On one hand they would say that I really do not know what I am doing, on the other they will say I should be worried about Brexit if I knew what others are capable of. I do not know why people keep playing these games anyway either, all I do know is that the sensation that I do not know what I am doing was created by my very self so that half the time I can get them to kill themselves and the other half of the time I can have as much fun abdicating as many responsibilities as I like without complications. It simply wouldn’t be any fun if I did not conduct my concerns in that way and my point is that the insults about whether or not I know what I am doing is usually completely pointless and not heading anywhere except arming the Media with more insults they can push in my direction as abusively as possible and yet if we are  recollecting properly we will find it is the insults of the Media and the frequency of tit and quantity of it every day which equips me with the means to ensure people think I have not a foggiest clue what I am doing.

I do not think the matter is a problem as such I really cannot understand why people think I should be scared of brexit anyway; the reality is still that 9 years after the economic crisis people are still turning up to rip apart my book sales in order to support industry idiots that took money from the global economy which they first of all did not work for and then also cannot actually tell how they made as it were and now have become convinced they will kill me by some stress based disease all together and grab my public life and public image for a sensation of convenience that will allow them to deploy the money to create a lifestyle of their choosing and this is  reality that abusive and insulting journalists find ever so difficult to grasp.

We are not talking about Political leadership either; in terms of that what the Politicians have done is get into league with business people who want to have more money than they already have and since the right way is to offer people products that people  actually need and they have no plans to get near anything that looks like work, the Politicians are now happy to rip apart people’s lives and property to allow them do whatever they like while being able to secure a nice little earner that gives them a tidy sum they can add to their salaries. The Labour Party in particular takes that Blairite nonsense way too physically for its own good and is filling my cup on their case really quickly of recent and I am staring to nurse ideas about having them on one corner and me on the other while they tell me what to do as it were. They do like to brag about a plan to ensure it is my life they have chosen to deploy as a means for solving their problems and it goes together with the plans their Politicians have too, where there was a time it was easy to tell business people to go back to drawing boards and make their profits, leave government operatives who also do now want to lose their jobs alone; this was the one decisions people did not make because it was not powerful, the one they will is therefore the bit where they will select people that will be sacrificed so that wealth can be generated for people and businesses can make profits they are unable to count and account for in order to make everybody happy and I say they can have mine for it too as it were – they can have it and will have it, somewhere in hell.

It’s all like that story of how things happen and exist as matter of those who have status which I have no idea why they bring up at all but do know that it is because the French and Germans work so much Industry orientated Boys gangs and girls gangs who cannot keep their insults to themselves or explain how indeed empirically violence became a profitable thing; whose influence around the world Obama wants to do something about no matter the number of Americans that get killed, if he can get guns off Americans instead…The status does not do anything for me or anybody, in fact it just decides how I work with Politicians and Diplomats and unlike other people at the Monarchy where the third item is charity and mine is Journalists and celebrities, with whom I do not have a life at the Moment nor does my Court nor do I have a life with my Court on account people are showing me religion is shit and I am unable to make Royal work profitable while the main issue was status all together – even so it is what you actually programme into the status which facilitates the resources and means by which you work with Politicians and Diplomats and a third party. However I do have a theory for the status issue i.e. if I did streamline relations with my Court, knowing the world will blame them if their children got better off than I am with my Royal property when we have had that agreement that we share an existence with each other and that my condition is a matter of my short coming – what we happen is that I will get regular updates on progress they are making and then will be able to secure viable success concerning my Book sales and then that will be a condition in which all crap that get on Media to speak of status, get a real job because I will cease to be so available to them and my point being that I still cannot understand how they bring it up. Knowing that the only thing that allows it are the preparations I made for any contingencies which meant that exposing myself and my wealth and privileges to them will lead to credible danger. It is  actually a delusion to think I should have been afraid of Brexit – that said, I had already made preparations for Politicians I wish to work with on the European influenced and funded Boys gangs and Girls Gang epidemic that also encourages EU Politicians to think the fact  they are modern can easily mean the British will stop being British which then becomes a good idea to put to the test and do so ever so incessantly as though keeping insult where people appreciated them, the goons can actually show us all how violence became a profitable thing but that said I have made myself clear about wanting to end every means by which I facilitate or fund their behaviour, especially that which is a product of taking advantage of me while I was concerned with crime and violence on the global stage, about which my reaction has now led to this process where their iron clad argument is that I have taken their dignity,  which is utter nonsense – I do not want to see them move anywhere near my right hand and every provocation will make it impossible for them to move into their own as well in my wake and then an achievement will be a process of getting on Media to factorise me in a way that suggest others can wear all I have accomplished like a shirt and from there can chose to be or have something even better if they wanted. What I have planned to do stays the same therefore i.e. boys gangs and girls gangs in schools and universities and the Royal Friends at the British Monarchy they have, which will be a condition I have chosen to do absolutely nothing about and with that they will mobilise further into the ones that have Politicians friends as well and then at some point I will play it out in such a way that both will burn each other and any that crosses me will be show shocking force as well. At  this point of which it should be noted that people have actually stopped going off to sell products especially where there is a lot of copyment like in Africa and South America, if they can put products up somewhere and set about selling my Intellectual property instead.


So there is this talk of my fight with Women none of which really exists, save the evils of society having certain individuals that like to pretend I owe them a debt by which they can expect me to get out of bed and work for something they can make themselves rich and famous with and of course I do not owe them any such debts for my part too all together; in the end when it does come to it however it’s the reality that I have created this normalisation of such persons and their home wrecking characteristics and so it makes it difficult for members of the Public to tell them apart from normal people but I have done so because that stupid game and fortune popular culture is actually not their right and somebody had to take steps to prove it. As for their need to damage my finances in order to make me comply by abuses and lots of violent domination, it is becoming a problem that I will put an end to starting with the Men obviously. It is not an unusual eventuality; it’s just reality that if I made a video that was really good, music or not, it will stay at number 1 spot and then the lack of respect for me will be global and the deserving take over every aspect of my existence hence the problem here being that they ought to label themselves the people others take advantage of if ever people are in need of fame and lots of money they have not worked for and a high life lifestyle that will give them all they desire so they can be lazy and beautiful and then there will be no problems, otherwise accept it is becoming a problem they will have to stop or I will stop for them the way I know for my part as well.

They do say I never hit the nail on the head with respect to these issues; utter nonsense of course as I have done so very many times i.e. we have Industry people with money, we have Politicians and we have everybody else. The industry people want to make more money and they want to enslave everybody else in order to make it and the Politicians want to be friends with them for it too; so it has been almost a decade largely due to what I have gotten up to, this process has been frustrated and they are angry about it too. I do get asked if I can justify what I have done of course of which so far I have not done too much about Industry people like I have done about Politicians i.e. Politicians are happy to deploy the blunt instrument of the law to rip up the business in your garage, just so that their nice little earner in the neighbourhood can give them a little bit more to add to the salaries they have already got and will do it in such a way that your business will become a piece of meat in the parliament shop floor while every one of them from each party will become a Dog simply because they were supposed to have been able to throw public funding and support at any goon that wanted to attack you because morals and religion is shit and then make the process profitable at the other end by which time they will have pushed you into crime or partial crime and rehabilitated you through the system to detach you from your personality and public image which they wish to own successfully, so at the moment my case with them is getting worse and will never get better – but in terms of Industry people, when you say to yourself, I will put out five papers every week detailing what I know and my research and the way things work around what I do as opposition to the kind of leadership of rich by partying and vandalism that they are providing, it tends to pay off by making sure the problem is controlled. My point is that I can justify the extreme response to Politicians as compared to what I have done with Industry. The results are speaking for itself presently, for instance when an entire referendum should have been decided on account Mr A had a construction contract in Europe and had spoken to a Politicians and there was going to be jobs as a result, which is also why we should carry on calmly and pretend the Bexit has not happened so it might be discarded in some way i.e. if you have a business and want to be profitable, the only way is to get along with and speak to the Politicians who actually are the ones that decide what happens but of course at present my Business is not doing well enough for me to speak to them and I will when it does and they need to let it do well enough first in order for me to speak to them and thereby recognise their irrelevance.

The other side of the story being how much I offend some Royals who are now determined that my Books will never get sold and it is utter nonsense as no Royals are being offended; what happens is that they set about creating me bad reputation and advancing their social disposition on it and the result of that is another me running around doing whatever I would not have done all day long while they make records and turn up to seek their profitability of violence games. In the end what happens is that there was Communion and they will happily ensure that it was through me that it was poisoned spiritually and since I cannot let that happen my Books and income has become the problem and yet if we actually take a closer look we will see that poisoning Royal Communion through my linage like that is so evil that with respect to what I am supposed to do to ensure they understand how unpleasant, the Books are not a problem at all in anyway. So it is the same that their daughters pick up on too – I would make a good Husband except I am too poor for it but now they want to have poor people’s sex, not like poor people have it but like I do and it becomes impossible to locate which is which or what indeed they are talking about but what is certain becomes the fact that they want to keep me and marry somebody else and will by this get to establish a means that they turn themselves Homosexual before I even start to worry about it too. The rest of the times its usually a matter of whether I can perform duties at the Common wealth which I can but would like it one of those things I can do at quick short notice and become famous for, then return to my duties as Arch Prince – they however are always entitled and want to be everything, so they soon find my position keeps me closer to the Heir and the Crown that it does them and a new vandalism and attack begins on grounds of which one should have been their own endlessly; I am saying there is no such thing as a Book here that provokes Royals – they however do claim that what I am really afraid of is competition which is utter nonsense as damage is not competition but rather something they do to show me I am a lesser mortal and will not stop until I get hold of anything they do for a living and extricate market from various processes of ripping it apart as well. In the end it is possible that they can respond well if I speak to them properly i.e. the sense I am a Sad story in the Monarchy is not true – I have got a Literary Empire attached to a Royal Estate and the problem is that I need to release funds from it and because of the difficulties they cause me I run out of cash and have to supplement my income with a job which makes me look tired all of the time – as for proper speaking, that will involve telling people what is really happening is that contrary to popular notion, my Books are not difficult items to sell, only that when one of the major ways of doing so i.e. large businesses that distribute Books in large quantities get interested in offering me a contract, war ensues on media until it is destroyed on their part, after which they make stupid excuses and invent the reasons for it when we all that the very beginning reason was that my reaction amused them and gave them energy, so it must mean that I am not co-operating any longer as it were with that big mouth. The other sources are; finding a Festival that works for me and booking my place regularly, using social media to raise awareness and get people to meet me, hosting parties and of course keeping in touch with what the Court is doing with the Books and how many people are involved with them at the Company Court, since they are special Clients whose names and work places I am likely to know and include in the Books as part of the autograph, hence not the same as just giving an autograph with a name on it like regular clients and could therefore be the breakthrough I need when people love to attack my contracts so frequently. Where the fight with Women is concerned however, the fame and popular culture thing is nobody’s civil right and I am not yet getting my point clearly across that I have had enough of their vandalism just yet, even though I am normalised them and do not consider myself responsible for the fact people got hurt, since I of course got my Books Published 7 years ago and people have been getting involved with my concerns daily since and just like their Politicians who love to explore options and decide the best one for them and their business friends is that squandering my property is the easiest option for getting things done and it is amusing and surreptitious not that I could do anything about it if it wasn’t anyway, it has come to a point where no matter how good it is, they have no plans to make use of it by paying for it. What they want to talk about instead is that I am on the Left because I know that it is wrong to contaminate the Royal Family with a foreign race of which everybody except them has always known that the British Arch Prince whom they are not, is not White and not Black local black but Black that has spent decades of his time in Africa kind of black hence black with very little white involved.

In the end it becomes a tale of me sabotaging my own security and no such has happened here either, just the three main parts; one being that each time somebody is interested in buying a large quantity of my Books for their shop, people get on Media and rip up all that constitutes a phenomenon which is the Books themselves – the other being that when you say something behind a Politicians and not to their faces it is not a matter of fear but a function of the sense that you should not feel you ought to be able to pick on people at public duty the way you like hence okay to let back stabbing be back stabbing; in like manner I would make a good husband for some Royals but am too poor for it, hence the part where they want to keep me and marry another is what they do when this has not had the effects where ripping up my finances and chasing me around with homosexuality brings about a certain result.


There is that incredible fondness they have come to attach to that old tale of making sure they get attention by ripping up my Book sales to make up the idea it is because I am making enemies in high places. I would never know anyway, all I know is that there still lingers the question of whom I am making enmities with and what it is exactly they can do if I did make the enmity with them anyway? A typical example of this case, so people can stop living in that delusion of who I am and what I am really like is Nelson Mandela; I mean this is an Individual that is so certain of how much the world loves him that even on his Death Bed at over 90 years of age he is still setting himself forth to grab somebody else’s civil rights leadership and that notwithstanding of which the situation was the same before then i.e. take student Union for instance where it is a bit inclusive and you can join up as a result of being confused about the tendencies of what might likely happen – what you will find is therefore that you must be tall in a certain way and look a certain way otherwise all you can do is make contributions but never ever actually hold any position of importance no matter how important your contribution may be and we saw it again during the economic crisis whereby the economy was never a trend so their need to pick on those whom they claim are small powers with that big mouth was not at its peak, so that the question becomes that of how an economic crisis increases the tendency to pick on small powers financially anyway and the answer will be as stupid as they are i.e. it was never a trend at the time or it depends on when it becomes a trend. Then time again they regularly feel as though I have some need to have a stupid conversation with them as well and more so concerning if or not I am actually making enemies as it were; we are not talking about their problem with Women yet either, in terms of Women, it will never ever be allowed to do its finances until it ends up at the wrong place and at the wrong time ever so often that it gets into a bad way and if it gets sexually assaulted then it can become famous and rich at popular culture helping them rip up the lives of those who are obviously their mates and need to show them respect. The same rhetoric is thrown around by their Politicians all the time as well; those have always wanted to set out a means by which bitter twisted goons that suck the happiness out of every atmosphere so as to deploy it at popular culture making lazy narcissist happiness based riches that allow the wealthy to take advantage of those that are already poor and are generally despised even by their own parents for their tendencies, can turn up here and get a reaction from me because my finances are being damaged over a long period which has an effect on my state of mind as well using government funds – while they on the other hand spend their time blabbing about a titanic battle they want their names to be entrenched in history for without asking those who fought titanic battles that they read about in the achieves of parliament how it actually felt to be in one and now have ended up with a process where they cannot end the fight and whilst I can, they have no wish to lay off my finances on account they have an ego and the Public has seen too much; so two referendums later of which they have lost one and they are still not in control, no matter how many elections they win of which their followers can therefore keep blabbing about a lack of respect for me so that when I kick them and return to continue my respectful Christian behaviour that makes me look like a Child whose life people want to make use of to get things done with their socialist Satanism and whose head they want to whack and thoughts they want to tell what to do all the time, might continue to make them think that nonsense about how they are the ones who actually deserve respect from me is the truth of reality. So that in the end the reality is that I cannot have a relationship with friends and allies and business allies and Court and cannot sell my Books because people have a need to drag me out of my post and make me get into a gladiatorial fight for their amusement and yes they do milk it as well, and so therefore do I need them to understand popular culture fame and fortune is not their civil rights and if they are bothered, they can get the American Democrats as well. They do say The Duke of York hates my guts of course but I do not know why it is assumed I should be concerned about what the Duke of York gets up to anyway – firstly, he does not support The Prince of Wales anyway and then of course there are realities around that great old story of his appointment as Business envoy for the UK by the socialist goons in the Labour Party which means that it is always him and them after my finances every single day. So that at this point the main case is that he is the most important Royal at the Common Wealth while I think I am assume some influences on my part – so that what they mean becomes an equity I developed which can be enforced by Law which fundamentally deals with a condition whereby those who want to get rich and important and think it is worth other people’s lives have to accept that if such persons are killed they will lose morality they can steal and do customers service with and yet it was always better to get their own or be prevented from trading at all in the first place. Hence the last time I checked, I was the Arch Prince on whom the Monarch who Governs by Law relies and not Him. Ultimately I shouldn’t be paying attention to what the Duke of York gets up to – we all know he has been getting around, making friends with paedophiles and being accused of sexual abuse and so on; I am content with engaging with what is happening in the Queens realm – all those Women reporting News and so on, I particularly like the none White and Commonwealth ones because I get to engage with all that stuff about some people feeling they can come and go as they please it concerns other people’s homes, in the same way there was a time I used to prefer the Whites because I was mainly concerned about racism and Europe; they will say I am always after sex and showing as much disrespect as possible but it will always rather be that old story of whether it is the diplomats that are more vulnerable than the Politicians like we see their stupid games on National Media and all over the world suggests; sex. It’s pretty much the same story not just around the fact the Civil rights ones that like to rip up my Book sales have stopped lying and it is a level of progress that has bettered what we had in the 70s, and the 80s, and the 90s, and the early 20th century; but there is still the matter of how I run my Royal Business in a cost effective way that ensures all that is spent to curate my affairs at government get a return at the other end meaning that wealth distribution idiots which are a product of these goons want to talk inequality over my concerns and my income all the time, while their Politicians and Media idiots that cannot tell the simple truth unless there is Money involved get dissatisfied with their salaries and start to tell me I am making enemies in high places – and I am determined that I time will I set aside to ensure they are talking about the problems where it actually happens too. Now we hear that I am in a lot of trouble with my Book again in 24 Hours (28/6/2016) and the reason is that the Men have gotten off to the City centre and worked out a crack for my property again and I would never understand why that would get me into trouble anyway, except other goons at back stage Media are busy making a gladiator out of me by ripping up my finances to work irregular heart beat TV using scandals as well, so it is a behaviour that both sides perform while they complain about what I usually do about it too. I do not believe the matter to be a crisis for my part in anyway either; for the Media ones who started it before the curators of celebrity business who really enjoy ripping up my income and making sure I am always owing a debt to a girl that wants to get rich, the story is that they have never stopped it and the warnings I have issued about the fact I do not have trouble with the idea of Men struggling financially has not yet made sense to them because they think it is not credible. For the Industry ones, the great idea is that I like to control them and they want their freedoms, while their stupid children threaten me and community idiots made up of criminals from peoples neighbourhoods which they employ are more rooted in the land than I am even when I am older than they are - so it is not a feasible prospect, just like their Politicians have no chance whatsoever of getting famous first before I sell my Books; it has to be Book sales first before their fame or I will borrow that their Country again until that happens and those who think these are not credible threats can blow off their big mouth so we can begin right away too. I have no wish to tolerate any further of their insanity around my Books, be it because the Media wants somebody they can push around and order around in order to feel good, whose finances Politicians like to rip up to provide such pleasures or because an idiot wants to finish his career and spend time doing writing of Books like I do as well and wants my existence in suspense until then so he can get rich - like we hear them claim I am trying really hard to ignore the niggles that niggle them on their behalf of which I really do need to clear up the fact that there is no such thing as I tend only to ignore things because I am busy with something else which is actually more important and certainly am not ignoring anything on-behalf of the sense of privilege that idiots who show themselves on Media want to enjoy; but then again this is an example of the fact this whole story about getting along with them and their modernism will ever work - they cannot stop lying and seeking to get rich with money they cannot tell others how they made, so they can attack completely innocent people and make people shame themselves all the time, so as to ensure the weight of their secretes does not cause them to shame themselves so that others can find out what they are doing too; when I have to justify the idea of speaking directly to that sense that I pick on small ones but cannot take on big ones whereas we all know that how well I do the big ones is a matter of the kinds of stupidities that idiots get into my world to use me for and what I will do with them as a community as well if I have to deal with any big ones an example of which was once expressed when they started to blab about my insults and why it was up to me to deal with Terrorism as though enough of their stupidities had not died yet already as it were - it is an old story about why the civil rights ones have stopped lying and now need to start talking about the problems where it is really happening i.e. Mr A makes millions he cannot account for and needs to be questioned by them so he can beat the shit out of them etc; they can just turn up and make use of me for all kinds of nonsense then make out it is power at a later date since their version wickedness is supposed to have been largely hidden. Hence they say I supported Brexit of course, which is utter nonsense as I never did, I actually wanted to stay in Europe to find out what them Europeans are made of too; I mean when I started brokering Equities with the City and the Industries with this business Empire, it was a case of stupid cultural girls with powers they can toss about and whack Men that were less than Men over the head with, meaning that somebody will sign away millions of pounds that belongs to a hedge fund because this was the problem - now we have ended up with more problems than we started off with in the form of Girls Gangs and Boys Gangs in the work place led by the Germans and the French who are making sure that we do it professionally so that it might apply to all and major in it in such a way as means our economy depends on it too, so that we have this ended up with the Boys ones as well as have to start all over again on the Girls ones; then we hear I encumber peoples freedoms of which I will like to reiterate that they will never be free of me too - we all know the whole colloquial environment and atmosphere that leaves people with hurting bottoms is their insults in my direction - the shut up and the listen and the imaginary whacking over the head story - so they can always get a new one and if I see that their stupid culture again the death I will die because I have what others do not and they are hungrier and more desperate than I am, which means that these Media idiots are always armed with means to tell me to respond to something the Public are entitled to know, I will cut it up again. I never wanted Brexit, I wanted to stay in Europe but it is the Generation that survived the First and Second World War that actually voted us out of Europe, hence it is a very positive thing, if we actually think about what the traditional effects of such a decision were supposed to have been; since then we have returned to explore all the prognoses and pick up on all instability issues and settled on the tool we need best which is leaving Industry of Women to Women and making sure the habit of Politicians running Industry at Government Office like they do in Europe and assume they are other peoples personal gods which ours wants to copy for vandalism as well has to face questions too and one contract being as good as the other, in order to make their dogmatic nonsense think for the first time in their stupid destructive lives; as for EU Politicians, the story was that all I do belongs to the youth of Europe and that is what got them stuck with me as well after Brexit, so we shall see all together; I mean nobody knows how it is meant to turn out before people start to think it is serious any way but we all know that it is useless Dads led by French and Germans making everybody shame themselves so they can get their names on Hollywood Hall of fame added to Girls Gangs and Boys Gangs problems and I had chosen some MPs I wanted to work with on the matter first of all and had begun plans to prevent all sorts of issues right down to school yard gang land violence and murder that comes with it, but unlike the effect that Brexit has had, my exist plan was to take Africa and South America from the French and Germans which would have paid off in just the same way as the effect that Brexit has had; so I really do not know whom it is that goes around blowing off their big mouth about me being a Brexit lover anyway. The situation has always been a simple one i.e. find the finances to bankroll your business as opposed to idiots that do not want to think helping foolish girls who want to be famous to get rich, alongside plans to set products somewhere and peddle your entire business image and intellectual property to get rich; what we have now is a group of Politicians that want to punish those who did Brexit when they were the ones that lost the referendum vote, meaning they do not recognise it, Manufacturing Industries in Europe who use my Public image to make and sell goods without any accountability while their idiots get around the streets of every Country to tell me I am not Royalty, which adds on to my fortunes of the various Members of Royal Families that are fond of me around the world savaging my finances in the process - so despite the best results for instability in this matter, it is not the people we have to worry about here, it is the Politicians (German and French mainly) and their croons that spend all day abusing me in sexual context and when they realise Men are becoming provoked want me to be a Man so they might be shielded being the reasons Political scum and Industry idiots can do whatever they like with my Empire - so it has now come to the point where I need to stop getting told what to do, so that I might have an individual persona at the Office and people might know whom or what they are buying Books from, as we all know that it is how these kinds of products get sold; contract for contract, they rip up mine and I rip up their own, so as to shut them up around how I have done nothing about it in a decade and a half which has allowed them to feel they are beyond supreme. In the end, the way these Guys want to deal with the problem of not being able to control what walks into their backdoor whenever they open up to host a business is to ensure those that have the problem under control have to do it for a living and nothing else; so I have to gratify the idea therefore as we can see that the insidious European Politicians who like to think nothing can come between them and the business world because they run Industries from Government Office and people mainly do as they are told has not diminished in the slightest. So that the greater picture says that I would not take on the Industry people if I saw them in person; referring not just to a process of taking their modernism so seriously that the way to show me religion is shit is to ensure I am in so much trouble that I have to beg for money and fancy the Cars they drive, which leads to an outcome whereby they steal even more of my equities to get rich with while I am so distracted from work that makes me flustered because I have another duty to look into Girls and Boys gangs without being paid or selling my Books on account I had already been solving the problems but also the fact that the one that Civil rights idiots who want to tell me what to do all the time and encumber my individuality and therefore my Book sales is to tell me what to do, rather than see that the fact people are wealthy is not to say they are not linked to culture and society and exist in a perpetual vacuum on the left - hence referring to the fact they have got their wickedness going for them and some Money attached and I was never an Arch Prince who fancies a financially well off psychopath that is unable to decide just as strongly as his stupidity does otherwise, not to hurt people as it were, in order to become the stuff of my imagination according to Political idiots who are punishing something and not expecting trouble and Media scum who are having an amusement with the idea I am stuck with them when I am actually very well aware that paying attention to their stupidities is trivia and should remain that way as it usually should be. There is no shred of truth whatsoever to that claim I am doing what they want; first is the European Politicians claiming all I own and do belongs to the youth of Europe meaning that they came at me from all angles and I had to resort to the old game of making sure I rip up their own and secure my narcissistic happiness that facilitates sales too and that is where those ones got stuck with the phenomenon too - the others are black idiots from Africa allied to American scum who want British Diplomacy to be about Popular culture as insultingly as they can, while complaining about somebody that wants to kill off that stupid freedom here as well, talking nonsense about the products I will never sell with a big mouth an old story that says the idea getting along with them will ever work being a delusion because there will never be a way of stopping them turning up all over my Public life on the global stage to be more important - the third is British ones and their Media scum who think I get along with the Royal Family and do not have to have problems setting up movements others want to pillage for conveniences while they have ones I will never be worthy enough to give a speech in. They say social media lets me feed my ego of course; on one hand when the Christian does not speak, people get into a lot of trouble for screwing around, hence the need to get on Media and make him angry - on the other hand it just sound sweet when they blab such things contract for contract - they rip mine up, I rip their up, we keep the ladies out of it.