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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Monday, February 29, 2016,


So I hear that I do not speak proper English and this is the reason people always attack my Books and at this point I do feel the time has now come for me to put it to bed as well. The reality of which is that the fools who continue with such things speak vernacular and Village English which only passes on Media where their version of racism thrives and does not do well anywhere else. I mean you can spend £40,000 to study the English Language from which...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Wednesday, February 17, 2016,


I hear that story at some regularity these days about the general assumption being that the Germans were never provoked during the Second World War especially and that we like to make out it happened as activities constructed by some collection of uncivilised and barbaric people who liked to kill other Human beings. It makes me so angry because it is exactly the same behaviour we find go on and on all day long today i.e. they have provoked me and I h...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Monday, February 8, 2016,


I hear I need to be concerned about North Korea Developments and that it’s a matter of the problems of the US and my general lack of respect for authority; it makes me so angry when their insults take such dimensions; first of all which in terms of the problems of the US, when China runs a fake economy, it was supposed to have been allowed to run its course and when people see it for what it is, abstain from picking up the products, which is much the same as the case of North ...

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SOCIALIST ENTRAPMENT | GAY HEALTH VANDALISM | INDUSTRIAL AND FASHION INDUSTRY FANS|CELEBRITY AT ARCH PRINCE'S COURT Of course it is not true that One has a problem with other peoples freedoms, what they do with the prognosis of their freedoms, which is a product of a very self damaging useless existence is try to find out my dislikes and ensure that there is a Public Office feel that they are able to do whatever they like which will help them become youthful and create the sense they are privileged and when it turns out I am actually the individual that tends to live in that way we find that Homosexuals turn up to push me off the ledge so to speak and hence their Heaven is apparently Media but it is becoming more or a less a tool for conflict these days. We all know it is the Media that others did better with than they do but the need to seek the credence of culture idiots who will complain to Politicians when you handle them for damaging your property but find ways of bully you to ensure their perverted culture ends up in your personal life and leads to an outcome where they can call you names at the same time has reached a pinnacle and there must be a way of getting on with company business without being breathless on account either they or their foolish women do exist. They excuse themselves most of the time with a story of my inability to negotiate around peoples generosity which has no basis on reality - that is more a matter of the fact people do not like being cracked and every older idiot playing a game of making me into a fool so as to develop entrapment by which their Children own my prospects, then find it amusing on National media has got to be one of the most provocative ways of abusing people that there is; nobody likes being cracked and they are my Books as it were, I have only the problem of knowing when I am writing the Books and when I a doing something else and if that means bullying them as well to run the company and make the sales happen it is what I must do; nothing is about their stupid generosity. Its a case of Media idiot winks at society idiot and the both get about making an idiot of a kid who will always be a kid while they concentrate on what really matters doing so - when done they set up a stupid female black fool who has access to my personal life by some means of community surveillance system and use that to ensure I am always messed up and nothing I eat stays in my tummy and I have no tenacity to keep a job etc, while all I do with my Books is being interfered with; it has nothing to do with their stupid generosity, just the question of when it is that they get to listen to what others are saying to them; I have to bully the Media to sell my Books but when it comes to the actual work its a matter of knowing when I am writing it and when I am doing something else, nothing to do with their stupid generosity or benevolence of self loving perverted and filthy exhibitionist idiots, whose homosexual communities I had confiscated a long time ago and put down to my history and will never ever hand back, so they can invent new ones regularly and tell me its their civil rights as well and of course escalate their problem if I find it anywhere near my personal life again. I mean I want to decide how I must bully the Media to sell my Books by myself, I do not need insulting ideas as well. It was much the same with the now largely resolved Industry people, whereby I step out of my Home and I do not have my Company and a Job I created anymore because others already have one in the City centre with Saloons to show of it and its only a guess who were curating it all for them and therefore the longest an Employer has kept me in a Firm as been a total of 18 Months for a pension due to the fact that from Dusk till Dawn we have popular culture idiots arranging their Music CDs to have a go as well; I am not in need for their perverted generosity. So here the problem I tend to have with Black people is that of how on earth people fight for their own endorsement but the question therefore being answered by an abusive experimentation that leads to a result whereby they fight and lose the endorsement and keep the job by which it comes and carry on like that for the rest of their lives, doing nothing about it if those who are inflicting it on them are related to them or a Members of their race but most crucially older than they are which is one of the stupidities platforms of existence I have to deal with around here and is a prognosis that will be tested here in every turn as we all know that these idiots have always been fond of finding themselves a younger person to use as shield while they mess up people’s lives to make their stupid existence acceptable in order to end up with clubbing and partying lifestyles while their victims end up with civil rights and death but it is an example of matters that Mr Obama does not pay attention to as such i.e. given half the chance these fools will exchange for us all racism and world war one/two for global level inter clan and inter family violence. As for the white people that take advantage of me however, there is none in a real way; those who want to know where Industry villages are and can get up there and talk rubbish at me where it really matters, otherwise the main problem is still the Media where Lower and Middle classes can engage themselves in whatever processes might be relevant for being more important than I am but is now becoming a weapon of which insults and abuses and violence are not profitable things, so it is very expensive for them therefore and appears to be a behaviour others may end up looking at as an expression of the fact those who carry it through are very intelligent organisms but in actual fact the reality being that it isn’t – so I need to find a way for that; Media for Middle and Lower classes is not sitting well with me so far. Only one thing puts a simple on their stupid faces and that concerns a younger and more successful individual suffering the part of their lives that had to do with lack and poverty so that they can improve themselves on his development and their stupid threats changes everything about tolerance as well – so they all know where Industry villages are and can get there to talk rubbish at me so we can find out if this will go from an intolerance of Media that serves them to outright war. Their friends say I serve the British Monarchy with my own resources, leading to a process where everybody gets the hard end - whereas the truth is that a problem has now emerged which needs to be solved because their deviance cannot just stay in their own Families if they have a problem with the idea that all I own actually belongs to me and for me it has reached a point in which I need to be dodging homelessness and something has got to give around here as well. It’s like the Tax evasion and Tax avoidance story; we hear of all these information being leaked but never clarity as to what anybody might use them for; I still remember for instance that while on benefits, little occasions where I get overpaid because I switched a position and was not clearly ironed out always led to this massive amount of information as a result of my Royal position being spewed into the Public and a resulting attack from those who might have their tax evasion businesses ruined because of me. So this is what happens and nothing else; on account these fools largely think themselves more worthy to be leaders, what they do is what I am most concerned about in any case i.e. go off and help the rich grab wealth off the poor, get connected with the rich by abusing and taking advantage of the angry ones, then get on Media and try to save the day to no avail, which takes at least 15 years of other peoples time during which they will be on and off employment while others think their livelihoods are a plaything for death threats and self improvements. So that in Countries where the tolerance is so low, when they are killed like we see and hear often it tends to make sense and thus One becomes paranoid about social stability here in the UK. The method has not changed in decades because they are so stupid and unpredictable i.e. Today she is a Television personality and that can in two weeks shift onto being a seaside entertainer, so you see that every single opportunity for small businesses is being raked and understand that it is not service at all, just the reality that must be recognised, that she is a two bit celebrity that hates them. It is the same case with Industries as well, they want to take everything people have got, to the last penny and in my case for instance having a Royal Commission and a Book sale business attached to it, tends to me the services people had deployed which means a certain percentage of their income has always been nursed for the purpose of supporting me as well, is what people want to have jobs on by stealing my secrets if they are Men and if they are feminists just want to own it by some leverage they have on me and this is of course one of the biggest problems they face because where I had enough of them was the bit where they made be spare leader so they can keep switching connections to the most profitable one, better still one that they can control such as myself with that yapping that we all have to put up with. It is never true that I am stuck in a difficult situation that is putting National interest at risk either; their problem is to work out how to convince me that they have a right to make money at the markets, especially the stock markets – my problem is that this whole business of people not buying products from them until it is made to my approval has given way to a need to pillage my personality and possessions and position to make the products because it is the easiest way to get rich. in any case of which none of these things will ever come if people do not work for them; even when government prints money into the economy, it is usually as a result of a level of service that can be quantified at a certain value, which means that such an action is most of the time immediately followed by increases in National minimum wage – nobody gets money by playing some game that is happening over there, it comes when people earn it and people will continue to get into deep trouble for nicking any resources that my fans and people I lead have nursed as a means of supporting me and my Business, which of course is the only reason they love their involvement with my concerns so obsessively and hence a social problem I have got to kill off as well. I hear that I criticised the UN for not reacting early enough to Global issues - none of which is true as what I did was draw contrasts between quick reaction to something implied by a Journalist that is putting a microphone in front of them about something playing with their power and doing anything to save lives on the planet, which is rather one of the clearest indications I have been doing more diplomatic work than they do, without the Diplomats Fees, Salaries and Benefits and getting insults for it and on mentioning it their uncanny alliance with the Evil parts of the world, a part of which I am not and hence creates the sense their need to use their control measures on me is more a matter of an evil they are than a control of Tyranny itself, will take one more step towards threatening me and securing self improvements with Media. So the extra facts are the old story of my problem with those Women in their Communities who build themselves careers being the face of advertisement but at the same time have links with society, so they can ensure their entire lives are about attacking those that shed the evils they have come to see in the World which would have been a source of strength, in order to chase some religious piety and realise they are supposed to have found a way to pay their way in the world later - while the application is attacking and taking candy from those they have regarded as babies. What I have done is a simple measure of the fact I am not their Baby and those on the right needed to understand a relationship with me regardless of how old they got, would not necessarily have meant they worse the Trousers and those on the left needed the stingy bum pain thing to help them keep their needs and need to have Money off my Books and Royal income as they have rather become fond of picking up a single copy and loaning their friends all over the world, so they can write their own and get rich on my Public life, as abusively as their feminists stupidities can. Of course I would love to tell the UN what to do but it is not what I did. They do say I have rubbed shoulders and taken power out of their diplomatic world, which I need to restore with immediate effect but the conflict here is not with them but with the Queen of England who does not want me to do anything that is influenced with the outside world and that also means having any form of academic qualifications; this means I must only acquire them when required of the uttermost necessity and it is always a fight through out - leaving that gap by which goons can turn up and tell me of a career they realised that they had when they are old enough to be my parents and grand parents, so testing me is not going to go without trouble for those who do of course; they are very well aware of what the truth is where their many lies are concerned.




 I am not in any way suggesting that the Nature of Diplomacy in the West is perfect; all too often, diplomatic Offices are filled by Individuals that are completely incapable of judging any situation dispassionately – never the less the idea we go into Countries and bulldoze everything to build a War we should never have had to fight is not wholly correct; for instance it is said that it is largely a matter of inability to see the world beyond the attitudes of the West but then again, for instance in France it is Taboo to Eat on the go and outside too, in the UK one of the biggest is rudeness; what we find people do most of the time when they come to the UK for example is work out how much it will cost for them to stop being rude and so it is the part where there is a bad smell and how they react ever so violently to it that leads to the story of people feeling that those who have travelled to the UK are here to kill them but it gets worse because most of these people actually have developed a sense that rudeness is used to prevent people from and select those that may be allowed to fit in with White Culture and we already know that those who run the underground systems on which such nonsense is based if allowed to proceed with all other stupidities, will leave communities ridden with gangs and organised crime and random murders – so it is not acceptable in anyway whatsoever; what I am concerned with attacking and subjecting those who are so stupid on the other hand that their understanding of my leadership means hurting me with every single misfortune they have endured, I have not taken my eyes off the matter and the latter should never assume they will creep behind me to deploy it for other greedy opportunism as well – it is rather dangerous to make that assumption into reality; it should stay firmly in an insulting fantasy, I am a Christian and very unlikely to have sex outside marriage with them no matter how violently forced and there is no chance that I will ever end up in matrimony with them either. There is really nothing here for them but an indication that just like I am Black but have a White Court, people will take up the Books they like to mess about while their lives depend on its contents and use it the way that they should have all along exhibiting their stupidities everywhere to an end: The same I have confiscated and am now in the Business of trading away when I broker my Equity Property by which I sell my Products.

This is 2015 and it should have become the main concern of all that after the Blair and Brown era it had become impossible to protect a Career from Media and Popular culture goons in search of extra millions and their idiot in the US who consider themselves the purest forms of capitalism if you do not make them pay dearly for anus and penis insults that support personality theft - at the moment this is not the case for obvious reason and is therefore clear the need for leadership. I am not for one moment assuming I will ever work at the Office without distant sexual abuse and total destruction of Public interest on this matter if I had failed to enlist Lethal State Security support to aid me.

They now say I do not sincerely believe in anything I do although I want to be seen championing civil rights in my own fake Royal way all the time; the reality of it is ever so simple i.e. the fact they want to spend all their time wielding the power of the majority is what drives you further and further into the enforcement of the class system – for instance when there are 200 banks ripping up the economy and five are well behaved friends of yours, so that when they are called to select committees to give evidence they hate your guts and sit there complaining that you have ripped up their Policy systems all together. So this is another occasion where they feel like judging me and the situation is pretty much the same as it has always been i.e. nobody has a problem with their civil rights in the whole world, they simply have a need to bandy it about while ripping up people’s lives and property so as to get a certain feeling from setting out that after an onslaught from them they have more and others have less and that can be interpreted as what they call freedom, claiming that it is perfectly alright as their victims have recovered before and nothing dissuades them except death; so it is really ever so difficult to figure out how people come up with such nonsense and I have tolerated it as well because people are not supposed to get the benefits of my work from me through alternative means if the Books are published and placed on the market, supposing I made an excuse to blame myself etc – so their incivility had to be punished i.e. I am not throwing away all my money I am making the problem worse in order to protect it, as it is not clear how people come up with that too. These are the fakest freedom scumbags I have ever seen in my life for the most part and their access to technology and information systems is unprecedented, the fact it is always causing me harm is something that had to be dealt with. They do also claim my place as Royalty that is championing civil rights is unbecoming and I would never know as this is not about championing civil rights but the fact that others always tend to have areas of their lives that are vulnerable and they always tend to get on media to get their own covered so as to be the persons with an exclusive right to exploit it and so when you do have a job for life, you must understand that you cannot live like that and if it is not that one because you are Royalty then it is the one where as a person you simply have a personality others need to peddle to make entertainment and merchandising – creating such conditions as suggest that your children will always be robbed with fresh meat in an environment where those who do it know that there are predators around so to speak and they think they will get out of it by making me kill with government office until I am no longer able to, then just sit back and take it until I am killed in revenge too.  So they do say it is what my Books do as well but if which if the Books did nothing of that sort they would never ever have listened; so now they have a personality people want to peddle to make entertainment and merchandising as well they understand but have no wish to change their ways as well and I do not think it is a problem either, as I mentioned before, this matter is here discussed because they seem to have a need for judging me everyday alongside it i.e. the problem is that they are fighting entrapment as well and now people can finger their bums to probe their stupid minds and I can be realistic about the way civil rights income theft and career piracy works right back to the 186s – the choice is their own, to stop being found around my concerns and business and there is no side of them that is right for it, either front or back so to speak. The colloquialism is that they have always been a bunch of two face tarts with a need for media corruption and the damage to my business was just the beginning – that was meant to ensure I am vulnerable to a process where all I do to fix it is spent on a civil rights idiot doing something about environment and rock and roll, while the other is just the market income for my Books being stolen and taken away totally, so it has to lead to a serious outcome as that is the only way to stop it.

I am aware the general idea is that I am supposed to be afraid of the activities of freedom and equality Politicians or indeed concerned about it lest it gets worse but the reality however is still that all we see them do is everything they can to ensure that if I had a bad history it catches up with me at my Finances and Career but above all, that they are able to learn everything about my work and the way it operates and the way I do it, in order to copy something that will bring about freedom and equality; the problem of course is that once done we find them on Public Places and Government buildings blowing off their lungs on a Platform, constituting the kind of vandalism that makes them freedom and equality freaks in the first place. Hence I need a clear Policy on what will happen at the Stage whereby they had begun to find it amusing, as we all see they set this out as a necessary behaviour that was important beyond anything else, claiming I am being punished for achieving a kind of success that gets in their face by using my own resources to get things done. So by putting this up here and running through the time table I set for it; the Popular Culture and R&B and Garage and Rap thing has a deadline for Stalking me which they have done for the best part of the last decade and a half, primarily used for ripping up my Book sales and making narcissistic fun that facilitates the kind of happiness that works trading and profits for them, just like their Politicians.

I do not think these matters are a crisis – it leads back down to my need to set those lines very straight indeed; where they have money and have been collecting the essence of my career since I was a teenager to make profits with and I have at this stage lost all my cash reserves and have a need to get a job in order to fight them back on one hand, while on the other I have a Royal Estate and the way I see their world is a group of idiots who rip up my finances to finance celebrities on Media who then keep it damaged so they can turn up at my work place to deploy a job I am currently engaged in to solve personal problems because they have no respect for me whatsoever. The one where I speak of it and the Labour party follows on the fingering my bum bit as violently as possible to claim I feel like they do about the way things work but want to keep it to myself so I can join the upper class – so that if people think I am bluffing when I speak about putting an end to it right up to those insolent saloon cars and the nonsense they learn from holiday hideouts they attend to with money they pinch from the Civil service and gamble off the Stock markets, they are entirely wrong; it is the celebrities that are more vocal about insulting and abusing me that have learned a bit of respect for far, I am far from done as what really provokes them goes beyond the people with whom I rent accommodation and rests right on my Books, leading to that question of how every Book is supposed to be an Interest of theirs before their corruptions of involvement are kept away from the finances and income of the Author.

They do say I have broken ranks with the Monarchy and it is utter nonsense as I have done no such thing and such accusations are very unlikely to work for them from any angle whatsoever, be it at Government where my work to support The Queen is impeccable or Celebrity control which they were supposed to do but I tend to do better than they do. It does not bother me in anyway, these are the people responsible for the things we see of every fool from the US getting off to express their stupidities around here – their alliance with these goons who speak of how the UK is not immune to how the US had handled the Middle East over the spread of freedom and democracy in the world even has its own way of getting involved with the secret services and is creating Folk songs in the US as well but it will always be as simple as their insults meaning I cannot sit down with those who matter to talk about my financial issues, while they on the other hand can never be famous with that kind of background and attitude they have got. As for US Democratic power however, the reality is still pretty much the same i.e. what the US says and does about it has nothing to do with the British Monarchy and I can actually give these goons a clear well accounted fact and figure about where they have been all these while i.e. between 12 and 21 it was the Pub with them all day long and between 21 and 35 only the personal lives of religious people and the bubble between them and the prison services will do, 35 and beyond was a case for fraternity of Nation and if it were a poorer Country they would be Liberal and Socialist over something else, it’s just that it is a considerably well off one – I for my part therefore being punished by them all the time which is why my head and chest and bottom hurts, not because I have done something wrong but because I am being punished so as to make me stupid and for it I did grab and peddle some culture and society about which I am now forcing sales on Civil rights idiots over their involvement with my finances i.e. some forward thinking for a change. It is never true I am unable to back up anything I say; I mean if I don’t want them to be famous which I don’t actually because it is not right before God that I should allow and foster such injustice, then they will never be and perhaps it is all magical and then again perhaps it is a function of hard work and taking myself seriously enough to build residual power over my person that I can enforce my premise with, so they can do my stuff like the free versions of their madness interfere with all I say and do to brag for all the time if they wanted yapping as it were. They say we can all be civil never the less and I do agree but it needs to be settled what the insults are meant to achieve; yes we know it prevents a process where I sit with those who care about me to talk my financial matters but it does nothing else but that.

Even now they speak of how I talk of being civil so easily and yet my idea of getting along with others is putting things into writing; but then again, the reality is still that if a Firm has a 20 foot banner and enlists me to do their Intellectual Property Administration at Private Equity for them, these guys will spend three days of my time at least doing these things to secure equality – so I do not actually think that I have done anything imbalanced with hindsight. The part where they say all I do simply lead to outcomes in which I lose my Royal Estate and which is utter nonsense too – if I put something up on a website it is dated and the website is patented as it were; it’s all something they do as a result of a n abject lack of respect for others while talking nonsense about wars that will happen when their old fools at the communities are insulted because their Politicians have thrown tax payer funds on them to help them take up a footing on my finances and show their stupid faces on Media for it too; it’s the same old story of the relations I have with women giving rise to something beneficial for young people where somebody then makes film and entertainment from it and they are up in arms over claims I sweep the Industry with reality films that lead to outcomes in which they have jobs one moment and lose the jobs in 24 Hours, same with my relationships with wealthy people and some of whom work in the secret services and when the way people live in that environment makes a film or something educating, they are up in arms to have their own with Media corruptions of involvement and vandalism as well despite warning them endlessly that the Film Equities are property security. So we can be civil, they just need to leave me alone and that will be a start – no idea which part of another person’s property that they fail to understand in this matter all together anyway. So they say I have this problem with being right all of the time and it is utter nonsense; I have made it clear that nothing is to get involved with me without having a copy of my Books in hand unless it is looking for trouble and they are the ones that cannot continue to expect that standing up on my own Rights to talk nonsense at me like that will last for eternity.

I hear my bad language needs to be corrected but I do not think so anyway; since people have no wish to get copies of my Books in order to get involved with me, what will happen is that I will make the messy part of their lives famous instead of them, complete with features such as using foul language, so that when I do not feel quite up to it because even goon I do not want getting involved with me is actually cooking my broth, they will be the ones to get it done; the first time I had to tolerate them was when they ripped up my finances and had explanations for it too and it got worse when the explanations had to do with the fact they were in need of somebody important that they can Trump on Media - so it is largely meant to head down the same route of what I am supposed to do with my position to beat up whatever they point me at, to make them feel special.


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