A much loved story thus emerging from a need to copy everything I do from a position where the primary purpose of Media is that of handling my property with a sense of utter and total disobedience and it is about that of how I go off to grab what everybody is thinking about and then get it done but it does not surprise me since it only progresses from a process where walking down the streets can mean somebody refurbishes a business premises to look the way I have wished that it was and so the complain happens because I cannot end up with a literary empire in which the Money has gone somewhere else, it is an unprecedented level of abuse of a person and yes I can work for the money as well but they do need to shut their insults; it is an abuse that men are very fond of and they will want to consider that it is not news to me as well, there is a real chance here therefore that with enough copying I will lose a Royal Estate to their stupidities – whereas in my mind, I want to break their hearts as much as their self indulgent and freedom based moral decadence over money and career and the sight and destruction of my property and public life to show where the immoral and care free get rich and successful in their immoral cities, I want to break it the way they hurt mine not live a life in secrete or even fear.

It is all insults that are a common behaviour with suit wearing block heads – I come across it all the time; not least the one where I walk down a street and somebody refurbishes their business to look the way I have fantasised that it did – so it is not unusual, only that on this occasion I had expressly warned them about daily behaviour designed to affect my Book sales and must act when they had refused to comply; when they know it belongs to somebody they ought to steal careers and break the hearts of the none co-operative when they have stupid ideas about the relevance of their own bloated stupidities in a free market, request permission first before they get to handle it, it may be an amusing reaction from me but they need to get lost.

These things do not concern me as much as they make out – all that matters is that it’s a Books I have written buyers access only business here and although I am aware they belong on the left along with their women and can make them stay where they are meant to be as a people and stop bothering others if need be, I am actually not really interested in them at all; like the story of losing my Film Industry property when we all know it began with tales of those who provoke them by encouraging Film makers to make reality films that means people do peoples stuff which is a bad thing for the world and deserve revenge – now they have organised themselves and gone out there to win them Oscars as such and it’s supposed to have been the end of the story but it’s a Books I have written buyers only access business here if they do not wish to complain about me as well. This is not a complicated issue as such in anyway; the behaviour of getting out of bed to act in ways which affect my Book sales in order to foster their interests is unacceptable, every one of it, from the causes that better the lives of the poor people around the world to a problem concerning the price of my Books, which if we discussed would expose the aspects of my Books that are valuable while they have no intentions of getting their own copy thereby creating more insecurity they can wear suits like clever people but show they are actually idiots by playing with. Ultimately they have their own personal spaces to get involved with and I have no wish to tolerate further the getting involved with mine and moving into my right hand and shutting it down so as to have a feeling of value when they were the last persons to use it and preserve their own, thereby meaning they have it and I do not – as if it is their own House they get to shut down in that way. What they feel at the moment is how this behaviour makes other people feel and we have not mentioned the media abuses which makes it possible yet; that part concerns the bit where they leave me alone and keep their problems along with the Politicians – keep their hands off my cookie jar so to speak; when I want to do a job that means they can complicate it to solve their problems, I will get one in an environment where fools like them who ruin people’s lives and live for the purpose of career theft and personal life destruction operate – otherwise I am only interested in the shop where I work in which somebody must be prevented from exploring the consequences of their desperation by going to prison over a £5 chicken for instance, not criminal gangs that will ensure they scoop up them popular culture problems and make lots of money peddling my public life and have somewhere to off load them.

On their part they tell me I should have informed people, not dish out consequences before asking questions but I had expressly warned their insulting selves that selling Books is a matter of a personal space I share between me, my Office and Shop and the customers who read the Books, it does not work at all as something people treat with a sense of involvement, the business does not work in that way at all, it will have no start point and no end point as a result and I need to be seen getting out of bed every day to create a behaviour that ensures they stop it as well. For my part I will be happy to hear them from them anytime, that their personal space is not actually interested in my Books or in me and then it will be as simple as it was always meant to be. I understand they say some of my actions lead to a process where people are at risk of their lives but this playing around with criminal gangs does not in their view; however if I checked it, the younger ones have been given 15 years of my time to change a behaviour knowing everybody is prone to losing their temper and that respect for others actually does have a purpose as it were and the older ones think their disobedience is supposed to be the bane of other peoples living if they can explain it away with health damaging nonsense about freedom as well – so I really have no idea.

We do hear it’s all a matter of wealth inequality but then again the reality has become that in the past all answers to wealth inequality was developed on tax payer funds, today it is developed on the need to catch early all bright talents and make sure others are sharing all the way to the end of their lives but we are sure however that they know what respect it and are aware anybody is prone to losing their temper and then they will ensure I am cordoned off at the jobs market which is more important than getting a day job and turn out to force me to work on my Books until it becomes a big business while they get on media to ensure the income ends up somewhere else of their choosing; it is not an unprecedented abuse of a person they say, it’s all for a greater fucking good they say and will say until somebody does their own as well – for my part their access is no longer tolerated here; it’s for those who buy my Books only.


So the story of a problem there is with Industry people is utter rubbish; it’s the same old matter of every money mad fool thinking evil cultures he cannot do without because it enhances his sense of free market whenever he is off doing business, thinking the worst of it should end up in my personal life – nothing more. And as for the Media, those like to claim I try to control them whereas what they have been doing is cast experiments as to whether it is possible to use a position on media to oppress people and so they have now worked out that the way it may operate has something to do with damaging a person’s finances and using media to update where the person is everyday to ensure he does not make any progress, then sell on the prerogatives to power mongers and politicians; it was bad enough their Politicians making people get involved with gangs and crime first before they did their academic work and career, at this point they like to think they are going to have me beaten up and I like to think they assume they will not end up in pain if they tried; I have no plans to tolerate it any further, their stupidities and disobedience were always expected at this Office, I mean those who have a public face to their state provided security still have to grapple with the fact they always have ideas about how peoples offices should be used to beat up anybody that makes them feel bad, so I have always known I needed to be prepared. I see them speak of my insults and I see them provoke me further by offering it up on my account all the time i.e. Mr criminal or Mr Gang member you see the world the way I do, so I am not the problem but he is because he has things that you don’t – so whenever they want to beat up like that I always like to think they are bluffing and do not know what I am but are really keen to find out yet as it were and its all together the same matter of idiots who know nothing but the preservation of their money – have not got a foggiest clue what they are doing but want to run our societies and economies. For my part however; nobody has to beat up anybody – all that needs to happen here is a process where they think very hard and carefully about doing anything that affects my Book sales and if it does, work out how they will work with me to ensure they can have what they want without my Books being affected – I will not tolerate any further media threats and this is perhaps a bluff on my part too, the one where they hate my guts as it stands because I do things that lead to outcomes in which society gets to sting their bum all the time (the one where all their time is spent on finding ways of making more and more money to look like they are industrious no matter what they have, with new ideas that come up, meaning its always about ripping up people’s lives and chewing peoples biscuits everyday single day and then when they build up the violent gangs feel like sticking it in my life and personal life all day long, not a problem as such but now they are threatening me as well because they believe they have reached a stage where they have had everything manipulated to a point where they are in league with the same gangs as well and it’s all a worthy use of other peoples time as it were because they have a stupid Media job that cannot be kept out of other peoples affairs – even though they have so far stopped lying on my account at present). Bending them into a corner so they might fail to look the part of the suited up fools they are enjoying a clean job without grafting on media, probably happens because of this as it were – considering distractive access to a writers office is fashionable stuff.

I have a Court of female journalists because of my Royal position; it is to ensure the problems of female society are not ignored in this Office and also because I am the origin of all I do and every fool wants to see me deal with problems because conveniences will result on the left which I have always been prepared for; none of it warranted their involvement and now incessant access which is to be followed by dethronement so to speak with a big mouth, hence they are compulsively angry as well which is why we hear them speak of having me beaten up all the time. Nothing I have said is lost in translation in anyway – we shall watch the next 24 hours together and try to avoid all behaviour which affect my Books otherwise these consequences will take a turn for the worst and they really do need to be shown they can lose those media jobs too. of course there is no truth to those claims of laziness on my part; only the sense I own what I own being messed about and it does not come without consequences either – most recently of which is that of their parents being cracked, since I know who I am and what I own and have but when I have any job, they feel that is where they want to play all their stupid games, so the problem associated with it being that I am a whole person not half a person and there is nothing they can do about me too. they speak of wealth equality which my Books promised not being fulfilled but that would mean somebody helping them to money again, that results in three types of women living in abject poverty and having to be abused – the older woman that younger men have ambitions to bully, the Middle aged that men love to express their fashionable hate for women on and the teenage ones that will have no chance in life all together, so it is clearly not a stupidity that my Books did not address and hence largely a matter of what they mean. It’s like the story of my incompetence mentioned above – they should try and get to a business premises for the products only not to mess with me; I know who I am and what I have and would like it if my job is regarded as it is, otherwise I crack them as well so they can tell me there will be trouble on account their parents have been cracked and fail to get around having sex that will result in their new job for a change.

It’s like this story of rising anti-Semitism in Europe when there is actually none; reality of course being that the second world war only lasted Five years but of course it has become most popular due to the loss of lives that happened, which was entirely predictable if a Country full of idiots gathers up steel and makes bullets out of them and stores it up for decades unto a day of reckoning in which they will surprise slaughter millions of people just to support a campaign that will help them conquer territory and gather more resources for their cause – I can understand we should never forget the fact the killings happened on our watch and in broad day light but those who use it as a panacea were there when Politicians started playing up the bubble between their Offices and the prison service, they were there when Politicians set that out as the platform by which to help idiots that have failed in everything imaginable to seek conveniences from other people’s lives, they were there and agreed to the idea it was okay for a few to be sacrificed for it to save the many in order to seek their own conveniences and in all that time said nothing, even complementing it as the route to wealth equality – now the moral fabric of society has been corrupted and rather than talk about that, stolen other people fame and notoriety to speak of growing anti-Semitism.

They say it is all convenient for me to encourage white people to kill each other to make me comfortable but so is it convenient to get about ripping up finances of those who have government duties to fulfil in order to locate shortcuts to being important that Media and Politicians can run with. It does not mean I chose the convenient way to approach my problems either – In the end I really do love to let people build it up even to a global stage and then ensure it is never ever successful which will make them become far right groups, I am not denying that. I simply cannot make out where this anti-Semitism was meant to have been happening altogether – we all know that every racist is a useless individual that knows there are mentally disturbed women in the communities but chooses a certain lifestyle which means that part of society becomes a problem for his career and personal life but the outcome then becomes the selection of people such as myself that they do with Politics and Media to secure a way of making themselves socially and financially comfortable in a way that is incredibly violent for me and yet while they are doing so, they are still living the same lifestyle that creates these problems for them that they are complaining about; the Politicians play up the bubble between their Offices and prison services etc, just to show that the behaviour can run right up to government Office if people so pleased to make it that way. Then they tell me I am tired and out of my depth as well which of course I am not – tired yes but not out of my depth. Another example of how I am not out of my depth being the matter of National security i.e. the fact that there are no aggressor countries in the Middle East is not to say that when UK Citizens go on Holiday they are not at risk from aggressor elements in the Middle East – so the question becomes that of what Terrorism really is as such and I get told this is not what I say on my websites whereas it is what I say on my websites, primarily to exclude terrorists from my Books and Royal Estate business – they like my work because they want to copy it, hate me because I am British and this is the reality that is separate from Media and Politicians claiming there are similarities in order to steal some Royal Order which is very abusive stuff and they can do that all the time if they wanted, nobody here will stop them.


So that this point makes it the final stage on which I will tolerate insults about me and a thing I do with peoples wives in order to steal their husbands new jobs and career; I mean I would love to get out of bed and get to work with nothing weighing on my mind for a change but it seems they believe confidently that it is a dear of them that makes me think about the matter of whether or not sleeping with peoples wives or playing with peoples wives does have consequences attached – at some stage my Christian mind I suspect will be numb to that wariness and then they will end up with another problem but for now it is the need to ensure certain people as a result of their organised and communal covetousness and its powerful politics have a difficult time with jobs and careers because others are taking from it – I want to break that their stupid free market and free jobs market heart the way they chase mine around as well. They do think it is going to be a difficult problem to do so but I really cannot tell which part of them they suppose has been difficult for me so far; it’s like the story of a right celebrities have to make statements about my work without permission and spy on me to see what I am doing everyday to that effect too – these are people who know what intellectual property is and why it matters but they prefer to rip up my public work and Royal Commission in such ways and aspire to get out of bed for it and defend themselves with talk of a certain perspective on the left which will never be recovered until the source of my income is The Queen Royal Commission and they are nowhere to be seen near the Public life and income like they are at present – so I actually have no idea whatsoever at what stage I sent out the message that celebrities can pick up on my daily activities and get off to discuss them on media to keep their jobs and celebrated idiots when I took over their stupid culture and society effects on the left for the sole purpose of making sure they can only recover when my Book sales are no longer troubled by them and can only get it back when the Books have been sold; so obviously winding up has no way of making sure they never ever recover all together so we can find out what it is really that they can do as it were bearing in mind this was meant to ensure they do not secure any conveniences by damaging my work and finances and generally using me; it should mark the last occasion I am said to be messing around with peoples wives. Claiming my activities are the greatest ever trick there was will not suffice; it’s not a trick, it’s a matter of seeing that they are able to damage people’s property and peddle peoples public life and punish the person that does not let them because their own is too ugly for such things or is iron clad safe and if I have to spend money to ensure that it is sellable I will do precisely that – now that they can compulsively angry and are complaining we are even and as for me, the last time I checked this air was free; it is not a trick – it is an unprecedented level of abuse of a person and that person happens to be me as well. As for them fashion ones; I really have a need to teach them how to show some regard for others whenever they put on their stupid suits all together but I think that will come in the package with the media and celebrity ones all together anyway and I am sure this is gradually going to push me to a stage where my hatred for seeing their glossy magazines at the stores will grow and grow into something big because I cannot run a Royal Office and put out editorials and have a hotel room to myself for the Queens work and get around with my own Court systems properly and in peace without them interfering with the property and the finances. As for those who claim I have no Royal Commission, my Bloodline is actually settled on HM service and The Prince of Wales at the moment, I only have a few things to sort out with regards to the Family of the Duke of Cambridge, so it has to be my opinion that they haven’t a foggiest clue what a Royal Commission really is. I do not think it is a crisis in any case; we do hear I need to be concerned about Jeremy Corbin of course which makes no sense whatsoever since that is relating to a group of idiots who spend all of their time making sure whilst they depend on and are a problem for others people get to see why they should be ignored until they have a community onto themselves and start to feel they are invincible, by which time their disobedience had ruined the lives of a million women to secure them conveniences on the left and very soon we will find that their stupid civil rights have been reorganised from what they had in the 80s and 80s to fit what they want to do with women’s lives for today and because there are women in my Court systems it has been developed on my personal life looking for trouble. So it’s a matter of the question of why the Royal Journal of a Royal Estate needs to be damaged every single day, why the owner cannot write the journals and make enough money to secure a good privacy to get around with his Court systems without being disturbed on account such privacy can only be found in a top range hotel room etc and now into the picture fits that of what the fucking idiots think is so scary about Jeremy Corbin and it’s the same story at Industry where a website is acceptable for four months and then after that its hell but we all take them on and try to ensure society is tolerable for all and absolutely every single Industrial establishment has to deal with this matter and in my case it is much the same as the story of my relationship with the Princess of York causing trouble whereas she was already in a relationship with me before she was 19 until Mr Branson decided to chose her lovers by providing her an American that looked a good idea at the time; I can break up that stupid relationship if I wanted to, I mean when people want celebrity stuff they ought to get involved with celebrities, I knew from day one that this was about culture and society and having my own history with evil and being taught the prognosis of death – I was settled on the last one but not on the other three so I tried to run away. I want to put a stop with a full stop to it all; I want to stop them as a Nation from the daily theft and vandalism of my Royal Property which has now become the bane of their living and I want to stop it totally, I need to stop it dead. It’s a matter at the end of the day when it comes to my own irritation, of people understanding the way things work before they actually get on media to tell lies that cover their tracks, plan a  path and let themselves in on account they knew where an authors Books were; if I have an Industrial Court for example, unlike the Live Journal Court where I can interfere, they will do nothing but speak of my praises for all the exploits I must have pulled off and it is the only publicity I have to make my way in the world with – so obviously normal people graft their stupid music CDs into it and magazines and celebrity lifestyles on Media as well.

I can understand the obsession with claims I am controllable by the media since it is the spot from which people orchestrate a behaviour of ripping up other peoples finances, so they might get conversant with others who will likely offer them a job on account it will help with the good feeling that come from going off to sit down somewhere and pass insults at them, telling them what to do in a condition that has a global reaching effect but then again the same idiot will complain about somebody who has destroyed their homosexual communities but are still doing these same things and even when they have those communities restored will not stop putting them in my face, knowing perfectly that I will cut it up and there will be nothing that they will ever do about  me. I don’t think the matter has ever been a complicated issue – they simply always like to pretend I am not only media controllable but also have no way of handling them; so it feeds into my obvious continued use of their foul languages which now is thought needs to be corrected but I will not sit with a Royal Consortium for instance and then speak in fine language unless it is purely Official, that foul language of theirs is mine now and is being used to sort out matters at the various Court systems – so it is fair that they speak of a lack of stability in their lives on my account but they will have stability when they are professional enough to train a Camera on a member of my Court without ripping up my Royal Estate Live journal from which the fine language is supposed to be seen by the rest of the world in the first place anyway, they will have stability when the fact they know where my Books are continues to constitute the reason it does not get sold as it were. In the end I see they have become rather fond of appointing themselves to walk around the streets and challenge me about my Royal Estate and while they complain of which I too have not yet appointed myself so far just yet and so the big idea is for instance the relationship between men and women where they have no other body language except that concerning the robbers and devils they know and how the fact I dare to have something they don’t is leading me straight into a lot of trouble and we all know it is not a society that people can live in as it were that they have created but it is the men and women in the middle who obviously know more about being men and women, who are obviously older and more experienced than I am that need to get their hands into my Cookie Jar every single moment so to speak – it is the same with relations between races; the blacks for instance believe that money is the answer of every question and they can never ever communicate with anybody is an honest and forthcoming way, when they are done, they soon find that you have become something they love to hate and that your Christian Arch Prince’s personal life is something they want to integrate into, making it violent for you all day long but the whites will then turn up to set out a story about the problems the black create and how it is your responsibility and yet you know that if you do comply they will be laughing at you in a while yet as per having you become the guy whose body they deploy to fix their problems. The general sense these guys have as a whole is that I am unable to deal with it but reality is that I am prepared for every single one of them and it comes to a stage where you must administrate government Office with a sense that they must never ever have things they want, which makes that whole process of building it up on media very provocative and I intend to stop it totally as well. They do say I send a lot of mixed messages; chiefly of which is Equity brokerage with Entertainment Industry but not wanting people to spy on me and make something of it and at the same time have Celebrities at Court but of course so have I also mentioned that I have Celebrities at Court so that every stupid celebrity culture goon that wants to finger my bum can keep their fingers centimetres away from it every single second and have fantasies I get to feel as a result of government financial bullying and media involvement all together as well – so that was self explanatory; not everybody is entitled to send out people to watch what I have been doing on the day and make fashion or media or celebrity out of it.