Now I am aware of the pleasure of problems about people within my race that I am not looking into but if I said some women have a real issue with the idea I might sit in an office and work in peace or sleep at night in peace on account their societies have evils going on in them, it would sound like something of a novelty. So to get to the point the reality is that they are doing it and I am holding down the bad guys for them; I have never thought it a problem it’s just such a waste of my time that very unexpectedly time and time again I must come up with structures to control foolish women who like their violence very much and wish to do their wickedness around my work and property and health every single second. I know they say I never pay enough attention to the female version of racism and prejudice of course but that is precisely the point; I have got a penis and they are the ones to do it not the other way around, I have mentioned it at all because it has over time become such an intense collection of activities geared at gaining my attention. I know it is of prime interest to hear me say something about how I wish to ensure people get what they sow and not something else on grounds of freedom and democracy: but there is nothing unusual about that either – it’s a matter of the fact that people are supposed to get carrots from government and systems to take that way depending on their bad behaviour, so that if entire countries in Africa who call themselves developing economies these days behave in such ways that so many problems and issues they create get to make them poor, is it really justified for people to play along with their plans that I have been marked out to make them rich and if do, is it not common sense to understand I have had enough of the freedom and democracy nonsense and civil rights rubbish around here as well – it is simple and clear, if nobody will do it I will do it myself (when they have rounded me up at the Business of world government using claims of Adultery and the very basic things I hate will continue which is having their sexual need met only through by and with women that seduce me first before having sex with them etc). That other story about how there is an undertone of an upbringing from a certain group of modern Christian idiots I have never really been thankful to which is the reason for all the problems I have is not exactly Christian vandalism a thing of mystery; the reality is that they always think they have even got God himself figured out all together and we will put it to the test as well – they did hear me say any who believes the media is not a problem ought to stand up and be counted and answer the fucking questions not get around bothering me; any normal person would decide that bothering me is something that those who are complicit with racism and other social wickedness would do and yes we do not seem to run out of those around here, especially the blacks and their stupid access to my personal life and the business ones that will make my company their own with a big mouth looking for a wager so we can find out bearing in mind it seems what I have done so far is not hurting them enough yet apparently, especially for the blacks who think they are the toughest and I am weak as a result of cultural upbringing yapping. The British ones say the Politicians and media do what they do because I have been stealing their culture and trying to pass it off as my property, whereas what has been happening is a process of seeking the best win-win situation from a means by which their media has done nothing in the last 12 years but spin off a process where their country gets to steal my company and right down to my personality as well and the stupid British Bastards and their overseas friends never seem to take a hint either as it were turning up here to show their complicity with all kinds of nonsense all the time with idiots at industries pretending they are really powerful as well and that say they were in my view they wish to confiscate my company and hence will never find an alternative way of making money save wrecking me financially to show off and impress their stupid women that cannot make an advert that does not abuse me looking for some all the time; I believe I have been clear on the matter i.e. they stay away from my book sales all over this planet and this does not have to get any worse.  I mean it is either it is possible for people to prevent me from feeling insulted and humiliated when their sexual needs are met in no other way but through women who have seduced me in one way or another before doing so or they might want to think about not fulfilling any stupid sexual needs in such ways.


That all I do is a process of flattering Industry leaders and businesses and taking no responsibility for anything is not based on fact either, what I like is what I like but I do not think there is any way to make me get along with this particular group of new and very violent business men that want my body all the time: media that cannot make advertisement without abusing me, sexual needs that get more and more perverted everyday and cannot be taken care of save via women and girls who have seduced me before doing so, stupid questions of what I think of the female version of racism and prejudice, the most irresponsible behaviour imaginable and insulting talk of a perking order that exists which I cannot control or reach over my finances for barking up the big trees, money that cannot be made without attacking and abusing me, pornography and sexual needs that need to be taken care of with the use of my own sexual needs and the list goes on like that endlessly – they have bought shares in other peoples companies when they could always have started off their own instead, no idea who told them to in the first place and now they have delegated the hard tasks and have more time on their hands, high irresponsibility galore, threats from stupid Africans that are always on the side of money and wickedness and evil are in force and are they are immediately impossible to tolerate as well. Now they tell me the problem has more to do with how all I do is done with minimum effort whereas that is what we will test over the American message concerning freedom and democracy as the process of making sure their attitude is paid for in full and so when there is more of if than the money they make we will know; he who has media ought to keep lending to them and it will end very bloody well too. stories told about moaning and groaning from me is all very well but I believe I have been clear about what I feel about them buying shares in peoples companies when they could always have started off their own instead; they have delegated the difficult tasks claiming their money is working for them and not the other way around and now they have more time on their hands. Of course there are all kinds of insufferable and unimaginable suggestions of what my view of being rich really is and or what a rich person really looks like but only one of them is true and that is the one I give for my view and my actions. The reality and fact first to be considered of course is that it has nothing to do with whether or not somebody is rich or I have a wrong view of who is rich and who is not, rather the insults and those silly insult come through on media every blessed day for their part and they get more and more personal with a process of handling my profit margins and book sales and any other government public work and property to ensure they acquire my attention for it – thereafter the situation as it has been for the last decade so far takes shape and they travel all over America and South America to build on those insults and the result is that I cannot get around with anybody: lower, middle or upper class, due to them insults which happen every day as well while they suppose they are taking control of my life all together and taking it over in order to get rich and make plans for the future. I am only saying they do suggest that I will have to kill somebody to make it stop and that I will never be able to kill enough to actually stop it all the time but I am saying I will soon have deployed the office of state to stop it if it does not stop by itself. Where they flatter themselves of course is that of action I have taken, my own work and property spent to ensure whatever public image those abuses and destruction create for me does not affect the British Government, against all odds they have turned it into a vicious and manipulative media campaign that is to turn into an industry by itself as well but for me the questions remain the same i.e. is it enough for me to go through all that, is it enough that their insults and abuses should be a matter of their opinions only, are they content with that? Of course the response we get is that it is not enough and that they are not content. They always say the problem is that I handle their cultures but I have made it clear I don’t want to see that stupid culture around my affairs in anyway whatsoever and that if I do, I will have it reviewed and the reason for that is that from government official to business idiots to community croons and media and get rich freaks, they think the destruction and those abuses and vandalism they do here is funny and that is therefore the reason they do it, hence it is also the reason I do what I do to that culture as well. I mean I can do all sorts of things by reviewing peoples culture; it can be funny, it can be a preparation for a good night sleep, it can be all sorts of things depending and more so on what that silly media incites every second, every day.


Their questions are largely to do with what my problem over their Political parties seem to be but the one that is more unbecoming in my view concerns the Labour Party because of course they would ask the question to see if I can be helpful and yes I can be helpful in the sense that I would likely mention to remind them that when they hold public office they work for the Country and not themselves or that stupid party and so if the electorate buys all that nonsense they spend public funds and time to perform around me, it is clearly something they wish to indulge and will pay off for them just as well. The personal side is that it is all about their insults and how it is never clear why or how any sane and normal people would get to address me the way that they do and there isn’t any of those insults I will allow occur without revenge but the problem they have is that they have created this sense that there are always lots of people out there that have not heard me say something about a behaviour towards me that I do not appreciate or gets to hurt me and thus because of that I will never be free of that behaviour as well but in actual fact it has now reached a point where each time I suffer at the hands of any of them, I actually feel like and tend to get after all of them as a community, so it is actually their problem that there is always somebody out there that has not before heard my warnings and hence no matter how many warnings I give, it is mathematical a conclusion that I will hit them anyway one way or another – so that is the problem with that. I mean they feel as though they are my fathers and  because of that fathers should be able to gain from the activities of their sons and those insults mean that they should be able to read my books as I write them and use them the books for whatever purpose they desire, regarding which they make noise like so until I feel like handling that stupid party in the same way too – this will likely lead to a result where they tell me I will get killed for handling their party in that way with that big mouth yapping all the time but that remains to be seen and I for my part do suppose they yap it because they want it to become a major challenge as well. As for being my fathers, that is utterly noughts first of all and secondly, of course they are – the bloody idiots. Their friends overseas claim my behaviour tends to create the sense that the UK is getting involved in the tourism Industry heavily and this means drawing resources from a very competitive East African and South African Market but they will not be caught dead staying away from my book sales and earnings either – they have clearly marked me out as the thing they want to abuse to get rich and there are royal fools in support of that as well for good measure which is just as well anyway; I have been clear about the books and need not say any more, I need a holiday away from these incredibly stupid people and of course they spend too much time here and are beginning to affect my mode of thinking as well; same old story of friends forced on me to make me stupid, they have ideas like those with that stupid socialist party all the time, start first and turn up to ask the stupid questions later. On one hand therefore there is a story of the stupid boy who will buy the way wreck their own when they wreck his own and then get stuck in a cycle he cannot get out of rebuilding everything he has damaged as well with that big mouth, thinking that he fancies himself royalty and therefore gets off to rule over people in the UK which can only happen in his dreams, on the other hand is somebody who got a royal commission at 21 while still a student which is something we have seen their fathers and grand fathers achieve too; these two sides of me will certainly meet one day and their insults will likely be that spot since I cannot decide what it should be by myself. Yes I know I am talking about violence is their big idea but I am not; I am talking about handling them as well like those stupid insults, handling them for my purposes, violence is their own – I have people who care about me and those people I care about too, it is important they zip it and stay off my book sales and stop asking stupid questions about what my problem is with anything that concerns them.


These are not major problems in anyway, the realities are that of idiots that keep the sexual desires of members of the Royal family including that of The Queen here in the UK being the biggest problem I have to deal with, Royal idiots playing games which is good but for these fools ever government must have a way of giving its people money and a way of taking it away the latter of which applies with respect to their attitude and so when they had lost all of their own, wealth distribution idiots will get mine for them due to how much of the fault of religious people it is that they did but the real problem is that it is not working despite global media and there is no way forward, so they want to make it work by handling the books and so the problem grows and escalates. Now there isn’t contrary to those stories told that I have a difficult issue with the media which cannot be resolved either; the truth about that is that we have at this stage reached a point where I need to detach their silliness from a process where they are able to explain them away with my work by making it clear what happens is that they get on National and International Media to talk about my books and use certain derogatory nouns and verbs until they rip it up then think it is funny as well and I want to be able to control every aspect of publicity concerned with my work for my part as well, so put my need here in context of this happening every day and threats of violence being issued – when it forces you to live on benefits because they marked you out to sort out the fact they are losers who have a sad life and love to assume the fact you are male means you want to get around with them just like their Political idiots do as well, it is not something you want to get rid of in a hurry anymore. Of course I have mentioned royal trouble makers and fools here but it is an old story and there is talk all over about how I am in trouble with them; the reality is rather different i.e. we all try not to appear to envy other One’s Privileges, only I dither on the edge because The Queen does indicate she likes my work sometimes, so there is a lot going for me in a grand sense, however these goons are where they are because they are another Ones fans, so the reality is that with respect to personal and direct bullying of me for example, what happens is that they have continued to round me up like I am an animal and handle my work and finances for their personal gratification and they are beginning to get the wrong attention and anything that happens to them is taken out on me thereof as well: - I can only be helpful by telling them to move on and move out, however I like the security service providers the way they are and think they look good and okay as they are and will take them on myself and they can continue to think I am bluffing as well when I say that. Of course when I say we try not to be envious of privileges I am not referring to Businesses, Politicians and Media; those do not have respect for authority and when they actually get to damage your finances or other valuables, you get to hate their own too. it is much the same as the story where I set out a certain line of criticism for the actions of HRH The Prince of Wales because I want people to work with me and not with the British Royal Family and certainly not with the British Government, I find it insulting besides which it sets of financial destruction with endless excuses people make for actions unbecoming and only Americans who love to become the advocate for the peddling of the person of a royal personage love to indulge it and that is why my wrath towards them will grow steadily as well until it stops. As for the Tories however, the case in their own is that they are working hard on that old adage of the idea that when you are male you want to get around with me or that you might chose women instead in order that they might be able to make something of calling my sexuality into question but of course all it does is make people assess who wants to show off a secret society and tell me I should be concentrating on African and black people based problems which indicates I run a problem solving establishment and not a business, so they can get a piece of me as well before I hear lots about their Tory reputation. Like that old case of some perking order I have gotten myself entangled with by messing with the Business world, of course my parents and more notoriously my fathers are somewhere pulling strings about things I have damaged which I will repair like everybody wants to be the most shamed and insulted statesman in the world which is why I bloody will as it were.


Now the idea I am being bullied is a really bad one, I mean I never was bullied by my parents only the same way everybody else has a go at it i.e. Politicians being mischievous looking for trouble they get to complain about. What happens is that I make a clear decision never to get into any kind of violent involvement with anybody, so that if I must chicken I will chicken and if I must run I must run but they will be exasperated in the same way that they have exasperated me and I will see that it is the case no matter how long I have to spend on them running back and forth or not until I achieve my aim. They are very evil people you see who would not mind taking the life of another person in a heartbeat and that is why I handle them in that way to show that I can and to handle them in broad daylight so they can see there is no games to it but a clear process of being a person handling them whether or not they are as big as houses. Naturally they say there is no way by which I can sustain these things I have said which is in any case just fantasies but of course the realities about what they say on media about what I have done to them of which nobody knows why they need to get to the media if it did not hurt so badly of which they are still here because it is not hurting badly enough, is always different from what the truth is. One of the way I handle them is a process where their insults are paid for along with the ones I endure from their stupid children, with their family happiness and it has over all these years affected my personality as well and they think they can steal and peddle my person in order to get rich looking for even more trouble – so the personality and reputation therefore gets protected as a souvenir which is the part about me they think is so vulnerable to their media they will put an end to a history of being losers. So it gets better therefore when I throw their family happiness all over the streets like that thing they do to stretch my person and involve people in it to lend me agony and talk nonsense about my assumption that I am a leader and I should lead them when I never ask them for an opinion about anything in their stupid lives let alone discuss direct leadership, hence how they get to know what it feels like and the reasons they hate my guts, so the family happiness I throw around on the streets so people can drive their cars on and walk on like they do my penis as well and my chest and my face with that big mouth gets protected by me too as a souvenir. There are other ways of course and that includes reviewing their culture because of course it always turns out that the insults of their children leads to a process where I have means of opening up their entire lives to me each time I do which shows nothing but unhappiness, while I for my part am a single man at the pinnacle of my game, published writer, living alone with no body to bother me and generally very free and should be spending time doing things that are every unfair to idiots like them to court some respect and of course seeing that and exposing it to the world is really funny too but for blacks a means by which people get unwanted attention for being the only category of black people around puts fear into them as well and becomes even funnier and then the women can bully me in a sexual context and wonder why I never pay attention whereas they feel like they want to kill somebody and it is getting worse. The third method is that of sharing the madness when they drive me mad and they know that my temper that causes me to seek to have a certain nature of the country working with me to ensure they pay for every single thing they do to harm me in anyway within the five seconds they drive their cars by me and attack me on the roads in the appropriate manner, plays to this as well and of course we are talking about a certain me and the fact that people always, always listen one way or another. In the end it seems that these people do fancy themselves bullies, so that the parents are sexual bullies and the children are pain violent, so I have over all these years made it academic all together as it were and now the children will need to get past the parents sexual bulling to be successful about anything in their lives and to keep their hands off me and all that belongs to me all I have to do is monitor it and make it work.  I say these things not to show off of course but to make it clear that paying attention to anybody who says I am being bullied is diverting attention from those who actually have a problem – I don’t, in my case I review cultures and keep a hold of it which I then find funny with respect to what it tells me about their misfortunes, I strew their family happiness all over the streets each time they make me lay my hands on it and I share the madness each time they drive me up the wall and they always listen and listen my way. I do not think it is a major crisis for two reasons; the first is that people normally think that which area of the world they chose to pay attention to is crystal clear to them but in actual fact that is never really true because men are always inventing one conspiracy against people after another – so for me I never worry about what is crystal clear or not, simply that when one picks on me and then another and then another and then another, I go home and decide what to do about it. The other reason is that of what I mean when I say they are evil people who would not mind taking the life of another person whom I never engage in violence with but get to exasperate like they do me never the less in order to handle them each time they have the impetus to do me in one way or another i.e. the main causes of these issues is that they are parents and because they are parents they are so out of your league that you dare not pretend to be a parent when you are not, even when you are not pretending to be one since you have no idea what it is like in the first place but is an example of their bullying, just like when people on benefits are scroungers after they are done with their vandalism and so because they are parents you do not deserve to have a job and if you have one your energy must be preoccupied because you do not deserve to earn money; so that it can only get worse in the sense that they are actually divided into two groups of poor and rich and the poorer ones have a problem with the richer ones and both feel they have a need to see you cash strapped and then stuck in the middle. I have mentioned before that I get treated by my friends to process of being a parents and have so warned them as well that there isn’t anything they know which I don’t and there isn’t anything they have which I haven’t, they have failed to understand what this means because they are stupid but worse still are simply carried away. In the end three facts stand out more than all the others: 1. Women who are affiliated to me in show business need to be because we have a partnership which means that what they are doing since it is celebrity work of all kinds right through to fashion and other business, will only work if I pay attention to it, this also means that a process where people chose whether or not they feature in a programe depending on whether I respond to somebody else is very unsettling and very annoying and is beginning to get to me as well and of course clears up the fact I am not available to everybody - 2. This therefore shows what their attitude issues are all about and expresses the fact they do not concern anybody else nor do our business concern anybody else in any case in the first place - 3. I am not therefore a poor man. I should assume this makes it all simple enough which of course is my aim here. Retrospective is that Politicians regularly jump on my book sales to promote themselves not just because they think it is funny but also because they want a reaction from me and it is where I have no idea if it is the real reaction they want or just the one where I need a holiday away from their stupidities because of course the one where I need a holiday from their foolishness will have more to do with how they need to make their speeches away from what my customers and fans feel about me but the real one will have to do with the one where we get to the bottom of it and they have all the reaction they could possibly get in the world so that when they do such things and people ask them why they do it, they can better continue to tell people it is about deciding who has the most number of friends and which of those friends are rich and when asked what that achieves go even further over the idea it is all very funny by claiming it is the economy, to make me feel like getting them off my book sales in a physical way. The Press on the other hand like to flatter themselves about how much trouble I find myself in but of course we all know what the Press thinks is that if you are first of your blood line of a royal commission, the Politicians might lose and society might lose but they never will and so they are still at it - they have taken up publicity for my books and done it since that is what they want to do but are still not doing it the way I want and need to move on now, they on the other hand think they now control what publicity my books get and therefore control whether or not it has a market at all with that big mouth; which of course is the part about marking people out and attacking them because you work in the press and have an ego, hence the fact they flatter themselves too often talking nonsense about how I have been demonised and handled by them but we all know that never really happened and they are in a much worse condition than they have ever been in history - what the press does if I were to speak of it personally is get up everyday to set out these group of news reports that incite community croons to abuse me in a sexual way and teach their stupid children to do so as well - this is what I mean they want a fight and will get one, as for the part about taking over publicity for my books and getting off to think it is funny when they ensure the customers cannot get served and are always terrified of doing so, that will end very well the way we are going too. It is a little known fact apparently that I loath women - minus my friends of course, the reality is that whenever they make shows of their lewd selves they pretend it is meant to have become my major preoccupation and more so all the time but it is the same old story of when last she had a shave or a wax which is then deserving of such things from me as a result of her lewd activities etc: it does not make any sense to me for those who stoop low enough to sexually abuse of course, I mean the prognosis is that they play these games and wreck your life due to the number of things they have been used for in their lives and the fact involvement with you is an instant effect whereby you are cleaning the dishes so to speak hence those who sexually abuse it as well are simply a case in their own right as it were, however my point is that the number of things they are used for is immeasurable and yet they seem to be convinced I wish them to be seen around my affairs all the time and no matter the damage or for how long it never seems to them they need to move off and this is where the press really helps before they talk the nonsense we hear them talk all the time as well.

Of course there is that story of how I go from one case of the problem is to another and think I am able to get around with the big boys but of course the reality is that I never go from the problem is to another in anyway – what happens is that there is no point setting out social or economic policy because it will become their plaything and the squeezing balloons effect will result, instead what must be done is have a theme tune and extract it from them. There is always those insults and follow up threats of course but the reality is that as it is now, I am big on the warnings because I can go from zero to hero on the matter in a blink, I know they will not last a day especially for the American ones – they on the other hand thing I am enduring an education from them about how the world is an evil place and that since it is an evil place and people are willing to kill people to own things, they want my stuff and there is no way I can get out of it with that big mouth, whereas last I checked on the issue they did not fare so well for their part when they last started off anyway. So this time around it will be a result that will endure for a minimum of 60 years and then they will wait for that length of time for another recession to turn up and interrupt us so they can start and talk nonsense like these all the time. But it is the old story as it were, these fools want big business all the time but cannot play by the rules, even if something is seen to belong to another person by the entire world it is still possible that it can end up belonging to them instead and I will not bend to any made up nonsense as well because they also make so much noise about connections with China for example and how they own the worlds wealth about which I know I have made it clear people can own the worlds wealth if they do not own it on my equities but if they do be rest assured trouble is on the way and I will not stop until I destroy of it and in the same manner as well when this kicks off again over those evils of the world nonsense I will shut them up for good and that is a promise too. Naturally the next step is those claims of how there is no means by which I can enforce such a thing and it is the part that is actually my problem because of course we all know that I work with the public and should sell my books to them as a result and what I do is draw a line for people and give them the chance for recovery, what they do since business has no respect for authority is ensure those that have any money are dead before they have it and those that have the strength to work are unemployed and anything else will hit rock bottom and try to pick themselves up while criminals move into their right hand and sit there doing popular culture in order to suck any finances they have left out of them and buy things that idiots have piled up high to sell cheap since they have never before in their lives run a business with equities in it and therefore regularly not only come up with stories about how to own things the world already knows belongs to others or a large part of the population of a Country does but also ideas about how to own all the money in the world, which we know if they did meant they will never figure what it should be spent on and that money gets made the more it is spent on the proper things hence the wrong mode of proceed for the economy as a whole but it will have become the only thing they want because they cannot stay off my public work and my books sales and it is the same old story with businesses having no respect for authority as it were. So this is my warnings and they have heard me say I have had enough and will tolerate n further nonsense from them – one more damage to my books and that stupid media taken into account as well so they can talk nonsense thereafter of my ideas of who is rich and who is not when people only earn tens of thousands while clinging to my person and earnings in order to be rich, one more damage and it will be one more task for all of them as well and then we can see what those stupid American stock market idiots who insist my personage and faith will be peddled as long as they exist really want around here too. I am trying to be helpful because this is my last warning: I work for people and should be able to draw a line between them and the criminals that big businesses send out to do popular culture to rob them and buy wares that are piled up high and sold cheap so idiots can get rich and this job means I sell my books in the process for a living – those who do not mess with it will be free of me and those who do had better expected what is coming to them as well. They damage my books because none of those their games actually works and so they need to actually cause me physical damage so that when compared to them they will have more and hence would have proven a point to those they boast for and hence their vandalism would have gone from fantasy into something that has a place in reality and this I will not tolerate anymore because they damage my books and my sales anyway. This is my warning and the very last indeed; they will not last a day and they know it – last we checked every time I handled them I had damaged the American spirit so that if they adopted the same kind of society we have in the UK, nobody would be able to tell which is communism and which is democracy anymore and are still therefore convinced I will be held to it forever – they damage the books to ensure their stupidities do not remain fantasies but damage the books none the less anyway and it has become the answer to everything to do so every blessed day as well.