They do say my sense of humour causes a lot of problems for others but it’s never really the sense of humour as it is the fact my whole life has become a fraternity at the whim of media fools, which anybody can join and so we find that the civil rights ones who believe the answer for their civil rights cowardice is to pick on and attack somebody that is unlikely to harm them in the way they had been attacked, and I think it’s what they want to other people’s jobs going off to somebody else foolishness want to do with their time but if it becomes a threat they will feel me every single time as well considering having a livelihood and a job or academic work should not bring about physical and violent pain that is a result of being hit and attacked while their corruptions of involvement appears to have been a culture of evil that is here to stay with that big mouth. So we find they are the ones that always wreck people finances in the hope they will fight for a civil rights on behalf of such persons after calculating what it is worth fighting racism on people’s lives – while the racists do the same except its more about their superiority instead and so it’s just me and some Woman at Court and they are not complaining enough and blabbing about becoming a plaything for Media all together – they do say I say such things but never make progress while there is actually no reason for people to drop out of University when community croons worry about their fame all day long and the supposition I am trying to save myself from bullying is all wrong since it is obvious that it is carving fame from my personality that makes me such a target. I mean in terms of making progress – if this whole business of being hit by celebrities and fashion fools and popular culture idiots who want to make money on my public image does not come to an end as soon as possible, how do people image I am likely to get about solving such a problem anyway? So it is a set pattern after all and does not actually have a reverse gear; mostly it’s incredibly stupid, the ones that have jobs will not pay attention to it, if they prefer spending money on any celebrity scum that passes abusive insults my way when I do not know them and we are neither friends nor enemies, creating this outcome where my progress will be defined by what becomes of those stupid high flying jobs they do not love as much, if their stupidities keep showing up where the phenomenon that is my Books should be earning me a living, ripping the patents and making comments. So eventually we see it’s a matter of dumb students who find that when they are irresponsible it helps them concentrate on academics showing up to bully me, tell lies and extract money from my Royal estate all the time and I have allowed my finances take a battering because it means when somebody does get off to the insulting fashion and media and popular culture and it was the broke person that supplied the equity property, they get to blab and bully so much but what has become of that is that they want to tell me of what favours I owe them on account that if they do not show up all over my public image to get their financial problems settled they will lose their minds and it’s the same way I want to lay waste the high flying jobs ones that I intend to handle it too – a bit of normalcy but only after the carnage. The part about security is the most telling part not the most complicated i.e. take steps to ensure others do not get hurt protecting you since you do not like to do much heavy lifting at the heavy lifting part of your engagements and these idiots will show up and run this nonsense for years, make some money and get off to do the same as well, then start the provocation all over again, when they have famous and had hired a couple of security guards, for some cowardly freedom violence that will settle penance for the fact they had lost a fight even though the fight they do not plan to lose is the one with the things that curb their evil nature and that stupid temper they say matters to others as well when it doesn’t. So, the civil rights are losing money and the celebrities and the popular culture and the stock markets and the media but they are not deterred, instead my whole body hurts and clinging to my income to tell lies has become the main thing and I wish to know why they suppose I should go about solving the problem if they do have an opinion anyway. They do say this is how wealth distribution is done of course but I wouldn’t know anyway – I have a literary empire attached to a Royal Estate to release money from and it is perhaps the stage where I will have to take a position on those who have a problem with my rights and dignity as set out by the law, on account they have money problems – all they have to do is carry on this way and keep blabbing too – after all people get involved with an author to buy a Book as it were. They say I provide people false confidence that what I do is capable of saving them but we all know I do not wish to spend my time listening to the fact people on the left kick them all the time which is usually done turning my tummy upside down all the time and when I do listen it does mean their stupid politicians are getting a job done – I mean it’s usually a matter of not making up your own of what they are saying to you instead of just listening to it to get the message clearly, whereby they mean you need to eat some shit and all those various nonsense that helps them keep an eye on your public image to get rich and famous with, a false fucking confidence you give people. They do say I will not kill off any high-flying jobs but we all know I have given the advice people get involved with a writer to buy a Bok, before I set about checking my losses over their success of insults where I work for it and have it damaged, then I forgive the damage and the perpetrators build their own from copying my public image to bring about equality and then will likely get a bloody complain out of them for it too. So, they say these are desperate people and there is no way I can get any of it done but we all know that to be false as the reality is rather that I can always very easily ensure they are clear that they are insane and that I will kill off those high flying stupid jobs, if the advice that people get involved with a writer to buy his Books are not taken asap. – It feeds into the story about how I thought I had power over social media but am finding out I don’t, this is where it is going to be settled. I mean, if somebody pillages my work to make money at stock markets and I said something at the Office that caused him to lose money, he understands the level of distress but continues the routine of let’s get together and go to his business to hang around and block consumer access because it’s amusing – cannot do anything about you when you set out to pick a board and nail it to his shop to shut it down for the same period but wishes to continue and boast about how little you can do about him on media.

So, they do say I am being manipulated by Politicians here which is not true; this whole exercise is about putting a lever on the politicians which I can pull every time they make those threatening gestures and give those stupid speeches that encourages people to tackle my finances. We hear them brag all the time about how it happens because I have little respect for their stupid challenges as per when my Daddy stands up on a pulpit to give a speech and provide some leadership using my reputation and Public image because he deserves the limelight, I get off and develop an effrontery to interfere with that big mouth and then my tummy will never feel good and I cannot get anywhere looking and feeling professional. It’s always easy to start out thinking they are a separate thing from that stupid Media and the Community croons but it is clearer and clearer that they are not. They say my activities brew madness but clearly anything that is not helping with writing and selling Books, college and any small means to raise needed extra funds is madness, its none of their business what I do with my livelihood anyway; they might not be confident I can wreck a high-flying job but I think people get involved with a writer to buy his Books as a matter of generic fact.

So the most recent complain is one of how I show up in peoples Countries to force them to do things they do not want to do and the Nationalist sentiments that have come forth from it, which is utter nonsense as I do not think that if I were forcing people do to anything it would have been a debatable situation; what we have here is something that happens on their left and right hand side, which I must be made to act on and the result has to be that I am stuck in it because of those I am scared of and each time I resolve one, another replaces it and the fear so called along with the abusive insults and its threats of violence continue endlessly in that way. It all generally means that they have not got any reasons that can explain properly, why it is that when people sit around with their extended Families to worry about being famous all their lives, I must drop out of University study for it too – then there is the success of insults campaign of showing up on my life to rip up finances and build a copy of their own that replaces the real world which follow swiftly too. In Northern Ireland, they say they want to reunify Ireland but we all know people could have gone with Ireland during the separation but didn’t do so and it never becomes real until I am provoked enough to mention that if I fail to see less of them and the American friends alongside, all over my Book sale finances, I will cut it pieces for them too along with that stupid Irish luck that does nothing properly unless money shows up to do it instead. We all see the meaning of it play out with goons from the Middle East who have American connections too – the bit about how they are seen all over my Books ripping something up and telling me they are happy I am listening to how much they hate my guts recently whereas I have not said anything complicated for my part either when I remind them they should only be here to buy Books from me; the rest basically spend most of their time making sure my Book of liabilities is never understood even by the Celebrities and this is where the big problem with the Politicians become more obvious, since it is the lack of respect for what I do, I.e. set out a statement and follow it up so that people can get on for the day, that leads to this behaviour, while they complain of my people calling them names all the time all together as well. Then we hear I am completely opposed to anybody being able to determine their own destiny, just as much as I love to pick a fight with Industry people that are more than I am but we all know that in terms of the former, what we feel is what we are dealing with i.e. they want a new Country to emerge from a Union that really works like a marriage but while they are in the UK they must use everything available to build the pillars of the new Country and it would have meant I had said something complicated when I had reminded them that these pillars will be used by the UK while they are in the UK as well as a whole – hence where it feeds into the Industry bits where it’s a matter of the same issues I had been trying to prevent since the recession that is continually being developed by idiots with money they spend on popular culture goons and show up to play with those who do not wish to play with them, right up to a stage of seeking a new Country and financial distraction. The same issues concerning a bunch of goons hijacking the economy to ensure there are no markets, while they tell us what the prices of their goods and services are on account they are getting rich fast, the fact it keeps recurring, showing of course what Politicians tend to spend their spare time on. After which they tell me I am losing the fight against inflation wherefore if I did, I would have had to ensure the question of how much of it is the fault of the rest of the world who must now determine how much they want to pay to have the British economy answered properly and it is very likely their stupidities will be the cork by which I do it and supervise a process where they seek the answer in the correct way as well, hence not really in their interest for me to lose such a fight no matter how stock market they may be. In terms of picking a fight with them when they are more than I am wherefore is largely a matter of the fact spending money on popularity goons they unleash on other people’s concerns is what they want to do with their time – I wrote my Book of Liabilities and Equity to ensure if they took over the large Companies in the Country their wickedness had been detached from mainstream living, leaving them the question to answer of whether the Companies they lead must go under or stay afloat but these Books are the biggest problem the Politicians have, meaning that they have got a civil rights problem too and I must ensure the Books are working while they do not get anywhere near my public image to get rich and famous any more than they have already – a tilt of as low as 55% to 45% board leadership of large companies in favour of the opposite of what is normal i.e. the irony of the honour of financial success and not the pleasures of get rich quick goons, which is usually that every day at it chips one more block off your violent capabilities, leading to this outcome where the most successful are usually the least expensive persons to manage by the tax receiving government – anything in the region of this ratio or beyond it is a problem I feel calls upon me to screw with peoples freedoms – those who deserve what they have should not be telling me, they have the entire world to tell. I understand people complaining about me all the time but I am not interested; culture is something everybody is aware of since it is how you may walk into the City and hear that your products and services have been supplied by somebody else instead – that their incredibly stupid orientation with it and a need for a new country alongside that develops from their insults will not do. Of course they say I think what I have said here will be sufficient but we all know it’s really all a matter of evil and I specifically am not just the one about whom hurting and abusing is linked to getting rich, I am also the one people expect will pass away and have parts of his body missing after his grave has been vandalised; while I am all clever and academic to avoid expressing extreme emotions that people do not wish to listen to, somebody else will be getting mortally hurt – I mean it started out with my Court of Journalists, whereby they were female and they were living well on a job that meant doing nothing save communicating what is actually fact, which is the closest thing to living like a priest but unlike a priest is just free range – so the Court emerged and they tackled my Court like their Politicians have no respect for what I do to set out a statement and follow it up so people can get on for the day, then complain about me forcing them to do what they do not want to do, in order to move into my right hand – hence it became a case between me and the domestic violence they are enjoying, hence when I say they can hear me too as I have not said anything complicated and do not actually care what their problem is, I am usually right most of the time. It goes without saying especially for the Media ones: they need to keep off my Books and watch those stupid comments since their community croons that maintain the stupid fame they have not really got are always likely to act on it being they have provided this incredibly stupid leadership that they want to provide at the local communities - stay away from me and watch the comments.

So the general case is that Americans are behind sectarianism in the UK which of course is true but it’s the same group of usual trouble makers, where an idiot sees my Books and sets about creating his own get rich quick structures which means I can only have it if he has what he wants first etc. – so what we have is the same old case of fools from West Africa and the South of Africa and the East of Africa giving Republicans in Northern Ireland and the SNP the main propaganda support for what they get up to, which is all very well save the bit where they take up security guarding jobs with which they corrupt my state provided security and thereby start looking for trouble in a real way.

I always get told there is no way I can handle them of course which is not true; what they know is filthy popular culture because they are not good looking enough to be famous, never mind the facts of their history of being murderers that have not been found out and got sent away to the UK by their parents who are trying to keep them out of harm’s way, right up to the ones that killed people because they were told it will improve their prospects of winning a visa to a first world Country etc. getting involved with me all the time while their media fools who were beaten up and want me to be harmed as well to create equality cling to my finances and public image to make fame and fortune, in order to set about provide them all sorts of nonsense on media to seek their usual bully’s revenge. Never the less they are complaining about me over that need to set up structures after their overlords steal government money in third world Countries and ask them to show up in the UK to look after investments that have been made by it, which means they show up here like it was a Country where they had all that stupid power and want to move into my right hand, setting up those structures to build popular culture for me and give it to somebody else time and again when I refuse to respond, which is the bit the Americans insultingly do the best, usually when you tell them not to, it becomes their main preoccupation and then after that have trouble understanding a weakling that bruises easily but has an ability to handle them in certain areas will be doing it very often because they cannot keep their mouths shut and keep their heads down – in my case it usually starts when they want to move into my right hand and I think they need to be famous alongside that too. They have never really been a problem as a whole, it’s an old case of dealing with a process where a group of idiots that want me harmed all the time because they got harmed and like to blab about how I feel it makes me superior to them messing up everything, otherwise these goons know what they are doing and I have never been a fan of a rich psychopath anyway i.e. when it is poor and you have conversations with it while it chooses to ask you about the extent of your cultural power, it is clear where it is coming from but when it is in a fucking suit, that makes you all confused and every fool allied to it that thinks they can get away with anything you own or have worked for will likely think themselves famous enough to have whatever they want too. They know how to kill people, I don’t but not withstanding are very fond of this need to ensure the fight works in their favour rather than let me be, so there is mortal threat involved and I will not be harming them over ripping up that stupid culture and society routine I carry out regularly as well as it were; I mean it’s obvious the damage they cause by getting involved with me anyway and obvious they do need put an end to it but all I can say is that the one they are complaining about on the right hand side was obviously their first popular culture album and we are on course to brew up another on the left too. I am just fed up with seeing them show up around my Public image especially the envy power scum that got beaten up and the stupid leadership they supply at the local communities; it is making me very ill and they are all not complaining as much in my view so far yet – whoever informed them they were famous must have been just as insane and I am not exaggerating either; their parents raise them to be mad because it is a cruel world where they have to do what they have to do to survive but it does not mean they do not know what they are doing as we clearly see they would never imagine doing half of it to themselves.

The most annoying aspect is the queer people that got beaten up messing my whole life up and showing themselves all over my public image because they cannot bear the sight of me having not been beaten up as well and they cannot stop talking nonsense about a global civil rights movement and of the outcomes of selling their souls to the devil and since that was not expensive enough, do his work for him with their own hands talking nonsense about the religion I practice in my personal life being done to such an extent the powers have been affected and will require some competition of evil, which Politicians somehow manage to spend time listening to as well. I can always handle the criminals myself and do not need anybody’s help but overall it was better with the probability of getting attacked or abused by extremists or racists before they showed up to take over my whole life on Media. I mean I put up them equities on my websites to support people in the Middle East and they had to start a hate campaign - we are not talking about inflation in Iraq at this stage because there is no economy for instance, never mind a condition where you ensure people organised crime business is not profitable only for them to take the money off to an investment in a legitimate business and show up to get help from media idiots for revenge; so they do love to argue when they are told that they are very stupid people. They do say it was none of my business but we all know it’s the same scenario being played out around my concerned with their queer cowardly democratic violence, picking out small powers whose deaths they will cause directly or indirectly but except that in Iraq the deaths are caused in the end anyway. If they do want to talk to Terrorists about killing civilians and how bad it is, I do not mind but I am just geared up to deal with it in very rudimentary ways, so as to correct their stupid sense of what is right and what is wrong in their perverted view too - we all know people who have never taken drugs in their lives, people who have never seen a club or seen it turn from a party environment into a den of narcotics and then result in Terrorism are being killed because they are roped in by scum who are hurting small power - now they pretend it’s all mystery and are asking me especially when they show up here to fight for their lives and pretend their human rights was any different from what they have gotten from me. I for my part can hunt them all the way to the tax system without leaving a trail that can be followed, we are talking about the fact they are always shooting forth all kinds of nonsense of their stupid media because it is always better in their view for those who get killed during conflicts to be those who have no clue whatsoever what it is going on and it’s the same idea playing out all over my concerns too – how its none of my business as it were.

They claim I am always happy because I plug others into my problems, half the time of which when my Book of liabilities helps them with clinical depression it should be sold solely for that because they have no respect for others. I personally do think about whether I am always excited because it’s that scenario where poor people are usually the most generous because they understand what it is like to be poor, which is not the case and hence the reason they are always cracked up getting deeply involved with my concerns and more so without consent. For me however it is apparently manliness for people to spend my time and money showing that I have a Court people hear about all the time but how easy it can be for me to hate it needs to be proven – it has led us to this point too where they do not like the high-flying jobs and how much they hate it needs to be proven, whereby the fact I am a man is not a bad thing after all since it is obviously what Men do as it were.

They say I am unable to cope with the Nationalism that seems to show up everywhere and its utter nonsense since such things are meant to be a matter of feelings as it were; feelings of somebody who does not fancy religion but although it will turn his tummy upside down if he does popularity for scores of years and prayer is suddenly sprung on him, he wants the livelihood of an Arch Prince he claims does not exist if he doesn’t want him to as well and then blame others and gets into a habit of telling lies right up to the point where he is claiming the Prince wants to get involved with him when he is out of the Prince’s league which does make me very angry as well. Their theory they say is supported by the idea that the Royal Family does not support me at all, whereas we all know HM is interested in my sense of humour which is an unprecedented reality at the Monarchy but is an example of me stopping short of mentioning the Royal family absolutely loves me and nobody knows where they get their story from. I mean it’s what they live for, which beats the imagination all the time i.e. a human being’s whole life can be about how a person’s job has gone to somebody else, somebody is talking about a job that another has already taken up, somebody is talking about a job that another is more qualified for and the popularity phrase is usually ‘it’s already been done’ – now they are asking me. Hence, they say it’s about people at the Monarchy who do not like me and want to replace me causing all the trouble, which is usually a matter of the fact they are doing their jobs, especially those of them that had won elections some time ago. They always say that my people and I largely think we are involved with job roles that are set for life but everybody knows a career is something you work in for somebody and get paid for, which creates outcomes in which you pay your taxes and get a statement from the government who also keeps a copy of this monthly or yearly receipt, at the end of which you retire and become part of that government and society full time – they have always loved factorising others on the basis of jobs and changing jobs which is always only as far amusing. Naturally the story is that I will do anything to ensure my people keep jobs they are not good at but after scores of years of male colleagues getting what the female ones have because I have a Court for those, wrecking everything here while managers look on, I doubt they are able to support such claims with factual evidence, considering a job is something people are employed to do and a career something people do till retirement first and foremost before there is talk of an existent team; when no respect for what I want to do with my own time starts to pay off in such a grand theatre on a daily basis – the one where even a private diary does not help me cope with peoples bullying, that big mouth as such as it were. So they say Politicians are responsible for it all, which I don’t mind – we all know that while I was putting a lever on society and then culture goons and then media goons and then industry goons, the ;Politicians were warned and informed all the day, it’s their case I am working on now and I really want to hear what they and their local idiots are thinking so I can be told about shit 24/7 and also which one people did or didn’t and which ones I am to pay for with respect to their stupid problems.

It’s that old case of not making up anymore ideas about what people are saying to me and sitting back to listen to it and understand what they are saying, showing its about lick my bum, lick the shit off my shoes, somebody treated me in that way and I am doing you as well to create equality – I generally want to hear what they must say concerning the world around them as it were and its reverse psychology of that for my part and all. I mean it’s a matter of selling books, keeping a means that helps you pay your costs and attending college being replaced by all kinds of nonsense at Parliament that causes such intense distraction that a personal diary cannot help manage – they always say it’s the same pain we inflict at the Monarchy which tends to evoke the need to make it personal and get them to remove their community croons from my concerns as they are no one, as they are nothing , as they are not famous and the supposition that they are will always mean others cannot have normalcy – I want to see less of them show up around my Books, as it is not their Book I should suppose it cannot be that difficult to have it that way; yap, yap what Monarchy does as well so as to continue. I mean from Christian who is happy when they do not approve of him, to this via some media controlled familiarity is extraordinary too I suppose – they like to think they are making me look after them women who are beyond my league but not beyond their own as it were, that stupid insolent notion they can do anything. They do speak of a matter of dignity while we all know the prevalent atmosphere is one about my leadership being replaced by dichotomies of body type that protects me from the world around me, to be simulated on media by which everybody can have it too – it’s when you end up with a botched academic work it starts to get serious, all that nonsense from them; the number of times I get poked while they were taller with a physique that cannot tolerate it and should be respected, sometimes there is the sense they are going to get right through me one day as it were.

One moment I am being made to look after the high-class ladies I make use of, the next I am said to be on a verge of career loss – in terms of the former, these Women have done everything to protect me from luck hunters to no avail because Men want to be scumbags in school that were multimillionaires in the real world and I am being school on how it works. In terms of career loss however, the protection the ladies provided is now something of tale of me and anal sex doing whoopee’s and losing everything but now that they are solving the problems of society goons that show us all how pleasurable anal sex can be while I supervise, they still think they should be blabbing at me about career losses, as if a campaign against men being arseholes at school and turning up to be millionaires in the real world, for which I am being groomed into an item cannot become a reality as it were. It’s the same old story where they are supposed to national media career losses every morning keep their community croons and gang land idiots who want to wing another album off my case and brag about it again off my case before I find a way to do it myself. The story of me as victim of bullying is ever so popular with them but we all know it is obvious what makes them tick and it is more a matter of having access to those things that make them such manly men that they have no respect for others, such as money and they do say I do not need mine because I am solving my problems with an inbuilt strength and ability, looking for trouble; they have continued to explain this, especially the Americans, as something to do with the importance of getting me listening to what people are saying as well and I do not think I have said a complicated thing they find difficult listening to when I mentioned they should be here to buy my Books not create one of their own being real pricks everyday as it were. They do say I started hacking people over career piracy when the career was not yet ready but it’s a matter of being told that I was never going to get the chance to be a millionaire that lost it in order for them to gain access, since they were determined to make me the millionaire that never had the millions in the first place to have their access anyway with that big mouth, now they have to explain to me that they love their high-flying jobs all the time and I am having trouble being convinced over the Book items that clearly are being handled as though it were their belonging, about which the issues they are complaining about on the right hand side is clearly first album and we are definitely going to end up with a second one on the left.


The SNP wants a second referendum but nobody will get on and say it is meant to be a mandate on leaving the EU since Scotland did vote to stay in it and nobody knows why the Scottish vote had to be a separate thing from that of the rest of the UK or indeed why it was disclosed to the public anyway but we do know a certain sturgeon is making a real mess since we are not yet done cleaning up mobility of crime and criminal elements that were brought about by the first referendum while we are about to have another in less than five years, of which they will likely tell me that saying the referendum is a mandate on leaving the EU is absolutely stupid since a referendum is not an election and I will be wondering why I am being educated on that such a fact by them anyway – I personally would never know why a referendum was chosen as a means of resolving Scottish mandate on the EU anyway but they will tell me the SNP is running Scotland and has already dreamed of it which means they are making these mess in a very deliberate way and that it means nothing at all as a whole, except the premise that lay people will always develop a violent platform to support any proposal to control a Country, then get to tell me what I am saying is not representative of what Scottish people want, whereas there was nothing representative about my activities, as much as it has to do with the fact that they have all that energy to chase those things and tell me to be representative which makes me very angry because they never work for anything in their lives and each time a job is given them they select peoples energy to do it with from the useless ways they have lived out their lives and it will mean that eventually doing something popularity for an employer becomes the way it works, giving employers ideas all the time about cracking people up, which feeds into mainstream living and gets used by them to attack famous people whose public image they want to make themselves comfortable with after passing around lots of insults that involve teaching such persons everything – it has become a political problem obviously with an SNP talking about independence and they are telling me to be representative as well.

In terms of confusions of what I get up to everyday of which is a matter of the fact I always do Court business at 6.00am and have been running my concerns that way for more than four years now and the prevalent atmosphere is that the Men enjoy taking over our lives and making us into puddles that are muddled at 6.00am every day and then the mess will continue the rest of the time too; what becomes of it being that when they are affected as well then there is an effrontery for that stupidity that involves Men and an alliance with stupid girls that always want to cut down on other people’s pubic respect to secure an exit for the way they have lived out their stupid existence of an unapologetic vice has become so notorious that we can clearly see why Women, especially the Americans think that I will ever solve such a problem for them when the boardrooms are full of skirts first; of which the media ones are the ones who want me to sell the fact that they do smell for them as well, which is why they are still the most insolent bullies of the lot.

With respect to which they will say I have gone about hurting myself and then set about claiming I have accomplished some form of power – the reality is of course that my actions were clearly random as we can see that when politicians wreck my finances and it means they can always get on a political platform to reverse any financial gain I have made and blame me for dropping out of University, Media and Celebrity fools get involved and show themselves all over my Public image since making fame and fortune on the public image of a broke person will not cause them trouble if the person gets hurt each time it does with that big mouth; so the damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation shows I have not done anything wrong and more so as to deserve it too but they do bandy it like it was my portion in life too and are set to find out what will happen when I get out and build a public image on their predicament as well and we are not talking about the Media ones either, they are the puddle that gets muddled 6.00 am every day, except when they are affected too, tummy churned and a smell being made, it’s that big mouth all the time like they want me to sell it for them too.

I understand on one hand they want to get around telling others how to exist because they think of themselves as civilised, on the other hand I am a wonder that is so different and has to be blamed for everything; in terms of the former of which it’s a case of matter of tell what to do and get ahead of it in life and there is no other mode of conducing your concerns, which they are finding out is a problem I have always lived with because it runs in my ancestry and what they are complaining about on the left is initial album to sing as popular culture just yet as it were, current behaviour tends to suggest we will have another one on the left too – the one about being different having more to do with getting to work and returning to a meal with wife to talk about nothingness of what happens, only when you step outside of your door, you are confronted with idiots who make a deal with society to establish their marriage all together in the first place and cannot keep off your book sale income if they want to make their stupid lives easier as a whole.

It does come to this case of me breaking up marriage of work Court members, which is not really happening – they are the ones that decided to bring their bosses and Husbands into the Court and by the way of which these are not the people that established the Court all together in the first place; the ones that did are the ones who were able to pick me out from the crowd if they were having trouble with being moral and doing honour based jobs such as reporting news and being bullied by society; these other ones just get me wondering how they will do the journalist career by letting society and husband and manager into the Court but they do other things such as a condition where I do a whoopee but it does not ruin my life, which requires a lot of positive emotion towards others, hence there is enough trust to keep a Court and look after it but I am not the one breaking up their marriages and do try to help but can only do so much, when they are ever so keen on grabbing my stuff to go around making fame and fortune with all the time, then blame it on Women that are loyal to me calling them names, whereas what will likely happen with that being a condition where Book sale community will buy Books and replace Court and some people in it will be Media managers who give me media job roles as it were all together, of which a clearly set out career wasn’t emerging from it all together.

They love the victim roles of claiming nobody can really tell what it is about people I tend to hate so much but we all know it is really silly and full of hot air and cannot exist without insulting others to squander their property, never does anything well and will likely show up at diplomacy frontiers to ensure others cannot live in their Countries, then have a problem joining Military to the do the fighting; consists of some socialists dotted here and there but mostly look like they were all cut to the same size by the devil and of course have politicians placed at all necessary corners and needs leadership all the bloody time. The civil rights bits will say I do not know what to do with my Books and my attitude only serves to get the answers from others abusively but we rather all know what happens is that civil rights and student Union character showing up to deservedly and inconsiderately make speeches at Industry on my Book sales and Public image every day; we all know their society and community fools want to talk with me about their problems by which violent civil rights of beaten cowards leads to resolution and equality and they need keep off the Books and watch the comments too. I understand they say my sucking up to bad people will end well as far as I am concerned but it really doesn’t matter if nasty traps people financially with Politics ends well, they appear oblivious to the fact they are very filthy people obviously.

They do love the bragging of how the Nationalism issue is the point at which I am broken, which is utter nonsense; it’s all pretty much the same as the Mag na Carta Issues where he collects them Taxes to go off and serve the Pope but it’s when the money has been spent, he remembers he is head of the Church of England and the Barons decided something had to change. Those who want to have conversations with them about it having they figured out how to serve both locals that play their game and foreign leaders that will substitute local interests, are apparently the people in parliament that are trying to find out where it is all heading – I am one of those who do not want them doing it hence wondering if it’s the one they were born with and raised to be and grew up on and where they had childhood friends and attended school as it were – it’s not a problem for me in anyway whatsoever – I want them to keep off those Books I write that they complain about all the time, stop moving into my right hand, clear my space and put an end to those stupid comments they make to encourage their community croons to chase my private parts and ensure I cannot go anywhere looking professional or stand on a pulpit to address a crowd because of their incredibly stupid deluded sense that they are either important or famous, when they are not. Of course it’s not true that they manipulate me or anything of that sort; as ever, the pain on the right hand side brings about those albums he sits in a corner to put up stupid boys and girls on your public image for, he does not wish to stop it lest there is another source on the left as well: so its them and the Industry bits and media bits and politics bits and original provocations of disobedience that politicians will make laws on and then having a new country after thereof at the end too, the community croons and society bullies etc. and this is where a new one will emerge too, especially because it cannot stop going off to the Monarchy to blab about being a relative of mine and find something of my Estate to take over somewhere, story of my life with idiots and take over insults to get ahead of somebody that is a whim in life as it were, does not want to stop it and will have a new point to complain about soon as well. I leave it for so long to ensure I am not the one complaining before I act; since the boo boys and their need to be popularity famous and those insults that bring it forth will not stop targeting me to travel overseas and find black idiots they can bring to the UK and set out as my relatives to man shops, pass around insults and provoke white people to create racism and channel some blame culture in my direction with; it’s always angry and cannot walk away from a fight but is also confident that another person will be doing he fighting according how the idiots want their stuff and then there is the part about telling others how to exist because it thinks it is civilised. They would tell me I have selected my own scapegoats over a terror incident obviously but everybody else knows ISIL is ex Iraqi service personnel gone rogue and having become international criminals will likely copy such activities as idiots finding some royalty to pass abusive insults at in order to make friends with military personal on account they think they are famous etc. – never listens, never observant, wants somebody it can bully and get financial upper hand against by making arguments that run on its madness all the time, can only be stopped by means of a correct measures and proper tools means – so it’s another lone wolf activity and it wants to continue and it should if I am allowed to continue selling my Books without any preference for them at the fame industry, so it carries on over and over and overs.


In terms of the case of coming up with blame based ideas about what causes terrorism however, that was an old tale of dumb students that do well in school because they have nothing to worry about on being part of the problem, showing up from around the world to get all over my public image for fame and fortune; at this point I am considerably done with the idiots at Industry who spend money on them for doing it so I do not lose my Royal Allies and do have time for them, lots, which is why this warning is important. I mean the wonder has always been why it’s a wealth and war or poverty and peace question whenever they are all over the place but everybody can see that while they complain about suffering caused because of using poor person’s life to get rich and famous, they keep doing it – pretty much the same when they make so much trouble that their fashion and popular culture is used to serve the broke low life somewhere that happens to be me as well, they keep doing it still.

They always say I should be able to cope with that big mouth but what really have is an unnecessary process where they show up and start after I had finished with setting out a statement on which communities I support and which I criticise, after I had done my bit standing up for something right up to the global stage, after the communities I support and which ones I criticise became an issue which set out the Industry communities I want to be a part of, after the empire was built, after I brokered the equities, they show up when and where I am about to earn selling the Books and there they start unnecessarily, perhaps to ensure I do not make my money in a clean way, while we hear those complains about how many have died so far.

Am I then suggesting it has nothing to do with Terrorism? Of course not, I am just saying they need note I have enough time for them now and all that yapping of using my life to pay the bills they want to pay, to ensure I am helping pay it with those distant insolence is only going to lead to outcomes whereby we find out if it’s usually that when they blab it happens the way they blab. I am just showing that terrorism is the bit where dumb students who do well in school because they have nothing to worry about on being part of the problem is the one where the idiots have started talking about who is prepared to die. Just pointing out they complain about their popular culture and media and fashion serving me from their political entities but continue doing it never the less, especially the Americans who are full of crap blabbing about being out of my league every time they get involved and they always say I cannot stop them from doing these things whereas it’s as easy as asking them to stop taking job and activity roles out of this Royal Estate before I take them out as well.

They say I give out this false hope that the big things will not happen, of which they keep happening anyway; old tale of ageist insults I have told people to keep off my Books and shut down considering the leadership they have decided to provide at the local communities, as fingering Arch Prince’s Bum and whacking him over the head pragmatisms and claims community croons make is not necessarily a problem that they can handle but keep stirring up and it does seem it will not stop until I physical stop it all together as well. In retrospect, I have no idea why it seems to be that when violent people fear me, I end up fighting whole communities anyway, if we take outside of the picture the fact that it’s another one of their stupidities that is about to reward them greatly very soon in their view; apparently of which the violent people are not really scared of me and the fucking idiots are doing a better job. They do like to claim I am in the trouble I find myself because my activities are costing people money but I am well aware of it, I act the way I do because I have warned them enough times and have dropped out of University over and because as may apply, of them setting up to make money on my public image but it will not stop, its simply something they must do as far as they are concerned, something that happens because it’s the way it works in their view, whereas the reality is that they have done it enough times to create instances where if they are detached they will lose their minds and of course they need to be fucking detached too. It usually starts out as a need to find some middle ground where they can carry on without bothering me; for instance when they say they have located the secrets of the rich and will take up top jobs in that way and I decide to set my Book of liabilities out in order to force them to think about whether or not they want the company afloat or sunk – it is meant to ensure whatever they attain will see them spend time on the job and letting others breathe but what they do is attack the Books like some spare job they have created for themselves and hence need to complain about losing money; the bit that triggers it all together is when popularity goons do that freedom thing of building publicity where they own me and taught me all I know and everything I do is done so that they can get rich from it insults and somebody else sets about an Industry Office where they spend money on it to create narcissist happiness and environments by which sales are accomplished through partying – result being that the popular culture people take the money and he does not sell anything and everybody wins – so when they complain, I do not do it deliberately but each time they complain I need to get them listening by doing it deliberately some more.

They do say the American ones have opinions of how indeed I will handle these matters at the current health state I have – I wouldn’t know which one they have determined is my health anyway, since I would have loved to manage the anus and penis insults by working on it in a Gym but my excuse that allows me to be a victim of bullying for defeating peoples cultural fathers simply by walking down the streets etc. is that the lower classes will be forcing me to work, even though it’s a matter of sweating to get my health in order at a Gym. So, when I say their one is the destruction of environment, to work with Japan and hate Women bit which should have nothing to do with China where I am concerned, they will most likely suggest that was the most they must worry about. I mean we can see the number of civil rights freedom based student Union characters who make their Industry speeches on my Books and Public image and nothing else, simply because it is the most convenient way of making money and they apparently especially the Americans cannot be reasoned with, hence we have ended up with a story of people who read and buy Books but really love to damage the one they have written here in the first place as it were. They do say I have caused them to lose money but it is not enough loss to match my bragging, which is utter nonsense – there is no bragging here just a statement of an example of how I try to find middle ground and they turn up to get after my finances and wellbeing to preserve money making systems set up on my public image over an assumption that it is victimless i.e. I have caused them to lose enough money to achieve a condition where they spend time on their jobs because government needs pay its bills, somebody needs earn the money and pay taxes and I need ensure they are not wasting my property equity divulging the earnings to some other place in the world to get on my nerves; what they have been doing however does rather suggest there are some people I need to make a real example out of for my part too. They say I do not take into account people that have been harmed protecting the Country from adversaries such as Russia but I am aware of it; it’s always  calculable risk that if Mr Putin loves to play us versus them to a point where there are people he wants public goons to mock with cat and mouse games while keeping out of certain areas of the world, there was high probability that he is a cold blooded killer and if allowed to roam wild will be killing friends at random;; I have always acted to reduce these risks and ensure any plans to keep me out of certain areas of the world should be achieved by means of force as there is no agreeable way of making it happen. By the way of which another Country out there behaves in the same manner and it’s the US and I do not actually care what both Countries want from this planet for my part too. It just became a rather serious issue i.e. we find intelligence in high rise buildings and we find them at the underbelly of communities that trade in groceries which are supplied to high rise buildings – so ending up in such an environment is not one about which you want to tolerate to a large extent the activities of get rich quick beaten scum who want to serenade a narcissistic party that was funded through getting rich quick means that was all about whacking me over the head and fingering my bum etc. which is now supposed to be shown off as a means of getting rich, which shows me what my size is – so those of them that have muscled in on my interests at China have not taken over anything and will find out when they build or wish to build that stupid popular culture empire and stretch it from US to Japan across this Estate again. So the other part of this story is that my relationship with Europe is iffy but we all hear one story from the Politicians all the time about Monarchy which is different from reality, the reality that Europeans are crazy about their Monarchies and the Politicians are never really right about it and it is likely to be surprising if anything happens to me and somebody gets off to hurt others at random saying they contributed and that they love to kill strange things and kill what they do not know or understand etc. so I have tried to help by keeping an eye on it and have also explained Royalty means people do your public image for you and it is concerned with some business they are running and a lot of the time doing so as a community.

So in the end they say I should be more concerned about the Common Wealth which I am; we all know its simple disobedience that causes people to put plastic bottles into Landfill bins as it were and it’s the same disobedience that causes them to complain about how much I crack people up while half the people will say I do not do enough of it as well and yet we know people are breaking into Zoos to saw the Horn off the last Rhinoceros on the planet etc. besides another clear indication is the fact that Australians and Canadians really love me; apparently it is what people chose to define as wealth and Agricultural economies should not be made to look what they are not when they are facing the world. We all know it’s never about making people feel guilty concerning the environment, as much as it is about us being one thing while being made to exist like another, right up to a point of the question of where it is supposed to stop becoming very important.