They do say I interfere with the interests of Politicians and that it is my biggest problem but I do not see that it is anyway, the reality is that they want to extricate some of the sweetest aspects of my work and go off to play with City friends and get very rich and each time they do, it is accompanied by something else which is supposed to express the sense they are tying off lose ends and I have had enough of this stuff if after 3 successive prime ministers have not been able to prevent me from dragging them back to fix the problems so I can move on as well has done nothing to deter them; so whenever it happens they need to take it and take it all so I can do something else with myself and not have to deal with all that nonsense which concerns them expressing some level of greed which is incredible. In the end they talk alright but even when somebody appears on National Television asked to speak about a topic which he has chosen, he does not have a clue what he is talking about and soon enough take a swipe at me to play up the comforts of the crowd and other forms of general consensus to get by – five minutes later and I am dealing with another insult that will change my life over his stupid needs. They say Politicians are not the only ones that complain about me but it’s a matter of having your English A levels and Maths A levels and Law A levels and economics A levels – what lies before you are careers in economics and sociology and Media and Law but what do other need to set out how your mind works in terms of all those careers and build a condition for themselves in which they were more qualified on Media? So they have their fun when they have it and I hope they have the good sense to stop at a time that is good for me and good for them too.

It is actually not my problem that they are really not as clever as the hype they have created for themselves suggested that they were. The racism has always been the wicked and violent witchcraft of using people’s lives to solve their personal problems through Media and Politicians performing grand bullying for them, which blacks and other none whites have given them access to perform, since there is no white Man that tends to commit crimes by getting into people’s homes to target them with racism unless he is shown the way by blacks who are using it to pressure others over their needs; hence it can no longer be called racism and is all a myth considering the support it gets from none whites. I personally have no idea what their problem with the truth is anyway; even when I have been targeted by Government Offices ripping up my finances to ensure I am scared of people because they make demands of me over financial security and that fear can then be extended to everything else pertaining to the needs their wickedness seeks – what happens is that I end up with depression hanging over me which I can reach out and grab or let go of and while it is there temporarily, the only group of people making sure they stuff it into me and racism starts to notice my daily concerns are not white, I mean save the civil rights idiots who get their fair share of problems for their behaviour and that stupid left hand side decadence will never be cleared for them too as it were, the one about the level of bullying that causes a person to go from a mind that writes Books about revelations he gets from God to writing Books about them in order to owe them debts and the length of time such organised and intense communal bulling must occur for in order for them to have it and a clear left hand side alongside it too – I do love that blabbing about war myself, when it is obvious we never realised racism was being used to scare people into giving up wealth which increases their IQ and facilitates civil rights. The case that they need to work for it or inherit it from those who had the good sense to work for it is not lost in translation over my much complained about activities but specifically for the blacks – racism is a myth and they are now the ones being put to the test as well, since we already know they complain about me over their culture and society but will not chose another means of fun save provoking me until my tummy turns upside down all day long. I have never thought it a problem; if I said for instance that I am not the clever one but the recession occurred 8 years ago and the clever ones have not recovered from it if they do not want what I have because I work hard enough to end up with an existence others want to steal from all of the time, what we will see is a fat boy move into my life because I am where the power is and is preferably white fat boy too; so they always have an ego before the Police shoots somebody and think I cannot calculate and set them up to gain power from civil rights when they get shot as well so that they can look the part.

So now they say that Barrack Obama hates my guts personally, I wouldn’t know anyway; I only know these are a collection of goons that complain every time we listen to them, about pressure their body type cannot withstand but at the same time think that this sort of behaviour are a worthy activity to perform in other people’s lives. In the end there can be two ways of managing this problem that involves making rich every idiot that wants racism as a means of social control, while attacking those that are brave enough to fight it and one of those is that they get to stay the hell out of every single one of my concerns while the other is that like it is presently with that stupid culture and society which says they do not have to work for it or inherit it from somebody that did if they are bullies, they will never be free of me because I will control every aspect of their own lives as well. It has always been a simple process of distracting them from all things that allow them make that stupid money that becomes the source of all problems and then sitting around to extract from them as painfully as they teach it at Church as it were, the means and the market and the sales and the good life, as a function of what they fight for and which are the most convenient posts from which to make money with it and mock and abuse them as you do but then again, do I want to relate with human beings in such ways? Of course not, so the fact they need to keep off my Books and clear my space is not lost in translation in this matter, so what needs to be underlined here is that there is really no reason for me to care about what Barrack Obama hates as I am not his relative.

It’s the same story about stupid ageist men playing games to seek the easy life but in the case of Mr Obama’s leadership, it is that old student union corruption nonsense getting into the real world and making them want to appreciate me in my absence; so as it stands cracked up out of my league has never met me in person but has made enemies with what he has never met. It seems that if this very expensive fun cooked up by these incredibly stupid men does not cost them dear as a regular activity to engage in, they will never stop it and also just like they get into government Office and have no clue what to do as such, they will always find that engaging in such activity will be bemusing at all times – I am only concerned about keeping an eye on it to ensure it does not become too big for me and this suggests that getting involved with me and especially for the purpose of harming me is really not a route to the freedoms of Men; hence they will never recover that stupid culture and society from me anyway either way. It was the same story when we look far back into American history too; there was no segregation after abolishment of slavery, the main problem were Children who were unhappy they were robbed of an evil but pleasurable heritage; what these goons used it for was sexual activity to a level when the segregation was actually necessary and this was then followed by a long and bloody battle to civil freedom which was essentially control by evil because they were stupid and free and we see that foolish need to play games and grab peoples market play out here again i.e. Mr Obama hates me and I ought to know like it was useful news as per the wickedness that knows where peoples anus and penis is and likes to take over Church so it might shut it down and open it up whenever needed on account it cannot simply just leave people alone as it were and soon we find that homosexuality is that civil right for the one purpose only of telling me how to live my own life, which can continue forever and get violent if it wants to when I have refused to do anything about it too.

I believe I have made it clear here that bullying me is not in any way the route to freedom as it tends to add one more thing to peoples jobs and career that they need to get doing all the time. It’s not a Child at all, it’s a 36 year old man and they are insane, so it is fair to assume there is going to be trouble as well. It’s a slippery slope getting to this point of letting them practice their rights on me to a stage where people can no longer tell lies about how it all works out and then follow it after that with wrath as well but I suppose I am not a Child after all anyway. It’s always happened because they are more deserving of riches and decadence than everybody else and I do not think the fact they need to work for it and stay off me is lost in translation either; I am not Barrack Obama’s relative and therefore would gain nothing from sitting about wondering if he is pleased with me or not. It’s nothing unusual, just the way they approached me causing me to lose my temper but the question remains still; do I want to section the men as well and spend time making fortune from deciding to deploy and basically own the most convenient aspects of all they work and fight for? Of course I do but I want a reason first of all; otherwise their vandalism and need to attack and bully me for misogynistic pleasure and stolen property should actually be at a limit. Just like when it is said that I never do anything in its entirety whereas I actually never do anything without completing it; what is happening here being that Journalists now know more about a Government and Politics as well, then somebody who has actually studied the Law – so it is that old tale of a matter of series and series of very vile insults they want to come up with and maintain in public places at all times. It is a problem out of which I have no intentions to bail them as it were.

The racism thing is just pure evil and I really have no idea why people think I should discuss it anyway; I mean if I wanted to satisfy a feeling that was twisted in me by killing people, five would have been enough – there is no way it would occur to me that I needed to pass some 6 million through gas chambers, except I was running some project to kill five people for another 1.5 million who had twisted feelings inside that needed to be satisfied just like me and this was therefore a leadership I needed to provide in a comprehensive way. The problem in modern times being that when it is supported by those who are not white, I wonder if it can be called racism anymore; hence if I say it enough times a goon will get off and spend time with white people until it becomes the friend of white people who was murdered by white people to preserve my civil rights – hence I am about to stop saying it anyway. So in the end I see the world according to what I see and hear and smell and it is very antisense indeed and these people do their society stuff for instance because they see the world according to what they hear, assuming therefore that passing them insults at me is the best will always prove to be such a bad idea when I do them as well; my point is that their own is like mine and hence the point they need to stop telling me what to so.

As ever, expectation is that of existence of extremism and a moral person that is to run left and right hand side and all over the place being scared on account other peoples idea of existence is being imposed because money is far more important and then people can have some civil rights.


So it is said I live out a very useless existence in the UK which is utter nonsense too; the reality is that the misogynistic people who enjoy hurting me because they have drawn a link between doing so and getting rich are usually Male or Female – the latter are more interested in spending the time of the world around them setting my Books out as something that it is not, while the latter is usually more interested in explaining my personality as something which is the result of sexual activity; however once done, if they are free of me, the idiots will move into my right hand again no matter how much my actions may have hurt them in the first place. So they will ask these questions of why it happened as well, of which it did because their daily engagement for too long has continued to be the great feeling of whacking a Royal Prince behind the head etc; such that I lose sight of all I could possibly do about it and sack their own as well, the communist connections in Africa and South America before I had even started selling my Books, which was not meant to be that way anyway, however thereof the sales were not up to me apparently. It’s by the way side of the other story about how some people are determined to see me lose my Royal Estate which they believe is a position that gives me nightmares but actually does no such thing i.e. my State provided security were handled originally by Women and The Queen replaced them because they ruined me being too strict about my use of foul language and it has been important for this reality to be made obvious whereby it is not as bad as these goons playing with me and setting it off as precedent to play with other Members of the Royal Family all day long as well and then do so by starting those lies and abuses that help them climb social ladder with it. So this story of the fact I do not want them handling it any further really is the least of their worries, besides which it is something that is controlled by the Princess of York anyway and we all know people fail to notice the signs but she is actually the only One that has ever protested American behaviour by wearing an American flag as Bikini – so it is clear my professional friendship is good but nothing beyond that is, she must stay at Kensington. The other side of this story being of course the claim that the British have taken over the US whereas the truth is that whenever I pick up fashion magazines, what I find are idiots taking pictures of themselves on my Royal Estate and hoping they will become collectables in future and then digging deeper will reveal stupid things going on between Europe and Russia i.e. the British have not taken over the US, it’s just that nobody is paying for their lot anymore. Then they say I created this confusion about where the UK stands on Russian relations, which I never did – it’s a matter of deciding one moment to ignore society and let it do what it likes and then at another time, that the incessant need they have to dig gullies around people’s lives with the use of original provocation based injustices without reason save their needs not being met by those who are not interested in it, has to be sorted out; which then means that there could be mass exodus from Russia where Politics is a government that is made up as it goes along and people do not really have a career and the economy unlike our own is actually run and entirely managed by the machinery of state – leading to outcomes whereby changes in the west will easily mean the government sets out new excuses for extending its power deeper into people’s lives. So it was another damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation for the Russian government with a behaviour of making sure anything new feels it is the most outstanding source of fear and threats in the world i.e. basic stuff and we find that an economy managed by state is fundamental threat to economy run entirely on the effort of private individuals and so the doing bit should not be done at all and doing means being damned for it thereof. In the end it is said I am being taken advantage of which I am not; people simply know sales takes a lot of perseverance and thick skin and lots and lots and lots of on-field stamina but want to get into it and deploy my own stamina to get things done – so that when it eventually becomes a matter of what society wants to do to create celebrities while running my State security for me at the same time,  the question for the Celebrities is whether we are all thus so ugly and the question for them becomes what indeed happens as such when people want to run another person’s Royal business like celebrity lifestyle apart from damage? Hence this whole process of taking physical and deliberate steps to damage my property and finances when they are done gaining from it must become the most important thing to them especially the Celebrities and to me too otherwise it will never stop and it has to become so important that it dominates everything else too.

Hence the story is now one of how I have lost everything and especially to Politicians because of the adversaries I underestimate. I just know they are only but very nasty people and its one of those cases where I go to a business in one Town to Publish a piece of work and will get a response from the publisher some time later, handing me back my manuscript and giving me updates on what they have decided but when I go to another, they do exactly the same but in a couple of day I have no right to feel good because my Books are in another person’s possession and they want to get comfortable with it and it’s that stupid freedom and easy life conveniences assumption that everybody else's problem is far smaller than what they have to deal with, whereby if it turns out not to be the case they automatically become superior. I will tolerate this freedom and so called 'democratic' lifestyle only when it is nice to me; the case remains the same as it has always been i.e. they need to work for it or inherit from somebody else who obviously had the good sense to, otherwise easy life will get a job.

So today they have started their Media games off with how I have placed myself in a position which makes it easy for me to be successful and difficult for others to be, about which I really have no idea why people must sell things on my personal life and public image and personality anyway, all I know about it is that if a Music download will cost £1.50 and I have a £10 Book to sell, when people sell their music on my image and personality the price of my Books become customer deterrent instead and it does nothing to alleviate their complains that I am fundamentally allowed to get away with crushing peoples free market and so on because this is not a competition with me that actually exists or exists naturally and I am not going to tolerate it and do not actually care what the Politicians think and say or do. I mean, the Position I have placed myself annoys them like there is anything that they can actually do about me and it is not an uncommon insult anyway, it’s just a really bad time as it were. Considering which after we actually hear them bellow those stupid threats about what I cannot back up whenever I say and it’s that old story where I have to put up with hearing them claim I talk tough but they can actually talk through me and that I smell and it should be known whereas it’s a matter of the fact I do not fancy them and I am not gay, for the smelling part and people’s needs around my body and so on but in terms of talking tough of which is that old story of what happens with violence and war when their own is added to me and mine is added to them as well and we find out what becomes of it too – leading to a need to take stock about its stupidities especially in terms of who is doing the adding and how it is being added etc. I have already made myself clear about the fact they need to work for it and clear my space as it were and we all know that they behave in such ways knowing that Politicians will intervene on their behalf to rip up peoples finances but it becomes an important behaviour provided they can preserve their own and I am not going to tolerate it any further from here as it were and we are not talking about that stupid culture and society either, if it gets on my nerves again and not least if they do get on my nerves again, cutting it to bits will be the least of their problems – if celebrities get on my nerves again from here there is going to be trouble i.e. the same old case of which they always claim that I handle peoples business when it turns out the money Politicians earn is actually deserved since they live in a world where somebody got stabbed to death because the playgrounds were disused and those who create business and sell products and become wealthy enough for another person to make and sell products on their lifestyle to those that are poor and likely to turn to crime is the way things are done and I am not talking about celebrities protecting me and my diplomatic work again either, I do not need their protection as the only people who actually make sense of barricading me behind my door are Royalty in Europe who are trying to run a small business of their own and need my approval when they handle my image and work to do so. In terms of handling peoples business in its own right however, the reality being that the Client employees of these Companies are never ever at work; each time we see them, they are having narcissistic partying with celebrities by which sales are possible or stealing the lives of Women and that means when products are made and or painted with my equity, these Women hen see the products and take their clothes off to offer me privileges and we are not talking about their clash with the crazy ones which has now led to this talk we hear on a regular basis about toilet Women, which does indicate it has come to a point as it were. It’s an old tale about the question I had asked previously of what it is that seems to be the problem that the clever people have with work; they said I was the stupid one who does not know what it is doing but the only thing I have done to end up with a life people want to steal things from is work hard; the clever people have no plans to work for anything as it were, so what happens is that they will challenge my theory that they never work for anything but the truth is that since the recession which generally meant there was no relationship between producers and consumers occurred, somebody who is paid £20,000.000.00 PA to travel around the world and re-establish that relationship for a company that has 50 branches in different countries cannot show me where he has done it once and so when it does get to a point where he goes from being the source by which most of these celebrity scum get the money they make trouble with to deciding what he wants to do with my equities when his business is to manage a company that brokers it with me and ask me questions about what he does not know, also pointing to processes whereby I have stolen sources of pocket money from his wife and children, that is when it starts to get serious and we are not talking about the society ones either, those are the ones that make sense of this process where I describe myself as the stupid one and thereby making others uncomfortable since I am not although it is what these goons say all the time i.e. on one hand in their case it’s a matter of stupid people who never made grades at school turning out to do jobs like bus drivers and then when Politicians have gotten them to think they can mess with anybody they want it becomes a case of getting involved with me all the time, ripping up my academics and finances and pretending if I want to rule them it would never happen while complaining about what I have already done because there is always a new inventive means and process of doing stuff with them every single money while people have no right to feel good; the Politicians however always decide that when somebody is not doing as well as their mates and gets about picking on me because that is how he wants to protest his problems, it has something to do with civil rights, until they end up claiming that people get stabbed and killed in the neighbourhoods on account the playgrounds are disused and children are bored. The other part of the story being that I have delayed some very important things in my life because I do not actually believe it makes sense to talk about female inequality issues when you are already rich and that means I am always doing things when I am past it i.e. attend school when people there are half my age and get work when people my age and calibre are making more money; so somebody is always doing my stuff because the younger ones think I know more about the world and use it as an advantage while the older ones think I am past it but I am actually not past anything because I was prepared for it all and it has turned out as planned, typical example of what Women put up with and then get off to achieve and do same jobs as the Men for half the pay but then again of which are these other group on Men on whom it falls to, to do something about showing those who are past it where they really belong all together as it were and these are the scum about whom somebody else only needs have money and then your life is flushed down the toilet because some really stupid girl wants to be famous as it were. So when I say the next time they provoke me there will be trouble with celebrities, it is possible I am bluffing as it were, since I have not actually had any thought of killing off that celebrity culture all together anyway, since no matter how much involvement with me hurts them, they have no plans to kill that off as we are not mates in the first place all together.

I mean they do claim alongside that nonsense about what I cannot back up, things that will go wrong with me of course naturally but it is an old story, like I said here of which it’s not an issue sitting down to rip up the celebrity culture and ensure it stops ripping up my life and making insulting excuses as it continues to stalk me but it is the insults and abuses like where I have placed myself as though people want to remove me from my own foundations or something with that big mouth they have got; the insults are common but this is a really bad time for it as such. We are not talking about the blabbing anyway, the Politicians like to tell me I would defend the celebrities if people tried to handle them because I think they are good people, when I do not think any such thing – these are people whose only way of doing a job involves having money they can insert a product into people’s lives and business markets to get rich quick and there is nothing good about them in anyway whatsoever, never cared what people do to them all together for my part and do not want the idiots getting about protecting me from Americans to talk nonsense about where I have placed myself and which also distracts them every time they try to work for money to provoke me well enough to want to teach them lessons on it that they will never ever forget for my part as well – recap; they are doing well, so I do not think the Politicians should have anything to complain about as they like it as it were, only if they get on my nerves again there is going to be trouble. In the end, client employees of Large firms especially are never ever at work, always out there stealing Women and when women take clothes off to offer me privileges I put it in the same place as where Companies have brokered equities with my Company to create products and do not see anything wrong with that, especially when I find it on the internet – as it is an old story that people are free to look at the goods but not touch, except that these idiots have a civil right that says we make up laws as we go along and use it as tools for ruling others when nobody knows if it is democratic or not and yet every process of trying to test it out is another victory of their inventive stupidities that wants to talk about getting the better of you when the problems get the better of them buy you get the better of it and everybody should be able to enjoy their superiority – for the poor ones, touching by your power is assault and if it is in sexual context then that is sexual assault and it is the only way that they want to relate with others talking nonsense about how I boast but they can talk right through me except that is if I turn them over and fuck the other side as well, which is not what will happen if they take a physical swipe at me too – this is how laws are made up with morality for a religion that is based on God that does not actually physically exist and is used for oppression as it were yapping all the time – for the rich ones however which is another story of how they make the money being the process of touching business and not persons and then they want to see what you will call it and then they want to see alongside their media idiots what you will call it when they touch too much, looking like when I say the next provocation from celebrities will lead to some trouble they will never forget and it seems I am bluffing and when I say they need to work for it or inherit from somebody who had the good sense too, keep away from me and kill the thing that is processes of involvement with me as we are not mates, it gets lost in translation. I am not the stupid one here, it’s just what they say, so I say it too and all that nonsense about client employees of companies who are never at work because it is easy to provoke and bully people into telling them how they should do their jobs, so that they end up telling others what to do in a condition of poverty while the rich people and city dwellers tell people what to do and tell them how to live their lives to make 10 figure sum salaries is all very well, they can do my one as well if they want. I have not done anything to them, only ensured whenever I do my numbers and accounts, they are not messing with my market and this is a position from which they will tell me they are doing their own fucking numbers as well because they think it is a fun game they are playing with full confidence they will likely win it etc, all that blabbing about their Media power and how most of what I do only sets to create even more complications around the existence of any patents regarding my work, which then also means that any protection on my part will have been pointless since they would have extricated the money long before I had the chance to say or even act about anything but I do not think it is lost in translation anyway, one more provocation by celebrities and there will be enough trouble to make them understand just the way I want it to be for my part too as it were – these idiots are actually certain that I want to get off working for the Queen and work for them when they pillage my Public image to make celebrity millions and want it that way with that big mouth they have got as it were and it does actually need to be stopped. Then we hear I am all over the place after provoking the CEOs who will then want to protect their jobs of a lifetime from me as well but that is all good, only it will start again when they rob me of Publicity my omitting my equities from advertisement when it should exist in one so they can keep it for themselves and their friends who go around destroying things to create inequality and so on and if they want to make it hellish like the previous one set out a story of how I have stolen means to pocket money from their wives and kids again like they did before. I mean there is nothing wrong with the respect bit, we all know when they have money they chose what to work on in order to make more and when allies have money it is because they actually worked for it and hence become these people whose conditions will be incredibly worse if for some reason they lost it – so I really have no idea what the problem exactly is with the clever people, I have this life people want to steal from because I work hard, they need to have it figured out and kill off involvement with me alongside insults that I smell etc. It’s not a new tale, it’s one of those questions when I look back and all the actors that took up film roles as a matter of peerage and cheering me on are out of business but not because others can act but because misogynistic fools who want to hurt me and link a process of doing so with making money, have replaced most of them and so were are only in a place where we assess that old story of not living somebody else’s dreams which have gone completely wild around here, whereby I broker equity with specific producers which does a particular thing and the actors understand the relationship I have with them for that matter as well but another producer can use film industry money to take part and point to all sorts of nonsense like racism and slave trade history which will distract me while he gets on with his plans and so on – then we hear I have issues I must deal with before I get on with life itself such as racism and black lives matter and all that nonsense concerning which they own me and want to create their own peerage with me and the cheers they have chosen and it’s all so insulting beyond comprehension all together. It’s never been an issue, just walk down the streets and the same insult will mean you walk around like you are their boss and they had done your stuff already unless you are asking what the cracked up out of your league big idea was whereby it gets a bit serious and then they want you to walk around like you are their boss of their choosing when you do not want to be; so that it gets better when the bullying reaches that stage whereby you want to play with them all the time as well, after they point out that what you do is invent religion and make rules to dominate people with and cannot exist without the rules and so you play all the time; no rules world and not enough have died yet so far as it were.

It’s like the story about my position on racism which is utter nonsense; we all know racism was the first and second world war and that there is nothing else like and nor will there ever be; Obama racism and the racism hype every time is the story we cannot be free from and then they say I have no respect for those the Queen has endorsed whereas what they do is pick up on The Queens duties and pretend they were the ones that did it and when they had done enough to help enough people it’s not like The Queen will not give them a knighthood etc, this is where they say I have no respect for them when they do have the Queens endorsement so that the Queen might continue to endorse them from there. In terms of racism we all know the infamous Adolph Hitler was always beaten up by his Parent and that it fundamentally got to a point where it actually made him insane – I mean I have been disciplined by my Dad but the only time I have seen him in a state of reckoning is one where I was in danger from others, this man actually made records of being in a state of reckoning with his Dad etc and his life was only later punctuated by jobs where we was a postman that ferried letters to and from Troops serving during the first world war; when these cowards therefore had created the conditions which facilitated racism, I will start to listen, otherwise they are now the ones who are being tested. In the end they think all that suffering is worth it when you are in the process of building a business and then become so surprised when it is all ready and it’s time to jettison all that does not allow the fun and adventure bits to commence.

Not only do these people actively destroy everything that is done at government to ensure it does not happen again, they always fundamentally support that theory of theirs that those who foster it and tell others to behave in ways which will avoid the return of Nazism in order to work with their needs are actually good people. It’s like when they complain of something set up to catch them out every time whereas in reality they always come up with a new idea on how letting them have their way will make the UK republic with all the problems they complain about simply because they could get the better of those who prevented and must be allowed to release their minds and be free by not being people who hold back. So they say I want to be liked but do not tend to behave like it which is nonsense too, it’s not about being liked, it’s about people who do not want to be wrong when they are and it goes back down to the Christian stuff where I must respect my elders or I will suffer in life about which they then set about using their ageism as an excuse and lots of lies and backbiting to rip up my finances to ensure they were never wrong that it would be the case and were never wrong about the matters concerning which I was right. It does not bother me in anyway because we do see them claim that religious people generally create violence for older people and that this is why older people have the right to finger their bums and so it becomes a form of sexual abuse for which laws are made by those who image things in order to limit their freedoms etc because they are the ones that actually rule and all that useless fun they love to have and as for how challenging them means I will suffer again, it’s an old story not just about the fact they cannot stop lying and it is not as if I do not talk about money on their case until they are stuck as well anyway, after which I pretend I have no idea what is going on but they know when they do such things Politicians will come to their aid but do it in order to waste my time and waste it as a matter of years to ensure they are never wrong whenever they actually are. So when this has carried on and taken up your time for a decade and more, each time it is the reason that you lose your temper it’s as though something must be resolved before anybody goes anywhere else. I do not set about wanting to be liked; it has nothing to do with anything and is incredibly insulting – just like when they say my position on racism is not right after going off to Africa to bring some really stupid goons to the UK to ferment some blame culture about the reasons for their problems and irritations which largely concerns my place origin with, my position on racism will never make them comfortable, they are the ones now being tested not me.

So they claim I made use of the Media and after I was done wanted everybody to go along with something else I wanted; no basis on reality for it either -  the reality was that the normal process of writing a Book was to write it first and then get ready to start a campaign for it and then start a campaign when ready; what they did was to read my Books before I sold them and get around eliminating all aspects of my behaviour from that which pertains to my Books and therefore means they could guess what my mind was doing with it and get in there first lending me pure misery in the process for their evil fun and it all began with Tony Blair’s spin Machine; hence this point where they are now being tested and my position on racism is what it is. Hence it does reach this point where they speak of taking up the racism if those who do it cannot do it properly which was the problem all along i.e. they threaten me with gangs and racists that know them because of things they feel I have which they have become the ones that should own and I will get them fucked in the arse first before my life is jeopardised, we have now reached a point on this matter where people actually think I am in league with them.

So they say it’s the ones that will do violence for me on seeing and hearing me complain that are the reason my bottom hurts all the time as well and it is utter nonsense since it is still their madness cracked up out of my league having it all figured out. I mean it began with such nonsense as detaching me from my faith because older and more deserving Men are the ones who should have a life where if people mess with them bad things happen to such people and then with that they will spread their own news about being the ones who practice it and spread another news for me to ensure I do not have it anymore and then they will have it – if this is not what I have to deal with then it’s the Media nonsense mentioned above. It is an old story; I do not wish to tolerate their freedom and democracy and civil rights peddling my public image and personality for anything or any reason and if it happens they can hide it so we can all move on or make a show of themselves and complain to seek more privileges of injustice; it is that distressing for me and it was always important that they got to understand too; what I want to see is a process where they get off my Books and clear my space right down to the part where I actually can take on the majority population is resisting them results in a condition where I will lose all social justice and lose all my rights, so it is actually not the one that did it and as I have said before, it is apparent when idiots like these have my Royal Estate, then I suppose there will be no more homosexuality on the planet as it were. They do say they are fans but the way I handle them is off the scale but we all know it is impossible to go from travelling overseas to bring in trouble makers that are like you because you think that you are in a position of weakness with respect to a problem you have with the idea of seeing moral people get comfortable by means of business and need back up for it – when you finished with that, set up these trouble makers at the shops to begin some blame culture for you and target the Arch Prince who has things you do not have with it every day, to a point where you work to set out for immigrants where the jobs and money they seek are in order to prevent them snooping around people’s lives and we are not talking about the other ones who spend money to provide a service for poor and violent people that may likely resort to crime which tends to improve image if bought and owned and thereby the possibility to not getting involved with crime but seeing work as a viable means instead, who raise their children in a way that pertains to a process whereby the children will take over the business at a later date either. As fans go, these goons are not it; what they do with most of their time is ensure everybody thinks I spend my life on violence which ensures it affects everybody but so am I prepared to clear out the matter if required as well.

They do claim that people have a problem with me due to poverty and deprivation but that is not true in anyway – the truth is that the wealthy ones are now having to deploy their own lives to fix their problems so I can sell my Books elsewhere while the poorer ones have a completely different issue with me as a whole and it has nothing to do with poverty and deprivation either. The poverty and deprivation one being that if somebody has a spare £40 every single week, in  a decade he will have settled up a deposit for his mortgage and that means he buys his house and moves in and spends his rent money to pay the mortgage but when the Media ensures people have to change clothes and try to fit into a new world that made hell for them while they were at work, which is usually when journalists pay the most attention to the one activity that pays their salaries as it were, that will never be the case; so it is a behaviour they think they can continue to gorge themselves on as long as people cannot reach them on Media and they understand me very well for my part while we are waiting for the current complains to develop into answers for the question of how long they supposed it was likely to continue for all together; They cannot actually pin it on me; they are the ones that must pay attention to what pays their salary; it’s the old story where when it comes to my possessions the normal rules do not apply and so the more you tell people they can look at the goods but touching is not allowed is the more it becomes a main preoccupation, to a point where they can detach my other activities from my Books and make mathematical calculations of the sequences which amount to what I am likely to write next, then set about developing the distant violence that will make me understand that part is their property with a big mouth and I am now the ones complaining apparently all together as it were considering it might be amusing but that stupid freedom and democracy and civil rights can peddle my personality for whatever reason again if it has got it too as it were.


It’s an old tale of how what I say and do is not intelligent enough for my position but of course the reality is the same old story about illiterates telling the clever people what to do on morals while clever people tell them what to do on owning lots of money and property which is what the bullying is all for and of course they can do mine when I criticise them as well, see what will become of it. I am the stupid one but I work hard and end up with a life people want to steal from, what is wrong with the clever people then, what is wrong with them as such? The Books have to get sold and so there is me talking about money until they get stuck again and it clearly obvious that was not my fault too; in the end they say I pride myself in making trouble but everybody else knows they love to play that stupid game of stretching people’s lives far and wide claiming that such persons never knew what the value of what they had was and that they were the clever ones who moved in to make plans and it was plans they were willing to guard with their lives too complete with features such as making sure the victims do not find out what is going on and the whole of existence becomes something that is all about dealing with an idiots insult on a daily basis while he gets healthier and happier with his stupid life. It’s not a crisis as such, what you see on the streets is a process where the tall and famous and rich people do not fancy them, so whatever they have must be covered in shit to deter and they want to use another person’s shit to do it or it’s the one where they need how I defend myself when attacked, to handle Women and if I ask whether it is meant to stoke the criminals and gangs, they will make out they are brave ones that stoke it and get rich and tall and famous people to sort it out, handling my problems which I am too cowardly to thereof and then every other nonsense that may apply for them as a form of communication in between and this is what you see on the streets every day, promoted by Media where this had long become the only form of leadership that must be provided. Hence Russians are heading to British Waters of course but either way by the time it is over Socialists will keep their fucking fingers in South America and Africa and Europe to themselves for a change – for now my personal victory is that they and not the Conservatives are the ones complaining about an immigrant problem the most.