We hear this story ever so often that my biggest problem happens to be my views about homosexuality and that it will get me into bigger problems before I had thought about changing it. So my views on homosexuality are not controversial ones either, I do not think that it matters to a stage of publicly organised conversation if people are homosexuals but I am a Christian and do not tend to think that it is a righteous act anyway: it is outright evil that we are talking about here and homosexuals are dealing with their own personal struggles just like everybody else is – that said, I am not going to get into any stupid trouble with them, I already know the primary premise for homosexuality to be that when people do the right thing and are persecuted for it, what they then do in turn is broker power with the devil and prevent it from getting out of control, so a Christian thinks according to the Bible which is not what we were talking about before they said I will get into trouble, that it is Christ that saves and just as we can see that everything they say and do is about insulting me until they know where my anus is located, the homosexuality does not save, only Christ saves. It is okay for people to be homosexual if that is their choice but it is also important for them to stop claiming they are doing it for me, we are in this situation because they continue to run their civil rights movements on the premise of blasphemy and the creation of their own private Jesus Christ who is marked out as a good people in the local community that gets killed by the bad people in order to save everybody else, just like we see them broker power with evil and it becomes the premise by which they want to decide how others are to behave considering that they do have needs etc; thus they get to this point where they have marked out some persons that just will not die after they must have prepared a life that is to be free on the basis of bad people shedding his blood; so I am not likely to get into any trouble with that big mouth at this stage considering also that they are not necessarily nice or reputable people, save I got into trouble with them on the Media where people will not a Men and their girls who are out of my league having sex with my personal space and public image, leave the information I put to culture and society to run a Book shop on account that they have got a job that gets to their heads, and we can see tell-tale signs that their own will end just as badly as everybody else’s did too. Hence apart from the need homosexuals have to do their homosexual activities with my life and my body and my personal space because they are desperate to make it feel comfortable, there is the other talk of the pressures that I have to deal with which show I am destined to be homosexual as well and it is utter nonsense; it has to do with idiots who have money and got rich by being stupid, so before they were homosexuals they are champions for tummy and anus whipping members of the public on account that these fools had money, now like we see all the time, their needs are greater than everybody else’s needs all together as well and if the insults mean that society goons and community idiots strike my bum all the time while I am to get into trouble if their bum is struck once as well, we can see where their stupidities is heading and where the fact I have mentioned many times that I have had enough of them fits into the picture. As for the rich by being stupid people; it’s usually a case of an obsession with a need to ensure their money is the most important thing to other people and it does get to that stage where the vandalism and destruction of other people’s property to make it happen is forgiven to a point where one can no longer protect his Empire with his own pocket money anymore and this is when it goes beyond just saying that considering normal people do not behave in that way, the government has work to do, especially when it comes to public welfare and becomes a case of wanting to know who the fuck they are and whether I had a part to play in the fact they either got the money by taking it off bad people they work with to oppress those who want to earn an honest living or got it by being just as ignorant and stupid; so here we are with the pressures that will make me homosexual burned up – I really have no idea why they are obsessed with the theory that I am set to get into trouble with them or how they hope to work out such stupid trouble anyway. The government prohibits the upper classes from being homosexual and they stick to the rules and do not become it; when everybody else’s bottom is chased because of their insults and they are the ones that become homosexual if their own is chased for a bit, it is difficult to see how it translates into a process whereby I get into trouble. The insult that I am not upper class is a typical example; where it is not their House and it is not their realm and it is not their public image and it is not where they had childhood friends, not where they grew up, not where they attended School but it bothers them so much what I am or not; so it’s the nutshell of it all i.e. it is in such trouble that it is about to get itself closer to the prison service but it is still convinced that it can get what I have to offer from a superior position, thus I can only get into trouble with them on the Media.

It’s like when they say I have an issue with everybody and I appear not to have an identity at all and it is utter rubbish; reality of it is rather that the women love to threaten me with neighbourhood boys because they think it is their civil right but the effect is that I feel as though there is a crowd on my door step and it has something to do with another person’s career crime, never mind absurdities about putting things in my head so I can speak them for everybody in the most insulting and debilitatingly abusive ways that they have agreed among themselves is okay setting out this stage that suggests I am an outcast, looking for more. The Men are no less as stupid; those rather enjoy pushing me down the right hand side and then down the left hand side and get themselves into the middle to issue threats at me and divide up my personality – so these are the sort of things I have to deal with me three Hours before I get into an exam room in the University and they have become convinced that I want to listen to the popularity music and the media self-gratification and various other stupid things that will teach me to show respect towards my mothers and fathers. So in the end they say they wanted to teach me a lesson using racism but what they call racism are a bunch of very stupid people; so because they are members of the majority population they have an issue in their lives and want to do stupid things with my job, because they are members of a majority population they have a thing going on and want to finger my bum and so on; so one stupid false blabbing and I will start to think they have got a new neighbourhood evil and that it is targeting me again. I mean I walked into Marble Arch the other time and got told I am nobody because I have no money and yet found it was impossible to locate anybody that had not been involved in tearing up my finances over the years, to self-glorify on media and get money off bad people with cash to spend, so that if I tease their case up as well to keep them off my Books and ensure they can stop doing those things that let them tell me I am nobody because I have no money, we will certainly find that blood shed was the result somewhere at some point in time because they are not moral people and just as stupid as ever, have got enemies everywhere – I want them to let alone my personal space or realise what we need in the Country is more practical jokes provided I am not the one complaining.

They do say I would make progress if I were more respectful, but we can see that after 14 years of messing up everything I waste all I have doing here, they are now asking an Arch Prince for respect – the reasons my Books are not getting sold and I have to waste everything to keep allies and Royal support sources happy, while they continue to assume that their problem will magically vanish. It’s never a big case as such, we see them all the time talking about racism and its importance but forgetting that what others see when their heads are sticking out in public transport is people that are beyond stupid, relying on those occasion where somebody never passed their exams in school and were likely to have come from families of wealthy business people who are illiterates and relying on people like me who have a religion to advocate, so that they can do a wickedness that works for them the whole time, while forgetting the government has to adopt a disposition that means people to not get to stereotype them, blabbing respect and clinging to my earnings with media as annoyingly as possible. I mean they complain all the time but my friendship with others is property they want to make use of for an end and to solve their stupid financial problems, so are my mean loves, so are my family friends; so I get to  stage where I am trying to understand what propels people to intrude into my life and concerns to a stage where they are making use of a relationship I have exclusively with my Court, a process where my family friends and mean loves are their property, meaning I am broke and have no girlfriend and that permissive genocide that involves student Union leadership character goons telling me how to exist, which was supposed to have operated without killing me has played out again after 15 years of complaining about the consequences of the first time that it did. The blacks were supposed to have been completely insane with a tendency to respect my person if I had money, so I was able to choose if I wanted anything to do with them by having money or not by having none, until the Politicians whose biggest assets because they own me is my evil mum and the likes showed up to fulfil their strange and stupid dreams, to stand at the other end of the tunnel blabbing people having enough of me and making plans to tackle me through racism after 15 years of absolute vandalism and destruction from their ruffian stupidities in the chambers of Parliament. Like when they tell me that the idea I tear up their popular culture as well is fantasy while I know that I can easily travel off to live in the US and whilst I am there, my whole life will be about going to Vegas and other points of decadence to see how I can ensure black people and freedom goons keep off my concerns and play their stupid abusive gimmicks somewhere else, as in all the way to corridors of International Communities; for now, they need a Parliament and a National Media and a Civil service to stop me after the need to find out if God will provide manna from heaven should the Christian have money problems has wrecked everything here like we see their stupidities do everything that they come into contact with; it’s the nagging question whenever it happens– why black people, why freedom goons? Which applies when people have not been aware that I have Books to sell but others want to deploy my life to feel as though they were real girls and real women instead for instance, then we find them issue threats and abuse me because they believe my attitude threatens a means to an end at this disposal. They always say that my thoughts about the celebrities are fantasies I made up which is utter nonsense; the part where they deployed my public image to get rich was the good bit, the part where they made contact with me to dominate me using their new found wealth was the bit that meant they wanted to ensure the fact they couldn’t work for their own and had to take money off evil people to look like they were all that became a serious problem – now what we know is that their only ambition is to shaft me with that stupid money while it takes over my life and public image to become an important person with, so if I hurt it seriously, I would have done so in the knowledge that these are scum that actually have nothing to do with me; not the celebrities or journalists I have at Court.

From here I am in trouble with the Politicians again especially the Europeans but it is an old story where the purpose of a job that pays them enough to pay off their mortgage without worry is a behaviour unsuitable for Politicians which they have helped those who practice deploy as a means of pushing me out of University, so that they might deploy such a job to scrutinise what I do with myself as I try to become part of the work force due to their needs, telling lies and blaming it on the Monarchy. Such that the use of the cote of Arms on a website that may involve activity which had amounted to chasing the Queens interests means that it is good work but I have gone off to take up the career path of the Politicians – so which is really insulting and the question is not whether or no society people and media fools who make such comments have the power to make them anymore, it has become a question of what I need to do to stop the Politicians making them at me; what it does obviously is tear up my academic work and finances and put my on benefits, so it is quite serious, it is quite important and I am not in any stupid problem with them, just a question of being courageous enough to disregard the offices of state and ask the question of what I must do to stop them making those comments, having become really tired and fed up with it. They are convinced that those stupid comments have something to do with their Political Offices because no actions has been taken on it either way but it doesn’t, so starting to talk about it like so is an example of when it gets serious it is something you pick up during school and University because you know a thing or two about keeping academics and finances away from gangs and criminals but it is for the same reason that I did which means that the marriage of Political idiots and media fundamentally has an interest that says I should not earn a living; reality therefore is this – I am not in any trouble with them, they are dreaming. They say the things I did to keep my career from gangs and criminals affected Politicians and Media and so I am wondering if it did at all, since it appears what we need more of is very insulting and abusive practical jokes garnished with mockery and lies, such as these; their main excuse will be that I shouldn’t be picking up these things while I was meant to be studying but we can already see that it is the parents and Landlords that are Complaining about me presently who got off giving them access to my personal diaries – for them it has become a habit, for me it has become a real problem and we are stuck in the middle of their need to make a statement and bring an abusive crowd to bear on it whenever they think their own jobs are not exciting enough for them: the Books are Published now and their interests should only reflect the fact they want a copy of their own. It’s never really a problem as a whole – these are entirely expected behaviour when you have a shop to run but this is another instance like it happens every day but at a really bad time, when all has gone well for the day until the moment when Politicians think their jobs are boring, thus the comment went on Air, that all I do is good, but the problem is that I have taken up their job roles. The all-round question is usually that of what I suppose the problem is but if it isn’t Politicians and especially the Europeans that is – its classic stuff, could only come from them i.e. that guy whose literary empire they want to confiscate and open up their new markets with is in trouble again and in a situation he can only get out of if he is an escape artist; so I have to inform them I am really fed up with the comments and there is an issue of how they suppose I can stop them making any; apparently they are not dealing with financial complications because others are making comments with the sorts of perverted influence they want to exude around the world and when I create them such problems it will involve a Book I need to write and sell all together as well, just to be open and fair on this. I do get told I am not innocent either but that is exactly what I am making clear here i.e. when they see younger people facing the same challenges they do, it’s time to play up some practical jokes – comments about me complaining while I have taken up what the daddies should glorify themselves with, comments about a need to have me step out of my skin so they can have my life while I find another which befits my size, comments and comments and the one that really gets to me is the fun aspects of the tale that I am in trouble again, difficult situation I can get out of if I am an escape artist and it was amusing. It is quite possible that a younger person may have torn up a culture and society that caused him to drop out of school; so making this comments and insults are usually things I consider in terms of what they apparently wish to spend their time on very inefficiently; so it does need to establish a relationship between those who buy its goods and services and what it is doing, not confiscate my Literary empire and I have had to deal with this shit since the recession, really had enough of it at this stage and has nothing to do with those stupidities about how I am unable to accept other people’s existence, while I like to think can only continue until my main obsession becomes their personal weaknesses too, especially the one that is not a Monarchy like the UK and the local MP is always the biggest employer and nobody else has got a chance of winning elections in Europe, so they can blab rubbish at me all of the time. I can take all of them on and it would be fun if I did, it would be fun a Popular culture canopy that brings about sales too – otherwise I am doing what we do in the UK writing my Books and they need to stay away from it if they do not want it, stop damaging it and give me my space – we see it everywhere; if they go to South America it is all about how the British do not want others to exist and the same when they go to Africa and the same when they go to Asia and so on, I have to pick up their stupid liabilities everywhere I go all the time and all over the place, while they tear up my income and blab nonsense on media about what they have the power to depose. The tale of a safe place in the UK where I am able to hide behind somebody and hurl stones at others is fantasy; what happens is that I have become intolerant of the culture and society because its socially organised practical jokes means I am always being punished for not letting people peddle my faith and public image and personal life and the outcome is that I am always sharing office space getting imaginarily abused by idiots who have also made out I am married to the schizophrenic croons of the neighbourhood because they cannot sell things on my public life otherwise and because of which the children are expressing themselves a little bit more because I have torn up the culture and society such that they are no longer able to tummy and bottom whip members of the Public then show up here to exasperate me and open me up in order to have anal sex a homosexuality on my public image so as to draw succour from the pain for a start, which is what this is all about. The perception that I bring these things upon myself by working for nothing sits at the heart of this matter; where I am aware the only way that a job can be safe for Court members was if I supported them until they held top positions, during which time I would have to deal with some financial difficulties but would be safe if I ran a campaign on it; so I have a website set up for a Court but still am unable to sell Books because these goons and their Politicians want to play career ambush and career attacks and counter attacks over it, ruining anything they see and hear about where I am no longer able to hold together a phenomenon that is a Bookshop so people might be interested in the Book contents and then I will get told that mentioning it puts me and all who support me at risk which it doesn’t; the selfishness is such that whilst they claim I get in the way of peoples freedoms, it will not let me sell Books when the same attitude has caused me to drop out of University due to a need they have to show up around my concerns and obsess on the that thing which happens when men spill their guts for freedom and each time it blabs more nonsense at me, I tend to feel that its stupidities will not understand, not least the absurdities of picking up things that are bigger than them and then trying to push it up a cliff, never mind always brewing something which when exposed in public will beat down other people’s financially, while it finds out it simply cannot stop telling lies at the other end and those the envying of whose property led to their desire for more freedom have no rights, just like they have become quite obsessed with replacing respect people have towards me and what I do with a tale of how I know nothing about what I am saying in each turn: while it is rather obvious that it is about exploiting peoples weaknesses and they will investigate and they will never rest and find it out and dig and dig and dig and I am not allowed to be alone and my tummy does not rest or digest its food properly, now they can practice contactless violence of a very abusive kind and that will soften me up if they want anything from me, particularly when they gang up with their mates or get on media, except I can perform the routine and exploit their weaknesses all the time as well, just not the bullying bit, which is why they either claim I am a coward or we find them claim I am indirectly responsible for the deaths of others.

They like to say my problems are sourced from their sense that I am a coward, but I wouldn’t know anyway, they just think when they pick up anything I say or do and get off making a mess with it, the result will be that they get to tell me how to exist, what to do and then I get off doing it but time innumerable it turns out it’s a big mouth wagging. It’s never really a implicated matter, what we are dealing with is a process where I have a study programme to complete but what I am caught up with most of the time is what a group of idiots who have been keeping an eye on my good looks and personality have been getting up to and it is for their convenience that I shall be getting into a fight thereof – so on dropping out of University because of it I assume they can understand how angry I am about it but it seems they rather prefer being clowns and telling tales and calling a crowd. They like to say I never finish a fight on time when I am winning until people’s lives are wrecked but it’s an old story of knowing that when I take up their time as well that stupid money that will beget power at my expense becomes completely useless when they are not working for a living during the period in which I am – besides which before then, the primary purpose of their stupid lives was to cling to my Christian’s finances and tease me, so that when they claim religion is the reason for the world’s problems it might appear credible and then there is my personal favourite where they appoint themselves to decide what the consequences applicable to those who have in some way contributed to the deaths of others will be and then set themselves out as people with roles that involve administering it all day on their stupid media. In the end, these idiots have never had to deal with financial complicated associated with others acting on the fact they were detached from breasts because those who had the breasts spent more time doing business and friendship with them, it is what I have to put up everything sustained by stupid media comments and followed up with threats and it is really getting on my nerves, wondering what I do suppose they think needs to be done to stop them making those foolish comments. The case of me getting into trouble with them specifically is a familiar one; I will get into no such trouble as concerns a collection of goons who think that they will find some grans forgiveness for the damage they have done here to seek their own ends but we all know the Politicians are responsible as well as the same complaining about the bottom hurting bits associated with their popularity big boy characters that cannot stop passing insults at others in order to get by, blabbing about a fight I have to get myself involved with later on, if they are not all hanging up at the high streets passing around blame culture that is meant to bring about sales and complaining about racism that somebody else must have been responsible for in their  view – so we see the Politicians travel overseas to bring them in, then wreck my finances and make plans on the income margins of my Estate to get rich the whole time and this is the disposition that allows them show up on media to make a mess and dream of me getting into trouble with them. In the end, social corruption and academic proficiency never go hand and hand except for Politicians, whenever it does, those responsible for that way of life have arranged with industry manufactured famous idiots as well, so their threats and abuses never really mean a thing to me like they suppose. I do not think that the matter is a problem in anyway, it’s just the threat bits I do have to respond to since I am good at what I do and I know it but the Politicians always want to show up around my concerns to go along with what they are doing, which means I have nothing to worry about save direct damage which the Politicians have sanctioned; so while we hear them complain, somebody’s need to be cool has something to do with filling their need to tell lies and cling to people’s property at my expense while ripping up any environment I create around my Office to write Books and run a Bookshop to build himself up to the coolness and modernism that will let him mix well in the City – so I do get told that I have problems like these because I do not know when to stop but the reality is that before I tore up their culture and society their main activity was to cling to my finances and tease me because of my religion claiming the reason for the world’s problems is moral people and then finding out later that civil rights will force me to help them pay their bills since I am a lot of work to make a mess of in such ways, so if I see that stupid culture and society it will be the last time that they see it too and this is how we will have to proceed hence forth. I do get asked what about people makes me so angry, which does not apply; I am not angry at people but I really, really, really, do hate people who have preconceived ideas about things – usually they are idiots who do not know anything, have problems that get them closer to the prison service but want to get the solution for it from me by insulting me and this is why they always have a set preconceived ideas about everybody and everything and my Court is not free for all nor does it admit male population, the probability of getting into trouble with them is very low but that is not to say a person is not to be concerned about idiots who always tend to work hard on others so as to make time for a process of being able to do pointlessly destructive and violent things that others have not got the time for, then rely on media and Industry fools for the meaning of existence and try to ensure those they think they can bully or their civil rights money loving community croons tell them they can are suffering as a result of it; just like stories about homosexuality when I get out of my Church business to discuss it and somebody assumes that space, they would get angry and assume that playing up a bullying me with problems routine that brings about absurd new Countries that are free is the answer but we can all see that it isn’t and they are bluffing – main reason is that I am able to tolerate it and they cannot because I know better and they were in charge somewhere in hell. They do say they want to stop me making use of their security systems to build my career but I find it impossible to locate how they intend to when they churn my tummy while I am trying to prepare a meal and something always comes between me and every morsel of food I put in my mouth and then they are the men that will get me to put myself between society and violent crime as well if they wanted, generally established a connection between hurting me and selling wares, now they want to stop me using their security system to build my career while they find ways of organising themselves into landlords that send trouble makers to live next door to me all the time and steal my work to make connections at Celebrity culture with and at the end of which I end up with a reputation for evading rent when I have done no such thing on account they needed to ensure that I had a debt to pay to facilitate their abuses. It feeds into this idea I don’t know when to stop while describing my Books is how they create wise and inspirational words, especially on social media; another case where anything I do for the day is gone just like that especially supported by European Politicians pillaging my film Equities as well in the US and it may all have had something to do with areas where a new and free Country needs to exist – eventually leading down that part where they say I mess about with the guys and will get into trouble which will never happen as well; when they do claim they need a break the question is how those who drag people out of jobs and academic work because community croons want to force them to have sex, then progress to tearing up my finances and standing up on media to pass insults at me every day because women are spending time with my Books rather than showing their husbands where the breasts are etc deserve one: it should have been a quick issue to resolve all together if insulting Industry idiots didn’t have their own ideas that they claimed they had because they had enough money for many lifetimes and know I couldn’t sustain a process of fighting them and their money, so those are not blabbing such things anymore. I do not think it is a complicated matter, they just find themselves in a position where it is not in their interest for me to sort out my financial mess because I will not wish I had their cars and jobs until Church and a Royal Estate was no longer important, while mine is their finances on the global stage because each time they say somebody who has a great idea cannot make themselves comfortable with it, they betray themselves after all those years of preaching freedom and this is the reasons that Liberals are the very nucleus of Political paedophilia in the western world, it always means that they have a real problem with young people and fresh ideas and always end up complaining about inequality especially in terms of wealth later on to continue the same vicious cycle; their popularity gimmicks are completely out of control but they want to tell others what to think if they are complaining about Mr Trumps Populism. Here in the UK they say I am a problem for the second largest party in parliament which is utter nonsense; what happens is that Labour is full of people who do not have enough money to afford servants for prestige or do some wealth inequality routine but they want to be able to do these two things so much that they make it happen in other ways and then make up excuses for it – so anybody that has wealth inequality issues to contend with once had their academic work and finances taken out of the whole conversation by the same group of people, so that others tend to get ahead of you which means they then claim that what they say on wealth inequality should apply to you like a Law and this is where it seems one cannot protect oneself with one’s own pocket money and that seeing them anywhere near my trading venue will result in a form of vengeance. We have these problems because they like to play with my Royal duties all the time even when they have been warned I have torn down cultures and societies for ripping up my academics to please Politicians and torn down popular culture for chasing and damaging Royal Public image, torn down the evil atmospheres in the neighbourhoods because it is always being used to make me fight for my life, they will keep doing it – so what we see now is the fall out and the same group of people who have lived in a neighbourhood where young people do strange things with food and shit and older people chase peoples tummy and make people sore but I am this novelty character that they need to target steadily 24/7 as though they are unaware of the way their neighbourhood works, blabbing a problem associated with me using their security systems to develop my career. We are in this situation because their insults is some sort of a way in which I keep up with progress since I tore up the culture and society which meant that the right hand side was not exclusively the reserve of those who have a body type that can tolerate lots of bullying and that meant they got yanked out in South America, Africa and Asia a European Influences blabbing nonsense over my public image and Book sales all the time thereafter; so nobody knows why they are always bottom whipping and tummy whipping women and more so women that are older than they are anyway but we all know this is the main platform from which they blab which ones I cannot do where it really mattered.


The tax evasion story has always been a matter of fear, rather than a matter of Industrial process – the reality is that if I own a home based business, the only time that a process of making money affects what amenities the Government spends its money to provide will be the point at which I step out of my home to fill the vans when the delivery people arrive on a regular basis but even then I will still have been doing that from my own premises, so the tax I will be paying has to be justified along the lines of the roads the vans drive on and the neighbourhoods in which my products are delivered, where the Government pays the Police to provide security; hence if I earned a Million pounds a year and was asked to pay 25% of that, we can see why it is justified. The reason there is such a problem with those who know how to evade taxes and can do so is clearly the fact that they fall into a category of CEO who live a Jet set existence but are unable to appreciate how much it costs a government to build the roads and even so the cost of maintaining an Air Port compared to maintaining roads and Police Officers which are applicable to a home based business but then the fear that causes them to be protective of money they see around them is largely due to the destruction of other people’s finances which they cause i.e. those who hate others generally drive up near them on the streets to make them understand that on walking around as though they are better off than a person that has a car, they will pay a heavy price while those who love their victims will drive up close and offer up homosexuality and other vices and alternative lifestyles as a route to beginning a process of ending financial woes – these are the things that drag people out of their academic work, cause them to fail their exams and create the wealth gap that they claim exists on account that poorer people are lazy while reality is that I am able to account for their billions better than they can because it was taken out of my property and public image when I was targeted by media idiots who became determined to ensure that my pocket money was not going far enough to protect me from them: - they will say I speak of it in such ways because I am Royalty while poorer people are actually really lazy hence the reasons they are poor but we all know if we looked hard enough we will seldom ever find somebody who woke up to realise he has not been making plans for how he intends to pay his way in the world, on his 18th Birthday, never mind the community croons and abusive idiots they dazzle with their money and deploy as tools for abusive distraction and a process of linking the hurting people to the sale of products. They have become quite used to blabbing those insults that makes them feel as though they were parents figures concerning how I believe others to be the problem but I actually am the problem; whereas what happens is that they show up here to deploy my work and make money in the most abusive ways that applies that their greed means that extremism and racism and violence is inescapable and each time I want to know how the issues will be cleared up find them blow off that big mouth at me about what I have got, Book sales that will not be restored as they found it and how I need deal with it, so it is incredibly stupid and I have no idea why it is too much to ask, that I do not wish to be addressed incessantly by black people only for them to find out when I am sick to my stomach of it, they own me and get Politicians involved who continue addressing me over matters that involve things that need be done for all and not the privileged few – I have no idea why it is too much to ask of the European supported crap on Media and social media where all I do is gone just like that over idiots with loutish nonsense that makes me ill, playing stupid hurtful games with those they think they can beat up with that big mouth everyday either – so this is an example of where that big mouth about how I am the problem but believe others to be the problem will likely lead. They do speak of the reasons it happens and it is the same reason it happens i.e. I have a reputation for handling peoples companies and these are the relatives and friends and family showing me which ones I cannot handle but as I said, they show up here to handle mine and make money with it so brew interest from extremist then tell me to deal with it and there is now a need to see them deal with me too – it should not have come to this; I wrote my Books in 2009, this is 2017 and every day I have to deal with this sort of nonsense while they get bolder and bolder, before then they were blabbing at me which parts I need to shut up about as people are only as superior as they feel they are, now they are not blabbing that anymore as they can clearly see it is not that cheap; so it’s been a full 9 years of pillaging since I wrote to my Books, especially on American Media and Social Media and I do not see how they serve such interests as the reasons it happens when they are getting rich by being so stupid all together. In the end I am getting very tired of the endless stories on public places, that I am a threat to their freedoms; I am not a threat to their freedoms and I fail to see what it has to do with that claim the Monarchy provides me some form of cover so I can get around tackling people while the truth is that they are very stupid individuals, such that they know nothing about what they want to involve themselves with the most and therefore all that making use of my stuff by insulting me constitutes one of those things I really hate i.e. people who have their preconceived ideas about things and statements to make about what others should be doing to go with it too, that big mouth. So they speak of the Books I write being a threat to others which is because it does draw interferences on neighbourhood evils that mean I have to fight for my life everywhere I live all of the time and points out the political paedophilia of Liberals and Socialists who are always attacking young successful people especially the Conservatives ones that they claim have gone off to achieve things that are more important than they are – when a person writes Books, they are never ignorant of such a fact and they know it, so it is becoming very, very tiresome to have to tolerate it every day. It was a simple matter right up until this stage and all I had to do was sell Books but what happened instead was a process where they showed up led by incredibly foolish Americans to barricade my finances and bully people who show up around me the whole time but the big point came when they became obsessed with going off to Industry Communities to pass about insults that say nobody knows who the fuck I am and now they are complaining from another point again, we can see that they know nothing of those Industry communities, talking rubbish at me when their bottom hurts and they get divorced about some violence they can only perform with their big mouth. It’s never really an issue; we all know the way they drive their cars and walk about and the entire fibre of their being makes one statement only which is that when somebody else has got a family, they want it, when somebody else has got a job they want it, when somebody else has got a personality they want it but I am a loss as per how difficult it could possibly be for them to show up around my concerns or make stupid statements near it only if they want to buy a Book – so we need be clear that if it does not improve I am going to tear it up for them as well. I do get told I appear to be able to do anything but it is not that beeline; reality is that they spend all their time interfering with my relationships and interfering with my family life; so the people on target are the stupid Celebrities that show up to cling to my Book sales and tell me to fight for something, yet which when I do their bottom hurts and when their bottom hurts my condition gets worse, so I am getting very tired of it indeed like we see them give their own money to the frugal, never mind the fact that I am no longer able to protect myself with my own pocket money from idiots who want to use me to flash a dash in front of people and make people part with money, that makes them poorer be they rich or poor and does nothing for anybody save when they put it away in overseas accounts, evade taxes, and show up to seek some stupid dominance, corrupting everything they see in society and striking my anus all the time. The only reason I am aware they do these things is take social media for instance; what happens is that I set up my profile and then what happens next is that they show up to express interest, after that I will live in hell because my work in affecting their sense of interest in other people and then there is the hot headed cousin and nephew and son that wants to move me out of it, which then makes them the superiority that they can deploy to get rich by without doing a day’s work in their lives and works only when they threaten and beat me down a big mouth – no idea why they cannot express their superiority elsewhere and show up here only if my Books interest them and they need a copy of their own. They always say it will never stop because I am being bullied; I wouldn’t know anyway, I know it has nothing to do with Politicians and Media and Celebrities and Fashion models if I am being bullied but that all those things that are affected because I am being bullied makes me breathless and sick to the stomach and they know it, so if they show up here to give me my space by throwing a punch I will not feel as though it should end well at all.

They say most of what I say and is incredibly stupid of course and its utter nonsense as we all know a Legal studies student as far as they are concerned, would not recognise his Royal Property if they handled it considering that it was their part of society and things therein to handle all together as well; so the main tension is about how it appears to be their stupid duty to put into my mind and head the missing bits that have to do with ego and self-delusion and it all runs along the lines of getting their bottom chasing Federal system societies onto my public image, while hanging all over my finances at the other end to claim it as their own – so we find that they are now bullying me into doing something about their own society goons while they cling to my finances to punish me through doing so for inequality and we see the completely corrupt and uncontrollably stupid people who have found a way of hurting others to make their foolish lives profitable with its unbridled corruption becoming more obsessed than ever with whipping peoples tummy and bottom all day long – if I try to find out what is wrong with them, I am faced with threats associated with the fact they have money, which they apparently got by being such a bunch of idiots as far as I am concerned. I do get told exposing such facts risks those who are allied to me, which is not really the case; people are allied to me because there are Men chasing peoples bottoms all over the place – this is usually when they are friends, if they mean more, I will let them know on my social media profile; My Court is not free for all, I do not sleep with people’s wives and it is Female admitted only. Hence if we want to speak of this case where people are pretending they are something they are not, it eventually ends up with their story concerning the fact that the People at Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace always have it set up as standard procedure, that there be a sense that there is always something that ever Royal is supposed to be doing but if it means that these goons cannot keep their fingers off my Bum, what they are complaining about presently will easily become the least of their worries over time – the case where this procedure means that the Monarchy thinks I am a useless person is what those of them that enjoy establishing security companies that keep an eye on my personality as this case applies, so they might steal it to make celebrities who will pay them for the services better off in order to expand their security company obviously, blabbing about which ones I will not burn for them all together because they are big and I am small. Thus is the question of the other stuff where I got society nearer to the Monarchy all together i.e. Society is deciding the fate of society in the House of Lords, which means that any fool with an opinion about how the Law exists to protect the weak so they might have somewhere to hide and throw problems and insults at the almighties will get representation by self-seeking scumbags in the Houses of Government, at the Highest Law making House, so it is the least I could facilitate; personally of which I need to get the Books sold and am starting to pay some real attention to something I need to do to stop them making those their stupid comments over it.

It does not in any way mean that I am out of touch like they do claim I am; the Middle Classes is classically a 45 Year old Woman, worth a couple of Millions, out of the Streets to Hustle and so Family is usually everything and they are very House Proud most of the time, while the Males are pretty much the same during weekdays but on weekends, buy and wear comfortably the most expensive Suit and Hat and their GP cannot recognise them anymore – the minority of Middle Classes however will be the fame and fortune popular culture madness goods clinging to my work, income and public image to blab nonsense all the time about how I want security service people to do something bad on my behalf – reality of which is rather more a case of where they have chosen to provide and sell private security Industry services in a way that makes me very uncomfortable; so I perhaps do fancy the bit where they pick up something I did during the day and got off to liaise with Celebrities or Fashion Models or Journalists affiliated with me, the abusive and hurtful playing bits I don’t like and it is getting to a stage where National services people are always affected and are starting to act in ways that will prevent people playing with me if they have a say in it. The Lower Classes however are majority a bunch of trouble makers who want people’s property and personality and everything they can get rich with, while the minority are the people who speak of using your own to do it unless your adversary was stronger than you were and those will not keep their fingers off my Bum along with their Europeans and American Friends until it goes terribly wrong; telling me I am Arch Prince with duties to perform for Church and State and it is tiresome when none of it makes me feel tired in anyway; only the abusive playing with the smaller me that they can do as they please with, the insults and the body striking gimmicks make me feel tired all the time and I have no idea how much they will have to complain about me first before they spent more of their time with their own mates; it seems as though it has become a rule that they have made and I cannot do anything and just leave it to be completed when required of me, knowing the Monarchy does not exist lesser Royals to get involved with Government or Politics but expects them to be on hand to provide services required when it is required of them, making my mind up about what I want to do concerning their need to appears around what I am doing to make trouble and talk nonsense about bigger Countries from around the rest of the world incessantly. They speak of the excessive tensions not being the way it is meant to work but we all know the only tension that exists is that the only outlook they have got in life, is to have Royalty try to make something out of life in a business that they own and then the demagogue of which one dares to use it to get things done will be exhibited by their relatives and we then get to see that the poor and abusive goons on the internet are not actually the real trolls we should be worried about all together; they do ask if I am so different from the rest of the Monarchy which I am not, I just think that my position will be better expressed concerning the reasons they need to spend time with their own mates, if I do that their civil rights for them – so that each time they express those double standards, they betray themselves and churn their tummy, so they can churn mine as well instead of spend time with their mates, looking for more – we see it every time, when they are able to get away with it, what they do is preach inequality and make money with which they move off to South America and place in Money in Tax Havens, thus we end up with all these South American Countries that are poor for no reason because the Companies that sell expensive Goods there do not even have to bother building them there since it can always be exported, while those who make use of cheap Labour put their money overseas; this is usually where they blab at me a power they have got with large Countries in South America and a lot of Tension to play with and I think it is a really bad idea, really bad timing; the people at Buckingham and Kensington cannot set up the state of affairs that says there is always something I need to do anymore without me feeling sore all over, having perpetual diarrhoea and an eating disorder to go with it on account they cannot keep their fingers and imaginations where those who want to appreciate them for it spend most of their time. Always a sense that everything I do is being wasted by European Politicians who want to get respect from me and its utter nonsense, especially for the friend of fat cats Germans, who do not seem to appreciate the underlying culture in their Country which is traced to the creation of two world wars in succession only 2 decades between – when friend of fat cats tells me he will not stop pillaging my finances until I co-operate with his needs because if I pillage his own as well it will never run out and ends up wanting a fist fight with me because it really did run out, the Germans will be the bailout and wonder why people think of them the way that people do all the time; it is delusional for European Politicians to continue making out that they will have some way of setting out a future for their own financial wellbeing when they have chosen to confiscate my Empire rather than tell their business men to re-establish the relationship with consumers that they previously lost, which is what the recession was all about; which in any case I do not think is a problem the sheer expense to show a fact they are already aware of, that I am not running a business under the canopy of their business empires without paying them for it – so it is delusional the path they have chosen, it will never bring success and I will make the carnage very cheap, place it on social media so it might go all haywire for them like their insults and arrogance does for me. They like to claim I am now out of the EU where I wouldn’t have survived like when Industry goons have got their hands on something that matters to me such as knowing where my Books are by which to ensure I can never breathe for instance but I do not think the blackmail would have done much to prevent me finding out how Merkel would have abusively and insultingly like we see all the time over some power she does not have the range for, get to protect even the German Market from me, if we were still in the EU and everybody knows I never wanted Brexit. I mean it’s so difficult to stop them getting on American Media to pass about insults and abuses, making those stupid comments and addressing me all day long, those stupid comments that are a function of my refusal to co-operate with a greater power and its needs, which means everything I do is gone just like that; the Americans who speak of illegal trading and black markets being a function of the border lines of capitalism are still not as irresponsible as these and I really do not know why they cannot keep their mouths where the money which gets to their heads is actually located all together anyway. They are an efficiency driven economy and it means it is always having to deal with people making choices; choices that mean whether it is better to buy an inferior item for ten pounds than to buy a superior one for fifteen pounds and so the category of people that will end up buying the inferior item will be poor people and people who want to save money which is not the bad bits, the bad bits is their irresponsibility where they cannot stop handling and damaging other people’s property – being an efficiency driven economy means supporting people with large trawlers who pillage the Oceans to ensure Europeans have cheap seafood on the watch of the Germans, this then gets spread around the world to cover up and also to protect the devious image of the world’s Third biggest economy and yet when we have our own worked out here in the UK it embarks on a campaign of defamation that later becomes profitable concerning how we are indolent and our Public image must be shared with those who can do it better and then the insults and domination will kick off from there all the way. In the end I do get asked if I am concerned that everything I do has gone to waste but nothing has really gone to waste; it’s the business of Men and it has developed from testing if spending time on media can allow them starve other people’s business of footfall or prevent another person from getting a job when it becomes an unstoppable habit of which amounts to power – now there is no point spending money on Publicity when Celebrities and Journalists and Fashion Models are doing it for me but I am not selling any Books because the Men have completely hijacked our lives and are taking care of our security, telling us whom we are to get along with and deciding if we are to get along with each other, and its becomes such a wasteful commotion which is getting worse and worse and worse especially with Media involved, so am I going to get worse and worse and worse at tearing up their society to sell up any good bits I find. There is no way that spending £5,000 to advertise my Book will ever be as good as five fashion models dedicating 2 hours of their time each to it and they know this, so what they think will come of their gimmicks is a process where a new game will emerge that suggests everybody wants to see me spend money on advertisement – very stupid and very destructive people and I intend to get worse and worse as well, like the time I did that thing that allows society and culture people to drag them out of the right hand side and bottom whip them too. The Politicians always say it’s something I cannot do but whilst there is talk of their need for equality that means spending a decade wrecking my finances and building their stupid confidence with a sense of right and wrong that is completely flawed, I have always known this goons to have an audacity to tell government operatives to do things with the Office that will deploy the Country to make them feel comfortable and then becoming medium size gangs later on – telling me which one I cannot do. It always wants to teach me lessons about how Angela Merkel is more powerful than the Queen and I am running an Intellectual Property Administration business, having small neighbourhood companies come to me for help and support, so the problem it creates in the neighbourhoods on the left and on the right, the fact that when its face is placed on somebody’s blog or product it grabs the persons entire public and business image to get off and do its own thing as well, comes in really handy and then it will do whatever it likes in the neighbourhoods if some ballsy guy is not taking its picture all over my public image to make work for me and create a splash – otherwise it’s what their Politicians put them up to and they can teach any lessons to whomsoever they wish, the teaching lessons and suckling my bits as well is what I have to prevent. They always say that whatever Germany does they will never be good enough to be world leaders in the eyes of the British but we all know the Efficiency driven economy next door does not have any respect for the Utility driven economy that lies next door to it and so it’s all hell broken lose when I find myself an Intellectual Property Administration solutions trading business opportunity in the UK, which is actually a Country that has existed for Centuries – they have lived alongside the British in Europe for Centuries but still call it indolent and are unaware the British have only two kinds of existence and one of those involves travelling around to see the world, so they are always doing things that box people in and stuffs their identity, labelling it economy, even calling it competition but as ever it takes a certain culture to create two world wars and still look the part decades on. It is because of them that the constant sensation never stops, that I am playing around with popular culture and it is dangerous, while I am not; the reality is that these are people who are very skilled in what they do i.e. show business, which means making a lot of money without working for it and that works in terms of for instance when the Europeans are done thinking they dominate the world and then they will crash and burn at the US and then the show business will unite all foreigners but it also knows that if it has only 20% of my life harnessed and documented so I might bump into them over absolutely everything I want to do, it will not be enough to dominate it with the money, so it will tear up my finances, cling to my life and issue insults and teach me which other smaller powers are more important than my Country endlessly until it has about 50% to 60% of my life and there will be no turning back for me because I cannot – blocked off at education, blocked off at career, blocked off at finances and I will be forced to suck up to them, which will never happen because what I intend to do as well is delay until they are past it. it means that they will end up doing some violent and abusive and intolerant society routine when they try to move into my right hand and are stuck there as well – so I can travel off with my Girlfriend to see New York City if I wanted.