I shut down every areas where I was exposed and they did take advantage and then none of their Public place gimmicks will bother me after – it’s the reason British society lets Women become successful first before the Men and theirs is completely baffling to us, since although Women are not allowed to get there first before the Men, the only form of fun people have as group of boys is doing Women’s bottoms and breasts and we all know that when finished they will expect to walk about being decent persons on account they did take a bath and made a conscious decision to dress well before stepping outside of their door. They do say it’s the many places where I have messed up a culture having their revenge and its utter nonsense; the fun days were the days when the background story to Media bullying was the cultures overseas that were giving them some sort of talisman that had to do with getting involved with me and my concerns in ways that has nothing to do with being nice – so we have come full circle as they never listen and it does get to a point. I am not regretting anything, I am just making it very clear that I had allowed the abuses to continued for some years and then when it became Public knowledge how it was happening, proceeded to tell them to put an end to their current relationship with Media, which they never did, so I did rip up the culture as well and they want revenge for it. it’s an old story where I must know there are places where the gospel is not welcome but what they follow it on with is not just letting evil behaviour to permeate mainstream living and allow people who are financially vulnerable through no fault of their own such as young people to be cornered and then got on to follow it up with get rich quick popularity culture alongside very abusive behaviour which allowed them to get involved with the gospel whenever they wanted – this has resulted in blasphemy and people are free to make their own choices like I do but not to blaspheme; it’s not that I will punish them when they do, it’s just that I will be displeased when they do around me. The realities of these gimmicks are that people who use them tend to go into Industry where they speak of nothing except how nobody knows who the hell I am and when asked to make an advert or have been given an important job, it becomes all about my Public image being their own and causes everything around here to feel hellish all day and every time, damaging my finances in the process when they know they live in an immoral world that is not to kind to the upright of judgement and it is always done without reason. So those who have cultures need to listen to what other people are saying to them too. In the simplest of terms, what I am saying is that it’s all good getting into Politicians to develop some forceful tolerance of vandalism but it should be noted as well that in order to be wealthy enough to travel to places like the UK and the US to make a living, people have to be evil – I do not write their Books and I do not live in their own existence, besides which I did live in Africa for 20 years without being an evil person and there was a reason for it too. I was not raised in a world where I was taught to take the law into my hands, I am extremely intolerant of that stupid culture – they need make their own choices not do some devils work for him lest I do Gods own as well and practice my religion in their personal lives to get provoked and attacked everyday if they are looking for trouble. So the Muslim ones in the US are not longer doing the hit him until he understands and then do what you like with his property routine because there are less hey we have made so much money and his pains serves him right partying these days, for the blacks it’s about building that popular culture and drawing it from the US to Japan across my life and possessions. So they will say that when I say these things I get taken advantage of by white culture power ones and its utter nonsense, they don’t; those are impatient about everything – it’s another person’s royal estate and for some reason they are impatient, it’s another person’s Government Office gotten via Public elections and they are impatient, it’s another person’s business and they are impatient about the products but will never buy, it’s another person’s Royal Estate and they are impatient about the uses but are only interested in success of insolence alongside profitable disobedience, so those violent lasciviousness get to a point and then when my bottom hurts while they fail to give me a reason thereof, I tend to want to give them one so they can have one all together anyway. The none white ones will take advantage of me from here they say, which is not really happening, they do fuss and fester but the reality is that they are in pain too – it’s about messing up my Books and never buying it, so that the issues the Book handles tends to hurt them all the time and we have now reached a point where they are fighting for their lives in some extreme cases and it’s an old tale about that stupid popular culture and fashion and celebrity and Media they cannot do to save a life showing up on my Public image to get rich so it can pass insults at me about being superior; I am I supposed expecting the time in which I will become fatigued about handling them for every process of hurting me for my part too – we do not keep answers to their problems here, that is a function of intense and very abusive disrespect and every one of their leaders and politicians will be made to understand that too, right through to fool at USA Hollywood talking nonsense about inclusion all the time. All else is just that old tale of really stupid and really big black idiots and some insult that have to do with keeping eyes on me, corrupting my Government security and messing up my tummy all day long – the Politicians are the ones that rip up my Books and allow this sense I am being punished on account of the quest for trappings of power, to give rise to a process where their violent lasciviousness comes to such a result and they are the ones that need to show respect for the fact they have their salaries and my Book sales need to be treated with the same decor – as for these stupid black Men, the reasons it happens has no changed since it began i.e. when I walk down the streets they have fantasies of what I would allow them make if I became popular culture and they were DJs pushing my cause and career and so it develops into a tale of rounding up their kids on whom their future depends and right into the bit about building up my personality in expectation and then when I don’t want to do it, somebody else will take up my identity all together so he can have what he wants and so this was one of the main reasons I was pushed out of University to sit about reacting to these nonsense because doing so makes them feel good for example, as though I am some sort of item to be handled like that but above all, when I don’t want it done, he will be doing it still and when I really don’t want it done, it will become his main preoccupation and this was therefore the bit that was stopped as in really stopped as it were.

So they ask if I think that the people who end up getting involved with me are doing enough fashion and celebrity and Media and popular culture to save a life. The case has always been that old story where I see somebody Modelling Clothes all the time but when I Google the brand I find them as pictures that are being sold and their names are like taboo and nobody know why it is okay not to find the name while the picture is obviously being sold; so it always turns out that we soon find people have climbed up my Royal Estate and are pretending it has no owner and the owner is not keeping an eye on it too, something I can never stop unless people complain about me in a big way obviously. Simple administrative matters like making sure the populous are solving their problems without having a piece of the Country first becomes so difficult when it is vital I do it to support The Queen, it become difficult because it has been interfering with these fools and needs to be stopped etc. So it eventually becomes a matter of what pictures are worth when they are worked in certain ways; what they are worth when people exhibit themselves on my Royal Estate and it shows up on a magazine and then it starts to become a story of how much money is changing hands and how dangerous is it getting – pretending the owner is not keeping an eye on it all the while. So they say that my Royal Estate was supposed to have been taken over by somebody else at this stage and I couldn’t make it out since it was taken over as it were – I mean they see these goons pass insults and me and taken them into Buckingham and I am left wondering if that was their residence so as to take people in like that all the time. it’s nothing serious – I mean common sense says if I am still in control when people have taken over their Armed Forces roles and started a gimmick about putting up structures that will allow well off enemy that shows up at the shops all the time to feel like a protected people, I am still at a loss as to how they were planning to take over the Royal Estate itself all together. So I can understand the complaint is that I have become inconsolable and completely unable to be myself again which is not really the case; it is possible I have engineered it that way as well, I mean it should not have escaped the mind that I probably had – like Politicians after Politicians, US Presidents after US Presidents making me into some kind of freak whose Books are packaged equities but should be sold as something he writes to help people with their depression and or heart disease, to help them relax and so on – so it is possible too that every process of having to redo anything I have already done will come with a follow up means that allows access to be shut down in areas – it is after all, always all about having things that facilitate a Manly Man sensibility which means they can get around showing absolutely no respect whatsoever to everybody else. So they do say that all those men that chase my private parts are not all bad people which of course they are not provided it’s about their kids getting involved and with a sense of regard for the feelings of their parents, attending school as it is obvious Celebrities will not sell Cinema tickets when people do not and so on, they are not supposed to be found near my State security or any activity to do with my renaissance all together. I have already made this quite obvious, it’s like when I get asked which fans I like most of all, which is rather a case of Girls that get involved with me because it is a duty in respect of their Fathers – I classify it as Mobility Administration – usually if it is not happening it means somebody is stuck somewhere doing pornography, while the Liberal ones are just something I do because it is probable that if I were asked to case about somebody else the way they care about me, I would have found it difficult.

So they always say I wrote my Books to cope with depression and now want to feel good and enjoy life while I get others to part with money and buy it before they realise the truth and it is utter nonsense; I never wrote a Book out of depression and besides which their problem is that every time they are asked to solve the problems when they are done messing it up, their position as people who appoint themselves to decide which Books others are allowed to buy then gives way to the development of a set of characters that are a problem in their own right to add to the situation – my problem on the other hand is that they will never get a copy and keep it at home so they can read it each time they have misgivings of what the Books actually did or said, what they will do is appoint themselves to decide if people should buy it or not, winding me up every day. It’s an old story where I make the culture and societies famous so the terrorists with their better than celebrities features who deserve everything can show us how they do it in Public, I do not do it for the White House or the Parliament or the Media or the Celebrities etc, I do it for the Church; hence those who appoint themselves for the bits where what their friends think about the way they feel concerning etiquette will decide who buys Books are just the ones that couldn’t do it to save a life if their own lives depended on it; ladies first does not bother me, depends on the life they want to safe showing up here all the time, which makes them better leaders with those insults alongside – it’s always showing itself to give off this sensation I am being hounded by racist grandmothers with Television careers and the black ones usually have no shame, so generally I am likely to pervert it again; a matter of awareness the sort of racial insults that may be channelled at me when these croons seek television careers and so on, I suppose they do not put them on Camera anyway which means it’s not necessarily the right thing. So they say it’s the challenges I will face at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense; it’s the one they made up chasing the Queen all the time to give them a Royal Estate and make it the one that will replace me endlessly and it’s an old case where the basic things like their sense of right and wrong is flawed and we have not even started on whether or not they have the talent, property or means by which to do anything like what I do as a whole and there is no way they can prevent people from manipulating it either, we all know they will claim it’s the one where I have gone and mentioned it as well, which tends to show they are insane. In the end, the same gimmick pushed me out of University some years ago and then the same gimmick makes it impossible for me to sell my Books and the same gimmick makes me difficult for me at the jobs market and if it is all the same, then it’s the same people doing it, which amounts to a conscious and deliberate process of dragging me out of University to hang about society reacting to all sorts of nonsense that go by because it will make them feel exhilarated; how wasn’t anybody and anyone going to end up insane and hating my guts for it? it’s like they say I get away with everything whereas when we hear them talk about it it’s never that the main issue was following up everything I do with a need to tear down the financial success in order to keep the chances of having me replaced constantly open, we hear them claim what I am doing at present was not obvious as an ability when I first began; so it gets to the stage where a big decision had to be made and the reasons I was not punished had nothing to do with having not done the wrong thing but more to do with getting away with it because another person is completely out of control and hence hating my guts has proven itself to be a good start to far. Most of the time it cannot actually tell the difference between a sense of entitlement and a sense of duty, so it says I have a lot of the latter but it is really good at the greed of privilege. Hence they would say I show a lot of disdain for the privilege system and nobody really knows how indeed I expect to survive in the big wide world whereas I really don’t – what happens is that they want so much of the privi8lege and it becomes ever so obvious that they will do nothing with it because they do not have the ability – same old story where that girl that blows kisses at their Royal Person will likely find another job easily when she loses the one she had got at the moment on account the employer went under – so we see the result at all that popular culture and celebrity nonsense that we have always thought royalty should be detached from and it’s not the one whereby they were indeed given privilege as it were. When truth wants out, what we hear is that the ladies are lining up all over Media and Popular culture and everywhere to give me a job and all I need do is ask, result being that nobody really knows if it’s their jobs that will be sacrificed to make me feel comfortable but when done, they have no other activity save being seen on my Public image bottoming out the phenomenon that is my Book sales, which is actually how the Patents help me make a living from them, claiming its my sexual habits when we know they have no other activity to engage themselves in and that it happens every single day.

A typical example is when they say these Women I am obsessed with are actually trying to kill me and what happens when they run trash like that on Media is that my Business engagements plummet drastically, while they believe it is fun and we are not even social mates or more so friends, just journalists inventing gimmicks they know will provoke me by its effects and it will be the type that happens around 11pm and then the fight will be postponed to the next day etc. So they always tend to say that if I nicely and politely told them to stop these behaviour, they would comply but are never going to as long as I am rude and I have said it nicely as equally as I am quite certain I had done everything to prevent myself being stuck with the sons of disobedience for an Office of Position and power that they believe I am actually incapable of protecting from them, which must be used to exact revenge on anybody that has ever bullied them etc. Hence I have no idea where the story picked up a feet and ran off from, that I am paranoid and sacred and terrified and so on, so they can show up on public places to pretend they can do what they cannot all the time.

The only problem I am aware of is the one about it being all me and a Court of Women and how they will do whatever they like with it, leading to outcomes in which I am always talking about the fact they have two lives and one of those is their jobs and family while the other is showing up here to make a mess – what they think they will do is chose some celebrities that will take over my life on the left and then others that will on the right and I am going to burn it for them definitely before it does tend to come to an end. The big crisis is one about how I provoke them and I am only aware of such things happening when they play those games whereby according to their dogmatic sales nonsense they were supposed to have a certain amount of money and they are looking to my personality for it, so if they don’t have it, they will ensure I don’t sell my Books and if I stop them they will get to stop my Books – so it creates this outcome where I really want to stop it whereby they don’t get to stop my Books as well. The greater issue being that of the Stock Market and Politician ones who need to do those second jobs properly, otherwise they are the self harming fools that tend to want more than one Job at a time, then blame others for it obviously.

In the end they say they have read Books on Extremism and racism and they have read Books about Democracy and Liberalism and Justice and have read about how the bad things can be prevented and have schooled themselves in a specific Political way but my Political position is actually a mystery to the entire world which is something they must blame for their problems and set about ripping my Books to make me suffer for all the failures they have suffered as a result of not being able to control extremism. The reality of course which is rather different from the claims they make of what their problem is because they are convinced I am so trapped the only way out is to serve them; is an old story about selecting themselves scapegoats when reading Hitler’s Books and Socrates’ Books does not necessarily mean that one is clever enough to stop Hitler doing Hitler stuff and allow Socrates to do Socrates stuff but I already know this and their own is not hurting badly enough yet so far – in the end the rhetoric is always the same i.e. chose me over the guy that chases peoples private parts because he either thinks it’s amusing or he thinks its solves a problem because I am the better person, I am the achiever, I am the epitome of what the rest of the world should become but while I say so, I get on Media to envy your Books while preventing people from buying them because I want to own them all together, hence your career has been done; and it becomes a matter of how One judges the problem has to be resolved if it is up to me i.e. I would be a conservative if I had decided like I think it is right, that partying does not solve problems when it is excessive the way the Liberals and Socialists do but it would not serve me well as I do not necessarily believe in my political views in their totality. It feeds into the need to stifle my religious beliefs and then come up with good deeds that will counter it until it is degraded and obsolete thing we see going on all over the world at the moment and so the religion I practice is done is their personal lives which provokes them, I need to chose them over the guys who chase peoples bottoms, my career has already been done by somebody else who is preferable while lies that will facilitate leadership is being told on Media everyday to rip up my finances as well, Mr Trump should not win elections after he has won it, everybody else is an illiberal threat and all of it become so self contradictory and utterly stupid when the basic reality in some areas is still that although my religion is offensive and practiced in their personal lives therefore needs to be quashed, while another person is doing some fashion modelling, somebody else will be chasing their bottoms and nobody can do anything about it. hence the way I speak of it gets some people thinking I am playing a game and that is because I am assessing the fact that if the Books were vulnerable to Piracy they would not have made good Intellectual Property Administration products and I would not be dealing with any of these – there are these goons doing these stuff on one hand and the others who might be in a livelihood partnership with somebody and then one day simply got to the Office to be told there is a new kid in Town and it’s not clear why they are still in the partnership anyway; so when people like that come over to my side and I am trying to sell my Books, others need understand this is a business too. sometimes they say these people play too much but I rather find them studious at business and yes the playing too much has to do with Women mostly and in my view the way things work around here is such that if there is a fashion model or two sticking things together in some areas, that would have been perfectly alright. hence they always say it’s a matter of the secret battles that Women especially do on my behalf, which is not really an issue as a whole – that mostly concerns the many reasons people might want to read my Books and the money other activities another group of people spend time on inventing in order to counter and eliminate those reasons but they love to issue their threats of violence when it hurts to do it with that big mouth – so it eventually comes to that story of how I encumber other peoples fame about which there is no means on this planet or beyond it through which another person can get to own my public image – now that Industry has manufactured them and placed them on Public places on a regular basis, they are starting to understand the impact of the success of insults and what it does to people when they are important in a condition whereby others have a problem with the fact that they are.

Eventually there is talk of racism of course which is not such a great big issue, racism has always done what it has always done – except there are people it actually affects in a greater way than the way it affects other people and they are also the type that can ensure that if others give them what they want, they will take action which will ensure the racism affects them less all together too; just like it works when it affects some people more than it does other people etc – I for my part have made myself clear about the fact if I see the culture and society it will be the last time that they do get to see it as well, so it might affect them a lot more than that all together. The story of how these things happen because I am being manipulated by some really stupid Women is an old story; those are supposed to have been a collection of goons that want to sit at local communities where they are allowed to exercise some witchcraft type power over others whenever they wish to express the importance of their inclusion based abuses and various other Liberalism and freedom of vandalism on other people’s lives and property and regularly want to show those who are interested in them, that they do not like to lose arguments or be told that they are wrong. It feeds into the media gimmicks where it is said I am being manipulated whereas what really happens is that the more it hurts to make use of my products without payment or prevent the service from happening is the more they want to do it and then take over the service to provide it themselves and get rich at a later date but about which when it comes to the matter of power all together I have actually got more of that than they do have anyway, hence never really makes any sense. The bottom line is still the unbelievable outcome of dropping out of University and having a hard time at the Jobs markets because they were modern and Liberal and I have not been going about having sex and it will continue until when I had lost everything and wanted revenge and the story changes to something else as a result of what will become of it. hence in the end, it becomes a matter of those insults that say I am the kid they use to make money and are therefore sharing with everybody which causes me to use them as well and their whole communities, then share with everybody, so they can get all over the place seeking privileges of injustice from Politicians and Media but continue the behaviour in question never the less. So it is expressed on a regular basis that although I am obsessed with them, they do not actually support me financially while nobody here is actually obsessed with them in anyway whatsoever. Their involvement and that of their stupid Men causes them as well as myself business damage but it is their continued need to ensure my Books are not successful that actually causes me financial damage and when they have their salaries it makes them into superior persons – so it hurts every time but they keep doing it never the less and its really modern etc, while I cannot remember this being their own lives all together. They love to claim I am having a hard time living with the fact people are fighting my battles; which is utter rubbish – what happens is that my life is always an open thing and if we make popular culture music others will jump on my Public image and make their own too, if stopped, get better leaders and use my own to make it to their glory, so it’s very vile stuff and they never give a reason, so I give them one – the main one is still that it hurts to delay the success of my Books but they are still doing it anyway, getting to that stage where they blab about stealing it all together. The part that makes me so uncompromising of course is that I do not actually think there is something wrong with my life on account they do not live like I do and are obsessed with the idea of telling others how to exist, it just isn't their own lives as it were. The big problem with them is this new trend where they are upper classes in other parts of the world and should be treated as equals and cannot do that stupid fashion and popular culture and media to save a life if their own lives depended on it. in the end be it talk of getting into trouble with Media or not; it’s all groomed and well dressed and sits down to talk with a lady like a civilised person, his only flaw is probably an inability to stop telling others have to be civilised but look again and you will see that move that 80% of what you like about him is made up by you and beyond that it’s just another empty vessel, a bloody idiot. So they say I spend my time playing around with them, which I don’t; I simply had to ensure I drew them in and got a means of controlling the situation and that nobody got off doing anything around my concerns to make themselves comfortable, so as to make their insults and disobedience profitable to a point where talk to the hand gives way to I cannot understand because I am now famous and live an exquisite lifestyle; that will never happen now as there isn’t any place on this planet or beyond it as such where that Public image of mine will belong to somebody else. It’s the Politicians you see – letting them have a bit for wealth inequality issues when we all know as long as there is sensation that if their thoughts wander off it could end up being entangled with something that makes them money, others will not have the right to normalcy or to feel good – hence even they are not laughing anymore these days. They do say is power and position jostling at the Monarchy which I don’t mind and it does not change anything about what I said either – it has taken care of its looks and you are left thinking its only flaw is the need to tell others how to exist but look again; it’s actually another empty vessel, another bloody idiot, hence when they get around with popular culture at the Monarchy these days, it talks to itself.

I mean somebody knows that when you fight back if he behaves in a certain way, you will get attacked by  the Politicians on his behalf but he is more comfortable with you being homeless than he is with changing a behaviour and so he wants privileges when you have decided to make him need change for his behaviour like air to breathe at a point where it will be most difficult and painful to do so – it the end translates into a tale of being taken advantage of by Media, which ensures it is all going round and round in circles in an attempt to become profitable madness.

The talk of how respectful I have been is one that journalists enjoy a lot but it is usually ever so difficult to locate which one is disrespectful – the bit where they are spending most of their time screwing my career to think like I do and talk like I do, so as to ask MPs difficult questions, make a mess of dignitaries and lay the blame at my door step to get away with it all and we have not started talking about signals to their community croons to get a response from me by everyday which has caused me to drop out of University and struggle at the jobs market while they cling to my Books to continue that dream that I might become a tool that was their prodigy they made rich and made themselves comfortable to get to where they feel they ought to end up in life. So there is always that story of what people who respect them much will likely do if they did hear what I have said and so on and if they do get on my nerves this problem will be solved as well all together. I am wondering if the respect for journalist thing is going to be a problem because it cannot actually be worse than having a problem with those insolent saloon cars and their neighbourhoods, along with the clubbing and partying venues that lead to petty forms of organised crime and a bit of Terrorism. As for shutting down the perspective on the left, I do all the time because every occasion they show up on my Public image implies another attempt at grabbing it and my career and then everything else; I do not want them to have it. In the end the probability of walking down the streets and having to deal with racist abuse used to be far higher than this and the fucking idiots are the ones talking about respect after 13 years of madness. It has always been about putting up an apparatus for making money and then not being able to account for how customers are liking the products and why, only thing they can say is that somebody taught them the secret to getting rich and they need my public image and my personality and when I stop it they stop my Book sales and regularly blab about American power that has to do with freedom for it too and especially on insults about respect I want that stupid sales man pyramid scam to shut it down, the foolish Media ones above all.

So they say I support Mr Trump and nobody really knows if I know what I am doing and it’s an old case where in the last 12 years what happens is that they cling to other peoples financial well being and for each time they talk and have their way it will be utter carnage and then they will make some money that is not enough for two while everybody will return to where they began and it will carry on and on that way, utter madness. It feeds into that case of how I do not even know what my Books do while for instance Fashion Models have no names on their pictures all over the Internet, while people sell it for money, which does not make any sense whatsoever but at the end of the day One ends up asking himself who these syndicates are and how much money is changing hands because they love to cling to Public image etc – these fools however have adopted their own fun, which is more about clinging to the problems that the Books solve for people and also clinging to the sale of the Books while complaining about the pain and suffering associated with it, to wind me up intensely by coming up with ideas at a later stage, which suggests another person must now provide such a service. For me it’s all in a day’s work, whereby I have to look after a Royal Commission and ensure that it does not get ripped by goons at the Markets and Industry and corridors of International organisations, they however are only playing games which will lead to results in which I have to take physical action to ensure they are not seen around the Books or the problems that the Books resolve for others and then they will not be stuck between a rock and a hard case and it would not be violent. In the end they love to say I cannot resolve the matter with a stroke because it’s too much for me but everybody knows the Court is female only and they should not be talking through to me let alone find out if I have been respectful and all such nonsense and there is no way I will likely rough people up in their three piece suit by watching them on Telly. In the end I shut it down because I don’t want them to have it and those structures of mine are not for them and their popular culture and film etc – they are for those occasions where Court Members have Children and need to raise them in a way that is not imaginary and made up without high risks and great dangers. In the end they hate my guts because of the way I make them feel but in the end its always an unexplained process where getting out with daily concerns ends you up being seriously beaten down to a point of mental illness by a scumbag that exhibits himself on Media, wants self improvements by doing so and has the various abusive ways in which he gets it, right down to community croons describing some persons as sources of beauty sleep for him, this then leads to results where he has things that makes him so disrespectful of others, like a job and money and other possessions – so I am a Christian and we do not do revenge but it does get to a stage whereby if I do not beat them own until they need medication it will never stop and they will never understand how other people are feeling when they do it, when they do it like a case of the Arch Prince that does not want to get into a fight fun loving insanity.

So they do claim I am not in control but we all know when you start to split it up into certain Africans from a certain part of Africa and other Africans from areas where people chase peoples anus and penis to ensure they have their success of insolence and generally have a problem with when other people are important; it becomes a slippery slope that the stupid things white people do will not be thankful for, when the end result becomes much too much emphasis being placed on evidence that you drop out of University and end up with a difficult time at the jobs market while daddy is home, showing you all about your Books annoys him unless he is making some money through sales man pyramid scam etc because these are very stupid people from tourism economies where they are really disrespectful so that they might save a little of the rest left over to please those who will pay for it, which getting involved with you to create such an effect in your life was none of their stupid human right in the first place. I am in control and they are not; it’s the White Man’s madness that says he ought to solve his problems by taking out the insults on anybody that shares a skin colour with them, when I do not know them or where they actually come from, we are not related and I have never seen anything like them in my whole life all together – which does turn it into a big thing all together. This reality re-enactment usually leads to outcomes where they claim their behaviour was developed to highlight the real nature of the characters of persons such as myself, thus being at a loss what they love to be seen around my Book sale business and to get involved with me like that for, never mind jumping on a CCTV to corrupt state provided security given me by the British.

Hence we hear the blabbing all the time about how Brexit is the end of the world when it is just a miniscule thing as a whole – just the UK being unable to cope with the problems thrown at it in the EU and we all know they are not real challenges too. So the reality of it is the one where British attitude has cost people their jobs and businesses which people are now having their revenge for it but when we peel off all the layers like when the Germans tell you they want to move into your right hand and you need to move out of any creative sensibility and disposition on account they simply want to use it to make themselves comfortable and sell it on to make a better world, what you are left with are questions about what exactly creates this outcome where decisions made by German Politicians affects my financial well being here in the UK while my politicians do not make any decisions which affect German people in such ways and then the way it will all play out will be one in which whatever I said and did was never said or done on High Media and Government Office, therefore is simply something others can shut down and make me shut up, which is being said in a condition where the prevalent fact that crushes other realities are instituted, will be that my attitude costs another person their jobs and business and the reason for it will be that I failed to see what my place in society actually was. It’s fair to say whenever I see that stupid culture and society and its used for that self appointed restricting nonsense they work all the time, it will be the last time they see it too and they always say I make it up as I go along and do not have a set thing that I hate, while the truth is that nobody knows what it is with them and some need to provoke people and then bother Politicians into taking decisions on their behalf anyway but we all know it is very time consuming and there is no way on this planet or beyond it, through which this my Public image will actually belong to another person for my part as well – which they always say I am completely unable to back up but we all know I can easily borrow that Country of theirs again until they give it back as it were; the story we hear at the moment is that I have taken everything right down to their Nazi history where they play up these games to take up peoples time and then when they see you understand that letting them do it takes up their time and make them sick at a later date when regrets give way to depression if they have found out that spending their time on paying their bills would have been the better thing to do and it turns out that they work this hate nonsense so well, it feels like one of those times a person has got an equation worked out so well at school that they can invent their own method of getting round the same mathematical problem, which is not found in the text book i.e. they know when depression and regrets hit, racism will become a lottery and to survive you must have spent your time during those years of bullying and time wasting to work out how to depend yourself when it comes to that, so what they do is stock pile weapons while they are doing it. I do not think that it is a crisis as such, it’s the old story we are familiar with where they provoke people and get Politicians to make decisions on their behalf and it sound like they know a lot about that corruption they seek and it will only likely stop when they have ended up in a situation where that stupid ugliness becomes a real problem and they are stuck with it on the left and right and those who love them for it love them for it over very strange reasons, while those who hate them for it have access to their money and just when they wished nobody would create a society that separates between stupid and clever people, human being become obsessed with doing that, it will become a serious matter for that stupid racism all together as well. I for my part as mentioned, am said to have taken all from them right up to their Nazi history etc but I am only borrowing it and they need to relax – apparently doing so is time consuming too as we can see and indeed very tiresome all together.

In the end it is like the idea I am having a difficult existence and people are worried sick about it but I am not having a difficult existence – the reality is that if these money mad fools feel that when they imagine themselves becoming something or being somewhere there is high probability it might be that way, others will not have the right to experience any kind of normalcy and so each time it strikes my bum I rather think his problem is that sales he has got to do and those clients I have not taken away from him just yet. So this is a very serious thing to engage in and that is why I am giving them time to stop getting involved with me, which damages my Book sales and stop stirring controversy that prevents clients from picking up my Books or enjoying the read because something about my business is still incomplete, considering that completing it is not necessarily in their interest all together as well and my favourite bits being the insults that change my quality of life and mean that I cannot administer my trust and those times when clients are confused about our products usually lead to abject powerlessness and then followed by financial losses after which the clients find out we were doing the right thing, especially at Fashion because they will not keep their bloody mouth shut and try to spend more time with their own mates. I am not experiencing a difficult existence, they are making the most of their grace period – I simply have to ensure that during this time, things are running as normal the way that it largely should and that is why they learn lessons over their insanity all the time concerning how much they enjoy seeing people suck up to money and get insolent about it, way too much for their own good. One of the lives they have chosen needs to be no more, as we can see that it means when I eat or take a bath or make any movement I interfere with something they are doing to get rich, so somebody is unable to do anything about their concerns because a group of idiots have needs. The greatest reason for violence from them is still the same as ever i.e. the Client is confused about the product, you keep hold of it until they come round but it usually means all is well but I have lost everything including my health and I have no idea which text books people read that says their fucking careers can look that way; I mean I am a good listener which then means I were predisposed to understanding what other people want and then giving it to them like a good scared kid i.e. I am wondering which text Book says their fucking careers can look that way.

So they say I am having financial difficulty while I support rich people and its all incredibly ridiculous; its utter nonsense, the reasons are that I have not had what I do laid out such that a lay man can explain what it is but what has become my main concern is another group of idiots getting involved and their involvement being about making sure they are telling me when to earn from it on a daily basis i.e. threatening and attacking people who do business with me because the Business is not finished and so it shows up on Media for that all the time and every day. It’s not finishing a business that is my problem, this gimmick is; if I want to make it work I will have to finish the business and tie up any ends that have to do with where I was exposed and people took advantage especially concerning those that have money to throw around but these idiots are fans of mine for running intellectual property administration at local level, such that I am safe from society goons whose whole lives are about trapping younger people financially in order to make them do things they don’t want to but their fanaticism is such that they want to control me and are starting with my finances on that stupid Media and as a result each time I have it finished, it’s a mess again while they think their insanity is becoming amusing. I for my part have to make this judgement where I do one thing and if it does not pay enough I take up another – what they do sets off such a storm around my Books that it takes all day to clear it up, just in order to find out if the Books are the right approach and means I have time for nothing else and it is the reason I do their own too; the present state of affairs is that they have the Media jobs that gets to their heads and my position is that losing it will see them transit into an absolute nightmare at the other end and they always love to tell me I cannot back it up which is entirely my choice to decide to do so or not, bearing in mind this rubbish gets people off their Church and spends their day on money issues which is something we Christians do not actually consider a worthy activity.

So they do say they really love to make me focus on the money issues and I have no idea anyway for my part; we all know everybody has a persuasion and some people love to make others focus on public matters, still some make people focus on Political matters, so I am sure they are aware the way my mind works, in case I hammer their own again and they claim it’s all amazing – I mean it’s like Brexit and they couldn’t even win the referendum if that pride and joy that gets to their heads depended on it. They do say it’s an example of the reasons I complain, when they make me have my fill of Brexit and its ramifications; it’s an old story I have warned them about before, where they find themselves today has to do with telling me to o-operate or else I will have to deal with racism and the chances of walking down the streets without being abused by racists used to look better before they chose their version of fun over me and I would like them to know there are people in this world who have had enough of media insults although most journalists and television personalities like to think otherwise. So they do say I am a loose cannon, attacking my friends as well, which is utter nonsense; like society, the case of me not having my security sorted is largely a matter of a group of idiots who behave exactly the way they do about which I do not want them making decisions about my finances any further than they already have – so it used to look good around the racism issue before they showed up around here. It’s a familiar story, whereby they know if I broker my equity with five actors and they broker their own with me as well, it will cease to be financially viable for me and the five actors but will get off and do it anyway – so if this kind of conversation progresses a little further, we will end up with a new complain of what has happened to that stupid freedom this time; they do say it’s the way my personality encourages it all and I wouldn’t know anyway, we all know it’s impossible to reason with people who hate religion when your personality is something that is the way it is because God does exist – half the time they claim it looks that way because I sleep with peoples wives and the other half they claim I listen to people a lot and can discern their problems, such that if bullied will be fixing it for them like crazy i.e. if this conversation progresses any further they will end up complaining about that stupid freedom in a different way from the previous. They do say I have the wrong ideas about people which is utter rubbish; the reality has always been that when people see that a person has talent, they want to make them pay twice as much as everybody else for everything they buy at least – sometimes its motivational, other times its just painful and you have to suck it up; these goons however are enjoying a gimmick that says they want to make decisions over my finances but it has now come to a point whereby it is part of public psyche that they make decisions on peoples financial well being and needs to stop before it becomes a big thing; when rich peoples do it, somebody gains financially anyway, when these fools do it, the result is usually crimes that can be described as Murder and Manslaughter. They do speak of some leadership gap I am meant to tackle here about which there isn’t any; it’s a big world and there is nothing wrong with a Trade active China but if they will build up a Military and move in on American interests, we will find ourselves supporting the Americans even though the Nuclear Bombs will blow us up too – so Obama did spend 8 years making a mess of it after countless opportunities were offered to work with the allies and bring it under control which never really happened, now I am being told it’s what my people want all together while they have not accepted responsibility for it at the White House. I mean it’s the same with Economy where I spend time making sure the market goons made their decisions quickly; do they want to set up contraptions they call businesses but exists to hurt people or do they want to create jobs, do they want to create jobs or do they want to get jobs from others and need to decide as the rest of us have not got all lifetime but each time the politicians are involved it is turned into a story of we trust you sales goons to grab the Country by the scruff and drag it into economic success with a big mouth. I get asked if I am being truthful when I say these matters do not affect me which of course I am; they will hang around and make a fuss claiming I do not get along with people my age or younger because I am discriminating but when I tell them to do their worst this is what becomes of their integration and friendliness, that old insanity about getting rich quick and being free from work forever that comes with big mouth female celebrity stupid threats all the time with some security guards they pay for pillaging my public image in the name of popularity. Same with when they say Obama was caught up with Middle East issues, while it was clear it was all the same dumb students who do well in school and turn their partying venues into drug dens from which they can sympathise with terrorists and go off to do some suicide bombing for them and that it was clearly a matter that was right at the heart of US Global Leadership.