I cannot tell why the story about Migrants and the Welfare system is so loved for my part either; the reality of which is that those who are concerned about Migrants and the benefits system usually are on grounds they have seen criminal gangs send their people out to live in the UK Welfare system – these other people and the UKIP thing actually does not make any sense as we all know the primary atmosphere in the Job centre these days is that although people are unemployed and there because they are looking for employment, employment is the last thing they will find and the reason is that when White people cannot write Books or draw Comics or sell Pet food to Celebrities, their professional immediately changes to one of working the benefits system and intimidating staff into giving them Council homes but we cannot see their Politicians talking about this eco system of criminals who will stop at nothing and very destructive people who have time to round others up like farm animals professionally through violent lasciviousness, before they set out making people provide a service they will never buy and jump on media to ensure that is the only successful thing those who do not give them what they want can do for a living and sit around on Media making sure the Business is never profitable like a basic existential form they have taken up, what those who lead them want to talk about instead is other people and other peoples problems, such as migrants fleeing War and ending up on benefits system: to blab nonsense at me about how I will get into trouble while Media idiots flatter me for it; of which in terms of the trouble I will get into, the big old story is one about that incredibly stupid newly found upper lower class nonsense which I will not spare any time in ripping up for them as well, to reiterate my point that Migrants are not ripping up the benefits system and they need to pay more attention to and talk more about their own problems. In terms of media flattering me of which it is an old case of the fact they were supposed to blab a Book I will never sell because they had taken steps to ensure society and culture people are so provoked about it they want to shoot or stab me whenever I am on tour for it and that what they want to witness recently is how I get to sell it – they were supposed to put together that stupid Media power they have all over the world and sell me one Book to avoid the fight I now vehemently intend to seek and find with them and they never did because they did not possess such power, concerning which I am still determined to teach them one they will never forget too – this is what they should concern themselves with not flatter me because I am getting myself hurt on their behalf. The point being that these are very destructive people, their communities are on lockdown and it’s an entire ecosystem out there of this dominant ethnic group goons who live off the benefit system when they cannot become celebrities, as such which people cannot keep factory jobs if they find any because these fools have radio DJ jobs and cannot keep security jobs if they find any because they have got television Media, their leaders, UKIP, does not whisper a single word about it, if their leadership can talk about people fleeing bullets and bombs instead. the reason I am hated is that they rip up my finances because they have this popular belief that they are able to manipulate the benefit system better when I am on it as well and so that power and control nonsense becomes something I need to pay attention to since last borrowing that stupid Country from their Politicians and football people until my Books are sold before they can get it back did not seem to deter. It’s more like socialists as well claiming I need their help but will not follow them when they are aware given half the chance campaigns of charity by a Christian can rip up that stupid ideology of theirs and hence that I do not need their fuckers help; like we hear them claim that France is primarily a Socialist Country unless the electorate is in disarray when we all know there were two main violent revolutions in France and one was about butchering the Royal Family while the other was about butchering socialists – but then again we do not need to go too far back down history as it were only last five years somebody killed over 300 people in Norway because he was racist and socialist were having too much fun; it’s another group of idiots apparently who are never ever seen talking about their own problems if pot bellied idiots can hit you and hit you twice when he notices any sign of resistance in order to grab your public image and flush your life down the toilet to rub shoulders with other idiots that have money and the scum in Politicians apparently are the ones that did not get fat as it were – so it will be nice if they spend time working out how to have their way with the crowd to secure jobs at government which fundamental purpose is to grab some Public funds for poor people; they were not the concern for today, the concern for today was this ecosystem of white idiots who lock down their small business that never grow and spend time dominating other peoples livelihoods talking about Migrants ripping up the Welfare system, which has no basis on fact because their leaders really love to top up socialist lies but never the less of which the socialist tell too many lies and need to stay off me and pay attention to their own concerns as well.

They do say I have a fundamental problem with being disagreed with – they say it was an original problem but everybody knows a one size fits all personality peddling democracy idiot will always have this problem as long as I have not yet paid attention to his need to pervert all I do at Industry to bring about difference in intended result, which they are rather very fond of in Germany but never the less still have other things concerning me to complain about anyway. The point being I do not have a problem with being disagreed with, there is disagreement and there is insult; there is disagreement and there is gratuitous abuse and this is why I am always so angry when I have to put up with any one more occasion Socialists and Liberalists have again failed to pay attention to their own problems instead of me because they are the ones that start the provision of this stupid leadership where somebody disagrees with me and has a consistent habit of making use of my work while his disagreement intensifies and becomes detrimental, they are the ones that start off this leadership where these things happen because people are preserving a superiority that would have been lost if they brought themselves low enough just to ask me for what I have and be nice and hence develop other ways of getting it without provocation to talk nonsense about previous experience of those who have what others don’t – so that I also become quite obsessed with making sure they never have it or gain from me so they can pull their own intestines instead as well. When people drop out of University those who are responsible through these kinds of behaviour do need to have another look at it and they are not, instead the same behaviour is destroying other work and property and I am therefore going to look at it for them.

I do not think this matter is a crisis; the reality of it is that these fools think that popular culture has such an appeal for the public and the systems of power in the land and overseas that nothing I say about how much it abuses me will matter while what they do with it will be written into their fundamental human rights – so I think they need to work for money and keep pre pubescent stabbing talk to themselves so I do not become an animal myself all together and make them hate this stupid city of theirs for getting on my nerves; they said they wanted money when it all started years ago, since then they got it and wanted power, since then they got it and now nobody knows what they want anymore, while the older ones think I will get into trouble when I do not want idiots who need to have mistresses and a fat wife at home and jump all over my Public image for it, do not get what they want and therefore completely powerless to fight the Media especially. It started with Mr Blair by the way; Mr Blair wanted my personality to make himself look good in Public with but they had to get after my finances and academic work as well because they were narcissist enough to do so. It’s an old story; the parents raise them to be insane in case people have to fear them, they love their parents to insanity because that is how they preserve their dreams, while it has nothing to do with me, I am getting insane too; so all that yapping indicates a people who do not know me well enough; as I said, when it started they wanted money and they got it and after that wanted power which they got as well and if I see that stupid perspective on the left at my expense I will cut it up again.

The issue of the fight with Media is primarily important as per talk of me not being a democratic person whereby they must share while preserving their own, anything I do to protect the jobs and industries of allies and thereby probably the lives of employees and fans as well all together the way we see them act etc – so it’s usually talk that amounts to a lack of understanding of what I can get up to as well if I believe a problem has to be resolved with idiots that must have fat wife at home and a stupid mistress living off peoples public image to make them feel great and that stupid Media where it can all blow up thereof as a result. The other ones in Government buildings say it’s a matter of making me share and I wouldn’t know which one will work for them if the one I have taken time to put together for them in the form of a Book is the one on which they must exhibit their stupidities and become wise asses for but then again, their wealth inequality story has always been one of self preservation to make connections with wealthy people in a condition where they are seen as equals in terms of health, while spending their time getting after those they enjoy calling on crowds to target their income, getting after those who have nothing. So they say I have no control of this situation and that it is all in disarray and disorder but the reality is that it is ordered to a fault i.e. I indulge Socialists because it helps control celebrities who specific involvement with me makes them millions but they will be caught dead buying a £21 Book from me, which amounts to something I have to stop so I trade as well: they are now all stuck between a rock and a hard case and I am going to get my Books sold too like everybody else are selling their own. They do say I cannot when I am scared of these people but I am not scared of them - the truth is that society idiot wants to flush my life down the toilet and rub shoulders with celebrities and Politicians doing so and those are the ones that were fat and pot bellied and could not therefore become Media fools and Celebrities and Politicians themselves and these are the things Politicians consult whenever they want to make policy too. So they say I speak in that way but my tummy does not do what I want it to, the reality being that my tummy does what my mind says when I am irritated to a fault and an example is that my Bed Chamber is a place I share with a Court and not every scum in culture and society that spends time staring at me to a point where they can see what is happening in my House. They do say I find out what happens in other people’s homes in such ways too; utter nonsense of course, what really happens is that, a certain neighbour who is five times my size always tends to get the ear of some Political and Media fools that listen to him every single time he wants to say something about me because he is unhappy and this makes me want to destroy everything too because one day he will win elections if that continues or one day he will run a popular culture empire across my Royal Estate or even a Major Media outlet; these things can happen when idiots who fail to behave in these profession have their lives peddled for it, otherwise when people peddle my Public image but get after my finances and academics and I cannot keep a job  or drop out of University, nobody really asks them to dig that deeply anyway, they do it because they are narcissist enough to, hence when I start to track it from the day it began and find solutions. They do these things all the time before they set about complaining and yet any thinking person would see I am just like them and see the world according to what I hear and if I see the culture and society and it gets on my nerves I will cut it up as well.

So they speak of the problem being fundamentally that politicians want to control me, which does not make any sense, since we all know if the Prime Minister wants to that has meaning, while the rest are idiots whose activities cannot be accounted for and wanting to just control some guy over there amounts to looking for trouble too. I don’t think it’s an issue, what they are grappling with at the moment is the disappearance of the ability to push younger people into crime and then brain wash them with rehabilitation to talk rubbish about how racists put the Monarchy in position which needs to be funded as well and of course my party piece which is media insults and leadership at local communities that target me with squander and abuse, resulting in Unions see Unions want attitude from Unions towards the government when my bottom hurts and their culture and society gets famous for it, while the Politicians think Unions are getting out of hand when they will not be famous in this life or the next. So what it left for them now is those that will enforce the will of the Politicians and I usually do not pay much attention to that newly developed upper lower class nonsense because its someone else’s stuff at the Monarchy but when I do take public transport and get abused I start to feel nothing will work there in peace unless it is an ally of mine – I mean they have been ripping up my books, preventing sales, ripping up jobs and finances to control me with their stupidities and reading my Books to a free world everywhere they want to control people and have since been complaining too about Obama surveillance whilst they are now the ones running the security guard Industry which they have now started complaining I have ruined but will still not keep their fingers off my bums and hands off my head and face etc corrupting my State provided security every day. I mean if they work here at home and we have to put up with it that is fine but when they start to get jobs overseas, I need to sell that stuff because we will as a country start to get a bad image for it too; I mean my bottom hurts and I have no right to feel good because a Celebrity wants my Public image and for it I cannot concentrate on studies and a job and it is completely unnecessary in that way all day long, while their parents and that of every scum that shows a face on our Media  have started behaving in consonance too; they do think this means they are building powerful movements which is utter nonsense to me as well; I mean they are scared of and complaining about the dreadful and can approach me if they want. They want the Country and always do each time they feel it will cost somebody else everything and cast them nothing to want such things; so when I am armed as well – I mean some of them are Gay but I have them as well every time. Like when they say I am that guy who likes to provoke two nuclear super powers and pretend I will get away with it but in my mind I am only provoking Obama and Putin so they do not blow up the world and besides my self confidence is justified because any twitch from them will see me drag it down depths that have never before been seen – just like two nuclear powers having a problem with my finances by paying too much attention to my Books.

Where they say I mention such things but reject the help of the Media whereas my relationship with the Armed forces is so close it borders on the sexual and I want the security guards and goons at CCTV that work their stupid brand of leadership at the local communities to stop interfering and corrupting the surveillance systems by which my state provided security is based. I do not need their help, the Court is female only, rejecting them exposes them to bottom hurting which is good, as it might help tone down that stupid leadership they want to provide at the local communities too. Those who want to work in security Industry will want to keep off corrupting my government security thereof; I mean those look at me every time but do not know where my anus is and it means I really want to know who the fuck the others are as well i.e. every part of my body hurts because a celebrity needs my public image and somebody wants to get out of a hell hole he finds himself in while American freedom idiots keep my Books out of the market and pick off paragraphs everyday to make themselves feel like Men who can be proud when they talk with others and it’s the same story of the fact it is not that some people are just stupid but that of the fact there are a few who know a little. It’s the story of those who enforce the will of the Politicians as it were; simple case of the fact freedom goons will keep my Books and get about keeping away the buyers to make themselves develop that certain kind of leadership they feel that they want to provide. So it’s an old story, I make a mess of people’s lives but the reality is that while society people do not want to know what you know , they want to rip up finances and academics and get you stuck where they live hence their problem becomes how they will take you on – when the other wants want to be able to get away with popular culture vandalism, they secure freedom from family madness that saves their dreams for their parents, by abusing me and making me mad to keep those family dreams for everybody, so I got Books Published on the internet and both had all the access they wanted and got as stuck as they wished to be and now have to be civilised persons as well thinking about the fact published Books are published books whether or not they required literary agents in order to be. The rest are just what they want to be free from and if I am not free from the rubbish they feed into my ears all day long – personal diaries are full, they will not be free from the ones I cook for them too. Hence they eventually say I speak like that but do not improve my own life and it is utter nonsense; the problem has always been that I am a Christian and my religion does not prevent me getting a job and doing my academic work – the issue being that the religion and its temperaments is not good for people who want to be insane so that when they hurt somebody and end up in Court they can plead insanity on account they have heard of it but it is good for sleeping time when the neighbourhood needs to dig all of its elbow into my chest – so their own is not hurting badly enough yet, besides which I have set up all these structure they can touch themselves with too and love to strain those on a daily basis according to insults and abuses from male journalists of course – the outcome that causes the most issues is that of the fact no occasion in which I have set up an environment to speak to five people and sell my Books to improve their lives lasts for 24 hours before it is stolen by Politicians or Media fools or celebrities or journalists or popular culture idiots; so this has always been the problem – it wants to drive a car close to me and ask me to be gay in order to buy one, interested in getting involved with me but wanting to know nothing about my interests as well.


It’s the story behind that case of me thinking I have enemies everywhere while what I really have is friends everywhere – what happens is that there are people among those who get involved with my concerns, who handle extremism issues because they have grown up around it – except there are also stupid black Women sanctioned by Politicians to stalk me and chase my anus around the world and when I am caught up with that rip up my finances and drive cars close to me to encourage me to be gay in order to buy one like that; it really loves its own interests and while it gets involved to that extent is not actually interested in my interests as well, it doesn’t even want to hear it, looking for trouble all the time and then boasting about how much of the encounter has led to a result where they are better off which really winds me up because it actually isn’t true at all that they are better off, what is true is that they have spent my time calling the attention of an Industry fool that will give them money to wind me up and some of them have become successful financially by doing so, which is not to say I cannot make them lose it as well and we are not talking about Dads rule on the T Shirt after spending years making sure I deal with crowds and cannot breathe because he tells lies all the time and wants to prove that young religious people bring violence to the older folk all the time, then get off discovering his youth all over again on the temperaments of such persons after detaching them from their faith either. We are not talking about their gay and gay and politicians and celebrities and popular culture idiots stealing incomes anyway, we are talking about being caught up in some real evil that is beyond all that prancing so we can see how they will duke it too and then make a deal to be homosexual and continue to work on media and to be famous and get about all that self seeking violent lasciviousness too – I mean it does not make sense but it usually is one of those ones where a person becomes homosexual and its only when the evil wants to plunder it himself that the person gets some peace as he exposes his Demonic nature to the light that he loves to pretend that he hates so much and suffers a lot of pain for it too – when it happens to them as well, it will get a little real; for now incomes and leaderships are for stealing and then telling me handling the evils is the one I am good at as well to rob it in.

So they say all I do is stolen from the structure of other peoples democracy; I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that it is entirely the usual stuff for the fools in this Country with another Country in their stupid heads that only exists there to get about trapping me in Politics or government business whenever they think I have no wish to compromise my faith and commit sins that will show I am being influenced by them; the people who make us talk about it all the time being the Media and the Popularity fools and those will always have those insulting seniority income stealing culture or society or whatever else ripped to shred every time I end up setting eyes on it too – appointing themselves to trap me at jobs and earnings for their part as well with a big mouth. The Politicians on the other hand however behave exactly like Terrorists i.e. if they point a gun at you, you might want to fight back except they have 12 people locked away in a basement and will trigger a bomb if you do, so that you might let them kill you and get it done – hence all that 15 year nonsense to trap me and see if they can get into government office to make me cash strapped can be resisted, except there are people that will suffer and it can continue until I take that away from them so I might inflict the suffering too; as such usually suggested I think nobody is aware I am punishing the Politicians for the Iraq war, whereas the reality is that their full on war with another Country to take over the Parliament and the Executive does strange things to other people and then when they fail to pull off the nation building does strange things for Terrorism too and so because they behave like terrorists and can only have their problem resolved when you make them fight over their own shit all the time, it is difficult to locate which part the Media idiots play in the matter anyway, except those have appointed themselves too to make people look dirty all the time. Hence what happens is that they tell me I have achieved nothing whereas the truth is that nobody sets out to punish them for an Iraq war to begin with but because they are such a collection of bullies it becomes important to as the religion was practiced in their own fucking personal lives as it were. They do say mine is the path of the coward, with that stupid bullying that does actually make you feel like they want to kill you etc but it’s an old story; they do nothing at parliament except sell trappings of power, where their self confidence will be used as platform to develop an experiment of abuse that will put forward the idea that everything they say and do is correct, then assume that the idiots they unleash on others to feel as though peoples can hurt those who offend them will not copy it – that itself of course is another old story where you are a Police Officer and the Muslim ones will finger your bum and the Black ones will as well but because the Muslim ones say it happens on account they sell a lot of Agricultural produces and pay a lot of taxes from doing something people like to abuse them for, it is the black ones that say they do it because they are drawing your attention to somebody else doing it hence a problem you need to solve on account they believe they control you, that you chose to shoot all the time; it’s been 15 years of these nonsense and more so run everyday due to the kind of leadership male Media scum want to provide, clear they want some of mine too and need to keep off my Books. So we hear that it’s a tale concerning the fact that everybody runs out of time eventually; utter rubbish – the only way such a thing would happen to me would be one of those times when I will die at the hands of racists when 50 out of 100 black people had been killed first of all but I really do love to indulge it, so as to facilitate a process where I change the situation after 48 had died and although there is now a new eventuality for which another 50 out of 100 must die first, 48 have already died in vain. It’s like that story about how I have dug myself into a hole I cannot get out of, which is what the Media are always having a go at but it is utter nonsense too; I have not dug myself into any such hole, the idea is deluded nonsense invented by fools from all over the world that want to lay one burden on me after another because they are the only ones in pain as a result of this one issue of bullying me; so the Media ones are in pain and so are the Politics ones and the Celebrity ones and the society and Popular culture ones too and when I mention it like so, we see signs of them returning to pay attention to the bit that actually pays their salary when they are at work and not me but then we are not as such hoping it will last for long either. The reality is that I am the kid type guy that always gets targeted with the criminal types but the problem here is that whilst I know that obviously, the Politicians and the Male journalists and their girls, and the celebrities and fame freaks just have a problem with my academics and finances and well being and above all the way I feel about peoples culture and society, hence we are here because they cannot keep their hands to themselves and just make it only an opinion – thus it winds me up too; we can see an example of their stupidities being that my Book hurt but it becomes their main preoccupation or even the Politicians throwing money to idiots who play up profitability of violence then assume the same goons will not show up in Parliament to ensure what they say and think is right when others are in pain for resisting, to talk rubbish at me about digging a hole for myself, getting interested in me without buying my Books, getting involved with my concerns while hating what interests me as a person at the same time. It is what we see in the neighbourhoods, the kids are the ones the parents are protecting, about which you must let block heads abuse you if they link it with a process of making money and the parents are the ones with criminal records who have been punished before unlike you and those stupid threats to a point where you cannot look outside of your window to the brick wall next door, whereby you then start to think you must do something about it too. The big question is usually one about how I say so but what condition does not indicate it but the condition is where I was beaten etc – plan is to sell Books and run a campaign for it, where I end up is benefits and no job is safe from culture and society idiots who want to play with my feelings, hence it will improve thus. Even now, all I have said have really not had a greater effect on the issues around this business like it should because these constitute the kind of leadership Male journalists and TV Personalities and Celebrities wish to provide; all I can say is that they need leave me alone and not I am being serious.

So there is now a question about what I think must be done about the state of the economy and its debt levels and more so considering I never do anything on time as well; great old case is one about never doing anything on time when the Politicians have ripped up the academic work and the finances for you but then again which they are the ones that are doing dithering government that finds its solutions through borrowing not me. I mean when individuals deal with a recession they buy Jewellery, the government although has not been as relaxed about doing the same with infrastructure as the Americans are, is still very relaxed about it – such that when their interest rates go up, nothing is going up for the government as well. The new facts that have come to the surface is that the Americans are playing lesser of a Role for the time being in Asia and the UK has become the biggest Western Trading entity while China has been moving in but the Defence systems are being upgraded and new Ships will be ready by 2019; so how I feel it is concerned with charity stuff that Women do around International Communities and places like Canada and Australia and New Zealand and so before the issue of defence came along, I was still at a loss as to why it was happening beyond just the criminalities on men and now that it has since yesterday, I have no idea what the Politicians do expect me to do now anyway. The other story being of course that nobody knows what I provide all my services for, whereas all normal people know I do so I might sell my Books to a community of fans – such questions are apparently something Women bring up in order to protect me as such but when Men mention it too, it becomes a form of abuse, hence my response. As for the Media, we have too many scumbags on it with somebody they know who can handle me for them, wanting me career to make themselves look good with, keeping their stupid criminality fingers right next to my anus and basically blabbing about handling me and teaching me some discipline, which I wonder they will do with steady streams of insulting and abusive display of information on Media anyway but it is fair to say they are really getting on my nerves and it’s not just a matter of getting them fucked in the arse before I come to harm supposing they didn’t already in the first place that they now have to worry about. It is nothing new, these behaviour does not measure how tolerant Christian is of sinful people; we all know their story to be the same through the ages, play around and mess it up and play around and mess it up for all and then get about fucking and fucking and fucking until you are stuck somewhere and show up in public after that to live a life that is all about bettering yourself by handling another person’s existence; so I have gotten them stuck and blocked them off a Mobility, then set about ripping to pieces that stupid homosexual and clubbing and partying community – if we imagined I got about restoring it thereafter, does it then mean that was my portion in this world? So all that yapping about handling me has taken their disrespect to a whole new level and I need them to understand that it is important they keep their fucking hands to themselves before it got serious; hence here I talk just in case it tends to blow up in their faces. So they say this harm they can come to which I speak up would never happen but it’s an old story either way; if you shoot or stab it there will be enough controversy for public problems to emerge considering its spent all its days telling lies but if you get rid of the time and ensure everybody knows you are shooting and stabbing it because it always wants to create crime and develop some good cop bad cop situation for public policing, no such thing will emerge when you harm it. It is obviously very ill and will never seek medical help if it can handle me instead and show up around my concerns to be a Child again.

Their main preoccupation at this point is obviously to make profitable the process of showing that every secret I kept from the Obama regime is being revealed through the Trump Presidency and that what I thought was hidden never was and it’s the same story all round; people say they cannot understand what my problem with nice good looking people is but the reality is that they are always here uninvited and when I give somebody a drink the son of a celebrity fool or Politician must get ten times more with media and social media etc stifling my income all day long no matter what they have, most of which they make on my public image anyway which does much to justify their stupid ego and I have had it up to my neck as well. In any case of which it’s an old story i.e. the Country is full of very stupid people and the way to know is to see what happens with the Police and if not convinced see the ones that happen at the Market squares and then your bottom will hurt and the Muslim ones will say it is because they sell products that cause public shame but pay thousands in tax but the black ones will do it and say it is because they think they own you and want you to do something about the Muslims considering they were supposed to have been super stars before the Muslims came along, so you tend to shoot the blacks the most – this blabbing as such of being man handled by criminal black scum will only decide who becomes the next victim and nothing else as far as I am concerned. So they say I am stuck being abused and used by civil rights idiots on one hand and racists on the other, which is utter nonsense; the truth is that my people have a self esteem issue and so Obama takes note of what I am doing about it and set out creating hell on earth for me because he finds it amusing – he is not anymore apparently. The self esteem issues of course were caused by War in Iraq happy Parliament that also likes to blab about how I compare myself to Security services operatives but cannot do anything about anything – so I never set out to punish them for the war but they do fancy themselves bullies and need to be a taught that when it is hooray war in Iraq and they go in there to decide how to get rid of a Parliament, they should be able to return to one of their own to decide how to install a new one too. I hear my people are not long that affected by it, which is not actually true, I hardly see anybody out there understand the fundamental difference between a Pornographer and a Journalist as we speak – hence they are not but these blabbing fools want to get the Police to blow somebody’s brains out in order to worsen it and need to keep their filthy mouths firmly shut. It’s an old story about not letting Obama corrupt your personal and religious purity to make himself look good and that resulting in a need to mess up your tummy to ensure your House always smells and so you end up realising how it really works when an idiot has power and would do anything for more; hence the drugs piping popularity ones need keep their insults where it is appreciated. It’s all better understood when it is said that I corrupt peoples Women and hence my financial difficulties will never come to an end, which has no basis on fact or reality – the truth is that their girls and Women are always having a go at my Royal job and then we find them mess up their tummy with it and show up to get help from Politicians and Celebrities and media fools to mess up mine as well, which does not make any sense whatsoever – hence all I can say about it is that those who have the girls need tell them as well, considering I am not actually mates with them in the first place. So there is always controversy around the matter because of the confusion that is built up around my activities and I have no idea who does it although the consequences are always clear, for instance the fact that all I do is for the benefit of popularity idiots and celebrity goons in par with the fact I am published on the internet and my whole business is on the internet as well, which is why they are always complaining every day too but I really have no idea who gets about doing it: I am aware of Mr Obama’s games of course and do not want any of his celebrity idiots to keep messing with me as well, especially on such issues as self esteem problems people have due to the Iraq conflict and global insecurity meaning celebrities show up here on the orders of the same Obama who gave word that people should not buy my Books but hang around it and make enough trouble to ensure those who want to cannot have it as well, so they can show up here to seek preferential treatment like that sort of stupid position and the one they have put me was both our lot in this world all together, pretending they will come to no harm as well as a result – feeding into the fact it all happens because I am being protected, which is true but would not have a devastating effect if the Politicians were not more interested in making the very entity of the Nation debatable so that they can ask questions about the way Royals get around their private business when questioned about their bad behaviour as well. I have never really thought the matter a crisis; what happens is that I have to ensure the extreme left and extreme right do not get out of hand and my main concern the last few days has been to see if it meant I had closed off my Hospitality all together, which I hadn’t, hence showing I had done a good job of it too – the problem is that I have super models get involved with me to play with me for example and then what happens is that at some stage they feel they can apply themselves to something – for instance the working of crime and the way crime is handled, which means that poorer criminals are always better dead and wealthier ones are the ones Police will actually take a bullet to bring to justice because it’s better to keep them in prisons instead (don’t ask why), hence I let them if I am okay with them and generally try to keep Models and Celebrities I do not fancy out of my concerns but this then becomes a public matter because the Industry idiots who handle their issues want to ensure every model is wearing my public image as a mask for their jobs and not just the ones I have a Court and it is a problem which like the celebrity ones I must put under control as well. I personally could never get my head around the criminality guys anyway; the Media ones start out as people with need to control every aspect of the lives of their female colleagues in order to ensure they can have an affair with any they wish to and get away with it but when stopped resort to this need to have a Woman’s existence that means they are able to get gangs of people to hurt others on their behalf and then it starts to go all haywire as we see them take over the lives of Women totally all together, hence clearly of which is they make contact with me will regret it, like the American ones and the various flavours for spending my Royal property; who say it is acceptable in the US to have an existence that means 2 out of every five children in every family always turns to crime because the world is not a fair place and they can never run out of Police Officers, whereby if that nonsense Obama fosters goes from being done to my property and finances with the fame and fortune culture nonsense to one in which they make contact with me, they will regret it too – and the same as the other violent criminality ones that are a bit of a talking point for journalist idiots telling me what to do all the time for obvious reasons; those tend to lose organised crime business customers each time they get involved with me – so what they do is get involved with me using Popular culture, makes me wonder if they want to get killed. The point is, if you work in the vine fields of Portugal for instance, you would be absolutely terrified of something like this and in the same way completely obsessed with somebody that has the amount of control I have over it – this is really what my world looks like and not that nonsense where my activities are always being explained away by internet and mainstream media goons whose position I am to decide in three weeks time as it were, as something that has to do with self and preferential treatment on other people’s property seeking fame freaks; it is a world where there is an entire existence whereby some are good at applying themselves to something while those who always on the go tend to take longer to get into relationships or have children etc – not one where people want a relationship with another person because they will make lots of money from it unless it was a fight from the onset and definitely not one where Presidents send out word that other peoples Arch Princes should not be allowed to sell Books until his community idiots have some rights. We soon find their silly mothers in Church where they can shut it down on those who refuse to have sex first before they get job and those who have gotten away with doing so being persecuted by Popular culture idiots devising stories that amount to a right to gain from all they have worked for first before the actually owners do until their virginity has been taken etc; it’s like the devil and loves to pick on me because it wants my soul and I too them because I want their stupid hearts; their view of culture and society violence goons is that people beat up others so they can grab what they want – mine is one of a group of goons I control to provide a required hospitality, so we are not compatible at all and I do not corrupt peoples girls. So they say that in my heart of hearts I do not actually think them to be treated like human beings; the truth of course is that when you become a college drop out because somebody just gets off following you and chasing your anus at the market place for five yards and finds it amusing because you walked down the road or market place, which you were aware was full of really stupid people in the first place and it was sanctioned to happen time and again on a daily basis by the US President, what they really need to explain then is how I am to stop getting angry about it as well. So they say it is what happens when they are afraid which is utter nonsense; they say so like they don’t know what they are doing when the truth is that the parents with criminal records beat up the kids to draw attention to their product sales, while the kids want to beat me up because they will be inheriting the parents business and then we hear them say it is how they do business when the reality and truth is rather that they are stupid people with a life full of regrets and will spend your whole fortunes to get out of it, then spend more of it to get back into it again – the reasons Celebrities and Journalists etc are always warning about them and so on; so when those that have clearly stolen some fame that was made by industry become obsessed with telling me what to do, the insult is repaid by the whole social and cultural system being made famous, so that those jobs might be taken over by others too.


Hence we end up in this place where we have conversations about how much I tend to raise issues about solutions concerning other human beings; utter rubbish of course since it’s a matter of the fact all they want to do with their time is build neighbourhoods where people finances disappear into and they were decadent homosexuals and can use it to do peoples jobs and careers to get rich without working for it, following the exact pattern their Political leaders follow which resulted in the much debated Brexit. So what happens as a result is that they tend to avoid some real trouble when some of those stupid solutions involve my person if they are keeping it out of Government buildings and off the Media – otherwise it simply amounts to a condition where they provoke me and show up at Government buildings to make Politicians listen to them which Politicians do most times than when they do not as well, creating an instance where the issue will develop from listening to such nonsense to these fools winning elections by deciding what the general population thinks on the basis of some fear they have created by the profitability of violence; this of course is what the blacks want the most because there is nothing they would like better than to take over all I have to make their gangs and crime with, thus show up here endlessly to run from evils and lean on me for safety as well. My point is that they were not supposed to get any of these things and not even a little as such; the last place at which they should get a little should have been government buildings but we can see that this is rather what the Politicians want to do for them instead. They do speak of my insults of course which is a stupidity I don’t mind facing all the time, since it only makes public the fact that this sort of nepotism is not targeted at people who are poor and inferior but people who are said to have possessions they are not worthy to have and therefore are unable to protect – hence I groom them for it too and the part where it plays out in terms of me coming up with solutions involving their person too amounts to an understanding they are messing with a dangerous individual as well, who particularly wants them to stay off him and keep away from his Books which are matters that exist somewhere around a religion that was clearly practiced in their own personal lives all together. So that stuff they chase all the time is not where they were born and how they were raised and where they went to school or had childhood friends, its mine and if they cannot chase it while I am allowed to keep my business and my academic work, they will not live in an environment that I have taken steps to ensure is tolerable for their fame mad stupidities too; they need to clear the government buildings and keep off the Media if it bothers them so much, not talk nonsense about how I achieved nothing when I got a royal commission as a student and while they ripped up the Academics they have achieved nothing greater either, especially when they exhibit their insanity on the Media doing so as well. I have mentioned before, what the Public wants to hear about racist Policies is that it’s a lottery for those who do it i.e. they vote for conservatives and when it does not make them rich, vote for liberals and when it does not make them rich, try socialists and when that fails too, vote the far right and the Public really needs to hear this because it is the one fact that proves what is causing them failure at their chosen line of Political career is not the existence of other people but their rhetoric i.e. that 50 million deaths in a war that cannot really be explained to this very day some 70 years ago  being repeated will actually solve a problem for others and that was by the way the second one which happened less than two decades apart from the first all together. Hence they are not supposed to get any and that would have been the case if the Politicians do not give them a little at Government buildings to wind people up and seek trappings of power all the time – hence my own is in my hands to decide as well and I am doing no such thing as coming up with solutions concerning other human beings – what is happening is that I am grooming them as well to become targets for others who behave in the same way, to prove it is not an indication of poverty or superiority. They do say I speak in terms of neighbourhoods versus neighbourhoods, which is utter nonsense; I am speaking in terms of not losing an entire business Empire because a certain group or race of people are very insulting; so when Firms broker equity with me and people turn up to want my job and business because the products have made a public appearance they can be rest assured I will pervert their own as well and find out if that stupid neighbourhood of theirs is really that bad and whether if it was they would be showing up at Parliament or that stupid media they cannot stay away from to blab at me like that all the time; this is usually where they want to show that what I think of myself is not what the Industries and companies think of me, whereas that bit was never their business as well i.e. the bit where a goon has created products which he now sells in a few countries around the world about which I salute him and therefore pretends he can get about talking to me concerning his ego and appetite for power with respect to matters I think I control but do not: all they had to worry about is whether things they work for and think about gets scooped from their brains because it’s the wealthy criminals or the poor criminals that are doing it and they cannot even look after their backyard while having such low opinion of the Police who are actually doing a better job, what they want to do instead is blab at me all the time about being Royalty like they have a foggiest clue what it is about. So unless I am missing anything out, this was the story concerning the great ideas on solutions which affect and apply to people.

It’s like when we hear some of them have been spending their money to fund things others do to reverse Brexit. It makes me angry because one moment they will sweet talk poor people into spending money on the products of their business Empires and the next they will fund reverse Brexit, to continue the issues around it which largely had to do with individuals appointing themselves onto public roles by which they can foster the cycles of poverty on others. I mean I come from a Broken family and there was a time that I spent time with my Mom who worked in a Bank and sometimes ran a small business from the garage, a few weeks at a time for a short period – these are the kinds of people who voted for Brexit and I am trying to sell my Books here for my part while these goons take money off them, fall in love with me without buying my Books and then fund reverse Brexit. It’s so annoying because the bigger question is apparently that they are making a mess and the ending has to be the one where somebody had to clean it up too – in their foolish minds, its rather a case of costs and rewards, so if doing such things will make them 2 million pounds and funding Brexit will cost half a million, it’s just good business and therefore any business is worth doing.  Just like the other story of the things I say to disrespect black people and black leaders and black people problems when I am actually black being the reason for my problems but it’s an old story about that religion I practice in their personal lives in the first place and insults I cannot really tell if I designed to incite a hate crime against me, making me feel they have not yet got some real fucking problems so far just yet. It usually begins with a tale about what the value of their disobedience should be and develops into one about what their leaders have achieved to create my freedom and then develops into the problems of their entire Communities and eventually where I take action is where somebody got killed by the Police, they withhold the facts and turn up to tell me in the usual very forceful and violently abusive way, how I must comply with how they are feeling about it as a community; so when people drop out of University like I have because of their insanity of these kind, they get changed by it too and these goons are still having way too much fun on my feelings for their own good – in the end the result of the need to have these gangs will be that they will exist at the top and spend time doing their own academic work while the only thing that will make sense to me will be to become so angry about it I join a rival gang and live on borrowed time and I am not taking any rubbish from them as well – they need to share it, they need to share it all, especially withheld information about the difficult decisions that are taken by law enforcement to kill people, share all of it. As for the Media that wants me to be covered in problems so they can have somebody to look on and feel good, it’s an old story; they play all the time and have not stopped seeing me as somebody with a living that should be available to them so they can get where they have planned to attain in their lives and my opinion is that they can play and keep playing on as we can see it will all end very well judging from current outcomes as it were. So they speak of what I am not likely to do at this point which is an old story; I come from a background where violence is obscene for adults because it is a situation where people cannot get over settling issues with such crude barbarism – for children it’s okay because they grow up and get over each other, for adults its worse when they have a family as well; so the reality is that if these scum get at me in a personal way I will change their stupid lives for them permanently as well; so I stick to the main point i.e. they can keep playing along if they want as seeing it will end very well too; piece of advice being they need to leave me alone and in case they have not noticed, it is actually serious – they show up like these in suits and on Media, give off impression they are civilised people but are full of crap. So they say I end up where I shouldn’t be which is what constitutes most of my problems; the reality of course is that these goons rather end up where they should not be in order to secure good feelings from other people’s property in an abusive way; so it leads to that case where I am said to be an insulting fellow because I never speak of it considering it takes so much time and then they got used to it and started media accusations of insults on my part but in the end there is no way I will develop a piece on private equity intellectual property Administration solutions without thinking about where somebody was depressed or where the products were unsafe in a neighbourhood etc – so what they do is shed the morals their parents raised them with waste themselves and show up to get an updated life on the Books which only works if their ego is not pricked by there existing a condition where they got away without paying for over 24 hours and beyond because they are Men and so there is no way I am losing the property involved, thus when Firms had picked them and developed them, these kinds of people will have to become mentally disturbed and they usually say that will never happen if they have the profitability of violence at their disposal, so it will continue until I build a Public life on it too. They even point to reasons such as making their parents proud of them and getting it out of me as I have refused to share – so they are Men you see, considering nothing actually described what I do as a process of coming up with ways of making parents proud and then sharing it and the last time I looked down my case there was a penis hanging there as well. We all know they never screw the wives they married if they can the ones they never married instead and those are built from years of settling what relationship is good for somebody who should become gay to service their daddy needs and then detached from by financial means those kinds of relationships but the one vandalism I cannot get my head around is travelling around the world to spread my Books around and sit about on its premise to provide the kind of leadership that will make them feel proud of themselves as Men and Fathers, after all I have been through due to securing property on seeing passages show up on Media to make journalists feel good about themselves when I am published on the internet. It’s not a crisis as such; the reality is that these foolish Men do not recognise my patents and behave accordingly, makes me wonder if they believe themselves when they say so or its just delusion built from years of insults they have gotten used to peddling. So they say I have lost all I have worked for Today – the reality of which is that they become more interested in the obscene aspects of my work, just like that story of how I steal clients from Media organisations who know what their intellectual property says and does according to those who have to run those advertisement in return for a certain amount of income. So it does not want to buy the Books that are about swear words, it just wants to draw attention to what has been lost and it will carry on for eternity if I let it. Nothing unusual about it as such; old case of when I say the Politicians are out to get me and the Media is out to get me and the Charity NGOs are out to get me and some Diplomats are out to get me and I must remain calm as it is all completely ridiculous.