They speak of feeding me the problems of the day as expected considering it happens daily as such, does not seem to see any problems are associated with dumping on me and telling lies that suggest it is what my Books are doing to the Public as they happen to have been the creators of justice; normally of which it does not bother me because the devil and his devices take many forms, unexpectedly looking persons can be possessed with legions of demons and which is also the reasons they love media and fame so much but of course how this plays out practically has become a problem all together; the bit that causes them to recreate every issues I have resolved in order to make a gladiator and freak out of me was the part where I had to handle the Office that dealt with processes in which I wrote and peddled my Books, this other bit is just something I have to take steps to hold down a professional commitment for the purpose of protecting my financial well being from them for and I am not aware that such a thing does exist anyway. So it still comes down to the sticking points where they need to get their stupid selves off the case where they are seen telling me what to do all the time, need to clear my space and keep off my Public image. Outcome will likely be that each of their insults will continue to ensure the trouble makers are out of control on account I am being used and abused and it is fun and then I will unleash it on them and they will make those clever decisions they make for a change that involves taking their own lives and then I would have killed them and gotten away with it. It is a very simple process of people getting involved with what does not concern them, making contributions and then being moved on, rejection, heart break and so on but then imagine that people inflicted it on themselves and began targeting those who dared to have what they do not – so there is a sense there that they are more worthy to be living breathing persons and not memories than those they afflict are and I believe my warning here are very clear too besides the insults that are the popularised as though they are not complaining enough just yet so far; we always get taken by the dress well and pass exams in school bit but when it comes down to it, we are talking about an insatiable need to brag about violence concerning processes of deciding where people belong hence tribalism that it cannot afford because it wants to practice them on people that are more important and does not have the money to keep that up, which result is always conflict, at the moment the Politicians are unable to see how the Boo Boy Politics works so far because they are scared of what they are told the problems are. I have for my part never yet met a condition where they have another way of relating with me which does not involve hurting me; they claim my Books solve the problems of social issues that allow people to get famous and that I brought it upon myself but the main provocation continues to be the part where they never buy the Books unless there are other insulting conditions I have to meet and of course are always passing around those insults where they get to tell me what to do on Media. We had the same case over the Film Industry where I brokered with Film makers on the basis I was single and knew nothing of married life, they took that over and Film making is now all about sexual abuse which will only be settled when they had destroyed everything I have. So I hear I am a burden for the security systems in the Country which has no basis on reality, reality is more a case of being a burden because the criminals and bad people I have beaten down really hard have been chasing around the security service operatives to make me look like one – I mean nobody fails their exams at University for being distracted by people chasing their bottoms, pulling their legs and generally abusing them constantly in the neighbourhoods, nobody drops out of University so others might pass exams and return to popular culture without consequences. They all have their flavour and each behaviour involves hurting me all the time and when I find out why they do it the reason was that they were ex convicts, while the others that love to seek out some cheap violence that will end their history of being losers tell tales of me stealing personality from those who can do violence for everybody because they want to find out if what happens when I tear up the culture and society is that I get killed. The parents and their media goons are really fond of talking about the path I am taking all the time and how I have taken the law into my hands at the same time but its an old story of doing their own in a matter of minutes to ensure they never forget me every time they tackle me as well; its the real world and bad things happen in the real world whenever people have thought of themselves as bullies – its not school yard where the worst that can happen is some fighting and perhaps some delinquent murderous activity; real bad things happen in the real world that causes living trauma when people fancy themselves bullies. Its all very simple i.e. none peddles the faith and none peddles the personal life and none peddles the public image – just like it is simple for that stupid media leadership where everything I do about them goes to upstage me on account an idiot whose family is not affected by an activity he clearly knows is bad and he was never out of pocket for stopping it thinks that he has got an obsession due to the fact he shows up on my Television to play with my feelings all the time i.e. they need to stop addressing me, they need to keep off my Equity and they need to keep off my Public image. They always say there is nothing I can do but they did say that before I had to ensure they were chasing their lives lest somebody else takes it from them and the reasons were as simple as showing up regularly to describe me as the kid on whom their future depends, thereafter which I find they have built popular culture from the US to Japan across this Estate and followed it on with a series of activities designed to ensure I do not break records of when they made their first million by making my own as well, which leaves me thinking their problems can only get solves if I got my hands on the stock market assets – much the same as the society ones who whenever others that have to listen to them complain about me are not looking, I get told I talk but they are settled for life, especially those that married celebrities and got divorce settlements after; in their case it was obvious that if I took control of their lives for them due to the fact they are always threatening me over money and ensured they were paying their taxes over a period of 30 years my biggest problem thereafter will be how to maintain a system that takes from them what tickles them into the behaviour that takes up my time so they might show up at mine to get it back if they have the guts for it, with such results emerging as Politicians and Media preventing me from training myself up on a bad behaviour I can exhibit at their expense as well and ending up with a case where I can visit all abusive experiences during the whole saga on them during their retirement, depending on what damage they have done here – the media ones support the whole system of the claim there is nothing I can do of course but reality is the reason they are such a threat i.e. tribalism they do not have the money to support which they cannot see is a separate existence from Business owners and everybody and everything associated with them from those who help them with intellectual property issues to those who are always showing up at their backyard to make some money of their own, this is why their feel their wealth inequality issues on public places is the most powerful thing in the world when combined with the money they have set aside to run popular culture on that helps them rip up peoples lives and careers talking nonsense about which one has done their stuff and they largely think I will either get into trouble if I destroyed it for them or that when I say I will I am likely bluffing as there as factors that can prevent me from doing so. All together I suppose the British Labour Party and its leadership is made up of geniuses and if they wanted to get somebody controlling the civil population for them, it was not the acceptable behaviour to pay the person for it as it were – I am now caught in this position where a lot of people make use of the party and there will be a social crisis if I damaged it as well, so they have found a means through it where they can blow off their big mouth at me in such ways all the time, in either case of which we will likely continue until when I have children and adopt a disposition where I have become like them or one of them from then on which they will tell the difference and keep blabbing after. They always say there is a part of the whole thing I am responsible for and it is utter nonsense; if I started a campaign about how I fancied women that are older than I am so the sexual harassment might continue without the risk of insanity if it wanted and society goons can keep chasing me about to get a means through which somebody will end up doing something about women to make them comfortable, we can see the most likely source of animosity in their view, would have been a bunch of cowards on Public Media parameters who have a problem with a society that thinks Men should always be prepared to do what is necessary to protect women and younger people instead of themselves; so here we are and it says parts of it is my fault, so I have to get back to the main facts i.e. the Court is female only and they had decided to get involved with it on account they shared an Office space with the women, so we are now in this position where they say their wives wait on them like Kings because they have Media jobs and the easier part of the solution to their problems was the bit where they stayed off my case; what they have done instead is continue until they reached a point where they can talk through to me from their media jobs and then when I try to avoid them as their lives are none of my business the bullying gets worse and the takeover of my whole life starts on account it is simply the way their twisted nature works. I therefore need to get out of this whole business of talking about career and big picture and start talking about the things people do to ensure that I cannot stop them saying what they have to say while what they have to say spends my equities and markets for example, need to start talking about self and what has constituted damage and for the Media specifically I intend to get my divorce from them not through the British Government like we hear them brag all the time but by myself and it will lead to the outcomes where we start to talk about what shall become of seeing them around the Books one more time etc. We hear the tales where I am never willing to accept I am disgrace which is utter nonsense; I have looked after a Royal Commission and built myself a business for it in 15 years, during which time I dropped out of University because I underestimated the stupidities of the trouble makers all together, about which the time I should make out to study during the evenings is what is being taken from me by the distractions and sexual context abuses and leg pulling and the destruction of my Book sales with Media, which of course is an example of what is not their business and how the revenge they complain about begins – the first was the incessant need to show up at Popular culture with something concerning my Public image to speak of the kid on whom their future depends. So its the size of the task ahead of me they speak of and there is no size to it at all whatsoever, as mentioned before, it goes beyond stuffing their heads full of what I am thinking whenever they hunt down and trap me for practical jokes that damage my finances and health and leaves the media ones pretending that everybody knows what churns my tummy is that I stood up for something and they took away my friends and are now after my finances too and can build up my public image and trade it off to somebody else, while the communities have this open secret about me that everybody is aware of except myself to push out sexual context abuses and distraction that keep me from anything important I have to do; its a group of people from the US to Asia who have this Tribalism they need to chase that they have not got the money to afford and therefore always have need for the incomes and finances of their victims, the reasons those wealth inequality stories have become such a tool for power and for bullying and for dominating people last time we checked and the case where they claim I am unable to do anything about it can be seen when they speak of the UK dealing with Political instability on account they want to get rid of the Monarchy and when I want to talk about it, the result being they end up fighting for their lives since their civil rights movements that are judge jury and executioner, never does a think about the criminals that swell its ranks, they realise they end up fighting for their lives in each case but are still looking for trouble never the less and we are not talking about seasonally, we are talking daily and especially on social media; social media especially where they deploy my equities by watching me and picking up on what I do where I live to praise themselves with on a media full of fools that are not affected by their bad behaviour or out of pocket if they stopped it; the result of course is that they deploy my equities, tell me the Assets I hold with Companies does not exist and that means my Assets work for me but I lose all the money and end up with a reputation that means the more famous I get the less money I have and I knew they were evil but this is something else all together; so it seems that setting out clearly that addressing me, handling my faith, handling my finances, handling my public image is damaging, is not yet something I am doing comprehensively enough to make sense to their stupidities just yet. So they say I am talking from my fear and it makes me wonder when exactly they conquered their own – it goes back to the way it started to begin with, my personality being something people celebrated was promptly turned into the look of somebody who sleeps with peoples wives and at the time it was annoying but not yet clear what it was about all together; now we know I am reputed for clinging to my sweet mother when nothing has happened to me as people cling to my finances and society goons talk rubbish all over it, the reality of what it was has become very clear: its played out the whole thing obviously – first it wrecks my life and pillages everything I have and then it has to come up with a Counter attack plan and a means of covering the tracks when I want some of its own as well.
So the big idea is usually when I hope to get down to this case of putting an end to talking about career and big picture while people pillage my work and property all the time but I am already doing that anyway and yes they say is that is what my current activities mean I am after the wrong people but I am not; they are referring to Media goons as the wrong people while they spend most of their time inventing some work I have to do to deserve writing my Books which is incredibly stupid but continues to persist because consequences have not followed the fact it is preventing those that are interested in the Books from getting involved; to put it simply, its a case of whether I have Books to sell and that makes me a writer, what they are saying is that it does not and so we do not need to talk about the respect aspects since it would be completely pointless to. So how it works was that I wrote the Books to help people save the mind since they always tend to save the Body for the jobs and now they will deploy money issues to ensure I cannot save my Body while I sell Books that help people save the mind over money worries and dizzying financial issues – incredibly stupid of course but the women say there needs to be shared responsibility over the problems that bother them and I have no idea if sexual assault issues really are the only blackmail they can find anyway, just like the men read those insults off a dictionary so when they blow their big mouths off at me it tends to make them look good with my public image on Media; it usually means they can tell me I hate women which is utter nonsense as they cannot pin this stuff on me and I am not interested in their problems either – its the finger of mystery; sometimes it switches off the lights during bed time, sometimes, it taps the bills on mobile phone, sometimes it taps other things. With respect to the violence we are soon getting closer to a stage where I will ask them to keep their fucking famous show business which secrets they are not paying me to keep, out of mine and if I see their stupid comments made over my Books one more time I will pillage their celebrity backyard to pay the bills – I don't hate women, I just fancy the ones that are older than I am. So here we have where February 2018 School shooting in the US this year fits into the picture and it was the bit where they tried to set out gun controls on the basis of me being a softie who comes up with ideas that protect people because I can see what violence really looks like which hard and tough people such as themselves cannot see, this they say has failed obviously and so I am one of those people who need to be made to behave – no idea if they would readily sign a statement saying that the shooting were an attack on soft people with that big mouth; from my part however it still stands that cracked up out of my league will be heading to work with the toilet soon if they fail to watch their filthy mouth, so that when they see what can happen to hard and tough cracked up out of my league people, they will come up with ideas that can ensure people do not go to work with their toilet, otherwise they will be made to behave soon enough as well. You can never tell what is wrong with them, these are very stupid people who are not good at anything except standing by the local culture to decide where others can belong and telling people that it is not to be enjoyed and creating conflict, meaning no person can sit by it and pass exams in school while they tell various other incredible lies that make no sense at Politics if given the opportunity that is but mostly we hear of their stupidities at society – it used to make sense when we said we needed to live in a tolerant society and the tolerance was concerned with the fact they cannot do well in school save somebody else was a hate figure, of which my case with them usually begins when it is a behaviour exhibited around Church environment that I have repeatedly mentioned I do not fancy, now that we see them wreck peoples academics and pass exams to return to Public culture and then Politics of dominance and insults such as these, it has become question what exactly we are tolerating as a tolerant society and of course they always say I will get into trouble but I suppose they are not too stupid to see their bad behaviour does not affect their families and should they have stopped it they would not be financially worse off anyway, not too stupid to see that no human being is born homosexual and that there is nothing their stupidities and its big mouth can do around here, whether or not we continue to make those claims of assumption that they are unaware of the consequences of their actions. It does need to stop making those stupid assumptions it knows me when it knows nothing about me, so far it will not stop showing up around my concerns to play the role of my mother deciding with civil rights violence which of my work and property is to be shared, will not stop running a campaign on my public image that will brew me a life threatening public problem because showing up in Church just marks me out as somebody that they have decided will be homosexual so that women can be powerful; this is another example of when their insults have gone too far pointlessly – that I am a cunt who needs to come up with ideas for how cunts are to be protected because cunts are being attacked, besides which strong people like they are will unlikely be able to come up with the right ideas when they are not experiencing it. They are not strong people at all, they need whole civil service and parliament and national media to wreck my finances and show up in public places to run off insults that amount to fighting me when they have never met me so society and culture goons might beat me down for them and their stupidities around my case has gone far enough. They speak of what I am perpetually in fear of being the cause of their activities which is utter nonsense i.e. they are referring to a case of having African Tribalism alongside Racism in the UK which will not make the case of dealing with racism easier as a whole anyway – I for my part am hated already while their big mouth blabs of fear on account that putting the culture and society in my face will add up to the last time they see it too, so we might find out whether what happens is that if I rip it up I get killed as their big mouth suggests but on the whole we are already dealing with racism and on a personal basis they need pay attention to my case here i.e. Tribalism and Church do not mix and every time I have made that clear they go off to do me some evil favour with the tribalism and show up at the neighbourhoods to provide an abusive and insulting service on standby which a scumbag in the city with money can buy into, so I do not actually think what they call fear really is fear all together, although there is fear of what a group of idiots might do when they believe they have nothing to lose, with a foolish culture that lets them make decisions to kill people if they wanted and then the reprisals that will follow and various other nonsense that comes forth from that too; people do not drop out of University so they might pass exams and return to Popular culture – I mean I like to say I never considered how seriously they took their own stupidities but I did in 2008, we are not in 2018, it does not happen in the real world, it seems there are things in their possession which really tickles them and if they do me one more favour with the Tribalism, then it be time for them to find out what I can do as well (again). With respect to the Gun attacks by themselves however, it becomes abundantly clear that it could have been easier to live in a world where it was reported to the Police every time people owned guns without the kind of culture associated with gun ownership being exhibited, which would have ensured that the background checks were effective, especially considering that banning gun ownership is incredibly incompetent as it would flood the criminal underworld with weapons but true to nature of Democrats in the US, not even the background checks will be effective, unless the soft people who own guns are gotten rid of after a bid to own them as the power base of the popularity crime world has obviously failed; its all toys to play with in their view, do not ask how I know they tried to amass guns to build their racial power and it failed before they turned their attention to the Gun Lobby and once one had gone through any sort of hell to have it cleared up, a moving pictures was waiting to be sold and the internet will inform everybody. Now they say I am fooling around unaware my career has been completely destroyed and it is utter nonsense; we see them all the time showing up on Media to ensure that whilst they cannot get involved with me when it was any of their concern to do so but save in a way that means they can destroying anything that lets me have a relationship, within the Industry they have built for themselves that largely involves creating setbacks for me in life so to speak, the process then involves ripping up my Books to serve the Public while making sure I am sore all over so I cannot rip up their own as well and then setting out that boys from neighbourhoods crowd on my doorstep ruination and squander stuff on National Media and social Media for it – nobody knows why anybody would handle other peoples lives and careers in such ways and then make such a big thing out of protecting their own as well thereof. So this is only the beginning of a process where I put an end to talking about the career and the big picture and start talking about self with respect to its effect and quite naturally of course which I think what encourages them the most is the fact that they have not been set up too such that like my hard work makes me a target for it their decadence and insults had become an industry for somebody else too and so this I think is the reasons they are unable to understand; the part where I need to be taken seriously when I tell their insulting feminism that showing up around my Books one more time will lead to life changing consequences and to be believed when I say so too. They have not wrecked my life and career, its a dream they have alongside their boo boys surviving with National Media and National Parliament and civil service; when I say nobody on the planet is born gay and their men can do lots of things to me thereof to make sense of a process where I built a public image that was dedicated to dealing with these stupidities. They do say its about feminism and its not, its about lesbians making sure people cannot do what they have to do when they need to and then when what is to be desired was brewed up want to control peoples sex lives, which lets them do whatever they like and become sexual huntresses to facilitate their alternative lifestyle and I am sure they can understand a decade of financial complications tolerating their stupidities, which actually by the way does not support the theory they have brewed of having wrecked my life and career. They do claim women are being dominated which is utter nonsense, just like we hear the claim I started first; I still remember showing up on television meaning an opportunity to start claiming I sleep with peoples wives and now they know there is much they could do about me if I did, we can see what has become of it all together as it were. I want them to keep off my Books, they can keep every other form of practical jokes and those who have opinions about how my existence should benefit their chase deviance until stuck then blame others and tear up lives attitude, need put their own on a billboard and sign their name to it otherwise it will be a beat up their mates with a big mouth case as ever. They say what is happening with me is a form of injustice when I get support from Law enforcement each time they claim their behaviour towards me enforces their superiority just like racists do what they do because of an obvious superiority that they have and I suggest they need to move on as I have had enough of their Liberal stupidities showing around my concerns to require the Civil service and National Media and Parliament to be superior with but it is not an injustice at all, this is like if my parents had to deal with people showing up where we were taking our GCSE to ensure I failed mine and faced setbacks except this time my parents are not involved and it has become a question of how such nonsense just becomes other peoples industry but tend to feel normal when we speak of it as chase deviance until stuck and then wreck peoples lives with blame culture Liberals. They do say I have refused to relinquish the process of power gained from upstaging the connections South Africans and Jamaicans have in the UK and of course it beats the imagination whether their insults will likely achieve that anyway; these in my view are very stupid people who spend most of their time on practical jokes with outcomes where they look like characters people can take jobs from and then they suddenly realise that their position is one that can provide leadership for others and begin to persecute people; so the main tale is that what they are trying to say to me is that I have no money but want to get around with people who do while I want them to clear my space as I want nothing to do with any of their money, can continue to persevere if they want to deal with the security issues which they have not obviously got enough money for, to make sense of their stupid tribalism that they have not got enough money to support in terms of their choice of those they are superior to, never mind the fact that they will do anything to build popular culture on my personality and public image as annoyingly and destructively as possible when I keep myself in good looks and will punish me for the rest of my life when I keep myself untidy, never mind the fact they are always claiming I sleep with peoples wives which means their foolish men can take advantage of me first while questions are asked later; so I have dropped out of University and they do not yet complain about what other Africans do to them in the US seen a prove that they are very stupid individuals yet.
We even hear something of my support for Women freedom thing to be the source of all my problem and I would never know anyway, I just know it is going to annoy me terribly since I have made clear my view is that none on this planet is born Homosexual and that it is a shortcut for their problems which is usually deployed to cause homelessness and persecute moral people – the bit where they think they have reached a certain point of control so their stupid children love to claim it is injustice on the side of Law enforcement to support me when I say I have had enough of them being superior to me with civil service and parliament and media while making references to racists and they think they can start boasting about ripping up my life and career while their children are at it, setting the stage for lesbians to chase their female lovers over my academic work. As I said, nobody is born gay, it is used to set the stage for homelessness and the persecution of moral people and then when people have been unable to do what they must at the time they must and are prevented from having sex, they can be made to have the sex that has been set out for them and made to do what they are told for money, allowing those who the male totems to hunt down their sexual prey and talk rubbish about homosexuality and the pervasiveness of religion in doing so – I have been chased around all my life to get killed like Christ died so that men can have a certain lifestyle, if they are unable to keep their filthy mouths off my case it will become far more serious than just setting a stage where they take me seriously if I tell them I no longer wish to tolerate their stupidities showing up around my Books. They always say my experience of women is different from their own of course just as we know that while that is the case they are still performing other behaviour like striking my bum, setting stupid women on my finances, blabbing about my relationship with women doing their stuff and of course making sure that every wife who has strange opinions when their husband takes interest in those foolish women they complain about gets to work to earn 50% less than they do, for performing exactly the same tasks. Its always back to square one for people over some practical joke they cannot have enough of all the time while the process of complaining about the problem is garnished with life changing insolence. They do say there is always an endless amount of things for me to do which is utter nonsense; I do not remember doing anything I do not want to do but the idea they put it forward is clearly an indication I need speed up the process where if I do not wish to see them messing with my Books and Public image they will definitely take me seriously: what these idiots have done is take a condition in which women in communities chase about men who go to the city and lose everything because it is assumed they return to that level of society to take advantage of more women while they could always have defended their corner to avoid the problems and therefore are only in need of power and they have turned it into a process of persecuting me so that if I reacted, I would upset something and somebody will get killed for defending themselves on account they are female i.e. the world of people providing services on standby that makes others worse off so Millionaires might be respected – the part that has really brought it to bear for me of course is the school shooting in the UK this Month which was better responded to by telling me to soft people do something that means soft people get protected instead of allowing to thrive a system the government puts in to place to control Gun ownership, the part where those who handle guns without the culture associated with owning one become Police business right away; its the part where I need to stop handling the male and females separately and I intend to make it a case over my Books and the Royal Public image as well and of course they are free to build that stupid popular culture and run it from the US to Japan across this Estate again if they had the guts for it. The government bits will be that old case where popular perception is that we are trying to change the nature of Nations which is utter nonsense; the Germans have always been incredibly irresponsible and each time the Company owners want to do better they are dragged back by the Politicians, so you cannot say the Germans need to change from what they are and Mop up after themselves where they build those illegal trading and black-marketing that they have become obsessed with doing literally but you can say the Chinese now have a significant part to play in the Global Economy; so the case still stands that they are free to build up that stupid popular culture and run it from the US to Japan across this Estate then get around looking for privileges of injustice complaining about my Books. They always say that those who wanted to remain in the EU would not like my view very much but that was always an old story of how we have had to chase our operational model in the Middle of an Economic crisis i.e. should we be a Country that is obviously open to the world or a Country that provide hospitality expecting the world, we chose the latter because we wanted some control and the bottom hurting stuff became their main preoccupation because of that, it always wanted to end up complaining about and has gotten its wish. They speak of inactivity being tackled and the first time their problem with introverted people became an issue in my case, they worse frocks and pretended they controlled the City while Politicians were talking about my personality with respect to the fact their decisions affect the lives of serving criminals and I was being groomed into crime so I might be rehabilitated out of it later – so they are aware such talk will take a process where they are fighting for their lives as we speak on my account to something more serious. So they say its a matter of picking on uneducated people who think they are intelligent and I could not get my head around it anyway; all I want is a process where they gave me a situation in which what I did was misunderstood but when it came to getting out of bed to do it, I am in control, supposing anything gets serious in their lives. The part about the confusion over what I really want fits into this story and we are talking beyond a case where they start and I start off as well with my good old Brexiteers are the ones whose lives I deploy to get things done while remain people are the ones whose property I share with everybody, otherwise its a simple case of the fact that each time they talk to me, talk at me, address me, handle my Public image it is damage and destruction of the equities I have fought for, built, developed and are set as assets to broker with Companies, now full of idiots especially nightmare Landlords facilitated Muslim goons talking rubbish about me doing their stuff as well for good measure, damaging everything around here, so they all really need to stop addressing me before they end up with problems that are as bad as their stupidity looks as well, especially considering I will not be getting an income from them because they do not read Books. They know that involvement with me has this damaging effects but they have become obsessed with the way it affects me when they spy on me and deploy my equity before it has matured, so that it works for me but I loose all the money and the whole process of imaginary money that will become another persons property therefore develops into something that can be used for media and celebrity bullying and I am going to sack the backyard to ensure I have security around here too. They always say its a matter of kids picking up difficult matters which leaves big people and grown ups with even more difficult issues but that is usually an assumption that the extremism does not affect me the same way it affects them but when it gets serious becomes a case of using my life to boost their incomes by insulting and abusing me – so it usually kicks off when they have carried on to a stage where I have to tell them moving into my right hand is not permitted, what happens then is that they simulate it on media and have it anyway and the fighting starts then; so what they expect when they do it is that I will move left and become a vagabond that wants to make money from popular culture, while by the time I am done with them they become the ones chasing the fame and fortune popular culture lest somebody grabs it from them, hence is really big. The point being that they are all the same; racists and civil rights goons such as these, they all have the same behaviour of doing those bad things if they have some savings which means that if they had a million pounds for instance, killed somebody and ended up in prison, it would still mean that their savings were paying them as much as a £30,000 job anyway but then I do not need large savings to make them squirm either – so I do get told my activities amount to Royal begging but they are working class and need to find their own equities from their savings and mortgages not my Estate. So eventually we hear I think I am right but am not which is utter nonsense; I am right, they just think they are in a position to secure a lot of support but are not – we can see what I achieve with pocket money from the employment system and we can compare it with the fact when the whole business of their need for money started out as a threat to the Public it involved seeing two persons of opposite sex, beating down one and letting the other do what it likes, so while the government does not get taxes from one the other is causing the government to spend money on crime – today we see they have the money to bully people with and the beating down of people is happening to both sexes, thus what they are doing with their 90,000 to 130,000 Media salaries and the question of how productive they can with respect to how much damage they cause i.e. we are becoming poorer and poorer as a Country because of it. So we hear I would struggle to maintain the idea what I am doing creates a progressive society of which what I have said above disputes comfortably, while the other bits about being productive myself is usually a matter of them talking about fat cats, whereby in their world of fat cats the government must not be allowed to make sustainable economic policy because it is not in their interest, their interest which is that my £5,000 savings does not get anywhere in the long term if I have to deal with 5 years bad and 5 years good situation like another persons half a million would do comfortably without trouble, so I would be a short term person interested in the fact that the real world would see me work for those savings and look after the interests while banks deployed it so facilitate investors compared to their fantasy fat cat would which would involve giving people paper money and an ultimatum to come up with an interest which if they cannot will cost them their homes. So they are not in a position of advantage as they love to make out they are, they are not the people that the government would prevent me from tackling because the treasury was ending up with more money on their account as they love to make out and I want them off all of my equities. I do get told the Equities are destroying everything else I have worked for which is not the case anyway, the equities were developed to support people who wanted to engage in some form of investment and I was meant to sell my Books on the work I was doing especially to support them and boost their incomes but since I wrote a Book in 2009 to help people save the mind after they save the body for the jobs, Liberal America had showed up like a disease to express all sorts of nonsense on the global stage which amounted to an understanding they considered everything in other peoples lives to be a joke until it got serious enough for them to pay attention to what others are saying to them for a change and so I am now selling Books to help people save the mind with a risk of not being able to look after my own body, while they look for as much trouble as they possibly can with money worries.
Aspects of the matter get personal all the time; we can see they have by media and publicity changed my personality from one of somebody who was always happy and content and had an inner light to show for it, then got a Royal Estate after which meant people could hear the heavens around him, to somebody who sleeps with peoples wives and churns peoples tummy by his existence. Then they say I cause people to be homosexuals with the fact I am joyful, meaning they would rather I had a mixed personality over being happy and ended up with some form of mental illness instead, which is why they are always chasing my finances; they could have been affected by the fact I am a Hermit for all the right reasons but these are examples of corruptibility levied on me just before they get involved and yet of which their involvement was never required – much the same as how I ended up with a history of being tackled by feminists all the time apart from my botched academic work due to their need to show up around it and chase female lovers. So we hear them claim I have uncomfortable views about Migrants which is utter nonsense; as I have mentioned before most of their stupid activities are meant to control peoples sex lives and to control a process where people are able to do what they need to do and the time that they need to do it and this then means they can adopt a disposition that allows them to claim that position of being the male characters and then invent homosexual relationships and become the hunters of other people but when they are told that peoples grades are going bad in school their possessiveness gets worse and when people have dropped out because of them their practical jokes go through the roof, so it has come to that stage where their need to show up around my Books will end their gimmicks in very bad ways too. So I do get told that I have some extremist views going for me which is not good, this is because people think there is a meeting point of which there is none – I do not think that I need to live in a world where I make compromises with them, yes they may have taken advantage of some things I have done because of the madness of Politicians and media fools but they are just a collection of lazy useless tribalism goons who have developed a future for themselves based on being bigger in size than other people and we are constantly dealing with problem because they do not seem to understand the phrase 'leave me alone as we are not mates' – so in my view they are not part of mainstream living, their methods of making a living is not part of mainstream but an organised way of hurting the general public without getting into trouble with the law and do need to get a real job if they want my opinion. They do claim that I tackle them first of course which is utter nonsense; what happens is that they own me, they own my arse and are being possessive and controlling especially to sort out their needs and so there is this outcome where everybody exists on one hand and they exist on the other living on tribalism with plans to make money, top of the list in those plans being wealth inequality politics that obviously becomes powerfully destructive in these sorts of conditions happily for them, which they do not have the money to support and have construed what I have said here from a warning to a conversation, while they keep boasting when they think none is watching, especially those that have married celebrities and gotten themselves rich through divorce settlements. So I get told that my problem was the fact that when I am liberated by people I get about attacking them as well and it is utter nonsense; what happens is years of delay for what I am supposed to do to get on with my own existence while they play practical jokes with me uninvited and when it is too late I will then want to be liberated by them and live in the existence they had created; what it adds up to are the things that means you are not able to get out of bed and attend your job because you are scared of somebody but it has to be set out in such a way that they do not get into trouble with the authorities and so we have abusive and insulting fantasies that you can feel them exhibit towards you because we are all adults and have worries that stay in our minds constantly through which we make ourselves better human beings. They have always blabbed their threats but all I really want is a condition whereby what I do is misunderstood but I can get out of bed and attend it otherwise I am about to sack their celebrity backyards as well to ensure I get some security around my work and property here for a change in many years, whether or not their big mouths have been beating up for the last decade and a half all together. What I am saying is that if this is considered carefully, it would be obvious the only problem I have is celebrities; when they appear on films made by my equities, they assume the equities and I end up bumping into big problems without reason or purpose while their idiots who want money they have not earned ensure my equities work for me but only after I had lost all the Book sale opportunities so they might make use of it and it is always garnished by those stupid threats, never mind the fact when I attend University they want to build popular culture on my public image and when I drop out they claim I play around with personality associated with people that are as successful as they are and we have this endless streams of incredibly stupid forms of vandalism added to the fact each time they get around making themselves out to be very important people laying claims to my equities, those goons who want to marry them and get divorce settlements as a form of revenge on me get completely out of hand and then when I do anything about it they attack me again and sit about foolish talk shows blabbing which part of their lives I have resolved problems in when I am not being invited to do so; hence I do not think what I have said here is lost in translation – what we are looking at is a process where the performing of Public duties is always followed up with Celebrities sharing the Public image and each time produces an insult that the trouble makers can deploy as a platform for any insanity they want to spend their time on, yet we all know if I unleashed these trouble makers on them they would make those clever decisions they make that involves a condition in which they kill themselves and blame the world. My point is that my whole life is sorted except the bit where celebrities sit on my finances and nobody knows why they do it and so the question is becoming important as per whether they understand a decade of nauseating financial complications that are dedicated to tolerating their insanity so far and they always say that I do not apply my position to all celebrities naturally which leads to the prognosis of an old case of ending up with reputation that is either feared or loathed to ensure when Celebrities at Court broker with you to do anything they can consume it without setting a stage that suggests they always get what they want and can get involved too if they wished. The other story of me doing everything the Politicians want is utter rubbish of course; what really happens is that I am kept away from Politics because of my close association with the Monarchy but Politicians want to make a name for themselves using my Public image and I am left wondering what it must be like to be Prime Minister since if I allowed it every idiot will be lining up to get into No 10 Downing Street as the leader of the Country – however it was easily managed through the system which Tony Blair wrecked and so the mess we are in now started with him. The pleasure of having me in a position where after years of attack and abuse and vandalism I am wondering how it came to the point where they picked up their phones and rang their friends to keep me out of employment is usually that they know after years of pillaging my work and keeping an eye on my income, that I do not have backup cash in the Bank, so if they start that bit and or wind me up in a big way, I will rock their world of the Politics of idiots too for my part. They do say that these are all things that are set to run for the long term and I couldn't make it out anyway; they hate my Books when I have not even started selling them and yes the question is always why I think I am right to have written the Books but as I mentioned before, their interest is in fools who invent for themselves a tribalism whereby when they say they are better human beings that another person, they have not got the money to support such a theory and then need the popular culture and celebrity and media thereafter as though their lives depended on it, then we find their detachment from mainstream living mean that they build crowds over wealth inequality, tackle start-ups to make money by avoiding employment and save their energy to rob shoulders with the rich, while celebrities keep those who still have something to fight for down at the neighbourhoods; so if I get a whiff of them ringing anybody to keep me out of employment, it will go beyond those employment agency and civil service and high street shop insults into something fat more serious and I will do my best to ensure I end up with a respected reputation too. So theory there is nothing I can do is naturally not based on fact of course as I have mentioned many times that nobody is born homosexual – the reason is because whenever they say it they are building a Crowd that will support them while they make people homeless in order to decide that peoples bedrooms had become their main preoccupation, soon enough they will decide when people are allowed to have sex and decide they are the ones to give it and will have set themselves up on the male character with a crowd behind them – so if they do the picking up phones to ring somebody and keep me out of employment bits they will take their problems to a whole new level here as well; I say nobody is born gay so those who keep passing around insults about people they think I should respect can continue to do it, while those who want a fist fight can show up in the understanding they will end up with an enemy for the long term – they are always doing it; the younger ones are insulting and modern and I have personal conviction problems relating to the way people see the fact I have chosen to be a publicly moral person and ever since I left home in 2002 they have been chasing my bottom, wrecking everything around here and talking rubbish with every self improvement they had selected for themselves, while they are always untouchable until when they are touched (all very good complaining about queer society but they have always done these things and at the time I could never tell why my tummy hurt endlessly and then the more I say I am not homosexual is the more they make out I will find out I am in future and I had not yet cracked their own at the time, I started cracking it as well once I had dropped out of University about three years after that and still to this day we have the group of idiots that continue to make excuses that let them park their cars near where I live and raise a crowd around doing so and park it and park it and park it until they had parked it properly everyday with a big mouth). So they say I speak of interference and nobody really knows what it means while everybody else knows they spend their time making use of my personal space while exhibiting some really bad habits, every time an idea slips my mind and I am thinking hard my tummy drops down to a flush because I can feel them dragging me back to an existence that is of use to them, every time I am doing something that excites me the effect is the same every time I am chasing a deadline every time I am in a hurry, everything I do at the apex of my abilities and then its the bad smell that brings about the insulting threats that we find they have no other forms of self expression but all together. I mean we all know what they can do is limited as such and that I would do my best to ensure their stupidities do not end well if they threw a punch in my face to give me back my personal space all together; the best way to understand this is usually a case where they live next door to a good looking woman and their whole minds and stupidities are so focused on the person that they can see the person naked every time they wanted and we can see this abusive and sexualised insolence has become their answer for everything to add to their bad habits, asking me what I mean by interference. We hear soon enough that I started it of course which is utter nonsense; what happens is that the foolish women will show up to tell me I am in trouble for not letting people peddle my faith and public image if they have a stupid civil rights movement going for them and thus need money and when I make an example of those to send a message about the fact I am a writer and walking outside of home comes with a certain risk and they should show some discretion about how I am used, they then flout everything I had said about not being able to tolerate them moving into my right hand and start all over again while the idiots they have on media say I have Books to sell but I am not a writer all together; I mean you do have to wonder if they can give you an explanation of what moving into your right hand actually means anyway, bearing in mind it ruins your grades at school and even after they show up to screw around like that for months and years, you never get a certificate for rejection from them so to speak, so that you might show it to the rest of the world or something, what happens is that you have to tidy up after them. What they are then saying is that they cannot understand what I am saying to them when I point out Tribalism and Church do not mix because it is the UK and people have civil rights that are being directed against racists so every black person has no choice but to be part of it and contribute to it, which disputes actually the theory that I started it first all together. The other side of their gimmicks of course is that my Books make them uncomfortable which is not really the case, I was there when their practical jokes was more a case of how I am talented and there needs be somebody that got killed like John Lennon and so it grew and grew and grew and now the ability to claim my Books make society uncomfortable turns out to have been an acquired habit, which is no matter to me, its as though they have not yet judged my person properly all together; so I say whenever people feel like they want to brew up one of those situations where somebody is to get killed and it was mandatory, they can do it if they like and then put it in my face too; I like to say it was rather apparent that enough had not died yet as it were. We are looking at a life threatening situation that has existed because I wrote a Book to help people save the Mind after they save the Body to get the Jobs and the result is that I am not able to save my Body in order to sell it; their gospel is that neither God nor the Devil exists apparently, especially on that stupid Media. Its never true I am suspicious of everybody, what is true is that these guys never handle other peoples property without payment according to the intended purpose for it and the reason is that they need to build a sense of people working for nothing that adds up to a sense of benefit that men deserve for the purpose of making money because they are Men and it is always garnished with incredible insults and public media abuses, just like we see when Films are made, they claim they contributed to the incomes of those who made it by buying it because they have no respect for me and show up to deploy my life to make their own as well breaking up my business empire because I am scared of racism or have the same skin colour as they do; usually of which it is not a problem the clearer it becomes that when they are not hit at their finances these habits will exist in a condition where they believe it has become a way of life for others to put up with them and of course they are usually not a big problem for me most of the time since I am aware it is a behaviour intended to ensure people are caught up with work after work after work while they make money by intrusion and uninvited involvement but its another group of people who ensure my whole career ends up in a situation where I have to grapple with their habits that I need to gain access to and they always say there is nothing I can do while I have built up a life time of work for them which is not paying at back stage media and media management and we all know it will get many times as bad if I dig my way to the people who have made my career a feature of the habits of these foolish men. The telling me to fight bit is one of the ways they get into trouble as it is one of the integral practical jokes that pushed me out of University in the first place; people need to get involved with what I am doing the way it says on the tin blabbing about punishing me for something later is never going to help and by the way of which the Women issue is the trinity of the Court Systems and the Royal Circles and the Industrial consortium, so there is always probability they will make themselves into sex objects and show up to claim I pretend I am right when I cannot be justified – all together it is getting nearer the part where each time I ask them not to show up around my Books and Public image any further, I will be taken seriously. I do get told it would be easier if people got a clear sense of what I wanted and all I want is to have my life back and I do not seem to have anything that looks like an organised existence because of that i.e. everything I do which appears to be out of place is due to younger gentlemen showing up around my concerns to tell me I should not deny I have the problem that can be solved by women, while the Lower Classes really love to keep my history; everything else is a matter of superior and inferior neighbourhood goons failing to accept their gimmicks are not everybody's cup of tea and that Celebrity money they brag about is not something they have earned, all part of their great Tribalism that they do not have the funds to facilitate.