There is now claims everywhere that I spent a lot of my time seeking affirmation from others which is utter nonsense, more a matter of the mess that had been made of my finances and what I did I suppose, to ensure that if I wanted them to listen to me, especially with respect to the Celebrities, they bloody well did. I mean we are talking about a series and series of catastrophes back to back on account that I worked out the business of the abusive and destructive role with society played when matters of security were considered, from public enforcement officers to military operatives and because I had the Celebrities had to suspend my finances and build a new role for themselves which meant that they became the problem, solely over the assumption that if they did, I would get into more fighting and Washington would give them money and make them rich for it. The same behaviour I faced at university to end up with this history of being a drop out Prince, the debts of which they have not paid and have continued to keep the day jobs and salaries while these stupidities run completely wild. It is then said that the work I am doing was too much for me which it really isn’t – a simple matter of these idiots getting involved with my concerns professionally or finding the trouble that they sought, especially for the abuses; The Germans and Italians have declared an unwillingness to comply naturally and continued to complain while spending my entire career on the effects of their gimmicks to escape consequences, as their stupidities were the only ones that were capable of working media based narcissism, just as much as the Celebrities make a mess of all I did here because it was assumed that if I made them a laughing stock as much as they made me one, their society gits would make me pay for it. The big one was the role that Washington used Moscow to play on everybody; the great Washington intervention developed to allow some idiots show up here to pick up my career and put me to a process where I engaged with an aspect they were obsessed with over and over and over while they conduct economic abuses on me over a desire they had and Moscow interference with idiots that had methods of abusing others to ensure that personal problems were too infectious for a business to be successful. Eventually suggesting that I had ended up in a difficult situation I cannot get out of which was mainly a matter of hoodlums and criminals that were never paid for their disrespect towards me but continued to show up here exhibiting a behaviour which suggests it was all up to me – I mean the business of deciding that my Royal personal life having I had the issue with media gits who invited themselves into it and spent all day complaining about the way that I invited myself into their media business and therefore deserved their abuses and a process of fighting for my income margins every day, never mind their tin can feminists who think I am a torch by which they find women they can have sex with, wrecking everything here, was to be the place that hoodlums and petty criminals got to relax and feel good about life, building up to threats that were due to some smell they claim came from it and of course the idea that I was noisy and tended to disturb the neighbours. None has yet attacked me for this nonsense either yet, it continues the abusive gimmicks then comes up with a plan to share a living space with me and is currently doing that very well, an attack would mean that I got involved in a series of activities that would express the fact they did what they did because they were educated enough to know they should not do it, lay people do not abuse people like that and I would not lose a day’s sleep in prison for my actions – we all try not to lock it down like so but especially for the Americans who are no longer Yankee twats who thought they were popular fingering my bum and picking up my public image to get rich fast, if they shared it with a community and became public figures that were a threat to an Arch Prince, needs to find its mate to play with and stop yapping about a chance I do not have, more advisably keep its hands and stupid imagination off my abdomen – all leading down a result where I handled the British at their expense and them at the expense of the British as such. The part the American government played in the matter naturally was to give them money so they looked it – started out stupidly enough with the big stick abuses which was ignored and now it has all the power in the world, the economic abuses levied on me would always have a later explanation but the real reasons were linked to a habit; not that as feared, it is a big job for me as such, I mean it is an old story where I did nothing about the criminals bugging me at Government office because Washington always gave them money for it, so that the Celebrities who wreck the career and finances to get the same sort of money would end up paying for it but then again there is so much abuses that I had no choice but to respond to them and cannot therefore continue well enough to escalate their own as well, but they are not going to find a terrorist or a tyrant here either, just somebody who will think they needed to go off and police the world already, since it works as per making a mess of what other leaders did about criminals, making a case of tyrants of pervert the whole process and taking back the money from the criminals at the back market, so they had it all figured out, cease interfering with my personal finances and family life. They speak of this threat posed by Moscow and it is fast becoming a case of intelligence we got because it would make us do what Washington wanted, on account we protested that we should have gotten the intelligence before the bad things happened like activities in the middle east or the attack on Ukraine, both of which were testament to the way that work done to control terrorism and the way it infiltrated public service right up to the rogue characters that got involved with the social lives of Politicians was something about which we faced a new challenge from Celebrities who built us one, as soon as we were done sorting out the society parts well enough to earn a medal. The fear that I did not have control was unfounded too, as they need to get involved with my career professionally, while current need to damage it is set to build up to an outcome where there was a public platform that I built and made successfully to regularly play out these matters they really loved to fool around with, so I could like fuck them over with it properly as well – much like the backdrop for the industry gits who always pursued the same course of abusive activities where the security services was a place where people who identified and removed threats worked but they decided it was a place where people who were brave enough to keep their careers worked, tackling everybody to control people at Government buildings and in my case, rip up my career to conduct tribalism raids that allowed them access large salaries at Industry while employing criminals in the locality to keep me in control, their own was a high way to activities that will support public security operatives, support those who had to identify and neutralise threats, considering how much more so they loved to make a mess of what work public figures had already done, for the Celebrities it will add up to a public stage where these matters were regularly set as a method of screwing them over properly every day as well. In the end there was this work that people wanted security service operatives to do and they should be allowed to do it; three days to my writing this on 7/10/2022, there was work done by security operatives that should have halved the Russian threat, it did not, instead I had to take up a series of activities that helped to highlight the way that Mr Putin might want to keep an eye on his Russian interests if he was worried about my wealth equity operations and women who sold products his goons could not resist, which played up all the way to international community institutions, instead of making war on everybody but the main problem was still the people Washington thought it was obliged to provide security for, playing up the Washington intervention and Moscow interference which linked up to peoples finances and in my case opens up my personal life for prostitutes, sex workers, criminals, celebrities and gold diggers, then set about boasting of the way that nothing I did prevented them from doing what their stupidities were, of which we can see what would become a direct action on my part, having warned them to desist for long enough; especially the Celebrities where were saving me from the abuses of my publishers while the abuses of their producers were another story which made them even more money, never stopped building a profile for themselves on my Books and or the social disposition of my publishers business, big enough trouble without having to offer an apology for the fact that my publisher thought the work I published in their company was their property – so incredibly dirty and then we had to engage in the constant battle to keep the security services area clear of it while it picked off our incomes touting wars in our faces alongside a need to run our lives with the social activities of criminals, which is very well understood but the mess they made was not coerced or even paid for – loved the endless abuses and forgets it is just a bunch of casually dressed idiots who had an unusual way to perceive other people’s careers and incomes, does not stop until it really does.

They do claim they have educated me about their sordid existence naturally which is utter nonsense as it is a cluster of activities that people would have been persuaded by if the teachers did not intervene at school to show people things they knew and could use to get paid at the workplace. Shows up here with stupid American Politicians and now a bunch of idiots from Germany and Italy to share my privacy with hoodlums, criminals and boys on the streets, so it could make money off my social life, building communities that finger my bum, once finished, tries setting up restaurants from the abusive stupidities it had performed on my personal life, same as it did when I worked private security industry which it believed I am now ashamed of whereas there were people making short history song videos about the way it helped them cope through school etc, the hoodlums and criminals who shoot off their big mouth all the time, willing to oblige but were never paid for the insults when they started it, stupid men with headlights on the roads heading to work between 4 and 7am and back between 4 and 7pm, bully, bully feeling sore and full of wind all day, with the big mouth while they complained. I am not doing a thing about it for my part either, I wish to make sense of the exact role that Celebrities had to play in this, 8 years fighting for my income margins because they had an ego which prevented them from making their comments about their careers instead of mine, picking up my public work to make contexts, pushing their careers with mine as insultingly as they believed they were public figures themselves, pretending to be my spouse and never for their involvement corruption, willing to use anything in this place according to purpose, if not issuing stupid threats as well. Eventually we hear that I had a spell on public figures which is utter nonsense as reality was more a matter of the importance of a constitutional Monarchy where they had to answer the questions of whether the fact the Government was their family prevented them from working the social status Office while expecting public figure commissions from the Head of State, how indeed the Head of State would know which one had worked a status that was relevant as it were: here it builds up to the part where I eventually had to decide on time management, what I did with time I could allocate to their gimmick whenever I worked on something completely insignificant and how I allocated the time when I had turned it into something useful, to which effect they would kill for the Celebrity bits and showed up here with gimmicks that suggest it belonged to another and I should not have done it, thus ended up with a reputation. The difficult place they claim I ended up in produces two effects; one being the part about the stupidities where it gets to dig my sense of institutionalisation and I was at risk of heart disease because of its stupidities working a need to get hoodlums and criminals as engrained in my personal space as it could, the other being statements made about my diet which I am well aware of as it bears towards places where the ingredients were sources and goes right up to Crown business, knowing that it goes this high up, needs to stop raising the point, its stupid Children who were testament to the way it was my fault they were always looking for trouble but could not make sense of the two sides of any argument at any point, were important people if they influenced me with the actions of criminals and fight its own corner, need an entire community to and wants to do the fighting every day at the same time, without handling me.


They claim now that there is no part of these matters where I get to win on current prognosis. It is utter nonsense as the only real prognosis that had not been fabricated, is one of fact where we lived in an environment where stupid ageist men enjoyed picking up my interests and concerns in every turn, to make a mess of it and exhibit themselves on a stupid media at my expense. The premises by which it can go badly wrong as public matters such as the way it gets it done by the social lives of criminals, whilst the victims of crime had paid a price, the criminals had paid the price, there was a period that the Police got involved and thereafter a period when the crime was resolved at the Law Court, usually all together a measure of their stupidities and a testament to how deserving of violence they really were, considering that poor people and illiterates do not abuse others like this even though they did not know that it was a terrible way to get involved with other people’s concerns, these fools being the twats that can make sense of their social disposition if there was a government function in their neighbourhoods, therefore really loved to abuse and run people down all the time. Then there are the others where it was a matter of male and female society totem – their own was to do with public security work that was not exposed to the public, so it could prove that others were not brave enough to keep a livelihood, the rest were tin can feminists trashing people’s lives for media and money – they were aware that this behaviour puts such an amount of pressure of public security workers that some have been committing suicide but will never refrain, instead we had to deal with resulting documentaries of their famous idiots committing suicides as well, thus we end up where we had to discuss the prognosis for their behaviour, which was largely a matter of picking up all the social processes by which suffering can be inflicted on others, as a tool by which it got paid for being popular, befriended the wealthy and got the wealthy to share some money, the reasons being it wants to spend its youth being tough and when it needed money these social issues were therefore available, to which effect it could never stop picking up those expressions people deployed to carry on the concerns with the head held high and with some dignity, show up here and trash my finances running me down, if it insults me well enough, I will comply with its stupidities and figure out my financial matters the way that poorer people and the lower classes did, so that those parts of society would then pick up my problems thereof, blabbing a part of all these where I did not get to win for it. I suppose it is fair to point out having set out a good enough deterrence and warning, that I will stop when I get my hands on their stupid male society interests as well. We are talking about the kinds of gimmicks that got me dropping out of University for example: every time I stepped outside of my door, it operated public transport to make a total mess of areas of my career that showed up on my personality, I would be left wondering why people never make conversation about it as well, but then find out what they were doing with it was worse i.e. it was all the pleasures of an ageist idiot with a Media presence who wanted to feel more important. It needs to stay away from my Books and stop handling matters which apply to my career – in retrospect, there is no way that I will resolve my finances like the lower classes when the reasons I know they were the public control problem I needed to solve but I got employment from them, was a bunch of fame idiots, who never stop getting me into a fight, never stopped pushing their stupid careers at my expense, never stopped picking up my public work for their own popularity gimmicks and never stopped pretending they were my spouse – the rest of the gimmicks was to do with claims mine was a process of enticing people with nothing tangible whereas it was a matter of holdings, securities and equities in Companies, where their children worked, therefore my finances were a mess because they came up with ideas about the way I am a low life, the aforementioned actions of fame idiots was followed up with hey you, me, employers and bottom chasing insults. These are the premises by which it could easily go horribly wrong.

They claim I have not acknowledged that the USA runs the show around here. It is utter nonsense as it is not really a matter of what the USA runs but a matter of what people did with my time, property and resources; ruining academic pursuits, arriving at a stage where all my career efforts were tackled and wrecked, so if they said I was bum it would make sense, push onto the big stick abuses which I ignored and finally the point where it has all the power in the world, since its practical jokes can now affect bread winner clients. It is not the official position of the US Government apparently that these freedom idiots had a social life which was a threat to a simple system of people between 18 and 65 getting a good job and good income, whilst those among them who did not, had to make a deal with the system – it shows up here with its gimmicks about taking control of crowds, had no respect for anybody and builds up the criminals which the US government also finances, so I guess the reasons here are that they wanted to Police the world and ought to get on with it without handling my personal life and finances. The measure of this nonsense would be the part where the insults were the only ways that Celebrities could avoid consequences for their lifestyle, they have also claimed that I am responsible for the reasons behind those insults naturally which is utter nonsense as we know they always do and always go for it, the part where access to the bottoms and penis of those who had a lifestyle they were entitled to was the answer for all problems, the only time they were free of the consequences of their own decisions, the US government had no official position on it but continued to provide them the means to say each time I was a target a twat gets a lot of money and more people were encouraged to join in. I do get asked if I thought I had something to prove by letting it hurt me first which is not really the case; it is a matter of the way I would have to set out that their stupidities had a certain structure and anybody could attack them and beat them back, by saying it was a matter of an interest from stupid women backed up by real men who while keeping their own incomes never stopped making doubtful comments about my career and handling it for the wrong reasons, so it clearly had not yet stopped the way their stupidities would have liked it to, the freedom people who were a threat to the idea that people who found it difficult to get jobs and if they lost a job found it tough to get another one, where entitled to have their social lives rescued from the abusive gimmicks and makes up the reasons for it as it goes along naturally. So it understands what I mean when I have counted 4 years during which everything here had stopped including my personal life because they were taking up my time for their stupidities, if it does not make sense of that, I had already laid out plans for the alternative where fucking stupid men meant they spent more money as well and I will have a lot of time to make announcements on that too – so “fuck you too, I need more, you stupid men” was the state of affairs. It then says that I sucked the life out of every publicity and public situation I got involved with – utter rubbish naturally as the problem was a simple two sides issue; one being the part where a bunch of idiots had hoodlums seen me on a bad day due to their stupid need to get involved with my career for the wrong reasons, so another group of fools had gotten about the project of sharing my personal life with them, so their imagination could wonder towards fingering my private parts, shows up on media expecting me to work it as it was the only way its big mouth stupidities could avoid consequences of its personal decisions every day, the other being that the Celebrities would not allow me to control the whole thing as this was likely their own famously stupid lives too. It has not stopped the way that their stupidities would like it to so far yet, they claim they fought my wars, whilst everything here including my personal life had stopped as the idiots kept their salaries and incomes to boast about the way I talked but they had all the aces, not yet clear enough that I did not wish to engage with it. The complaint about the Russians is fairly recent for an issue they had woken up to, an issue that we know carried on for as long as we could remember, when they were not alongside their Politicians making a mess of peoples careers, to tell victims that they created wealth and social inequality, not because they wanted it but because victims were stupid enough to allow them do it. I mean the Russian issue was never a problem as long as the proper administrative processes were maintained, shows up here with gimmick after gimmick that put people’s lives at risk, making stupid statements from people Washington thought were deserving of security and people who wanted to prevent the annihilation of Russia, telling me as stupidly as possible, the way my problems were linked to the way that did not acknowledge that the USA was in charge. Eventually we hear about the things it wants me to stop when I have counted 8 years of getting out of bed to fight for the very income margins of my Bookshop, so I can plan a livelihood, counted 5 of everything here coming to dead stop including my personal relationships, that there were things they wanted me to stop doing, if it referred to the way that I ensured any public control issues I faced knew what I knew and took charge for a stupid change, considering that was the way they faced public control problems and the way people provoked them to handle their career and the way that this was their own lives the last time we checked, stupid men lighting up the roads between 4 and 7am and then again between 4 and 7pm confident that they have got the personal and social life for those instances where people bang away endlessly but none had touched me physically, so they set about linking up my anus and my heart and my penis and sharing my personal life with boys from the streets and mental institutions, it would stop telling lies apparently if its prick does not wish to do the fighting. They do claim it was all linked up to star signs and yes it was – this is an example where they read the star signs and came up with stupid ideas, take for instance the Aries star sign and the people born in it, the fools will then have decided Aries hated the way Libras like myself walked away from a fight and then show up to prove the point endlessly, arriving at the stage where I was trying to make sense of the way I wrecked my academic pursuits and it came up with a new test which has built us the new history. I have come across the Aries star sign and it has not mostly been this abusive – maybe somebody showing the way I stood up for myself added up to the need people had to show that the advertisement industry was not the prize of Celebrities and was manned by people who worked across a wide range of industry roles including the Government and civil service, playing into the way I could prevent people complaining about a bunch of criminals showing up at their businesses to chase multiple figure salaries, I could never tell where some of the Aries involvement came from, I know the one I mentioned is British but some are even Russian as well. It is as I mentioned, a bunch of stupid men who were complaining after damage done because it did not have the personal and social life that I could access on request once done wrecking mine. Where the rest of the star signs were concerned was a matter of the way that the interest Celebrities showed in my matters was really all about grabbing my career and being able to tell me to get lost because somebody else fought my wars – it really needs to stop exploring my civic duties to try and show its stupidities was a brave person and wait somewhere for me to get myself into enough trouble for it to go to war, as it were. The idea that I am a low life people pandered to was nothing unusual but clearing it up will be, as it is a matter of asset broker with companies and being faced with foolish school girls who had ideas about the way I sought opportunities in other people’s popularity turf, grown big enough for the idiots to get off running people down all the way back to first grade in order to provide for their financial needs, about which a living wage was not good enough, to something of the way that telling people what I did simply set me out as a character who had taken up a career that will get him attacked on the streets, built up to all sorts of nonsense thereafter, including Celebrities whose point about an interest in me was that my career was something I lost to them because they took it from me on account somebody else did fight my wars. In the end as a whole we are simply spending time working on something that had no meaning or purpose, just insults developing into an abusive platform by which an idiot links my private body parts to the actions of twats that have seen me on a bad day because they tried to wreck my social life and career, which is clearly what they wanted to do with their time, save what Politicians and Celebrities made of it to get me showing I am brave enough to deserve my career, once finished, it needed enough access to build restaurants on my personal life because their stupidities needed an environment to eat their food. First time round it wrecked the University pursuits, started again and found me again, so I am now in the game, and this is the reason we are set to see enough of it too. we appear to get something important from them when they say that celebrity culture was about love and I was more interested in power – I really didn’t care about any of these, I am sure that anybody who had me pick up their public work for something I did which was an act and not real would be very cross, not least if I beat them down every day until I had my way and then they could breathe the free air until I started again – it needs to stop trying to get me into a fight, needs to stop picking up my public work, needs to stop pushing its stupid fame career on my public image, needs to stop pretending it was my spouse and when it does, needs to stop getting in my face boasting about it. They claim the way I ran my concerns puts a lot of pressure on others which is utter rubbish, it is the insults I endure that does and those insults put the pressure on others specifically because those who had a media presence and the Politicians claimed I am the one doing the wrong thing, needs to stop bothering me thereof, unlikely to get a useful response, save the part where they make a mess of my concerns again and somebody who kept stirring their stupidities into major areas of my concerns gets a feedback. They do claim I am in a position of higher calling naturally but that would be the part where it is said evil does not sleep, it waits and I were to say a space somewhere that people continually claimed were criminals stealing my social status actually was a space where evil waited, it will show up here to train its stupid eyes on me long enough to link my private parts to it because there were rich idiots that would be happy to give it money for setting up a scenario in which I got into a fight for the masses, then hang about on media talking nonsense all day, we have seen them suggest their interest in me was to do with a case where they claimed my career for their famous stupidities on account somebody else fought my wars, so we know it will not stop until it does badly. In retrospect, I am a public figure and it should be simple to find a public figure spouse that matched me, we know they have gone from pretending they were my spouse to a case where every is not what it seems famous idiot took an interest in my personal space and personal life, they were divorced prior, so both Military and the Establishment will not stand for it, which situation they had again turn into a crisis, like the funny bits before it goes badly wrong.


The emerged major issue that had been raised, considering the development of history, is that I thought appeasing Russia will prevent the crisis in Ukraine. The reality being that neither the appeasement of Russia nor the antagonising of Russia will prevent or stop the crisis in Ukraine. The main cause of the crisis is the need for wealthy people to decide for Politicians what Governance will be, the need to wait for us to work the economy up to a stage where we can say that we knew what direction it took and what policies were required to provide leadership, only for wealthy people to demand the control of the poor if their money was to bankroll recovery, among other issues – it really sets the stage for action to be taken to redraw the line more steeply of the differences between wealthy people, Royalty and Politicians, especially as the crisis in Ukraine had shown that they are not showing up to run the world where they were in charge until they created it is concerned, they have moved off to run the world somewhere else. Here I am told I was not this active in the middle east but we were told at the time that we were the lowest of the low who would do nothing to assist anybody, that Washington where it was decided they ought to turn on their Governments and expect the presence of foreign troops to indicate freedom, so it had since changed and we got involved on a later date. The other claim on the matter is that I work through fear which is utter rubbish – what is happening really is that communist interests do end up in the West and western Interests in communist territories, what Mr Putin is doing with Russian leadership suggests we ought to live in fear because of it and what Washington is doing is a process of working corrupt intervention alongside corrupt interference from Russia, as would open people’s concerns to Celebrities, criminals, gold diggers and sex workers. It is easy for me to see because they have both been working the economic abuses on me with regards to the way I controlled my own public problems for decades now, the part where it becomes so acute that they were affected and therefore got to issue threats at me, being the only way the economic abuses were made public, it is incredibly amusing but then again there is concern for the part where the threats might be real whilst the economic abuses continued. All together we have not been told for the looming nuclear Armageddon, when exactly the people Washington thought were more deserving of security and the people Moscow thought were more deserving of security, will launch the nuclear weapons on themselves, what we have seen instead is the claims I am talking from a point where I had no control of what happens around me whereas reality was more a matter of the usual case of having stopped for some months on the crises in the Middle East, already producing results where Italians, Germans and Muslims were busy linking my private body parts to criminal fools banging walls and doors, which will ensure that I felt pain for it and they were real men, developed into a case of sharing the privacy with the boys from the streets and mental institutions, to build communities that finger my bum as a method of getting by, so it runs this nonsense all day and loves to make a complete mess of people’s privacy like so before it complains if the owners of the privacy did something to get their privacy back but first I need to make sense of the reasons the Celebrities and Media have played a part in it which ensures that my career and finances came to a dead stop, that it had even become impossible to get into a personal relationship with another human being because all of me was being used, I am never going to stop their own badly if I had to strike all the way to the USA, especially concerning the black idiots there who never stop running off this nonsense to get rich fast fingering peoples bums and telling lies relentlessly and I am never going to get away with it. They do claim that nothing I have said had made them comply on the warnings about attacking my Bookshop and my employers as such which is not expected either, these were a group of people who appeared to be 100% deserving of physical violence i.e. the Celebrities have stubbornly while keeping their own incomes to make themselves bullies, decided not to stop using me as an alternative to their communities of narcissists and the community of narcissists were relentless in their abuse of other people such that they were the only people keeping jobs but were 100% certain in each case that their worst nightmare would be an instance where their own celebrities had attacked their careers and set them up for the same sorts of abuses too. I warned about an end to an attack on my employers, it was rather convinced that I will never burn its show business whereas this looks like a good point to begin vengeance from, never mind the fact the original disposition from which I warned them about attacking my employers and Bookshop, was an inability to do one thing at a given time because the personal life was mixed up with the social life and both were mixed up with work. When not concerned with a process of building their communities to get around my private part over a history that will likely get them killed by extremists, in the meantime which none is consigning them to the fringe society itself, it wants to be part of the question of whether I am a US ally or not – to clear up the issue which is a matter of their gimmicks where they got to decide the last 2 decades were to be spent on a process where I was told what to do and made to do it, started stupidly enough and grew so big it became Official US government position but in the end it is still the issue with their need to turn out at tourist and leisure destinations where they get to put the feet up and pass insults at me that a bird will carry around the world until they made money from it, we have not even yet arrived at the point where it hated British with a passion but have achieved so much, I guess the positive of doing it thoroughly whilst it had never once achieved those gimmicks where it got to tell me what to do and make me do it, in its stupid life. What is brought to the table on my part being my work on Intellectual Property Administration, speaking of involvement with Americans that work for me, we are talking about intellectual property administration in an environment where a 16 year old would have collage work, an internship and tutelage on entertainment industry opportunities, which fits with the fact the USA is a new Country and we were still talking about recent history when speaking of the way that the executive Government provided leadership on the way people wanted to live their lives, which was then passed down from parent to Children. Aware of which sociopath complains about its lot once done attacking the American dream itself as we all got caught up with its abuses and social fears for what the psychopaths got up to, especially picking up its German influence stupidities as well to get involved with my concerns uninvited endlessly. Putting to bed the matters surrounding the difficult situation I found myself which I continued to deny, there is no difficult situation, just ideas a bunch of stupid individuals had about the way my Royal personal life which tended to feel the social matters is a deep and raw way, should be used by hoodlums and criminals, at the end of which it tended to cling to my public image and influence me with the actions of criminals, to suggest it was an important person, it was a real Man and it was not looking for trouble. The problem has been the big, mouthed hoodlums who suffices to say, needed to build communities that helped them finger my bum, to avoid being attacked my extremists but continue a degree of abuses which meant everything here had stopped including an ability to get into a personal relationship with others, shooting off the big mouth all over the place. So I do say it is not a crisis and some people have suggested I was putting up a face but it is really not a crisis at all; my public image is developed on wealth equity, the best part of my work in the view of the late Queen was the way I put a lid on their violent orthodoxy – the women part was to do with the idea they were neighbourhood Queens, who then had a dream of getting into an argument with me that I lost among many other forms of abusive gimmicks that allowed access to borderline schizophrenia immoral society abuses with financial benefits, the men part was the one about fighting peoples wars, doing people favours to grab peoples social life, career and finances, the reasons we have ended up spending time to work on things that make no sense and problems that do not exist, is the way that Celebrities make comments about my career and use this as their own pretext to get rich fast and push me into a fight, now it needs to make comments about its career instead of mine, seeing that when it performs a series of activities that ensure the society trouble makers mooing, booing and cooing my name in the neighbourhoods had an effect because I was so disturbed. The need to blackmail me with communist activities was incredible naturally when they were not deserving of my income for fighting my wars, whereas it was largely a problem which came due to a lack of property foreign Policy and the mess that wealthy gits made – otherwise it had it beginning and an end and did not bother anybody save the Celebrities who were always forging reasons for people to seek abusive fame when they fled communist territories.


They claim their gaslighting gimmicks had really worked a treat on me which is utter nonsense – what has really happened is that they have turned up here to perform a series of practical jokes associated with the way they want to share my Royal personal space and personal life with a bunch of hoodlums, developed narcissism from it to take up my time on Media and have ended up hurting themselves with it too, their problem added now is that the effects had stopped my social life, personal life and finances while they kept their own, it is therefore about to create an outcome where I got out of it specifically to attack and tackle them until I got what I wanted too but then again so have I given them an exit to make comments about their own careers with the Media and Celebrity careers instead of mine. Some people have said the problem was more a matter of the fact that I have not drawn a clear line on the way that I did not get along with the famous because I got along with some of them which I do but the famous people I got along with were engaged in careers that applied my diplomatic influences to ensure that they were connected to their cultural roots while at it, so the problem was more a matter of handling these narcissistic idiots in terms of the fact that to make it profitable for the famous people I got involved with, concerning there were things they did for me as well, I needed to keep it exclusive. The reprimand is that I had no real reason to hate them as intensely as I did but it is not a matter of hate, I am a public figure and they were borderline schizophrenia immorality society that had stuck deeply enough to perform activities that affected my personal finances while they kept their own for fun every day, the backdrop is that they had been taking advantage of me to make money and this was their opinion of those who did not have the comforts that they enjoyed. It loves to yap yapping yap now that it had made such a mess of my finances and stopped my personal life, but all would agree that while they found their gimmicks amusing, it was not so funny for me, so far it had paid but had not yet paid financially. On the matter of the deep monstrosity in my mind however, there is nothing of that sort just a reality where most of their abusive gimmicks were made possible by wealthy twats that enjoyed spending money on them to facilitate it – we have seen that in Ukraine for instance the goons are not telling Royalty and Politicians that they ran the world anymore, they were off, bailed out of the situation and running the world somewhere else, the borders between Royalty, Politicians and wealthy persons therefore really needed to be reinforced as it were. It is not half the threat it believed that it was, just enjoyed facilitating these idiots whose popular culture, social activities and media gimmicks were not to my taste, needed to stop handling me, which should be the case long before we arrived at a point where it gets imagination up my bum as though it knew me that well – making a threat from the whole situation is only likely to produce outcomes where the fact I had little money in the bank brought about outcomes where I tackled the only thing that made theirs worth living and when I had completely destroyed it, I would make good of the situation and get away with it too as it were, the prognosis is that if I did not suffer, other people would but if other people did, they too would find me in their boardrooms and then claim it was the responsibility of the British Government all together. Here I am said to have blown out of the water, something the enter Government had been trying to accomplish for some days prior but I have no idea why it became complicated for the Government either, as only the Cabinet tended to take risks such as meeting with people who had incomes thirty times their own, for discussions on activities that will boost the incomes of locals and keep people in Government Offices thereof, the others did not have to take risks so great, in my case, at no stage where a product is being designed and built, a method is set out for the way it is to be sold and distributed, a group of people turned up at the company to say they were a community that wanted the job of selling it, was my earning margins considered, it is a new abusive thing that their famous idiots and abusive CEOs loved to engage with, will not take a no for an answer and is currently not heeding warnings, it is nothing like the said monster that had been allowed to grow beyond all control by the British authorities, as they have claimed. They raise also the point that the Celebrities had thirty times my earnings as well and yes they did but we are talking about my income margins and the breach of my patents and use of my market as abusively as possible facilitating those incomes – a situation in which I was working with the Head of State on tasks that were required of me, as a matter of the fact that I will expected to raise my Children as to continue the task for future Heads of State as well, so what the Head of State did with me, was the same Celebrities wanted to do as well, soon developed into social crises and abuses, then the complaining and now the threats and the destruction of my academic pursuits and finances have been the casualty, so I am now bent on stopping it my own way all together, for some very strange and insolent reason, it had also decided the other woman whom they claim made comments all the time, trying to keep them and their abusive security guards away from me, was the enemy and that I was linked to her, while it continued to cling to my patent margins and build itself a celebrity profile on what my Books did in people’s lives – kept its own income and left me with poor book sales numbers in the last 24 hours, now it’s just blabbing and boasting as well about its narcissism, needs to chase me around all the time because it had a lifestyle where there were people who thought its stupidities was deserving of physical violence but now I am a oaf it can handle and get into a position where I got to attack its enemies as well, so it has not made a new one (the civil rights movements facilitated the way that they got involved with my concerns unprofessionally, especially the blacks, which makes my point about caution as it were). I am told that this was a problem I could not handle but it is not really a matter about which I ought to give my time in any case – just the management of time where I said I made some for trouble makers and I made some for my work, so the problem was that the one I made for the trouble makers produced a result and that result allowed me to carry on with my concerns, so a bunch of really stupid persons set about the sense they were important and had to spend it on themselves and their stupidities were the ones watching me on CCTV to keep my bum open and court me a fight that will make me brave enough to deserve my career while their foolish Celebrities built profiles to match my Books and what the public did with what I wrote, killing off my earnings and social life, that said, the trouble makers were the idiots showing up to make an announcement and more so on Media endlessly every day, leaving me with poor book sales numbers while they kept their salaries. It is not a crisis, just a product of the way I do my work i.e. it shows up here to get involved with my entire life, so because I am said to have acted discriminately several times that I have rebuffed them, I had taken to the process of stuffing their heads with what I knew, so it carries it about like PR I did not have to fund and when it tries talking to me at least 40% of what it said would be the words I put in there, whilst I did not have to explore ideologies that should not be explored at the same time, what has happened being that the famous gits turned out to provide them publicity where they can say what they knew added up to a process of stealing my career and then goons who spent their money making trouble for others clung to my earnings and spent money to facilitate it claiming I can take it because I am Royalty, then it gets worse when they turned towards a process of what comes off the time I spent on their trouble, to say they built a violent crowd that would back them up while they tried to ensure that I did not benefit from it, they could screw around with me and my concerns and they could attack me at will on the violence front, hence it is the big mouth wagging, so we have already ended up with an exploration of their civil rights on the ugly front, where they were stupid men with social disposition I could not cease exploring and lit up the streets between 4 and 7 am, then again between 4 and 7 pm on the way to work and back from work respectively, never going to share the work place when they were done wrecking my social life and writing career for it as well when I needed it. They have suggested I had no way to justify such action whereas reality is that this business of an interest in me having to do with abusive processes of making money while they had a crowd that will ensure my counter effect did not come to my aid and then got to attack me to make me part with it permanently, should not occur if there were people spending thousands of pounds to get qualified at the academic institutions in the art of selling products such as Marketing, which is what they should have paid for as it were – currently it does have the big mouth and when I give it a lease to say that its stupidities was what it wanted to do with its time, it will assure me that it was not, not yet insane enough to have a go as it were, what I cannot justify. I mean this is supposed to have been the pinnacle of years and years of abusive activities, in this case the one abuse that makes so much sense would be the part where they had lived a stupid life which meant other people’s children were in hospital because they were getting rich, I was a woman and such insults were the cause of this nonsense and a follow on need to say that I defended myself the way women did because they liked to fancy somebody else was as fucked as they were, so the Celebrities picked it up to say they were the ones that got fucked and I will get fucked as well and made to fight their wars too thus. When we see those instances where women had a conversation off a conversation off a conversation and it led to the part where women between themselves will be saying they were in a position they could stand up for themselves, about which an attack on women kicks off, it does beat the imagination, beside the question of whether I know what it was I was looking at, alongside the understanding I am educated about the way the murders and manslaughters were created thus it needs to make comments about its own career, it is largely amusing that a bunch of idiots fighting women for social privileges thought I was a woman. They do say that it was about the statement people made of how people were able to pick up their careers where they left off; I had no idea why such a statement became an issue and how it did as such – I mean my Dad worked in the Education system, so did his Dad before working for the Government, so did my Mums Dad, so I have been exposed for a long time to the fact that people were usually qualified on three separate fronts for every qualification i.e. a BSc Doctor would be a professional Doctor, the HND Doctor would be the Technical Doctor, the ND Doctor would be the one doing most of the manual work but all there were Officially qualified Doctors that practiced medicine on license, so I have not been able to make sense of how people who said they could pick up a career where they left it off, meant that others were set to become public instability issues with an understanding of other people’s jobs which put out the idea that their stupidities wanted to do it too. They do claim I never address the problem behind it all but I never do because the Celebrities have shut down everything here, firstly what the part where their financial wellbeing was decided by my mother’s narcissism towards me until I dropped out of University, now they were in league with an idiot who had an unusual relationship with money and it never build itself a small history where you should never owe it a debt, it just figured I would be a more profitable victim for it, so it shared my privacy with the mental institutions and boys from the streets, to put a hoodlum next door that will keep an eye on me while it steals my career, earnings and public image because I rented and paid for a space from its stupidities but I want to know what role Celebrities were playing in the matter and am set to burn the show business for it too – it does boast that it wants to confiscate my public image and I suppose I would like it to take the makeup off for a while first, its disposition being one in which we had extricated the worst, being a public figure, that women always think that their social lives involved the actions of public figures and personal lives involved looking after Children who were much the same in the sense that in both cases you may think something was good for you and when you do it for or give it to them, it does them harm instead, then in my case where the journalists who fundamentally used my face to do the makeup for the day job, we have now arrived at the ridiculous famous idiots that will confiscate my public image and continued to show up here reinventing their self-exhibitionist stupidities over what I do to recover from the mess made here, complaining the entire time.

We are here informed that Capitalism was the biggest issue here, just as much as we know the Government had become so disinterested in its duty to ensure it did not chew itself up, that it was getting behind the plans of the wealthy to make it control the poor if their money was to be deployed for recovery purposes, that the Government had actually since ended up with an actual duty to control the poor because the poor had no money left, after years of checking personal and family finances to sort which part of the business and jobs of wealthy people were more worthy of the fortunes of the Households, as would secure a future for all. We are now stuck being distracted by the stupidities of male society and secret military work that had been done which helps them influence people with the actions of criminals on one hand, while tin can feminists trashed careers for publicity and money on the other. They do claim I never point out exactly where capitalism was burning itself out when I did not put it this way naturally, for me it is largely a matter of what I know to be the main point that people expressed a perverted interest in my concerns; for the Politicians it is a 12 year problem associated with a need to run off economic abuses on me, so the idiots with companies to run, continued to suggest that I wanted to manage a Royal Office with the influence their companies had exerted on the world, right up to the point where they could also claim that they had built a history where people picked on me to make money and criminals were prepared to take risks, before it gets off complaining at Parliament and in public venues, the rest were a bunch of idiots who believe that it was up to me if they engaged with my concerns professionally and I will never pin it down for them like that either, I think it is entirely up to them, such that it is either people thought my product were so good that I did not deserve its potential income margins or I was too afraid to stand up and take charge of what belonged to me. In the end They claim it was an issue to do with how little I was qualified for what I did and said, when I point out that they had arrived at crisis point like so, where the households were working out which part of personal fortunes to put to the jobs of the wealthy for the future of all and they can see why the meaning of a policy where they decided to reduce taxes earlier on, was to say that everybody had lost money save the government, so such an outcome had to be changed; I have a level three Diploma in Law and Business Administration, the one they wrecked involved sending out society idiots to run off road insults and big truck abuses at me while I studied Law and Economics in Greenwich University, so it is what I knew about how to deal with those problems that actually caused me to drop out amidst their abusive verbose gay insults echoed by their social and popular culture twats, to which effect in any case being more qualified for what I am doing, it is now beyond the part where their popularity stupidities got to make sense over it and if I find their children show up to copy my career or their hoodlums make something of the insults, they will face a new crisis of my making too. I ran my finances on a low key, now that I am prepared to get it running fully, who would have thought that it would the civil rights gits putting the labels on, never mind the fact that running it on a low key, was never a license for their stupidities to trash it for me completely all together, to show up explaining their gimmicks as something to do with running my finances on a low key as to lead their insanity from behind. I was not doing anything about these matters at University, I was studying at the time, so now we know the wealthy people and social idiots were the real success in the Country apparently and it needs to get involved with mine professionally or it will end up giving me a license to screw with its own as well.

Eventually I am told I seldom tackle the main issues that bother me thus but I don’t, as it was a bunch of gits continuing the abuses that made my University studies into a fiasco and destroyed everything about my career for fun that was later explained as something done because I was a profitable victim of society practical jokes and ageism later on, to bribe politicians and the public. It claims that it went off to the top levels of Government and the Monarchy to fight my wars because I thought it ought to screw around somewhere else, so the question now is whether it actually did, and I am as convinced as I am adamant that they did. Same as the other gits who picked up on it too – there were the women who provided me cover when it runs off those stupidities where people talked about me as though I did not exist and it continued to get more abusive, thieving and violent the older and cash strapped I got, so these were women who would not tolerate them doing it to work security guard jobs at her premises, especially the insults where they were sure to make me understand how bad their day had been all of the time, while they clung to my earnings; we know that the women at the Monarchy did something to control their society madness and there were others who offered them some unusual borderline consent, to which effect it showed up here again with the big trucks and public transport abuses where it got to churn my tummy until I dropped out of University, saying that its new gimmicks over my writing career and any part of it that showed up on my personality, was a matter of women saving me and instead of being grateful I set out a disposition to say that I could take them on, so I had to do another thing like the one I had done with the social lives of their superior sons, to ensure that the way my time was wasted as had been explained. I do not think it a crisis but it needs to lay off my finances and its Celebrities lay off my Public image before that gets serious too; usually stops when I ended up with very little tolerance for the popularity lifestyle and was on a short fuse where the borderline schizophrenia immoral society insults had been copied by their school children to continue a tradition where law enforcement stops them screwing with my concerns and they were off later on making money from the fact they either did or tried, their famous idiots were entitled to handle my finances and assets if they ran my life with the actions of criminals, another group that fought my wars which I acknowledge did as it were. It is not about me at all as such, we know that I am the one that dropped out of University and an average MI6 Agent would have attended kinky bars and purchased a clutch of women’s clothes for it, so their media gits could set it out as a lifestyle that led to the deaths of service personnel – this is where they work as well and cannot even tell from which direction I am hitting them; we need to get back to the point where their criminals and hoodlums had me control their abuses by forcing fame on them because I had the public image by which to do it without their famous gits attacking me on account they were using the public image too and I think the process will involve the fact that we were spending time on activities that had no meaning or purpose because the idiot responsible, who watches me on CCTV all the time, shares my privacy with boys from the neighbourhood and links my anus and penis with the abuses of these social and culture gits was going to do something about the filthy popularity that emerges from it and then we can get back to where we started with their celebrities claiming I am a black person who supports racism, not wait for me to support racism in the Police force first.

We then have to deal with those stories about my complicity with discrimination, never once made sense, especially in terms of the way that people tackled me over discrimination as though it was a do or die affair and yet I was never the one invited to important functions, helped to expensive drinks and various other perks including the process of addressing a crowd, I am always the one about whom their need to vent something that happened because of discrimination was applied and the reasons I am tackled for it has never once made any sense whatsoever. In the end it was a simple matter where I am an Arch Prince and should not be involved with their discrimination matters, especially as we know that people had an opportunity to sort it out at least on two occasions at school and at least two more after school but their entire lives have been built on abusive nonsense that target completely innocent people, so they were looking for an opportunity to make the most of the discrimination they had learned, the abuses as a method of making money going back to first grade when we first met, while we show up on the Political arena suffering wrong narratives on matters of discrimination over and over and over. In the end it is not that if I had five decades to find a job and retire comfortably, I have been fooling around for 2, I cannot do five decades work in three decades, the problem is as the Politicians have aptly put it, something to do with kids exceeding themselves, its need to play with me is becoming more and more abusive, more and more violent and more threatening. So, I need to ensure that I got this all working in a real-world sense i.e. I did warn them and their celebrities about attacking my employers and my Books, as the case applies which effects are that when I am with an employer it was not what I was doing and I spent time haemorrhaging money as well, when I am writing it was not what I was doing either, so I did the same in terms of their need to show up on my concerns, split my business and personal engagements into the main parts and the part that involved people whom they claim fought my battles when I got into trouble and made statements about a right to handle my earnings, about which there was nothing I could do on it – so I have begun the process of making sure that each time it happens, I will attack them for it too and they will not have had the means to say that I did not provide ample warnings, their Politicians on the other hand being the people who think I looked like an Arch Prince with no ego to step on people and get involved with people, end up with enough money to earn respect etc, so it may keep looking for the ego bits until it gets to find it, I believe I had made my point here either way. It does not bother me much in any way, they simply need to handle my finances and get to ensure that it does, their flawed sense of right and wrong had decided they were not talking to people about experiences and the resolution of public problems, they were deciding which one had a better life than their own and should be made to do their bidding with a big mouth – so it is white boy linking up my private  parts with the abuses of the ethnic minorities and will get it sorted out without hanging about expecting me to approve racism in the Police force, the rest can continue the abusive sharing of my personal space for the popularity that will provide white boy with the necessary security work on the matter too. Eventually we hear that the main problem that was risks were assessed and I was one of the greatest, we know when women talked about their stupidities it was a matter of walking into people’s lives to strip people and throw victims to the dogs, then hang about on media and with celebrity culture which sole purpose was to ensure that victims could not get out because all they did with it was spent by idiots that were important – the two part story was their need to say they were men and the military was their province, so they could handle peoples careers and make statements about favours, that of their celebrities was to say they were tin can feminists, trashing people’s lives for money and publicity, all added up to famous idiots who pick up my public work for others things, knowing I am a public figure, this is what is destroying my finances and I need to make it as real as the part where it attacks my employers, handles my Books and when it was done making a mess of it performs all sorts of nonsense that would suggest it tried to assist me but I am a lost cause that was left to the civil service, it needs to make comments about its career and cease handling my finances and social life, unless it would agree to a process where its stupid life was about my gimmicks as well and not its work and its home, the way that it does mine. So, it does not accept rejection naturally and takes over your life to hand you back to ‘them’. They do claim I cannot resist being seduced by them and their stupid Celebrities, which is utter rubbish; it picks up my service processes to build me a profile and updates it to ensure I had too much of a mess to deal with, so when it takes its clothes off there was a question as to whether I loved myself well enough to do something about it, does not stop until it really had to. they claim I simply fail to recognise where real power lies and it is utter nonsense; first was the big stick gimmicks I ignored after the destruction of my academic pursuits and the debts that put me into, after that the building of profiles to make sense of my patents and publishers business with respect to their own public appearances and now they can scare off my bread winner clients and need to find a worthy source of fun as it is becoming more abusive and violent – it says it uses these gimmicks to control some very bad people in the world naturally but it does need to go and do that as I do not write its Books around here. In the end it’s a matter of white boy linking up my private parts to the abuses of ethnic minorities who think the abuses facilitated popularity and processes of getting rich through it, they say that white boy sorted it the first time round at great cost, seems he is about to sort it again as it were – it is the old story about an involvement with something that does not concern them, like the Military for instance and they knew of the risks of ending up in a position where they spent time judging others for doing a day job, they have since decided whose career was to pay the price for it and the gimmicks continue when it does not yet end the way that I want – thereafter they sleep with the problem and after sleeping with the problem hang about cutting corners, criminals were therefore nice people and I am a low life trying to rub shoulders with the famous, the mystery behind my resilience being that I did not think criminals were nice, as stupidly as possible. At the end we cannot be free of boasting about potential constitutional battles of which there was none – it has gone and done it, my history being their need to pick up my career as a tool for managing the way that society gits and culture twats abused them, the way it also linked up to the overseas wars that would never end because these abuses kept getting worse and worse with each action taken, just when it thought I was out of breath, it got in league with the same culture and society gits it complained about because it was a better disposition to obtain some sort of power to control me and is now talking nonsense about the way I will get into Uniform and do military work, when we last discussed it seriously which I pointed out it needed to stop exploring my civic duties and wait for me to get into real trouble that will cause it to go to war, so we got to find out how much government it will have to fool around with when there was an all-out war. Recently it follows up the gimmicks about democracy and processes of massaging crowds and linking it up to the US Government as an indication of what it thought would become of those dreams of constitutional battles its stupidities had and the effect is that it did nothing about the criminals it was meant to handle at Government Office, so its need to make a mess of mine will only produce outcomes where I built it publicity to get it doing it for the both of us – the more serious effect being that its stupidities does not ever take anything seriously and continues to get on people’s nerves, having built a community that will finger my bum and shared my personal life with the boys from the streets to play with, I am set to end its constitutional battle by making announcements about stupid men who plan to share Office space with me once done trashing my social life, lighting up the streets between 4 and 7 am and then again between 4 and 7 pm until I run them down as well. we hear then that I am a character that pursues careers I am not qualified for, making trouble for everybody as I go – on one hand which it was more about pillaging my income margins and patents to boost profits for larger successful companies, on the other, if it addresses me that way one more time, I will burn everything that matters to its stupidities, with this business of a stupid men idea picking up so quickly and becoming a slogan so fast in the first place: the backdrop is that they will see their famous idiots build a profile for themselves on the basis of a Book I wrote and Published and the fact my publishers had a business at all, only to set about self-appointed gimmicks where they suggested it was difficult to make sense of the way that people so famous would be worried about a low life like me, did not like the narcissism and neither did its famous idiots but I was an easy bet, wish it away and some exchange student gets murdered in mysterious circumstances in Europe, when I engage with fans of a Royal Office, the financial aspects was an entitlement that they felt they had a right to access getting on my nerves, so I will burn the show business in the process too. They do claim that they were planning to improve public wealth through my possessions but they could always have without getting me to drop out of University first, so I think the more credible gimmick of all the gimmicks that ensure I had to fight off gold diggers for my income margins every day, was one about what they wanted to do with the social lives of Politicians, Islamic terrorism, organised crime and gangs – none shows up here therefore to say that at the time I was working on something disgusting, it wanted to be the one doing it considering it was an idiot who had nothing but what the teacher told it at school, about which none knows why it is always still so stupidly behaved, talking nonsense at me with the help of media idiots who have provided them a means to say they could steal my career if they had the right tools, talking nonsense about the way it was quite possible that all I said was simply talk and nothing substantial, when it was not complaining that I was party to a system of death and repression. It does give way to the part where it showed up at the Military and then finds itself hanging about judging people over work that is not its concern, just as much as I had a little thing to do with the military so they gave me a bit of the ability to judge those who thought I should not be doing it as well and mine had grown so big that it was possible so that that their stupidities will be sorting out the abusive activities of the ethnic minorities once done building communities that fingered my bum for such activities to get completely out of hand, without expecting me to approve the racism they want to practice in the Police force and the military. My point is that the next time it makes stupid statements when it could always have used my property to boost National wealth without wrecking my academic pursuits, which stupid statements was to do with the way I continually insisted on pursuing careers that I am not qualified for, when it should show up here to read Books instead, this nonsense will go beyond the part where talking like this meant I used its stupid PR to fix my career as well into something that helped me find out what its stupidities was made of as well. We now hear that people never stopped handling me and I never stopped providing them with a response and the way to prevent it all was within my power but it should be understood that these activities were a product of disrespect, not something I did or failed to do, about which I do have my own breaking point as well. The way it works is classically displayed by the Celebrities, where its famous stupidities will build itself a profile to say it got reinvented with a Book I published and placed on the market place instead of reading it like everybody else, thereby a victimless gimmick where I had to fight for my income margins itself not yet the income as it were, which had since arrived at a stage where the main question involved a matter of whether it revolved around them or was about my home and work – so it will then go off to engage with a bunch of narcissists who build it a profile to make a statement on what they think was a process where somebody famous had to be worried about a low life, showing up here to shoot off the big mouth about the trouble I would get into if I confirmed I was Royalty, pillaging the earning margins more and fancying the beauty of its villainy with a big mouth, so if I delved into the community of narcissists it meant tummy issues for the famous and therefore no more fame, it will set about splashing thousands of images about my public image and set out idiots that will spy on me to get more scandal because it had no respect for me, not something I did or failed to do. we hear that people I took a disliking to were actually okay which is utter nonsense as it is more about trashing other people’s academic pursuits to secure jobs and the best comforts in life, such that all that nonsense was a matter of their opinion on those who had none – so in my case it was difficult to tell how they were the same complaining about wealth and social inequality, who were to put the labels on because running my finances on a low key to sort out some vital matters with my career, generally meant that they got to wreck it completely. Even if it was a matter of leaving Royal Office to investigate and find out what was really going on with their wealth and social inequality problems, that were a matter of peoples running tribalism raids to reach top industry offices and employ local criminals to keep it going at their expense, without having to explore their need to pull people in several directions, get in the middle and run off nepotism that meant victims got more and more unhealthy while they got healthier and more abusive, it would still have been a fabulous use of one’s own time. It should be noted that if I worked in a boiler room and I had a supervisor and or manager, they would have behaved like this.

Their mantra was that I am the most entitled twat they have ever seen which is utter rubbish – the reality of it is that I am a public figure, one moment could be found with dignitaries, the next I am helping to take out the trash, so this plays into the work you are meant to do to help uphold the constitution and ensure it was doing it work, Celebrities that got involved did because it was a premise which allowed them to keep in touch with their cultural roots but the things I did to ensure that whilst they assisted me on the public image, it was also profitable for them, was something a bunch of idiots were entitled to, so that I am the entitled person does beat the imagination in each case that it is raised, do hear them shoot off the big mouth on the red carpets each time it paid off, will get its wish one day as it were. I do not think it a crisis, we are simply waiting for Official Coronation, so we could say that a set platform was the basis on which Public interest publicities were developed, akin to the State opening of Parliament which was the Official one and the new Head of State has not done one of those yet too – its interest in me therefore had to be a statement made that it and its famous idiots were the ones doing the National service here all together. I mean it was the one doing the National service and the outcome will likely be that of a group of women picking up what had been left lying around to stir up the desire, making products from it that their men cannot resist, which is completely outside of my spheres of public control and goes on for an eternity, for which reason it did not make sense to engage or talk about it as would have warned their stupidities thereof. I am told I had made an exception for some of them but the exceptions were linked up to the authority of the Head of State, it is meant to encourage investment, when it does pick up the assets and equities it is seeking a major role in what I am doing perhaps but so it should note that the part where it got to do things that the government cannot do for the public in order to evade and avoid taxes will be destroyed – I mean so far its big mouth had since progressed from showing up here to split up my concerns into the one that was about their self-exhibitionist narcissism and social issues on one hand and the main one about my actual concerns on the other, when its photograph appears on a high street brand window, I had become a low life, with a big mouth, the main crisis at this stage being that they had taken up the actual publicity for my work and built it up into something which meant that I existed within a profile they could do what they liked with, the possession of purchasing power allowing them to take up my career all together, especially the famous idiots, so it is developing into something about which I should take up their finances and set about shredding it as they will not give me a break of their own accord, suffices to say the next time its need to address me disrespectfully builds up to ideas about clinging to my earnings on statements about me being a character that continued to pursue things I was not qualified for, I too will begin teaching its stupidities a lesson it will never forget. They do claim I picked up these matters like I was tough enough, same as public security operatives who were seen taking over industries; both which does not make any sense, as the latter had always occurred when service operatives were done with National service, they deployed their talents and skills at Industry, used to be extremely risky with operatives missing in unexplainable circumstances during the 70s and 80s, thus those who ventured considered it high risk, but now we have more efficient and sophisticated crime detection and Police work systems, thus their activities at Industry are becoming more visible. For the former, I am tough enough as all they have done here is take revenge for the way I stuffed their heads with what I knew, so that I got to put the words in their mouths, now that they have raised the criminal ethnic minorities, they will have to tidy it up considering how intensely abusive the communities built to finger my bum, plays into a Royal personal life that feels public matters in a way that had not been adulterated by culture, media and sport, they will have to tidy it up without working any stupid racism in the Police force among other forms of corruption. The rest of the story on this matter will be the way that when it is not yet a crisis of me versus a whole community, that community will become very busy running off all sorts of Rubbish that builds up to a sense that I was a character who wrecked the futures of children and had a history damaging their livelihoods, it will tell those lies until it ends up fulfilling its stupid wish and then we get to find out. The work I do here is said to be incredible and does not cause me any stress, what does all the stress was their abusive gimmicks and it was so intense I had to modify my diet for the heart disease risk issues, it has been fighting the diet as well, which fight over my diet got to the top end of Government, now that it was aware of such an outcome will not stop raising the point about my diet still. They do raise the point about American involvement but it is like poison, sometimes you tell yourself that turning a certain direction after taking it onboard will be conducive but it never is, you turn and turn and turn – I personally do not do a lot of turning because I spent more time keeping a watch on whether I was cutting the corners, which I tried to avoid with a passion, I only do the turning when I need to reach important facts on specific matters – I mean cutting corners like the time it was not a criminal anymore because it made some money in god knows how method and bought some show business products, quite uncanny. For their part they say that successive Prime Ministers have been rejected by the system and the political parties because of me but the Prime Minister’s role is to exert the authority of the Crown, not do what they want, if they do wish to see what they are really like, we are talking about an instance where I might have worked in a boiler room and they were my supervisors, thereafter they were off trashing my Bookshop and income to run off civil service narcissism that made me into a benefit scrounger, to which effect it was clear that my level of interference was deep and far reaching, so it needs to avoid my academic pursuits, finances, writing career, it is all calculable risks.


Their biggest excuse continues to play out as the idea that I spend a lot of time getting caught up with the work that armed forces operatives did while I had not work to do in that part of profession – it is utter nonsense, especially when they claim that people were irritated, they have been warned about making this accusation and following it up and we know they had a history of taking up other people’s time to complain. The way it really works is more a matter of how I conducted my public leadership and public duty affairs, which Armed Forces operatives found useful, not a process of getting caught up with their work, to which effect it seems that those who continued to make the claim did not yet knock themselves out well enough with gimmicks performed by the other group of goons who think that all career advancements in the armed services was fundamentally their entitlement. I do get told not to engage with the matter was it was lawlessness but their case is usually even though we make it simple for them, to say the armed services was a place where people who identified and removed threats to the public worked, while they continued to claim it is a place where people who wanted to show they were brave enough to deserve the career and lifestyle they wanted, could express themselves. If I cleared it up like so, we would find that they diverged to something else and continued making trouble, which is entirely normal, we know they claimed the armed forces was about death and what I have mentioned above was one part of their gimmicks concerning me, the other being a need to take up jobs in it where they got to keep certain powers that be apart from each other and prevent people making decisions that will cause them to go to war, now that they were working in the armed forces itself. For my part with respect to the lawlessness itself, the idea they peddle was that none was intelligent enough to pint it down and make public policy conversation about it, so we are set to find out if they were correct too: we are talking about the lawlessness about which their whole lives were built on the fact they were bigger than somebody else and the same were at the same time not vulnerable to the bottom chasing insults which they invented, they then claim the armed forces was about death and the fact such claims were laughable did not appeal to them, as they would suggest that such instances showed when I was talking rubbish too, what we know being that there isn’t a public figure that would stand and face the music if they did something so bad a lynch mob wanted their heads and there isn’t a public figure that would think it was the wrong thing to do getting somebody else to face it for them, where they get to claim their point was to do with the way I twisted people into a complicated position, so they were off fighting and dying over my social issues, an example being the recent crisis in Ukraine were a simple matter of Russians deciding what the threat was and how they were eliminate the threat and the Allies deciding what the threat was and how it was to be eliminated, became so messy that it took such a long time to resolve the crisis during which time people died and so it makes sense to develop the policy where their need to make a mess of the social lives of public leaders, led to the highway that would allow them do something to assist security services operatives. They even raise the point about the comments armed forces operatives make which was a product of their need to dabble and then hang about judging people because armed forces work is really a very difficult thing to take into your personal life, finds itself judging people who are doing a day job, finds another person whose career can be trashed by it and carried on never the less, eventually arriving at a point where its gimmicks encumbers mobility for service operatives and begins to get the questions of what it was likely going to do, if somebody used the power that went on in that line of work to do something tyrannical, thus this was the source of all problems then. Like when they say that I had so many issues around me that it was possible that I am gay whereas it was a lot of messy nonsense that did not in any way bear towards the fact I am a public figure or who I really am as a person – that said, it is for instance a matter where somebody would say they had anal sex and had to make something of it, thus in my case I had the imaginary anal sex and it is assumed I cannot follow it on, the idea here being that they are no longer showing up here to ask me if I am on the side of Communists or the West, considering they were recently a few steps off creating a world war three, backdrop here for the imaginary anal sex on the other hand, being that if I said I could pick up my career where I left off, the feedback is that Police investigator who solved a murder, was the one that did the wrong thing, it continues the blabbing for its lawlessness and its owing me 20 years of my time, believes people cannot put it to public policy conversation and has not paid money yet. As for the matter of cowardice on my part, it was a bunch of really stupid individuals looking for trouble naturally and it does arrive at the stage where they were struggling, the public transport operatives were fighting me for the streets because it was where they worked as well, while they had gone from gimmicks where they developed popularity from my personal and social life instead of getting a job, to relying on support from the communities that back up when they made trouble for others, however continued the daily insults, abuses and tests. Here Politicians become concerned that no matter what is done, we younger people always end up this way, however it should be displayed how it really works, as it is pulling me out of a Hermitage to get me assessing what makes them tick, so I could use it against them in a violent situation, claiming I am a coward and teaching its stupid school children to finger my bum while accusing me of being complicit with discrimination – so does this mean I cannot assess what makes them tick and use it against them in a violent situation, such that one or two of the instances would then end very badly as it were? Its whole life is built on the idea it was bigger than others, I am not biggest or smallest, according to what they say, I am perfect and when people think of fighting me always end up complaining all the way to government buildings because they could not tell where to start – it is therefore not unusual for an Arch Prince to be socially well placed to fight for leaders, even leaders in the armed services, to say that if I determined that they would keep their hands off peoples private parts, I was in a position to enforce it and more so in short period of time. This is to answer the fear Politicians had that no matter what they did we ended up like this; should be noted the main thing here is that I picked a neighbourhood and set up shop, fringe society where a contortionist is likely to bend herself in many ways for crowd entertainment during a party is not complaining about the bending, is a sharp contrast to these fools showing up at fringe society to work people and abuse people every day while complaining and issuing threats with a big mouth. I am not saying they were not aware of all these facts, they were, they have not laid a hand on me in 12 years of bothering me, it is the Celebrities and Media who decided that because of it, I counted 6 years of my time spent on fighting for my income margins and a process where my finances, career and even my ability to get into a relationship with others had simply stopped, we do find them shooting off their big mouth on the red carpet for their own part in it as well – they do say they can take me on but we know it is debatable, a matter of public figure fighting borderline schizophrenia immoral society, I have asked them to stop attacking my employers, shut down all profile built up from my patents as a method of self-reinvention, make comments about their careers and stop shutting down everything here including my ability to get into a relationship with others over a need to access areas of my personality from which I had cut them off over claims criminals were nice people and I spent time trying to rub shoulders with them, until they wrecked my academic pursuits and the career itself. I am told that my view of Celebrities did not match what Celebrities thought of me which is the case but I am not referring to all Celebrities; some Celebrities have settled on the idea I liked unusual sex and so built an environment for me to have as much of that as I liked, which I do not think ought to be changed as such, considering it is something people have done from an assessment of a situation, then there are the other factors where some Celebrities mostly perform activities in public which meant they were eliminating what I was offering, so that they can offer something to me as well, making sense of the other etc – the trouble makers on the other hand had a history here which began in earnest around 2012, so it began at the time with a process of making me feel inferior as soon as what I had was added to what they had and what they had was not added to what I had, then it developed into an interest in publicity that my publishers built for my Books, something about a place where lots of Books were changing hands on the internet, to make sense of patents placed on the Books, developing into a sense there was a kiosk and a banner on it with my name and I could go there to work, being dismantled by their practical jokes and eventually such abuses were performed as meant that they were conducting social activities somewhere between the Books and the patents itself, by 2014, the process of trying to settle the career by finding an income source had led me to a security guard job which I kept up to 2016, whereby it was clear they will not give me a breathing space on their own, started working the Bookshop for trading between 2017 and 2019, by the time I was done, the abuses that were conducted to detach my Books from the patents had given way to Celebrities that reinvented themselves by passing off the effects of the Books and the patents as their own career profile, to which effects I was now facing very violent abuses and threats – so I now want them to shut it down, keep their comments restricted to their careers, cease attacking my employers and stay away from my Books, while they have resorted to red carpet insults which will not do. In the end the problem with the Celebrities produces questions by the Politicians as to whether we can do without Celebrities and can also stop complaining about which, the answer which is in the affirmative – in my case it is always a matter of their producers and managers who are usually such borderline criminals: Celebrities picked up areas of my Public work where the security services had provided me some and they were served by it too, to make entertainment, which effect was people learning something which got them to abandon a life of crime and some trying to make amends by working with the Police, the Police liked the work they did and so this was the sort of results that I needed to maintain, remove all else that did not matter or comply, the producers and managers however always end up in a situation where they needed to find out that they were being manipulated and therefore set about punishing those who did forever, having allowed Celebrities that picked up my wealth equity into their studios to make some money I am now being punished, so some realities have been exposed to the public sphere, what was expected to be the end of my activities simply meant I picked up the career where I left off and not likely to continue it the way they had it the first time around. In the end Celebrities had their purposes and we say for instance that the Head of State provided public leadership on the way people wanted to live, within a 20 year period, results have been passed down from parent to children and somebody made entertainment, so they would try to ensure that the entertainment was as inclusive as possible, if that has happened for at least a decade, we know that a child that had been influenced will be in a position to take their GCSEs which is a deciding factor in their future. I personally as Politicians will have pointed out, do not need Celebrities, so I am only interested in Celebrities that worked the mystery and temperamental aspects of my concerns – the purpose was to ensure enough escapism to focus on wealth equity which prevented some wealthy people showing up to attack others, making everybody uncomfortable and making people feel ill all the time, added to the crime control effects which followed it, whilst the Celebrities could keep one foot in their cultural roots as well the whole time. We have it seems reached a crisis point Capitalism where if money was made to provide a standard for the endless goods and services at the Market place, then it was made to make Government and big business comfortable but what do we do when we arrive at a point where people were going to their homes to assess which parts of their family fortunes they were to share with the jobs of the wealthy, in order to fight for the future?