Now they say I think a certain Simon Cowel is a horrible person and it is not right but I do not make a conscious decision to think him and others like him are horrible people. He comes from a strand of people that want to be able to deploy your personal life to get rich but the particular group that he comes from are the ones that soon find out they are rich enough to leave you alone and seek better things to do with their time other than harming you to make money, then back up and ensure they deploy the money to harm you to make the money. So it sounds like I am above you and so when I got into beating you up the reason was never so that you might at some stage feel comfortable or convenient about it, which is a lot of tough talking that makes me what to find out what the scum who challenge my opinion about him want to do about it as well. In the end it gets worse when you find out the reasons behind it i.e. he wants to use your life to create people fame and fortune and the bloody rude bastard expects you to take a look at him and think of him as somebody you want to be polite to on account of shows that he hosts and you appear on when you seem to have questions about why he would behave in such ways and how much exactly this your much affronted books really cost financially; the kind of rudeness that turns a person into an animal of course. Last I checked these were a group of scum that think they can sexually abuse people who walk into their shows to do whatever they like but here we are with such a violent and daily sustained process of using my life to get rich and famous or I will get beaten up to a point where they are deploying my books to make fame for themselves that they get to share with others to become father figures without getting a copy of their own and they even have the excuse they bandy around for it as well namely I being one of those people that want fame when I am not publicly available hence blame those who get out and grab it for themselves.


Now with respect to the career piracy issue of the intense desires of media scum and Politicians to own my job and office, may the claims I am in trouble at the Company never run out bearing in mind of course they seem to have gotten used to deploying my equities to make advertisement that target me and then everybody else., each time they do one with their business and I guess eventually the result will be that I will handle it and cut it to pieces for them doing the same bearing in mind they have got money to spend on my products when they have no choice, like they teach me all the time. I have not got a clue as to whether the idiots expect me to buy my equities and securities from them that they got off to my market place to acquire and handle or they want some kind of showdown over delusions they continue to maintain on the basis of access to me which suggests my business and their own is linked and that they own both and I am a thief with a big insolent business mouth. That rubbish about an ability to do anything they want with peoples property of which the reason is that they have got connections with media and or are on the side of the media is top priority of one of the things I will break as well for they have absolutely no respect for anybody. The thing with journalists is what it is i.e. women I find have a crush on me and particularly when they do with respect to my style of personal security, the journalists will get in and ensure I can never rest until they are the ones basking in that security and so when I build around them which takes years, expense and exposes me to all kinds of financial vandalism, they simply decide when to recognize it and when they do not wish to because they work on media hence the usual claim no body knows who the hell I am because I am not doing what they want. It is very destructive stuff and I want my court the way it was when I started off, regardless of whether it is all something they find incredibly funny. I personally hope the relationships they have are perfect anyway or else and the same goes for the Politicians as well who claim daddy and his media want to share my royal estate to fulfill a desire and their wives do not seem to be their major preoccupation anymore therefore. I don’t mind the funny bits I mean they say these things happen because I try to get around with people that are beyond my league but of course the fact is that these are loutish idiots, who smoke and drink and sleep around and therefore I am still at a loss bearing in mind I attend a Church where I am not even allowed to take coffee let alone sleep around or get around with those that do and serve one that operates as an institution for the State for a job, why on earth they would believe to the extent of attacking me that I want to get around with them but it is the way they build up their bullying and so the way I build mine up as well i.e. their homosexual cultures and their media and their culture and their politics and their society which I will to bully, especially because of rudimentary issues like men who will beat me up, claims of the beauties of real leaders I have stolen and of course my personal favourite which is that criminals are the better men and I am just a fake trying to please them when they are not interested. I intend to make money from my bullying as well by bullying them and institutionalizing it and then selling a book after I must have created a side. The idea therefore that their bullying is designed to ensure I say things to their community scum which leads to a process where I give up my life secretes is not based on fact, they know I do say what I say to their community scum because I want those to know what I know so they can bug them for fame all the time and I want to gather up embarrassing things from those their stupid lives and manage that for them on media to build my powers that will enable me to knock people all over the place on grounds of some insolent seniority – some of them when I am ready for it will be old and so I may end up killing them which is just as well too. I am not half worried about the Politicians like it is said I am; I have already made myself clear about the fact African idiots getting around with American Political scum does not necessarily apply that when they want my royal estate it is the way their stuff is normally done for them and if that stupid striking the Sheppard to disperse the sheep thing is not shut down, I will show them how it works by using it on them; they need to get off UK government diplomatic front and I have mentioned I want it spotless too, they need to leave me alone as we are not mates. Of course they have their secrete societies as it were but I have no idea what convinces them it is so okay to go after somebody who thinks they are sub human like that, I mean they have jobs they are excited about and their idea of going about it is adding somebody else’s job to it – the distance between their lives and those jobs is one thing so is the one others have between theirs and the offices, quite another of course the distance between their offices and other peoples own but of course they do not recognize it as it were for if they wanted they could have a world where there was no order whatsoever and unless I am missing something, even in hell where their master the devil lives there is order. Now with respect to racism and more so in the US, there is a fact out there which says that I am a living breathing human being today because somebody was not evil enough to pick up a gun and shoot me dead on account he is white and racist and I am black and inferior to him, so it is impossible to figure out what racism people are talking about. However what we have been able to figure out is that there is delusion everywhere that reality involves a process where the left use peoples jobs and livelihoods to do whatever they like, so as it stands the racism issue and more so the one in the US which then affects me has to do with people handling my books at the market place and reporting the contents they get their hands on to create the civil rights effects which in their view is what I should be writing it for on account they are the most insolent scum in the world. The part where things are said about an interesting aspect of human history lying just ahead does not bother me half as much either because eventually what will happen is that if they carry on like they are at the moment, I am not doing financial damage to them as well while that is happening because I have a sense of respect for the wider economy and how it operates and how people are vulnerable, however when it is over and they end up with all my money another interesting aspect of human history is bound to emerge. The end product of course is that the idiots love to destroy my property and squander my finances; it is the sort of thing you expect to find in every page of the Bible, I do not get around with them or offend them either – so they do it clearly as a factor of people in society that they are certain they can oppress and I find it impossible to locate which part racism had to play in it. The respect I have for no one issue comes up from their lips all the time but I have not clue how to respect infantile women that are likely to see that I have done the wrong thing because they are infantile one moment and then the next out of character see I have done the wrong thing because they are older than me yet again in the same setting. They clearly become a topic for conversation because Politicians want them to be and it is not that it does the Politicians any good when you take steps of your own either. In the end the fact really is that I don’t like these people at all because they have no principles of their own, I mean there are perfectly normal people out there in the world without personal principles of course but for them there is a reason that they have got none. So we end up with this process where they will soon become feverishly obsessed with doing things you have already achieved to your name, court serious personality disorders and especially inferiority complex for themselves and because of that illness you pay their way in the world everyday all the time, at great personal and financial cost because they have media to play around with, which seems to work with their personality. They know what kind of society they endorse by their actions but they will take the course of action they take anyway; they know what side of society they are giving arms and alms to when they think of fame and figure out a criminal way to get it, they know that there are 70 year olds that do not believe that 17 year olds they chase around for sex and attack financially to trap find their actions distressing and intimidating but they will seek fame and criminal ways to acquire it which is how these their expensive mental illnesses are born and then there is the part that brings up the serious issue being first of all the bit which Christians want to be father figures of everybody and they are showing Christians what will happen if they decided to be the female side of society, this part has to do with when I talk about racism and they are not interested anymore and so I come back down to who I am. The other more serious aspect being that say 50 people are lined up to be shot by racists who do not want to shoot them so much anymore, while they who are not racists have an opportunity to murder somebody that killed a member of their own family, would they do it? Their actions suggest that they want money so badly and the world revolves around them so much and peoples jobs can be used to do things they want to use peoples jobs to do while they save theirs and their lives for enjoyment, so intensely that they would do it without a second thought. So when I say what I have said for example I blow it everywhere so it might never benefit them if they decided to think of it as relevant because of course they have applied the same behaviour to my property as well i.e. if I find out a certain path to getting a degree and a job would lead to extremism happening by my hands or that of other people and so shut down that route and take another one, what do they do as media scum? Make sure everything I do to earn a living becomes something that belongs to another person? But of course they would without a moments consideration, they are media scum. There is no racism like they claim there is, only a point where it will be them on one hand and the Christian whose finances they love to squander, whose property they love to destroy and boast on media thereafter on the other and both sides will gain considerable means for the purpose of persecuting each other.


Now with respect to this matter of provoking journalists, there is really no such thing – however there is a process where journalists follow me around and take note documents of my life and all I do and then report it at strategic points during the news to boost ratings and that means that when I write books people want to deploy the derivatives to make money or get rich and do I am actually banned by journalists from having the human rights that have to do with earning a living. When they say I provoke them or I am meant to be scared of them it brings home this idea that I should put myself in their shoes i.e. imagine that I could play such games with a persons life and livelihood for a day and then a week and then a year and then years, I can see something click in my head about a question of whether I wonder how this person gets feeding and maintenance money which will suggest to me that he may be stupid but it does not mean I am cruel or am meant to be cruel either. For them on the other hand it is completely different, what they want is to secure their stuff where royalty is scared of journalists and so the fact that they make it up on me to have that their stuff is something they consider to be perfectly normal and I cannot therefore say it enough times about the books and the sale of it that they need to get out and if I need to be helpful over how I write books and people want to get into what I aspire to in order to be better than me hence the derivatives of the books are things they want to have access to and deploy for their fame and or fortune as well, they need to get out and move on, not complain I stifle their lives on the left when none of exists here and I don’t want to see any either. Here of course people will say I am still not angry as such but that is because I am speaking of the matter in a professional way where I will one day it seems kill one journalists so that the delusions might clear up or something; in reality they are a collection of twist scum who think fascism is a by word, so that when you are not a member of their race the purpose of your existence is to constantly expect the next hurtful thing that is meant to happen to you and then there are my personal favourites i.e. the ones that have overseas friends, especially the American ones that cannot stop doing the devils work with their hands, hence I find I am always in some kind of a clash 24/7 with a Satanists who have back stage media to bully me and play around with which is what I mean when i say I want that UK government diplomatic front spotless – especially the part that is concerned with my office and completely clean and clear of them, otherwise I will likely make them into the whors they really are which I will in no way mind if they express in public so that they can do their revolution of corruptibility that they make so much noise about all the time. Now the general problem at the heart of it is that Politicians love to get on public places to say and do things which suggest facts concerning them about the idea they want to collect my job and all I own with respect to it and it makes sense of what people want when they wreck your academic work to ensure they are positioned for that bearing in mind if the Prime Minister is in on it like they always want to be then make out reasons you shouldn’t kick them like they got out of their way to kick you when people trip you up or something, the idea that he lets his junior ministers as well suggests something very destructive you will never be able to deal with and so I guess what they are expecting is that I allow damages to happen to that extent and then worry about what becomes of the matter when I am old enough to realise I have saved up nothing to aid me at my pensions. So I always conclude they say things about such intentions in public not just because they are evil people who feel like hurting somebody all the time whose rubbish no body needs to tolerate along with their followers but because they think I have no feelings about it either. However I always think of it as something that you do something about when you want to and think less of when you don’t especially when you have found a way of keeping them at bay; about which their fame and media fools will tell me there is nothing I can do to their Political leaders when in actual fact first of all they are Politically corrupt i.e. they don’t tell people facts about what they will do for them in office anymore because they prefer to offer to hurt them in a condition where they will hurt somebody who says less about being bullied by them more which will create power and of course which is also something I don’t want associated with me in anyway but they do not wish to listen too, then of course is the other part about peoples idiots getting into government office where they realise their activities create a condition where they govern people, so that when they handle and destroy your property and squander your income and tell you it is fun as well and you look into it in the UK, you find them somewhere in Italy and then somewhere in France and then in the USA and so when you go global about doing something about it the implication becomes fame and fortune they will extract from you by violence with a big mouth. So it remains as it were that the main issue is still that they need to get out of the derivatives of my books and my book sales and move on, not tell me how they want that stupid left hand side to be while they station themselves at the ethos and ethics of my work, publications and office to get on media and tell me they want to have fame and fortune from it, with lies that have to do with how I provoked them and how such actions are revenge endlessly which breed nothing but the need to deploy my Christian faith in the same way as well bearing in mind they threaten violence with their culture all the time on account they have once before used it on those who allowed them to have it and then after a while do wicked things to them with it and breed alternative arguments in public for the purpose until they got to the stage where they killed a person with it and started thinking people need to fear them – no culture will go that far around here.