They do say I want the Media to be held to account but cannot do without wife beating stuff of course, which is utter nonsense; it’s the old tale of criminals chasing civil rights goons and God sitting in heaven to laugh i.e. you pity those who do not know it and you simply sit back and watch the show with respect to what those who know do with it. I do not think the matter is a complicated issue at all; they are afraid of employment you see, so they need to ensure there are other ways of making money with least exertion or being compensated if there is any exertion but the problem is that I am not of 100% health and in my talents they have found a bully’s target. They always say I wouldn’t say what I say where it really matters but we all know what kind of society will emerge when I mention the fact we do not yet live in one that classifies people as stupid and treats them that way, when all day is spent smoking and drinking and taking class A drugs and getting involved with those who have a flesh that can be squeezed – it is a blabbing apparently that is worthy to come from idiots who expect to get on a pulpit and accept an award apparently and I don’t mind since all that making me smell stuff is designed to ensure I can never accept an award even if I had won it., so we can very easily find out where it is exactly I wouldn’t get to say it as well in a big way. It’s a coward thing and they need to prick me and bring whole communities to bear, then ensure they are always taking something off me to build an impetus and I am always taking it away from them because I have neither got time for them or time to fight them, which is something their foolish Women like to exploit but we all know when I tell them not to move into my right hand they will turn up on Media to try again with a Crowd and if I tell them not to build obfuscates of my personality that will fit popular culture it will become their main preoccupation to a point whereby there is no day they do not put up a music CD on my public image and tell me I started the fight all together. The simple bit is when I no longer see them around my Public image and my Books and besides which the Books call people golliwog and I intend to get away with it just as I intend to cling to the left hand side while they cannot grab my Royal Estate and get away with it too, -revenge for ripping my finances and continuing with those insults to talk nonsense about becoming important and recognised. It’s like removing of the TPP being said to be a bad thing, whereas the reality is that what gives birth to it are things like something so abnormal as the unprecedented rise in the abuse and attack of Women in India and the Entrepreneurs which fit the Bill ruling the world; so Mr Trump gets rid of TPP, I have been planning to give them a reason for the bottom and tummy that hurts all the time for my part – I mean given the right tools and measures they do get to listen I think, never mind the fact the only sort of existence that cools them is the one where they spend their last penny fuelling car so they can get to work and have bread and eggs for dinner because Wife and Kids had left etc. They say I am creating the sense that rounding people up on all sides like that is a good thing, which is nonsense too – reality is that I am a happy person having a miserable personality of insanity and depression overlaid with insults and violent lasciviousness – they are sad twisted goons who make money without working for it, get over excited and do not want you to excite them further with morals and good manners because it will make them potty and for such reasons there are risks for abuse, sexual abuse but there is currently the fact you have no right to feel good to contend with. It’s an old story where the big idea recently is that people support mean that I smell etc, about which there is a cure and they need to stop being seen around my Books and my Public image so I don’t end up assuming right to teach them lessons too etc. They always say they were fans, which is all very well, except that there is no process of talking in my direction which does not actually involve setting me up for those community croons and idiots that chase peoples private parts that they groom me for with insults and so I have made it clear they need to stop addressing me, showing up around my Public image, showing up around my Books but they think they will do their own stuff instead. it’s not been a complicated case for me as they think; it’s about having an idiot take up your time day after day after day to show you that you would have reacted to the problems the same way he has reacted to the problems which reactions address to his present character etc and then it will build and build and build and then it will start to be the ones about hurting people and about beating up wife and then girl friend and then girl next door and then other crimes and then prison and we all know they know everything about the causing of anger that can lead to crimes like murder and manslaughter and want to show it to anybody that does not care to listen etc – everything to do with their unsavoury character being stop addressing me and being stop telling me what to do, stop being seen around my Public image, stop being seen around my Books – these were the easy bits, the business bits.

So they do blab about how they are trying to explain that they feel sensations of violence towards me, which has been what this is all about anyway i.e. chase anus and penis of mine and I crack their while communities, means I am suggesting homosexuality but I am the female one and if they do it I will fucking kill them too. they have become way too fond of behaving as though I buy media equipment so they might get through to me and its always about playing up the bit where my experiences come to stay at my age and they intend to change my quality of life and existence on that basis to create their own important and bring about social equality with that big mouth. The part we are done with apparently is not the one about being made to deal with the forces of violence; it’s the one about provoking me and running off to get their Politicians making those stupid socialist and Liberal laws. So I know the threats will never come to a realisation because I will never let it i.e. if I grab the communities and build them up on Media and do whatever I like with them after that it will never happen as such but because I know that I will have a tendency to get away with anything thereof and so it becomes a problem in that way and yes people have wanted to know how I react to violence which I have mentioned above – they are not paying bills around here and it sort of comes in to stay otherwise since I am the stronger half, it will move somewhere else, preferably where it came from; I would not have inflicted this much suffering if their bank balances did not convince them they were more important due to the things they have done to mine as such. They love the blabbing about Liberal British I do whatever I like with as such and its nothing unusual since I did live in Africa for 20 years anyway to begin with but it’s an old story – taller and bigger, has girlfriend about his size, cannot keep hands off your property, cannot keep dirty mouth to self and we will have a result when it squares up to you at some point as well; no longer addressing me, no longer see around my Books, no longer seen around my Public image  - these were the easy conditions. So they say I do not support abortion and that it will cause problems, which problems I don’t see it causing anyway – it’s an old story whereby I have to put my hand up and say nobody has the right to ask another to carry a baby, then give birth to it and look after it until adult without consent given but it does not give the mother a right to put a gun to her head or kill the baby. In the end, when contraception is not 1005 certain, abstinence is still the best protection – which people will say is a joke and that I myself do not abstain etc; the reality of which is that sex is terrifying for me and it’s the reason I get so wound up when people add on and abstinence works if done by the right priorities. Its more so like the other story they say my involvement with the Royal Family is creating a war and its feeds into the idea that I feel I am in a position to take on Liberals and Socialists during Trump Presidency whereas I am only just finished getting ready to trade my Books and have conversations with people about it – the Books I write doing the Civil rights and racists stuff as it were, so that the civil rights ones especially can make trouble until the racists take up government Office without being prevented, in order for them to show up and fight for my right which is as pervaded as it possibly can be and is the same story about the US being split between normal people and perverted criminals as it were i.e. I have good relations with the House of York and its very important and I need look after it, not get carried off by other people’s problems – if wars are to be made, there are valuables here and people need to move on – like when American goons understand they know where my bum is at a cost and a little cross section will be a Chieftain from Africa with his corruption trophies all over him, setting up in the US to build popular culture empires and run it from the US to Japan across this Royal Estate without consequences – so people should set off winding up the brother of the Heir to the Throne first of all and then perhaps they can have a go at me as well, besides which his daughter takes our relations so seriously she thinks that the Duchess of Cambridge is trying to limit its potential and then there will be enough madness for war that people claim they didn’t foresee; in the end of which the Princess of York uses these things to spice up our relations anyway and fundamentally always needs it thereof, especially when trying to be a Boy.

So they say my personality stirs in Women the desire to have babies and I wouldn’t know anyway; my personality does no such thing – what does is what they lay on it with their lies and gossips, chiefly of which is the assumption that when grandmothers bear down on you sexually because it would be modern, it is not something you would have found to be very intimidating – so the real world value is that I must support abortion after the stupid Men doing stupid things with Women aspect has occurred as well considering it might have been okay for unborn children to pay the price and for people to get answers from me after that. The reality is that I have seen the face of God a Couple of times and nobody is ever the same after. So they do say I am really stupid of course and I am not, what I am is clever enough for their money at the anus and penis conversations, about which they have never shown an empirical evidence that bullying and abusing people when they are moral or good looking in a certain way actually brings about sales, nor is there any to support the same theory which surrounds the narcissist partying on p[peoples public image they keep an eye on like property they want to claim for themselves, that brings about sales in the neighbourhoods. So it’s largely a matter of very violent, aggressive and abusive form of begging that appears to pay off and this is where other people will start to copy them and then there will be public problems as a result but I do not have time for it myself and it has to go where m concerns operate. Hence it does come down to the other two main matters; one being environmental issues and the other being that I do not control my own work Court and Live Journal; the reality of which for the first it has always been a matter of peoples disobedience and this is the little fact that is missed from the way people approach environment issues i.e. it’s not neutral people such as myself who wouldn’t think about cutting down and Ancient Tree that actually do it, it’s the other group of people that would go to War if their Twin Tower was blown up and are usually so civilised that they become homosexuals but think it’s okay to have business that gets rid of House Hold waste if it is dumped in the Ocean on account Landfills are too expensive for them and they cannot be seen getting a job from another business if their understanding of business involves hurting people – the one where even while it is a Church environment and you don’t want him chasing your anus and penis he will still be doing it and teaching his children to do it as well, to blab about how you are so weak you stir up homosexuality and need to toughen up every time the other insult about how tough you think you are but you can be beaten up by wife and daughters leads to complains where he wants privileges of injustice as well has had its day. So that when you do the bit where everybody who disobediently continues to play recyclable materials in land fill waste will create an outcome where his whole community pays for it, which is the sort of Political language they understand, innocent people will suffer, so you have to do the one where anybody that is caught pays a quota of the total costs which matches his position bit and it becomes. So expensive they cannot afford it – in the end of which it’s still the same old issue; your grand mother would think that if a gestation period of an Elephant is 2 years and one adult elephant meat will help the family financially for 9 months, it is a luck thing and not a sustainable way to raise an income, these fools however will simply decide they need to shoot enough elephant to provide for themselves and we now also have these other American ones that pay them to shoot these wild animals for sport; speaking of which the reasons the Oceans are so polluted is not the fact we have such a civilised world that our streets are cleaned everyday but conveniently tucked away backyards of uncivilised and very disobedient bastards who start waste disposal businesses that specialise in dumping rubbish at the Oceans and the US is the worst of them all by a wide margin. In terms of my Court and an inability to control it; that would be an old story where this sorts of disobedience are about people fucking around with me, showing up on my concerns to make their sex lives better for themselves and then teaching their Children to lean to do the same as well, thus sometimes I am left thinking it’s what they want to do with their time, while other times I am left asking if they do realise I am actually a hermit and have a problem with my temper too; the ladies at Court have been doing this experiment of letting the Husbands and Boyfriends in and so they have started to realise it does not work, it amounts to cheating on me and all forms lead to divorce as a whole – hence we are seeing the people getting cracked up bits happening and those who created the problem in the first place blabbing about job losing attitudes and behaviour. So they do say it will never work and I am happy to announce it has always obviously been a lot of disruption for me, to end up with people that are actually married or have spouse that will not let on carry on with what we do as normal.

Today 24/1/ 2017: the case was one of the Supreme Court ruling against the Government with respect to the Divorce from Europe – what we heard all round was that the regional governments welcomed the decision, what the Scottish one offered was a case where the government does not have a choice about one more thing and so it becomes incredibly annoying at this stage and sets out the need to make it clear that the Government will negotiate with anything with respect to the terms of leaving the EU but not with a Party that is now half an Industrial entity full of wealthy playboys and less of a Political Party that is the Scottish National Party, for the simple reasons that no government should be made to commit suicide by negotiating favourably with a structure that is designed to evolve into a future where it breaks up a Political Union. So what we do with this interests of the Scottish National Party that will allow them control the Scottish economy at the global Industry stage is to negotiate with as an Industrial entity in that respect as well; so they can see that it never really suffices to provoke people and mess them up, so as to rally crowds and run off to Government buildings to make laws that will set out a platform for them to have a Country of their own. They do say it is actually none of my Business whereas everybody knows the only edge they still have is one about how a Black Arch Prince is a bad thing for Scotland and the profitable insults coupled with the government not having choices has reached a stage now where it needs to be handled as though the air to breathe was actually free. They always say I set out this premise where I dare them to make a mistake and fall but everybody else knows that what their position and rhetoric does is ensure that idiots set out the lives of famous people as the means by which they will show up in public places to secure an exit for the ill effects of the stupid ways in which they have lived their lives.

The other part of this matter being that it is said I think Brexit is not important and if I say anything about it, the insults of black idiots will mean I am working the way that my Fathers want me to with that golliwog mouth and then I wouldn’t have the right to feel good all the way as a result of their violent lascivious nonsense. I have to say however that Brexit is not important to me, that it is only as important as the issue of how MPs feel when we are done detaching them from MPs expenses, only to have to deal with being forced to co-operate with the requirements that bring forth the profitability of their second income sources. So I have a Trust that is used by Multimillion pound businesses and when I turn to the Universities they take that away and same with the colleges and then the jobs market too, nobody yet knows what they want to do with my trust or which or any of these they are actually paying for – so I have to make a decision about why it is so much fun for them and what I think about what the value to them really is as per what I want to do about it too. hence that other story of me talking about complains and what others should do for me not really based on fact, like their friends overseas claim I talk with respect to the wrong people and that is why I think I can do whatever I like whereas everybody else knows if I handle their case it is not just that stupid self confidence that allows it to approach me all the time, I will extract and beat down seriously. The point here is that they said Brexit is not important to me and I said it isn’t for the above following reasons. I mean there is complain about the establishment all over the place but during those days everybody publicly acknowledged the stupid ways in which they lived, it was always obvious still that they did have a plan B – apparently this was it and they need to learn that it is expensive especially the training bits. They speak of those things I do to wind up MPs, which is all good when they wreck it and hold it back financially, so their idiots can show up here to count pennies until they make millions which their Fathers will find respectful a way of getting rich; apparently I am not past it anyway all together so to speak. I mean when done the most important thing they want to do will have to do with being cleverer when nobody is actually asking and it’s just a small example of other activities that make the victim so angry they cannot concentrate on what matters anymore – I am not past it yet, they need keep off my Books and clear my Public image. It’s the stupid things that it makes people do; everybody knows spending time thinking about what peoples average income in a neighbourhood, with which they can chase trappings of power and other things is, has an effect where you are bullied into thinking about his car because he wants to drive into his garage feeling he is in the right place for making even more money and then you get distracted from academics and other processes in that way and blame somebody else at a later date; in my case I am not blaming anybody, so it has turned to threats of violence, especially concerning the religion I appear to practice in their stupid personal lives all together. Hence learning I am not past it and nowhere near had half finished. They do say I have nothing and it would be nice if I no longer see them show up around the Public place effects of my Royal Estate to extract money and threaten me when told its expensive as well; only I have the right to do so – have nothing will do them again all together as it were. It’s never really been a crisis, I am the one that has to decide how I want to release money from the Global Empire that was created for me and all the alliances therein to work with, not them and it would be nice is learning how costly it is gives way to not seeing them show up around it any further, especially Industry and Popular culture bits that are usually the most vicious when it comes to setting the Public off on the establishment while gathering wealth to themselves at the markets which they deploy for monopoly, domination and incredibly evil selfishness.


So there is talk of the social Media abuses a lot these days as well but it has always rather been an old tale of the fact the platforms belong to somebody who is likely to sit in Office HQ to keep an eye on the profiles he thinks he will make a fortune with and this will progress to a controlling of these profiles to get money off it and then followed on with other games played to pan up to the jackals that pick up profiles on the platform – so what they do give les thought to is the fact that sometimes those Women that are not likely to run from psychopaths with gun in hand might work for them too and this is how they end up with those kinds of events that they have to live with for the rest of their lives too, the way they groom people for all the time. in the end the reality is still to do with Politicians; whenever they mention such things they pick up the Jo Cox scenario and speak of what they need do for themselves; whereas what is really happening out there is that when Brexit happens a Polish Immigrant gets killed, when it is being campaigned for an MP gets shot dead and this is how it really happens not the imaginations they cook up every time. So they do love to blab about how much of it I bring on myself but we all know when that winds me up they will have a new problem too – I mean they are the ones who clearly know the way society works and therefore are telling me which ones I bring on myself but whilst aware that whenever people realise somebody has talent, they will clamour around the person and force the person to do things so that people can end up with an ecosystem that helps them make money and get rich but have decided the only thing they want to do with their cracked up out of my league health most of the time is develop new and probably amusing successes of insults, which meaning and purpose no normal human being can possibly discern – when I bring it on myself like that it causes me a need to find out what their obsession with this really is about too.

Then we hear I need be aware of the worst case scenarios where people become specialised terrorists and so on and that I would be a target; makes no sense whatsoever since they will make money from my work and Public life and image any further somewhere in hell too; their fear of work that exists today was born out of another previous behaviour in the past which was wholly similar to this and nobody here will be fatigued if it comes to the part where killing them will likely solve a problem, there is nothing to worry about really unlike when we hear them blab and assume people are sick of it, the truth is that when War Breaks out it will affect absolutely everybody, if it burns White Communities, the black ones will burn as well, hence when it comes to what people do with it, when it happens there will be enough blood for all, these insults will be tolerated no further, especially from the Americans about a war that is happening in the Middle East and their recent twisted imaginations.

They do say I meddle with peoples businesses and steal their connections but it was fun to grab my Public image and work and go off to impress a  Company Boss with Cameras behind if possible, never mind shooting off insulting threats when I want it back and the fact getting a job and writing my Books hurts my bottom these days as well; this is an example of a situation that makes me feel like showing them my time frame is not infinite with respect to those insulting threats but nobody making money from my Royal Property existence or Public life and image will suffice for now. I mean it is compared and contrasted with all the family daily rituals that prepare a person for a job role and other things they must get out of bed to do in order to know things that facilitate it, as opposed to another person’s outright fear of work, issuing those stupid threats at me all the time. it’s an old story about how I start an Intellectual property Administration business that works in terms of putting information at society so people cannot say they were unaware, then set about clipping Popular culture because I am worried about things I never planned for happening but it was not the way they did it at Greenwich University before I dropped out and the fact their croons especially black Women have become so obsessed with cleaning their stupid lives off me to a point where paying so much attention to other people’s children has given rise to this sense they are being sapped of energy every day, so they can come up with new violent and abusive insults associated with playing roles that help them feel like my Mothers over a skin colour I share with them and  big mouth, that pushes these idiots to issue threats at me too; nobody gets comfortable with or makes any stupid money or lifestyle from my Public image and work – this will suffice for now and they need chill the insolent threats. So they say that compared to my financial disadvantage and their financial well being I am in no position but we all know what I have time for at present if fixing the financial issues and the academics and the Books and that it is not difficult getting into the world of banks and Industry to find where these scum have deployed my property to get comfortable and then make somebody pay dearly for it too as it were – but then again we all know if I get the other stuff fixed I can move on but that it would be difficult to with their big mouth blowing off all the time and we can see what they are doing all together as well. So if what I said was lost in translation I should say then that the next time I see them on my Public life or around my Books will be the time for a new complain over a loss of that stupid freedom to ensue too. I mean it’s what I do to lock my back door and prevent being abused and taken advantage of while I serve people at the front that encourages them to roll out entire civil rights movements that target my lifestyle and wants to get rich without work and when I stop them stop my Books as well and find themselves and those stupid threats that follow their insanity amusing on Media; so fair to say the problem as it stands is what I do about their Community croons playing the Mothers role all over my academics and well being and finances in order to push the progress of their stupid children and how Mr Obama pretends the Oval Office is Student Unions Desk over it, I do not believe anything I have said here is lost in translation for my part as well either. When it started they said they were looking for Money and it goes right down to making sure I got caught in a fight where they weakened me and strengthen my enemies so they can see me fall etc, which tends to show they have no respect for the use of my time etc, now the story seems to suggest they want power and the big mouth Industry ones can tell me too and tell me quick, so we can find out what they are made of – I am aware some of my actions are too low for my station but it does not mean they can keep living in a world where their insults turns up here and shows it is unaware whom it is talking to endlessly.

It’s all very well yapping how I am important and there is something wrong with it; if I said they have wrecked the economy and want to use any little money they have to control people and then the Country after that, they would have said I needed the British Army and Police Force, so I had chosen the path where they had to decide if they wanted to be employers or employees very quickly as the rest of us have not got all their time and they have done nothing about it, so I am really at a loss as per what could possibly happen as it were with that big mouth they have. So there is no fight in me they say and its all good, but there is stopping them making things of themselves with my public life and Books and pushing this is likely to be the one that proves their point too. Hence when they say the Politicians are the problem; whereas they all have a flavour for pillaging my work and if I stop one group the other will do it because my reaction is exhilarating; so the Politicians hate my guts but cannot do anything about it, The media are cracked up and out of my league at the same time, the students don’t have perspective on the left because I wait for them at the jobs market to get mine back, popular culture is finding out on the global stage that the Public life of mine is expensive, society are cracked for fun and love to talk about punishing homosexuals, homosexuals are out in Public places complaining with Women who want access to criminalities that will beat me up for them and everybody has a flavour for pillaging my life and work in the same way everybody has a tailored and specific point for complaining about me too. I mean what do people do when they want to get somebody that is introverted and whose personal life they wish to own in the most queer popularity scum way imaginable to give them such things – start a public campaign about criminals being reformed on his public image in order to help them get into the good Books of the Authorities and stick him in instead, which will get his attention for long enough to allow such nonsense to happen as a sensation people can be a part of? I mean they really are asking what is really going on and I do not suppose I tire explaining either – I love it as it were; those who bring new ones will get new ones too.

So they say people like me will never understand we are not needed at leadership until something goes horribly wrong and nothing will ever go horribly wrong anywhere in anyway whatsoever – what happens is that they pillage my finances and want to see me suffer so that their stupid daughters can put a feet up at the pool side in some Island that depends on a tourism economy, displayed all over Pornography websites where I am prevented from taking it back and it is such that if they are not messing with my academic work, they hate a society where that is not easy and start insults that distract me from my studies until I drop out of school; so when I stop them there we find them in China and if stopped there we will find at Russia and it has to be places where there are trappings of Power and taxes are low and it is such that will help them spend my Business Empire and Royal Estate on themselves in a condition where I cannot access the part of the world in question but each time a little bit of it is successful we see them sip expensive drinks that pass insults at me that society will carry over and over and over and over all over the place, only to find they don’t like the way I react and expect some more privileges of injustice as well. This is an average stage where they say I now know how they feel about me and it is utter nonsense too – they asked a specific question about not knowing where and when I am not needed and that was what I gave answers to, it does not mean the reasons for their sufferings have failed to apply i.e. each time I sit about looking after Court and Celebrities and trust, they show up to make us solve their problems in life on and the left and on the right all day long and I will burn it again if it is put in my face the next two seconds. I really fancy the other story where I treat with disdain the black people that risk their lives in my Royal Interests at the British Army, which is utter nonsense; if they are saying that black Women with criminalities and hate for those who are practicing religion in their own personal lives to begin with, showing up to play roles where they are my mother on public issues and my income every day, to threaten me with criminals that serve their interests in the neighbourhood and have a civil right that says I cannot fight back, showing up here to a point where they feel energy is being sapped from them all the time, for which they want revenge but will not stop showing up like that, such that their kids now work for the British Army, was the way it was being done, then I suppose treating people with disdain would be correct but if not, then it does seem this matter has become a topic for conversation since we are getting closer to the stage where their fashion and black celebrity idiots will stop taking over my concerns in Public or playing roles of parents and big brothers and throwing insulting questions at me that make my heart run so fast I think I might not make it past 60 everyday – it seems that the more I tell them I do not want it done is the more it becomes a main preoccupation since they cannot be by themselves as it were. At the moment the primary way of dealing with this one is the bit where their Fashion goons show up all over my Public image and fail to do their jobs well to blab about having power, which failures on their part cause me to hit obstacles and end up with financial difficulties; so they are ever so disobedient and I can only make them the one deal at this point i.e. it will be difficult to have cracked bottom as a fashion model but I don’t care, they need to do it properly. So they always say especially the Media ones, that on saying it I am vulnerable to the part where they will now take it up and make themselves famous and there is nothing wrong with people being fans, just the bit where the respect and decorum is missing, which means they have a problem with the idea I am an important person because they should be and then we will find out what becomes of it too: it’s the old case where I have finished all I need do and am off to my finances and academics, only for that idiot on TV that said I needed to bring my life to his concerns so he can be where he must be, as I have little choice anyway has been helping people steal my identity to a point where criminals and criminality are feeding into it every day and then I start to wonder again how many times I need tell him to pay attention to the one that actually pays his salary. It’s the one where what I write does not go into the editorial section of my Book writing business, if it can go to the part where people have found out something new about me to copy and be important as well i.e. the bit where I am left wondering how many times I have told them to pay attention to that other activity which does tend to pay their wages. It’s not a new story; it’s the same one where the Jezebel characters have a problem with the moral Christian in the neighbourhood and it runs and runs and runs and has to do with everything from government to whether or not Police exist and even gangs and violent criminals but after Mr Obama is done pretending the Oval Office is student Unions desk where he stifles my Book sales for them and they are satisfied, they are back again, the same issue to cling to, seen around my financial well being – the Christian is provoking them by being a moral fucking person again and it was their right. They do say it’s the same the racists do to them as well when they are moral but it’s not an issue at all – same as the Arch Prince will not tolerate the idea of idiots that want to go to Church to Punish him for ruining their community evils, especially because it constantly feels like adopting a street corner where young people who have no choice but to get jobs can end up trapped and taken advantage of – so they can go to Church to wait and punish me and grab that my faith and tie it down somewhere and open it up and shut it down to get respect for their ageism if they wish, I like to think it’s one of those given the right tools and correct measures situation and will play out fully yet again as it were. So the story I am really good at starting is nothing new; nothing is lost in translation here either – I have made it clear the reasons are that the very purpose of locking backdoor while I serve people on the front is the reason they organise whole civil rights movements to save themselves from work on my public image and income and their stupid Men who have been fighting for me punish me with depression all day to drive away fans and customers etc. The latter one is very clear too i.e. their mothers and community croons want to way lay me at Church and punish me for not showing respect and I think it’s a given the right tools and correct measures situation too. It shows up all over the complain I am never serious about government matters, reality of which is that there are simply a group of people you slap down for each government operation you are asked to perform etc and then when they say it was completely uncalled for, that makes sense for you as well; at present I am making the fashion ones the best possible deal before I am their magician who knows the secret of wealth and those sort of insults really help them with fashion: - when they show themselves all over my work and Public image, they need do it properly so I don’t run into financial problems as well. It’s like when they say that other Members of the Royal Family want my position and it draws on the old tale about football people where they are happy to issue threats at the guy that comes in from overseas to corrupt their Women but before then the most important source of fun is every fool playing around with my public image and fucking with my personal life for maximum pleasure because they feel protected and somebody regularly showing he wants to detach me from my faith and take it into his society where it will be exposed to the world in control measures so he can do whatever he likes on both ends; the point is, people cannot just do it these days anymore hence we have never been so United as  Nation.


So they say my activities cause people job losses but I actually do it because they single people out at random and chase them over a period of years to rip up the finances and personal life and academics, claiming they are making a statement that causes them to feel as though they have businesses and are putting out a public point concerning those who continually damage it for them every day; so they were very stupid people to begin with, they just decided to become evil people after that too and we are here because another fool of theirs in the form of Tony Blair decided to build them a government of spin doctors where it is assumed their activities can be controlled if they are allowed to get a little bit as it were; like that old case of getting into trouble with them whereby if I ask them what will become of that story where I shouldn’t stand up to them on account they have big bad kids who are really big and really bad, with respect to the effect of those insulting and violent lasciviousness and in context of what I am about to do as well, they will say the government not being supportive will amount to the reasons they fail at School etc. I do not have a problem with it, just the story of enemies I have on all sides, peddled by civil rights idiots who claim they want to censor my Books and take it off the Market etc with a big mouth all the time and it’s the same old reasons these problems happen i.e. impossible to locate why people get involved with other people when they do not wish to hear about or understand what other peoples interests are and so my Books are written in terms of the activities of a Christian who is not interested in the one that concerns people who do not have high flying jobs because they were taken advantage of and people who have high flying jobs with a story to tell concerning those they took advantage of, people should get involved with me when they are interested in what I am doing as well since I am a push over too for my part; of course it’s clear that they are having fun with these behaviour and its possible I am with mine too. I never said it was a crisis, they said my activities cause people job losses and with respect to the issue I have addressed the matter clearly – when it comes to the case of this being a general crisis itself, I was not raised in an environment where I learn to take the law into my hands, so guess where I will get when it I did as it were, showing up around my concerns with insults to blow off that big mouth all over the place, which largely began with a story of abuses in my direction while the health and well being of their stupid families is in my hands as well, to make me look like a low life and build them unprecedented nepotism at the same time. It’s the old story of me being a destructive person as well along the lines of how everybody would steal fame and fortune from somebody if they could – whereas most people actually think it despicable behaviour all together; they show up here to groom me to become a character that little kids want to stick a knife into and show up with insults after that of course expecting no consequences whatsoever; it all turns towards that idea it is what their stupid Liberalism and Socialism really does and hence becomes something I fundamentally do not want to be seen endorsing in any way as a whole, so I can become black racist with that yap yapping we cannot be free from too – blabbing about keeping hold of my finances while politicians help them to Public exposure where they can practice being me until they get it right; apparently of which I am having fun with too as it were. So they do say I wanted a fight and am now beating it within that whole game of punishing me in some way that others do not understand, for clipping their service of the devil and so on because they cannot hurt themselves with it instead; in the end when it comes to the people who are always getting ahead of others in life, sometimes a good fight really helps and they are never around for it until they had built up the stupid communities and made it a big thing. They always say this is all media manipulation and that I am unable to see it but I actually can and do know its media manipulation i.e. when it comes to the big news; about the Prime Minister, about Industries, about Government, it’s all going to be one news for everybody and I really enjoy putting them at each other’s throats for it too all day long; otherwise if they are so obsessed with my Books, they earn enough money to get themselves a copy; in the end they always say I cannot handle them but everybody knows if I collect the context of their advertisement and their big news sources and do something about it I am going to absolutely kill them as it were – I have warned them enough time to spend more time with the one that actually pays their salary. I don’t think it is a crisis; it’s like the story of Trump the racist and Tyrant whereas we have seen the Man on TV many times and in all that time we have heard him make passing statements about the environment and the fact he believes there is something wrong with the Climate but does not think the way some people approach it is the correct one – now they say his actions are racist all together. Apparently when they are done chasing my anus and penis and so on, what they will have after that is that my Public image while the anus and penis is still unfinished as it were – somewhere in hell that is; I mean even the popularity music we make here has to be taken over by them and their problems on the left hand side and right hand side looking for trouble all day long; it is best expressed on the things that occur with the madness of their Women, where they want nothing but civil rights and how to steal peoples income using business and some criminals that will protect them from kids they want to take advantage of, so when people are done with the no respect for Women that comes from me, it does not take long before they are back at it again, a story of how that Christian is provoking them by being moral. Hence it’s the story we are very familiar with; the world is an unfair place thus if I have five children, three of them will have to be criminals, while those who don’t want to get along with are tackled by ethnic majorities who are good at looking for trouble and complaining at Government etc – so yap yapping and they feel I have been dominated but look away and they are back again with a case of Christian provoking them by being moral which has to do with their civil rights – the other story being that I am taken advantage of by the establishment whereas its being in the proper environment where people achieve their gains through work, which cleanses the mind of need to accomplish things via violence, helps with the racism that is a disease which kills none white people obviously, since there isn’t actually an outright cure all together as it were. Of course they will say what I have said here is inflammatory but we all know that unless it’s about the part where they are Gods and I am great servant that always knows what needs to be done which he has to do to make people comfortable, it does not really matter and if that is how it is, then the Gods need to get a job pronto. So they do say it’s about what very powerful people around the world, especially in the US want but I wouldn’t mind anyway; for me it’s an old story where I have to respect the kinds of Women I have described above and how people spend most of their time making me and if I see that stupid culture and society, it will be the last time they get to see it as well, every single occasion. They say I deserve their behaviour because I only have to look to myself whenever I want to get things done while others have to look to somewhere else or something else or some other person but I cannot tell if this actually annoys me since when I talk about the Christian stuff the usual result is young people becoming homeless when their parents push them out just at the right time to ensure they have to breathing space and now nobody wants to buy my Books so I can have a House and let them sleep them with me if so as well – so they will have it somewhere in hell too. We are not talking about the Politicians yet; those are rather really good at such things and helping evil and its nature to slip back into people’s mainstream living, then fail to do anything about immoral democracy as well – when asked we hear the blabbing about weak people like me being made to respect power and those that make decisions with respect to it regarding how they can decide that somebody must take out these evil people if they wanted and I am sure when that gets on my nerves as well, they will lose it forever too; it’s a simple process where people get involved with me when they want to hear about my interests. The question of what makes them hate me so much is an old one i.e. whenever a Hollywood Actress upstages me, what we find after that is that she wants to set up a Business Empire in Europe and there is nothing wrong with business empires in Europe, just that things like these lead to friction. It’s entirely normal as it is the transition stage, just before we see the film Industry as the horrible grotesque monster that it usually is – starts with making films on historical facts but with a garnish of my personality and then moves on to that of how my Government security works and then onto people I have a responsibility to protect and then those I must be liberal with and then the part where they are wealthy enough to buy half a Royal Estate and demand some respect as though I am half finished. They are never interested in me saying something about my Christian believes; my value always lies in what happened when I sold myself as a whore to make a living because I was prevented from getting a job by those who enjoyed leaning on my religious well being thing – it usually means others can learn that one instead and sets off this sense that fear that somebody might practice a religion on their personal lives will be realised pretty soon.

In the end these people jump on and deploy other peoples public image to make themselves comfortable and what they do it with is lies and lots and lots and lots of abuses they appear to find amusing, to ensure the person behaves in a way which will let them access to it permanently, to a stage where it actually becomes their own property – it then gets to a point where the person faces financial problems all together as well – so it turns to a question of how they were born and how they were raised and what their parents did tell them the world looked like and which one belongs to other people as it were, eventually applying in terms of which part of life means they can use anything in that way as well. So they say it’s a matter of some sexual behaviour I exhibit towards Women and its utter nonsense; we all know Women and not Men are the ones that enjoy anal sex, besides the part where they are angry and sometimes express it by showing a tendency to behave like a Boy and so on – although I have not had sex before, there are things I feel when I empathise with them, which turns the minds towards anal sex, something to be aware of and I think it’s something they when they are really uptight frustrated; so talk of my sexual habits is not going to lead to the revelation of some new secret that will facilitate great and enjoyable new sex people want to have at all, it will lead to an enmity of their homosexual communities. They do say that nobody really can tell where I get these sorts of strange anger from, which is really no anger and hate at all; same case of being frustrated about something I have told people innumerable times that I do not appreciate and when I do will find them telling me it’s the effect the British have on people which means we keep going round in circles in the knowledge they are the ones who profit from insanity while I am stuck. So they say I am really respected and that this much is a fact but that was never the case as much as it is a matter of that violent lasciviousness where they will stir up something that their violent evil children with ideas about what is the source of their problems can latch onto and then you will get beaten up because you refused to do what I want so I can feel some convenience and riches and it’s not just the other one about the things they do with Politics and Politicians to rip your finances to shreds in order to ensure they can have arguments with you without bring wrong and so on, it does eventually tick off at the Media and Celebrity telling you to bring that life of yours and lay it down at their feet so they can get where they want to advance to otherwise racists will get you and they can never stop doing it, like so every day for decades at a time. I do not attack my friends, it’s an old story where those who get along with them need bear these facts in mind and that if it’s not racist getting me it will be African gangs and every other things they give some money to in the form of aid and so on. So they usually tell me if I handle their case they will handle my Royal Commission too because they have got enough money to and it causes me to take over all of that Popular culture, which is one of the reasons we have become so unified as a society at present and pockets of hatred show some serious stress associated with things blowing up in certain areas as a result thereof. They say it’s too much and I have a potty mouth which is nothing unusual; it’s a game they play – drip, drip, drip and it starts to amount to a spiritual poison all together, hence I like to measure it with the point they need to explain how Community croons bearing down on me in sexual context became a part of personality as they claim – which is not going anywhere inside by the way and they need to give it a rest and let me be as we are not mates. So they say I never listen to what other people are saying to me, which is utter rubbish – the reality is that they are always interfering and damaging my health with intent, while we know they have history of seeking to get me entangled in a fight they do not actually want me to win while I am fighting for them in the process, those incredible insolence etc. What happens is form instance when I move the Terrorists off to Publicity by making their cultures and societies famous and somebody cannot do their fame and celebrity around it in ways that does not disrupt my work or put me in constant danger or show they can never do anything properly in their stupid lives even though they expect to be rewarded to a tune of fortunes. Then they tell me I started out by making the good stuff end up on the left, now it’s the terrorists which is good since the Media is always making trouble and it had to come to head all together anyway – for me slapping them down before I do anything is the only way to ensure its being done and done properly around here and I don’t wait for them to show up and get slapped down anymore, if I can get out there to find them and slap them down before I do it. The organised crime and terrorist types however have always maintained their behaviour is a matter of the case where they are better looking and therefore more of a celebrity type of person than those who actually have the fame but do not deserve it – so we need see those drug cartels and those organised crime and those fashion violence and all that stuff where the Publicity is and it has a special place to exhibit itself too; speaking of which if it were entirely up to me as a whole however in the Course of which anything that moves right hand side would be dead meat.

It’s like when people suggest Boardroom Government in the UK because they are unable to move a twisted sick muscle after what they have done to the economy so far and love to think it amusing all together, which it isn’t; Boardroom Government is North Korea – there the people who run the place are convinced nobody knows it’s a massive Industrial park which is how they make people comfortable with living out their whole lives without seeing the outside world, while the government decides which I Pads they get. They do say the reason it gets to us British is the consequences of our insults but its utter nonsense since we know the Boardroom Governments of the world and the likes of it, are completely obsessed with picking up British economic interests and then skewering it when the British want it back especially when they are Geographically bigger and would therefore find it amusing; obviously of which it’s the Boardroom North Korea bit being revealed that has raised the issue I..e. when people deploy another Country’s Diplomatic sensibility, they might want to think about doing so with a certain attitude, otherwise they are assuming that when they rip up another Country’s Economic interests the Allies and Friends will come through for the victims and cannot handle it when the victim can defend itself. This is the typical stage where they say I am some form of big weapon for the British and to which I say they can continue their insults if they wanted, right down to denial that I have a Business Empire alongside those abusive parenting roles that facilitate profitable nepotism for their incredibly stupid children who claim to have access to powers that can make people rich or poor and will be willing to share with powers that want to reward them financially etc – what they will have when finished, especially for the African Women ones is Human Rights, so that it might become something that is so pervaded that it actually works at some stage and becomes a tool for controlling wealth inequality, when it bottoms out my finances and then over time with the help of Media especially I do not have a Business Empire anymore with a big mouth.

So they say now that nothing I do is ever set or permanent and it does not bother me half as much unless I ask black people especially of what they think about their position as happy fuckers and joy bully squanderers, alongside their filthy White counterparts and so on and then they issue threats that mean I have to become really interested in the fact I do not show up at their clubbing and partying and deviant lifestyles to earn this rubbish where every celebrated and popularity bastard wants to get involved with my work because they want another aspect of me that they are interested in on account the Books are just too inconvenient a read for them: its only at US Hollywood and British Popularity Music you might find such nonsense and I believe I have warned them enough times about the fact I need to have stepped outside my home and get found around their deviant lifestyles in order to incur it. The part where I am said to have a problem with Businesses which I also tend to pick up and make use of without permission brings it into focus i.e. its take, take and take from those and it gets to a stage now where it’s a case of seeing they are bigger than me and making use of the part of my work which will make them the most money on the day, then sending out their idiots to tell me nothing I do is permanent because it is the most tried and tested way of ripping the day’s takings here, which will make me unable to fight back and so on; so I do get to decide left hand side and right hand side gestures from the media idiots must mean something, move them on and generally try and find out when their Politicians are going to stop the gratuitous insults around everything I say and do, especially concerning my trust which I am supposed to build up to a stage where I can give clients an accurate picture of what market is getting up to but have since dropped out of University and now having a hard time at jobs market because of them, wanting to know when it will stop especially for the blacks, who are always talking about Injustice and inequality that I do not understand and when asked to enlighten me, speak of being punished or provoked and not allowed to deal with it and how I must suffer the same fate in order to understand why I need to respect their stupid feelings when it comes to how I want to live out my own existence – which is why the whole process of winding them up and showing it is possible to make them deal with it by means of a good beating has been put in place here too and yes they blab all the time about beating me up first for it too, which is how it should be. It’s important they get to clear my space and stop being found around my Books and the Businesses with their take, take, take attitude will soon have the link broken for them too since I am apparently not selling any Books because of it, while the Media ones can blow me if they wish; it goes without saying if I set eyes on that stupid culture and society as a matter of their doing, it will be the last time that they get to see it as well – I am not their muse and we already have a problem with the part where they label me as one of the things they get to use and therefore share and sell to others like that with a big mouth; I have labelled them as well and that stupid society and culture alongside and contrary to those stupid threats I have been dying for the last 13 years therefore a success of insolence all the time on Media with that big mouth, yap yapping a censoring my Books. I mean the reasons have to be understood i.e. besides being labelled the tool they get to use to get rich, after which the bloody idiots will turn up on the streets and want to walk around feeling like decent human beings, there is also the bit about just setting me at random out to punish so severely that they will then have used me to make a statement about their business and send a message to those who have a habit of making sure it does not make progress by damaging it, I mean they are that desperate for money and needed an education on what I can do when they are done and I am too – it does not mean that I have any regrets, I am just being accountable for my actions. They do say I am unable to grasp what they have planned for their future, which is utter rubbish – I am aware it involves plagiarising my Books to set up public conditions they can exhibit themselves all over in order to provide a leadership that will make them feel proud of themselves – this will then give way to being able to influence rich people to share money with them or getting the high earners to give them similar jobs that pay well too in order to curb inequality; mine concerns a business Empire attached to a Royal Estate and I have warned them showing up around it, I am a very destructive individual in my own right too; that idea I do not understand what they are saying to me and that they need to show up for it on that stupid Media all the time is delusional.

So they say I am concerned about Politicians having international connections which of course I am, the local stuff is that MPs are always blabbing about failing on my part because it amounts to some form of duress and yet the way I run my Business works at a local level to ensure there are no such failings, hence the outcome we have is due to their arrogance and insults and the fact they think they will make others fix what they damage, showing up on government buildings to pass them around all day long. Then we will hear them say I think I can tell them what to do and also that my involvement with their culture is annoying but it’s an old story where nobody is telling a group of idiots who are neither Prime Minister nor leader of opposition what to do around here but because they are a set of twisted messed up idiots with a need for their own narcissism, we end up with damage to public work that they get on Government buildings to make demands of the persons that did the work successfully for and all I am saying is that when it comes to myself, there is really nothing in the world that they can do first of all and beyond that is the fact that apart from their constituents, nobody really knows who the fuck they are anywhere else and it will be nice if they show respect for bills they are not paying, keep their need to discipline kids in their families, keep off my Books and financial well being and pay attention to the one activity orientated with parliament, which actually pays their own salaries. So for being worried about their international connections, it is always right to be – everybody knows their stupidities wants to change things to make them feel sensations of convenience every single moment of their stupid time and so at the moment there is no Political or Public instability and there is no economic problems, if they wanted changes, it can only operate through their international connections, by which the Country in their heads can replace the one we actually live in – hence I am right to be worried about it and every time I am the character and person they have introduced to the world as an item they deploy like an ingredient to making money and securing privileges of life, I will turn them into one such in the same context as well and try my best after to find out what it is they can do about it too; this has basically now run right across their local communities too thereof which is one of the reasons we are having this conversation; blab, blab when people do so they die and I have been dying for a decade and a half too as it were with that big mouth. The same big mouth that cannot put an end to those stupid successes of insults where I say something and it shows up on public places so somebody else can be more important than I am – the first occasion it turned out a problem, we lost the whole idea that Men and their sugar babies were something that existed because I completely cleared it out, this time I am only reminding them it is adding up and those stupid international connections in context too, adding up the bit about those fundamental corruption that is no longer a matter of just stealing money because it can become a case of what I didn’t do but was made to do instead with that big mouth. As for the stupid story, the reasons I never respond to it is that they are so insulting they find a use for people they should follow and so I for instance am not affected by Women seeking the ladies first treatment; for me it is perfectly fine and they can ladies first all they want, it does not really affect anybody actually – we all know those who have a problem with it are the stuck goons that are important by means of successes of insolence as it were, which is the fact that makes the stupid that describes me into something that permeates mainstream living all together: – they are stuck too. then they will say I put it that way but the number of Women who come to my aid is unprecedented, which is good since it gets them understanding clearly that I am not their muse; there is another group of people that behave in this way and they are called gangs, so the Politicians need to be convinced their case is adding up around here and that there is really nothing in this world that they can do about me. So they say I ruin people’s lives and careers by ruining their well being but I do not normally react to these things and people can clearly see that it is better that I do not, yet they cannot be caught dead not being seen around my Books and my Finances and Public image. The only reason we are here is that I am not selling my Books and that means I am not able to afford a regular break for my highly stressful activities, this makes me edgy and although I am coping well, people will show up and lean on my tummy and play derogatory low life games that will draw attention to the fact they have the same features as celebrities, this causes me to react and everybody suffers as a result; they know there is nothing they can do about me and that I will escalate it and that the best result is when they are no longer seen around my Books and my personal and public space – thus I am stupid and they are stuck and all is well.