They do say I have escaped being attacked by Americans many times but I do not know that they would have actually gone through with it anyway unless the US is actually powerful enough to wade anything, even though I am not prepared to play up the risk; however the situation is that of the case of trouble makers on the right at society and culture where we have celebrities breaking Scotland away from the UK using the SNP and making it seem as though it was all the fault of Westminster and the absence of Politics which is what the proposed break up was about in the first place helped by the Labour Socialist party that has never really admitted yet that their need to spend tax payer funds on the idiots and help their goons from overseas who have strange power culture practices of wickedness that are ungodly and evil and to bring about fulfilment of wants especially concerning government office into main stream living is the reason they were able to do it, aside which we also have on the other hand trouble makers on the Media who turn up on the left and between both are black women with a sense of insolence which is legendary for the only abuse there is in the world is sexual abuse as it were thereof and when asked what the purpose of the contraption is, they say it is to ensure they can mess with me and do whatever they like and that if these stupid men on the right and the media are a threat to them, they can then deploy any of my possessions which they spy on me to find and locate on those men to pacify them and provoke me so that I might fight for them or face further wrath and then the realisation will be that it is what their involvement was all about all along in the first place coupled again with the reality of which is that this is actually not the US all together of which I do like to prove my point in that respect not just by making sure Mr Obama is not controlling them while I can control the trouble makers here in the UK, so that what we have is a condition where I have not yet started threatening them as well for my part while US Police officers continually find themselves in a position where they end up killing as it were and Mr Obama can do nothing about civil rights this and civil rights that and government must drop it because it was my own to get rich with etc, in light of which the only thing Mr Obama has achieved is ripping up my Book sales which means that the Books are not in any position to assist him at all as well i.e. this is not the US and Presidents should tell other peoples Princes that they had no Empires in the first place and need to walk before they can run, especially if they happen to share the same skin colour as it were. The delusion these American idiots have is that the simulation of my fighting abilities has now made them stronger than I am and that it is time to attack as their wickedness and immorality knows no bounds while claiming I think I know the US but actually have no appreciation of what kind of a Country it really is whereas I know freedom for women is limited in the US and there are a lot of prostitutes and pornographers out there keeping them off access to the British etc hence I think I have  a fair idea unlike their insolent and immoral assumptions especially when black and think they are other peoples personal Gods as nobody has softened them up yet as it were; my point is that they think if they start a fight, what their insults and abuses have simulated from my life will not become the bone of contention as it were, hence getting weaker. So that when I thus mention it addressing me as boy when they are done getting fattened suckling the devil and looking as filthy as only Americans can look and hence feel their fingers crawling up my anus to make their insolent point all the time, it will appear I have given resolve and credence to Terrorists. So it’s an old unpleasant game of trouble makers on the left and idiots on the right and Media running the show with stupid black women in the Middle and people getting abused – the US is now in a place where it does not sing the tune of their freedom over other people’s right to peace of mind anymore firstly and then also is a worry they need to take onboard here that they might spy on me and copy every little dish, every single meal I have, to share with idiots, some of whom are fools that are a danger to them but they are in league with never the less and others business world idiots – the reality has always been their inability to understand what this is all about i.e. I do say what I say and do what I do but it does not mean I go about ruining and damaging the lives and property of the Lower Classes, if they damage mine the reality will always be that they hate my guts when I have done nothing to them but are acting in precisely the same ways that lead to the applicable result that brings about such an effect and the outcome will be that they think I am a nightmare at present but there will be one for all to see as it were. They do say they don’t feel this can materialise but that means what they want me to do is start calculating i.e. sit about getting used to the procedure for dealing with them instead of losing my temper and getting into a rant on a regular basis – I already know what the procedure is, now they are asking me to. They do claim when I say such things I give incredible amounts of leverage for European Racism but I wouldn’t know anyway; we are talking about goons on the right and media fools on the left and women especially blacks in the middle making a mess of my property and finances all the time, most of them playing up socialist routines and lots of campaigns of entrapment because they think they own me etc – so what they refer to as European Racism is largely just bad boys; Bad Boys with whom celebrities cannot have enough of grabbing my public life to go off and mess about with and then when done turn up on the Red Carpet to find bad boys following them around running small businesses and restaurants and then their Media friends will grab more of it to rip up my finances and make them feel good and it will seem as though they are so good looking I would do anything for them because they are far, far superior and I still have no idea which part of my capacity to rip up their entire Celebrity culture and life style on the global stage still appears to be incredible here anyway. It’s like the story of how I speak but do not do what I preach referring to a Court of Female journalists I have, whereas there were always serious minded and educated people around me with bodies that will be wasted to protect mine about whom I will always try not to take my clothes off lest I do their stuff as it were.


We do hear that the west is so paranoid of racism that it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy which has no basis on reality that is more a matter of the fact when you provide leadership for five people, the risk that you run is that of when two are not in agreement, meaning if the situation persists, then in the near or far future, three will clash with two which is what we describe as civil war. The way racism works is; when we are angry with each other our great leader finds up innocent people that we can kill and the more innocent they are is the more it makes sense and then there is the part where war crimes are necessary to implicate them by violent physical corruptibility etc – we still have not worked out in the West how and why people do it – while in the East it is rather one of applicable methods by which to ensure wars end at great cost that ensure voices of dissent do not bother the authorities, although I am perfectly certain that those who speak of paranoia are the foot soldiers of the devil who seem to be able to have a range in the normal lives of the peoples of the world because of how little they know about their chosen evil master and how humanity fills in the rest in their egoistic brains for them. I understand the tale of how this situation is the same I have with media which again has no basis on reality as stupid men on the right and the left, the left of which is where the media is make contact with black communities in order to get black women to collect my privileges for them to feel special with hence the reason they are stuck between the two looking for vile low lives they can share my personal life with as revenge for ignoring them and all that intolerable nonsense that means bullying the media will soon be the only way to run this business as it were; the reason being that they want somebody with access to government office so that they who need state security can get the most of it according to them and so they have had their own all planned out as such – these are simply individuals who are 100% certain that other people’s lives revolve around them, it is filial destruction to provide anything for them that looks like leadership in anyway – more like opening up the Church to racists; it is the obvious reason having a Court of Female journalists meant they had to make trouble for me and secure their connections with their own Royalty in order to be competitive. There has always been one reason only i.e. to make some extra money to secure creature comforts with and their evil nature not only shows that no matter how hard you try when you know this is guaranteed behaviour from them, your valuables will end up on their Table and then whether or not they do will become very seductive to them and it will all be your fault – so at this point I have 24 Hours since my last ultimatum to find out if I am the kind of guy that bullies the Media or whether doing so is the only choice I have and the statement is emerging i.e. tell them not to address me or turn up here to make some extra money and if they do not comply they must be made to end up in pain for a decade and a half of financial vandalism on a daily basis. It is a level of destructive involvement that people who are just fans as well as those responsible for my Government security complain about all the time. They speak of the black Women I mention like I am not using their property to get my work done; which is utter nonsense as there is no such thing – what is really happening is that the idiots want to be around dangerous men because the need to peddle my personal and public life at celebrity culture is wholly overwhelming and must be achieved at all cost and that means they regularly spy on me to find what I eat or drink if I have any well being issues and then hand it to a barely sane society idiot who has no more sense of reality left in him and then get about telling me it is the same way they will fight for me by taking him out which I suppose means poisoning people etc – but the main reason for their behaviour being that they are teaching me a lesson for ignoring them. Impossible for me at all times to work out where it all started but then again is the Media which is the main problem I need to deal with as it were and I want them to keep off my Books and stay away from me as it is not a platform by which they can express themselves. Apparently it is an example of necessary behaviour people put up to make me fight racism of which the racists have more money than they do while they spend their time ripping mine up and blaming the white man – so they like to think they know so much about them dangerous men they want to get about with so they can peddle my life and not enough have died yet too in my view. They do say at this point nobody in the whole world heard what I said and firstly they still have capacity to control my income while at the same time the other reality is still that it has all gone to waste but what I am really saying here is that I will rip up the Interests of Labour and Conservative and Liberal democrat contraptions if they damage mine and I am starting with the Media – I will decide on the whole thing the stories they make up about European racism in the next 24 hours which is a situation they are free to take as a warning as well aka get used to the prognosis of dealing with them not raving and ranting on a daily basis to no end – they want me to count and calculate them every day as well and I am being left with no other choice. Of course there is no element of truth whatsoever to that nonsense of rejecting truths stupid black women who control me are exacting – it’s an old story of insults and every progress I make with my work being marked out by others but the part that concerns me the most since we know there can be only one result for property crimes that are so widespread it will be impossible to resolve at Court with every idiot involved and the fact it does not surprise most of us that much that they are always in a perpetual state of seeking asylum somewhere especially where the Countries are more prosperous etc, is the part where I am black and they like to claim all I do should have been done with black women and the children that I am supposed to provide for that are obviously black as well and of course the story will turn out to be the same over the fact they are supposed to buy Books not tell me what to do i.e. others will take it up and do it for them as well. It is not actually an unusual matter; their evil is such that likewise the white ones, they need Politicians to implicate others as bad people to prepare such persons for punishment over the benefits of serving God and effects it has on local communities – as we do see them make statements all over Europe about how racism is being provoked because all the things Jews were killed in order to ensure the White race was able to claim is being steadily undone and this prognosis has been manufactured by Media, Americans and Africans and their Middle East Friends but if I were to tell them to keep their Popular culture off my perspective they would tell me it was the life their master the devil was to impose on me and the prognosis of doing so will become normalcy for all since some people can obviously buy absolutely anything, including music made to celebrate the abuse of leaders which is possible because they have too much on their hands to get into a fight etc; what I am therefore saying in extensive detail is that we hear them use a phrase regularly that sounds like bringing it on yourself for using your own resources to do it, as it is meant to ensure others do not see the continued encumbering of their development as a result of their evil nature to be a good thing that must continue, while their civil rights idiots corrupt the whole process and thing all together to make their opportunist mark – so nothing about it gets me miffed. Socialists hate my guts because they know I have what seems to be almost absolute control of my method of encumbering them that I can allow them exhibit their characters from time to time whenever I want to prove a point to those who trust in Armies and Horses etc talking nonsense about world powers and smaller powers that need to submit, so we all understand each other perfectly on all sides, except they do not me as well as they ought to all together.


The question has now therefore turned to that of who is right or correct, to be chosen between me and the Media as it were; they do ask it all of the time but at this stage I have just had enough of it for my part as well. The issue is as simple as when I am spelling it out if I said the most important matter between us is that they keep their mouths firmly shut over my Books as it is rather important that those who want to talk about it spend money on me to help me keep my dignity before they get to – I could go round the other more confusing method of talking about the 6 years they have had since I published it but have completely failed to convince the world it should not have existed. However if they are more interested in the dynamics of how other people’s lives revolve around their media stupidities and how important they actually are, about which racists will get me and if not idiots who steal peoples public lives and personalities will get me instead, then what is happening is that I want all these goons to turn up around their lives and their finances and their families to do their bidding and I always get what I want most of the time, not least because I am better at it than they are. They need to keep their mouths shut, so anybody who wants to have an opinion about my Books can pay for the contents first and leave me funds to pay my Bills before they get to as I do need the money and desperately at this stage and then there will be no trouble. It’s not a matter of providing a spectacle by handling them like they want to make this issue into in anyway, it’s a matter of seeing that Politicians launch campaigns of entrapment that target you so that socialists can get involved and play with me to improve their self confidence and image and wreck my life so they can be more important and grab it all and in that I am reduced to an item, a trinket that people want to handle with a personal life people want to gorge themselves on and absorb every morsel which feeling they rob in my face etc, so that I get to show as a result what I can do when it comes to trapping socialists as well – I mean even the idea of having children and getting pregnant is supposed to be played out on my feelings and I can understand I am so good at trapping them that I can allow them express themselves so that I would not be the one to tell people they are perverted all of the time and hence they have a special place in their hearts just for me as such but why on earth would such things become the preoccupation of a normal human being in the first place anyway? It has never really been a problem, just the reality that they need to have me in a corner wrecked which then creates them a perspective on which to build their futures and prospects from what they have copied and when asked about their behaviour make annoying and very evil flimsy excuses such as a need to live in a world where everybody is equal which had always existed as long as I had my personal and public life to myself of which nobody knows how people extricate processes of stealing such things in the first place anyway – so it is not as if I am unable to administrate my own government Office for the most part either as it were, it seems that for them normalcy needs to be established all the time with a big mouth; all that trapping me and making me a mess and grabbing prospects actually does not make any sense but the level of flirting with torture we see from them is the reason people have their minds bent into such a condition, I just find it does not work on me for my part, so I simply happen to lose my temper every single time I realise they have persisted in the last 24 hours; so they have reasons to complain about me and those reasons are all sound as it were.  There is this need they seem to have to set out means by which the story of administration of justice can be discussed over my possession while their need to sexually violate me which distracts me from what I do and puts to a stop to anything I may want to do to recover my property from them continues. The reality however of which is that as Government Operative, as a Minister of Parliament, as a Legal practitioner, the ethics of your activities get developed around the prognosis of keeping people away from the law since the amount they know of it is not necessarily an indication they are likely to obey it and therefore stay out of trouble and the amount you tell them for whatever reason will set an indication of whether or not they can avoid doing so to carry on with their lives as normal – so you have to ensure people do not break the law and get into trouble and you have to ensure they know as little about it as possible. These idiots however know as much as they do about the Law from a perverted direction that concerns how much time they have spent in prisons and how many times they have been arrested by the Police and they do nothing else with their time save working harder and ever harder to ensure as many people as possible are destroyed by what they know about the law because of the advantage their physical endowments give them and it is hard to see how that means that the idea of categorising themselves as the unprotected is what truth, reality, fact or the way things work really is. Apparently it is a matter of their desires and needs and the greatest of them all is to share the feeling of another person’s public life or get to deploy peoples Government Provided security to their own ends and everything else that follows their need to have money and power which they are so stupid their physical endowments causes perversion and fails to let them have all together. So I gather when I say such things I have been bent to their will but it is an example of the reasons people assume an Arch Prince who has made his money in the cleanest way known to man will be unable to defend himself from billionaire idiots and their lower class fans, to great costs that mean we see them turn up on Media and Government to secure privileges of injustice, advertisement of abuse and popular culture of robbery every single day. I do not believe it a complicated matter as Traders should trade and not think they have gone from traders to Idiots who exist in the same class as other peoples Royal Princes who make their money in the cleanest way known to Man and Journalists should read the news and leave others alone, while lower class idiots know they always want things and that is not news to anybody; I have given them 7 days right up to this point and am about to find out whether or not the sexually abusing me story will lead to an outcome in which I sell the Books right through them which is what their excuse of how it is competition but a new one is invented to squander my property everyday will end up – I had given them enough warning, its time; if lower classes do no damage my life, I will not damage their own, noting socialists really hate my guts at this stage on account I do rather enjoy entrapping them as well for example – this is what it is all about not their own explanations of the purpose of their stupidities on my possessions. I mean how does any normal human being come up with how to get out of bed to go out there and deploy any reason from insults that are embarrassing in public to those who don’t even know them, to the fact they are pregnant and have hormones, for the purpose of making use of my life to feel confident and better themselves right up to their sexual activities and then damaging it to ensure I don’t have it anymore and then protect their own from me like these fools do anyway but I have given them enough time with their stupid Media to stay off my Book sales and that time has now run out as well; they do say it is freedom but we all know the question of the unprotected measuring how justice is administered is an example of how they like to think they are really clever which gives them incentives to ensure their violently perverse people’s lives whereas they are stupid beyond normal peoples imagination which is what their case is all about. I have given them enough time before this point – heaven knows that as it were. It was the same during the economic crisis; the Kings of the unspeakable who make wives and kids treat them like Monarch at Home had found somebody they will ensure crisis hits hardest with a big mouth and their prime directive was to ensure structural unemployment is at its worst because it was the chance to take advantage of the beautiful kids of new generation ripping up everything here and assuming there is a place in this world they will get away with doing so if they could make political excuses and they do like to say it’s all my cowardice talking when I could always do something about it and I understand except whenever I do its time to get the Politicians for them as it were – hinges on whether or not they have money and I don’t and is a worthy use of my time and resources thereof and when people write and publish economic texts, their duty is to go off and read it so I might have a problem as a result and Heaven knows I have given them time to keep off this Firm especially the none whites and their stupid women who already hate my cultural guts as it stands thereof. They say none white people of my kind are really good at making enemies, we come between brothers especially the white ones but of course the first instance is that they have to move into my right hand and make out a society where they are supposed to exist there permanently with media and politics and that means corrupting every sanctuary I share with God which is what their twisted wickedness is all about but the reality in mainstream living is still pretty much the same as ever i.e. they have always been villains who enjoy killing people for women and the trappings have always been the corruptions of Celebrity and Politics of which not a lot of black or none white people are interfering with as it stands presently in the first place anyway and this kinds of corruptions are the ones that means they are unable to plan their lives without other people’s lives just like their silly black counterparts try to develop all the time on the basis of some feeling of affinity they have with racists etc while their eyes are still fixed on another person’s property of which any change will lead to implacable derivatives by which they can own one like that too and continues so in the first place; that said I had to make myself clear I am not necessarily their plaything as such and have given them enough time to decide for me if I want to sell my Books by bullying the Media or they can always leave me alone I am not their mate as it were. The days in which their disobedience was an asset by the way was the one where Christians believe Christ sits at the right hand of God and their right hand is therefore the answer for everything. They say it’s a matter of fights people express willingness to do for me but it is obviously a complain that indicates that Journalists and Celebrities feel they deserve State Provided security too – I don’t think it’s a problem it must have been obvious by now that my Policy is that of leaders with short existence spans for every insult they levy at me no matter from where or how friendly since they do feel it is what I exist for so followers can save their stupid lives while their disobedience is at a pinnacle especially when American; any normal superior person would have been able to observe this as a result of the threats that ensure I am no longer able to tolerate them and that there is gauntlet thrown down to rip up my finances and career and academic work for the profitability of violence and I have taken time to tell them about it without success too; they wouldn’t get friendly on media and then get about abusing me sexually for it as well unless they had access to how I kept myself safe from the problems that their stupid low lives are surrounded by and that is why this Policy is as important as it is effective.


I gather the process of insulting and abusing me is important to these guys because it is worth everything and that is why I make myself into the leader that is so poor he does not have money to get people out of problems and thereby provide the leadership with, although they will rather like to claim it was something they achieved which is just as well anyway, its purpose is its purpose either way. This is because they live in a world where all they do is based on leadership which is a function of having money to get people out of problems so as to provide the leadership with and now the involvement with me has meant they have got real problems and it is clear for all to see that if the civil rights is important, people should not tend to gamble it so. It simply does not work, giving people 6 years to get off your Books on Media without success counting the 8 they wasted before then of which is unprecedented too – it does not work in this day and age. They say they no longer feel linked to their communities – I say they can collect trophies of anal sexual abuse from me as their fantasy if they wanted; this is a business that grants access only to those who buy my Books, I actually do not care if they do have problems; it is what I meant when I said selling my Books is to work with only one method and that involved bullying the Media; its them on the right and left and nothing I eat stays in the tummy etc and there is no tenacity to get a job or keep it etc – I don’t care if they have problems, I don’t want to see the Media around my Books, I want them to keep their mouths about it firmly shut and try to get themselves a copy of the Books lest somebody gets off and buys it like they would to do their stuff for them all together – I don’t care if they have problems, never did, never have, never to change. Their excuse is always that I say such things but people still feel my needs all the time and I wouldn’t know since I have ended up with an Empire in which the market equity is ending up somewhere else due to their disrespect; I do not care if they have problems and want them outside of it so they do not get to feel me in anyway. They do speak of black women that are bullying me with their problems to ensure I react to what is blowing up around me but that I am aware of, the reason however that it is because of some greater good is entirely wrong because I had ripped up that stupid culture and they want revenge for it but before then the Christian that will not fight back was an acceptable target when women want to feel like women on certain men that cannot fight back because the world will turn up on them easily but when you do assume that you can just let them spend their time on their stupidities if they so wish it takes a turn and every process of pain becomes something that is admirable to their stupid friends as if that is what your life really looked like, so at this stage we all know they might have needs but that this tale will end dramatically if it is not stopped soon enough as well. If I provided leadership they would not follow or listen; they want this profitability of violence thing and I have made it clear it is obvious the only way to sell my Books will now involve bullying the Media and am still at a loss which part of it they all fail to grasp. It’s an old story; where people do not want the idea to exist that when they found somebody they could control but could fight and defeat their enemies and their problems, they let it go without a condition in which it was said that there was a titanic fight put up by them to ensure they had and owned such a person but if I provided leadership they would be disobedient, if I wrote Books they would want profitability of violence instead and it is this stupidity that they believe has come to mean the way they want it to be is the way it is working and I have had enough of that condition in which nothing I say or feel about people handling my property actually matters. The inevitable of idiots having access to government operative is what is happening now i.e. making sure all bad things that happen to them are things they do to me and it does call for a condition where they are handled like they scumbags they are as well, although we all have to live in a society that is tolerable for all. The Americans who like to issue threats at me say it’s a matter of an underestimation of how much hatred there is for the British Empire in America which has nothing to do with me anyway; what they have stopped doing is finding collateral damage from my Office for games they want to play with British Government Interests as per if it is French or German or Greek etc – usually what became the result in the past was that old game of how these Countries will gain economically and the British will be Bankrupt to be bailed out by America later but the problem this time is not the Russians who are their principal enemy, it is the Middle East and if those people who make social sacrifices for our principal ally were to be made to make those sacrifices, the level of social dignity they will have will become ever so tiny; so it seems when you don’t want people to peddle your life to get rich what becomes of it is a crime of passion and insults on public places and all over the world about the extent of their hatred for whatever have you – but this is not an example of how the British used to behave when they were an Empire that part is collateral damage as things continue to heat up along the way considering it is the importance of freedom as it were, it is the one that happens after they have had it lorded over them, what they are worried about now is what the British are really like. I do not think this matter is a crisis; it’s just reality that when somebody owes the education system some $50,000 and has not found a job in the last 3 years; he will start to think that trappings of Political and popular culture corruptions should be the way things get done, so this hatred for the British Empire is just that they have no sense of what others feel when their property is being handled which does not make sense when they hate the British Empire at the same time considering the prognosis of how it came to be in the first place – so when it gets a little bit serious over my case, I will find myself showing them their block heads, how they should have been doing it all together in the first place. It’s never really been an issue as such; the insults and filthy abuses are all very well, an example is when somebody wants to report news from his place of racial origin and needs my property to make him look good so he does not lose his modernity and hence the money he makes and women he sleeps with depends on it and starts to make excuses that mean the more I want him off it is the more he wants to it but this is not the only one, there are others such as how when they come to the UK we look at them as lower class but in India or Africa or the Middle East they are actually upper classes, looking for trouble all the time and you will not believe the number of these bastards that have gotten killed in the last decade alone never mind the fact we have not even started talking about the Eastern and Indians ones who like to pretend they can profile themselves on my Empire all over free public transport magazines to show they can do and undo with me etc – I mean the Queen visits faraway cultures without needing somebody else’s property to make her look good by the way; so not enough of these bastards have died yet so far and they can continue until I build a public life on it too all together – they make money at my expense and steal taxes as well; causes wonder if the taxes were their money in the first place. So far I have cut up that stupid culture and they all hate my guts and it is going to get worse too by current prognosis. its ever so expensive to have then turn up to make themselves the stupid people I get to make better off in a condition whereby I am not necessarily superior to them like that, the same way we see them give to the frugal thereof; they speak of reasons they behave in such ways whereas there is only the prognosis which is concerned with the nepotism they want to gossip about for their personal well being as if you know or are related to them which means when they wind you up they want to feel like they have a backup army all the time and the reasons being that they are really stupid people will needs who make out they are not in need of leadership but rip your life up in search for it as the only one that will do is the profitability of violence that they apply on others and yet write a Book and you will find them destroy it, have a government office to work in and you will find them seek ownership of personal security to create equality. What I hate about them the most is that if Mr A was allowed to do what he has to he would build a fine company and employ 50 people but when they are involved 60% will be destroyed and if Mr A kills himself to make something of 40% they will want to share the market while Mr A will employ only five people – the hatred is because they are the only group of people that are willing to kill a human being for money orientated reasons and it is another behaviour designed to cover their tracks further on organised crime. Apparently I ruined the culture for the American ones and they got a Black President for it too.