I have no clue as to why people tend to show off on media and social media their desire to see me get worried and more so publicly about their actions; I never am because there is nothing to be concerned about – I mean when I laugh at it and people ask to find the reasons, doesn’t anybody find it amusing that a collection of idiots love to wreck their personal lives gathering cultural evils into it because they have found another persons personal life whom they want to get involved with and damage to gain self improvement, only to find that the person has the big enough for everybody personal life alright but it is the sharing that is the problem, hence they turn up on media all the time and I cannot help mentioning it is not hurting badly enough yet too. It appears they are so predictable that every wickedness of theirs is already described by the Bible and hence never really clear why they expect me to be troubled about it; its not that women are the superiors at work which then has to do with me as if it will ensure these women are not their bosses anymore, it is not the civil rights at which they failed woefully or indeed the claims they like women which ended them in places where they had serious problems with feminism that then has something to do with me on grounds they have created the same publicity for me when I never asked them either. In the end they look like they are really stubborn but I am still the only person around here that is doing things that people do not like, so it makes no sense, especially when they claim my problem to be that I want affirmation from people whenever I say or do anything and when it is not forth coming I get all over the place. The main issue is the lack of progress that I am seemingly stuck in as such, there is no such thing either – I am making progress with a programme plan on my company and the economy as a whole and the fundamental achievement here is to prevent people from being nervous and hence extricate a process where businesses shut down on grounds that there are real economic reasons for it to happen, if nerves is the problem, I am sure we can negotiate it and there is enough equities put out here and books written to take care of that. I should be confident that setting this matter straight has settled also the matter of oafs who love to claim I cannot possibly be the boss when they are older than me or larger than me and do not seem to understand when it is expedient to put away their tongues.






Company London City Property Assets written out in Functional Aesthetics 


The prognosis of the equities brokered here the beginnings of con based theft and its subsequent tyranny of wickedness and selfishness and later on the kind of destruction with put up with at government and is determined by the temperaments of the elder male population. It is the safest indication knowing that not telling people how they should live their lives because they are not your children and you owe them no form of filial responsibility, is resulting in trouble, most of which is violent. It is not unusual therefore to regularly have to observe the activities of the fame villains either which way of fighting for civil freedoms or not of which seems to be developed around more fame lies to keep the fame going and the music CDs or whatever flying off the shelves at the market place.



There is nothing to say about society on this except that playing on the nonsense about people who love to be in the place that everybody that want to feel special wants to be seen to be in society, which of course is always on the right; for which mine is a different issue all together because due to HH's Half Priest Half Prince High Diplomat Office and the Talents and gifts and even blessings his Right might be the best place to be but not as they want or as their world interprets it, so he has become very stern and not on any occasion want any rubbish from them. The State of out door security remains the same in the UK from his Office and Luxury services and property buyers are still as welcome to the UK, as a place where society does not directly affect the lives of people and therefore innovation by violence is none existent, unlike most other democracies, as well as every ideology to breed or grow it kept well under check, to prevent the division of peoples minds so that secrete society powers can be used on them violently by Political goons who go after Politics and hope somebody will give them an income they have not worked for later on, except for those who want to and have gotten involved with get rich quick Politicians and their cultures and their powers which of course is always a matter of secrete societies and private life. Hence the UK is still the place for parents to reward their kids who behave in the proper way bring bringing them here for study or Holiday or to grow up for example among others.

All we have left from the attack on this all together is the usual stupid British boys that want to try their hands on telling somebody important what to do with a sense of authority, especially those of them that are always with the girls and specialise in spending other peoples property, more so particularly in terms of and as per having a hate figure whom they attack and pick on to feel good about themselves doing so for absolutely everything in their lives, including being focused enough in order to pass exams and thereby get good meaningful jobs for the first time in their silly little lives which of course is never enough. HH on the other hand have been messing around with their silly culture too, because of the damages it has caused him and the required payment for it and is still alive by the way for so doing, which he does all the time too (apparently by his prognosis he heard that anybody that does will be dead; hence the securities he has created from doing that). As a result he is as we speak making a career out of doing so and fails to make out what they save all the following from it for that they should do the things they have done to his property, thus will waste it or will destroy it. 

It seems that their problem is developed along the lines of people having certain kinds of pleasure, at least that is what they say; whereas when the correct way of doing things is existent, they want to find out what would happen if it was done in another way round, which they want to find out by experimenting on other people because they want to know without putting up with the pain and so such gimmicks are not exactly things HH gives any ear to or tolerate and if they wind wind him up his reputation, do know will help them rip it to pieces for themselves as well. Reason is that his prognosis, he cannot understand nor can anybody why it has not downed on them at this point he does not like them in any way.

So stupid filthy British boys with a  funny idea of making a man less of a man because he has reached job seeking age, which before we know it transforms into something else entirely, along the lines of attacking people to find out if they have been having anal sex, bearing in mind the process of seeing whether things can work the other way round continues-where for example somebody who seeks a job all the time being that he or she is jobless, while the attack on those who do not have the job brought to their homes so they can make a choice of which they prefer, is always being done to them which hurts them all the time and those who do it complain on the media, after which the media will complain to the Politicians that HH is a threat to the fact people should appear on Public TV for their breakthrough moments in life because they have such things to play around with; for which they also know people hate them deeply and they are always prepared to hit hard anybody who attacks them because they understand what people will do to them given half the chance, hence feel no body else has ever appeared on a school play ground and therefore is incapable of these kinds of things. One on the other hand just wants to preach the gospel to them to see if they can be any better for fun, especially do so for their silly parents that do these things but hate those who have moral ideas and set about enforcing their evils in everybody else’s lives to make their children feel special, which is why he will do it by controlling their hearts, in order to tell them what to do all the time, as if he does not know that is what they hate.

Thus in a nutshell, HH is not giving back that stupid left in any case where they go to be with the girls and specialise in spending other peoples earnings, as there is more of me than them going on in their stupid heads than their own lives, hence they are damaged goods since he will not allow people take advantage of my business in such stupid ways as make sure he never sells his books because the books are being used to inspire people-which are the kind of things their parents do all over Africa and the US and think they can bring it to the UK, so they can damage their lives and plan on getting them to become violent, so maybe the next generation will get their freedoms where their bloodlines are concerned but we will just have to wait and see.

When they all leave alone One's books and the derivatives of his empire, they will be fine and if not, it will all simply get worse.  

The reason HH does these things they complain about to them, is that all those media, Popular Music and Politics complains they make about things which hurt them, for which he is the one that can and should be made to fix, so they can live a better life is no where near as painful as what they purposely inflict on me with their own hands-governed with an uncontrollable and inane desire to be in a good place in other peoples lives and finances. It is how they develop the prognosis of getting to scandalise One's books whenever he writes them, by scandalising him i.e. if they do not get the books, if they get him they will eventually as time goes on get the books, looking for trouble, in order to find a means of new powers to order him around violently and at the heart of the reasons he hates them is the fact he cannot live both his own life and the life they have created for and intend to force me to live because they are looking for what to steal at the same time; they are all mentally ill as we speak by the way because of this and yet they are the worlds worst envy freaks still. It is the desire to create themselves a problem and get HH to fix it or indeed get a feeling that he has done so or have been doing so through a privilege of injustice given by Politicians, which causes these things to affect their Politicians as well; their Politicians who cannot live in the city just like they cannot because it is too violent for them but will beat up a Christian if they cannot be his boss spiritually, will now have to know everything about Christianity so they can be boss there and everything about gangs and criminals so they can be boss there as well and then they will take the proper decisions and make the right arguments and come to the correct prognosis on what the Law should be, that they must with their offices or their lives will be wrecked as well. Flushed down the toilet too.


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 Current Publications.


The plan to have these monies they seek to buy products from companies I broke Equities with is to fail to see that there is nothing that connects them with me, much less a rivalry because they exist which they know is something I rather detest.

It is so they can get on my case because they want to get rich through football, whereas I have been clear I rather prefer F1, where people tell me I don’t really like it, so I can tell them the Auto Mr Enzo Created with 600 BHP Price tag 250, 000 sterling is racing the one made by Mr Finch Price tag 250,000 sterling-BHP 602. Now that is boring stuff, besides which lots of rich people attend as well, so I can go out, have a beverage and find a Date. So what is football exactly, except the stuff for certified goons?

In my case it got better because I was the person that was asked to try the Engineers to try the seats on one of the cars and to write an Essay about it, it went well except that the problem with that was that when I wrote it, Politicians, Media, black idiots and Pop music scum ripped the whole thing to pieces for me, which is why I intend to wreck their lives as well.

Of course we have a condition out there where people look at me in their British Cars and say to themselves 'yes I feel like I have bought a British Car' and others who are goons buy the British Cars and see me then attack me because they claim I feel I have done a great job and it is because I have not be taught what is important. Which is the main stuff with them anyway, as they all behave like they were the only ones who attended school and appeared on a playground therefore, especially and for the black ones and their white friends of whose junior brother supported by parents nonsense on peoples property and finances, killing off completely by selling equities for a living is my greatest achievement to date. In any case of which they know I will do their culture and society as well when they cannot let me be in order to give the Companies their Mobility.

It all got so much better for me as it were; i.e. people will chose my aesthetics to create pieces of products that cost the same as a House, some even more, some it may have to do with services all together, which others buy for luxury reasons and I had to make it worth it, it took up all my time pleasing my fans so and thereby became a job and I became a writer. So yes people do have that sense they can take it over if they want but as far as I know, they will have to be one of the guy a tribute to whom people make products because he is responsible for making the world a safe place for people to sell their products they make in and then when they do, they will be in with a chance. Apart from that I have no idea and they need to leave me alone.

The ultimate truth about these things is that they are things people use my work for because they think I am beautiful enough to be stern about and beautiful enough to follow, plus Her Majesty the Queen by Boss did give them rights to follow me as well as it were. But the relationship between me and them is that each time they use my work or property, especially when they are desperate and say things like 'God will bless you for it or life will be good to you' for it, it turns out true and real and so I continue to make it available to them, until I start giving out Intellectual Property and selling books from my Office for a living and I would not rather have done anything else.

Contrast these people I mention for security reasons on the prognosis of the things they say and fight about, who are already followed, so no body in authority can ask anybody to follow them, after which they feel like killing somebody, knowing how to respect Politicians. It is amazing they pass exams in school but not really surprising anyway because there is nothing else in their heads and hence the best they can do and you can imagine how I feel when their Politicians wreck my finances so they can get a feel and have a go at being a better person than I am.for their self esteem, boastfulness, greed and vandalism and squander and so on. How can they be better persons than I am from where they are? Normally these things are usually ignored but on this occasion they evolved and were backed up with Political immorality, which I noticed had begun so since the beginning of the 21st Century because of items of Politics which created an air of a new era in the air. 

The truth that people get bullied into forgetting mostly is that no body tells the big boys to build up distant fascisms apparently and yet when they had usurped peoples faith and personal lives and whatever sense of intellect they may have for it, begin to complain about how things are not made to fit in with the lifestyle they have, either because they are ageist looking to end up the wealth of younger people in the hands of people in their age group that they can bully or when they are not obsessed with insulting people using society, with their insolent girls that have no sense of right and wrong. It is much the same way they treat sex; they spend peoples time, ruin their lives to spice up their own sex lives with other peoples personal lives or jobs and then when I bring some work back home from the Office, it becomes a real problem for them and they start a fight especially when they have media to do it with. 

I have never felt bullied by them myself; except just when they find ways to or are given access by insolent Politicians to my finances because I cannot as one man protect my job from the State once they have been elected, so they can ruin it to get my attention and ask the government to spend money on the Economy to boost growth.



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