The most pressing conversation in my direction at Government Today 27/1/2016 was the matter of being bullied by politicians, which I actually never wish to discuss because it is an answer for everything to fight politicians i.e. my main challenge is the case of stopping every idiot whose interest is not my Books from getting involved with me and getting on Media to pass slight comments that prevent others whose interest it is from taking part and getting their own copy. However if I have to discuss the matter of being bullied by Politicians however, it was always going to happen and is way beyond the story of me being the Arch Prince and therefore taking great pride in doing things that will provoke them limitlessly when it comes to making sure that we live as human beings – hence the need to rip up my finances and suck up to celebrities that will keep it wrecked to secure fame and fortune is a matter about which the celebrities themselves have now learnt a sense of respect – they however exist in this world where you meet people who face the same challenges as you and the need to insult and abuse a respectful Christian leads to an outcome where you are in a position below their children and their children end up with personality crisis that they blame on you as well, so it is usually a matter of considering how you wish to approach the losers on the right hand side damaging your business and finances to suck up to celebrities and the ones they lose to on the left doing it as well but with a hint of the idea they feel like hurting you with absolutely every single thing they do all over your body and so on, of which when you start a fight with Politicians you have chosen the easiest route and cannot actually control who gets involved bearing in mind that if I wrote Books that criticised them until they were breathless for a living there was nothing at all that they could have done about it nor would it have been the ideal way to make a living. So it is the same old question of why they are always gesturing me to the left and what they want to do with where I had friends and neighbourhood experiences and how it does get to mean they take revenge for my insolent behaviour of shoulder robbing which does not actually answer the question of what exactly indeed their problem seems to be all together, bearing in mind the outcome they seek is a systematically damage of my finances so as to create themselves a position where they are pick up phone calls and prevent me from getting a job because I am allowed to get on with my own life as it were: so that in the end I think about not wasting structures here that young people at the establishment think of as fraternity they can get involved with to handle their lives facing the future in context of bully Politicians. This is then put into perspective of their stupid children telling me that what the bully Politicians are actually saying to me is that I need to get stuck on their right hand side doing something ugly so they can have a perspective that will make them fame and fortune on the left and this usually makes me so angry – I do not know what I have to do to the idiots before their case improves anyway, I mean as it stands the way the fact I am the Arch Prince and they are nothing applies is that it is important we live as human beings and that they will never ever, ever have it as it were but this behaviour continues endlessly; it goes to show therefore that when it is twisted and evil there is nothing that can be done, such that I may have kettled it and kept them outside of mainstream living alright but this does not make it any less of the Satanism that it is all together – I need them to clear my space and stop testing me with it. So this is what the Bully politicians have been saying to me therefore as well; currently they hate my guts because they are unable to do their secret societies all over Europe since I regularly promise them the investigation of addresses where they meet and regular correspondence for it too if these behaviour continues and the warning here is that they might enjoy their narcissism of attacking me all the time because it is amusing to alright, the reality is that it will get to a point. We hear them speak of tax retrievals that I must then give an opinion for while the internet is the free fall for their behaviour, which means people regularly find where I have my small business and set out to find my work place and make themselves clients of my employers, so that they can get more destruction out of me thereof knowing I cannot do anything about them lest I get into trouble with my employers and then tell me my life is a scandalous disgrace when the only problem in it is the bully politicians and the things I am soon going to do to them to ensure they stay off my Books which are clearly not their interests and do not make stupid comments about me or it in any 24 Hours which may cause an effect. The piece of advice in this matter is that they cannot afford to touch me; it is not a good idea – if their money gets to their head, they need to put it where their mouth is. So there is nothing more left to bully Politicians but these – it is the fact that they need to bear in mind. 

Presently their bullying says they want to discuss my lack of seriousness on the matter of the risk of terrorism brought on by refugees and the risk to security brought on by European Migrants but of course the reality being that the Conservative Government has set out a benefit system that is most beneficial for pensioners who already have a saved up pension and it does make economic sense completely in that others are meant to work for and save their money and what is more streamlines this process where the biggest consumer base should be pensioners etc – the problem is that they cannot control their insults that ensure their kids have personality problems since I am the equal to those therefore the insults too, which they can then deploy media blame to work on me all the time with and has exactly the same effect as the Labour Party economic policy of vandalism and domination of those they have not dominated before, which means that investors tend to see at least 40% of Business Equity as on workable and at the end of which they come round with violent social interests with which to share knowing that at such a stage you will be thinking that spending attention on what you are doing is more important because it’s the only way to make the idea that a large percentage of your prospects are not investable-obsolete and this is how every other nonsense they come round here to do has evolved and hence come to this point where I must take physical steps about comments on my Books, especially those that say I have written them so I might go off and do my own stuff etc which is a mystery to everybody what it means and scares people off buying them while I keep spending money and hard work to make it work due to the fact people actually need it – so the outcome of the conservative one now is that every old idiot wants to know where my Business is so that he and his children and grand children can troll all over it and turn up where I work to become clients of my employer in order to get more which is indication I will get into trouble if they do not secure things by which to make famous their silly children and grand children etc – so they have been beaten down by asylum seekers and European Migrants and want to take the Part where I am a Royal prince from me claiming it is because they want to block head run a country that is democratic which is what their Politicians do for them; all those stories we hear of me taking out the Royal Estate to work on something knowing it will lead to more trouble whereas it is the Politicians that follow on their society idiots making statements about fame on my personality so people can turn up to attack me because if they had it they would be famous while I am a waste of time but in their case it concerns making all my business and literary empire into the Country so they can claim it and make it their own at government office – the Country part of the story of which I kick them all the time too as it were. So speaking of refugees and asylum seekers however; it’s the great old story of we being the smaller partner in the strongest alliance in the world i.e. if you do not listen to the British you will end up spending money on US weapons and asking them for boots on the ground to help you support your democracy – these are the ones that did not listen; they did not listen in Crimea, they did not listen in Ukraine, they did not listen in the Middle East; it’s not something you pin on Asylum seekers and yes we have been doing that for the last two years and the fact we are talking like we can gauge how much terrorism is getting involved with them too is yet another indication we know what we are doing at Parliament as it were. I do not feel that it is an issue; if this were the 1980s there would be apartheid in South Africa and civil rights movements in the US at this stage, people had moved on – so now it’s a matter of being bullied by Politicians because they feel dis-empowered on account they want to be able to bully and beat down an important you who is a respectful Christian, that will create a condition where they can be counted among the powerful for the good of the majority and the greater good etc and it causes wonder as to whether that is what I am really like. I mean the only difference between those of them who take advantage of these behaviour from their Politicians to get into people’s business establishments and hold positions that help them make enough money and the old goons who want to extract things from me that will make their sons and grandsons famous is the fact they have got cars from where to finger my bum and hit my tummy and my head as they drive past me on the roads etc and it is becoming a real question if it is an idea on how to ensure absolutely every single thing I do or say is hurtful for them too – the celebrities have learned a bit of respect and it will be their turn and that of their civil rights scumbags whose interests are not in my Books but turn up here all the time next. As for the things I will pay for with respect to the damages I have done; it is not as if they are unaware that they are stupid people anyway , it’s just that I need to be taught how to get a job by the job centres because if I wear a suit worth thousands to go into an interview room I will smell over the slightest pressure for which there is a cure here as we all, the one that will ensure I cease to get filled up with problems every time they see me and then pretend I am unaware they are responsible for what my tummy does because that is what their Media fools have told them as well – so it is not as if they don’t know they are stupid, they just think their behaviour issues especially the one about which you should not mention their stupidities in a Book in order to get famous or a song in order to make money otherwise they will follow you around and flush your life down the toilet, that will get to solve every problem; so there is really nothing in the world they can do as such and if I do not do this they will never understand, all I am asking is that they blab as an informed choice, keep their hand off me especially when older men and foolish women who find themselves amusing when they are not, keep their comments off my Customers and Media spaces and stay off my Book sales, lest it becomes a public life  so I do get asked if doing all these things does get to mean I have achieved anything and I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that it’s about the fact they are so audacious they know where my anus and penis is and can grab it whenever they want, such is the intensity of the violent insults nobody knows they levy at me whenever they see me and know where I live to make themselves feel good and the reason so far is that they need money – so that whenever I am busy with my Christian stuff they have opinions right up to the top levels of government which is scary because the attention should have been their own instead, so I have to do this to make them understand as we all know it is not as if they do not already have personalities people want to kill during gang fights all the time – it’s the story of that insolent audacity and whether they are getting killed by people and the reason was that I barred them from feel good involvement with me yet and whether those who turn up to show me what I should have been doing about them have killed somebody yet for their part too and the Media personalities and celebrities are always seen around my Books which are not their interests over civil rights because the Books will be really soon so that others might purchase the copy that they should have; it’s not about achieving anything. They do ask about what the solution has to be of which the solution stares us all in the face all of the time i.e. facts are that they have never before gotten out of a condition where it was said that they stole a culture to make money with or created the sense it was easy for people to come to their country to get rich and got on with life as though it never actually happened, what we see them want to do every day is create that abuse and accusation for me on National Media like they can work their own out and help the frugal too with the outcome; so it’s not as if they are not aware that they are incredibly stupid people, it’s just that there has to be a way that they are actually clever than I am in each occasion where I sort out this mess and move on and when Politicians turn up to spend tax payer funds on them with crooked means, so they can keep me on benefits and build up their confidence of stupidities the profitability of violence becomes the reason I exist while the fact they have that stupid money becomes the reason I cannot stand up to them – so that since that is how it works I must now keep off them and concentrate on my own life and work thereof should I have been scared, except that they get involved and really get involved like it was their own lives, where they live and so on being clever than I am the bloody losers and they must be right at all times, they have to be as it were. So they say the reality is that I have had my anus and penis roughened by a stupid black women that has been allowed access to my glass ceiling and now I am a symbol of mockery like everybody else – it means nothing and shows they have not a foggiest clue what they are doing thereof; since the reality has always been that each time I lose my temper a civil rights idiot want to creep under my skin and build a history with me and that is how they have also discovered that if they claim they are wrecking my finances so as to provoke me and get onto government to create a sense that I attack them, so as to secure privileges of injustice, it will be perfectly okay to damage the finances as if it was bastardised in the first place; then we see them try to convince everybody that neither God nor the Devil do exist too as it were – so it’s just reality that when I screw around people suffer and the outcome is that they had stopped telling lies and the result is that it seems they are not as good at the greed and selfish opportunism and profitability of violence nonsense we see them boast about and show off for in public places all of the time as it were.

So the game it seems is largely that I like to pretend that I am tough but now that black women get given the chance to handle me at my glass ceiling I have become a figure of mockery complaining all day long etc but its utter nonsense as the way it stands presently is the total absence to far of stupid black men at Tourism economies rounding up their kids that is me on which their popular culture future and that of their mad children depends – so they are really out to show me who is older these days too all together with a big mouth. I do not think it is a crisis either; when I say I am not a Celebrity and do not want the idea that fame and fortune is possible with my personality to be created, I mean it and people can comply the existence of opportunistic white idiots they give talisman for success or not or they can fight and it is the fighting we are doing presently – I don’t want it done and they need to leave me alone or stop bothering other people about the consequences of not doing so. As for the reason the issue comes up at all, we all know it does because Men have businesses and Industry going on but that they cannot do it unless they label me female and set out all effects of me, which will cover everything right up to my tummy and ensure that they beat it down with problems and profitability of violence over everything they want to do and no matter how many times I correct that crookedness they will get out and put it back down that way again, so that like the black idiots that are handling me are now fighting for my civil rights before I was born as it were using their own lives and property to do it, their anus is hurting as well these days and that is why we are discussing it. In their defence they say I have lost an opportunity to work for them, so I have to guess they were expecting me to prioritise their stupidity over The Queens job which is why although my Books are not the sort of thing they read, they are found around it all the time to take my market for something else.  They do claim the reasons they say religion is the problem of the world is actually legitimate and by that they mean that religious people are none violent but cannot do without stoking up violence from bad people but then again of which this behaviour is perfectly reasonable if women love to shower you with insults on account either they or men they know can beat you up – so that when you stir up violent problems you are too weak to handle, they get to behave – since we all know that at the point where you are the kind of man they can beat up, the reality is that they have become fond of ripping up your finances in order to undercut you at the most basic points of your instincts and that it is the way they have handled everybody else that will likely come into your religious organisation to hurt them, so that it might look as though when they say such things, they are actually correct. They however do say that they have been dealing with these gangs for all their lives but then again of which shows they are cleverer and superior and that the point needs to be established; so it goes right back to the fact that nothing can be done about dispute as long as somebody is not sacrificed for it and that is why they create disputes and fight religion – when you are a Child and they had become obsessed with getting involved with you, you do like to look to the teachings of generosity in the Bible, when it becomes tough you then start to resolve it by telling yourself they are scared of something and that was never a sin but as you grow up, you find that it started from the need for a sacrifice that will suffer publicly because they need money more than everybody else that can actually look after his or her backside and that when they have enough to a point where they do all problems will have been solved and that it has now come to an end which is a story of the fact they have rounded you up and really take pleasure in making you suffer because it sets out the idea they are not losers. So what we find is that they want to practice homosexuality on your personal life even when they know you are a Christian, they want to sell popular culture on your public life even when they know you are a Christian and if their view of moral people is not scary for others to listen to then religion is the source of all Wars. What we find in the end as a result is that there are two questions and one of them is whether they perpetually have problems because they evil, while the other is whether the question has developed into one concerning if or not the state of them is unusual – the response to one of these two questions which being the latter is actually confrontational, because it means that people have to answer it for them and neither God nor the Devil actually exists. What happens is that a devil worshipper jumps up on Media to pass around questions of hate because Politicians have provided him along with race relation idiots, the means by which to impress those questions on you – it does not mean you do not know Satanism when you see it as such, it just means the solution is quite simple i.e. I may not have the authority to handle those evils that I cannot do anything unless I am forced to confront so they can laugh at me but neither do I wish to tolerate any further opinions and ideas and comments from them about a Book that is not the sort of thing that they read. They do say I am a loser as well and it will never make sense; if my glass ceiling is run by women, apparently the Literary Empire and its Trust systems will be run by Men – so that although I know the inevitable result will be a poor one, I am spending money on advertising my Books through them at this stage so that they can pretend that I do not want to recover them money with some profit involved because it is an internet business because I will never sell the Books by advertisement if there are people in whose interests the Books exist who might sell it for me and buy it off me as well instead – I do this because I need a stage on the matter considering they cannot leave people alone still. As it stands it is quite obvious that they will now progress to selling the Books by helping idiots with money gut it for me and of course I am prepared for an occasion whether bothering me will set this history as a platform for resolving a problem too.


So there is this talk of threats I face at the Monarchy of which there is none; the reality behind the matter is a simple case of some people picking up on The Prince of Wales doing that routine of delaying my financial well being for months and then years to do their own version which I have no idea is what One expected or would have wanted anyway. Now what has happened is that they have reached a stage where I suppose they will come up with a story to cleanse the mind of anybody who has witnessed what they have done with the idea they do not like my position and want to make it their own, just like that case of how protection from The Queen works for everybody but they say it protects me from the ugly side of the profitability of violence, so the state of affairs has changed from me being a phenomenon that gets about claiming he is Royalty to me being a real person that is doing so. Hence like I had continued to explain, it’s a matter of people getting themselves stuck at the campaigns people run and run and run because they want to make my position into their own that causes them to feel as though they wish to become a threat, all I have done is play about with those campaigns and people can get stuck in it if they wanted as much as they liked – this is what I mean perhaps a story to tell that will cleanse the mind of all who have witnessed what they get up to would be an ideal way to go about it, I personally do not care since it really has nothing to do with anything to set out these threats on a regular basis more so. I hear it’s a matter of how I have taken up much responsibility and turned out to be so irresponsible with the Nation of which I actually have not taken up much responsibility in anyway – much like that old tale of my use of foul language which I am aware strips people as such and there is no way One can pay attention to anything that matters or get up to what is required when much is needed and depended on while using foul language, it’s just that I have so many people cooking my broth when I don’t want it done, that I am able to make use of it and at the same time secure people that I will force into getting things done if I wanted; they have worked it out too and sought the protection of the Prince of Wales for it, so they must have had an excellent plan here. So do I know what my agenda today was, considering I am in so much control? Yes I do, and it was about the case of Men and Industry and small tourism economies where they spend tax payers money and funds they grab from banks and stock markets, I was meant to have finished it by liaising with the Police which I am about to do in a couple of Hours – however we have accomplished much today, ranging from setting out the realities about global diplomacy and ongoing wars, being the smaller partner in the strongest alliance in the world with the US and various other things at Parliament and local government, so this is actually going according to plan and people are reacting as I wanted them to – liaising with the Police is to be completed in the next 2 Hours. I do not have a serious crisis with these matters as such; the reality is that I have already dropped out of University once and there is only so much violent and abusive forceful sex and social corruption being imposed on me when I am not looking so that it comes round my mind to overwhelm me, which I can tolerate as it were – they know I hate black people for it where majority of the girls are the ones that people use to get into your life for instance and they have long ago worked out it is a weapon whenever they wish to target others to become useless celebrities getting rich by being useless but how much of exactly am I expected to tolerate from the same group of people who complain about their hurting bottoms because it is not really in their interest to force sex on me in a communal way like they love to; hence I hated black people and they wanted me to tone my feelings about their stupidities down and then got off to do exactly the same things making out they are creating me a job. Their excuse is that my behaviour is costing them their high profile jobs but these are facts that show that high profile jobs are important to them as such as it were; never the less of which it is important to explore how they who do have the degrees and do not have to manage a Trust System of a business Empire that belongs to them without one like I do because of them which is thus so much fun, can go out and make money with it – I am all for scruples when it comes to peoples jobs but it gets to a point; it is a trust system and people deploy it and try to make the process as much in my interest and that of my Royal Estate as they possibly can and I am fed up with this terribly bitter way of looking after my finances without a degree because they are busy forcing sex on me and putting my private parts in pain all the time and I do not regret any of the things I have done to them, only intend to match it with the pain caused so as to extricate a deadline in which they will no longer be following me around looking to have a history with me so they can do it for the rest of my life. I hear that I would have been as destructive as ISIL of other peoples cultures, all be it ideologically, if I was not taken hold of and educated, which is because they think it is lost in translation that they are the fucking idiots who want to be journalists and Media tools all the time but really hate the idea that Media is about telling other people facts and facts are the majority content of truths and that their hatred for this aspect of media means they want to jump on my chest all the time and have since not toned it down along with the abusive insults in the last 15 years – what they want to do is get high profile jobs by having a History with my Royal Estate Trust and it is not hurting badly enough yet as it were. We see them at it all of the time; a problem with women, the need to touch my penis filthily and finger my bum etc convincing people neither God nor the Devil exists, showing up at my Empire Trust and messing up my Finances with popular culture all the time – I didn’t know jobs mattered to their stupidities. So they do claim I am one of the most regular and consistent users of Media while also one of the most prominent cynic – the reality of which is things like gestures to the left knowing that I am an Arch Prince and that I am Black and that I wonder every single moment I step out of my Home, how people will take it – so we end up with an outcome where that happens everyday and I respond with a sense that on seeing any of their sense of clique or community etc I will cut it up as well until that stops; hence it seems the only point at which to start and seek conveniences in other peoples living spaces is the Media and they can build it up thus and find out all day long if criminals are taking note. The rest of the time its a matter of threats and how they have not in 14 years succeeded in wrecking my finances to build themselves a political position whereby a phone call will ensure I am unable to get a job etc and are still hanging around gritting their teeth at me like it was their body to use or that their lives existed here. My main concern at this stage however is those I hand my work to for sale and they are the ones that will never let me a moments rest but when I pay them for any sales I should be grateful that almighty them had chosen the lowly me as the means by which they prioritise their clients – so I want these kind to clear my space as it were and we are not talking about the need to be bullies and famous at the same time that leads to that story every slightest hazard around their career affecting them will mean that I get what is coming to me, where asking them which part of the profession they are referring to, they get to tell me its competition one. They do say I cannot take them on but are very well aware that damage is not competition and that I can do anything I want to do in London and that they can neither stop me while at the moment are the ones complaining not me.