So they say my view of other Countries and their diplomacy is basically a process of looking for war since it is an unworkable Political disposition and position in its entirety. It is utter nonsense of course since it is those who do not know better than largely think of our position as unworkable and should be allowed to as normal until they are told otherwise – our goons at Politicians in Europe and all over the world however know that they have been telling these lies for a long time as I as well as they know what the correct thing should be been all round. They are never ever interested in anything that constitutes an interest for others or indeed what others are doing, all they care about as if tyranny was in the DNA is motivating people but we have a problem now because they do not want to be incessantly motivated like they have shown us all is possible as well – hence the reasons I think their talk of war is a bluff. It should be noted that this is what I say when I am being nice, otherwise I will want to talk about the fact they are really stupid but have gotten used to practicing processes of telling me what to do and making public appearances for it too and that there is never a reason for me to walk around feeling my ending all the time while they do not know what their own looks like as well, hence hating my guts and knowing there is nothing they can do about me is a start. In the end it cannot be that hard for them to let me be, even though we rather see their Politicians want to talk about what I expect people to do – which does not make any sense to me as per if it is a matter of the fact they are genuinely interested in my answer or that they want to consummate that process of ripping up my income to get on media and build a reputation of being more important, either way of which their problem does not look like the deal or any main thing that matters.

We hear that story endlessly that I take over their Country but the first question is usually that of if when I walk around like I am their Boss, it is that I take over their Country or that compared to me they are idiots? In any case especially for Europeans 95% of the lies they tell their families and abuses on public places are built on this foundation of a Country they have access to which others do not and cannot be a part of, so that if it is sex they want, they can just walk around skewering them; I too have made myself clear about the fact they hate my guts alright but then again, the fact it is about the Country does not make it any less insulting and it is what they need to take note of, more so as it is not clear how difficult just letting me be can be exactly. In the end a simple process of walking around like I am other peoples boss, has to be so serious it involves the Country and a process of motivating me to a point where there is no difference between me and them, so I might wait for them to start telling lies in order to look for what I can deny them all the time as well is an unworkable Political disposition – hence the disrespect for me is that much I do not even know who they are anyway or where they come from for that matter.

They say the problem is that I crack up people that are far older than I am because they do not wish to change and they also say I will be punished for it one way or another but of course the reasons they have made up for it is that I think it supplies attention, whereas it might be a possibility it is because they make me feel my endings all the time. Its like the other story whereby they say I do not have a definite plan for anything I do, which is also similar to one about popular culture from the US in British Monarchy; the former of which is actually utter nonsense because the more plans I have is the more of their plans I will not be able to use instead which is more efficient and ensures I can catch them all the time and everywhere, in terms of the latter of which popular culture from the US in British Monarchy was done because I was able to handle the issues very well and have no idea why they think they have built this image that lets them yap of when Britain ruled the world and how their turn has come. Just like that question of how I think Media is racist when it is not while it is actually up to them to stop acting like it; which reality is that the Media clings to my income and calls racists into my concerns to make me comply with their wishes and I will never stop making them lean further and further towards racists in order to handle me, I will never stop making them squirm for it.

They do speak of me showing some respect towards others of course but then again if people do not express some respect for a Child, the parent will pick up the rent and if they do not for a grown up nobody will help, they however can do whatever they like either way because they are older than others or allied to those who are and there are shortcut expressions and stories and statements and arguments that will beat it down, concerning what is on the left and what is on the right and this I will kill off too it seems for my part as well. Of course it is not true I have just come am stuck in a difficult situation I cannot get out of; what is true is that these fools cannot stop showing up on Media to speak of  their hatred for me as I have dared to have what they do no, speaking of their stuff all the time, will translate into violence - nobody really knows why they are so obsessed with making people get through processes of making enemies by standing up for something, then becoming successful and losing all their money in a condition whereby they can still be accessed in order for this nonsense to be possible but then again, what they are complaining about globally is the first part of what it is like to get into a fight with a statesman that they think has too much on his hands all the time and can be beaten up for their pleasure - the next will be the violence all together and will not be about flipping the fucking idiots over again to see the other side, so they can turn up when they feel they have the fucking guts for it and especially on that stupid Media too. It will just get a little more serious with their clowning around, when other statesmen and Women join in as well.

I hear that talk of a war I seek with Labour Party MPs all of the time but there is no war being sought here and I do not know of one that they could have won according to history anyway; the reality is that they comprise of some of the most stupid people in this country who really have a need that is almost like ‘a thing’, to get around telling me what to do but if they are not doing that I suppose their twisted evil then becomes a lot more concernefd with making statements about aspects of my existence I am either not aware of or people should tell me or I do not know what the value is, through which another person will gloify themselves, so that they might stop me from being selfish. We never hear these fools talk about the problems associated with their flawed ideology, such as the fact that most of those who get into trouble with criminals are good people through and through i.e. the way it works if you are to attacked by bad people is to be a good person through and through and be prepared to take a beating for it; what we see them do is that when I write my Books and put a health on the line, the only way the fucking idiots can glorify themselves if they must is to tavckle the income at the market and seek ownership of the publicity and image; I have made my position clear about the insanity of their flawed ideology which goes beyond the need to prepareve powers of wickedness so as to have the means to exact socially organised punishment on others that people will have to beware, that they might not suffer alone for the effects their wickedness has on them in the long run, especially the poverty bits – I have made my position clear about how impossible it is for an MP to earn between 60 and 70 thousand pounds PA which everybody else earns as well and then get about fpstering an ideology that says there should be income equality, especially one that costs others their earnings as well to stupid useless and pointless vandalism of property we see them own or create or share with the frugal and they always want to tell me I want to be a do gooder when all I am interested is in the question of why they get into government buildings and make up the public work to get on nerves and talk nonsense at me about a war all the time, that will be fought on handling my income and building a state of affairs out of the number of times they have fantasy to whack me over the head, tell me to shut up when I am talking to them as it were and basically feel like telling me what to do as though their foolish and useless lives depended upon it. The public life that is about the fact that if I am to stay in government office for 8 years, I have to accept that if that guy who voted for me had an 18 year old he last year in Office will be the same as when that child will have already taken their GCSEs and is parepered to get into University and face the big wide world and the question therefore will be whether my Office was not only aligned with the process of providing them a good environment to accomplish this with but had also helped them to do so but most of all is the question I need to assess myself on, as per whether I can do it for 1 * 100*1000*the millions of people that voted for me, not make it up as I go along and get on peoples nerves to feed my insanity trying by fucking hands on telling people what to do all of the time. the next time I am provoked in such ways, I will get interested in things the Labour party does not know about itself that I can glorify myself with and can guarantee that these idiots will not like my methods too.


They say it is years of preparation and inequality which allows me to excel about other people and it is utter nonsense since I am the one that was selected and provided a special condition to develop in and support the Monarch not them. I mean, if we should speak of economic issues which bake their cake the most, I am still the one that can run rings around the economy and securities all the market systems in order to control inflation, make them behave, put economic matters in the hands of the Church, free from their party to get rich insanity and they will still have their free market at the end – so unless people are able to accomplish the same things, they are not the cleverer ones. I mean there should be a world where people party to make money, as the party numbs their senses so they might not respond to other people’s feelings when people do not want a properties handled by them and then with the money they finance more partying and go again and again and again for the rest of people’s lives but in the same way there should be another who sell things to them and all that money they make without losing their own communities and way of life and only then can we have normalcy, so if they cannot accomplish the same as I have here, they cannot be the cleverer ones.

I hear that I think power is the least important thing of all but what we know is that they have spent their time hating the Armed forced save the twisted and filthy corruption of getting fraternity of Nation off them etc and nobody really knows what the reasons are – what we do know however is that they had conducted a perverted war in Iraq so as to help them corrupt the armed forces and when I beat it down right up to pornography and place the effects on my Bookshop become convinced that a Royal Estate will I lose and therefore frustrated when I do not; however which it helps me not to beat down and practically break  to pieces that stupid self confidence that knows things about me that I do not know, which others are supposed to glorify themselves with etc. The reality therefore is that Politicians now have the most hurting bottoms in the Country and we are looking at a condition of Military that will last for decades into the future if I have painted the picture I want to here and the Media and Popularity people can blab at me as well if they want, their case will last for as long as it will take for me to build A Public life on it too, by which it will all get a little bit serious. These are some of the basis for those stupid insults about war but I am a Chief of government staff and they actually do not matter at all. They do say that all I do amounts to the poor fighting each other while the rich makes off with it  but I have created a Literary Empire and personally skewered the finances so they can give it back to me by getting copies of my Books; no Book sales and the rich wins. They are fond of ripping up people’s lives to take up their time and make people set out a lifestyle product they will not buy until people had given away guts for it and sometimes it is just good to teach them lessons because after hell and high water, they will get my Books on ebay from somebody that is giving it away – being that power does what it does anyway and the great old story is that Heroes and villains kill whereas villains do perversions and violence while heroes put themselves between the villains and those who might have gotten hurt otherwise.

The same old story about a difficult existence that the Men need to know about and govern with my Court which I actually dont; as ever, if we considered super models for instance, we find these are women who know nothing about Men and so I know nothing about Women and what ties us to each other is that reality of whether or not my public image and public life is controlled by women or Men and vice versa for them too; this is not explained because I expect changes, I am just clearing it up for everybody, much of my public image and finances have suffered violence because I am sharing a bed chamber with Men, after warnings on end for years – so they know perfectly what I do not want but that is precisely what they want to do and love to pretend that in order for my Business Empire to be recognised as one as their vandalism of my income to stop they must get credence and a treat to respect which will never ever happen in this life or the next; so the complaining about the female journalists one is apt because it is simply reality that if somebody spends all their lives telling the truth in public, then perverted goons who lie all the time getting involved with their concerns to a point whereby when they are tied to an Arch Prince, men have all of the perks and even public image through corruptions of involvement anyway and make it all amusing thereof so that it might continue for years on end or the part where I have to take care to keep them from the violence as the only form of relationship I can have with lower classes is a violence one makes me one of the great ones that wants to be slave to idiots and the list will go on and on and on, especially when I do some diplomatic work and it cannot be allowed due to the fact they are colleagues of Court Members and would find it amusing if they did. A real need to ensure all gimmicks with my life and all effects of me result in pain all of the time; nobody has ever gotten rich without actually working for it, hence what people do and become has always been a matter of what they have chosen to work on – no Book buying on their part, their freedom to serve the rich is served here and it would be helpful if I was allowed to breathe as well, when they had stopped trying to prevent this Company from being a Royal Estate Business Empire which it already is and kept their stupidities, along with all gimmicks of taking over other peoples jobs at government business outside of my personal life. The part where I make progress with nothing because of women is the old tale of insatiable appetite for destruction of peoples lives and property which celebrity make up artists and backstage media curators possess; the outcome is that I am better off not them at this stage, save the money industry idiots want to give them because I should be rewarding the insanity of their foolishness on account they are successful free of charge in their view; we see it all the time – when told to act they act me, when told to sing they sing me because of their self esteem problems and need to have what other people have etc, when the models are told to do fashion they do me instead and the list goes on in respect to what they want to work on.


Its not as crude as a respect issue anyway; if somebody has financial problems it is because he had made mistakes and this is not another persons problem – if he has financial problems and is complaining about it, this is not another persons problem either – but it is impossible to locate what statement people are making when I am distracted everyday with war and civil unrest and murder whenever people want to pretend I build peace and quiet in my Office for the sake of conveniences they want to enjoy; when it started at first they said they are better human beings or even superior and that they will look after it like the Daddy they were and him like the piece of item that he is.

Their case these days is a matter of an unfair Country and nobody knows why they become so convinced that it is such a solid argument; nothing is ever fair on anybody is a Country, the most important reality that must be faced is that we all need to move on. I mean they were grownups at the point in time when they had decided that they want to travel around the world becoming celebrity more important and famous than a Royal Prince that had alliances built for him at Diplomacy and Politics and Industry all over the world – they knew that they had no chance of being successful with such a thing but were prepared to indulge the gamble that will allow them enjoy their usual evil fun and were planning to get away with the abuses as trophy never the less; I have to move on and they need to move as well whenever they are comfortable while the Country is still unfair, it is never fair on anybody. If they have a case with the Police, it is more of a matter of whether or not the Police handled a matter in the way that it should have been or the correct way, not whether or not the Country is fair, lest I get to skewer their own as well on that stupid Media while they are at it.

They do say its all talk as usual but everybody knows that it might be 10 times your size alright, still nothing stops you from beating it up if you really want to get to do so anyway; they have however become used to all that tale of being the kind of guys that band together against everybody else and there are certain people they cannot stop attacking such as myself and fundamentally go to work everyday to show everybody that I am a pussy by doing something that ensures that is the case. Still it changes nothing of what it is about in any case i.e. Mr Beat people up evolving into Mr Beat up and grab Royal Estate and writing career, whose main base is public transportation system – Mr squander evolving into Mr turn up on Media and rip up peoples finances to ensure they have to get on public places and scream social issues because of how much pain and suffering you cause them and tease them about it and then the other smaller one that is like Mr squander, who is actually Mr Problem, turning up with tests and disease and health destruction that allows him self improvements to snoop around Industry and extract other peoples income from the market place by pillaging business image. I do not do their own as such and really cannot work out why they like to attack me so much; I mean its a simple story of asking where the Police are and where the Civilians are and the fact the Civilians are always a handful of arseholes all day long, every single moment of their stupid lives, blowing off those big mouth insults whenever they get the smallest opportunity as well knowing it takes up peoples time and resources when they do. I am mentioning it now for my part because the work around it has been done i.e. after all those years of Labour party perversion and corruption of the armed forces that allows this Celebrity idiots with TV Jobs who think they are famous to acquire their Armed Forces allies and show up to threaten me all day long, we have now reached a point of settlement and it has ended with Women taking part in front line roles at the Armed Forces hence ended like it should have and I do have a right to breathe as well as they.

The Part where they say my books are very insulting is very well understood but so do their abuses tend to suggest that they need to force people to make use of their stupid lives to get things done; I mean they are asking me now and I am nowhere near finished as this matter will certainly take a turn when I start to sell the Books all together. Market conditions ruins peoples lives and finances, incompetence ruins peoples lives and finances; other human beings however have eyes and ears and a brain and a feeling and it might look it to them in the otherwise alright but I am actually still far from finished with them as it were; goes without saying it is becoming more of a warning.

Such that they say they want to be free of this whole stuff of an atmosphere I have developed which hangs over people; it is utter nonsense of course since what happens is that people who read previews of my Books say it cracks people up and the reason is therefore that I have not actually opened up the Books to them and it is still something only the wealthy may enjoy – so if I establish a community with them and they get in touch with me and we communicate regularly, then somebody does not have to pick up a lifestyle item which he or she really wants, that actually prevents them from going out to work on the day. The situation therefore is that of these fools playing their game of in and out, in and out with that community, then pretending what hurts them is the reason others must suffer and tell me I only talk and nothing else whereas reality says that there are three main ways in which I protect my personal space and that I win at all three every time i.e. the fight way and the peaceful way and the peaceful-fight way; so that it is pretty much the same story with their stupid society where people turn out to provoke you and your good temperaments to a point whereby every time they see you unhappy is the every time they will issue threats and you will get into trouble and we have been finding out for years now as well, what it is exactly they can do when they see me unhappy. What happens is that if I broker equities with Company A, because an idiot has seen my Books, he will then get into the back door of Company A and find a way to make money providing Company A services which will only be sustainable if all he does there is to  rip up my Book sales and when finished, because the idiots have not actually worked for that money and their minds are somewhere else, they drive around insulting saloon cars knowing where my anus and penis is all day long and pretending they are stopping me from stepping outside of my door. All of which in their view, does not actually constitute a problem that needs to be stopped and get to form habits of telling me on Media that I should have known that getting involved with industry comes with problems, problems whereby they are laughing and licking their lips sort of problems.

Of course they are not getting the better of me financially as claimed, I usually say that because when they don’t, they get on Media to damage and destroy which causes me problems but they are not in a position to echo what I say as well either. What is happening is the questions being answered; am I an Arch Prince? Perhaps not but either way Civilians are out there getting jobs and working hard to ensure we are Nationally successful, laying off the society and community stuff on my account. Of course the big idea is that Politicians are the things I cannot handle but nobody said anything about that here; what is common knowledge is that when you prepare  a means of speaking to 100 people, a male politicians most of the time usually, we set out to scoop it and the spin doctor government that works only when alternative ways of wasting tax payers  funded time continues to take a turn for the worst, not withstanding of which it is incredibly rude towards me and not necessarily an abuse they have been able to back up in 15 years so far without pretending the entire Parliament is their property. They say I weep and wail when people do not buy my Books but the twisted and very abnormal relationship and behaviour these people have towards my property is that I sell it better when it is quiet than I do when there is buzz around it on public places – so humans with eyes and ears and a brain and feelings should not be counted among the things that cause financial failures for others; this is usually the stage where they claim that the way I run my concerns allows crime to fester, which makes me so angry about that their world where what others do is so incompetent that it encourages people to do bad things; whereas if I were angry to a point where I grabbed a knife, I could have grabbed the cutter and not the hilt and if I got harmed I would come back to my senses because of the pain – or if I am not harmed right way when pushing it into somebody else could have pushed the hilt and not the cutter before I then got cut because I am not grabbing a knife properly due to the fact I am so terribly angry I could kill – hence there was luck that day and nobody except myself needed minor medical treatment, so that even at this stage I would still have been at a loss as to how somebody that was not there even in that scene that day contributed to my actions. The end of this sort of nonsense when I am not having conversations with them is usually that they were trying to push a responsibility at me but we all know that when I write Books they will go from this sort of talk which means that when they buy Class A drugs from the dealers, the dealers are at a loss as to why they make Laws that allow the Police to kill off the businesses all together, to killing off my finances in the knowledge that the Books I write puts my health on the line to get the job done; the one where it is usually the day when that Granddad whose company they enjoy decides to stand up to a goon that is winding him up, that will be the day he had stood up to somebody that has been tipped over the edge just the right way for him to end up in hospital. They always say I do what I do to run away from violence but we all know that half the time, the violent people, especially racists, have parents and relatives that do not want a murder in the family but the other half the time politicians are spending time making sure others who would make sense of being murdered as a result of having many goodies they cannot protect are in the places where they can be; the part they have achieved so far is laying waste to my finances, the part I have attained is being able to create as much destruction as may be required to ensure they pay attention to their jobs and I do not have to face racist violence on the Streets. So they are having to look overseas which is why we have ended up here - besides which I do not see why anybody would think that threatening me solves any problems associated with the fact that they have decided to use the entire Country and its very existence to fix their problems, never mind the fact their threats make sense because somebody has been stepping into my personal space and career to feed his stupidities and desires and fantasies like it is where he was born and how he was raised and where he had childhood friends and memories and attended school etc, knowing his disobedience will become exceedingly  profitable for him in an evil way when he does, by money he does not know and has never worked for and cannot account for as the only thing he has are his insults, which is why they have been colloquially conscripted to do it. I do not see what the problem of racism really is anyway, I get told I run from it all of the time but the only time there is ever a problem attached to it is what Politicians have done with it: it is not that I have a problem with the who owns Country issue, just that one of these days those insults that groom me from a normal person into a target will mean they conducted a referendum to decide if the UK is white or none White all together; I personally know where I stand on the matter and that it is a case of adopting a stance where there is Country and all others want to be part of it and it means they know where my anus is and people have to smell all the time while they tell lies and follow on threats concerning the reasons it happens and sometimes I do put myself in their shoes and wonder why I smell when I use public transport and it seems a lot like I could never make them as well because 70% of the faces in the Utility do not look like my parents and relatives, so they never actually stop lying and I am always working out new ways they will hate my Books further because of how I have decided to sell it and the European ones especially who know there is no love lost because I am not actually European and hence they cannot claw anything back understand me perfectly at this point; The Politicians groom me for them something of a daily affair and need to understand how my mind works too and see how angry the racists will become, as well as what I will do to them if I get the slightest whiff of my life being in danger because of it (nothing I have said here is lost in translation and if it has I will emphasise main point i.e. the only reason my anus and tummy hurts all the time is because illiterates want to be important, have boundless confidence so the Politicians groom me for them and a Country does exist - it bakes my cake when they say people want to see me make the problem go away as I have taken it up now and I do not mind if they are talking about their own fucking work ethic either. Its not a crisis as such; same old tale of where the Police are and where the Civilians are, of the Civilians where the total blockheads and arse-holes are, hence these are they and Politicians are always grooming you for them to get on media and tell lies about it. It is never about a Country, its always about what others have which they do not and Politicians making sure you read that University level one Book without passing the exams if they have to bring to bear the entire Parliament and Treasury for it along with their Media friends who then take it too far on making sure that everybody knows about it, so there might be something people can gain from if they kill you and offer themselves some celebrity based reasons to rip up your finances, continue with Publicity attached and find themselves amusing. In the end they do say I do not see anything wrong with pretending the Country is mine but of course people end up where they end up and this is one of the places I travelled to as part of life, while they have never gone anywhere therefore that fact needs to be a problem and if they threaten me will I pull their intestines as well.). They say Politicians have their reasons for doing it but I could never work out what reasons anyway, save the fact they have secret societies mean my anus must hurt all the time, then I give up all public effects of my person, commit a crime, end up in prison and get rehabilitated to fit in or spend years on the unemployed persons services if I am too cowardly for that; the part that brought the problems on was ripping up the finances and academic work and holding me down so that the gang based problems I got myself out of before I turn 17 can stand around me for years and become a part of my life again at a point where I am a grown up with bills to pay; so its like they have this sense that let be a none white and they will own the wealth of the Country but do not let them be either since you are the boss; so they needed to feel like they were laid out and cut open without anaesthetics on account they had an illness like they have made me experience - turn my mind over and then leave me a play thing for their popularity scum from overseas especially Africa who turn up here to clean up my personal life and happiness, any mess their plans to rule the world has made and I turn their own over too (I mean they do say it is the idiots from Middle East and Africa making me solve problems I should be solving for my race but of course they have not answered the question either of who has been going around turning my mind over for them to fuck around with - ranging from finance and academic work vandalism to claims my personal life which is consecrated to serve God is not just what Men have the right to lean on and attack my work ethic to develop the skills for stealing peoples income with but also is the way it is because I sleep with the wives of other Men? I lived in Africa for 20 years and know these scumbags very well and we all know it is either wealth and war because when they have wealth it is time to have revenge on those who have ever hurt them before, reason being to ensure it never happens again in a future in which they are doing it instead or poverty and peace because then it is easy to tell them the reason somebody has something they do not is not so they can rip up peoples lives to steal the answers to the questions of life and living and existence and enjoyment problem but in order to show them there are things they will never ever have unless a behaviour genuinely changes.).