Now I am said to deny the fact my attitude is responsible for the difficulties I face and its utter nonsense; I have had this nonsense play out on my Literary work since the day I wrote it – it started out as something associated with wanting to see me make a living from criticising important people and people who have power, which was the career face of a need to see me raise my voice on the Streets because they saw me walk into a Church, which put my whole life and all I have in a condition where rules did not apply as per how people handled it and improved the opportunity for women to take advantage of as well, it only developed into more abusive forms that eventually settled up on the idea they were only interested in seeing me get shot like John Lennon and has since progressed from that into something that is life threateningly abusive, meaning they are always fighting the need to tell me I needed to give up the writing career to them all together. I do not think it is a crisis, I simply keep putting off these facts about it, as the reality of how this is made is developed around a matter of Celebrities wanting to have my problems and wanting to get me to have their problems and this was then accomplished by building me a five year history of insults for my career which they can play with – I keep putting off this fact that unless Celebrities understood clearly how I felt about the abuse of my work and earnings, this matter will never progress towards a resolution, I keep suggesting to my mind that no sane person spends their time getting into a fight with Celebrities but it really does appear as if the idiots want a response from me first before this matter begins to improve. Some people say I need to stop talking about it and get doing it and I don’t think that talking about it and doing it are two very separate things either; it’s a routine they cannot stop performing where my Publishers are on one side helping me with my Books, I am on the other side doing what I must for everybody that has an arrangement with me and they have built a public image for me that they can play with in the Middle, which purpose is to suggest that the function of all these matters is a design that ensured they got whatever they wanted and it is again becoming abusive to such a degree that outrage is the result yet again. So I don’t think it is a complicated matter as I want them keeping off my Books and not following me around, since I am resolved to prepare for a direct attack on their careers as well – if they wish to keep up the tolerance hand, it has always been a simple as the fact this is all about their civil disobedience, acknowledging that it is ensures they made it easy for me as well; mostly which the story of me chasing female lifestyle was built around those gimmicks when they pick up large men and show the big people how to creep behind others and bottom whip people to grab fame and fortune which is shared with them and when other women who do those things to defend themselves from Public violence note it as well, what then happens being that they get some and then a certain group of men bail them out financially in return for favours and these are the Men that will tell me to treat them like women all the time, while they made a mess of my life and threatened me by means of any gangs they were familiar with, to get what they want. It does need to be easy for me as well very soon or I am going to shred the Celebrity culture responsible for this nonsense.

The stage which is set for these was largely developed from the idea that I spend a lot of my time suggesting I have property that I don’t and it is still the same old case of pulling out a blueprints for this Hermitage Literary Business which was an Empire of Global proportions and breaking it up to broker Equities with Multinational Companies that had brokered their own with me during an economic crisis – what we find was the eventual source of this behaviour is a group of people that are usually always excited about being millionaires and will do anything, hurt anybody to make their dreams of being rich come true; its abusive behaviour is usually perfectly fine until it gets to experience some as well. We observe that this stupid behaviour is more apparent among their younger twerps and that what becomes of me will be determined by which neighbourhoods they have factorised my entire existence by and their riot fathers have always wanted to destroy my Books but we have not yet gotten an apology or stoppage of the abusive behaviour that got me dropping out of University.

Much the same as I am now told endlessly, that I have lost everything at the Monarchy and not doing a good job denying it which is utter nonsense; the smell lost everything at the Monarchy, I don’t know who they are but they have built up such degree of familiarity with my concerns that there is confidence they can get whatever they want off my work and person as long as they bully me right after making me smell of what I ate, all of which is manageable when I do not pay attention to it, save not paying attention to it is no longer my decision to make according to Politicians behaving like rabid dogs, stupid Media gits and Industry manufactured twerps who consider themselves to be famous. So these are some of the most twisted and corrupt fans that they get around with, which has nothing to do with me but the ageists and the corrupt Private security Industry gits that are responsible for most of these nonsense have not yet told people that is why they clash with me and set about telling the criminals they have to control in order to serve their masters where I live all the time. These goons are meant to be the spoiled rich Children obviously and I am rather lost as per what it has to do with me; time and again which we find its main point is that what is being done about criminal and racists and gangs is not enough, it shows it’s not enough by going off to get attacked by such persons or trying to grab my Royal Career as insultingly as possible – in terms of the former we have talked about, in terms of the latter the statement made by getting beaten up is largely something to do with a hatred for women, that the effect of racists and gangs and criminals is not being love sick, it’s being beaten up and somebody needs to get off their backside and do something about it while others were rich and important, it is now starting to provoke me in a way which suggests it wants to earn the same history as the other gits who gets us confused about racism when people’s lives are flushed down the loo when people fight for them and people’s lives are flushed down the loo when they go off to Buckingham Palace to do peoples stuff, why the shooting and stabbing does not make any sense and the lives of those they envy gets flushed down the loo each time it happens as well, they want to earn the same history of going into the Military to fight my battles and then either they returned or their families are left chasing my bum and punishing me for it for the rest of my life – they want to deal with the racists and gangs and criminals while I supervised, looks like it is or it is about to choose between keeping its mouth shut or making me whenever it blows off its stupidities for all to hear. They claim I don’t think they are worthy of respect in anyway, while what happens is that unlike my Church concerns does not engage with the Public in a way that tears down their family finances, we are here because I am never overtly disrespectful of them while every engagement with the Public is about buying equipment and venues through which they tell people they have oppressed an important person and thereby sell show business products to extract money from my Public image, blabbing a big mouth with it all the time like it wants a response which it is confident it will be able to wade, besides which most of them are industry manufactured gits, what I described as fucking famous and not Celebrities. Now they know where my Books are located and the answer for all the problems associated with the fact they are afraid; afraid of the abusive processes associated with getting a job, afraid of existence, afraid of life itself, as though others made these personal decisions for them, will be something my finances suffered for in a more sustainable way. Hence what they must be saying when they claim I have lost everything businesswise and at the Monarchy probably has more to do with the stupid publicity I have to contend with all the time, whereby I have built a partnership with people who have involved themselves with my Bookshop, a fraction of which will buy my Books and a fraction of which will want to read everything I have written, and they had gone about claiming that everything they sell in the open market was a process of taking money I should have earned from those people and that it is eventually over time adding up to a successful process of grabbing my career.  Only to hang around at the other end claiming what is being done about gangs and criminals and racists was not enough in my case as well and yet they are the ones putting people through an education that makes sense of the reasons people commit murder i.e. that they are insane and their insanity runs along the lines of pee, pee, pee creep into people’s lives and extract money from market that their victims had built, then there is my party piece where it is done building publicity that it is grabbing money from people I had built trust with, such as will decide how the bad elements of society got involved with us while we were running a livelihood, giving way to a society and public places full of threats issued at those who want to read my Books; the idiots are the ones whose madness is associated with money and could not survive a day the way that the gangs and criminals and racists are made to live out a difficult existence by the rest of us and the scum as the same who will not let people breathe unless something was done about the gangs and criminals and racists, so we find that when it starts to say my disposition is a fostering of War, it needs to stop being so stupid and refrain from giving them money – as for the Politicians, those have never really Parliamentary rabid dogs learned that when these fools play those games about putting up money leverage, destroying peoples family finances to dazzle them with the money leverage that gets people thinking about money instead of revenge for the destruction of their property and then gets people parting with more money they can add to their money and have all the money in the world, gets anywhere near the National treasury, the Country will burn or it will degenerate into poverty and then burn thereafter – they prefer to behave as if I am afraid of them, I am some beast who is now weak and everybody wants to hurt or kill before he recovers, behave like I am a piece of meat and that I will only solve their problem when I kick one off as well somewhere near the neighbourhood where their constituency Office is located. As pointed out before, I have had enough of it and am about to launch an attack on the careers of Celebrities, if I do not see a stop to the business of their madness showing up somewhere between me and my Publishers; It does that all the time – either they are making money for a tenth mortgage and I have had their problems exchanged with mine or they are and I have had my ideas exchanged with their own, like a disease and they can never stop lying about who has done a bad thing and therefore deserves a bad experience, it started out stupidly enough when they said I got Published online because I did not want to get through the processes that meant I became a public vagabond and had to get past the various hurdles that those who want to be famous faced, such as would have made them better off, of which the point here is that they will get it from me either way, looking for more of what they are complaining about, now it has simply developed into making use of the career ringfencing that my patents Offer me at this Office to make their own money, justified by these corrupt idiots they think exhibit abuses that are my responsibility on grounds their stupidities were the ones with money that can be invested. They always claim I have lost the Industrial aspect of my work in the same manner naturally but its utter nonsense, if they stand in the way of what happens between me and those I have built a Trust system to trade my Books and work with, they will find out how much of that system and those equities their idiocy fools around with actually belongs to me. So eventually we hear these questions of what I think needs be done about it, where the old case is that they are here to play with my family finance base and have not noticed anything I have said was about the fact there was nothing to do without – but like I said, its need to ensure I am responding to the corrupt fans Celebrities get around with, whom I am not related to and have no relationship with of any kind whatsoever, then set about threatening me for the effect it has on my tummy, to get rich quick the ageist way, will soon earn it a response it will remember in order to keep off my Books and stop following me around for a very long time; so we know it feeds into this tale they tell of how I never really pay attention to the fact it’s all the influence of Russia, which is utter nonsense – we know people wouldn’t do these things in Russia, we know this because Russia does not have a positive outlook towards the West and that it’s all about being Comfortable at home over there, so we can see how much of a positive influence on the world this nonsense is but then again it does tend to suggest Friends of Trouble maker Muslims Liberal America will tell me what I must think and feel about Russians, which they have not got it – we know that they think they are at lease to extract an income from my work and public image every time they want because Obama told them they could and that until it becomes a case of what I can do with the corrupt, evil, sad and blame culture public to sack everything Obama hold dear, it will never stop. As I said, I smell like what I ate all the time because of the corrupt fans Celebrities get around with, while I had no relationship of any kind with those and if they follow me around again the next time they see me attend an academic institution, I will burn their world and make them watch me looking like wants to deal with gangs, criminals and racists because of me, so it might get to punish me for the rest of my life as it were – so far we know Liberal American has built a cleaner more dignified society for their stupidities on the Patents set out for my Books to secure Political future and Public Media advertisement has never been so abusive on my account; I have shut down the profitable aspects of these abusive nonsense that makes sense of products when it helps them set out their stupidities as happiness, in a personal way but it still has the perception bits to play with, that it cannot handle unless it got to handle my Books and Public image in the process as well and I am about to get rid of that too – it should add up to the consequences of the destruction of my academic work the first time round being that they are now too old for fame, hence the intensity of the attacks and the way they tackle me, to make sense of it all. Those who wish to fight my battles right up to the stage of organising themselves into Landlords that specialise in taking Deposits from the Tenants and come up with tricks through the tenancy Period to do so are free to apparently, it does get serious beyond blabbing that I am always in a state of war sensibility which is never put out alongside an explanation of the reasons they always require people around them to be disillusioned, quickly followed by if push came to shove they would be better off stupidities and then take it out on me while I had nothing to do with the way bullying crowds of people a push came to shove they will be better off had affected their stupid minds as well all together – it goes without saying what it does here is Daddy is saying to kiddo that he must do what Daddy wants or else the need to mess around with private security Industry and send out the criminals and hoodlums to chase my address will eventually lead to pennilessness and homelessness, so the rest of the twats need to refrain from disturbing this place as I am trying to get some Books written – feeds into the idea my language is terrible while I am simply just trying to sell some Books with their great ideas on relations with other people. The first instance is the one they complain of endlessly like the true sociopaths they are, seeking relationships with lovely things they will destroy later on, it was about how I had not beaten them down before I got to chase the academic pursuits, which result was that I dropped out of University and wanted to show I could do it on the go, hence they are now living with the threat of somebody selling their culture and society for a living – now it’s just kiddo will be homeless when he does not do what Daddy wants and what we are dealing with now is my person and property existing in a condition where rules do not apply because of it and I want to see what their faces will look like and their body will feel like the way my mood prevents people from buying the Books as if it is their property, when I want to sell Books with their language and the way they relate with people regardless of how hideous it may be, it will then go on to show that even at their age, they have not had it worked out – the women who claim I am now serving the cause of women on the other hand are all good but you do not get stickers on people’s faces irrespective of how insolent they are which ought to have been a warning, that they are Lesbians, you het hoodlums communicating it to you while they got themselves a position on Media and claimed that they owned you with a big mouth, so have all  heard me warn that I will launch an attack on their career as well, as that appears to be the only way to stop it. They do claim that they had all these matters sorted out and that I am doing this on account of the effects of my disrespect for others, I wouldn’t know anyway, these goons have been threatening me for years over money issues, claiming it is what their silly civil rights looks like; most of the idiots who make these claims either live in the USA or operate on Media and other careers that were vulnerable to it and its such comments and abuses which drag my earning margins into a condition that allows these goons to fool around with everything I do and wreck it every day like so – much the same as the society Men leave out tales of kiddo doing what they want or being homeless and mad idiot being forced to serve the needs of Women, they leave out the fact that a 15 year history of insults and abuse has brought about an outcome where I am 30 but look like I have not had it figured out, the same way they have not been paying attention to what I have to do about it if I have no time to drag them into the Law Courts.

What pays the Price whenever they do this is apparently as abusively as possible, being the simple process of being a dignified person when I speak to others about business which explains completely its whole purpose – it brings up a test to get an exhilarating response for its stupidities every day and leaves out the fact the consequences is what it is complaining about whenever it believes the Politicians should award it some kind of injustice based privilege, while the fact they are now aware most of my time is spent preserving Market I had built so as to serve Clients and are planning to get rich on it as insultingly as possible.

They do say that the criminals gangs and racists issue is quite endemic but so am I certain what I have said here had fallen on deaf ears too – it’s been a decade and a half of Celebrities and their most corrupt followers, dredging my Career and finances to drag me into affinity with these sorts of things, specifically to serve their greedy cause in terms of how much money people make at Industry on the back of those who fight to keep people safe, instead of working for their money and this is what they have perverted my Film Equities into and set about spending time to show I am not important which rather detracts from the fact their stupidities ought to show up here to buy Books if they wish to avoid impending trouble – it has been a decade and a half of Film Makers and Popularity goons pillaging my Public image while looking for security that I will be afraid of, blabbing of how I spend my time trying to rub shoulders with important people while it’s the criminals buying show business products and I had to be taken advantage of, their own version of corrupt fans just exists to wreck my academic work and follow me around getting their imagination up my anus irrespective of how much I make their stupidities complain about the outcome on a Global stage – it has been a decade of Politicians assaulting anything that allows me to feel safe enough to avoid having to fight some bad people, so they might steal personal glory from it as insultingly as possible and the outcome is that between 2005 and 2013, They had successfully destroyed everything associated with women showing up here to make popular music that runs and runs and runs on how criminals experience the bad aspects of their crimes, at the end of which period of time they had successfully destroyed it and helped the criminals build their own version of popular culture which means that it is those who enforce the law that are getting it, meaning Children cannot concentrate at School while their Media gits who have never stopped working it for them every day build a crowd that will help ensure I was the one who had to figure it out with a big mouth.

I am now told that I look like war all the time and it tends to make a very unsafe existence for everybody but it’s not really the case – the truth of it is the same old gimmicks from civil rights trouble makers of tackling me over a period of years, to raise some provocation that I am unable to deal with while the politicians covered it up with all sorts of municipal living based corrupt legislation, which is usually the safer option if the Public can elect another Party that then gets about undoing it, all meant to serve their drive for wealth and social equality with me as scapegoat. They do continue to claim there is nothing I can do about it which is incredibly stupid, it does nothing but leave the question of; since I am thinking about doing something, when do I plan to start and it’s the same stupidities with the effects of tax payer funds being spent on their needs to mean that they attack me more because they needed more self-confidence as well, as it is looking for a response that will match its stupidities. So the ageists are convinced my view of them is rather something to be lorded, something mysterious and scary but it’s only those that did not become as successful as their mates were, earning themselves a God given right to pick on somebody younger in order to catch on with their mates financially but the difficult part once their foolish Politicians get along with it is that tax payer funds being spent to help them with financial problems actually constitutes the stage at which they were in need for self- confidence, so thereafter my whole life gets flushed down the loo because they were important and people were willing to harm me on their behalf. The Political goons think there is little I can do about it while reality is that the last time I went too far, they got off to Buckingham Palace to fight my battles and make a mess of public living conditions in the Country, so now I am really trying not to go too far again but they must realise that my real view of them and their insanity is mainly something of some very twisted and evil people whose only good deeds are the money they spend on the High Streets to help maintain businesses through which people get jobs and if it does begin to stifle me like it currently is, the stage will be set for an outcome where I take that their stuff and they will get it back in hell. The Celebrities will never stop complaining while they have not refrained from setting me challenges which mean that my Books are perverted into problem solvers fame that allows their corrupt fans to abuse me and get rewarded financially for so doing, while they tell all sorts of allies about my Book, making a mess of it to work powers of Liberal USA where people think there is no force in this world that can keep you safe from the juxtaposition that exists between Republicans and Democrats, such that you are screwed any direction you head and are done for if you remain by yourself, for absolutely no reason and it’s a response they will remember for a long time that they seek as far as I am concerned. In effect, there is no problem here save the fact that they all spend the day switch people off my Book sales and it does mean I am going to begin an attack on their financial wellbeing as well, while those stories that are developed from how I need to be afraid of them when they ensure I cannot get a moments peace from gangs and criminals and racists, is looking for a 24 hour response on my part as well. The theory that they are clever and completely out of control for me is not actually based on fact – what happens with these idiots is that they want to get some very stupid people into confined spaces and then screw with those until a bad thing happens, so when I started writing Books, I ended up in a condition where their need to pillage my academic work and get fame from my Public image meant I ended up in this condition as well; whilst they had ended up with another situation that meant what they have conditioned members of the public into had become something they complained about every day, I on the other hand got on with a writing career by making sure what I knew ended up in the minds of the stupid people, lest I have to pay the price for their gimmicks every time they talked about freedom and Democracy, so the idiots got off on Media to build themselves prospective business empire based on what my books will provide completely free of charge and started abuses and attacks based on what I had which they didn’t, as stupidly as possible – i.e. same story that 90% of what we hear them complain about is a behaviour members of the Public have exhibited because of what their stupidities have conditioned people into. The real world that they refuse to live in is one where those who can beat me up will never stop lapping it and those who cannot will never stop hurting themselves, the big mouth blabbing on Media all of the time, looking for a response that it will never forget, while their fantasy world says they were incredibly clever and out of my league – entirely normal then but I am the one said to be stirring up Public instability, while they are the ones getting people stuck in a position where those who are important couldn’t fuck them well if a life depended on it but will want to punish those that are out of the league of unworthy leaders all the time, meaning I am unable to get free from the insults which cause my allies and trading partners to desert me, the same insults that tends to make them rich with their stupid popularity – it does need to keep away from my Books, stop following me around and really try to put an end to its addiction to passing those stupid insults in my direction, especially when it has a media and Celebrity job to fool around with. Speaking of which I do wonder if they Politicians really can tell what it means when it they say I smell and need to get off being gay i.e. from being attacked because I had much I worked for but could not protect and dared to walk into Church, to abusive nonsense built up and covered up with corrupt legislation, to homosexuality I mean, like they were in need of an exorcist ASAP.

It does call for a need to apply thought processes to the whole thing; the fact that they get those University qualifications they do not believe in and don’t know how to use, then set about seeking out people that have lower qualifications after getting through hell to acquire it, with talents that may be placed at this disposal, which appears to be the only thing that can make their qualifications a profitable investment. Then again, should a person apply thought to the other side of the story, we find that their civil disobedience and criminal disobedience is out of control, they don’t have the energy to simply get off making money by working for it either, have a pathological fear of work and have never learned to stop telling lies – thus we see that the qualifications are very important to them, very necessary; the problem we have being that it does need to stop passing its insults at me, needs to keep away from my Books and stop following me around and then I get asked what their state of affairs is, which is the grand old case of dot com millionaire and I will teach you secrets of riches gimmicks targeting me all the time – it believes it’s stupid self to have found somebody it may take advantage of without consequences apparently, unlike at Industry where the guys round people up and during the last AGM decide that what belongs to the abusers is needed as well, it is now clear what I do is ignore everything they do to take money out of the market, provided they are buying products from the market they take it from if they wish to avoid some more trouble and we know this is the main reason that they must ensure I lived in hell for every products they have bought, as stupidly as possible.

They do claim their actions search for wealth and social equality and I could never make sense of how saddling people with provocation and abuse that they can do nothing about, abuse that they can never catch up with if they wanted to respond to it and then hang around on Media to look like they were a huge problem for me while showing the worry associated with the fact that I will get away with absolutely everything I want to do with them as well. I do have a history here by the way, as I worked on the matter and some women showed up to make popular culture from it, which helped to support young people at school if the bad effects of criminal activity affected criminals in a way that brought forth an expression that ended up in the Media waves to be run off over and over again every day, after nearly a decade on onslaught, they had finally destroyed it and now they are in need of wealth equality themselves as we are unable to prevent people from making their own money with our work all together, so I have no idea what the fucking idiots have in mind but I know they cannot keep their hands to themselves, always need to handle others and are going to have to give me my space or I will take it. Their point is usually that they know what their academic qualifications are meant for, they simply want to be Royalty as well and I can understand it but am lost as per what their problem with the responsibility was – the fact for instance that there are culture and society people everywhere who really love to chase the bum and since my position is recognised, unless I got around pricking them, it’s never a problem for me either way. It becomes quite clear when we start to explore their wealth and social equality gimmicks in detail, how things will play out when I ensured the Celebrities were part of the good feeling that comes from peddling that stupid culture and society of theirs for money, while I ensured they were famous irrespective of how ugly they were as well, making them a part of the corrupt living that Celebrities exhibit, goes without saying the next time they follow me around with this nonsense at academic institutions, I will burn their world and make them watch me do it.

It is then said that I am fundamentally responsible for most of the problems people have these days, since the last time I shut down popularity access to fame because they wanted to become more important than I am using my own public image – would rather like people to spend their energy fighting their own corner not adding to any problems they perceive I might be dealing with, these are meant to be a collection of idiots who joined gangs and criminals when they were younger, because working for money did not appeal to them, now it’s just about being complicit with racism because they thought it might be profitable, once they had realised that it wasn’t, needed somebody to get killed so they might be able to move to other areas where the Grass was greener – so there is nothing wrong with my Books and I have been putting up with Liberal America led lies and abuses spread all over the world over it for the last 6 years every day, will not anymore and am therefore starting to think about the fact that it does not move on by itself, does not go away amicably. The other part of their story generally being that I have a terrible existence about which I am now looking for somebody to share it with, which is utter rubbish; this is a Hermitage, where money and Celebrities is not the main thing and because the Money and Celebrities are not there, those well off Middle Class villains along with their Royals who get along with the Celebrities will not let it be, hence we have reached a stage where they need to listen to what I am saying especially when it involves the part where they had stopped handling me for their part as it were; in terms of the shutting down fame access for popularity goons however, the plan to become more important than I am using my own Public image was stupid enough, I am only trying to find out whether if I did that, I will get a stupid response from them that will top it – always those foolish abuses on how things will happen to me if I handled their Celebrities while reality is that if I organised my personal life, family life and career in a way which causes Celebrities immense suffering and pain, there was nothing that they could do about it.

I do get told that people still have difficulty settling up on how my Books work and if they did, my misery would be over but I do not recommend 18 to 21 year olds read my Books and the Academia in it is certainly not for very young Children either – it’s about what happens with Industry and everything else to do with Politics and Society which because it is written by Royalty is all shinny and attractive but the tendency people have towards it is one of wanting to be around it while they should be somewhere else because of that, what is not good for young Adults. Some have pointed out its packaged Equity and they might have money to invest but then, so do I advise they kept in touch if they did, and especially on social Media as there is always a tendency for me to put something on it every day. The secondary problem worth observing is the patronising insults of Liberal America and which is done as abusively as possible over and over my income margins especially in terms of what they can do for me to be more important as well, which I am about to put a stop to, while the goons who keep dragging my Career into this position when I had been thinking about it since I was a teenager, to look like an idiot who is unable to get it sorted in his late 30s are looking for a response they will not forget.

They do love to make out I think none really understands what I am feeling and its utter rubbish; the truth is step outside of my door and female twerps who should have been super stars will be all over your personal space while the Men just want to build a crowd that makes sense of the times they acted like they were getting their elbows up my shoulder, soon they find I have eating issues and tummy issues and they want to make an announcement of it all the time, grab Public image and wreck academic pursuit – I want them to leave me alone, not see if their stupidities can make sense of what I am feeling, besides I already have a problem in the sense that should they let me be, I will end up with a Personality that is so glorious it should have belonged to the Politicians who were important enough to make the decisions that affected the lives of criminals, as stupidly as possible, so I want the problem lessened, I want their stupidities out of my concerns. They do claim the British want to rule the world but cannot handle overseas Interests but what I am doing and saying here is exactly how to handle overseas Interests – it never keeps its mouth shut about small penises and small people who cannot fuck them properly if need be but will soon want to get into Government Office and Punish them for doing something wrong, its criminal and enjoyable in every work of life basically and then it starts to get personal in my case as per they were nearly more important that I am using my Public image before I had the effrontery to get involved with the whole thing again; we know it to be a behaviour they exhibit when their Federated stupidities about which they have societies to match overseas had really gotten to them as it were. Like we hear that they thought they had beaten me down all the way to Buckingham Palace while they had beaten down nothing whatsoever and I am said to be fooling around with the matters while I am not in some areas; what really happens is that in my position I support good International Diplomacy of Politics in the sense that it’s a matter of my personal life and what those who get involved with it think of it, a matter of Culture, Theatre and Mobility – when they show up they always put themselves out as character who are getting along with those who simply want to see the world, conduct their concerns and have a great time, until when they decide they wanted to start and each time they did, it was always a matter of me being this character they think they can take advantage of but tended to have spent a decade and a half of their time on without success, making me more of a target now that they have little time left to take advantage of people and make fame fortunes and I keep putting myself out as somebody they can take advantage of which is not my fault as the finances are wrecked and their insults did it.

I am now told that I am simply offensive to some Royals which it is thought will make me uncomfortable but it doesn’t – these Royals they speak of tackle me all the time and yet either in terms of being a scapegoat on account times were difficult or in terms of being taken advantage of, they are not in need of survival, hence it is not actually a behaviour that they require and we can see it show in the sense they spend such little time on their Royal concerns and tend to take out their failures on me. Their new alliance with Celebrity world Sociopathy, the kind of behaviour that mean child stars grow up into destitution because their parents squandered the wealth is the source of this nonsense being blabbed at me all the time and I don’t think I have done anything around here which does not show I have been thinking of this nonsense since Childhood either – fair to point out these Celebrity world sociopaths, especially the blacks like to think I am afraid of them and it will cost me all I have while my main concern is the twerp that continues to drag my career into a position their stupidities may fool around with. In terms of the Celebrity world Sociopaths who can never have enough, Obama told them they could pervert my Bookshop into some Market Royalty has worked for, which will provide money for the poor and it has not yet resulted in an act that means I want to sack everything that matters of Obama as well, hence the endless threats and stupid confidence channelled at me all the time – the destruction of British Chinese relations were done by the same gits and under the same US President, which I have now pulled back and hit them enough to ensure I achieved a deterrence; so it does go without saying it needs to keep its mouth shut or accept if it is keen for a fight, I am a busy man and it will have to come round in the night or very early in the morning, just in case I want to churn its stupid tummy for it as well on my part – the whole thing however does feed into that business where everybody I have ever familiarised with is racist on account they have been telling everything they meet that they own me and yet each time I bump into those stupidities where I am their kid on whom their future relies whereby if I failed to co-operate with their fame and fortune needs, I am to be removed from a civil rights society that they fought for, whereby the outcome is that the academic work and Career is completely destroyed especially when their popularity idiots show up at the institutions to gawk over me for all the wrong reasons until they churn my tummy and achieve what they are after, it is the racists that are the biggest beneficiaries, hence the arms I have supplied their civil rights stupidities whenever I ask them if they are less racist than the people they have accused of it – having been that it has always been a case of their link with an evil culture and society making them money in Africa while in the UK, white people had made it exclusive and they want a share of it; so I made my position clear on the need to sell that stupid culture and society for money, either to prevent them moving into my right hand to claim that bullying me is the reasons I am so talented or to ensure that I was prepared for any threats they were likely to come up with which if they did move into my right hand would be a matter of time; stemming from this was Royal work that the second in line to the Throne engaged in with respect to the Natural environment and  his Successor had more duties on even though he is still a Child, having taken it up with their Royal friends and rolled it back, talking nonsense about provocative child that is me the entire time, the idiots now say that I am disrespectful of other Royals and it needs to stop, as if they were my fucking mates themselves – the theory has again showed up, that if I sold that culture and society for a living, I would face consequences for it with that big mouth that makes a face and an insulting gesture for everything I do, then set about claiming a history of it is what its stupid civil rights have become, looking like they want to find out what I am capable of as well. It does need to stay away from me, does need to stop following me around, needs to stop handling me and realise there is nothing that either its stupidities or that of its Celebrities can do about me and that when they have started blabbing of how their money will never run out should I start a fight, it will be the point at which they had kicked it off around here too.

They are not a threat to me and I do tell them I watch pornography sometimes, as it can be the best point to find out the most up to date information on their latest stupidities, than a Sociology and or Criminology Text Book would have done; the Girls who avoid society people and are very good at doing so with layers of makeup that is enough to start a new research into Human behaviour for example – or the gits that have approval from Royals to take advantage of those who are currently struggling to pay the Bills in order to pay off their increasing number of mortgages and people at the Monarchy who fight other people’s battles to secure them privileges for it. Besides the business of their abusive insults where their Royals whom they say are not my equals needed to know they were not my mates as well, this matter goes way beyond the fact that they appear to require my help in order to see that the Interest of the reigning Monarch is always the Prime concern of any person with a Royal Office – so they love to claim I am an advocate of wealth and social equality which when it gets on my nerves will see me do Royal version of wealth and social equality with it as well; what really happens being that their Royals spend a lot of time helping them to Royal property so that Celebrities who are currently on their forth Mortgage will get to take advantage of people who are still paying off the first, in order to fund it and we know that only the Reigning Monarch will lose something from Royal property when this continues and then they claim my problem to be that I am always right, while reality says I am simply right, nothing like always right as such. Like the old story of me underestimating Celebrities while we know Celebrities spend their time on nothing else save the theory that I am a small Man with a small Penis who wants to get into Government Office and set out punishment for them when they did the wrong thing, when I cannot even satisfy them in Bed and we all know this is usually a threat to the safety and security of the Public but it appears they plan to handle me until they got a response and this is something I must prepare for too – if their corrupt fans follow me around at academic institutions to churn my tummy and get me dropping out for these gimmicks again, I will burn their world and make them watch me do it.

I do get told my big problem is that none knows what I actually want and I simply want to be left alone; the problem with being left alone is that I end up being myself and the real me is a personality that should have been owned by Politicians who made decisions that affected the lives of criminals, otherwise it’s a matter of the Boys wanting to show I am Character they can lean on and put their elbows on when things get heavy around them and the Girls should have been famous from the day they were born and are in constant need of my personal space each time I step outside of my door – if they handle me over the resulting smell of it, I will ensure they had enough of a hard time that will kill them too and that will be the changes I got to make on my part as well. This is a Hermitage, the Money issues and the Celebrity issues are not the main thing, the bills and invoices must be paid too – their Royals are not my mates and they are not mine and its either the insults will stop on their part or nothing that happens here as a result of it will. Already they are accomplishing something of an increase in behaviour of racist tendency towards me because of the Publicity they build for me around this nonsense and the fact they get bolder when they have not gotten a response for it – the black people here in the UK think I am now neck deep in it with a big mouth and it goes beyond that story of what they need to do to show me they needed to get rich with my Public image or I will get into trouble meaning shop keepers started to draw up a link between when I show up on the High Streets and when they go out on their career theft – now that they have not explained why people used to attack black people to claim black people loved to steal or why there was a Police Stop and search Policy when the Government had not yet taken a position on racism, I suggest if it has not heard me voice my hate for communities of black idiots like these, needs to keep its own mouth firmly shut. The theory that I have fantasies about handling the Celebrities is an old story – I am waiting for those stupid goons that are the beneficiaries of a process where the Producers claim I spend more time rubbing shoulders with them while criminals buy films and need to be taken advantage of once they were done keeping up the hands of getting rich on my Public image, to show up here and get all over it to show what happens with racists and gangs and criminals is not the business of being loved up but the business of getting beaten up or killed and the subsequent processes of building a Community on it again as it were and then there will be another history over it.

They say I am at War with everything and its utter rubbish; what happens is that it shows up here to become more important than I am with my Public image which will fulfil a heart’s desire, I took steps to ensure it does not get to damage absolutely anything it wants to damage, it hangs around for a decade making a mess and finally realises it had spent its time on me and there is none left to get famous with, starts to get abusive and violent and there are Royals offering it an opportunity to run from the abusive processes associated with getting a job by using Royal duties to take advantage of the Public over fame and fortune popularity, which means it shows up here regularly to tell me I am not the mate of the Royals it gets involved with, its ageists can never stop lying at my expense to ensure they benefitted from either side of the argument, as though they were my fucking mates too. We find them that my activities which are aimed to stem the tide of racism helped to protect its Parents too but bearing in mind it loves to show that it hates its parents when it’s not getting what it wants by running off behaviour that stirs racism, having been it targeted me at University and paid for that, needs to do it specifically to harm me – so I understand they think there will be a showdown between me and them when I start trading my Books while I introduce myself to people as an Arch Prince and I think it will be a fine opportunity to start getting rid of that stupid well off neighbourhood hoodlum nonsense they believe implies that I am unable to handle their Celebrities.

So I do get asked these questions on what I think causes Royal rebellion and it’s an old story about these goons who work the civil disobedience and always want to run from the abusive processes of getting a job, having older supporters that fill in the gaps for everything you have not done right i.e. the gaps associated with all the corrections you want to make – hence the Monarch is always safer doing it in such a way that people are given responsibilities that match what they have been spending their time on. When you have made your mistakes, most cases, you bear it in mind, it is unfathomable that Royal would support them – so it all tends to feed into the Media gimmicks of which HM said that the trouble with the Media is that either for the right or wrong reasons, it shows up and goes on and on about it until the bad things happened to you again; for my part which I love to take measures that ensure they cannot damage everything they got their hands on, so what they did not damage tends to count, such that it was pointless to take action and didn’t matter. Like they say I am destructive as well which is not as true as the fact the goons who keeps dragging my career into a condition where civil rights trouble makers wanting to get rich quick can take advantage of it until the process of people being able to grab my career became a self-fulfilling prophesy, needs to stop doing it, if they wish to avoid a response – needs to stop doing the exploitation of Prince feeling slightest pea under many Matrasses gimmick and let me have my space.


Apparently Government is no longer able to control what happens in the general public, what happens with public spaces and if they are making trouble at Industry, such that there appears to be a need to have a Government operative oversee what is happening there, where are they hoping to get their money? So, it appears they think their money will come from the Celebrities and its culture, which is not my problem, save if they fail to keep from my Books and do not avoid following me around they will get a response that they are going to hate as usual. I am told that the way I have been beaten down has done it which is utter rubbish, I have not been beaten down in anyway – it’s the big old case of my Books going to Government buildings where it should be successful but that is rather where the sales got killed off because the Politicians had decided to go along with the needs of Industry idiots who said that it was meant to be an item that was to be spread around for everybody in order to increase the wealth of the wealthy and provide jobs for the poor in order to bring about economic recovery; I have put up with this nonsense for over a decade now, no signs then it will move on by itself and I smell like what I ate all the time because of the social effects that come through, then they say its racism but I would want to respond to such racism by finding out if ethnic majority wants to burn the Country, except the whole thing is teaming with Ethnic minority complicity. So what has really happened is that they said my work was to be spread around for everybody in order to bring about economic recovery once it had made the wealthy richer and I thought that since learned people who were schooled in economics thought the future looked that way, I had never seen anything so stupid but not long after, as soon as I had completed the process of showing Large Companies that although it’s never really a bad thing to as many successful businesses most of which have partnerships with them had started out in such ways, I am not running a Bookshop that was to be profitable as a result of the shadow their large companies cast all over the world and I did it to ensure I did not get the wrong interests, once done, returned to find out I had been rounded up like sheep by these fools and then got told that if I started a fight their money would never run out before I was finished  - that did not end well, so I am now contending with the other incredibly stupid bits involving Celebrities patenting my life to their names, the immense work of tying off Legal loopholes to ensure that since I am not dragging them into a Law Court, I did not get sued by their hassle stupidities for being me, on account their idiocy patented it to their name to maintain processes by which they achieved their stardom, concerning which when it blows off that big mouth at me about how its money will never run out if I started a fight, it will then be very clear that Celebrities had kicked their own off around here too. The Politicians who are stifling my income do make those statements about a little sacrifice for the Country but it does not involve Books I had written by taking such things into consideration either, which rather indicates what it is about and I need to start responding in terms of the fact that they are not sharing their own salaries, otherwise it will continue to be as perverse and will never stop. The other story by the way side is the sacrifices that people have made for the Country while I think I am exempt which is utter rubbish; that they got involved with the Military and got hurt or killed is something that they believe with determine what economic Policy or Diplomatic relations was beats my imagination all the time but what kills me completely is the fact that so many idiots who cannot handle this sorts of things show up at Government buildings to cope only through destroying my finances like an infection. So should we look into the details, I would say mine is a warning that their need to make a mess of my Book sales and get me hurtling down rabbit holes to the other side of Industry where I find they had laid down whole pipelines on how I am to get into a fight with hoodlums and paparazzi while they grabbed my Public image is about to earn its reprisals as well – for their part, they are apparently worried about Industry trouble makers because they are themselves compromised i.e. the same twisted corrupt evil people like the lies they tell, where my Books go to Government buildings to get killed off, have no other good sides to their attitude and behaviour, save the part where they spent money on the High Streets and are therefore always talking nonsense and insults at others about which of their stuff has been done and what consequences will follow. I have nothing to worry about because I am very aware that the serious parts of their stupidities are usually when I want to do their stuff and cover my tracks well enough to ensure they couldn’t do a thing about it. I have no idea why they think that their involvement with the Armed services makes me vulnerable anyway; it all began somewhere around 2013, while I have been involved with Armed service processes long before then; this was the Year that they got involved with my State provided security and have never looked back on corrupting it for their stupidities - I used to think that it could not have been that bad when people said that security guards were abusive but in my case it has become a matter of chasing my Public image while Public transport operatives drive around telling criminals and hoodlums their stupidities were supposed to control for the various establishments they worked for, where I lived and where I studied and where I worked etc.

I have been told I never do a thing properly and am never to be taken seriously which is never the case as well – what you will lose if a group of people have already made statements on how a recession has revealed the way rich people lives and therefore set the stage for the new sorts of social issue problems they will create to acquire those lifestyle as well, is Market and National income; it starts out as a concern that the self-preservation energy that is not affected by the fact criminals are doing crime and are being punished by Law enforcement in the neighbourhoods does not become a problem for the future, just like those who corrupt my state provided security are probably hoping a time will come when I become unempathetic towards Security service Operatives who have been harmed in the course of duty and so on and then it progresses into something about making sure whenever they messed with a Market they acquired a product from it or you will have to hunt them to the other side of the world. They do claim this is the Legacy of Colonialism and other forms of Tyranny but we know that right from the one where you put some products in the Garage to distribute to Next Door neighbours, to the one where you call your Team into an Office for a Seminar, it’s always everything to do with the system, right down to liquid cash has been marked out for somebody or for something – sane people understand it is stressful enough as it is and do not spend time sorting out the most abusive ways that will allow them, especially with the help of Media, to take money out of a system, simply because they know something about it – these guys are not sane people.

I am now told that I claimed to be informed about Women but do not know anything as my condition now shows and its utter rubbish as we know it’s mostly a matter of Obama telling every twit in America that they can take whatever they wanted from my property and USA Power will back them up, which comes on the back of the same idiots threatening me every time they needed money over their civil rights and then running off competition with me to find their own black person that will be the most powerful black Man in the world, living in moments their Federated stupidities as usual, which eventually culminated in the election of Obama into the White House and saddled me with conscience responsibility to avoid allowing certain matters to add up to the idea it’s a problem for a Black person to lead the USA – human beings are not usually this stupid and hence it’s not something I am able to get accustomed to as such. So the outcome of this has been the public place and Media perceptions created to the effect of what they want from all these things and because that is not working, they have resorted to property destruction and this destruction that makes them stupidities appear to have added up to a self-fulfilling prophesy, will have to stop, the question now is whether it will stop the way they want it or will stop the way that I want it. In terms of knowing things about women however, it eventually all adds up to a case of having to deal with nauseating financial complications inflicted by incredibly stupid individuals because some women get along with men and other women do not, so the women that do not are clearly likely to be very destructive characters which I will not have been able to get along with, all construed into something which tended to suggest that I want to speak to their penises. The theory I cannot do a thing about it is just shows how clear it is that if ever I thought of letting go the destruction of my academic pursuits, we have another example here in terms of my Books and Public image, indicating why I should obviously do so – by itself however, I have mentioned this damage of my property is about to stop as well, unless I write their Books around here, a bunch of idiots in suits on Public venues making out they have seen bad things and can behave in a way which avoid them but on the contrary instead – they clearly don’t like to come up with strange and stupid ideas which are proven wrong by those who know better, especially when it comes to the way they ought to behave towards other people and because they don’t like to be proven wrong, I must contend with nauseating financial complications, leaving the question of what they suppose should happen to their salary and what if they were a responsible idiots that got to share that with me too.

I have been asked if my position on these matter is what I can do or a false hope but it is not a false hope, these are a group of goons who spend all their time passing insults and abuses at me which are aimed to ensure I saw the world the way that they did, so the benefit of that being that they want to see the world the way I do while I saw the world the way they did, the importance being that I am Royalty and they want to be Royalty instead, what they then want to talk about endlessly is the way it affects my tummy, just like we hear them claim I am small Man with small penis who will now get into Government buildings to invent ideas on how they should be punished for doing the wrong thing, about which I will smell and their children will attack me and so on, having run this off all the way to Buckingham Palace, have never stopped suggesting the outcome is that I have been conquered. So we know they are an impediment to British overseas interests and are particularly supportive of the Germans, about which I have mentioned before why it is that we never really let the Germans know what we are feeling about such things all together, bearing in mind it’s better than World War Three, where you will be fighting the clever Germans instead of idiots introducing themselves to you are characters that are all over your concerns to inspect you and ensure you did not seek out and take what is the exclusive due of those that are good looking, wrecking your Public image and seeking your income margins or these other ugly people that are simply an impediment to National interest. Those who support these things here in the UK are usually happy to threaten me when my bottom hurts and the next time they follow me around with me when they see me attend academic institutions, I will burn their world for it; so it might be said mine is a dangerous disposition too but I am a Hermit and Primarily concern myself with Church matters, wondering what those who show up here with societies they have invented for the purpose of sexual abuses that put them in charge of peoples organised living and public image and therefore earnings, while attacking those who smell of what they ate want with me or indeed what they expect my reaction will likely be – yap, yap, yap will mean it is possible I am bluffing and I am never going to get away with it as it were. It’s the way they create these things for themselves; I appear to have spent time in a Hermitage, I am something pure, something that they wish to take advantage of and abuse which process of doing so can be linked to a means that leads to an end – so if I resist, hopefully I wouldn’t mind if abusing me is what is needed when people want to perform acts of security or operate in security services or abusing me is what people need when they have already done so and it runs right up to the other mean Cunts hanging around the Streets working some rich get richer and poor get poorer gimmicks, which eventually is meant to lead to an outcome where Girls are influential; they can grasp the part where the former disposition tended to mean some trouble makers get involved with the Military and show up to abuse people sexually in order to put themselves in control of the Country, over how they think National Economy Policy should be managed, what it is unable to grasp is the concept of an Arch Prince telling them his bottom hurts and they are going to likely progress from giving him a reason for it to giving him a closure for it. as I mentioned; the damage is going to stop, the question now is whether it will the way that they want it, or it will the way that I would like it. They claim we British think that we can dabble into Economic interests in any part of the world that we liked and it is utter nonsense as what happens is that it is always a problem for some Businesses, if the British are expanding and it is safer here, come here to Trade and do business, hence these trouble makers must have followed them here because the assumption held was that they are other people’s personal gods, what they have clashed with is that some people here are prepared for such contingencies. Even now, it will be suggested what I have said here is an example of how the Labour Party has forced me to work for them and we all know the Labour Party is the main Party in Parliament with International development Interests which are a threat to me and the only party to get responses from me such as sacking a vital part of it because it wrecked my academic work, left me tens of thousands of pounds in debt and set about telling me what I must do to co-operate with their needs over my Public image now that I have debts and know what it feels like, so this sort of talk happens at a really bad time naturally, we simply must wait until it produces results too. It’s like the story of Liberal America threats which appears to be the answer for all their problems but does not bother me in any way since its largely a group of very abusive idiots doing what they do best whenever people have what they don’t but those threats are now about to develop from the deployment of big American market to tackle those they don’t like, such as means their stupidities had an idea to handle me and it does not actually include touching my Books any further than they already have for their problems, hence damage is about to stop either the way they like or the way I want too, into something of me solving that stupid Democrat and Republican corruption thing that is the main driving force behind the activities of every twat who show up here to try and ensure I saw the world the way they did while they got to be me. I do get told that it has nearly taken over my whole life which it hasn’t – if people spend their time tackling me and I spent some time responding to it, there was no meaning attached save the damage that is about to earn them another history for getting involved with my concerns the way the secret society fools they are loyal to claim those abusive powers they have acquired are meant to gangs and criminals but are never used on gangs and criminals, the problem being another group of gits mainly led by the Labour Party that appears to exist for the purpose of doing bad things while claiming others were responsible, shoving me all the time – the risk of my response usually being that I will allow it get away with all sorts and then find out what I have destroyed in the sanctity of the Government Law debating Chambers, so I like to say it will soon lead to an outcome where I want to make the neighbourhood of its Local Constituency Office very rough as well.

What is happening to Parliament is clearly evident prove of the Labour Party being exactly the same thing Germany’s Nazi Party in the 1940s, the fact other Parties have been complicit with it producing a result where the Parliament has no sense of itself: they appear to be very good at doing very bad things which they claim others were responsible and can never allow us a moments peace from claims that racism can be avoided if those who had property handed it over to those who didn’t, once they got around bribing criminals to avoid Crime, are no longer able to make sense of what they are doing and have always desired to abuse me sexually until they are in control while I became a great orator looking for more of what its stupidities were complaining about the last time I become determined to be right in every argument I got involved with if they were the opposing side and when other Parties are complicit with it, the Parliament does not know what it is doing anymore. For my part they say I am the character who thinks he can handle anything while reality is that I am example of how they get into Government buildings to delude themselves of what they actually can do out there in the open world, so I am dragged back to that point where I drop out of University again and again because their involvement with hoodlums and paparazzi at the backyards of Industry means they flushed my whole life down the loo and are constantly seen with my property Equity Assets in the City Centre any spare time they have, running around with other fellow goons in suits winning contracts on my Public image, followed on from other insults that they need to do something about me because in my heart of hearts I do not think of them as my Bosses.

They do speak of the olden days all the time and its utter nonsense too – the olden days will be the one where they make out every fool that thinks it is possible for an ethnic minority to become a friend of racist but if it didn’t work that way because his racist friends sooner or later shot and stabbed him, thought the Community that emerged from it was meant to be something that everybody was going to be a part of as long as they were an ethnic minority, whether they liked it or not, for the purpose of the in-community bred gangs and criminals that will get rich off it later on as it were, brewing even more of an institutional form of the racism everybody was worried about in the first place, the days when they claimed these sorts of individuals were what all black people looked like. So in my case my Dad could never live in the UK but I don’t have a choice because I am British, so I had taken steps which meant I became a hate figure because the effect is that while these goons got along with the fame and fortune race Politics criminals at Celebrity culture that they got along with, I had taken steps to avert the racism they stir up because they hate those parents of theirs who are very strict about their stupidities and were hoping the racism they stirred up will endanger the lives of such Parents, knowing racists are silly enough to do it or raise Publicity by running off racist campaigns which allows them to cement what they have already built up as the idea all black people are the same as they are - most of which have now developed from something of their need to follow me around for the purpose of using my personality to make the fame and fortune, while stealing from the shops every time I step outside of my door, so I might be linked to it, into something of a need to make it quite clear if they have not heard me blow off the big mouth on how much I hated their Africa Caribbean Communities, need keep their Prejudiced stupidities about my person to themselves as well; it is usually a two part story like these but the way we did it in Africa was the one where if you are good at grabbing the Public image of young people to blab nonsense about your fucking mates doing your stuff all the time and so on, then you needed to allow them complete the academic work, so that they acquired more of the Public image that you can grab going into the future and when you got killed by somebody at some stage, it would be clear that the system does not really tend to punish Criminals everyday even for the worst possible crimes, FYI – we do let them be as well. It leads to those statements I think I can handle the Celebrities but cannot which is utter rubbish; we all know Celebrities are very lawless idiots surrounded by security being sold them by another group of lawless idiots, spending the best made plans that I was raised from Childhood to understand very well, so my parents might be proud of me for being a successful person on their stupid selves, it needs to keep away from my Books unless it wrote it instead as it were – we are now past the bits where we wanted to prove what will become of the Industry fools who spend money on them to allow them get up to all these nonsense as it were, we now know the twats can only show up here to pay off some bad people like Celebrities and need to stop issuing their stupid threats at me – they now need to get off showing the reason they got that no asset no liability money was a function of claims that others had something they didn’t and need to get out them spending it to acquire what they didn’t have, so that those who gave it to them might get their money back and stop showing up here blabbing rubbish on how I will be handled when they cannot achieve such things; saying I cannot do anything about it goes beyond a need to teach them a lesson they will never forget for every time their stupidities got anywhere near National treasury, whereby it is likely an eventuality will have emerged where I took it very, very personally indeed.

They do claim I continue to underestimate this problem and its risks which is utter nonsense – all I really need is the interested Parties showing up near my Books and being left along long enough for them to buy it and read it; what I have here instead is a group of idiots getting involved with my Books to see if I will tell a story later on of how I could have been a star until the Celebrities got involved and I am now full of regrets – you live with this nonsense all your life and in your late 30s are looking like an idiot who couldn’t get it sorted out while you already did at 17, all because I wrote a Book a decade ago and the same idiots who wrecked the academic work to hate the Books that came from it have gotten after the Books as well, putting it back to when it started and when I finished my Books in 2010, we are talking about 15 years of dealing with a daily test from their problems and stupidities but then again it does appear as if the Celebrities want to play a part in the matter as well, hence I need to ensure they were obliged too. I do get told what I really need is to talk with Industry people about co-operation and its utter nonsense; what really happens is that Industry people think they have their own Royalty to fool around with, like we see them pervert my writing career into a process where I bent to the will of their money and set about working for market that they and their friends could exploit, we have seen them engage again in the daily perversion of my concerns into something about some Royalty fighting off their enemies while they made money and got connected on his Public image; but as I said, the problem has been Celebrities wanting to play a part, about which I have had a need to get them show up here and display how they were nearly more important than I am using my Public image before I had the effrontery to get involved with their stupidities again as it were, the Industry people on the other hand need my Books and they can buy it or leave it – it is starting to develop into something more serious; a three star designer will spend time fooling around with my Equities to make his money, making my whole life toxic, cannot follow my social media while in a perpetual bidding process for my Creative Assets for years, then a new kid will show up to pick up those Assets and become a major Rival and I will be punished for causing them to lose money. So they were doing very well when everything I did when I left my door step was picked up to make designer ware that Celebrities can make them rich for until they had to ensure I dropped out of University and ended up in debt, which is still their biggest problem as we speak but all together, I am starting to put out messages in public about having enough of their stupidities showing up here to conduct improper investiture at this Office, extract money from my Public image and pass insults at me that will change the world, never mind the fact access to my person has now been perverted into something society gits may fool around with to get connected in their own right, which have pushed those security guard abuses through the roof and is starting to look like the next reason I will feel as if my Health, personal dignity and academic pursuits are under siege and act to burn their world for it too.

They claim now that there are great forces protecting me from being a proper victim of racism and its utter nonsense as well – we all know that the only challenge I have with my work is that their stupidities showing up around it from Government buildings, Media and Celebrity culture serves to prevent those who are interested from investing in the Equities that I am winning my contracts with and this means I need to ensure they gave people the time to buy and read my Books but they have made it so complicated that these kinds of incredibly stupid questions make sense. So the answer to such nonsense is that it would have scared me if I had no other choice than to try and get by with what the White Man had built, about which they would say that I am fast looking like it too, to which I would say their vandalism of my property and the fact I dropped out of University to end up with debt have not yet been avenged by the way. So the only reason I dropped out of University is that these idiots and their ethnic minority fools who spend all their time playing up practical jokes with the finances of those who have what they don’t thereby forfeiting their right to dignity for instance is because they were chasing money with that personality and Public image I was so selfish I was trying to keep to myself by making sure it was permeated with an academic qualification – the idiots have just done another one with my Books as it were and the Celebrities are also hanging up somewhere blowing off the big mouth at me all the time, as though the prospects of shredding their Celebrity culture and show business has no probability of becoming a work ethic at this Office. it did begin as stupidly enough naturally – something to do with seeing me walk into a Church and having this need to see what I would become if I were forced to preach Gospel on the Streets while they made money off my Public image, which showed right away that their stupidities had hit the jackpot and would never go away from then on – now it has clearly become a question of me being victim of racism and apart from the business of their Royal friends bullying me to make me look like boyfriend material which is what their own version of modern people deciding what my existence should be like was all about, when they have to deal with the racism that applies to them and their own section of society, I am left wondering if they think I ought to be caught up with it because they were either paying me for doing so or that it is what I do for a living. They have continued to tell their Politicians that I get around looking for trouble that is too big for me naturally and it is utter rubbish as well – what happens is that like their Politicians ask what must be done about it regularly, it’s an old case of not fixing it when it is not broken, their stupidities were less successful than their mates for a reason and their naturally predatory stupidities were always likely to target young broke people with good reputation – it cannot stop getting imagination up my bum to make money and I will never stop shredding that stupid society to run this Bookshop as well, the anger towards me is that they are losing money and I have not yet organised family, career and public life in a way that makes them suffer like their Celebrity culture invites it’s stupid self into my concerns all day long just yet as it were, no idea what they are complaining about, like we hear them say there is nothing I can do about them while it was rather clear if I told the Celebrities and the Fashion Goons and Media gits and Political trouble makers to stop running off all sorts of nonsense which adds up to incorrect investiture at this Royal Office, the probability was that an inability to stop doing so will lead to an outcome in which I acquired venues and equipment that let me engage with the Public in a way that shreds their own as well – I was still thinking straight during the days that these fools showed up all over my Public image to run off their Popular culture, I am unable to figure out how the fact the money issues and Celebrities are not the main thing for a Hermitage has come to mean they need to ensure I cannot pay off my invoices and that their stupidities have become more important than I am, hence a typical scenario that will help me work out exactly how they plan to become a threat for the future. The American ones are always right obviously and Trump is racist while I am a character they have stupidly set out as one that will suffer to right the bad things that have happened to poor people and it is clearly not a very good start for them when we hear them complain all day long; it’s my challenge obviously i.e. that money and celebrity is not the main thing for a Hermitage but the invoices will be paid never the less, none of their business and I hope that they are taking note of the effects their stupidities have on me and why personal finances is considered personal in the first place – they have boasted it is not about violence whereby I do not have a chance, that it is about squandering all I have and of course they don’t think it is a real question as well when I am wondering what the real relevance of Celebrity is as it were, until this becomes a work ethic at this Office as well; it needs to keep away from my Books and stop following me around. There is now a clear link between the activities if those who have no business with either Royalty or a Religious Hermitage and the nauseating financial difficulties I have to deal with and they have considered those very abusive and insulting prejudices their stupidities can never run out of, to have decided what reality is around here – so they are not squandering anything, they have come up against systems meant to ensure they are unable to damage absolutely everything they got their hands on and of course are getting too old for fame which is what the frustration is all about. They have continued to maintain I have a very bad attitude which is utter nonsense – the latest one is that I got a security guard job and it was 2 and a half years spent on imaginations getting up my Bum, hurting my Eyes, hurting the back of my head and all kinds of distant abusive behaviour that helped to foster the power Politicians will have over me for the future, now I am living on University Credit and thereafter at this disposal, having acquired what they wanted, none can explain why I am sore all over every day and must be followed around and made to smell in Public – we saw the same idiots at it in the University along with black fiends they brought in from overseas, now blabbing how I am a small man with a small penis who wants to get into Government buildings and decide how they should be punished for doing the wrong thing, meant they had conquered me all the way to Buckingham Palace – no idea why they cannot keep their insults to themselves or share it with the Men and Women in their own stupid lives but we know each time they bring up some superiority and comparison stories, there are other boys and girls like them out there but those behave the way we see them behave because the Parents had chosen them to assist with Public matters in the process of running a considerably sized business – these idiots then must be thinking their parents own the Country. I am finished and done for is a practical joke, the challenge to remove the business of nearly being somebody important until the Celebrities got involved is a gimmick they have come to enjoy so much every day and I too am starting to wonder who needs Celebrity jobs on this planet anyway and why it seems to be important; they can avoid what is to come next easily by putting a stop to their foolishness being channelled at me and by not following me around for it ever again. They do claim they are nice people which is not the case at all, most of the problems we have is due to an involvement with my concerns whereby they don’t have to be Loyal and are superior – so when they are stuck with things like characters whose social position is somewhere between the Communities and the kids who pass exams to get jobs that helped control the high street and do not want to go down smelling by themselves, I end up dropping out of University, that becomes their biggest trophy as they can pillage the public image to get rich quick, there is no prove they are really stupid as far as they were concerned, it is not a behaviour that needed changing, while when we think of the consequences the reasons were so easily avoidable like so. Same as when I am told I never really make myself clear on racism while we know if you have been dealing with abusive black women all day, should you meet a Muslim women who is nice to you for a moment, you cannot deny it feels good, cannot deny its diverse, unless you got attacked by the Husband who claimed you are sleeping with her for instance; it has always been a collection of idiots deciding their version of the world is the way I have had history with human beings. It has always been a simple matter of taking care of the civil living issues and the fact these are the main crux of goons who want government Office deployed to protect them from the abusive processes associated with getting a job and when it’s time for Football for example, we feel as if the flood gates have been opened up and there is no reason it should not be part of normalcy – I don’t know why those who refuse to grasp this or listen to what others are saying to them on it, like to get involved with Government Office, I know that they soon screw up their lives and want to move into my right hand, then get me beaten up to ensure I never think of it again, which is what this is all about – something of a series of years ending in an outcome where I have so much of them on my case I will need to get into a fight all the time, in order to prove myself, just so I might get on with my own concerns, as stupidly as possible -Celebrities have always been the best dealers at this nonsense and are naturally behind it as such, their method of responding to goons who chase their body parts is that their temper matters and other people’s feelings do not, so as a result of which they screw their lives and all hell has broken over on a global stage over mine, no idea whom exactly they suppose is screwing with them here as well.

The newest eventuality at Government is that of Ministers at Parliament voting to Block a no deal Brexit which it is said I would have an opinion about, no idea why it is suggested my opinion matters but we all know it’s another occasion where we chose if we lived in a Country where the applicable decisions of the Public is respected or those who had been voted into Government change it at will, hence reality becomes more obvious the matter of how the Politicians cannot have their Cake and eat it i.e. a decision which the Public makes is a decision which the Public makes and that which MPs make is that which MPs make and not some vested Interests deciding which Country makes them the most comfortable. I would then get told it’s another case of preservation for the Monarchy while reality is a matter of people who needed to be reminded that the system of Government works well and does not need any changing for something that is rather uncertain on account they felt like it and had no knowledge whatsoever of how the Government of the Country works, streetwise or academically – about a group of people who constantly rip up our lives because they can tell what is in our heart of hearts where we do not think of them as our Bosses which condition needs to change. They do claim for their part it’s about Government, whips and tricks but it’s usually a matter of when it comes to those it applies as well and their ego is irrelevant on the matter of whether I am an Arch Prince or not.

I am said to have gotten away with incredible things and its utter nonsense, I have not; it’s been swirling around I get away with watching pornography and even declare it in Public but the sexual processes of pornography does not arouse me in anyway, never mind the fact it has become endemic enough for Children to watch, like some replacement for the threat of paedophilia and other forms of Child abuse. So the problem is that it is growing into a need for a showdown with the Celebrities, as these are activities that people engage in when they had been taken advantage of, had their lives completely destroyed by Celebrities, its purpose has always been to keep the Celebrities out of personal life while making money at the same time and we all know that I would have no need to do something that declares these facts and all sorts of sexual insults that are meant to put their Celebrity stupidities in charge of me, if there were no trouble makers at the Monarchy, showing up here to shove me all the time, making those foolish statements that they make into some sort of self-fulfilling prophesy in the minds of the Public but having done these routines to set out a warning, I have not achieved the purpose and it is growing into some real response on my part to the activities of Celebrities relying on me for their stupidities which will ensure that I had acted in a way they will never forget too. They do boast about crushing me but we all know that as long as every twat that showed up here since 2003, to make popular culture and Celebrity wealth from my Public image ceases to travel around the world telling young people they were more important than I am, their stupidities does not have to crush anything and find out what happens next as well. They have constantly claimed it’s the way State provided security for me have handled them which is precisely so as well – it never stops showing up here to confiscate a Royal Office and when I put together some routines to confiscate the stupid Celebrity culture as well, some Royalty whose bottom they have been chasing spotted an opportunity and have not looked back since; it needs to stay away from my Books, stop following me around and shut down the stupid abusive advertisement, I have no idea who told them they were famous anyway, they are a handful of Industry manufactured twats whose processes of gathering money to access equipment and venues where they engage with the Public is a constant threat to my family finance base and even my health, will not stop until there was a very good reason for it never to happen again as it were. They do claim my view of what they are is a mystery and it is not; firstly the person who told them they were famous was just as insane as they are, and of course it needs to keep its greed away from this Hermitage and its Equity Empire.

They claim the main problem and the reason people are unable to handle me is that they are a divided society and I can only get on by milking it, which is utter nonsense, what happens is that it destroys my Bookshop and relies on me to do nothing about it, having gotten accustomed to doing that thinks that the years of following me around to make a mess of my career, then want my Books free of charge and build a crowd to do so has adopted a disposition that will bring forth dividend and decides to start off a gimmick about my wellbeing relying on them not being able to band together. I do not think of it a difficult matter either – we all know they have been screwing with me for years because as long as they are likely to buy a product, if I invested an Asset in a Company, they could do whatever they liked with it because none knew who I was, their nepotism and stupidities adopting disposition that will be profitable, we have done the part where they handle products and do not build their own version, where they take money out of a market system simply because they know a thing or two about it and buy a product from it ASAP, even if it meant living in hell because they did, now they are blabbing about banding together and it’s starting to look like the part where it is not so bad when they are poor. In the end they say the biggest problem I have is the Politicians but then again the only issue here is that I solved some issues and wrote a Book doing so, hence those who need that help need to get the Book and people are not able to do so because of the behaviour others exhibit towards my concerns, people can therefore make their own decisions separate from the Politicians which is not to say a fight with Politicians will not be the answer for everything whereby I am still the victims even when I am wrong due to civil rights. They have said that I need some discipline and like to say so all the time but we are here on grounds that for years my sense of respect for them and processes of listening to what they have to say has brought about a result where they destroy my whole life without reason and rely on me not to do a thing about it, progressing to a constant need to vouch for me to be disciplined; as I mentioned before, starting to look like it’s not so bad when they are poor and then they can band together and be poor, so it might be possible to observe exactly what it is that their stupidities can do. I do get told most of what I say and do is being given away and I am blaming others for the consequences, much the same as they say the problem with me is that I am a coward who never gets into a fight while people simply will not take the risk of fighting me, unless they knew the incentive was fame if they won and wanted to win at any cost – in terms of the former, this is how I work this Bookshop i.e. despite a decade and a half of complaining about me, it is a still a habit that society ageist exhibit along with their stupid children, that no moment goes by in any 24 hours without my very writers persona getting damaged or made a mess of, which they find amusing and their wealth equality by war idiots at Parliament would think is funny too, while seeing clearly that each time people get kicked in the teeth while they are down on the streets, the most likely character to have done it was a Political idiot with a cunt, finding unseemly things amusing at Government buildings when it is about other people’s career and family finance base – so those who have Media jobs that help these gits claim they have grabbed my career when I stuff their heads with what I know as well, need see that a response is what they will get for it and those who do not realise this is the effect of their gimmicks needed to stop doing it. This explains the latter, an example of the sort of things that mean I am constantly in other people’s hate Books.

They would say I speak of people not taking the risk to get into a fight with me and yes they will not, they hope to carry on the abuses that needlessly make me out to be a character that owns a lot of things I cannot protect including fame and then such a fight will be a fight that they will have to win because of the incentive and if I removed that incentive, I will be in a position to attack them needlessly as well and it will be something I will think about stopping but have little will power to and therefore have to work on myself. It did start out stupidly enough when it attacked my academic pursuits the first time, clinging to my Public, especially the white women and their boys gimmicks, claiming I am a threat to them but do not know it yet and the Politicians needed to have it sorted – these days the amount of daily abuse because they had become so important, as stupidly as possible means they have progressed from being afraid of me to a condition where I am weak and whatever I think of those who keep abusing me is something I will take out on myself, hence the bottom chasing gimmicks and the smell issues. The older ones say I need to move over to the left hand side and it’s an old story about not wanting to discuss what is happening with their lives being worked out in terms of working a public in a way that gets me to discuss mine, once this builds up to a public situation that affects them as well, then the problem was that they needed to move into my comfort zone and deal with the effects their own stupid decisions have on them and it has always been a Public security issue where women were their main target but it needed to be noted that this was an example when I say Muslims cannot control what criminals activity does with their backyard because what they do with Islam is claim they don’t like to discuss their religion and then it generally means we Christians are infidels until it had to be discussed, then I will be punished for the rest of my life over career and finance achievements they want to share because of the way that doing so had affected them, exactly what these goons mean by the answer for issues to be that I moved over to their left with a big mouth – for my part we Christians believe Christ died and Resurrected and sits at the right hand of God, so this sort of nonsense has all sorts of meanings and not one is good, besides it exists at the very edge of the structures that have emerged since the inception of this Hermitage, by which I work curtesy associated with keeping it tidy for the Monarch when the Head of State needs to draw from it: I did not get away with the first one whereby I wanted to peddle that stupid culture and society for money and got stopped until I dropped out of school by their stupid Politicians that are now pillaging my finances to make me see the importance of gangs and crime that deals with such issues, as stupidly as ever like we see them give their own to the frugal, finding it amusing, I am never going to get away with the next one I do as it were. They do claim it does mean I am in a difficult position and also claim I am caught between a Rock and a Hard case as an existential issue which is utter rubbish on both instances – all practical jokes taken far enough to build crowds around a gimmick which involves confiscating a Royal Office. I am not in any difficult position, I have been clear to the Celebrities about their insults and abuses, the things I have done to show them I have been seeing the pornography that those they had taken advantage of make in order to earn money and keep them out of personal life, so they are either going to stop damaging my Books while relying on me to do nothing about it, on seeing that they are unable to grab my career even when they buy shares with every company I had dealing with in order to handle me, looking for trouble and the damage to those Books are going to stop their way or it will stop when their gimmicks will be the only way Celebrity culture can be done while what I am doing with them now will be the only way I may run a Bookshop. As for being caught between a rock and a hard case, the same applies they rely on me to do nothing about destroying my Books over their civil rights, since last grabbing my career was impossible and I am still wondering if I write their Books around here, if the Books I write belong to them, it is about to get a response that will make sense of their stupidities in a rather established way too; legitimate purchase and legitimate review if they want to express something about another person’s work has never been too much of demand to make of the Public the last time we checked. The rest of the ageist goons are all good, I am sore all over which had developed some gimmicks they can play up to promote Political power in the Country, lost my Job and now live on Universal Credit for it and I am still sore all over because their stupidities had served the politicians and will now follow their heart, clearly not looking for it too as it were; hence in the end I work these matters by making sure when Liberal America builds new society on patents set out for my work to ringfence it and help me run a writing career, their practical jokes will have involved the need to extract money from my Royal Trust the way that I do as well, so I usually fill their stupid heads with what I know lest I get to pay the price for their stupidities every single time they talk about freedom and democracy – those who have Media and Celebrity jobs need spend more time with the one they actually did sign a contract for or it will be a journey that leads straight to the business of launching my own direct attack on that career and income that has gotten to their stupid heads as well – likewise those who fight my battles all the time, it responds to mentally ill community croons and it fundamentally involves shoving me and this is how it fights peoples battles as it were, out of its depth, done so much making a mess of my public work.

Now they do say there is an easier way to handle these matters but I don’t think people like easy around here – so we find that White Mum and Her Boys grabbing my Public image for fame and fortune and a future of being rich and important wrecks the academic work and I am the one who deserves to be punished for doing something wrong – now it has become an endemic behaviour which permeates all of society and their stupidities think I need to join some gangs and crime to alleviate them of the consequences of their personal decisions; same case when we talk about Public security, whereby women were the main targets all of the time, what it fights my battles for are things I have grown up to my present age and size ignoring mostly, now it has fought my battles and need to move into my right hand while I moved left to some place it deemed to be inferior; The Queen’s Job is thus incredibly easy, especially when racism is bad but ethnic minorities are copying discrimination. The other story about me being a war monger and a bad person is pretty much the same i.e. they have not given me a day’s break from the gimmicks; a kid who got into the Monarchy and rose so fast he became a hate figure and they were about to do that their thing and have now done it, looking for a response; no idea which one is which anyway, since what the Queen likes about me is the way I handle my Religious matters and for it I got a Royal Opportunity.

They have said that I am meant to get into a fight when people chase my bottom not become a Coward that wants to be important but what will happen here will be an outcome in which the only way on this Planet which people will have Celebrity culture and lifestyle will involve chasing my bum and the only way I run a Book shop will involve the question of why exactly we need Celebrities in this world at all to begin with and this I believe is when their stupidities will make them serious minded persons for a change – their stupidities should ensure I had access to and shut down all the other processes of doing Celebrity in order to ensure this was the case, as we can see.

I have been told I never discuss these matters in terms of the reality of what is happening and its utter rubbish; the reality of realities is that the Politicians have become quite obsessed with seeing what they can do with Individuals that The Queen does not want to do Business with – I cannot believe that they have reached a point where they expect me to behave a certain way because persons who got involved with National security and paid a price for it, now want to decide what economic and financial policy was, it is ridiculous when we look at it in terms of the reality that they have beckoned. For my part they say I smell and it’s a real issue but the smell is usually caused by their need to interfere with my person and make a mess of it being very filthy; it has now taken so many forms of abuse and ended finally in the business of their community croons claiming that the personality is a product of sleeping with peoples wives and I used to think I had seen the worst but the topping these days is that I live like I woman and need to hand over a women’s life and get a Man’s own, so it clearly wants a response the way it has been told to keep its mouth shut about the smell, concerning which I have no idea why it is believable that I go around farting in Public places anyway – it needs to give me my space if it is worries about the smell, it only ever gets worse every time they don’t; the stupid threats are clearly what they are, as if the gits are not aware the smell is the way that their parents abuse people’s children in the neighbourhood to give them an edge when it comes to the process of conducting their tribalism raids to the top end of Industry and if it handles me because of it I am going to try making my own changes that involves hurting them seriously too. In the end they cause it in terms of such nonsense as the place I buy my Food being where the loss of my Public image was decided and with it they build a whole community that wants to discuss my anus and tummy and run it off until they are unable to get around their concerns without an imagination that does it, while they started claiming that I prevent them from peddling my faith and personal life and public image because I am trying to run their lives; it is such an opportunity to make my case for the way International Communities work, especially as seeing their businesses at City underbelly will suffer for it i.e. the various Parties held at International Communities and the privileges the various Countries that contributed to those parties expected or deserved; it needs to abandon the threats and will now have to choose either to keep its mouth shut about the smell or perform the only thing that can stop it I.e. never being seen showing up around my concerns, spreading gossips about it as stupidly as possible and never seen running off its social corruption on my Public image – the big mouth that the threats have expressed is by the way however an indication of how we have progressed to the point where it is starting to look like it’s not such a bad thing when the fucking idiots are poor. So these will be the facts of facts and if the Celebrities want their own, the one about the Celebrities goes beyond whether or not American nepotism has come to my Hermitage – goes beyond whether or not George Bush started a war in Iraq and spent his Military ware caring less for the good people there who would have helped to build the peace, if only we gave them time to, the problem with dead people being that they never come back to life, so it appears the problem has slipped through our hands forever and then of course whether I had written something about it which caused Obama to get off saddling me with some need to show respect for those that are putting themselves at risk to keep me safe and therefore want my Public image in return, the part about Liberal America and its Celebrities befriending Terrorists an ex-terrorists to handle little brother cowards, which is now brewing an outcome that completely overshadows the facts it’s all about their corruption and need to ensure the Industry favours them and their children for the future financially at all times, and grows rather into something of War and pornography with Celebrities ripping up the Books they wrote in their opinion at this Hermitage, while I got to decide that it will be the way they ran their Celebrity culture into the future, as I too got to invent the manner in which I thought I would most proficiently get to run a Bookshop at their Hermitage as well. In the end meaning it’s a matter of the way that big brothers and big sisters spend their time wrecking everything around here to ensure I channelled my while life to respond to their problems, thereby creating an outcome where they felt about the world around them the way that I did; same process applies, as it will soon be the way they earn a living, while what they are complaining about it will be the way I earn mine. It has always been simple; the authorities or the producers or employers, themselves and me – when people have deployed my Equities to get things done, there is a reason that they have done it that way, others need to cease all actions which encroach on my interests, seeing they had since wrecked the academic work and left me in debt, then gone about building me a decade history of insults which shows that they fundamentally believed it is how it should be, very unnecessarily. The ferocity of these activities on the contrary to being a cause for alarm is a reason to be optimistic i.e. 12 years now has meant the need to cling to me for my Public image instead of showing some respect for my writing Career, has now meant they have become too old to get rich and famous but all is not Green and Rosy as we can see that the goons at Industry who spend money on them while they do these things cannot stop using threats that leave them inadequate and deflated when I respond by showing them all they really can do around here is pay off some trouble makers, to avoid suffering that is due to the fact that people hurt their bottoms too, and of course it is getting serious enough to have my fun exploring how cultural the sex can get.

I am told that my Books do not make any sense and it is utter nonsense, their activities do not make any sense, especially that of ageist idiots who believe they have spent enough time on the work force to torture me for the rest of my life for being a moral person, broke with a good reputation and starting out in the world, like some natural right that they have got; none of their activities makes sense, they are simply comfortable inserting it into my life and career and now that they can read it in a Book we have come full circle too – what happens is that each time I have anything to do with a Client, there will be a functional aspect to the creative equity, there will be a service aspect and there will be an idealistic aspect but what I deal with each time is the intensity of their abuses and insults making those stupid statements about one person is worth being sacrificed to help alleviate their problems and that of those around them, that my work is totally inundated with it – so that is the Book and they now have to decide either to keep away from it or read it. Some people have said I have turned my business into a revenge vendetta but I have not; we see the younger idiots blabbing nonsense about becoming more important than I am on my Public image, boasting of how I will never get out of what they have created for me, while all they have done is see that Politicians spend time pillaging my finances, so they need to spend time working on me in terms of how I dealt with the problems and gradually got pushed into that stage where they needed to see how I will die – knowing that this is a disposition that ensures that of the three of us, their stupidities were the ones that suffered the most, cannot stop blabbing about their needs, their privileges as younger people and all sorts of nonsense about who will force me to protect them while my whole life is toxic already; it has always been as simple as showing here either to read the things I have written on the Websites or to conduct a legitimate purchase and a legitimate review, I am certain that it is not too much to ask.